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👩‍🎤 | Tonight's broadcast "Dancing!pacific saury Goten ”Koichi Yamadera and other popular voice actors ask questions about their third marriage

Photo "Summer Super Oversized pacific saury Goten !! 3 Hours Special" by pacific saury Akashiya, Koichi Yamadera (C) Nippon Television

Broadcast tonight "Dancing!pacific saury Goten ”Koichi Yamadera and other popular voice actors ask questions about their third marriage

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In addition, Rika Matsumoto, a voice actor who is in sync with Yamadera, also defeats him.

"Dancing!" Broadcast today"pacific saury Goten" 3-hour special "Summer super-large pacific saury Goten !! Super popular voice actors dream competition ... → Continue reading

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Rika Matsumoto

Rica Matsumoto(Rica Matsumoto,1968May 11[3][4] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,actress,singer,talent.Kanagawa横 浜 市Background[3][4].Yoyogi Animation AcademyVoice actor talent department special lecturer[5].. Oldstage name TheRica Matsumoto.


My fatherMass theater OfChairAnd myselfstageI was aiming to be an actor, but due to my brother's death and my own illness, I was forced to leave during the stage performance.Since it was a serious life-threatening illness, he was forbidden to stand on the stage because he was concerned about recurrence.[6].

Among them, co-starred on the stageNagoya ChapterAt the recommendation of the anime "New Osomatsu-kun"ofauditionReceived and made a voice actor debut[6].. afterwards,"Absolutely invincible Raijin-OPlayed the first leading role in ""Pokemon』\ Series protagonistSatoshiBecome known worldwide for the role[6].Western painting OfdubbingAlso in charge of many.

As a singerJAM ProjectParticipated in, the first woman to soloKamen Rider seriesHe is actively active, such as being in charge of the theme song for the song and releasing original songs. "Aiming to be a Pokemon masterWas recordedsingleRecorded sales of 185 million copies[7].Lapis lazuliFormed with members ofbandOf "TRiCYCLE"VocalAlso serve.

"New Wizard of Oz』Andmusical,Small theaterHe has also appeared on the stage such as.

Tokyo Actors Co-opThrough[2],2015May 1, OwnTwitterI belonged to for 20 yearsSun music productionReported that he was free[8],EmulateBusiness consignment announced on the official website[9] Later, as of April 4st, full affiliation[10] It became.

On December 2016, 12, he left Amurate on November 1, 11 and announced on his Twitter that he became independent.[11][12].

On May 2018, 5, "Matsurica Co., Ltd." was established to manage artists, etc.The presidentbecome[13].

August 2019, 3,Heisei Anison Award"Aim to Pokemon Master" was selected for Best Picture (1989-1999)[14].

On October 10, the same year, the Japanese government appointed him as the "Cool Japan Ambassador" who is responsible for transmitting Japanese culture overseas.[15].

From around October of the same year, while serving as the president of "Matsurica Co., Ltd."MILLENNIUM PROBelongs to as a talent, artist, and voice actor.


HobbyTravel(SpaMeguri).Special skill isJapanese dance,絵To draw,Spear throwing[16]..good atSportsIt is,volleyball,handball,水 泳[1],Ski(Level 2)[16].. My car isBMW 318Ci 1995cc[17] からMercedes-Benz C-Class CabrioletTransferring to[Source required].

I'm from the same Kanagawa prefectureYuri ShiratoriIs a relationship of "Oyabinkobin" with Matsumoto, and I respect him as a senior.[18].

InoueAfter his death, he took over some of Inoue's roles ("Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"ofBakuraRole, "Gundam series"ofHaloRole etc.).In addition, Matsumoto played with Inoue in his debut work "Osomatsu-kun (1988 version)" (Matsumoto plays the role of Matsuno Choromatsu, Inoue plays the main character, Matsuno Osomatsu).

2018May 12Then, I started a conversation "What is a voice actor?" (The first guest isYuji Mitsuya)[19]..For aspiring voice actorsactingAiming to convey the importance of expressiveness[20].

Yokohama DeNA BaystarsI'm a fan.

Koichi YamaderaToDonald DuckI have taught acting of the voice of.

