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😀 | SQUARE ENIX's new work "Fullmetal Alchemist MOBILE" announced!The popular manga "Fullmetal Alchemist" becomes a smartphone game!

Photo SQUARE ENIX's new work "Fullmetal Alchemist MOBILE" announced!The popular manga "Fullmetal Alchemist" becomes a smartphone game!

SQUARE ENIX's new work "Fullmetal Alchemist MOBILE" announced!The popular manga "Fullmetal Alchemist" becomes a smartphone game!

If you write the contents roughly
Park Romi, who played the role of Edward Elric, the main character of this work, who appeared in the program, said about the new game that has finished some dubbing, "All faithful to the main story", "Hair was moving very much", "The picture is beautiful" ".

Square Enix is ​​the 20th anniversary of the popular manga "Fullmetal Alchemist" serialized in the monthly "Shonen Gangan" ... → Continue reading


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Park Lumei

In this item,JIS X 0213Contains characters specified by :2004 (Details).

Park Romi(Romi,1972May 1[1][3] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,actress,singer.TokyoEdogawa-kuBackground[1].CitizenshipIs japan[5].Theatrical group YenAnd nowLALRepresentative[6]..Husband is an actor, a voice actorKazuhiro Yamaji[7].

The representative work is "∀ Gundam』(Loran Cehack), "Full Metal Alchemist』(Edward Elric), "BLEACH』(Toushirou Hitsugaya), "NANA(Nana Osaki), "Attack on Titan] (Hange Zoe) etc.[3][8].


1990ToJapanese and Western Kounodai Girls' High SchoolAfter graduatingToho Gakuen College of ArtEnrolled in the drama department,1992Graduated to[9]..The next six months is my grandfather's home country South Korea OfYonsei University Korean Language InstituteToStudy abroad[9].1993Entered the Yen Theater Institute in Japan, two years later1995ToTheatrical group YenPromoted to a member of[2][9].

1998,Brain PoweredDebuted as a voice actor in the role of Canaan Gimos[4].

2003,"26stAnime grand prixWon the voice actor category award.

2004,Tokyo International Anime FairReceived the Voice Actor Award at "2004"[2][9].

2006,"1stVoice actor award"so,"NANAWon the leading actress award for the role of Nana Osaki[2][9][10]..From the same year, he also worked on singing and released a CD.[11].

2013,25 Tokyo International Film FestivalFirst starring in a live-action movie in Un Certain Regard nomination for Japanese movies[12].

2016, The stage "Box Contents 2016" that was scheduled to appear was dropped due to poor physical condition[13].

2017May 11With the addition, he left the theater group Yen, who had been enrolled for 22 years, and was an entertainment agency.LALEstablished[14][15].

2019,Tohomusical"Les MiserablesFirst appearance in a musical as Madame Thenardier[16].

2020May 1, Actor / voice actorKazuhiro YamajiOfficial website that you got marriedTwitterAnnounced at[17][7].


Hobbies and special skillsscuba diving,Shorinji Kempo,ピ ア ノ,水 泳,Korean[2].

Koreans living in JapanBorn as, later in JapanNaturalizationKorean Japanese[18][19]..I was weak when I was a kidpneumoniaEven though I was dying and I didn't eat much, I sometimes moved actively and suddenly collapsed.[19]..To train and raise a boxed girlShorinji Kempo,水 泳,ピ ア ノ,calligraphy,Official document,Abacus,油 絵I did a lot of lessons[19].ConfucianismI visit my grandparents' house every Sunday by convention, and at schoolJapanese, Japanese and Korean at home, Korean at my grandparents'house Life that changes the world in a day is unrealistic, especially going to my grandparents' house was annoying[19]..Trendy as sloppy at homeFashionI was angry when I was doing it, and until I was 20 years old with my fatherHonorificWas having a conversation[19]..I went to a private school with my mother's intention because I was worried that junior high school would be bad at a local public school.[19], High school wanted to go to a Korean school in search of his place, but was not allowed[20].

Originally, I wasn't interested in theater, and I had a senior in high school who admired the theater club.[20], I was invited by a senior[21]..When I joined the drama club, everyone became fond of creating works and became absorbed in the play, but the university tried to go to a Korean school this time, but at that time Korea was dangerous because of the active student movement. , My mother recommends me to take the exam in Japan[22]..I wasn't preparing for the exam because I focused on theater, so I took the Toho Gakuen College of Arts Theater Department, which had only Japanese and practical skills.[22]..I didn't want to be an actor even after entering university, and after graduating I finally went to study abroad in Korea, but the place of my "homeland" that I thought was a calm place was my "homeland", and although I made some discoveries, I got it in Japan. I returned to Japan with disappointment due to the conflict between the inner one and Korea, and entered the Yen Theater Institute after being recommended by a fellow theater company in college.[22][23].Theatrical group YenTwo years after I entered, when I was about to quit the actor,Brain PoweredThe story of the audition came, and the manager said, "I can't accept it, so I thought it was the last time I went," and I participated with a light feeling, but passed.[23].

