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🚁 | Operate the drone by programming Experience class at an elementary school in Karatsu city [Saga prefecture]


Operate the drone by programming Experience class at an elementary school in Karatsu City [Saga Prefecture]

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At Taishi Elementary School in Karatsu City, a hands-on classroom for operating drones by programming was held in order to cultivate logical thinking, and about 6 sixth graders participated.

On the XNUMXth at an elementary school in Karatsu City, there was a hands-on classroom where you could operate a drone by programming so that you could develop logical thinking. → Continue reading

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"Saga TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Saga Prefecture.

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Experience classroom

Karatsu City

Karatsu City(Karatsu) isSagaLocated northwest ofGenkai SeaFaceCity.Fukuoka metropolitan areaForm (Fukuoka relative metropolitan area)cityIs part of.


oldHizen country Higashimatsuura District..中心市街地はThe city centerKaratsu DomainThe castle town is the predecessor.唐津神社の秋季例大祭であるKaratsu Shrine's annual autumn festivalKaratsu KunchiAnd special scenic spotsRainbow Matsubara,Yobuko Morning MarketIt is famous for its vast area and has many tourism resources.

2005(17)Great Heisei mergerIn the surrounding municipalitiesHigashimatsuura District OfYobuko Town-Chinsai Town-Hizen Town-Ochicho-Kyuragimachi-Hamatama TownWith 6 townsKitahata VillageIt was newly established and merged with one village in Karatsu City.Also,2006(18)Nanayama VillageWas incorporated.

Economic zoneKaratsu Metropolitan AreaHas a population of over 13 in Karatsu City and Genkai Town, and most of them are in Karatsu City, but there are many citizens who commute to work or school in the neighboring Fukuoka metropolitan area and Saga metropolitan area (former Hamatama town area). Is 5 in the Fukuoka metropolitan area %Commuting commuting area, former Kyuragi town area is 10% commuting commuting area of ​​Saga metropolitan area).



The city limitsMatsuura River-Tamashima RiverBy the plains (Karatsu plains) andListingIt consists of a hilly basalt plateau called (Uwaba), and the east isBack shaking mountains, WestImari Bay, South, northGenkai Sea(Karatsu Bay), The Matsuura River pours into Karatsu Bay.また北西部の海岸はAnd the northwestern coastRias typeDue to its geographical features, the area has been a hub for marine traffic to the continent since ancient times.

地球What is noteworthy about the position of Karatsu City above is130 degrees east longitudeThe meridian runs through almost the center of the Karatsu city area.For this reason,Nishikyushu Expressway OfKaratsu ICThere is a sign on the main line indicating that 130 degrees east longitude is passing.

The west is from the vicinity of the mouth of the Matsuura River to the eastHamasaki StationSpread to the vicinityBlack pineForestRainbow MatsubaraIt is called, and is popular as one of the symbols of scenic spots and Karatsu.KagamiyamaFrom the observatory, you can overlook Niji no Matsubara and Karatsu city.The area from the Higashi Matsuura Peninsula to the mouth of the Matsuura RiverGenkai Quasi-National ParkIs specified in.

In the plainsEdo PeriodA large-scale hydraulic engineering project was carried out in the early days, and the terrain became almost the present.

Saga City,Taku City,Imari City,FukuokaItoshima,NagasakiMatsuuraAnd so on.


Pacific climateHowever, it is a Kyushu-type climate zone where the hours of sunshine are reduced in winter.In the coastal areas, there is little difference in temperature between day and night throughout the year,Extremely hot day-真 冬日Is rare.There are few direct hits by typhoons, and the maximum annual wind speed is about 8 m-12 m, most of which are in winter.Genkai SeaStrong windsFirst in springIt is due to.Annual average temperature 15 ℃, annual precipitation 1992 mm, annual sunshine duration 1783.9, average wind speed 2.1 m / s (normal value,1979 - 2000Statistics).

Once in Karatsu cityAmedusAs an observatory, EzarukiWatadawas there.Of these, the branch trees were observing precipitation, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and sunshine time, but the observation station was located at an altitude of 110 m, and it cannot always be said that the observation data represented the meteorological conditions in the Karatsu plains. Please note that.In addition, Watada observed only precipitation (elevation 5 m).2010(22)2Both the Ezaruki and Watada observatories have been relocated to Futago, Karatsu City (elevation 23 m) in the plains, and observations have begun as new Karatsu observatories.


RegionArea / km2Household[*1]population[*1]Old municipality
(Former Karatsu City)127.4931,904078,850Karatsu City
Hamatama Town052.1303,705011,148Hamatama Town
Nanayama062.8900670002,361Nanayama Village
Kitahata026.5801,731004,691Kitahata Village
Hizen Town046.6402,607008,094Hizen Town
Yobuko Town007.2801,999005,329Yobuko Town
Chinsai Town037.8902,189006,356Chinsai Town
  1. ^ a b Basic Resident Register Population as of May 2012, 5 + Alien Registration Population

Town / OazaPlace name in Karatsu citychecking ...


  • Densely Inhabited Districts (DIDs): 9.3 square kilometers, 37,092 people (17 census)
Population distribution of Karatsu, Saga, Japan.svg
Karatsu City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Karatsu City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Karatsu City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Karatsu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

With about 12.8 people, it is the second most populous municipality in Saga Prefecture (the first is).Saga City, 3rd placeTosu City).ピーク時の人口はThe peak populationKaratsu CoalfieldIt was the heyday1955(30) 183,676 people.


