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😀 | Hand-drawn colored paper by masters of the manga world Yanagawa Museum

A venue where hand-drawn colored papers with popular characters are lined up

Hand-drawn colored paper by masters of the manga world Yanagawa Museum

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Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori, Fujiko F. Fujio, Fujio Akatsuka, Shigeru Mizuki, Tetsuya Chiba, Takao Saito, Shinji Mizushima and others will be on display.

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Mizuki Shigeru

Shigeru Mizuki(Shigeru Mizuki,1922Taisho11 years>May 3 - 2015Heisei27 years>May 11[1]) IsJapan Ofmanga artist・ Youkai researcher.Real name:Shigeru Mizuki(Mura Shigeru).

OsakaOsakaSumiyoshi WardBorn[2][3],TottoriSakaiminatoIrifune TownRaised[2][4].Pen nameIt is,Picture-story showIn the writer eraHyogoKobe CityWas run along Mizuki-doriApartmentNamed after "Mizukiso"[5].1958Debuted as a manga artist.The masterpiece "Gegege no Kitaro''Kawado Sanpei''Devil] Etc.ApparitionBecome a leading manga artist.


1922(Taisho 11nd year)OsakaBorn inTottoriSakaiminatoGrow up in.As a childGod BuddhaServeShamanWith my wifeWoman who does not sprinkleWas going in and out of the house asKageyama bush(Nonnonbaa) told meApparitionIs strongly influenced by the story.

Higher elementary schoolAfter graduation,画家Learn while working in Osaka.Eventually reached the age of conscription1943ToConveningAndImperial Japanese ArmyAs a soldierPacific WarUnderNew Guinea Campaign-RabaulExpedition to.After many harsh war experiences,U.S. ArmyLost his left arm in the attack of.On the other hand, I became friends with the local Tolai people,New Britain IslandI hoped to stay in Japan, but I returned to Japan after persuading the people around me.

After demobilization, he gave up his training as a painter due to poverty and started to live.Picture-story showMoved to Tokyo after working as a writer.1958,Rental book cartoon"Rocket manDebuted as a book rental manga artist.1960Intermittently from "Graveyard Kitaro』Start to announce the series.

1961,Niezu IizukaMarriage with a matchmaking.1963,Devil』Lending the bookTokoshaPublished by.1964,ガ ロ』Debuted in a commercial magazine.

1965ToTV-kun"soKodansha Children's Manga AwardReceived the award and drew in the book rental eraGegege no KitaroAnd 'Kawado SanpeiWorks such as "Weekly Shonen Magazine''Weekly Shonen Sunday』, Each published inApparitionBecame a popular writer for his works.1966"Akuma-kun" is made into a TV drama.

The biggest hit "GeGeGe no Kitaro"1968It has been made into a TV animation 6 times more.

Spent a childhood in 1993SakaiminatoAs a town revitalizationShigeru Mizuki RoadWas built in 2003Mizuki Shigeru Memorial HallOpened.

Honored for many years of manga and youkai culture1991ToPurple ribbon,2003ToAsahi day small badgeThe award.2007,Non-namba and me』By FranceAngouleme International Manga FestivalJapaneseReceived the first best work award.Also1973Written in "Shatter all!"ButAngouleme International Manga FestivalHeritage Award, RiceEisner AwardEach has won the Best Asian Work Award.

As a youkai researcherWorld Youkai AssociationChairman,Japanese Folklore SocietyHe has served as a member and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Folk Art Society.

Chofu CityHonorary citizen,TokyoHonorary citizen.2010ToCultural MeritWas also chosen.2013FromShigeru Mizuki Manga Complete Works] Is published.

2015May 11,Multiple organ failureDied by. 93 years old.



1922(Taisho11 years) April 3,OsakaNishinari-gunKohama Village(CurrentOsakaSumiyoshi WardHigashikohama[3]) Was born[2]..The second son of his father, Ryoichi Takera, and his mother, Kotoe.At the time of Mizuki's birth, his father, Ryoichi, had relatives in Osaka.Umeda StationWas running nearbyPrinting companyWorked at[3]..Kotoe, a heavy mother, to meet her husbandTottoriCame from and gave birth to Mizuki in Osaka[3]..Father is jointManagementと と も にAgricultural machineryThe輸入SaleToCompanyTottori prefecture, my hometownSaihaku-gunSakai TownIrifune Town (currentSakaiminatoIrifune Town)[2]..The reason for returning to Sakaiminato is "Osaka isThe air is dirtyBeDrinking milkIs bad "[3]..It is unclear about the age at which Mizuki returned to Sakaiminato, but it was between the ages of two and shortly after birth.[Note 1]..After that, my father failed in business and returned home, resulting in the whole family settling in Sakaiminato.[2].

When I was 5 years olddeadI became interested in my 3-year-old brotherI tried to push it down, but I was found by an adult in the neighborhood, and after being obsessed with my parents, my grandfather called "Neko" who lived with me at that timesister(Great aunt)Yaito (moxibustion)Was set[9].


Growing up in a relatively blessed environment, but parents are not the ones who can study at schoolOrdinary elementary schoolIt even delayed admission by a year.I admit myselfMy paceHe was an eccentric student who overslept in the morning for the first time, had breakfast slowly, and usually went to school from about the second hour.At that time, "collecting newspaper titles" was popular among children, but even if other children got tired of it, they were enthusiastic about it.fartWas able to be put out freely, and it was flatulent in the morning assembly cage and made other students laugh.[10]..In such a condition, the grades were not good and it was "total collapse" except for physical education and drawing.[11]Because he was one year older and had a big physique, he had a strong and cheerful personality.General kidReigned as[10]..Mizuki's motherEducational HistoryHe was enthusiastic about education because he was concerned about the situation, and his older brother and younger brother with excellent gradesOld junior high schoolGo on to higher education[12]Mizuki, who was just studying, vaguely wanted to take the old junior high school exam.[12], Mizuki's mother was immediately answered by the teacher as "impossible" in the career counseling[12]..I was worried about the future, but I didn't take the exam, which is also a preparatory school for secondary education.Higher elementary schoolAnd soon returned to a child who forgot his anxiety and played around[12]..Even in high school, the results of drawing were good, and an exhibition of pictures drawn in class was held at a public hall at the recommendation of the vice-principal of the elementary school and was published in the newspaper.[13]..He won the gold medal many times at the on-campus competition, and was loved by the former vice-principal who was also a judge of the Tottori Nika Exhibition, who gave him oil painting tools.[14].

Even after graduating from high school, he did not proceed to the old junior high school and decided to leave his hometown to go out into society and find a place to work.I moved to Kinki, relying on my father who worked for a life insurance company and was assigned to Kobe alone, and returned to Osaka, where he was born, with the introduction of his relatives.[15]..My mother, who feels sorry for Mizuki who leaves her hometown and goes to work alone, is worried about her second son, who is different from her brother and brother, and asks, "What will happen to you?" The difference is only widening. "[16]..However, Mizuki was almost calm and was looking forward to working in the city from the countryside.[16].


In Osaka, he was overwhelmed by the number of people coming and going with the buildings lined up in the city, and he thought that the light of the city at night was "like a festival".[16]..Tanimachi (currently Osaka City)Chuo-ku), I lived and worked at Tanabe Print Company, a lithograph printing company.[15]I couldn't keep up with my work because of my own pace, and I got fired in just two months.[17]..Next, I joined Komura Print Company in Terada-cho, but I couldn't remember the delivery route, and when I finally learned the way, I forgot to deliver the luggage while watching the handicrafts of the craftsmen in the downtown area. I was dismissed here as well.[18]..Then get sickjaundiceReturn to Tottori for medical treatment[19]..After returning home, the father, who thought that his son was not suitable for labor, decided to proceed to study his favorite paintings.Mizuki recalls that he jumped up to his father's words, "Stop looking for a job and study painting ..."[20].

Mizuki said that he searched various art schools for "places without exams or admission qualifications" in consideration of his temperament, which he is not good at studying.Eventually in OsakaUehonmachiSo, Kyoto City Arts and Crafts School (currentlyKyoto City University of ArtsI found a rare unexamined art school called Seika Art Academy, which was established by the painter Keiharu Matsumura who studied in) and entered the school.[21]..However, the academy was like a small private cram school, and the content of the lessons was close to a practical design class.[22]..Admirable画家He said that he felt that he was more skilled than the teacher who taught himself, who had been studying by himself with all his might.[22]..I stopped going to school because of my disappointment, and spent days killing time in the nearby forests and mountains.

At the age of 16, my father was transferred to Tamba Mt. Sasayama as a branch manager, and he and Tamba Mt. Sasayama moved to a rented house because it was judged that it would be uneconomical to let Mizuki live alone.Later, my mother also moved from Sakaiminato, and my brother and brother lived in a dormitory of an old junior high school, so they lived together.For a while, I continued to attend an art school in Osaka from Mt. Sasayama.[23].. At the age of 18, Mt. Sasayama YamanakaShrine"If you find an unscrupulous person or a mischievous person at a shrine, it suddenly falls from above and threatens you."Otoroshi』It is said that I have encountered something that seems to be[24].

Thinking about reselecting a school from reflection at the Academy of Arts and Design, artOld technical collegeIsTokyo Art School(CurrentTokyo University of the Arts)画家The dream of becoming[25]..However, for Mizuki who graduated from high schoolOld technical collegeI wasn't eligible to take the exam, so I decided to aim for the old junior high school again.[25], Dropped out of Seika Art Academy and Osaka Prefectural High School (currentlyOsaka Prefectural High School)[25]..The written exam of the same year was national history (Japanese history), So I memorized most of the reference books and took the exam.[26]..Low magnification of 50 examinees (that is, only one person falls) for a capacity of 51 people[26]So, when I passed, I was so confident that I didn't even go to see the result, but when my father confirmed it, I failed.[27]..Mizuki was asked at the interview about the cause of the failure, "What should I do if I graduate?"Manmon Pioneer Yoshiyuki Army"I will enter" is a model answer, but I presume that it is because I honestly answered that I was aiming for a qualification as a graduate of the old system junior high school and I am not interested in horticulture or agriculture.[28]..He felt miserable, but he didn't get angry and kindly comforted him, saying, "What should I do if I really go to Manchuria?"

1940(Showa15 years)newspaper deliveryWhile working at, take another school (Japan Mining School Mining Department), and pass this time.However, as usual, I was not interested in specialized subjects at all, my grades were poor, and I was often absent, so I was expelled from school in half a year.[17]..Soon after my own pace, newspaper delivery became dismissed, and in OsakaNakanoshima Western Painting InstituteI went to.Mizuki discusses the future with his parents, and from his parentsNihon UniversityAttached old system Osaka night junior high school (currentlyOsaka Gakuen Osaka High School), And enrolled in the same school[17]..In the daytime, I work to deliver a gully newspaper called "China Tsushin", and on holidaysTakarazuka Family Land OfZooAnd Insectarium,Takarazuka RevueI used to go to[29]..Meanwhile, the Pacific War begins.

Army era

Mizuki who turned 20Conscription inspectionReceived[30]The result is that the body is strongMyopiaBy passing class B[31], Transferred to supplementary military service and activeEnrollmentI didn't (enlist).However, as the war intensified, the number of people to be convened expanded due to the shortage of troops, and the possibility that he would be convened and enrolled increased. Mizuki, who thought that he would definitely die if he went out, wrote philosophical books and Buddhist books.BibleI read and caught[32]..The one I liked the mostGermanyPoetJohann Eckermann"ゲ ー テIn "Dialogue with", I brought this to the battlefield.

At the age of 21, finallyWarrantArrived[30]Permanent AddressTottori40rd Infantry RegimentIt was decided to join the absence team[30]..The night junior high school that I was attending was automatically expelled (described later).Even in the military life, the self-paced swing remains the same, and from that bold attitude, in the bathExecutiveI was mistaken for it and had an old soldier shed my back.[33].

After finishing the first year soldier education, the superiors judged that no matter what they did, their actions were slow and they had no use.SpeakerHowever, as a punishment for not being able to play well, he volunteered to relocate himself due to the pain of having to run many laps in a large yard (the garden of the regimental dormitory) under the scorching sun every day.[34].

At first, I wasn't able to get in touch with him (the personnel affairs also gently advised the army to "please be patient," in the sense of soothing), but it was the third time because he continued to offer relocation. ToSergeantAsked, "Is it better to go north or south?"[34]..Thinking of that question as about domestic placement, he answered, "I hate the cold, so I'm in the south."[35],KyusyuI thought that I would be assigned to a regiment in the southern part of the country, but in the southNew Britain IslandRabaulThe destination is decided.Mizuki also knows the tragedy of the Southern Front, and is sent to the fierce battlefield and receives a deep shock that makes it pitch black in front of him.[35]Immediately after the transfer order, he was allowed to stay out for two nights and three days and returned to Sakaiminato where his parents were returning, but they said they couldn't talk to each other.[35].

Infantry 229th Regiment (Gifu38th DivisionSubordinate) from TottoriMoji PortHead to Japan and leave Japan.Mizuki, who became a member of the regiment, was also obeyed, and eventuallyパラオWill be transported to Rabaul.The transport ship was onceRusso-Japanese WarThe old ship that was active inShinano Maru"was[36]..While avoiding the torpedo attack of the enemy submarine, Mizuki's unit managed to reach Rabaul, but all the later Rabaul dispatch units were sunk on the way, making Mizuki's unit the last unit to arrive at Rabaul.[37]..Tekken sanctions in the military are commonplace[38]Mizuki, who had been noticed by his superiors as an eccentric and useless soldier since he was inland, was given the nickname "King of Binta".[38]..Why is the superior of the assigned unit?IbarakiMany people are from Japan, and Mizuki's inability to hear strong accents is also an excuse for Tekken sanctions, and he continues to be bullied by superiors and old soldiers every day.[38].

New Britain IslandThe experience of the war in Japan had a great influence on the later works drawn by Mizuki.Mizuki, who was not familiar with the military life, also belonged to the 2nd companyCompany commanderKodama KiyoshiLieutenant(From a lumber shop in his late 30sReserve roleOfficers) often asked me to buy that arm and draw a portrait.[39]..Kodama was an exceptional person who was treated kindly as an individual among the superiors who only thought about making a blame for Mizuki every time.Similarly, Ichiro Miya, a non-commissioned officerSergeantAnd Katsumi SunaharaMilitary doctorCaptain[Note 2]They were also the few superiors who kindly treated Mizuki, and they continued to interact with each other even after Mizuki returned to work after the war and reunited.