Matsumoto played the leading role in "Legendary Hero Da Gaan"ofDubbingAt the scene, it is said that the left end of the three microphones in the studio booth was turned down exclusively for Matsumoto.He also said that he was a type of person who spoke with his entire body when making a voice, and that he was moving well.

"Pokemon" related

The most memorable episodes are "Bye, Bye Butterfree" in the unbranded edition and "Final Rival Battle! Satoshi vs. Shinji !!" in the DP edition.

Originally a rival of Satoshi at the auditionSigelAlthough he participated in the role, he was recommended to take the role of Satoshi after the audition, and as a result, he was appointed as the role of Satoshi, he said in an interview article of "Pokemon the Movie XY'14 Special Issue". ..

"Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of Aomi Manafi"Pikachu the The" delivered in conjunction with the release ofLess Stupid Shokotan& Kyoya's Pokemon Hour ”by playing Satoshi's voice for many yearsAdam's appleSaid that it was done.


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation

  • Osomatsu-kun(1988-1989,Matsuno Choromatsu[21], Dinosaurs <children> etc.)
  • Go! Anpanman(1988-, Rakugaki Kozo, Piano Man, Baby Donut, Shumai Sister <2nd Generation>, Medama Yaki-kun, Tengu Boy <2nd Generation>, Nattoman, Kuru Kuru Okoma-chan <XNUMXst Generation>)
  • More and more Domer and Ron(Blackie)
  • I(Monta)
  • (Kettle[47], Narration, octopus, octopus prime)

Theater animation

1980 era
1990 era
2000 era
2010 era



Web anime



Drama CD

Radio Drama


Responsible actress

Anita Yuen
Valeria Golino
Sandra block
  • Crush(Gene)
  • The Internet(Angela Bennett) -TV Asahi Edition
  • speed(Annie Porter) -TV Asahi version (included in the full Japanese dubbed Blu-ray BOX)
  • Demolition man(Lenina Huxley) -TV Asahi version (included in the Japanese dubbed audio additional recording version Blu-ray)
  • Dangerous Beauty(Gracie Hart) -TV broadcast version (actually produced by Fuji TV, but the first appearance of terrestrial broadcasting was Nippon TV)
  • Dangerous Beauty 2(Gracie Heart) -NTV version
Juliet Lewis
Drew Barrymore
Patricia Arquette
Milla Jovovich
Reese Witherspoon
Renée Zellweger





TV program



* IsInternet distribution.

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.


  • Aladdin 2 Evolution(Aladdin)
  • CR Pachique (Aldi)
  • CR Pachique Next (Ash)
  • Ngoropopos (Muripo)
  • Funky juggler

Special effects

TV drama


  • Kaminari Running Le Summer-Thunder Light Running Le Summer- (2003) DJ Sundi
  • The 2013th Evening Moon (XNUMX)
  • Lupine's Bizarre Castle(2011) Yamaga
  • Tokyo Loss(2018) Opening theme song


  • Komatsuza "rain"
  • Enchanted Evening (1994)
  • Kero Kero Chime (1998)
  • Trick
  • Fan Letters (1999, recitation drama)
  • Family Musical New Wizard of Oz (2000) The Wicked Witch of the West / Gulch
  • Yokohama Yumeza "Sawamura Haruka Ichiza Struggle" (2005) Yoko Kurata
  • Theatrical company Kishino group"Returning to the heart is soft" (2006)
  • Colorful project Vol.1 "I can't do it" (2009) Mirai Shinoda
  • Endless Dream Yokohama Dawn (2009) Komiyo
  • Nobuhiro SuzumuraProduced by BELL + UP COMPANY "Reset 3 ..." (February 2-1, 2010,Theater green BIG TREE Theater)
  • Colorful Project Vol.3 "When we meet each other" (April 2011-4, 20, Akasaka RED THEATER)
  • When the Time Comes-Movie Director Sadao Yamanaka's Youth- (2010)
  • Yukies Entertainment Produce Performance Vol.5 "Calling in the Wind" (May 2012-5, 23, Ogikubo Kai Hall)
  • Theatrical company Kiminiho flag-raising performance, the first produced work "Railroad worker Poppoya(February 2013-2, 7, Nihonbashi Auditorium)
  • Shonen Onmyoji Hyundai Hen, Awakening of Far Sleep(February 2020, 2-March 22, Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Hall) Noriko Koike