Brief history

The place names that comprehensively refer to the entire current city area, although there is ambiguity, are:Matsuuragata,Matsuura RiverOriginally as seen in(I.e.(Matsura) was common.The name Karatsu was originally only a limited name for a castle town created near the mouth of the Matsuura River in the early 17th century.1889(Meiji 22) Karatsu-cho, Higashimatsuura-gun, which was established by the enforcement of the town-village system, was incorporated into the surrounding towns and villages and merged on an equal footing to become the current Karatsu city. It is common to call it.

Karatsu ShrineAccording to the existing historical materials in the office1449(6th year of Bun'an)Karatsu DaimyojinThis is the oldest surviving historical material in which the name of Karatsu appears.


Jomon PeriodIt has been confirmed that paddy rice cultivation was carried out in the late period (Nabata Site).Wei ZhajinThere is a description inEnd countryMany researchers have determined that (Matsurokoku, Matsurakoku) existed in the vicinity of Karatsu City.Kofun periodMany tombs were built by the powerful tribes who ruled the Matsuura region.この代表が国内最古級のThis representative is the oldest in JapanFront and rear circle-Kuri Sosui TombThere are many ancient burial mounds left in the city.

From ancient times to the Middle Ages

Ritual systemThen.Hizen countryMatsuura-gunIncluded inHizen Country CultureAccording to "Matsura-gun, Goichisho Ichisho, Satohiroroku, Umayasho, Koshosho".In addition, the mountain that corresponds to the current Kagamiyama is described as "the collar swing peak is in the east of the county".CountyIt is,mirrorIt is presumed that it was in the district.The origin of the word Matsuura is not clear, but Empress Jingu ("Nihon Shoki" Vol. XNUMX Kichoashi Himeson) Regent Ayu was caught. What was said to be a rare thing was named by the person there, and it was called "Mezura Kuni. Imamatsuura is an accent." (Major).In addition, it is said that "Matsura" in Sue Rogoku became the place name as it was.ManyoshuToKagamiyama,Tamashima River,Matsuura RiverThe scene of is written.

Heian periodFrom then on, it was governed by the Ruins of Hizen Kokufu, but in the middle of the Heian period when it began to loosen, various parts of the Matsuura regionAustralianDominate this land as a coalition,Matsuura PartyWas called.現在の唐津市を含むIncluding the current Karatsu cityHigashimatsuura District-Nishimatsuura DistrictThe area is called Uematsura-gun and is based in the Hata district (Karatsu City Kitahata, Imari City Minamihata).Mr. HataWas the biggest force.The clan named themselves the place names of their respective territories, and there were also Mr. Ochi, Mr. Sashi, and Mr. Yobuko.また、拠点として波多氏のAlso, as a base, Mr. Hata'sKishidake Castle(Kishidake Castle)Lion castleThe castle was built.

Sengoku periodToRyuzojiI was trying to prevent the invasion ofHideyoshi Toyotomi Kyushu conquestWhen I started, I greeted and obeyed this.豊臣秀吉はToyotomi Hideyoshi1591(Tensho19) Korean troops (The role of Bunroku and Keicho) In the Nagoya Castle districtNagoya CastleWas built.1593(Bunroku2 years)Hirotaka Terasawa Karatsu DomainGiven that, he began to rule the Uematsuura region.In addition, Hideyoshi's angry Mr. Hata was destroyed in this year, but the sympathy of the locals led to the story of the curse of Kishidake's grandson.

Edo Period

After the fall of Mr. Hata, Hirotaka Terazawa built a temporary castle at the foot of Kishidake Castle and made it a temporary residence.広高はHirotaka1600(Keicho5 years)Battle of SekigaharaThen, about the East ArmyHigo countryAmakusaWith 4 stones added, 12 stonesOutside DaimyoIt became.1602(Keicho7 years)Karatsu CastleFull-scale construction of the castle1608(KeichoIn 8 years), both castle towns were completed.At this time, Mt. Mitsushima, which was connected to the Higashi-Karatsu side, was separated, and the flow path was changed so that the Hata River (Matsuura River in modern times) flows from there into Karatsu Bay.広高はHirotakaMatsuura RiverAs seen in the change of flow path (hydraulic engineering business), we are good at civil engineering business.WindbreakAs a result, Matsubara was protected and nurtured.これがThis isJapan's three major MatsubaraIt has become the rainbow Matsubara that remains today.またこの頃は現在に至るAlso around this time until nowKaratsu wareIt was also the time when the technique of1615In (the first year of Genna)Taroemon NakazatoPottery etc.Karatsu DomainIt is designated as a kiln for use.