In the battle of Zungen, New Britain, with much better equipment and overwhelming quantity than JapanAllied ForcesIn front of, Major Naruse Detachment (also called "Zungen Detachment" in Mizuki's work)CrushHowever, due to Kodama's witGuerrilla warfareIt turns to and picks up life.However, Kodama was taken responsibility and decided to commit suicide because a survivor appeared in spite of the false report of the crushing of all members of the Detachment Headquarters.

Eventually Mizuki is assigned to Bayen as one of the soldiers of the suicide squad.I was ordered to take the last duty of the night shift due to the punishment that I was dozing while being instructed by my superior on the go, and even though I watched while sleeping, I was fascinated by the natural scenery and the scheduled time to wake up my superiors 5 After about a minute, from the enemy plane at that timeMachine gun sweepDone[Note 3], The sleeping superiors other than Mizuki were instantly wiped out.Mizuki hurriedly jumped into the sea and escaped, but was discovered by an aboriginal guerrilla andbayonetI escaped from the jungle for a few days with a loincloth and miraculously survived while managing the pursuit of the search team to the Japanese soldiers.[40]..When he returned to the unit after a lifetime of nine deaths, his friends were pleased, but his superiors blamed him for throwing away his weapons and escaping, and he was asked, "Why did you escape without dying?" I'll do it. "[41]..Mizuki, who has managed to behave cheerfully on the battlefield until now, has been blocked by this matter, and since thenNihilismI came to think like[42].

Such gruesome days continue,malariaOnset, he fell into a state of confusion due to high fever, wandered around the jungle, and almost died.[42].

The bombing of an enemy plane caused a lot of bleeding and serious injuries to the left arm, as if to revenge.Blood TypeFrom my superiors and colleagues because I had forgottentransfusionTreatment is also impossible,HemostasisIs done but on the left armLivor mortisAs a life-prolonging measureMilitary doctorHe was forced into a state of desperate half-death and half-life, such as undergoing a left arm amputation without anesthesia (Mizuki himself was unconscious and had no memory of feeling a certain amount of pain).[43].

Some time later, in early 1945, he was sent backwards with other wounded and sick soldiers.There were rumors among the injured and sick soldiers that "the useless soldiers would be thrown away somewhere", and Mizuki was worried, but he arrived at a field hospital set up in Namare. Beside the treatment, I was driven to work in the field[44].

When the fear of death is alleviated in a safer land than the front line, it is an indigenous people of the island.(English editionI could afford to interact with.

He received hospitality from the Tolai people who liked Mizuki, who was not as intimidating as other soldiers, and while Mizuki also handed out the distributed cigarettes as a thank-you, he hit it off and was eventually accepted as a member of the village.

He went to the Tolai village with a reason, knowing that he had violated military regulations, and the Tolai people came to visit him with food when Mizuki fell again due to malaria.

The captain of the superior who was cursing himself every time he was slammed, saying, "He's crazy," but Katsumi Sunahara mentioned earlier.CaptainGave me[45].

On August 8, the commander said, "Potsdam DeclarationReceive instructions on "acceptance".Neither Mizuki nor the other soldiers could understand what it meant, and whispered "Did you win the war?", But soon it turned out that it was "I lost the war."[45]..Although disappointing voices spread in the army, Mizuki thought "survived!" And was impressed that he did not die on the battlefield.[46].

While being imprisoned in the Allied POW camp at Cape Kazel and waiting for his turn to repatriate, he was invited to live with him because he would separate the farmland from the Tolai.[47], I also seriously considered leaving the field and living permanently[48]..However, Sunahara advised him that it wouldn't be too late to decide after meeting his family, and decided to return to Japan.However, Sunahara also recalls that "I don't remember saying that."

March 1946, at the age of 3Destroyer"Yukikaze"soUragaAfter entering the port, finally to JapanDemobilizationdid.

Art school days

Mizuki, who was demobilized for the first time in four years, is the National Sagamihara Hospital (formerly Kanagawa Temporary Third Army Hospital, nowNational Hospital Organization Sagamihara Hospital), And waits for the turn of full-scale surgery on one arm, which was a first aid measure.[49]..Immediately after the end of the war, there was a shortage of doctors and supplies, so the turn did not come immediately, so I got permission from the doctors to return to Sakaiminato, my hometown, and spent days returning home and taking care of myself.My parents didn't know that Mizuki had lost one arm, so after learning the facts, my mother did household chores without using one arm, and my father investigated the work that he could do without one arm.Lighthouse keeperHe said he was saddened by his second son's misfortune, squeezing his wisdom.However, Mizuki himself had the joy of surviving and the hope that he might be able to continue painting, and he said that he was able to spend a refreshing time looking at the scenery of his hometown that had been burned into his eyes before the expedition.[50]..The following year, I finally received a notification from the hospital that it was my turn to treat, returned to Tokyo and waited at Sagamihara Hospital, and after a while the re-operation was completed successfully (it was quite painful due to lack of anesthesia). Then, Mizuki recalled later that he was well after about 10 days after the operation).

He earned his living expenses while he was in the hospital by painting at a dyeing factory directly managed by the hospital, but he earned only about the tears of a sparrow.Before and after the surgery, I was planning to earn a living by buying dark rice with other patients and earning a fortune in the dark shop family business in earnest.TohokuI went to buy food, but I failed and said, "It's hard to be a professional on any road."[51]..After that, he was invited by a hospital friend to join a disabled veteran group that was thinking about various businesses under the slogan "Bright future of disabled veterans" called "Shinseikai", and demobilized soldiers stayed in abandoned buildings and raised funds. participated in.The stay in the abandoned building failed due to opposition from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, but the fund-raising activity was successful.However, due to the crappy internal conflict of the upper management, the members left one after another, and Mizuki alsoDistribution systemIs a government permit systemFish shopI changed my job because I applied for the qualification of[51]..Life after demobilization has become temporarily stable in the form of delivering fish to households that have contracted in advance.Former officer when starting this fish shopOgisu RippeiHe is also encouraged by the scolding that "there is only an assault".

At the age of 26, Musashino Art University (currently)Musashino Art University) Knows that they are looking for students.In order to get a graduation certificate from the old junior high school or the new high school as a condition for admission, Mizuki visited the night school he attended before the army convened for the first time in a few years. Although the graduation qualification was rejected from the case of "treatment"[51]Unlike during the war, it was being democratized, so a certificate of enrollment was issued instead.Thanks to that, Mizuki entered Musashino Art University in 1948 under special conditions, which were few at that time.Immediately after the defeat, school uniforms were old and the skills and age groups were not uniform, but Mizuki, who likes to draw, learned enthusiastically and earnestly with other students.

New work to earn tuition in addition to living expensesCycle rickshaw businessIn order to start, the so-called "Mocchan (real name is unknown)", who was an acquaintance from the time of joining the same disabled veteran group and was a fish seller, changed to "Motchan (real name is unknown)".Fish shopIt was also a convenient time to offer, "I want to open the business independently, so if you like, I want you to transfer all the rights for XNUMX yen." Sell ​​and buy four cycle rickshaws with it.Start a detailed business of renting out for XNUMX yen a day.At the same time, in cooperation with his younger brother who came to Tokyo, U.S. military supplies were diverted, and at that time it was semi-illegal but was tolerated by the government.Black marketI continued to do business[52].

Although I was devoted to my studies and work, the black market was poor because I was an amateur, and the black market was poor. It was closed.

While the academics are keenly aware of the economic rigor of eating with pictures, the vice chairman of the "Shinseikai" who visited with the aim of rejuvenationTokaidoEven though I went on a fund-raising pilgrimage, I only collected a lot of money and switched to the goal of earning only the return travel expenses.KobeWhen I arrived at, I was about to become a crawling body[53].

After all, the art school dropped out a few years later.[54]..This was Mizuki's last attempt at school, and he recalls, "I went to various schools, but in the end I graduated only from high school."

Picture-story show era

I arrived at the previous fund-raising tripKobe CityThe owner of the cheap hotel in Japan asked me to buy this building as an apartment.There was a mortgage, but it was a cheap price, so I borrowed money from my father to buy the money I had saved in my previous business such as the cycle rickshaw business.This apartmentKobe CityHyogo WardBecause I was in Mizukidori, "MizukisoI named it and started a big family business.I didn't know what to do, so I asked a real estate agent to post an advertisement for recruitment, but only the same strangers as Mizuki moved in, and rent income was not progressing.A young man who was a disciple of a picture-story show writer moved into the apartment at the age of 29 when the big family business did not get off to a good start and searched for a side business.Because of the enthusiasm for painting that I gave up once, the picture-story show that the young man introduced me toLenderI brought a handmade picture-story show to Japan and went around.According to Mizuki, the evaluation was not good, probably because the content was "gaijuts-like", but he was acting as a coordinator for the performers at a lender called Hayashi Gagakusha.Benshi OfKatsumaru SuzukiLoved Mizuki's work and was hired as a picture-story show writer for the company.[55]..I got a job related to painting that I had dreamed of, but the picture-story show business was a micro-enterprise, and the payment of the price tended to be delayed.[56]..After a while, when Suzuki established his own lender "Hanshin Tigers" independently from Hayashi Paintings, Mizuki was also pulled out and became an exclusive writer.Suzuki doesn't remember Mizuki's real name (Shigeru Mizuki) and mistakenly calls him "Mr. Mizuki".Mizuki ShigeruWas used as a pen name[56]..A popular picture-story show writer I met through Suzuki's introductionKoji KojiThe days of drawing picture-story shows continued while also serving as an assistant.

In 1953, he got stuck in apartment management and withdrew from the large family business, sold Mizukiso and settled his debt.Immediately afterNishinomiyaMoved to[57].BC class war criminalSugamo PrisonTodetentionMy older brother, Sohei, was released, so I live with my family.[57]..As a full-time writer of picture-story shows, he devoted himself to making works, little by little.Know-howGrab "Karate"Kitaro""Kawado SanpeiI made works that will lead to success in later years[58].. Howevertv set,Rental book cartoonPushed by other entertainment such as, the picture-story show industry rapidly declined.After giving up on picture-story shows and deciding to become a cartoonist, he moved to Tokyo in 1957.Book rentalI brought it to the publisher of.Also away from picture-story showsKoji KojiThere is also a recommendation ofRabbit ShoboReceived an order from a small publisher called "Red Phone" to complete a manga left by another writer.[58].

After successfully completing this work, in 1958, as a formal debut work, "Rocket man, And became a book rental manga artist at the age of 35.[58].

Book rental era

Mizuki in the early days of book rental was mainlyWar comicsAnd gag manga, etc., such as "Jump out Pyonsuke" and "Battlefield Oath"Rabbit ShoboPublished by.OtherHorror cartoon,Science fiction cartoon,Gag cartoon,Girl cartoon,Historical dramaVarious genres such as are drawn with various touches.Since writers tended to be reluctant to publish works from other publishers, "In addition to Shigeru Mizuki,"Muramototsu""Shinichiro HigashiI also used multiple pen names properly.For rental comics, a reward of about 120 to 2 yen is to be paid by the publisher for each work of about 5000 pages, and the starting salary of the national government employee at that time was less than 3 and one picture-story show was 1. It was an exceptionally high salary from the viewpoint that it was 1 yen from yen[59]..However, it was a contract condition when the work was adopted and mass-produced every month.When Mizuki was unfamiliar with late writing, he rarely finished his work in a month, and if it was not judged that it would sell even if it was completed, the publisher would buy it, or even if it was bought, "the first time" As a "wait-and-see", only the reward reduced to less than 2 yen was paid.Not only that, it was a harsh industry where unpopular rumors circulated to other publishers and they were locked out if they didn't sell for the first time.Many book rental publishers are also micro-enterprise companies, and even if delivery is decided, picture-story showsLenderSimilarly, payments were often delayed.[60]..Even if I worked hard, my life did not become easier, and I continued to be delinquent in rent and go to pawn shops.As the work was not evaluated and the unfavorable life continued, the dark and gruesome style became stronger, and the publisher shunned him as "the style was dark", and he fell into a vicious circle in which his life became more difficult.At one point, he said, "I can't sell under the name of Shigeru Mizuki."Hiroshi Hotta""Bamboo OsamuI also experienced the humiliation of changing the author's name without permission.

At the strong recommendation of my parents who are already worried about Mizuki, who is almost 40 years oldShimane Nogi-gunOtsuka Village (currentlyShimane Yasugi City) FromNiezu IizukaMatchmakingAnd got married immediately.Standing in between was Nunoe's mother's younger brother, whose uncle's wife's parents' home was the Takera family.Far edgewas[61]..Mizuki, who thought that it was the first and last opportunity to get married, pretended to be a sophisticated urban worker with a middle-aged population, saying, "I earn twice as much as an ordinary office worker." It is said that it has been repeated.With an exceptional speed marriage of only 5 days from matchmaking to wedding[62], The ceremony hallYonagoNadamachi Goto's mansion was used[63].HoneymoonI returned to Tokyo in a hurry without even having the time to spare, and resumed work production.

At that time, Mizuki's war comics were the best-selling manga.[64],Rabbit ShoboIn "Shonen Senki", a magazine for rental booksShigeru Mizuki Strategy SeriesEtc. are serialized.We also undertake the editorial role of magazines.Shigeru Komatsuzaki,Saburo SakaiI am also interacting with them.However, the manuscript fee is reluctant to pay, and the book rental manga industry is declining following the picture-story show industry, making life more difficult.I came to my house because of my povertyTax officerI was wondered, "Isn't there a reason why my income is so low?", But Mizuki, who was angry as he said, pointed at a bunch of pawnbrokers and turned back the tax officer, saying, "Can Kisama and others understand our life?" It was.When his eldest daughter Naoko (later president of Mizuki Pro) was born the year after her marriage, she seriously considered quitting as a manga artist.Under such circumstances, I came up with the idea of ​​using "Kitaro," which I once drew when I was a picture-story show writer.

1960, From Rabbit ShoboGraveyard KitaroThe first work, "Ghost Family," was published in the rental magazine "Yokiden."It was finished as a gloomy monster similar to the picture-story show era, which is different from Kitaro in later years, but at first it did not sell at all and "Youkiden" was also discontinued in the second issue.However, after the discontinuation, some readers sent a letter requesting the resumption of the serialization, and Rabbit Shobo, who was on the verge of bankruptcy, continued to publish the "Graveyard Kitaro" series with the last hope.[65]..This became a popular work, and when Shigeru Mizuki gradually became known, the name "Kitarou" became known.In later years, Mizuki said, "Whenever I get into trouble, I always appear and save me.KitaroIt was. "[66].

