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💪 | [Kokurakita Ward] Yoga lessons in an Asian mood

Photo Source: Living Fukuoka / Kitakyushu Web

[Kokurakita Ward] Yoga lessons in an Asian mood

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Instructor Tsukishiro has been taking lessons at civic centers and sports clubs for 14 years.

Hello.I'm Hagihana, a local correspondent for Living Fukuoka and Kitakyushu Web.Today, I want to relieve my daily stress ... → Continue reading

 Living Fukuoka / Kitakyushu Web

Fukuoka metropolitan area (Tenjin, Hakata, Yakuin, Nishijin, Itoshima, etc.), Kitakyushu and other local / outing information sites in Fukuoka Prefecture

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Sports Club

JapaneseSports Club(Or sport clubs, athletic clubs, sports exchanges, sports associations, allJapanglish) IsmotionOperated for the purpose ofク ラ ブIs.For the purpose of healthGymTrainingNonSportsFrom the system, like competing with members or other clubsProfessionalIt is used in a broad sense even for large organizations with sports teams and athletes.

The word athletic club isAthleticUsed for general sports clubs rather than something devoted to.


Large sports clubsサ ッ カ ー,basketball,Futsal,cricket,volleyball,handball, Roller hockey,Bowling, Water polo, rugby,Athletics,boxing,baseball, Cycling,Tennis,ボ ー ト, Gymnastics and other professional and amateur games, survival games,ビ リ ヤ ー ド,orienteering,PaintballIt is characterized by a variety of sports, including non-traditional sports such as roller derby skating.The clubs to which these teams and athletes belong carry the same team color in different leagues, tournaments and tournaments and compete using the same team name.They also share the same fans, supporters and facilities.Many sports clubs have a common system in which the supporters who join pay the annual membership fee.In these cases, the supporters will be eligible to watch the match throughout the period.They also have the right to practice almost any type of sport at the club's facilities.Registration fees, admission fees, sponsorship contracts, sales of team products, broadcasting rights and player transfer fees are the main sources of revenue for sports clubs.In addition, there are sports clubs and their teams that are publicly listed.A professional European soccer team belonging to a large multi-sports club is a good example of this.That is,Portugal OfSL Benfica,Sporting Clube de Portugal,スペイン OfSociedad Anonima Deportiva,Real Zaragoza,Real Betis,イタリア OfSS LazioIt is a team like.

Some sports teams are owned and financed by a single company unrelated to sports.For exampleRed bullA sports team (soccer) owned by the maker of Red Bull GmbH and collectively known as Red Bulls.Red bull racing,F1 OfRed bull racingSuch)[1],Samsung groupOf the parent companySamsung lions(Baseball)Suwon Samsung Bluewings(Football),Anschutz Entertainment GroupOperated inLos Angeles Lakers(Basket)Los Angeles Galaxy(Soccer) etc.They may compete in different sports and leagues, and may have headquarters across multiple countries.

Initially it was founded as a corporate club, but in some cases it became independent later.BayerIndependent as a soccer division fromBayer Leverkusen,PhillipsIndependent fromPSV Eindhoven(Phillips is currently in the position of a sponsor).

World competition club teams

Europe,North America,Middle East,Indian subcontinent,Latin AmericaIn many areas, such as sports teams (multi-sports management clubs) with several departments and branches, including highly competitive professional teams, are very popular.These teams have also evolved into the most powerful and representative sports institutions in their respective regions.In general, it can be said that student sports are composed of multi-sports clubs.Each of these represents an educational institution and competes in multiple disciplines.In the United States, major institutions such as the New York Athletic Club and the Los Angeles Athletic Team, and many college athletic programs such as the California Gold Bears, Stanford Cardinal, and Texas Longhorns are sports clubs. This is a good example.However, there are many examples of sports clubs that actually consist of one sports team. American sports league teams such as the NBA (basketball), NFL (American football), and MLS (soccer) may be called sports clubs, but they really focus on only one sport. is.On the other hand, American university teams generally form true multisport clubs that belong to educational institutions.

In the UK, almost all major sports organizations focus on one sport, with only a variety of clubs like the lesser-known Catford Wonders.In addition, like many other countries, many universities are developing a wide range of sports activities for their students, including professional and semi-professional levels.Fulham FC once ran a professional rugby team and a rowing club.That was what other soccer teams have been competing for since then.

Internationally, many clubs describe themselves as "football clubs" (CF in Spain and Portugal, FC in the United Kingdom).In general, British soccer clubs only play soccer.In other countries, their equivalents tend to be complete multisport clubs, even if they are called football clubs.


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