Hirotaka's childSolidBecame the second feudal lord of the Karatsu domain, but was in the Amakusa territory.Tomioka Castle Shimabara's turbulenceAt the time ofRebellionWhen attacked by the side, he was taken responsibility and confiscated 4 stones of Amakusa territory.堅高はKatataka1647(MasahoIn 4th year), he committed suicide at the Edo clan's residence, and the Terazawa family was cut off because there was no Tsukasa, and Mr. TerazawaReformWhen it comes to, the Karatsu domain is temporarilyHeavenIt became.次にnextKeianNew Year (1649)Harima countryAkashi CastlemainOkubo TadashiBecame the lord of the Karatsu domain.1678(EnpoIn 6 years), Mr. OkuboShimosaSakura CastleMoved to, and instead from the same placeOgyu Matsudaira NorihisaEntered the castle.1691(Genroku4 years)Mr. Matsudaira ShimakuniToba CastleMoved to, from the same placeDoi profitEntered the castle.1762(Treasure calendar12) Mr. Doi is ShimousaFurukawa CastleMoved out toMikawaguniOkazaki CastleThanMizuno TadashiEntered the castle.1817(culture14 years later)Tempo reformXNUMXth generation who wentMizuno TadakuniFor the purpose of career advancementOmi ProvinceHamamatsu CastleHope to move out toMutsuTanagura CastleThanNagamasa OgasawaraEntered the castle, and after that, Mr. Ogasawara ruled.Futami DaimyoSix houses have been replaced, and the era of great rule of the feudal lords for a long time has never arrived.Meiji RestorationThe Karatsu domain disappeared due to this.

1819(Bunsei2 years),Ise ShrineI saw it in Kyoto on my way home after worshipingGion FestivalAfter Kabei Ishizaki of the sword town who was impressed by, made a lion's head with his friends,Karatsu ShrineDedicated to.After this,Karatsu ShrineKaratsu Shinsai, the annual autumn festival, is as it is todayHikiyamaIt became an opportunity to change into a festival to pull.後に一時期は唐津山笠とも呼称したが、その後Later, it was also called Karatsu Yamakasa for a while, but after thatKaratsu KunchiCame to be called.

From the Meiji era to the prewar period

Abandoned DomainAs a result, the Karatsu domain became Karatsu prefecture, and at the same time, the main enclosure of Karatsu Castle became Maizuru Park, and the other sections were sold to the private sector and the buildings were destroyed.その後伊万里県、佐賀県、三潴県、長崎県と変遷しAfter that, it changed to Imari prefecture, Saga prefecture, Mizuma prefecture, and Nagasaki prefecture.1883In (Meiji 16), Saga Prefecture became independent from Nagasaki Prefecture and became a part of Saga Prefecture.またAlso1889With the enforcement of the town and village system (Meiji 22)Higashimatsuura DistrictKaratsu Town is established.昭和初期までにとを編入しIncorporated by the early Showa period1932The city system came into effect in (Showa 7).Karatsu CityIt became.

Karatsu, which has been a base for marine transportation since ancient times, rapidly developed as a base for trade.1882(MeijiIt was in Mitsushima at that time (15 years)Karatsu PortでKaratsu CoalfieldStarted exporting coal.1889It was designated as a special export port in (Meiji 22), and at the same time.Nagasaki CustomsKaratsu branch office was established (promoted to customs branch office three years later, demoted after the warMoji CustomsTransferred to).Furthermore, with the opening of the railway, which will be described later, the trading function of Mitsushima was gradually relocated to Nishi-Karatsu and Oshima, forming the port area to this day.The amount of trade increased day by day,World War IForeign-affiliated relations have taper off due to the influence of1920The amount of trade declined after peaking around that time, and in the early Showa period it further declined due to the effects of the coal recession and World War II.

From the end of the Meiji era to the beginning of the Taisho and Showa eras, traffic in Karatsu developed significantly.1898(Meiji 31) Karatsu Kogyo Railway (laterKaratsu Railway, Current JRKaratsu Line) Was opened, but it did not fit in this, and the year after next1900In (Meiji 33), the carriage track by the Mitsushima carriage railway was changed to Mitsushima Matsubaraguchi (currently).Higashi Karatsu Station) --Hamasaki Matsubaraguchi (currentlyHamasaki StationAfter that, it was opened to the end of Nishi-Karatsu via Matsuura Bridge, over the major exit in the center (then it was operated by an oil engine, but it was abolished due to the conversion to automobiles).福岡方面への鉄道はThe train to Fukuoka1926From Higashi-Karatsu to Hakata in (Taisho 15), all the way to Imari1935It was finally completed (both by Kitakyushu Railway) in (Showa 10), but it was soon nationalized.北九州鉄道のバス事業は現在に至るKitakyushu Railway's bus business continues to this dayShowa MotorWas transferred to.

Postwar to late Showa period

KaratsuPacific WarWas not hit by air raids.唐津市における戦後復興の象徴としてAs a symbol of postwar reconstruction in Karatsu City1953(Showa 28)Maizuru BridgeThe completion of.これをきっかけに東西臨海地域を接続するWith this as a trigger, connect the east-west coastal areaSaga Prefectural Road 279 Myomi Mitsushima Line(Industrial road) Has been maintained.また同年にはAlso in the same yearKaratsu boat raceWas held for the first time.1954(Showa 29)Kagamimura-Kuri Village-Onizuka Village-Minatomura(Population about 7).戦後のPostwarBaby boomAnd due to rising demand as a coal shipping portHigashimatsuura DistrictThe total population of Karatsu City reached its peak around this time.1955The census population (30) was less than 19.

1955(30), the president of Showa Motor Co., Ltd., who was a leading figure in the local business world, became the mayor.The following year, he was designated as a financial reconstruction organization for financial reconstruction.この指定はThis designation is1965It was canceled in (40).翌年、金子の計画によりThe following year, according to Kaneko's planKaratsu CastleThe simulated castle tower is completed.