To popular writers

From Rabbit Shobo who did not pay the manuscript fee for "Graveyard Kitaro" because his name sold and he became a little bullish.SanyoshaTransferred to and published "Kitarou Night Story"[67].. "Kitarou Night Story" also gained popularity, but Sanyosha'sShoichi NagaiThe president was hospitalized for tuberculosis and the management was confused, so it was discontinued, and the fifth volume "Kame Otoko no Maki" that had already been delivered became a phantom work that the manuscript itself was missing. After the discontinuation of "Kitarou Night Story", it was reconciled with Rabbit Shobo and it was a work of the picture-story show era with Kitaro.Kawado SanpeiWas made into a manga, but in 1962, Rabbit Shobo went bankrupt.After thatSato ProAnd "DevilWas publishedTokoshaHowever, "Akuma-kun" wasn't as popular as I expected, and all five volumes were scheduled to be discontinued in three volumes.[68]..The rental version of "Akuma-kun" is full of radical social satire resulting from financial poverty, and Mizuki's own ideological depiction of "defeating the wrong world and causing a revolution" was made by Mizuki himself at that time. It originated from the sadness and resentment of "a life in which poverty continues even if you work hard"[69]..In this way, the prototype of the youkai manga that Mizuki is good at was formed from the picture-story show to the book rental manga era.

Returned from illness in 1964Shoichi NagaiCreated a new manga magazine, and Mizuki was also requested.In September of the same year, "Monthly Manga GalloWas published, and Mizuki published a one-shot short story, "The Art of Immortality."[70]..After that in GaroSanpei Shirato,Tsuge YoshiharuHe made a name for himself as a signboard writer with them. Kodansha in 1965W3 caseDue to the influence ofWeekly Shonen MagazineI was asked to serialize "Sci-Fi", but I declined after worrying because I was not my specialty.However, six months later, the editor-in-chief of "Shonen Magazine"Uchida MasaruMizuki was asked again after changing to a condition that does not limit the style, and this time he consented to writing[71]..It was difficult to change the design from the book rental era to a "cute design for children"[72],Separate Shonen MagazinePublished in "TV-kunIs the 4thKodansha Children's Manga AwardAt the age of 45, he became one of the most popular writers.[73]..In the long poor life until thenPawnshopThe items I had put in the box were as large as 3 cm of pawnbrokers, but I was finally able to repay all of them with the manuscript fee serialized in the magazine, and I managed to get them back without any problems.However, only the suit that was first put in the pawn shop was deformed after 10 years, so it was stolen when it was dried outside to return it to its original form.[74].

To deal with the surge in work due to receiving the Kodansha Manga Award1966Established Mizuki Productions in Japan.Yoshiharu Tsuge,Ryoichi Ikegami,Suzuki OjiWith their participation as assistants, the characteristic of Mizuki manga after that, "PointillismIt became possible to draw a "rich background with a large number of".The combination of a "cartoon character" drawn with simple lines in front of a "painterly background" reminiscent of a copperplate print is unique to Mizuki's invention.Due to the influence of Mizuki's work, the world of manga, TV and movies is hugeApparitionIt becomes a boom.Alsofolklore"Yokai," which was also a technical term in Japan, became more widespread. I was in charge of "Big Illustration" in "Weekly Shonen Magazine"Shoji OtomoAlso fell in love with Mizuki's youkai paintings, and has made many special features on youkai.1970Has been serialized in 11 magazines, and has also taken on the work of television and events, spending days chased by time.

Mizuki, whose motto is a carefree life, takes enough sleep in any situation, but only during this time it lasts almost all night.Dizziness,TinnitusI had the symptoms of[75]..After the establishment of the production, I was troubled by the expense of operating expenses, and I keenly realized that "I can not be a rich man with manga".[76]..Soon after the war, he was a benefactor of the military era.Hankyu trainReunited with former Sergeant Miyaichiro, who became a staff member of the company, for the first time in 26 years.And we go on a trip to ask the battlefield together[77]..RevisitedNew Britain IslandI also visited a Tolai village and realized that I had lost my pace after seeing an idyllic life for the first time in a long time, and saved my work after returning to Japan.[78]..A war manga that he says is the most memorable at this timeShatter all!』Writing.

In the early 1980s, when the early boom subsided in addition to restraining work, the economy entered a period of stagnation, and the financial situation became so severe that the wife suggested that she should go to work.At one point, Mizuki also became desperate and lost interest in the spiritual world and motivation to create, such as saying "There are no youkai", but the second daughter'sEtsuko School excursionIn the youkai "MokumokurenMizuki gladly recovered after witnessing[79]..After that, with "Kitarou" at the top, the popularity was revived by the repeated visualization and rebroadcasting of the youkai manga that had been drawn so far, and it gained popularity across generations.From the time I reduced the serialization, my assistant helped me create a youkai emaki, which was also my hobby, and I had accumulated a huge number of youkai pictures, but the consideration and materials related to these youkai also led to the re-evaluation of the work.[78].

Success in later years

After the boom reignites,Non-namba and me''Showa: A History of ComicI began to write while selecting the works I wanted to draw, and solidified my popularity as an individual artist.[80].1991ToPurple ribbon,2003ToAsahi day small badgeHas been awarded in recognition of their long-standing success as a manga artist.As Mizuki's unique character and his strange life that has lived in the history of Showa and postwar manga became known, there were more opportunities to be interested in Mizuki himself. Hometown where I spent my childhood in 1993TottoriSakaiminatoCooperate with the town revitalizationShigeru Mizuki RoadConstruction started in 2003Mizuki Shigeru Memorial HallIt was completed by the opening of.The area is developing as a tourist attraction in Tottori prefecture. 2010,Cultural MeritElected to.

Beyond the age of 90, he continued to publish new comics and essays.As a major work in his later years, it was a long-standing issue.IzumoWas drawnMizuki Shigeru's ancient Izumo],Izumi Kyoka"Shigeru Mizuki no Izumi Kyokaden", a manga of his life, and the last serialized manga "My days, And "Gegege Goethe", which wrote the contents that can be utilized in modern society among "Dialogue with Goethe" that was brought to the battlefield in adolescence.Also, in the video work, "Gegege no KitaroLive-action movie and rental version of "Graveyard Kitaro』TV animation etc. was realized.
In 2010, my wifeNunoeThe book "Gegege's wifeIs NHKContinuous tv novelAs a TV drama, andFilm adaptationAttention was once again drawn to Mizuki's life.Highly evaluated overseas, FranceAngoulême International Manga Award, RiceEisner AwardHas won such awards. 2011,Great East Japan EarthquakeDraw a picture that considersNew York TimesPublished in[81].

In 2013, his first complete works, "Shigeru Mizuki Manga Complete WorksIs published by Kodansha.In the same year, he wrote about the recent situation.My days』Magazine serialization"Big comic』Started in magazine, it will be an unusual record to start a new serialization over 90 years old[82]..After that, from April 2015, at the age of 4, "strange]Koizumi YakumoStarted serialization of "Kai-gadan", which is a work with a picture added to the original work (Shigeru Mizuki + under the name of Shigeru Mizuki).The third work, which was announced in "Kai vol.12" released in December of the same year, was the last work.From the 0046th time, it was serialized as a Mizuki production work, and it was completed in the 3th time published in "Kai vol.4" released in July 2016.


2015May 11, I fell down at my home in Chofu City, Tokyo, hit my head hard, and was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo.[83]..By bruising the headSubdural hematomaAlthough he underwent emergency surgery to treat his head, his head bruise recovered during hospitalization.[84],same yearMay 11The condition suddenly changed before dawn, and at 7:18 amMultiple organ failureBecause of the hospitalization in TokyoMitaka City OfKyorin University HospitalDied in[85][84][1][83].. 93 years old died.

Funerals and farewell ceremonies were held only by close relatives[86][87]..翌年のNext yearMay 1ToTokyo-Aoyama funeral homeA "farewell party" was held at, and about 7800 people, including celebrities and general condolences with whom they had a close relationship, attended.[88]..The altar was created in the image of Mizuki's short manga "The World of Round Wheels", and illustrations such as Kitaro and Akuma-kun lined up around it.[89]..Under the deceased, the mountains and the sea seen from Mizuki's hometown, and on the left and right, they went to the Pacific War.RabaulFlowers in the image of[89], In front of the deceasedHis Majesty the EmperorFrom (at that time)Festival feeWas decorated[90]..The name of the dharma name is "Daimanin Shakudomo".[88]..CondolencesMasako Nozawa,Saito Takao,Tetsuo MatsudaRead aloud[88].

after death

2016In February, he was praised for his contribution to the development of the animation industry and culture.Tokyo Anime Award FestivalReceived the Anime Achievement Category in "2016"[91]..In the same month, an undisclosed diary was discovered at Mizuki's workplace.[92], January 2017 NHK "Close-up modern +Was featured in[93].

In 2016, Chofu City, Tokyo, named November 11th, the anniversary of his death, as "Gegege no Kitaro" and holds an event every year to honor Mizuki's achievements.[94]..Souvenirs are being distributed at Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture.[95].

2017In March, an exhibition "Memorial Shigeru Mizuki Gegege no Kitaro" was held in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo, and then toured the whole country.[96].

2018From October2020Through October, "Gegege no Kitaro』TV animation 6th series broadcast. In July 2018Shigeru Mizuki RoadWas reopened, and at the commemorative event combined with the previous "GeGeGe no Kitaro", his wife, Nunoe and his family also showed up.[97][98].

2020 yearsNew coronavirus infectionIn connection with youkaiAmabierBecame a hot topic, and the youkai paintings drawn by Mizuki also received a great response.[99][100].


As a youkai researcher

From 1966, he began to publish youkai paintings in "Mysterious Mysterious Story" serialized in "Weekly Shonen Sunday".Eventually, after "Weekly Shonen Magazine" special edition "Nippon Yokai Taizen", "Shigeru Mizuki Yokai Illustration Collection" was published in 1970.Since then, he has written many kinds of "Yokai Encyclopedia".

MizukiApparitionIn making the subject matter, he collects many folklore and youkai paintings from old literature and picture scrolls.Toriyama stone swallowIf there is a classic picture such as, draw it as a reference and draw "Child crying old man""Sunakake-baba""Nurikabe""Ittan-momenFor the first time, Mizuki painted a picture, such as "," which is a record of letters and legends and does not have a classic picture.For this reason, there are many youkai whose "shape" was created by Mizuki, even though it exists in literature records and folklore, and the image of "youkai" that Japanese people have since then has been greatly influenced by Mizuki's work.

It is said that he saved many youkai that had been lost in the masses.[101], Many people describe Mizuki as a successor to youkai culture.[102]..On the other hand, a youkai of unknown source, whose possibility of creation has been pointed out (JubokkoEtc.) are also drawn[103]. Also,2007In August, of the youkai researcherYuichi GomotoThe "Yokai like a square dog" drawn in the picture scroll of the Edo period owned by the United StatesBrigham Young UniversityIt was undiscovered when Mizuki drew it as a picture, such as matching it with the one in the library of "Nurikabe", and it was judged that only the name and folklore were recorded in letters at that time. In some cases, previous youkai paintings have been newly discovered since Mizuki's writing. In the 1980s,Mizuki Shigeru's Youkai Encyclopedia(Correct / Continued), "Shigeru Mizuki's World Youkai Encyclopedia", etc. are announced.

In 1992Color version Yokai picture story"Iwanami ShinshoPublished by the Japanese folklore, it became a hot topic, and the public awareness of youkai in Japanese folklore increased. Since 1998, "Demonization』Series was published.

Because people who like youkai gathered around Mizuki,1995ToWorld Youkai AssociationEstablished and became chairman.Hiroshi Aramata,Kyogoku Natsuhiko,Katsumi TadaBecame members, "World Youkai ConferenceWill be held.1997From the world youkai association official youkai magazine "strange』(Kadokawa Shoten) Started publication.Mizuki also writes manga.

Those "youkai lovers" and non-fiction writersMitsunari OizumiAndAfrica-Republic of Mali OfDogon,MalaysiaYou can dream freelySenoi,Australia OfAboriginal,メキシコIndio villages, Native AmericansHopiI went to various places in the world, such as the village of Japan, for field work called "adventure trips".spiritualTouching the culture, "feeling youkai".At that time, when there is a festival, I shoot and record videos and watch them many times at home.Masks purchased while traveling are also collected and displayed at home.

Mitsunari OizumiAccording to "Shigeru Mizuki's Adventure", in the jungle of Malaysia, locals were toldJapanese Youkai Taizen"I know this," and "I know this too," and there was a fierce reaction.As a result, Mizuki came to advocate the "Yokai Sentai Theory," which states that "the world's youkai are grouped into 1000 types. Youkai from all over the world are almost common."

Nonnonba and Mizuki

NonnonbaaHe came to help the Takera family when he was a kidKageyama bushIs the old woman[104]..In Tottori at that time, the person who served the gods and Buddha was called "Nonnon-san".[104].

According to Mizuki's mother, Kotoe, "((MatsueThe daughter of the samurai.Poor samurai. … My father is Ashigaru ”[105].

The bush gathers childrenGhost,Apparition,hellTold me about[104]..Mizuki was strongly influenced by the stories she talked about, such as youkai, and became the origin of the later Mizuki manga.Mizuki states, "It is no exaggeration to say that this petite grandmother decided my life."[104]..It is said that Fusa taught Mizuki "another world".

Fusa died when Mizuki was in the fifth grade of elementary school.

As a child, he couldn't say his name accurately and said "Gegeru", so "Gege" became his nickname.Later, Mizuki was nicknamed "Gegege no Kitaro』It is said that it became the origin of the title. "Non-namba and me], The state of Mizuki in his childhood is vividly depicted.This work isNHKIt was aired as a live-action drama.

In the special program "Shigeru Mizuki's 2015-year-old expedition-Izumo no Kuni who lived with youkai-" broadcast on TBS affiliated stations in Chushikoku and BS-TBS in September 9, the Izumo region of Shimane prefecture, which is also the birthplace of the bush Mizuki who visitedHiroshi AramataI visited the grave of the bush for the first time with.Mizuki died in November of the same year, so this was the first and last visit to the grave.

