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😀 | At the end of life, thinking with manga and anime Produced by the Chubu Medical Association Medical care, long-term care Be yourself


At the end of life, thinking with manga and anime Produced by the Chubu Medical Association Medical and long-term care

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This project is outsourced from 12 municipalities on the main island (Uruma City, Okinawa City, Ginowan City, Kin Town, Ginoza Village, Onna Village, Chatan Town, Kateno Town, Yomitan Village, Nishihara Town, Nakashiro Village, Kitanakagusuku Village). Part of the "Home Medical Care / Nursing Care Cooperation Promotion Project".

[Chubu] The Chubu District Medical Association will discuss what kind of medical care and long-term care will be received by the 6th. → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Nakagusuku Village

Nakagusuku Village(Nakagusukuson)OkinawaNakagami-gun Ofvillage..In the villageThe population densityIs in the same countyKitanakagusuku VillageIt is the second highest in the country after.Also in the same countyYomitan Village,IbarakiNaka-gunTokai villageIt is the third most populous village in the country after. 3CensusThen, the number of population growth is the highest among all villages, and the rate of increase is 1%.Toshima VillageIt is the second highest after.

In the southern part of the villageUniversity of the RyukyusThere is a Senbaru campus (headquarters)Nishihara TownButFaculty of Law and LiteratureとFaculty of ScienceIs in the same village), and the surrounding area is lively with student apartments.


Located on the east coast of central Okinawa Island,Nakagusuku BayFacing.The east side of Route 329 is an alluvial lowland below 10 m above sea level.



  • Asato
  • Arakaki This is the highest altitude area in the village, and was an isolated island on land until the road that is the basis of the current Okinawa Prefectural Road 35 was opened in 4.
  • Ishado
  • Iju
  • Okuma
  • Kitauebaru
  • Kitahama
  • Kuba The area that became the landing point when the repatriated people from the mainland and the outside land returned to the main island of Okinawa after the war.Refugee camp is set up and returnees are sent to the U.S. militaryDDTWas hung.afterwards,Kubazaki School District (Kubazaki School)It was used as a site for school facilities for US military children, but was returned in 1981.Was in the same area(English: Kubasaki High_School) TheCamp FosterIt has moved to the inside and has inherited the school name.
  • Soeishi
  • Tsuha merged with Tomisato and Uezuha on the Yamate side more than 450 years ago
  • Touma Village's administrative center
  • Night (stop)
  • Noborimata Separated from Ishado, Yagi, and Soeishi in the early Meiji era.It used to be a rice-growing area.
  • Hama
  • Minamiuehara(Minamiuebaru)
  • Minamihama
  • Goat
  • Wauke Before the war, a part of it was requisitioned as a Japanese military airfield, and it was used as a US military airfield for a while after the war.

Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution of Nakagusuku, Okinawa, Japan.svg
Nakagusuku Village and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Nakagusuku Village Age / Gender Population Distribution (2005)
■Purple-Nakagusuku Village
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nakagusuku Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • 1611 MidtownPauseBansho Nakagusuku CastlePlaced inside. (After that, until Nakagusuku Village (Battle of Okinawa(Until before) Used as the administrative center of the region)
  • 1908(41th year of Meiji)May 4 Birth of Nakagusuku Village.
  • After the end of the war, it was divided into north and south by US military facilities, which hindered administrative operations.
  • 1946(21)May 5 Kitanakagusuku Village is unavoidably separated.
  • 2000(12) November Nakagusuku CastleTracesGusuku and related heritage groups of Ryukyu KingdomIt is registered as a World Heritage Site.
  • 2004(16)May 1 Established Nakagusuku Village / Kitanakagusuku Village Merger Council.
  • 2005(17)May 2 Dissolution of the Nakagusuku Village / Kitanakagusuku Village Merger Council (the current village mayor who was cautious about the merger in the Kitanakagusuku village mayor election in December of the previous year was elected, and the merger is blank).