Also, with the increase in electricity demand,1967(42)Karatsu PortIn a landfill near Myomi WharfKyushu Electric PowerKaratsu Power Station(Thermal power plant) Unit 1 (15.6 kW) started operation.1971In (Showa 46), Unit 2 (37.5 kW) started operation, and two years later, Unit 2 (3 kW) started operation.further,1975(50) Kyushu Electric PowerGenkai Nuclear Power StationUnit 1 (55.9 kW) started operation.その他既設のOther existingHydroelectric power plantThe Karatsu Motoi Higashimatsuura area has become the cornerstone of power supply not only in the prefecture but also in northern Kyushu.

1970In (Showa 45), the Karatsu Boat Racecourse has a vast land in the Hara district (mirror) Moved.In the same year, Karatsu City Cultural Center (currently Karatsu Civic Hall)[Annotation 1]) Opens in the precincts of the former Karatsu Shrine.1980In (55), the Karatsu Oteguchi Bus Center opened at Oteguchi in the city.その翌年には複合スポーツ施設であるThe following year it is a complex sports facilityPhysical education parkWas opened in Watada Odoi.

1982(57) Japanese National RailwaysKaratsu LineCompleted the continuous multi-level crossing project.翌年にはIn the next yearChikuhi Line(Chikuhi East Line) electrification opening, Chikuhi Line (Chikuhi East Line) and Karatsu Line short circuit,Fukuoka City Subway Airport LineDirect operation with was carried out at once.


1994In (6) in the current Karatsu city areaGenkai TownEstablished a social gathering "Karatsu-Higashimatsuura merger social gathering" in 10 municipalities including.

Changes in administrative areas

Other than the former Karatsu city2005(HeiseiRegarding the transition of the towns and villages merged after (17),Higashimatsuura DistrictSee
  • 1931(Showa6 years)May 2 --Incorporated Karatsu Village.The following year, the city system will be enforced as Karatsu City.
  • 1932(7)May 1 --The city system will be enforced and it will become Karatsu City.
  • 1935(10)May 9 --Sashi Village enforces the town system as Sashi Town.
  • 1941(Showa 16) November 11-Incorporated Sashi Town.
  • 1954(Showa 29) November 11-Incorporated Kagami Village, Kuri Village, Onizuka Village, and Minato Village.
  • 1955(30) --Incorporated a part of Kitahata Village.
  • 1958(Showa 33) January 1-Incorporated the Kirikimura Daira district.
  • 2005(Heisei17 years)May 1 --Karatsu City and Higashimatsuura DistrictHamatama Town-Kyuragimachi-Ochicho-Kitahata Village-Hizen Town-Chinsai Town-Yobuko Town merger(New merger) to become Karatsu City.
  • 2006(18) January 1-Incorporated Nanayama Village.

Administration / Parliament / Judiciary

Successive mayors

(Old) Karatsu City (1932-2004) Successive Mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationKaichiro Kawamura1932/2/181936/2/17
2 feeShigeru Nishiyama1936/2/181939/1/7
3 feeYunosuke Hagiya1939/1/201939/4/5
4 feeZentaro Kishikawa1939/7/291946/10/24
5 feeSojiro Shimizu1947/4/161955/4/30
6 feeMichio Kaneko1955/5/11967/4/30
7 feeHisashi Seto1967/5/11983/4/30
8 feeYutaka Nozoe1983/5/1
9 feeZensaburo Fukushima1995/5/1
10 feeToshiyuki Sakai2003/4/282004/12/31
(Current) Karatsu City (2005-) Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationToshiyuki Sakai2005May 22017May 2
2 feeTatsuro Mine2017May 2

2009 Karatsu Mayoral Election

*Number of voters on the day: 105,221 Final voting rate: 71.94% (vs.-5.1pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Toshiyuki Sakai47IndependentNow43,425 vote%
Shigeyuki Aso59Independent新25,622 vote%
Michiko Tanaka61Independent新5,330 vote%

City council

City hall location

  • Main office(Former Karatsu City Hall): 1-1 Nishijonai, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
  • Hamatama Civic Center (former Hamatama Town Hall): 1445-1 Hamatama, Hamatama Town, Karatsu City
  • Nanaya Civic Center (former Nanaya Village Office): 1254 Nanaya Takigawa, Karatsu City
  • Kitahata Civic Center (formerly Kitahata Village Office): 1097-4 Kitahata Tokusue, Karatsu City
  • Ochi Citizen Center (formerly Ochi Town Hall): 2055-1, Ochi, Ochi Town, Karatsu City
  • Kyuragi Civic Center (formerly Kyuragi Town Hall): 997 Kyuragi, Kyuragi Town, Karatsu City
  • Hizen Civic Center (former Hizen Town Hall): 1703 Irino Ko, Hizen Town, Karatsu City
  • Yobuko Civic Center (former Yobuko Town Hall): 1995-1, Yobuko, Yobuko-cho, Karatsu-shi
  • Chinzei Civic Center (formerly Chinzei Town Hall): 1530 Chinzeimachi Nagoya, Karatsu City

Mascot character

Karawan・ Maizuru-kun
As part of the city's "Karatsu Castle 400th Anniversary Project", as an image character of the castle2008It was established in (20).同事業終了後の翌年以降も引き続き、唐津城のイメージキャラクターとして唐津のPRに使用されているほか、申請があり市が認めた場合は営利・非営利を問わず無償で使用できる措置をとっているFrom the year after the end of the project, it will continue to be used for PR of Karatsu as an image character of Karatsu Castle, and if there is an application and the city approves, it will be possible to use it free of charge regardless of profit or non-profit. Are[1][2].