戦 争

戦 争He also draws many works with the theme of "Senki Manga"Shatter all!』Is said that more than 9% is a real experience.2007(19)May 8ToNHK SpecialAs a special program related to the anniversary of the end of the war, the drama "Crush all the members!"Tamaro seen by Kitaro-The War of Shigeru Mizuki-Was broadcast.

Mizuki was in the field during the warmalariaI have been helped by a local resident who had collapsed due to heat and was malnourished due to weakness.Even after losing his arm, he lived with their help.The treatment for him there is of the highest quality, and after the defeat, his superior, Katsumi Sunahara.Military doctorLocal to CaptainDischargeIt was enough to apply.Sunahara2004(16)May 1Died, but1996(8)May 7Was broadcast onSurprise thigh tree 20th centuryIn his later years, Sunahara talked about Mizuki in New Guinea in detail, and it turns out that he was a very impressive patient.Mizuki pointed to them and said, "A nativeI call it.In recent years, the term native hasdiscriminative termMizuki is a person who knowsly lives with the soil,People of the earthIt is used with familiarity in the sense that.

Also, during his time as a book-rental manga artist, he presided over a magazine that collected war memorials, but sales were not so high except for a few enthusiastic subscribers.at that time,"Samurai in the skyJust publishedSaburo SakaiI received the advice that "the war memorial must be the winning content (= cannot be sold)".However, for a while after the start of the warZero FighterContinue the winning battle to shoot down enemy fightersGuadalcanal IslandHe was seriously injured on the first day of the war, and the battlefield life ended there, resulting inRabaulSakai, who had never experienced the time of hell in Japan, was the exact opposite of Mizuki, who experienced the battlefield that turned into a hellish road to defeat before the overwhelming allied forces. , It was difficult for Mizuki to draw such a story.Even so, following the advice, I also drew a manga that covered the battles that produced the results of the battle in the first half of the war, but as the subject matter moved to the end of the period when it became defeated, the expected sales fell.Soon, the magazine I was presiding over collapsed.[106].

As you can see from the interviews and "Crush all the members!" "recent yearssuicideWhen asked, "What do you think about the increasing number of people?" "They are happy to die (because they like it and die), so let them die. Why do they stop?" The military people) couldn't live even if they wanted to. "[107].."I've worked three times more than others without one arm. If I had both arms, I could have worked six times more than others," he said. "I lost my left arm. When asked, "Have you ever felt sad about it?" He answered, "I never thought. It's more valuable to live without one arm than to lose a life."

2015In May, a memorandum that Mizuki allegedly wrote before the expedition was discovered, and the literary magazine "TrendyPublished in the February 2015 issue[108].


  • The first person in his later years was "Mizuki Sun". I used to use "I", "I", "I" or "I"[Note 4].
  • When I was a kid, when I introduced myself, I couldn't pronounce the name "Shigeru" well and it became "Gegeru", so it was called "Gege". It was the opportunity to change to "Kitarou"[109][110].
  • Nicknamed "Zuida", a big eater since childhood, calling him "he had a strong stomach".Unhaku dialectIt was called by "a shallow person who eats anything")[111].. Even after the age of 90, he had a very strong appetite and was in good health without any illness.OwntwitterBut the state of meals and snacks was often written[112][113]..I am delighted with big eaters and well-fat people among many friends,Hiroshi AramataI often traveled with them and competed for gourmet food at the destination.[114].. My favoriteSukiyaki.
  • Famous for the interesting discussions, Mizuki Pro had a sticker saying "Interview 30 minutes" because of the busy Mizuki, but in reality Mizuki himself ignored it and enjoyed talking with the guests for hours. It was said that he was there.In addition, although he had appeared on TV programs, he also spoke by moving his body from side to side dynamically, so he was out of the frame of the TV.[115].
  • I liked to sleep as it was in the theme song of "GeGeGe no Kitaro". NHK's "AsaichiEven when the live broadcast was performed from Mizuki Production, it was promised that only his wife, Nunoe, would appear from the beginning, and Mizuki himself was sleeping as usual.
  • Critic Tomofusa Kure commented, "Maybe Shigeru Mizuki's masterpiece is Shigeru Mizuki."[120].
  • Was an assistantTsuge YoshiharuLast met Mizuki2009から2010Around the time, the place is localShrineMet.Mizuki suddenly said, "Isn't it boring?", So when Tsuge gave an aizuchi, "It's boring," he said, "After all!"[121].

Writing relations

  • He often makes himself appear as a cartoon character, but "Showa: A History of ComicExcept for autobiographical works such as ”, it is often depicted as“ there is a left hand ”.In addition, Mizuki's self-portrait is drawn longer than the "current face", but in fact Mizuki was poor and could not eat enough when he was a book rental manga artist, so he had a thin face. ..
  • Since he was a manga renter who couldn't sell, he had collected a huge amount of "materials about paintings" as scrapbooks (100 books when he was a manga writer, and more than 300 in his later years).Also,"Hayakawa MysteryI also bought a lot of books such as "It will be a story".Youkai-related books were also collected at a second-hand bookstore in Jimbocho, including old ones.I saw itShoichi SakuraiSaid he felt, "This person will definitely come out into the world."Also,Shoichi Nagai"He was a unique person in terms of collecting materials carefully even if he was poor," he recalled.[122]..In addition, when I was youngTomohide KureEtc. helped organize the material.
  • Some of the early works were reprinted stories from overseas short stories, but at that time they were stillCopyrightIt was an era when awareness of the issue was not widespread, and it did not pose a particular problem.[123]..However, in 1966Asahi SonoramaThe short story "Taro Inari" recorded in "Nekomata" published byShinichi HoshiWork "God of Fortune"[124]Mizuki pointed out the similarity of the story withplagiarismAdmit and apologize.Asahi Sonorama paid the settlement money to the stars, and the book "Nekomata" was published with "Taro Inari" deleted.[125].. "Taro Inari"Shigeru Mizuki Manga Complete WorksWhen "Ninja Hidden Story" published work [all] was published in 2013, it was recorded as it was, and in response to protests from the bereaved family of Shinichi Hoshi, "Original Shinichi Hoshi" Corresponding by writing "God of Fortune" (collected in "Fairy Distribution Company" published by Shincho Bunko) in the work[126].
  • In Mizuki's works, not only material photographs but also many copies of creative works such as domestic and foreign paintings and statues are used.[127]. In addition, "Shigeru Mizuki Manga Complete WorksIn publishing the book, we searched for copyright holders one by one, including those from overseas, and obtained permission.[123].
  • One day, the eldest daughter said, "Osamu Tezuka's manga has a dream. Dad's manga has no dream."[128][Note 5].
  • Osamu Tezuka, who is younger than him, has a rivalry and says, "I had a feeling of refraction."For that reason, when he accepted the offer of the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award, his wife and two daughters were surprised, "Would you like to get it?"[129].
  • I'm not good at drawing beautiful women and sexy pictures, and I was often disappointed by the editor in charge.[130].

Relationship with Sakaiminato City and Chofu City

Tottori prefecture, my hometownSakaiminato"Shigeru Mizuki RoadThere is.Youkai objects line up along the road,Mizuki Road Post Office(Renamed the existing station).In addition, it should be noted.Sakaiminato Post OfficeIncluding 7 post offices in the cityLandscape signAll the characters of Kitaro and othersDesigned.
In order to increase the number of 86 youkai that had been installed to 100, we recruited sponsors for 1 million yen each, and as of 100, the total number was 2009.The "Medama-Oyaji" of this object is currently fixed to the pedestal because it is often stolen.In addition, "Mizuki Shigeru Memorial HallIs also open.Also in the cityWorld Youkai AssociationThe 1st and 2nd "World Youkai Conference" was also held.
Yonago StationSakaiminato StationTieJRBoundaryThen "Kitaro trainIs in operation.In addition, 16 stations along the same line are given nicknames with the motif of youkai from all over the country, in addition to "Nezumi Otoko Station" (Yonago Station) and "Kitaro Station" (Sakaiminato Station).
"1st" by the Sakaiminato Tourism AssociationApparitionMizuki himself is in third place in the "Popularity Vote".
2007May 3Mizuki Production donated 2000 million yen to Sakai Port City to help promote "Mizuki Shigeru Road" where bronze statues of youkai are lined up.Mizuki Pro donated 2004 million yen to the city in 200 as well.[131].
Chofu City
Mizuki lived for nearly 50 yearsTokyoChofu CityIs striving to honor Mizuki throughout the city.2008Mizuki was selected as an honorary citizen[132]..Introducing Mizuki and the places related to his works in the cityPilgrimage to sacred placesPublish a map, etc.[133], It is connected to the regional promotion in terms of tourism.
Chofu City2016In front of Mizuki's first anniversary, he decided to set November 11th, the anniversary of his death, as "Gegege no Kita".Stamp RallyAnnounced that it will carry out memorial services such as[134][135].
Chofu StationOn the 1st floor of "Chofu City Cultural Hall Tazukuri" at the south exit, there is a "Gegege Gallery" that introduces Mizuki's works in which Chofu appears.[136].
Chofu CityCommunity bus"Chofu City Minibus"Gegege no Kitaro』Character is drawn on the car body, 3 routes 4 routes are operated under the nickname" Kitaro Bus "[137][138].
In 2010, when "The Wife of Gegege" was made into a TV drama,Keio Electric RailwayFrom Chofu cityKeio LineWith 5 stationsKeio Bus"Gegege Memorial Ticket", which is a set of tickets for[139][138]
200310 month "Jindaiji SobaChofu City, famous forJindaiji Temple"Kitaro Chaya / Jindaiji store" opened in front of the gate. It is run by "Youkaisha" (Kisaragi Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture)[140].. (The original "Kitaro Chaya" is located in "Mizuki Shigeru Road" in Sakaiminato and has nothing to do with "Yokaisha". The manager of "Main Store" in Sakaiminato is the lyricist of "Kitaro Ondo".)
Keio LineChofu StationNorth exitFudaten ShrineApproachAt "Tenjin-dori Shopping Street" in, you can see typical youkai objects such as GeGeGe no Kitaro.The landmark at the entrance to the shopping street is Kitaro sitting on a streetlight.
At Kakutanji Temple near my home, a tomb carved with Kitaro and others[Note 6]And, "Futagawa Shiramichi map" drawn by Mizuki is placed.


Another name

Mizuki in the book rental era used multiple names depending on the publisher and work.Especially in the rental magazine, which I was entrusted with editing, I wrote multiple works under different names in one book in order to make it look like many writers are writing.

Below is a list of names and a brief history of use, etc.[142][143].

Shinichiro Higashi
NishinomiyaThe name is a combination of the name of the dentist who rented downstairs in the times, "Higashi", and the name of his brother's eldest son, "Shinichiro".Used by many publishers other than Rabbit Shobo.
The name given to him from his boyhood name.Used in war comics.
Sekiya Susumu
Used in many short comics, reading materials, illustrations, etc.
Shigeru Mizuki, Shigeru Mizuki
Mizuki's real name.Used in many short comics, reading materials, illustrations, etc.
Tomio Rice Replacement
The name of the assistant in the book rental era was tampered with.Used in short comics.
Senkiya Sanpei
Used in war memorial reading materials and illustrations.
Anything shop Sanpei
Used in scientific reading materials and illustrations.
Osamu Hagiwara, Hiroshi Hotta
The name given by the publisher.Used in historical comics.
Saichi Sarutobi
Used in ninja reading materials and illustrations.
Taketori Isamu
The name given by the publisher.Used in war comics.
Yoko Mizuki
Used in shojo manga.same nameUnrelated to the screenwriter.




Gegege no Kitaro

Kawado Sanpei

  • Kawado's Sanpei (1961-1962, Rabbit Shobo-Rental Manga)
  • Sanpei of Kappa (1966,Monthly Bokura
  • Kawado Sanpei (1968-1969, Weekly Shonen Sunday)
  • Sanpei of Kappa (1993-1994,First grader


  • Akuma-kun (1963-1964,Tokosha --Book rental comics)
  • Akuma-kun (1966-1967, Weekly Shonen Magazine)
  • Akuma-kun Revival Millennial Kingdom (1970,Weekly Shonen Jump
  • Akuma-kun, the end of the century war (1987-1988,Comic BE!
  • Latest version Akuma-kun (1988-1990, Comic BomBom)
  • Nostradamus Great Prophecy (1993/1994,Tatsumi Publishing

Rental book cartoon

Mainly described in series and feature films.

  • Rocket man(1958,Rabbit Shobo) --Manga debut.
  • Battlefield Oath (1958, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Mysterious cat girl(1958, Midori Shobo)
  • Operation No. 0 (1958, Midori Shobo)
  • Plastic man(1958, Tsunashima Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Sportsman Miyamoto Musashi (1958, Tsunashima Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Monster Laban (1958, Hyosung Shobo)
  • Water of Hell (1958, Hyosung Shobo)
  • Horror Planet Majin(1958, Hyosung Shobo)
  • Akatsuki no Rush (1958, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Depth Charge in the Air (1958, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Shigeru Mizuki Strategy Series(1959-1960, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Shigeru Mizuki Secret Story Series(1959-1960, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Demon Sergeant Series (1959-1960, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Baby Z series (1960, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Graveyard Kitaro series(1960-1964, Rabbit Shobo, Rabbit ShoboSanyosha-Tokosha-Sato Pro
  • Fierce! Special Attack (1961, XNUMX)Akebono Publishing
  • Destroyer Soul (1961, Akebono Shuppan)
  • Zero Fighter Total Attack (1961, Akebono Shuppan)
  • Tomb Town (1961, Akebono Shuppan)
  • Kawado Sanpei(1961-1962, Rabbit Shobo)
  • Mysterious Fresh Blood Eyes (1961, Akebono Shuppan)
  • Kakara (1961, published by Izumi)
  • A man who keeps a human soul (1962, Akebono Shuppan)
  • A man who digs a grave (1962, Akebono Shuppan)
  • Underground footsteps(1962, Akebono Shuppan)
  • The sound of a bell (1962, Yanagi Pro)
  • Mars Chronicles (1962, Yanagi Pro)
  • Youki Dead Book (1962, XNUMX,Central library
  • Valley of the Curse (1963, Manman Productions)
  • Kaidan Mourning River (1963, Central Bunko)
  • Flower shooting star (1963, Central Bunko)
  • Kaidan Genkouto (1963, Central Bunko)
  • Devil(1963-1964, Tokosha)
  • Kaidan Kaeri Ship (1964, Tokosha)
  • Kaidan Night Grass Whistle (1964, Tokosha)
  • Miyuki Monogatari (1964, Tokosha)
  • Hell flow (1964, Tokosha)
  • Kofun Daiseki (1964, Tokosha)
  • Nekohime-sama (1965, Tokosha)
  • Cursed Village (1965, Tokosha)
  • Aoba's flute (1965, Tokyo, TokyoHinomaru Bunko
  • Private Gomasuri (1965, Hinomaru Bunko, Tokyo)
  • hell(1965, Pro Sato)

Serial comics

"GeGeGe no Kitaro", "Kappa no Sanpei", "Akuma-kun"Above.