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product number
1st1995/5/24Free Way to tomorrowPIDA-1502
2nd1996/5/2Spicy lifeSRDL-4185
3rd1997/4/21From me to youSRDL-4256
4th1997/6/28Aiming to be a Pokemon masterTGDS-0098
5th1998/11/27VIVA YokohamaABDS-0003
9th2000/10/21IN YOUR HEART
10th2002/3/20Alive A lifeAVCA-14355
11th2004/4/28Challenger !! / SmileZMCP-1719
12th2006/7/26KISEKI / Last my wishNEC M-12131
13th2008/10/22Manmaru Koron-chanBNCL-0036
14th2010/11/24Best Wishes!ZMCP-5653
15th2012/7/18Become an arrow!ZMCP-6093
17th2017/8/9Face sunny wasshoi!TKCA-74534


Original album
Release datetitleStandard product number
2nd1993/5/19Flower feastTYCY-5302
Mini album
Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2017/11/29Aim to Pokemon Master -20th Anniversary-SECL-2227
Cover album
Release datetitleStandard product number
2nd2014/8/24Thank youSMLCA-6
Best album
Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2001/5/23RICA the BESTVPCD-81374 / 5
2nd2011/7/16Best Pokemon Song Sung by Rica MatsumotoZMCP-7317

Tie-up song

Little witchmovies"Soreike! Anpanman Lyrical ☆ Magical Magical School"Insert song1994
Spicy lifeTelevision Animation"Mom likes Poyopoyo Zaurus』Late ending theme1996
Aiming to be a Pokemon masterTelevision Animation"Pokemon] The first opening theme1997
Good night my PikachuTV Anime "Pokemon" Episode 38 Insert Song
rival!TV anime "Pokemon" 2nd generation opening theme1999
Type: WildTV anime "Pokemon" 5th generation ending theme
OK!TV anime "Pokemon" 3nd generation opening theme2000
GerberaTV Tokyo series "TV champion"Ending theme
IN YOUR HEARTSpecial effects video "Ultraman Neos"Ending theme
Alive A lifeSpecial effects drama "Kamen Rider Ryuki"Opening theme2002
Challenger !!Television Animation"Pokemon Advance Generation』2nd generation opening theme2004
Manmaru Koron-chanCBC"Koron-chan" image song2007
Best Wishes!Television Animation"Pokemon Best Wish"Opening theme2010
Become an arrow!Television Animation"Pokemon Best Wish Season 2"Opening theme2012
SoupTheme song for the movie "Reborn Village"2015
Aim to Pokemon Master -20th Anniversary-Television Animation"Pokemon Sun & Moon"Opening theme2017
Go! Now! ~ Alive A live neo ~Web distribution drama "Kamen Rider Zio Spin-off PART2 RIDER TIME Ryuki] Theme song2019