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Partner city


Friendship city
sister city

Main business

Central city revitalization project

Oteguchi Center Building (Otte)
The business entity is three of the landowners (Maizuru Department Store-Showa MotorThe old Maizuru department store next to the east side of the city hall (2002It was constructed by dismantling 4 buildings including the former bus terminal building of Showa Motor Co., Ltd., which was connected by a passageway adjacent to the closed building.The site area is 2,400 square meters, the total floor area is 8,773 square meters, and the reinforced concrete structure is 6 stories high.The national and municipal governments have paid subsidies. Construction started in December 2010 and completed in October 12. 2011年現在ではAs of 10Karatsu Oteguchi Bus Center(1st floor), Karatsu Citizens' Exchange Plaza (3rd floor), Karatsu City Hall Oteguchi Annex (5th and 6th floors),FM KaratsuThere are public studios, convenience stores, cafes, bookstores, etc.

Land readjustment project

Karatsu Station South Land Readjustment Project
Implemented in line with the elevated JR1980From Karatsu Station South Exit side districtLand readjustment project..Maintenance of 30 m wide city planning road (symbol road) in front of the station, maintenance of station square (4 ha), bridge of Machida Ohashi, river improvement, road widening, from Machida intersectionNational Route 204The connecting road to () was laid.1994ToKaratsu City LibraryOpened in the business area.2010Enter the clearing business from the beginning.
New Higashi Karatsu Station land readjustment project
With the opening of the new JR linemirrorIn the area around Higashi-Karatsu Station, which was relocated to (later Shonancho)1979A land readjustment project was carried out from the beginning.Its main business is the maintenance of parks in front of stations, the improvement and widening of roads, and the creation of new residential land.1991(HeiseiIn 3rd year), the area around Higashi-Karatsu Station, including the nearby Niji no Matsubara housing complex, was divided from the mirror and a new administrative district was established as Shonancho.House displayWas enforced.Saga Prefectural Karatsu Higashi Junior and Senior High School 2007It was decided to move to the business site2009May 12Completed the land replacement disposal.翌年following yearMay 1The land replacement was announced in Japan, and the next day, Kagamishinkai was newly established as an administrative district.

Prefectural government / prefectural local agency

Elected from Karatsu City / Higashimatsuura District constituencySaga prefectural assemblyMemberThe fixed number is 6 seats.


  • Karatsu General Government Building
    • Karatsu Prefectural Tax Office
    • Karatsu Civil Engineering Office
    • Karatsu Agriculture and Forestry Office
    • Higashi Matsuura Agricultural Improvement and Extension Center

National affairs / national agency




  • Karatsu Police Station
    • Police station
      • Aichi executive police box
      • Yobuko executive police box
    • Police box
      • Hamasaki police box
      • Watada police box
      • Central police box
      • Nishikaratsu police box
      • Mirror police box
    • Office
      • Ohno police station
      • Ochi police box
      • Hirayama police box
      • Iwaya police box
      • Kyuragi police box
      • Nakajima police station
      • Nanayama police box
      • Sashi police box
      • Kawarabashi police box
      • Minato police officer station
      • Tokusu Megumi police box
      • Value Ga Police Officer Station
      • Ariura police box
      • Irino police box
      • Takakushi police box
      • Kirigo police box
      • Ogawajima police box
      • Launch police box
      • Nagoya Castle Police Box
      • Madara Island Police Box


  • Karatsu Fire Department(Karatsu City Fire Department)
    • East substation, South substation, West substation, North substation, Middle substation

Economic and industrial

Working population

Primary industry

Fruit tree-Rice-Vegetables・ Mainly produces beef cattle.mirrorThe first generation in the plains such as KuriKaratsu DomainmainHirotaka TerasawaVast developed as an ancillary project of the river improvement project byPaddy fieldIs spreading, and rice production is still the mainstream,Reduction policyUnder the influence ofsoyThere is a shift to the production of beans such as beans and wheat such as barley and wheat.A large orchard spreads out in the Hamatama area,House mandarin orangeIs a special product.

forestryIs in a difficult situation due to the influence of imported materials and the shortage of successors.Fishing industryAlso aboutKaratsu PortDue to the aging of fishery bases and the shortage of human resources, the amount of landings around Karatsu Bay is decreasing year by year and is steadily declining.

Primary industry

Manufacturing industryとConstruction industryThe business environment is harsh in both cases.

As a major industrial clusterKaratsu Iron Works Complex(Nakahara district),Karatsu Ishishi Industrial Park(Ishishi district),Kishiyama Industrial Park(Kitahatakishiyama district) can be mentioned.During the former Karatsu Town era, the Sotomachi reclaimed land where Sakae Town and Funamiya Town were located was a typical industrial area in Karatsu.

Primary industry

Commercialas well as the tourismIs the center, but commerce has been in recent yearsNishikyushu Expressway-Nijohamadama RoadMaintenance ofChikuhi LineBy electrificationFukuoka metropolitan areaDue to the increased access to shopping, the dependence on shopping outside the prefecture is increasing, leading to the decline of commerce in the city.Also, in the tourism industry, for the same reason, the ratio of day trip tourism tends to be the main.2010It was a large inn at the beginningCastle cabinetHas closed its business.

Large-scale commercial facilities expanded into the suburbs from the 1990s, and due to this, stores continued to be closed and withdrawn in the Karatsu Central Shopping District and other shopping districts throughout the city, and hollowing out became a problem.また、大名小路地区にある地元資本のIn addition, the local capital in the Daimyo Koji districtMaizuru Department StoreAlso closed in 2002.After that, a new store was set up nearby,supermarketAimed for a complete conversion to Maizuru Main Store Shopping Plaza.