Feature-length cartoon

Short one-shot cartoon

Many others.



  • Dad's war story telling his daughter A story of a small heaven (1975, XNUMX)Kawade Shobo Shinsha
    • (Renamed) Dad's war story telling his daughter (1982,Kawade Bunko / 1985, Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
    • (Renamed) Father's War Report Talking to Shigeru Mizuki's Daughter (Kawade Bunko, 1995)
    • (Renamed) Dad's War Report Talking to Daughter Story of the War on the South Island (1999,Social criticism company
  • Non-namba and me(1977,Chikuma Shobo· "Chikuma Shonen Library/ 1990,Chikuma paperback
  • I'm really stupid (1978,Poplar company / 2002,Shincho Bunko / 2004, Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. "My Way of Life Bunko" / 2010, Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. New Edition / 2016,Kodansha library
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Mysterious Trip (1978,Sankei Publishing) --Serialized in "Monthly Novel" from 1977 to 1978.
    • (Renamed) Mysterious Travel (1984, XNUMX)Chuko Bunko)
    • (Renamed) Mysterious Travel (2001, Chuko Bunko)
    • Shigeru Mizuki's Mysterious Trip (2016, Chuko Bunko)
  • Neboke Life (1982, Chikuma Shobo / 1999, Chikuma Bunko)
  • Youkai Heaven (1992, Chikuma Shobo / 1996, Chikuma Bunko)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Rabaul Senki (1994, Chikuma Shobo / 1997, Chikuma Bunko)
  • 50 years with Topetro (1995, XNUMX,Fusosha
    • (Renamed) 50 years with Topetro (2002, Chuko Bunko)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Karan Colon (1995,Work company
    • (Separate volume / renamed) I want to be a youkai (2003, Kawade Bunko)
    • (Separate volume / renamed) I want to be a lazy one (2003, Kawade Bunko)
  • Karancolon Drifting Record (2000, XNUMXShogakkan Library / 2010,Shogakukan・ New edition) --In 1997 and 1999, "Big comic』Serialized in.
  • He has been a "youkai" since he was born (2002,Kodansha / 2005,Kodansha + α library
  • Mizuki Sun's Theory of Happiness (2004,Nihon Keizai Shimbun / 2007,Kadokawa Bunko) --In 2003,My resume』(Nihon Keizai Shimbun) Serialized.
  • Shigeru Mizuki Nonnon Life I have lived like this (2004, XNUMX)Yamato Shobo
  • Today's Mizuki Sun Involuntarily relaxing quote 366 days (2005, XNUMXKusosha)- Mitsunari Oizumi・ A collection of quotes.
  • Shigeru Mizuki Don't tinker with life (2010,Japan Book Center・ "Essays of Life") --A collection of reprinted essays and interviews.
    • (Renamed) Don't tinker with life (2015, Chikuma Bunko)
  • If you eat properly, you will be happy.Hokendojinsha
    • (Reconstruction / Retitled) Teachings of the three Mizuki brothers who eat well, sleep well, and live well (2016,Bunshun library
  • War and Reading Shigeru Mizuki Pre-Departure Note (2015,Kadokawa Shinsho)- Hiroshi AramataCo-authored with.
  • Goethe of Gegege (2015,Futaba Shinsho
  • Mizuki Sun and youkai I can't see, but I'm there (2016, Chikuma Shobo)

Art book / picture book

  • Shigeru Mizuki Youkai Illustration Collection (1970,Asahi Sonorama
    • Shigeru Mizuki Youkai Art Book Revised Edition (1985, Asahi Sonorama)
    • Shigeru Mizuki Youkai Illustration Collection Aizo Reprint Edition (2017,復刊 ド ッ ト コ ム
  • Introduction to anything youkai (1974,Shogakukan
    • (Renamed) Shigeru Mizuki Youkai Encyclopedia (2004, Shogakukan)
  • East-West Youkai Illustration (1975,Yomiuri Shimbun
    • East-West Yokai Zue Aizo Reprint Edition (2017, Reissue.com)
  • Mizuki Shigeru's Youkai Encyclopedia(1981,Tokyodo Publishing
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Encyclopedia of the World (1983, published by Tokyo Dou)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Continuation, Youkai Encyclopedia (1984, published by Tokyo Dou)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's World Youkai Encyclopedia (1985, published by Tokyo Dou)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Encyclopedia of Chinese Youkai (1990, published by Tokyo Dou)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Continuation, World Youkai Encyclopedia (2000, published by Tokyo Dou)
  • Japanese Youkai Taizen(1991,Kodansha
  • Sequel to Japan Yokai Taizen (1994, Kodansha)
    • Illustrated Japanese Yokai Encyclopedia (2007, Kodansha + α Bunko)
  • The definitive edition of the Japanese Youkai Encyclopedia Youkai, the World, God (2014, Kodansha)
  • Youkai story(1992,Iwanami Shinsho
  • Continuation Youkai Gadan (1993, Iwanami Shinsho)
    • Favorite version of Yokai Gadan (2002,Iwanami Shoten) --A re-edited version of the above two youkai storybooks.
  • Ghost painting (1994, Iwanami Shinsho)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Haunted Hyakukai (1995, XNUMX)Gakken) --From 1991 to 1995, "Monthly mu』Serialized in.
    • Shigeru Mizuki's 2005 Mysteries Above and Below (XNUMX, XNUMXShogakkan Library
    • Favorite version Shigeru Mizuki's possession 2016 mysteries (XNUMX, Gakken Plus)
  • Fairy painting (1996, Iwanami Shinsho)
  • Mujara 8 volumes (1998-1999,soft Garage
    • All 6 volumes of Mujara (2003-2004)
    • Complete version of Mujara 12 volumes (2008-2010)
  • Shigeru Mizuki Youkaidou Fifty-three Stages (2003,Yanoman
  • Shigeru Mizuki's 2010 Mysteries of Gods All Over Japan (XNUMX, Shogakukan)
  • Youkai Shigeru Mizuki Illustration Collection (2019, Kodansha)

Picture book

  • Nonnonbaa Kappa no Mizu (1975, XNUMX)Bunken Publishing
  • Nonnonba Aoba Garobo (1976, Bunken Publishing)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Ghost School All 12 volumes (1980-1983,Poplar company
  • Gegege no Kitaro Ghost Nokuni 8 volumes (1987-1988, Poplar Publishing)
  • Emaki Picture Book Youkai Forest (1995, XNUMX)Koguma
  • Picture scroll picture book Gegege no Kitaro To Yokai Island (1996, Kogumasha)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Mysterious Youkai Banashi All 8 Volumes (2007-2009,media Factory
  • Mizuki Shonen and Nonnonba Hell Tour (2013,Magazine house
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Youkai Mystery Mystery Inside the House (2015, Kogumasha)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Mysterious Mystery Maki Yamazato (2015, Kogumasha)





About "GeGeGe no Kitaro" related worksGeGeGe no Kitaro #GameFor works related to "Akuma-kun"Akuma-kun #gameSee.


Appearance / related works


TV program (appearance)

  • New World Travel(TBS, August 1988, June 8, 1989)
  • ETV8"Where did the youkai go? Shigeru Mizuki's Neboke Life" (NHK, May 1989, 5)
  • Dr. Shigeru Mizuki's Dream Exploration Series (TV Tokyo, 1990: Japan, 1991: Taiwan, 1992: Thailand, Sri Lanka)
  • Hibiki of Life(TBS, June 1998, 7)
  • No matter how you look at it(NTV, March 2000, 1)
  • Anyone in Takeshi Picasso(TV TOKYO, April 2004, 7, February 30, 2008)
  • Great mother story"Shigeru Mizuki's mother, Kotoe-Kitarou who became a god" (TV Asahi, August 2005, 8)
  • Youkai Shigeru Mizuki's Gegege Happiness Theory (BS Japan, December 2006, 3)
    Starring: Shigeru Mizuki Reading:Emi Wakui(As Etsuko)
    Cast:Hiroshi Aramata,Tomohide Kure,Minami Shinbo,Kyogoku Natsuhiko,Shiro Sano, Yukio Takera (younger brother / manager of Shigeru Mizuki), Nunoe Mura (Mrs. Shigeru Mizuki), Etsuko Takera (second daughter / Etsuko), Masao Murasawa (assistant of Shigeru Mizuki)
    43 timesGalaxy awardWinner of the TV category[144].
  • Enjoy to know~ How to walk in life. "I will live to be XNUMX years old" (NHK educational TV, June 2008, 6 times in total)
    The life of Mr. and Mrs. Mizuki so farKazuya MatsumotoLecture spelled out in the form of an interview with.
    2010ToBShi"Premium 8"Become a lazy person of Shigeru Mizuki-a real life with Gegege's wife-" and broadcast a re-edited version with unrecorded and newly shot interviews.
  • Shock bulletin! Akarui ☆ Mirai(TBS, June 2012, 6) -Appeared with the three Mizuki brothers.
  • Shigeru Mizuki 93-year-old expedition-Izumo Kuni who lived with youkai- (September 2015, Sanin Broadcasting, JNN Chushikoku Block (September 9), BS-TBS (September 9))

"Gegege's wifeWas a hit in 2010Asaichi』(NHK General, May 2010, 5), "Our time』(Fuji Television Network, Inc, August 2010, 8), etc. as a couple.

Drama / Movie (Cast)

Tezuka MakotoDirector'sV cinema.Osamu Tezuka,Kazuo UmezuAlso appeared.

Works dealing with Mizuki

TV program


A drama based on "Crush all the members!"
A drama / movie based on his wife's autobiography.


A stage work that expresses Mizuki's world view.The script and directionMaekawa Chida.


  • Shigeru Mizuki and Hiroshi Aramata talk (2004)
  • Youkai Shigeru Mizuki's Gegege Happiness Theory (DVD version of the same TV program)