Playing a wide range of roles, young and old, both on stage and as a voice actor[21]..Often used as a teenage boy in anime[24]..In dubbingHilary swank,Michelle RodriguezI am in charge of many things.In the narration, "Friday Road SHOW!"soSashaI am in charge of the narrator as a partner of.

"Full Metal Alchemist"ofEdward ElricThe role was the culmination of the past, and he felt fateful.Since Ed's role had a wide range of emotions, he often expressed too much emotion in other roles, and there were times when he was confused by the gap that he could not do it because he was a different character even if he was asked to act like Ed. Tata[25].

The voice actor I admire is "Shaman king』Takayama MinamiとMegumi Hayashibara[24].. The two were benefactors, and when I was worried about the role of an unfamiliar boy, I was told that this work was not done alone, but that everyone was making it, and I felt like making it with everyone I liked when I was a student. He professes that Takayama is his father and Hayashibara is his mother.[24][26].. Voice actorTomoko KawakamiWas a fellow student at Toho Gakuen College, and when Kawakami died in June 2011, he talked about his thoughts on her blog and rushed to the night.[27].

In his nameJIS X 0208Outside character ("Ri" character:King bias"Road",JIS X 0213Is used).On websites that cannot be displayed, it may be written as "Romi Park", "Romi Park", etc.[11][28][29].

Dining Cafe Coelacanth from 2010 to 2012Getters IidaWas jointly managed with[30].

Opened voice school studio Cambria from 2013[31].


∀ Gundam

At the time of the audition, he went to take on the role of a heroine, but he is the main character.Loran CehackThe line of was also read.This audition was the first time I played the role of a boy, but one week before the recording started, I was informed that I was decided to play the role of Loran.[32].

While it was fun to go to the scene every week during "Brain Powerd", it was said that he was confused because he was the first boy to play the role of "∀Gundam".The play was supposed to reflect the truth, but in a situation where I had to filter the role of "boy" who was different from myself, I was scared and painful whether I was really performing without lying. Good, there are many scenes where I have to scream like I don't usually make, and my vocal cords get tired and my voice turns inside out in the middle of the dialogue, so every day I feel depressed in my own awkwardness. He says.When I was depressed because of such spiciness and awkwardness, the directorYuno Tomino"If Park Romi speaks, no matter what the voice is, it's Loran," he said.Since the director is a person who sees through the hearts of people, he may have seen his own conflict.He said that it was a really valuable experience to make his debut in such a wonderful work and play the role of a boy.[33].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation



  • TO(マ リ ア)

Web anime



Drama CD

Radio Drama

Digital comic

Audio book


Responsible actress

Eva green
Eva Mendes
Cameron Diaz
Clea DuVall
Salma Hayek
Zoe Saldana
Nona gaye
Noomi Rapace
Hilary swank
Helena Bonham Carter
Michelle Rodriguez
Lucy Liu

Movie (dubbed)




TV drama



TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

Video products

  • VOICARION "Hakataza Voice Kabuki ~ Nobunaga's Dog ~"
  • VOICARION "Imperial Voice Kabuki ~ Nobunaga's Dog ~"
  • VOICARION "Osaka History Picture Scroll-The Last Night of Komei-"
  • TRUMP series "Black World (Chapter of weather)"
  • Theatrical performance Mamoru Mohri "Prince of the Stars" "Night Flight"
  • THEATRICAL LIVE "The Black Prince"
  • THEATRICAL LIVE "Relic ~ tale of the last ninja ~"
  • Music reading drama "BLOOD + ~ While she sleeps ~"
  • KERA CROSS "Good Buy"
  • 9days Queen ~ XNUMXdays Queen ~
  • Full Metal Alchemist Festival '09
  • Fullmetal Alchemist FESTIVAL ~ Tales of another Another Story ~
  • BLEACH SOUL SONIC 2005 "Summer"
  • BLEACH SOUL SONIC 2006 Summer Festival
  • Starry Sky Comic Garden Come on! Commit 2009 Spring
  • Recitationtrain man"


tv set
  • Attack on Titan x JRA collaboration "Attack on Titan Arima Kinen" (commentary)
  • Attack on Titan Exhibition (Audio Guide)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition (Audio Guide)
  • Monster hunter frontier online(Season 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 PV)
  • Syd Mead Exhibition PROGRESSIONS TYO 2019 (Audio Guide)
  • Unimplemented last bosses have become friends. (PV)[176]

Voice over



* IsInternet distribution.