A company headquartered in Karatsu

Companies with offices in Karatsu City

Area code

The whole area0955.

Zip Code

  • 〒847-xxxx (former Karatsu City, Chinzeimachi, Nanayama, Hizencho, Yobukocho,)
  • 〒849-xxxx (Ochicho, Kitahata, Kyuragimachi, Hamatamacho,)

Financial institution

  • Saga Bank(7 branches) Karatsu branch, Nishikaratsu branch, Watada branch, Yobuko branch, Hizencho branch, Hamasaki branch, Ochi branch
  • Saga Kyoei BankKaratsu branch
  • Fukuoka BankKaratsu branch
  • West Japan City BankKaratsu branch
  • Juhachi Shinwa BankKaratsu branch
  • Karatsu Shinkin Bank(Main store + 8 branches) Main store sales department, Asahimachi branch, Nishi Karatsu branch, Hamasaki branch, Aichi branch, Watada branch, Machida branch, Yamamoto branch, Yobuko branch,
  • Kyushu Labor BankKaratsu branch
  • (JA Bank) Headquarters +15 Branches-Headquarters, Kagamiyama Branch, Yamamoto Branch, Karatsu Branch, Minato Branch, Kitahata Branch, A Corp Branch, Karatsu Central Branch, Hamasaki Branch, Eastern Branch, Nanayama Branch, Aichi Branch, Kyuragi Branch, Kiri Ki branch, western branch, so to speak north branch

Mass media

Receivable stations

* Subscription to cable TV is a prerequisite.

Cable TV

The cable TV penetration rate in the Karatsu / Higashimatsuura area is 92.4% for all households (survey time unknown).[4]..In addition to the following three stations, there used to be Hamatama Town's "Hirefuri Channel" (3-) and Ochi Town's "Aiai TV" (1990-).Digital terrestrial broadcastingAll joint reception associations were abolished and integrated into Karatsu City Cable Television due to public works projects accompanying the complete transition to.

Residents who subscribed to Karatsu City Wired TelevisionKaratsu Cable TelevisionOrNet FourIn addition to being able to receive independent channels (the channels that can be received differ depending on the region), you can watch Karatsu City's administrative broadcasts on all three stations.

Newspaper company

1946The Karatsu newspaper (evening edition) was launched in Japan,2008May 1It was discontinued.かつてを主催するなど地域活動を積極的に行っていたActively engaged in local activities such as hosting once[Annotation 2]However, the scale of the business was significantly reduced due to the discontinuation of the Karatsu newspaper, and the main business is now planning, producing, and issuing newspaper insert advertisements.

Community FM

2010(22)4Opened in.県内初のFirst in the prefectureCommunity broadcasting station.

free paper

  • karatsunami
Published monthly 5,000 copies
Issued every other month (1st week of odd-numbered month) 8,000 copies Web magazine linked coupon included

Health and welfare

All statistics2010May 10 OfCensusThings.


The general hospital in the city is in Chiyoda TownKaratsu Regional Health and Medical CenterIt is scattered around the area.The core hospital isKaratsu Red Cross Hospital.2005(Heisei17 years)4New cityOpened.



Karatsu City is the northern school district of Saga Prefecture (Karatsu City,Genkai TownIt belongs to the school district).The northern school district is said to have lower academic ability than other school districts in the prefecture.2007(Heisei19 years)National Achievement/Study Status SurveyIn Saga Prefecture, the ranking was 37th, and Karatsu City was the lowest among the cities and towns in the prefecture, so from the following year, Karatsu City's own academic ability test is being conducted (Karatsu area basic academic ability test)[5].

2006(18)Saga Prefectural Karatsu Higashi High SchoolAs an annex junior high schoolSaga Prefectural Karatsu Higashi Junior High SchoolIn addition to the opening of (an integrated middle and high school)2010In (22)Waseda UniversityAs a affiliated school ofWaseda Saga Middle School/High SchoolIn recent years, junior and senior high schools have been opened one after another.

Municipal school reorganization

The city board of education is proceeding with the consolidation of municipal schools,2009At that time, it has announced a policy to reduce 42 elementary schools to 34 elementary schools and 23 junior high schools to 18 schools.[6].

2013In (25), there will be three schools: Yobuko Junior High School, Nagoya Junior High School, and Launch Junior High School.Kaisei Junior High School(The school ground is oldKaratsu KitatakaIntegrated as the former site), and integrated the XNUMXth Junior High School, Daira Junior High School, Kirigo Junior High SchoolTakamine Junior High School(The school site is now the XNUMXth Junior High School).

In addition, the city council is considering the integration of Higashi-Karatsu Elementary School into Sotomachi Elementary School.[7].

Schools and educational institutions in the city

Various research facilities, etc.

National school

high school


Junior high school


Both of the above two schools are junior high schools that provide integrated middle and high school education.


The names of municipal junior high schools were initially unified by numbering, and there were five schools from the first to the fifth, but as of 5 (2020nd year of Reiwa), only 2 schools will remain.Karatsu City Daiichi Junior High SchoolとKaratsu City Daigo Junior High SchoolThere are only two schools.