Takera family

(Tottori prefectureSakaiminatoIrifune Town,TokyoChofu City

Family tree
Called "Mura"Last nameIs rare nationwide,SakaiminatoThere are many[145]..Mr. TakeraOkiIt is believed to have originatedOki IslandsLocated in DogojimaOki DistrictOki Island Town(Old: Oki-gunSaigo Town) Has the "Mura Festival", and the "Mura Tunnel" remains.[146]..Mizuki is visiting the Oki Islands in search of his roots.
According to Mizuki's book "Neboke Seimei" <new edition>, page 12, "I haven't really investigated my ancestors, but the surname Takera has changed a little, and it sometimes appears in old records. According to the book "Izumo Festival" (Kodansha) that I recently read, there is a village called Takerago in Dogo (the island on the north side of the islands) in the Oki Islands, and it has been here for a long time, once every two years. It seems that the villagers gathered together to hold a festival called "Mura Festival". Oki and Sakai Port are next to each other across the sea, so maybe from around Takera Township, those who couldn't stand hunger came to Sakai Port in search of food. I guess it was my distant ancestor. "
Sengoku periodTakaoka Castle on YumigahamacityThere is a gate called Takera Neighbor SaemonAustralianMizuki thinks that this clan has record-breaking roots.[146].
The area around Sakaiminato at that timeMr. MouriAmakoIt was a place of power struggle, but when Amago's Noto Mamoru Kamei was deceived by the Mori clan, it was reported by his father that it was Takera Neighbor Saemon who guided him.[147].
after thatEdo PeriodIn the generation of Sohei Takera, at SakaiminatoShip wholesalerWas running[146][148].
Takeuchi VillageAbout Mr. Takera of (Takamatsu) In "Hoki", "There are Takaoka castle toes and three trunks of Komatsu.TakeraI'm here.Imamura Naka has a sword. "[149]a[150].
According to Mizuki's book "Neboke Seimei <New Edition>", page 14, "SakaiminatoTakenouchiThere is a place called Takaoka Castle Toe, and there are three old pine trees. According to "Hoki", this is the trace of Mr. Takera's Tate.According to the theory of Yonago's local historian, the area around the graveyard of my house was where Takerakan was.I don't know which one is true, but it seems likely that there was a clan called Mr. Takera around here long ago, and that it was connected to me. ".
Great-grandfather Sohei (Ship wholesaler
SakaiminatoHe ran a shipping wholesaler called "Takera Sohei Shoten", and at one point he made a big swing.TrainWith the development of stoolMeijiThe family business has declined[151]..Sohei was in 1892 (XNUMX)Meiji25 years)Sakai TownI was elected a member of the Diet[152].
Mayor of SakaiminatoKatsuji NakamuraAccording to "Mr. Shigeru Mizuki's great-grandfather, Mr. Sohei Takera owns a trading ship himself andcottonIt is said that he was widely engaged in such businesses. "[Note 7].
Grandfather (businessman)[153]
According to Mizuki, "My grandfather is Yonago.MayorKimonoMarried to the eldest daughter of Zenbei Sumita, who was a quotient.Then, my father, Ryoichi, was born, but by that time the shipping business had finally failed, and the big house was handed over and turned into a squirrel.Still, my grandfather was a little savvy, so I worked hard again and managed to build a house, albeit with no old-fashioned humor. "[154].
Stop the family business shipping wholesaler,OsakaHe ran a taxi company called "Seki Motor" (later went bankrupt).
Also, Batavia (currentlyJakarta)Printing companyWas successful.After closing the snack bar, his relative, Hikoichi, went to Batavia in response to a recruitment of printing companies.
Grandmother (Kimono dealer, politician)Zenpei SumitaEldest daughter)
TottoriYonagoHigashikurayoshi TownSumita familyEdo PeriodContinue fromBusinessmenMizuki's eldest daughter, Zenpei, who served as the fourth mayor of Yonagomachi (currently Yonago City) at (Kimono dealer)grandfatherMarried to.
Great uncle, Nobuhisa Sumita
Even though he is a big uncle, he is only two years older than Mizuki's father Ryoichi.[155].
I was living in the Takera family.According to Mizuki's older brother Sohei, "I'm on the second floor, red.pencilIn one handEnglishI read only the original book, but in the end, I lived playing without getting a regular job.From now on, he was a weirdo. "[155].
Father Ryoichi (company employee, bank employee, etc.)
1984(Showa59) Died in October (10 years old)[156]
Mizuki nicknamed his father "Itotsu" (a prominently strong stomach) because of his strong stomach.[157].
Waseda UniversityFaculty of Commerce[158]Graduated.While in schoolkabukiEven after returning to the town, Yuto Zammai[159]..Even when I went to work, I was dismissed from watching a movie, and I got a lot of money from my grandfather and started.Agricultural machinery輸入Business also failed[159].
Sakai TownI returned to work at a bank this time, but at night I rented a playhouse in the neighborhood and screened a movie, and the bank clerk did not know whether it was the main business or the movie theater.[160].
At one point, a bank robber was rampant, and Ryoichi, who was on duty, was persistent until dawn, but he endured fear and abandoned his duty and went home.[159]..For this reason, he was dismissed from the bank, but he said he was completely okay because he believed in the strange principle of "somehow principle".In addition, although "Bank robbery" is mentioned in "Neboke Seimei <New Edition>", "Mizuki Sun's Theory of Happiness" -Recollection of youkai cartoonist-] Is written as "Jailbreak prisoner".
In addition,EnglishBecause I was good atInterpreterDid[161].
According to his wife, after Mizuki succeeded in manga and moved to Tokyo to live with him, he lived happily by watching his favorite movies and Kabuki.[72]..At the time of deathSakaiminatoThere is a will, "Please bury me in."Bodhi TempleI paid it to.Therefore, Mizuki often visited Sakaiminato after that, and said, "Shigeru Mizuki RoadIt is said that it led to the birth.
Mizuki's older brother Sohei said about his father Ryoichi, "BonbonHobbyist.He was a free man.A little unreliable.I like to have funwatermelonEven if you buy it, don't have it yourself, but give it to us.The old man at allParentsIt didn't look like it. "It has said[162].
Mother Kotoe
1994(Heisei6) Died in October (4 years old)[163]
Mizuki nicknamed his mother "Ikar" because he got angry soon.
Mother KotoeEdo Period,Family name swordYonago's allowedOld houseBorn inpedigreeWas proud of[164].
According to Mizuki's book "Neboke Seimei <New Edition>", page 15.
"My mother's parents' house is called Mishima.Yonago OfOld houseso,GenrokuThe tombs from the times to the present day are lined up in a row, but this is also a mess in the predecessor.This predecessorMerryIt ’s nice to be a person,俳 句It'sCalligraphyI just twisted it and didn't do any work at all. ".
"Great mother storyAccording to Kotoe, when he learned that he had lost his left arm, he tied his left arm and lived on his right arm for a while.
According to his wife, during the war, even though he was practicing bucket relay in his neighborhood, he didn't participate because he knew it was a losing battle but it was useless.[72]..Also, when Mizuki was a book rental manga artist in Tokyo, he was very worried and recommended, "If the manga is not good, be a lighthouse keeper."He also often sent long letters of concern.If he didn't get a reply, he was even more worried and received a long letter, so Mizuki wrote a reply saying "I'm fine" as soon as the letter came from his mother.Also, so that my mother does not know that I am "poor"Military benefitsWas sent to his parents' house.Also, after Mizuki succeeded as a cartoonist and summoned his parents, he often talked about the story of the manga and became "Kitaro".ShisaIt is said that the reason why it came to appear was because of the strong recommendation of the mother.
Brother Sohei
1920(Taisho 9) Raw- 2017(Heisei29) November 11 sunset (22 years old) [165][166]
Brother's daughter couple (SakaiminatoMizuki Pro China Branch)
Younger brother Yukio (Professional General Manager Mizuki)
1924(Taisho 13) Raw- 2021(Reiwa3 years)May 4Death (96 years old)[167][168]
wife·Nunoe(Shimane Yasugi CityBorn in Otsuka-cho, Kimono dealer,Liquor store, Daughter of politician Fujibei Iizuka)
1932(Showa 7) Born in January[4] -
The head of the Iizuka family has been calling himself Iizuka Fujibei for generations.KimonoAnd so onBusinessmenWas known as[169].NunoeFujibei, his father, was a member of the village council from a young age, and eventually became a member of the city council while running a retail business of liquor and salt.[169].
  • "Gegege's wife(Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
  • "Gegege's Dining Table" (Fusosha Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Eldest daughter Naoko (President of Mizuki Pro)
1962(Showa 37) Born in January[4] -
Second daughter·Etsuko(Working as a professional Mizuki)
1966(Showa 41) Born in January[4] -
  • "Dad and I-Father, Shigeru Mizuki's Gegege no Kita" (Yanoman)
  • "Gegege's daughter, Lelere's daughter, Lalala's daughter" (Bungei Shunju)-(Rieko Akatsuka,Rumiko Tezuka(Co-authored with)
  • "Gegege no Musume Nikki" (KADOKAWA)

Sumita family

(Tottori prefectureYonagoHigashikurayoshi Town

Mr. SumitaThe early modern periodFrom the middle of the periodYonago OfHigashikurayoshi TownToliveThen,SumitayaIssued[170].Clothing,Misc & AmenitiesTheSalesThen,ModernEnterKimonoContinued expansion of business centered on types[170].

Of "Honzumidaya"Zenpei SumitaIt is,1896(Meiji29) December- 1900(Meiji 33) Yonagomachi until DecemberMayorServed[171]..Zenpei's eldest daughter married the Takera family.

Zenpei's sonTorajiro(Mizuki's great uncle)
First time in YonagoTodaiIs said to have left[172]..Torajiro had no desire to succeed, and he ended his life by serving as a town council member in Yonago, starting a bakery business, and selling bread.Former Mayor of YonagoKanji NosakaAccording to the book "Yonago neighborhood", page 183,
"Fourth generationMayorZenpei SumitaMrSumita kimono storeThe master ofBachelor of lawSumita TojiroAs a town council member, he has an English name on all sides in every sense, and in his later years he has a lot of anecdotes as a drinker.Later, he turned to aspiring to make bread, and the world called it "Bachelor's Bread."I wrote it as a bachelor's degree, but today's people may think that it's a pebble falling around, "Ah, bachelor's degree?"Meiji 35,6The bachelor's degree is from Totemodoerai,Sumita TojiroMr. Law Department, my uncleKoji NosakaIs the engineering department, togetherTodaiIn the summer of the year I graduated and returnedMayor WatanabeWe have had a welcome party held at the public hall due to various other events.That's because it was Yonago and two of them came out.Surprise peach tree Sansho tree. ".
Torajiro's younger brother, Ryozo, a painter,EnglishTheHobbiesThere is a longevity[173].
According to Mizuki, "My father'sUncleToParisDied at the age of thirty画家My father was very respectful.That uncleSumiko MatsuiIt is said that he was drawing a background picture in the theater company and appeared in a small role.At my grandmother's parents' houseRich man OfSumita clanBecause it is a direct line of, I think I could have gone to Paris.Certainly it seems that he had a talent for painting.It happened that my uncle's death and my birthday were the same, and he believed that he was "reborn."[13].
Sumita familyThe story of preservation and utilization of[174].


yuanCraftsman..I used to run a snack bar in OsakaWorld DepressionThe store was closed due to the agitation.Mizuki's grandfather Tatsuji is Batavia (currentlyJakarta)Printing companyAfter succeeding in establishing the company, he went to Batavia in response to a recruitment of printing companies.After returning to JapanIndonesianBecause I was able to talkMilitary affiliationThen, he went to Java again as a soldier.
According to Mizuki's book "Neboke Seimei <New Edition>", pp. 16-17
"My grandfather's relatives had a strange person named Sadayan. This person wasn't the youkai's" Kurabokko ", but he spent his entire life in the warehouse without working. But it wasn't a dark life, and he lived a more enjoyable life than anyone else, having a love affair, indulging in reading, getting married, and running for a town council member. "


Zenpei Sumita
Sohei Takera
Sumita Tojiro
Kuwasaburo Morikawa
Ryoichi Takera
Sohei Takera
Yukio Takera
Mizuki Shigeru

Related person

  • assistant
    • Ikkaku Tanabe - Kodanshi..I met Mizuki when I was a young storyteller and helped with work for a while.
    • Tsuge Yoshiharu -"ガ ロMizuki can't eat just by serializingassistantAlso served as.The disappearance case has occurred.
    • Ryoichi Ikegami --Mizuki who read "Garo" asked Katsuichi Nagai to scout.Served as a live-in assistant for about two years.
    • Masuzou Furukawa - laterMandarakeBecome president.A roundtable discussion of former assistants was published in the magazine "Mandarake".
    • Kazuyoshi Kitagawa
    • Kenji Sasaoka (Kenji Shimane) --Former book rental manga artist and first chief assistant of Mizuki Pro.Mizuki evaluates the drawing powerShoichi SakuraiIt is said that he asked for a scout. In 2017, a collection of works "Serum Human Meat" was reprinted from Mandarake Publishing.
    • Yoshinori Yamaguchi
    • Suzuki Oji
    • Tatsumi Yoshihiro
    • Kuniko Tsurita
    • Misako Nachi
    • Tasuku Hashimoto-Former manga artist for rent.I couldn't live on the book rental manga alone, so I was a day labor assistant at Mizuki Pro.Later, he was active as a graphic novelist and SM illustrator.
    • Tatsuya Morino
    • Shingo Tsuchiya --Later, he made his debut as a sensual graphic novelist. In 2013, he published his memoir manga "GeGeGe no Kitaro" at his own expense.
    • Masao Murasawa-Chief Assistant of Mizuki Pro.He was involved in Mizuki's work until his later years. In 2017, KADOKAWA published a memoir manga "Mr. Mizuki and I".
    • Mikage Ishiguro
    • Masaki Ito-Former book rental manga artist.
    • Tomohide Kure ――In charge of organizing Mizuki's materials in the early 70's.During that time, he wrote several "original works" of Mizuki's manga, but they were not adopted because they were "too difficult".Later became a critic.Wu describes the essence of Mizuki as "a person who believes in something beyond human intelligence" and "a commoner who is full of profane life knowledge" cohabiting together.
  • Youkai / folklore related
    • Hiroshi Aramata --In charge of the original Mizuki manga in the 1970s.Aramata visited Mizuki's house in the 1980s and asked, "Please be a disciple."Mizuki was also a fan of Aramata, so I immediately agreed.[72]..Appeared as "Aryamata Kolyamata" in Mizuki's manga work.
    • Kyogoku Natsuhiko ――If you didn't make your debut as a novelist, you would definitely be a Mizuki professional.He calls himself Mizuki's disciple (Mizuki also admits) and creates a room (Mizuki-an) dedicated to Mizuki-related books and goods at home. "Shigeru Mizuki Manga Complete WorksIn charge of supervision.From Chikuma Bunko, "Natsuhiko Kyogoku chooses! Shigeru Mizuki's unrecorded short stories" and "Natsuhiko Kyogoku chooses! Shigeru Mizuki's strange graphic novel collection" are also published.In addition, the work "Summer of catching birdsWas made into a movie, Kyogoku played the role of Shigeru Mizuki[Note 8]Played.
    • Miyamoto Shinshuo- shamanismResearcher.Together with Mizuki, he travels to Dracula's hometown and Sherman in Myanmar.
    • Katsumi Tada
    • Kenji Murakami
    • Hayashi Takumi
    • Miyata snow --Screenwriter.Providing the original manga to Mizuki.Mizuki also served as a passer for the Hopi Indians in the United States.
    • Ken Asamatsu - Writer. In charge of the draft of "Devil-kun End of the Century War" in 1997.
    • Mitsunari Oizumi --Non-fiction writer.Accompanied several times on Mizuki's adventure trip and published a travel book.
    • Noriyuki Adachi --Non-fiction writer.Closely interviewed Mizuki and published "Walking with Youkai".
    • Shiro Sano --Actor.He is a fan of Mizuki and has exchanges both publicly and privately.Anime"Gegege no KitaroThe 4th series of vampire elites and the movie "Gegege no Kitaro Millennial Curse Song』Play the snake bone woman.
    • Kazuhiko Komatsu
    • Akihiro Miwa 
    • Sakuji Yoshimura
    • Yoro Menji
  • Cartoonist / publishing related
    • Shoichi Sakurai --Book rental cartoonist.the publisher"Tokosha, And the rental version of "Devil] Etc. are issued.When the book rental industry collapsed, "Sakurai Bunko" published indie books in the form of paperback books and published many short stories of Mizuki.[Note 9]..In addition, the "protruding teeth" of the protruding teeth with glasses that frequently appear in Mizuki's manga worksSalaryman YamadaModel.In addition, the 2010 serial television novel "Gegege's wifeShinji Hirai (act:Kajiwara) Is also Sakurai.
    • Katsumaru Suzuki - Picture-story showThe owner of the company "Hanshin Tigers".Discovering Mizuki as a picture-story show writer, he conveys the picture-story show of "Hakaba Kitaro", the prototype of "GeGeGe no Kitaro".He is also the godfather of Mizuki's pen name.
    • Masaaki Sato - manga artist.He published Mizuki's manga at his own publishing company, "Sato Productions".Sato's older brother, Takashi Kimoto, and Mizuki, who were editors, have a bad deal and have various episodes.
    • Sanpei Shirato - manga artist. "Kamui biography』\ Known for many other blockbuster works. Mizuki has been recommended even before "Shonen Magazine" promoted the graphic novel route.[8],Kodansha Children's Manga AwardMizuki's "TV-kunWas recommended[176].
      In Mizuki's manga, an episode in which Mizuki and other characters are feasting as a monster who hit a mountain in a ninja manga is told.
    • Goro Sugimoto --A fellow book rental manga artist.A model of Kitaro's "Johnny Remember Me / Vampire Elite".He was also the number one collector of movie films in Japan.
    • Eitaro Umeda-A fellow book rental manga artist and later president of a printing company.With that "good" behavior,Nezumi OtokoIt became a model of.
    • Shoichi Nagai --Manga editor.SeirindoHe has been friends since he presided over "Sanyosha", the predecessor of the book rental manga publishing company.Manga magazine "Monthly Manga Gallo』The first editor-in-chief.
    • Minami Shinbo --Illustrator.When he was an employee of Seirindo, he wrote "Garo"A man who misses the star] Etc. are in charge.
    • Tetsuo Matsuda ――Because I helped with the work of "Garo" when I was a student, I went to get the manuscript of Mizuki and got to know him.Chikuma ShoboAfter joining the company, I recommended Mizuki to write his autobiography, "Neboke Seimei."After the first issue of "Chikuma Bunko", many Mizuki manga were recorded.
    • Takao Yaguchi - manga artist.When I was a bank clerk, I visited the studio with the introduction of the editorial department of "Garo".The advice received from Mizuki and Ikegami at this time was very helpful later.[177].
  • Acquaintances, coterie, etc.
    • Toshiro Taki-I was a comrade and had an exchange with Mizuki even after the war.Edited and written "The End of the Battle of Rabaul".
    • Topetro- New GuineaA local Tolai boy who became friends during medical treatment in Japan.After succeeding as a manga artist, Mizuki revisited the site and presented a used car in return.He has been dating for 50 years, but died in 1993.Since Topetro's bereaved family did not have the expense of giving a funeral, Mizuki paid for the funeral.The friendship is depicted in "50 Years with Topetro".
    • La Moon(Akara Arisato-Nemu Mukudori
      • A theater company and creative group developed and built based on Mizuki's doujin circle "Kitarouza".
      • Mizuki himself was involved in the production of the dynavision work "Woman" created during the "Kitarouza" era.supervisorI was invited and taught.
      • The two main players (Yuri and Yumeraitori) later said, "HAUNTED] And other commercial works with Mizuki's work as a motif.
      • Akara Arisato, who was the representative, preceded Mizuki in 2015.May 7I died.Just in the same year as Mizuki, he left for the equinoctial week.
    • Kanto Mizukikai-Study Group.SeirindoIt was launched in November 1993 as "a gathering of enthusiasts to back up Professor Mizuki" by volunteers of fans who cooperated with "Shigeru Mizuki Series".Chairman Shinji Yamaguchi, Members Shigeo Hirabayashi, Shinichi Suzuki,Ryo Arai,Hiroshi Aramata,Kyogoku Natsuhiko,Shiro SanoEt al.