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 5Earth Defense Group Support SongEarth Defense Chorus[Member 1]"Earth Defense Group Support Song"Television Animation"Absolutely invincible Raijin-O"Ending theme
May 2Matchless Raijin-Oh Singing Earth Defense Team!Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto)"Our Hero, Matchless Raijin-Oh"
"The sun rising strait where a man burns"
Insert song for TV anime "Matchless Raijin-Oh"
Jerk Empire[Member 2],Earth Defense Chorus[Member 1]"Rival cheering song, evil empire vs earth defense group"
May 7Matchless Raijin-Oh IV Earth Defense Team all dispatched!Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto)"Hot blood! Hot blood! Man is hot blood!"Songs related to the TV anime "Matchless Raijin-Oh"
May 8Matchless Raijin-Oh IV Earth Defense Team all dispatched! 3Aiko Shimada (Rika Matsumoto), Miki Mano (Suzuki Saori)"Operation Dodgeball in Love-Bishonen Exclusive Treaty Part 2-"
May 9Matchless Raijin-Oh IV Earth Defense Team all dispatched! 6Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto), Asuka Tsukishiro (Rie Iwatsubo), Ryoji Hoshiyama (Mari Maruta)"FRIENDS"OVA "Matchless Raijin-Oh" ending theme
May 12Matchless Raijin-Oh V Drama Special Absolutely Invincible Tamatebako (Toto Cocomadeyatch Matta)Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto ), Maria Swan (Konami Yoshida)"From the door of dreams"Drama CD "Matchless Raijin-Oh V" insert song
SILK, Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto), Asuka Tsukishiro (Rie Iwatsubo), Ryuji Hoshiyama (Mari Maruta)"Dream Shift (Ballad Vocal Version)"
May 2The Brave Fighter of Legends Da Garn Original Soundtrack Vol.2 ~ Good bye Da Garn ~Hoshifumi Takasugi (Rika Matsumoto), Da Ghan (Hayami Award)"Legendary Hero-One Heart"Television Animation"Legendary Hero Da Gaan"Insert song
Hoshifumi Takasugi (Rika Matsumoto), Da Ghan (Hayamizu Shou), Hikaru Kosaka (Sayuri), Sakurakoji Firefly (Yuri Shiratori), Prince Yancher (Takanorei)"To the future of the wind (chorus version)"TV anime "The Brave Fighter of Legends Da Ghan" ending theme
May 2Matchless Raijin-Oh VI Original Soundtrack 3Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto )"Raijin Oh Visit"Songs related to the TV anime "Matchless Raijin-Oh"
Hitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto ), Maria Shiratori (Konami Yoshida)"Our fighting spirit"
May 4Thank you from usHitoshi Hinata (Rika Matsumoto), Asuka Tsukishiro (Rie Iwatsubo), Ryoji Hoshiyama (Mari Maruta), Maria Shiratori (Konami Yoshida), Tsutomu Kojima (Tsutomu Kojima)Satoshi Shimada), Daisuke Sato (Kozo Shioya), Tokie Sakai (Chie Sato), Yu Izumi (Megumi Hayashibara), Hiroshi Takamori (Matsui Mami), Kirara Haruno (Kyouko Minami), Reiko Ikeda (Saori Suzuki), Yoko Kuriki (Rie Iwatsubo), Hidenori Kondo (Konami Yoshida), Yoshiaki Ogawa (Chie Sato), Orie Ishizuka (Mami Matsui), Akira Imamura (Kyoko Minami), Aiko Shimada (Rika Matsumoto), Miki Mano (Saori Suzuki)"Thank you from us"Songs related to the TV anime "Matchless Raijin-Oh"
May 4Dirty Pair FLASH Yuri & Kay Angel's RestKay (Rika Matsumoto)"Ravin & Shout"
"Gently michizure sadness"
Drama CD "Yuri & Kay Angel's Rest"Insert song
Kay (Rika Matsumoto) & Lily (Kouda Mariko)"Counter between women"
"Chapter 2"
May 7Soreike! Anpanman Lyrical ☆ Magical Magical School Original SoundtrackLyrica (Rika Matsumoto)"Small witch"movies"Soreike! Anpanman Lyrical ☆ Magical Magical School"Insert song