  • The second junior high school was renamed to after being separated.
  • The third junior high school was renamed Takashima junior high school and then integrated into the fifth junior high school.
  • The fourth junior high school is integratedTakamine Junior High SchoolIt became.

primary school

The number of children is decreasing in the entire city except for some, and the branch schools are being closed down one by one.

Special school

Child independence support facility

2007(19)May 4It became a branch school of Nino.

Driving school

  • Karatsu Driving School
  • Nijinomatsubara Driving School



Nearest airportSaga AirportandFukuoka Airport..The distance from the city is not much different between the two airports.But JRChikuhi Line Fukuoka City Subway Airport LineDirect driving to Fukuoka CityNishikyushu ExpresswayIs passing through the city[8]Because of its high convenience, and due to the fact that the number of flights departing and arriving is quite large, many citizens use Fukuoka Airport.


As of 2011, the express trains on the railway lines that pass through Karatsu City are only 4 round trips on the Chikuhi Line (Chikuhi East Line) on weekdays and 5 round trips on Saturdays and holidays, and most of the movements to each city are regular trains. It becomes.周辺各都市への所要時間は、唐津駅から佐賀駅までがThe time required to reach each of the surrounding cities is from Karatsu Station to Saga Station.Karatsu LineIt takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes by regular train from Karatsu station to Tenjin station.Chikuhi LineThe fastest train is about 1 hour, and the regular train is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

1983Until (Showa 58)Hakata StationとNagasaki StationChikuhi LineMatsuura Line-Sasebo Line-Omura LineExpress train connecting viaHirado] Was set, but due to the partial abolition of the Chikuhi Line, the service section has changed.Karatsu Station --Shortened between Nagasaki Station,1988(Showa 63)Matsuura Line Third sector OfMatsuura RailwayThe train was abolished due to the conversion to, and the honor train disappeared from the line section in Karatsu city.

The representative station of the city is Karatsu station.なお、かつてはIn the pastHigashi Karatsu StationWas the actual representative station of the city, but it has moved due to the elevation, and the current main user base isSaga Prefectural Karatsu Higashi Junior and Senior High SchoolThose who go to school or those who go to the hospital.

Lines/Stations in the city

Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
Rapid trains and regular trains are in operation.The frequency of operation is 3-5 per hour during rush hours and about 2 per hour during the day.一部の列車は、車両基地のあるSome trains have a depotNishi KaratsuIs the first and last train.また、半数の列車(快速列車は全便)がIn addition, half of the trains (all high-speed trains)Fukuoka City Subway Airport Line(Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau) Directly.残り半数のThe other halfChikuzenmaeharaMost of the trains that turn back at are connected to the Fukuoka Airport Line direct trains.It is quiet in Karatsu city except during rush hours.Mainly used for commuting to work or school.
It operates only on regular trains, with less than one train per hour (two trains every three hours) during rush hours and during the day.All trains start and end at Nishi-Karatsu and Karatsu on the Karatsu Line.The area along the railway line is quiet, and there is not much use in Karatsu city except for passengers in the direction of Imari.
It operates only on regular trains, and operates about 1 to 3 trains per hour during rush hours and during the day.It connects Nishi-Karatsu and Saga.Mainly used by high school students along the railway line.

Electricity of Chikuhi Line and opening of new line

OnceChikuhi LineIt is,Matsuura RiverBecause it was technically impossible at the time of construction to bridge to the wide estuary ofNijinomatsubara StationThe old one that existed near Matsuura Bridge on the north side (sea side) of the current railroad trackHigashi Karatsu StationでSwitchbackAnd cross the Matsuura River while going up the right bank of the Matsuura RiverYamamoto StationでKaratsu LineConnect withImariI was heading in the direction.

Since that time, the central station of Karatsu City has been in the city centerKaratsu StationHowever, Karatsu Station at that time was only an intermediate station on the Karatsu Line, and the role of the terminal station was played by the former Higashi-Karatsu Station on the Chikuhi Line, which has the largest number of trains and passengers.However, the former Higashi-Karatsu Station had to cross the Matsuura River bridge to head from the central area (the left bank area on the Matsuura side) where the Karatsu City Hall is located.busBecause we needed a means such as usingHakata StationThe use of railroads to the direction continued to be inconvenient.In addition, since the connection between the Chikuhi Line and the Karatsu Line was limited to Yamamoto Station, which is far south of the city, the functions of the central station were distributed to Karatsu Station, the former Higashi-Karatsu Station, and Yamamoto Station in Karatsu City. ..

To solve these problems and unify the central station into Karatsu station1983(58) of the Chikuhi LineElectrificationTogether withCaller lineA part of the section (between Nijinomatsubara Station and Karatsu Station) will be newly opened, and between Nijinomatsubara Station-former Higashi Karatsu Station-Yamamoto Station will be abolished, and between Karatsu Station and Yamamoto Station will be between Karatsu Line and Chikuhi It was set as an overlapping section of lines.As a result, the current Higashi-Karatsu station was set up on the new line as a replacement for the old Higashi-Karatsu station.なお、廃止された旧・東唐津駅の跡地はThe site of the abolished former Higashi-Karatsu Station isDaiwa House IndustrySold to Daiwa Resort, a group company, operates and developsDAIWA ROYAL HOTELHotel & Resorts SAGA-KARATSU.

Caller lineThe remaining project section (the section west of Nishi-Karatsu Station) was interrupted and was not restarted.Unfinished lineIt has become.また、唐津駅-山本駅間はAlso, between Karatsu Station and Yamamoto Station1987(Showa 62)Privatization of the national railway divisionAt the same time, it returned to the Karatsu line only, and the Chikuhi line became divided.