[How to use footnotes]

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外部 リンク

stoneShotaro Mori

The original notation is "stoneShotaro Mori"is. The title given to this article isTechnical limitationsorArticle name restrictionsIs inaccurate due to.

stoneShotaro Mori(Ishinomori Shotaro,1938Showa13 years>May 1[2][3] - 1998Heisei10 years>May 1[3]) IsJapan Ofmanga artist-Special effectsThe original author of the work.Real name:Shotaro Onodera(Odera Shotaro)[3].

1984UntilShotaro IshinomoriI used the notation, but it was customary to be called "Ishimori-" at this time.Place of birth "IshimoriIs read as "Ishinomori".


Science fiction cartoon,Gag cartoonからLearning cartoonMass-produced works of a wide range of genres, "King of Manga"[4][5], "Cartoon Emperor"[6]Was described as[Annotation 1].

The representative work is "Cyborg 009], [Sabu and City Preservation Reserve], [009 no 1], [Sarutobi Ecchan], [Android kikaider], [Introduction to manga Japanese economy], [HOTEL"Such[3].Kamen Rider seriesStartedSpecial effectsHe was also active as the original author of the work.

From the 30's to the 40's, he was particularly prominent as a developer of new methods in the world of manga, and among various fields and styles, science fiction manga had an influence on others.Osamu TezukaIt is as big as the so-called Tezuka-style manga, and has the most stylish style. Was called.The style of this period often included science fiction (S & F) sexuality, poetic lyricism, and action.Those elements1971Broadcast started on "Kamen RiderAfter that, I gradually moved to special effects works, and the tendency of writing mangaYouth cartoonAnd learning manga became widespread.

1989In (XNUMX), he proposed the new name "Manga" for manga and announced the "Manga Declaration", saying that it became possible to express many expressions other than "interesting and funny" in manga.[Annotation 2]..From then on, he called his profession "man painter" instead of "manga artist".After death2007At the end, a complete collection of 500 volumes and 770 works, "Stone"Shotaro Mori Manga Daizenshu ”(Kadokawa Shoten), But as a record of the most published comics by one authorGuinness World RecordsCertified by[Annotation 3]..The original TV author (Anime, Live-action) credits for a total of more than XNUMX years of airing period,Nomura Kodo,Hasegawa MachikoIt surpasses these and is the highest in Japan, and continues to be updated as of 2020.

His wife, Toshiko Onodera, is the chairman of the Ishimori Group.Actor to sonTakeshi OnoderaWith (eldest son)Ishimori ProPresident'sAkira OnoderaThere is (second son).Of the screenwriterIshimori ShiroIs a cousin[7].. NovelistKonno Satoshi TheHatoko[8].



1938(13)May 1[Annotation 4],MiyagiTome DistrictIshinomori Town(CurrentTome CityNakadacho Ishinomori[3][Annotation 5]Born as the eldest son of his father, Kotaro, and his mother, Kasiku.Five brothers, an older sister, two siblings, and a younger sister.Initially as shown belowFilm directorHowever, his older sister, who was three years older than her, was naturally ill and couldn't go out, so it was said that the origin of the manga was to draw pictures of what happened at school and what she saw outside.

When I was in elementary school, I liked reading books and magazines, and at one pointOsamu Tezukaof"Shin treasure islandI was shocked and became a big fan of Osamu Tezuka.[11].

In 1950 (Showa 25), when I became a junior high school student and sent a fan letter to Osamu Tezuka, I got more and more crazy about manga because I got a reply, and it was my first time in the second grade.4 comic strip cartoonWas selected when he posted in the "Daily Junior High School Newspaper", and became a posting enthusiast thereafter.Create a study group by gathering children in the neighborhoodJournal"A drop of inkWas created (at this time, it was discontinued in issue 2), and the manga to be posted was being recruited.Cartoon boyI sent it to Osamu Tezuka, who was in charge of criticism.[12][11].

1953 (Showa 28),Miyagi Prefecture Sanuma High School[Annotation 6]Enrolled in. Contribution to "Manga Shonen" Established "East Japan Manga Study Group" by gathering friends and produced "Ichidoku Sumiju"[11]..For the first term membersFujio Akatsuka,Tokuo Yokota,Kunio Hase,Takao Yokoyama,Kenichiro Takai,Seiichiro TokunanWas there[11]..Around this time, the manga industry had already gained a reputation as "there is a genius in Miyagi prefecture."The nickname of those days was "potato".In the spring of the second year of high school (May), I want Osamu Tezuka to help me with my work.telegramArrived, "Astro boy"ofassistantAct as[12][11].

While in high school1954(29)[3][Annotation 7], With the help of Osamu Tezuka, Ishinomori said, "Cartoon boyWill debut in[15]..The debut work is "Second Class Angel" published in the New Year issue of "Manga Shonen"[3].

After debut

1956,severeCivil servantMy father, who was a manga artist, objected to becoming a manga artist, but my sister with asthma persuaded her parents and enthusiastically supported her, so she moved to Tokyo and boarded in Shimoochiai as soon as she graduated from high school. From mayTokiwasoOn the 15th, my sister will go to Tokyo to treat her illness.Many cartoonists including Tezuka livedTokiwasoLived in and started writing.Although he was the youngest member of the Tokiwa-so group, he was the earliest to stand out.Fujio Akatsuka[Annotation 8]I spent more time as an assistant to Ishinomori than drawing my own manga.

However1958(Showa 33) On April 4, my sister who lived with Ishinomori at Tokiwa-so and became a Madonna of the Tokiwa-so group died suddenly.[Annotation 9]..The loss of my sister, who was the greatest comprehension, had a great influence on the later style of Ishinomori.

1959(Showa 34), he was an assistant of TezukaSadao TsukiokaAt the same time, Toei Animation (currently, as a substitute for Tezuka)Toei animation) Theatrical animation "Journey to the WestWas dispatched to the production site.Ishinomori and Tsukioka complained that he would like to enter Toei Animation as it is and do animation, but Daisaku Shirakawa (later managing director of Toei Animation), who was a young staff member of Toei Animation at that time, said, "(Because the picture is unique and not suitable for animation). Do the manga properly. Instead, if the manga sells, I will go buy it as the original. "[16][Annotation 10]..Later, as promised at that time, the work was animated by Toei Animation.Furthermore, it will be an opportunity for contact with the Toei Group, which will lead to the planning of special effects programs at Toei itself.

Ishinomori continued to live in Tokiwa-so until the latest time, even though he lived in Tokiwa-so for a long time with Fujiko and Akatsuka, and became a nationally popular writer.

1961(Showa 36) Go on a 8-day overseas trip from August 24th[17].. Back thenTravelingBefore the liberalization, the travel permit was not given by mere "sightseeing".ShueishaAskSeattleOpened inScience fiction competitionI have obtained the title of "reporter" on a temporary basis under the pretext of interviewing[18]..Since I didn't have any savings, I borrowed travel expenses in advance from each publisher.[18].. At the science fiction conventionYano TohruLetter of introductionSF fandomFamous forForrest J. AckermanPassed toRobert A. Heinlein,Paul AndersonGet introduced[19][Annotation 11]..In addition, this trip is "Girl clubI also had the shock of the continued discontinuation of magazines such as ”and the escape from my sister's death.[21].

In 1962 (Showa 37), moved out of Tokiwa-so[12].. March 1963 (Showa 38),Shinichi SuzukiRatoア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンEstablished production company "Studio Zero"[12].

As a star writer

Married by Osamu Tezuka's matchmaker in 1964[12]..Also launched in DecemberJapan Cartoonists AssociationJoin[12].

1964(39)May 7Than"Boy king, Which is a masterpiece inCyborg 009』Start serialization.By this time, he was already a star writer, and Ishinomori's introductory manga books "Introduction to Manga" (1965) and "Introduction to Manga" (1966) were widely read from that time. ..This is an epoch-making introductory book for manga artists that describes everything from manga technical theory to concrete story conception, and has been a bible for aspiring manga artists for many years.Also, when "Cyborg 009" was serialized, many readers visited because the address of the fan letter was the address of the cartoonist.[22].Sugawaya MitsuruWhen he visited immediately after the end of the "Cyborg 009" series, he was the chief assistant at the time, invisible to another visitor who came to get his autograph.Nagai HaoSaid that he wrote not only the picture but also the signature and handed it over[22]..The cause was that there were so many visitors that it would not be possible to work without such measures.[22].

1966(41), "Mutant sub009th by "Cyborg 7"Kodansha Children's Manga AwardAward[12]. 1968(Showa 43),Shotaro Ishimori ProEstablished. "Jun''Sabu and City Preservation Reserve13th byShogakkan Manga AwardAward[12].

1971From (Showa 46), Toei special effects work "Kamen Rider』Original and its cartoonization (Kamen Rider) Was in charge[3]..It is a production company, not a live-action video of an existing manga.ToeiProviding settings and character designs for the project, and writing manga based on the finished product, many of the company's successes have led to this success.Special effects-Makeover heroI decided to work on the original of the program.Originally aspiring to be a movie director, some works ("Kamen Rider" and "Kamen Rider"Inazman』) Also serves as a director.

In these live-action works, Ishinomori usually worked on regular character design such as the leading role, but "Kamen Rider StrongerKamen Rider series after "" and "Akumaizer 3In works from the mid-1970s onwards, such as "Himitsu Sentai Gorenger" and "Jacker Dengekitai," many guest characters (enemy monsters) appearing every time are also designed.Many of the guest character designs were done in the form of Ishinomori making rough sketches with simple settings, and based on these rough sketches, scenarios and costumes were created by Toei's program staff.[Annotation 12].

1981From (Showa 56)Japan Cartoonists AssociationServe as a director[12].

1985(60)[Annotation 13], From "Shotaro Ishinomori" to "Shotaro Ishinomori" after 30 years of painting[Annotation 14]Was renamed to[3]..Originally his pseudonym was in his hometownIshinomori TownI intended to write "Ishinomori" and read it as "Ishinomori", but no one read it as "Ishinomori" and it was only called "Ishinomori". It is said that the name was changed with the meaning of returning to.but,Yamada GoroAccording to his website, before the name change, he frequently met with all the people involved at seasonal events such as meetings, trips, and year-end parties, but since the name change, it has disappeared and he contacted Ishimori Productions. But I can't let you meet[24]..Soon after, the story that "the teacher seems to be ill" spread among all the people concerned.

1988(63), "HOTELThe 33rd Shogakukan Manga Award, etc.Introduction to manga Japanese economy17th byJapan Cartoonists Association AwardGrand Prize[12].

1989(Showa 64 / Heisei XNUMX), "Manga Declaration" was announced at the beginning of drawing ""[25].

1992(4), suddenly developed a high fever and was hospitalized.It was a symptom similar to a cold, but the result of the testMalignant lymphomaWas diagnosed.After that, he continued to write while fighting against illness, but his condition gradually worsened.1998(10)May 1,TokyoBunkyo ku OfJuntendo Clinic, Juntendo University School of MedicineLymphomabyheart failureDied because of death, 60 years old[1][3]..It was only three days after the 3th birthday was received at the hospital.CommandmentsIs "Ishimoriin Mantokusho Current Householder".The graveTokyoToshima wardIkebukuroXNUMX-chomeShounji TempleIt is in.

after death

1998(10), after his deathFourth gradeAsahi day small badge, 27th Japan Cartoonists Association Award for all worksMinister of Education Award, 2nd for many years of contributions to manga and the manga worldOsamu Tezuka Cultural AwardA special manga award will be given.

2000(12) July 7, hometownMiyagiTome CityNakata Town"Shotaro Ishinomori Hometown Memorial HallEstablished[26].

2001(13) October,MiyagiIshinomaki"Ishinomori Manga MuseumEstablished[27].

2006(18), "Ishinomori Manga Daizenshu" published.

2008(20),Guinness World RecordsTezuka Osamu's "Kodansha Tezuka Complete Works" 400 volumes were updated by "Ishinomori Manga Daizenshu" 500 volumes, and certified as "the most prolific manga artist in the world".Became the Honorary Director of the Guinness World Records Museum.

Chronological Table


Experienced assistant and discipleNagai HaoDescribes Ishinomori as "a genius who can draw five times faster than ordinary people."[29].