May 1You're Under Arrest Character Songs ~ Singing Police Officer ~Aoi Futaba (Rika Matsumoto)"My Private Blue"Television Animation"I'll arrest you] Related songs
May 4New Cutie Honey Special Vocal CollectionNaoki Hayami (Rika Matsumoto)"The Greatest Love of the 20th Century"OVANew Cutie Honey] Related songs
May 1You're Under Arrest Limited Release Song CollectionNatsumi Tsujimoto (Sakiko Tamagawa), Miyuki Kobayakawa (Hiramatsu Akiko), Ken Nakajima (Satoshi Shimada), Yoriko Nikaido (Etsuko Kozakura), Aoi Futaba (Rika Matsumoto),Manager(Issei Masamune)"Thank you for kindness"TV anime "You're Under Arrest" related songs
May 5Mama loves Poyopoyo Zaurus Image AlbumYoda Mirai (Rika Matsumoto)"HARD mom"Television Animation"Mom likes Poyopoyo Zaurus] Related songs
Yoda Mirai (Rika Matsumoto), Gendai (Yuichi Nagashima)"Mom does her best"
May 3You're Under Arrest Limited Release II ~ Maho-chan's SUPER COLLECTIONAoi Futaba (Rika Matsumoto)"Boy Hunt"TV anime "You're Under Arrest" related songs
May 8Outlaw Star Outlaw Star Sound & Scenario TrackGym(Rika Matsumoto) & Jean (Shigeru Shibuya)"Tough & Rough"Television Animation"Hoshikata martial arts outlaw star] Related songs
May 9Friends ~ The Brightness of Youth ~ Vocal CollectionShizuka Ogata (Rika Matsumoto)"Yes, I'm Dreamer"game"Alumni -Yesterday Once More-] Related songs
May 8On LaplaceSatoshi(Rika Matsumoto),Pikachu(Otani Ikue),Kasumi(Mayumi Iizuka),Togepi(Satomi Korogi),Takeshi(Yuji Ueda),Rokon(Riko Aikawa),Kenji(Tomokazu Seki),マ リ ル(Kana Mika)"Let's be everyone!"Television Animation"Pokemon] Related songs
May 11Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Hoshin Engi "Song Feast"Leizhenzi (Rika Matsumoto)"BLACK BIRD"Television Animation"Senkaiden Hoshin God] Related songs
May 7Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Hoshin Engi "Song Feast II"Leizhenzi (Rika Matsumoto)"SOMEDAY"Songs related to the TV anime "Senkaiden Hoshin Engi"
Taiko Nozomi (Hiro Yuki), Yang Zen (Chiba progress), Yellow sky (Isao Yamagishi), TakuYuki Miyata), Leizhenzi (Rika Matsumoto)"Place In The Sun"TV anime "Senkaiden Hoshin Engi" ending theme
May 6Spurt! / I won't lose! ~ Haruka's theme ~Satoshi(Rika Matsumoto)"spurt!"Television Animation"Pokemon Advance Generation"Opening theme
May 11High touch!/I'm sure tomorrowSatoshi(Rika Matsumoto),Hikari(Megumi Toyoguchi)"High five!"Television Animation"Pokemon Diamond & Pearl"Opening theme
Satoshi(Rika Matsumoto)"High Touch! (Satoshi and Duet Version)" TV anime "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" related songs
May 7High Touch! 2009/Moeyo Giza Mimi Pichu!Satoshi(Rika Matsumoto), Hikari (Megumi Toyoguchi)"High Touch! 2009"TV anime "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" opening theme
May 1Anime "Pocket Monster XY & Z" Charason Project Collection vol.1Satoshi(Rika Matsumoto)"XY & Z"Television Animation"Pokemon XY & Z"Opening theme
May 4Arora !! / PoseSatoshi(Rika Matsumoto) With Pikachu (Ikue Otani)"Alola !!"Television Animation"Pokemon Sun & Moon"Opening theme
May 11Aim to Pokemon Master -20th Anniversary-"Getta Bang Bang -Satoshi with Pikachu ver.-"TV anime "Pokemon XY" related songs
May 12MIRACLE DIALIESGiant penguin (Rika Matsumoto)"High x High x High !!"game"Kemono Friends 3] Related songs

Participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 8Audio RPG Super Dragon Senki Sauros NightRika Matsumoto"DESTINY"Drama CD "Audio RPG Super Dragon Senki Sauros Night"Ending theme
May 8Phantom Quest Music EditionRika Matsumoto"THAT'S Phantom Quest"OVAGhost monster"Opening theme
"Midday city"OVA "Phantom Quest" ending theme
"Miren Nembutsu"OVA "Phantom Quest" related songs
Rika Matsumoto,Koichi Yamadera"Cum of happiness"
May 12Explosion CAMPUS Guardless Explosion Music MarchRika Matsumoto"Koisuru Diary"OVAExplosive Campus Guardless"Insert song
Rika Matsumoto,Ishida Akira"No No Blood"
"I can't say"
OVA "Bakuen CAMPUS Guardless" related songs
May 3Princess Minerva Original Drama & SoundtrackKikuko Inoue,Rika Matsumoto,Rio Natsuki,Rei Sakuma,Atsuko Tanaka"We, Minerva Guards"OVAPrincess Minerva] Related songs
May 4In love with the thrillRika Matsumoto"In love with the thrill"OVADirty Pair FLASH2"Opening theme
"Carry on"OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH2" related songs
May 7Dirty Pair FLASH2 Original Soundtrack"Flowers in your heart"
May 7MAGICAL GIRL PRETTY SAMY SOUND CLIP & PON PON --DRAMA"Love Losing Battle (Ikusa)"Drama CD "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy"Insert song
May 12Staring with my heart"I'm staring with my heart"OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH3" ending theme
"Day by day"OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH3" related songs
May 2Dirty Pair FLASH3 Original Soundtrack "Yuri & Kay Tenshi Advent"Rika Matsumoto"Kiss you want to squeeze"OVA "Dirty Pair FLASH3" related songs
May 3Suchie-Pai Gaiden "C (Combat) Girl Lemon Pie""Invincible! Goddess is short! Don't refuse anyone who comes (short version)"Drama CD "C (Combat) Girl Lemon Pie" related songs
May 6Dirty Pair FLASH Stereo Drama VOL.3"Nostalgia"Drama CD "Dirty Pair FLASH" related songs
Magical Girl Fancy CoCo P (Premium) ACT.1 "The Magical Princess is Hard!""Party a go go"Drama CD "Magical Girl Fancy CoCo P (Premium)" Related Songs
May 11White tomorrow! Rocket teamRika Matsumoto,Naoki Takao"The Road to Pokemon Master"Television Animation"Pokemon] Related songs
May 2Sound Picture Box Birth of MewtwoRika Matsumoto"Aim to Pokemon Master '98""Movie version Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back"Opening theme
May 9Pokemon the Movie Pokemon Lugia Bakusei Original Music Collection"Because everyone was there""Movie version Pokemon: Phantom Pokemon Lugia bomb"Image Song
May 7Theatrical version Pocket Monsters Crystal Tower Emperor ENTEI Pichu and Pikachu Music CollectionRika Matsumoto"OK! 2000""Movie version Pokemon Crystal Tower Emperor ENTEI"Opening theme
May 7Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Celebi Timeless Encounter Music CollectionRika Matsumoto"Aim to Pokemon Master 2001""Movie version Pokemon Celebi Encounter over time"Opening theme
May 7Movie Pocket Monsters Water City Guardian Latias and Latios Shiny Starry Sky Camp Music Collectioncoba & Rika Matsumoto"Aim to Pokemon Master 2002""Movie version Pokemon Latias and Latios, the gods of the City of Water"Opening theme
May 7Transcendental union SRD theme collectionRika Matsumoto"Enthusiasm -Passion-"Pachinko "CR Transcendental Union SRD" Main Theme Song
May 3WIN THE BATTLERika Matsumoto×Takeshi Matsubara×Kawazoe Tomohisa"WIN THE BATTLE"PSP "Great Battle Full Blast"Opening theme
May 4Passion ~ We are Brothers ~Hero Music All Stars"Passion ~ We are Brothers ~"movies"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Hero Wars] Theme song
May 4Twinkle Voice ~ Voice Gift ~Rika Matsumoto"Hey'
Twinkle Voice All Stars[Member 3]"I want to jump into the sky'
May 7Let's dance with Pokemon with J ☆ Dee'ZRika Matsumoto With J☆Dee'Z"V (bolt)'Television Animation"Pokemon XY] Related songs
May 8Ele-phant with eyes!Riko Aikawa,Akio Arai,Mayumi Iizuka,Kanazuki Mami,Yumiko Kobayashi,Komine Lisa,Saekitomo,Sakamoto Maaya,Ryoko Shintani,Haruka Chisuge,Chiba Sako,POARO(Takashi Ifukube,Ken Washizaki),Rika Matsumoto,Mito Hitomi,Mizuno love day,Mari Yamamoto"Hitomi Fall in Love ~ 20th Anniversary Version"
May 8Papipupe Panpaka Pants Kinchaku and CDRika Matsumoto"Papipupe Panpaka Pants"Television Animation"Panpaka Pants NEW!] Theme song
May 5Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Work BestRika Matsumoto"Go! Now! ~ Alive A live neo ~"Web distribution drama "Kamen Rider Zio Spin-off PART2 RIDER TIME Ryuki] Theme song


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