Radio / reading CD

  • VOICARION "Hakataza Voice Kabuki-Nobunaga's Dog"
  • VOICARION "Room where the Queen was"
  • Aerial swing DJCD "Irabu Ichiro Medical Examination Diary"
  • Boy (Reading CD Original:Junichiro Tanizaki)
  • Sengoku Warlords Story-Princess Edition- (Episode XNUMX "Maeda Matsu Monogatari")
  • DJCD Hagaren Broadcasting Station Special to show the difference!
  • Full Metal Alchemist DJCD Hagaren Broadcasting Station 1-6
  • HONEY BEE Good night with sheep series Vol.20 "Because it's okay, lie down"


  • Gokuraku Parodius(Tacoske)
  • Samurai 7 (Katsushirou)
  • CR ANOTHER Garo ~ Engraving of Fire ~ (Ema Guzman)
  • CR SAMURAI 7 (Katsushirou)
  • CR Sengoku Soten Emaki ~ Hana Koihimeden ~ (Nohime)
  • CR Takegami Retsuden (Nohime)
  • CR Persona 4 the PACHINKO (Naoto Shirogane)
  • Zegapain (Mao Lu-Shen)
  • Persona4 The SLOT (Naoto Shirogane)
  • Masamune (Date Masamune)
  • Masamune 2 (Date Masamune)
  • Masamune 3 (Date Masamune)
  • Sky Love 3, 4 (Amelia L. Falcon)

Other contents

  • Mobile Suit Gundam III Meguriai Space Edition / Special Edition (Masaki)
  • NHK everyone's handwriting(dubbing)
  • USJ Attack on Titan The Real 4-D (Hange Zoe)
  • Original animation "Mekaude" (Jun Yagami)
  • Shinken seminarJunior high school animation "Move you" (Satoshi)



Release datetitleStandard product numberTie-up
1st2006/1/25What we haveAVCA-22550Television Animation"Ueki's Law] 4th ending theme
2nd2007/2/28Naked FlowerAVCA-26099OVAMURDER PRINCESS"Ending theme


Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2006/2/22Far memory[177]SVWC-7337
2nd2006/3/1Me and you and the endless skyAVCA-22645

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2002/3/27Sherman King Vocal Collection-Song ManjienTao Ren (Park Lumei)"Ryu dew (2002 VERSION)"Television Animation"Shaman king] Related songs
2002/10/23Shaman King Drama & Character Song Collection "Shozan Le Voir ~ prologue to shaman ~""Nothing"
2004/3/24SFOV I"The reason"
2004/8/18HAGAREN SONG FILE -EDWARD ELRIC-Edward Elric (Park Lumei)"Place for tomorrow"
Television Animation"Full Metal Alchemist] Related songs
Edward (Park Lumei), Alphonse (Rie Kugimiya), Winry (Megumi Toyoguchi)"The heart of steel"
2005/12/21HAGAREN SONG FILE -BEST COMPILATION-Edward (Park Lumei), Alphonse (Rie Kugimiya), Winry (Megumi Toyoguchi), Roy (Toru Okawa),fuse(Keiji Fujiwara)"LASTMEETing."
2009/10/14Theme of Edward Elric by THE ALCHEMISTSEdward Elric (Park Lumei)"Rough dream"Television Animation"FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST] Related songs
Edward (Park Lumei), Alphonse (Rie Kugimiya)"Akatsuki"
Theme of Alphonse Elric by THE ALCHEMISTSAlphonse (Rie Kugimiya), Edward (Park Lumei)"Restore steppin'"
2010/5/26Theme of Fullmetal Alchemist by THE ALCHEMISTSEdward Elric (Park Lumei)"Determination"
2020/12/9MIRACLE DIALIESGreater bird of paradise (Park Lumei), Greater lophorina (Yagi Mashiro), Kanzashifucho (Madoka Kan)"Gokuraku World"game"Kemono Friends 3] Related songs

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2008/1/23Hyakuka Voice Actor Female Voice Actor IIPark Lumei"Black Tears'
"Moon cocoon"
"Outline of love"
"Galaxy Express 999'
"Sorrowful warrior"
"Dumbine Tobu"
"Sometimes old stories'
"cutie Honey'


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