Village Mayor: Kyosuke Hamada(Hama only Isuke)


Junior high school

  • Nakagusuku Village Nakagusuku Junior High School

primary school

  • Nakagusuku Village Nakagusuku Elementary School
  • Nakagusuku Village Tsuha Elementary School
  • Nakagusuku Village Nakagusuku Minami Elementary School

Other educational institutions


Transit Bus

"Ryukyu" of the operating companies in the table belowRyukyu Bus TransportationLine of "Okinawa"Okinawa busLine, "Naha"Naha busLine of "Toyo"Toyo BusLines, multiple notations are joint operation lines. *BT = Bus terminal

numberRoute nameOperating companyService section市町村Main stopovers in Nakashiro Village
Via general road
30Awase East LineToyoNaha BT - Awase Sales OfficeNaha City --Haebaru Town --Yonabaru Town --Nishihara Town - Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma CityIju, in front of Nakagusuku Village Office, Kuba
94Shuri Station Ryukyu Rapid LineNahaShuri StationIn front-Ryukyu parking lotNaha City --Nishihara Town - Nakagusuku Village -Nishihara TownUniversity of the Ryukyus
97Ryudai (Shuri) LineNaha BT-Ryudai Parking LotNaha City --Urasoe City --Nishihara Town - Nakagusuku Village -Ginowan City-Nishihara Town
294Tedako Ryudai Rapid LineTedako Urani Station --Ryudai Parking LotUrasoe City --Nishihara Town - Nakagusuku Village -Nishihara Town
125Futenma Airport Line
(Via Nakashiro)
Naha Airport - AEON MALL Okinawa RycomNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Nishihara Town - Nakagusuku Village -Ginowan City-Kitanakagusuku VillageRyudai East Exit, in front of Forestry Office
Kuba Ryudai LineToyoHiga Dermatology-In front of Chubu Commercial High SchoolNakagusuku Village Community Bus.In addition to various areas in Nakagusuku Village, there are stops in Nishihara Town and Ginowan City (for details).Gosamaru BusSee).
Ishu Futenma LineIshu- Futenma Ryubo
Ishu circuit line
Kuba roundabout
Yoshinoura Hall (starting and ending points)
Via Okinawa Expressway (The stop in Nakagusuku Village is Nakagusuku Bus Stop)
numberRoute nameOperating companyService section市町村
111Express BusRyukyu
Naha Airport-Nago BTNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City - Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Kin Town --Ginoza Village --Nago City
113Gushigawa Airport LineRyukyuNaha Airport- Gushigawa BTNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City - Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City
117Express Bus
(Direct to Churaumi)
Naha Airport-Hotel Orion MotobuNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City - Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Nago City --Motobu Town
123Ishikawa Airport LineRyukyuNaha Airport-Higashiyama Parking LotNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City - Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City
127Yakena (Highway) LineOkinawaNaha BT- Yakena BT
152AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (high speed) lineRyukyuNaha Airport-AEON MALL Okinawa RaikamuNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City - Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village
888Yanbaru Express Bus Airport LineNaha Airport- Unten PortNaha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City- Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Nago City --Motobu Town --Nakijin Village

Number one isNaha Airport-Naha Bus Terminal-Shuri-Maehara-Futenma-AEON MALL Okinawa RycomThere is only one flight per day on weekdays that passes through Nakashiro Village on routes that depart and pass through.In the village, it goes through prefectural road No. 1. No. 1 goes through National Highway 29 in Nakagusuku Village. Nos. 30 and 329 connect Naha City and No. 94 to Urasoe City, respectively, and No. 97 runs at Shuri Station and Ryukyu University only at major bus stops, and No. 294 is Naha City. Departs from the center and departs from Hatedako Urasoe Station No. 94.Nakagusuku Village Community Bus "Gosamaru BusThere are 4 routes, which are outsourced to Toyo Bus.

The route via the Okinawa ExpresswayNakagusuku parking areaStop at the Nakagusuku bus stop inside.

There used to be a line that goes through Nakagusuku Park and a line called the Aragaki Line that turns back in the meantime after going around Prefectural Road 35, but it was abolished in 2005.


Celebrity from Nakagusuku Village

外部 リンク

Nursing care cooperation promotion business


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