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🐈 | I got a stuffed animal on my lap!If the kitten who sits a little is too cute, it will be talked about. The fit is perfect!

Gomashio-chan, who was talked about in the foreground of the photo.After this, I looked back and found Curious's stuffed animal ... (Image courtesy of Chigoma)

I got a stuffed animal on my lap!If the kitten who sits a little is too cute, it will be talked about. The fit is perfect!

If you write the contents roughly
Of course, in the post, not only were there many voices saying "cute", but there were also voices praising the fit of Gomashio-chan and the stuffed animal, saying "it's just right".

With the words, "Isn't it too cute to sit on the stuffed toy's lap?", Behind the senior cat ... → Continue reading

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Hello. This is the "Maidena News", a soft news site from Kansai. We will introduce in a timely manner what has become a hot topic on the internet and in the Kansai area centered around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Introducing and commenting deeply on the news and seasonal information that disturbs society from the perspective unique to Kansai. We can answer the "feelings we want to know" of all our users with the spirit of "Kotekote" service unique to Kansai.

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Sesame salt

Sesame saltWhat is (Gomasio, Gomagio)?Grilled saltとRoasted sesameMixedseasoning.

Roasting,A frying panIt is generally made with sesame seeds, and roughly divided into salt and sesame seeds to be roasted first.For the former, add black sesame seeds to the baked salt to remove the water.evaporationThe latter is a method of roasting until the water is evaporated by adding concentrated salt water to the roasted black sesame seeds.In each case, it is recommended to mix 1 each of sesame, salt and water and roast.

Also, Gomasio (Marumiya Food Industry) Can be purchased commercially.

Commercially available products have saltGranuleIt is shaped and mixed with sesame seeds.This is smaller than sesame seeds if the salt is small.proportionBecause it is also large, even if the salt gradually sinks and shakes, only sesame seeds are likely to come out, but by making the salt into granules, the specific gravity is about the same as that of sesame seeds, and it is easy to come out evenly. ..

Red rice,rice ballBesides sprinkling onSprinkleIt may be used as a substitute for.

From the contrast between the white of salt and the black of sesame, although white and black are mixedMetaphorUsed for.Gray hairIt is from this that the mixed black hair is called "sesame salt head".



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