Port / sea route

In the cityGenkai Sea,Karatsu BayThere are small islands scattered around the island, and many routes are operated as a foothold for the lives of each islander.

From the Meiji era to the early Showa era, it prospered as one of the leading trading ports and coal shipping ports in Japan.Even now, a vast amount of land has been left behind from redevelopment around Karatsu Port (Myokenmachi, Oshima district), and you can see its former prosperity.
The nickname of the ship used is 1 round trips a day.Emerald Karatsu.2007Until (19), Yobuko Port (former)Yobuko Town), And its name was Yobuko / Iki Ferry.
  • Treasure Pier (Chiyoda Town)- Takashima(Karatsu City Fisheries Cooperative Takashima Branch)
1 round trips a day.Houtou ShrineIt connects Takashima, which became famous nationwide, with the center of Karatsu city.
  • Minato- Kamijima(Karatsu City Fisheries Cooperative Kashiwajima Branch, Karatsu Maru)
1 round trips a day.It connects Kashiwa Island and Minato district.


General route bus

General in the cityTransit BusThe company that operatesShowa Motor(Showa Bus) only.市内のIn the cityKaratsu Oteguchi Bus CenterA route network is formed that connects the center of Karatsu City with various parts of Karatsu City, Genkai Town, Imari City, Taku City, and Saga City.市内循環バスも運行されており、松浦橋・東唐津・宝当桟橋を経由して唐津駅に至るThere is also a city circulation bus that runs to Karatsu Station via Matsuura Bridge, Higashi Karatsu, and Hotosambashi.East courseTo the major exit via the JRCS Hospital, Nishi-Karatsu Station, and Karatsu PortWest courseThere is.

In addition, Showa Motor Taxi Division operatesShared taxiThere is.

High-speed / limited express bus



FukuokaHead towardhighway(toll road,Motorway) Is佐賀The maintenance is relatively advanced compared to the one heading toward the direction.Nishikyushu ExpresswayとNijohamadama RoadTheviado itFukuoka city highwayThe route is generally shown to go through the Fukuoka Maebaru Road, which is directly connected toKaratsu ICIs far from the city center and is currently open in two lanes (maximum speed 2km / h).National Route 202Many drivers go through (Karatsu Bypass).

General national road

Road Station

Cultural facility

Sports Facilities

  • Boat Race Karatsu
  • Physical education parkInside
    • Karatsu City Cultural Gymnasium
    • Karatsu Athletics Stadium
    • Karatsu baseball field
    • Taiikunomori Park Sumo Ground
  • Matsuura Riverside ParkInside
    • Karatsu City Matsuura Riverside Park Baseball Stadium
    • Karatsu City Matsuura Riverside Park Rugby Soccer Field
    • Karatsu City Matsuura Riverside Park Garden Stadium

Specialty goods


Karatsu City has many scenic spots against the background of a vast area, and since it has been a trading point on the continent since ancient times, it is said to be the first site of hydroponic rice cultivation in Japan.Nabata SiteToyotomi Hideyoshi built it at the tip of the Higashimatsuura Peninsula as a base when sending troops to Korea.Nagoya CastleIt also has many historic sites.

Famous places and scenic spots

Shrines and temples



In the Matsuura region, which has been a trading hub with the continent since ancient times, many historical events have occurred and a variety of cultures have developed.In particular, commerce developed in Karatsu, a castle town established near the mouth of the Matsuura River at the end of the 16th century, and a vibrant and rich tradesman culture was cultivated by a wealthy book represented by Karatsu Kunchi.


In summerGion Festival, In the fallFloating,KunchiIs held in various parts of the city.祇園祭やくんちにはFor Gion Matsuri and KunchiYamakasaThere are many districts whereMusical accompanimentToBamboo paperIt is rare in Japan to use a whistle that sticks a bamboo paper, but many districts in Karatsu use a whistle that sticks bamboo paper.

Karatsu KunchiIs the largest festival in Karatsu city, which is held in the center of Karatsu city and is visited by more than 50 tourists during the period. There is little propagation of the style of the event to the surroundings.

Special event


Until the 1990s, there were multiple movie theaters in the city, such as Toho Taigeki and Chuo University, but now there are no movies in the city, and citizens who want to watch moviesSaga City,Fukuoka CityYou will reach out in the direction.


As a dialectKaratsu dialectThere is a typical folk tale that is handed down in the castle town of Karatsu.Kanemon story』(Kannebanashi) can find its characteristics.

However,High economic growth periodOr latertv set-radioDue to the spread of the standard language, the chances of using Karatsu Ben as it is are decreasing.

Works set in Karatsu City

tv set
Sueko Yasumoto OfdiaryA movie based on
It is mentioned in the work that the birthplace of Mari Haru, one of the main characters, is Karatsu, and there is a description of a place that seems to be Karatsu city in the early 21st century.[11].
Although it is "Hasezucho" in the work, Karatsu is the model for the scenery and settings.
Especially in the first half of the workYobuko TownIs drawn as a model. It was made into a TV drama three times and was filmed in Karatsu city.
"Tuesday Suspense TheaterWas made into a TV drama in the "Lawyer Ayuko Takabayashi" series, and was filmed in Karatsu City.

Native celebrity

★ is the deceased

Politics / economy / industry

(Koji Yamada and Shinnosuke Ueno are in sync)



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