Fujio Fujiko[Annotation 15]Later served as an assistant to IshinomoriNagai HaoPeople who know Ishinomori all testify to the speed of production.Fujiko's "Manga Road], There is a story that Fujiko should draw 2 or 1 sheets a day with 5 people, while Ishinomori drew 6-1 sheets with 15 person.Also, Ishinomori's essay manga "Count of St. Germain" (Cyborg 009 "Undersea Pyramid Edition"(Equivalent to the epilogue of

Kazuhiko ShimamotoIn the commentary of the paperback edition "Introduction to Shotaro Ishinomori's Manga Artist", "Shotaro Ishinomori is a writer who can draw out the results after thinking without thinking. (Omitted) After that, I asked Shotaro Ishinomori himself. However, my understanding was correct. When I draw, I draw with "sense".What's more, he wrote, "If you draw while thinking, you won't get good things."[30].

After "Kamen Rider", he was also in charge of many manga serializations of special effects TV programs that he himself worked on, but these arePublicityIt was obligatory as a development, and he said that he really did not want to serialize TV works in magazines.[2]..In particular, there is a dilemma that the story will be unreasonable if a character for TV appears in the work, and the later "Secret Sentai Gorenger』, Etc. are written with different contents from the TV version[2]..Toei's reading these works when he was in elementary schoolShinichiro ShirakuraCommented that although Ishinomori's comicalize has a deep theme, it often cannot be processed within the serialization period.[31].

He said that he was not dissatisfied with the TV work he participated in as the original author, except for the technical part, but he said that he had a feeling of being cut off when visualizing his existing work.Cyborg 009And 'I like it! I like it!! Witch teacher(Mr. Chinome) ”and other settings were reluctant to change.[2].

During the Tokiwa-so era, the ashtray was quickly filled with heavy smokers.Fujio AkatsukaWas careful and diligently exchanged[32].

He was a leading sci-fi manga successor to Osamu Tezuka's clothing bowl, but he is also known as an avid sci-fi reader and overseas.Science fiction novelIt is also pointed out that he got a hint of the work from[22]However, he also often introduces it in the work.

List of major works

* Japanese syllabary order Japanese syllabary

External original author's work

Tokusatsu original

The works introduced in this column are for TV program planning.BrainIt is not that the manga is the original because the TV project preceded it (for details, see "" above.CareerSee).In addition, there are many works that he does not draw manga himself.

The following was produced after his death, but is considered to be the original author in the telop due to the consideration of copyright management.


"Super squadron seriesThe original work of "Himitsu Sentai Gorenger" and the second work "Jacker Dengekitai" was handled by Ishinomori (then "Ishinomori"), and the third work "Battle Fever J"LaterSaburo YateWas replaced by.However, when Goranger and Jacker also appear or with the "Kamen Rider Series"crossoverThen, Ishinomori is also credited under a joint name.

In addition, "Kamen Rider Decade"Episode 24 and 25 and"Samurai Sentai ShinkengerIn episodes 20 and 21 (crossover of both works), only Ishinomori was credited as the original author in "Decade", and only eight hands were credited as the original author in "Shinkenger". "Shuriken Sentai Ninninger』\ Aka Ranger appeared in the 7th episode, but there was no credit for Ishinomori.

On the other hand, in Toei's works ("Space Ironmen Kyodyne", "Kaiketsu Zubat", "Glacier Warrior Geislugger", etc.), which are the sole authors of Ishinomori (Ishinomori), there are many songs in which Yate is credited as the lyricist.

Anime original

The following is the production after death.

TV drama original

The following is the production after death.

  • Omiya -It is based on Ishinomori's manga "Kusakabe Station Labyrinth Division Omiya-san".

In addition, "New Omiya-san" 2012 edition episode 1 and "Woman of Kyoto District ProsecutorIn the first episode of the 2012 edition, both workscrossoverHowever, Ishinomori is not credited as the original author in "Kyoto Jiken no Onna".

List of original movies

Anime movie

Live-action movie

The original work written by another author

Excludes comicalize and novelization of video works.


Kamen Rider seriesManga worksKamen Rider Series #Cartoon works by other writersSee.



  • End of the battle-"Cyborg 009" (TV version 1st work) ED
  • Primitive Shonen Ryu goes-- "Primitive Shonen Ryu" OP
  • Ran no Uta-Same ED
  • Ganbare Robocon-"Ganbare !! Robocon" OP
  • Go Go Kikaider-"Android Kikaider" OP
  • Kikaider 01-"Kikaider 01" OP
  • Moonlight lullaby-"I like it! I like it !! Witch teacher" ED
  • Zubat of Hell -"Kaiketsu Zubat" OP
  • Fight Inazuman-"Inazuman" OP
  • Inazuman Action-"Inazuman F" ED
  • Victory! Akumaizer 3 -"Akumaizer 3" OP
  • Doe !! Choujin Bibyun -"Choujin Bibyun" OP
  • Space Ironmen Kyodyne -"Space Ironmen Kyodyne" OP
  • Oh !! Daitetsujin One Seven -"Daitetsujin 17" OP
  • Invisible Dori-chan-"Transparent Dori-chan" OP
  • Eventually youth-"Soreyuki! Red Vickies" OP
  • Hero, cross the galaxy-"Message from Space: Galactic War" OP
  • Nebula Mask Machine Man-"Nebula Mask Machine Man" OP
  • Fight! Bike Rosser-"Kyodai Ken Byclosser" OP
  • Robot 8-chan-"Robot 8-chan" first half OP
  • 8-chan's Ekaki Song-Late ED
  • Robot Gun-chan 110- "Robot 110" OP
  • For whom -"Cyborg 009" (TV version 2nd work) OP
  • Hoshi no Ko Chobin-"Hoshi no Ko Chobin" OP
  • Hoshi no Shizuku no Komoriuta-Same ED
  • Glacier Warrior Guy Slugger -"Glacier Warrior Guy Slugger" OP


Kamen Rider series related songs


Super squadron series Related songs


  • "World Manga-Travel for Wasteful Foreign Currency" Sanichi Shobo, 1963
    • "World Manga" Chuko Bunko, 1984
    • "World Manga-Around the World 50 Years Ago" Seiryu Publishing, 2008
  • "Introduction to Manga Artists for Boys" Akita Shoten, 1965
  • "Introduction to Manga Artists" Akita Shoten, 1966
  • "Ishimori Manga Class" Kurosaki Publishing, 1969
  • Shotaro Ishinomori, Rakusho Note-Experiential Creative Theory, Shogakukan, 1980
  • "Chapter, Tokiwa-so, Spring" Scola, 1981
    • "Tokiwa-so's Youth-Our Manga Training Era" Kodansha Bunko, 1986
    • "Chapter Tokiwa-so Youth" Chuko Bunko, 2018 ISBN-978 4122066472
  • "I wanted to be Leonardo da Vinci" Poplar Publishing, 1983
    • "Shotaro Ishinomori's Youth" Shogakukan Bunko, 1998
    • "I wanted to be Da Vinci" Seiryu Publishing, 2008 ISBN-978 4860292522
  • "Introduction to Shotaro Ishinomori's Manga Artist" Akita Shoten, 1988 (re-edited from "Introduction to Manga Artist for Boys" and "Introduction to Manga Artist")
  • "Kizuna-From Unseen Sons to Unseen Sons" Choeisha, 2003 ISBN-978 4886297952

Shotaro Ishinomori Manga Complete Works

Kadokawa GroupA commemorative project for the 60th anniversary of our founding.2006May 2The first phase is on sale.A total of 1 books for 12 terms. It will be 500 titles.2008Currently, all 12 terms have been issued.

Due to the combination of conditions that make it difficult to obtain, such as online reservation sales only (cannot be purchased at general bookstores), set sales only for each period (one book cannot be purchased), and limited production.復刊 ド ッ ト コ ムWhen the sales format was announced in, many critical opinions were received on the bulletin board.

2008May 1ToGuinness World RecordsRecognized as a world record as "the record of the most comics published by one author"[35].

From 2014 to 2015, the electronic book "Shotaro Ishinomori Digital Taizen" (Ishimori Productions, Kodansha) was started to be distributed as a similar project. (15 books in all 500 terms)[36]This can be purchased from one book.

Character Design

The characters of the above animation and the original work of the special effects are omitted.


  • Astro Boy Midoro is a swamp -As one of the original man. * Studio ZeroMushi ProductionProduced from.It is said that Mushi Production made a major rework because the designs of Atom and others were different for each person.
  • Ghost Taro --Drawing cooperation
  • Shotaro Ishinomori's Manga Superconducting Course (Kodansha Quark Edition) --Manga work (discovery of high-temperature superconductors, depicting the state of fever in a unique expression)
  • Sea Jetter Kaito
  • Dune Sand Planet / Sand Savior / Sand Children(Feature-length science fiction novel, Hayakawa Publishing) --Cover illustrations and illustrations of the early Japanese version
  • Lupine III DEAD OR ALIVE --Participants of the Monkey Punch cheering party.
  • Cosmic Guerrilla-Universal arcade game, in charge of concept design as Ishimori Productions
  • Tomorrow morning on the stars
  • Kizuna From the unscrupulous sons to the unscrupulous sons (Choeisha) --An essay based on the story of Ishinomori
  • 2012 009 conclusion GOD'S WAR(Cyborg 009 Complete Edition) --Co-authored with Joe Onodera, a novel work (I made a huge amount of plots, but the actual work was incomplete only by writing a part of the manuscript, and Onodera took over later)
  • Harmful comic riotAgainst-"Freedom of Comic Expression SocietyWas formed to deter the regulation of expressions
  • Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival --Character design
  • 2008 is the 70th anniversary of Shotaro Ishinomori's birth and 10 years after his death, from March 3 to 23 of the same year.NHK-BS2"Tokon! Shotaro Ishinomori" featuring Ishinomori's manga works and original video works will be broadcast as an exceptional special program for over 31 hours, and "70th Anniversary DVD Box" will be released as a commemorative event. The event continued.
  • If a cat passes, it makes sense to withdraw --Collection of essays

Main appearance work

Although he is the original author, Shotaro Ishinomori himself appears in TV programs and movies in some of the works.

Depending on the time of appearance, it is under the name of "Shotaro Ishinomori".

tv set




Related person

Osamu Tezuka

Osamu TezukaShotaro Ishinomori is not only famous, but also has the best quality and quantity of manga works, and there are many common episodes, so I will explain them in separate sections.

Before debut
Shotaro Ishinomori was written by Osamu Tezuka and Shichima Sakai when he was a child.Shin treasure islandI was shocked by the fact that I wanted to become a cartoonist, and the school children's company that was serialized in TezukaCartoon boyI sent it to the reader's post section of the magazine every time.Tezuka evaluates Ishimori as a "drawing out of the blue" and a "picture of a genius boy," which gradually makes him want to help with his work.[38].
Spring in the second year of high school, "Astro boyTezuka, who is writing "Lightning Human Volume", received a telegram saying "Shigotowotetsudatsutehoshii" and took a break from school.TokyoAnd his mid-term testassistantServed.At this time, although it was enough to draw only the background and supporting characters, Tezuka was also surprised because he showed all the main characters such as Astro Boy and Higeoyaji with Tezuka touch.
With the help of Tezuka, Ishimori will make his debut as a cartoonist in a manga boy magazine.[15]..Tezuka, who saw the manuscript of his debut work "Second Class Angel", said, "He too.デ ィ ズ ニ ーI'm crazy about it. "[38].
After debut
I moved to Tokyo when I graduated from high school, and one month later I lived in Tezuka.TokiwasoLive in.
1959(Showa 34), Toei Animation (currently, Tezuka joined as a production staff)Toei animation) Theatrical animation "Journey to the WestWas requested by Tezuka and dispatched as an assistant to the production site.Tezuka, who was too busy to participate in the production due to writing manga, was Tezuka's assistant at that time instead of himself.Sadao TsukiokaIt was sent with.
1967"" Published by Mushi Production Co., Ltd. from (Showa 42)COM"Jun," which was serialized by Ishimori in "Jun," is an experimental work that expresses a lyrical world with only the flow of pictures and frames without drawing a clear story, with the theme of love for her sister and its loss. He was enthusiastically welcomed by the manga readers of the time.However, at this time, in response to a letter from a reader who was a fan of both Tezuka and Ishimori asking Tezuka for his impressions of "Jun," Tezuka was criticized for "Jun," saying, "That is not a manga." I replied the contents.The reader sent it to Ishimori, "Osamu Tezuka describes it this way."Ishimori, who was shocked to read it, declared that "Jun" would be discontinued, but immediately after that, Tezuka visited his apartment alone and apologized, "I don't know why I said that." be[39]..In the end, "Jun" was handed down after that, and "Sabu and City Preservation ReserveWith1968 OfShogakkan Manga AwardIt became an award-winning work.
After that, the relationship between Tezuka and Ishimori was restored, and Tezuka made Ishimori appear in his manga several times.Shortly before Tezuka died, we also had a conversation[40].
After the death of Osamu Tezuka
1990 Title title in "Osamu Tezuka Exhibition The Film Lives On"Fujio Fujiko,Shinichi Suzuki,Climbing upIn charge of jointly with.
2nd after deathOsamu Tezuka Cultural AwardA special manga award will be given.


According to the websites of Yamada and Sugaya, to be precise, "an assistant in the original meaning that assists Ishimori's drawing work" (this was called Ishimori Studio) and "Manga of Ishimori Productions related works" There are two types of "painting of character products, etc.", and both have different workplaces, and many people have only been in charge of one of them.For example, Nagai is the former and Sugaya is the latter.When Ishimori died, the funeral was held in a secret burial, but as a result of direct complaints, the students who were active in the early days of TV manga magazine, which started with the "rider" boom, were allowed a group visit to Ishimori's house. There is.

Ishinomori tells Sugaya, "There were many assistants, but only Sugaya was a disciple."[41].

The actor who named the stage name

The person who played Shotaro Ishinomori

An actor
Voice actor

Related facilities

Shotaro Ishinomori Hometown Memorial Hall
An exhibition facility focusing on the people and history of Ishinomori[44][45].MiyagiTome CityIt is located near the birthplace of Ishinomori. Opened in July 2000.
Ishinomori's personal favorite items, collections, souvenirs, etc. are mainly exhibited.
Ishinomori Manga Museum
An exhibition facility based on Ishinomori's works.Ishinomori was my second homeMiyagiIshinomakiLocated in. Opened in July 2001.
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeDamaged by the tsunami, but reopened on November 2012, 11[28].


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