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😀 | "Karate Fool Ichidai Legend Alumni Association SP" Legends gather in the Kyokushin Sanctuary!A large series of secret stories!


"Karate Fool Ichidai Legend Alumni Association SP" Legends gather in the Kyokushin Sanctuary!A large series of secret stories!

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Attention is focused on the one-night-only "alumni association" by gorgeous performers.

"Karate Fool Ichidai Legend Alumni Association SP ..." broadcast on TOKYO MX from 7:22 to 21:00 on Thursday, July 22nd. → Continue reading


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Alumni Association

Alumni Association(Alumni association) is roughly divided into the following.

  1. This is a so-called "social gathering" where graduates of the school gather to look back on those days.
  2. Organized by graduates of the schoolNon profit organizationAnd so-called "supporters' association".

In this section, these are summarized and detailed.

Alumni association as a social gathering

Especially when people who graduated at the same time gatherSynchronous meeting",the sameClasses(class,Home roomWhen people who were (such as) gatherClass reunion", Sometimes[1]..In addition, regardless of graduation age, "Homecoming day(Homecoming day) ”, which is mainly held at universities[2].

In recent years, people who had a crush on a former relationship suddenly approached each other in the wake of the alumni association, and said, "Alumni association.marriage"Alumni AssociationAffairThe word is also born.

Alumni association as a group

Generally, it is organized for the purpose of friendship and social gathering among alumni, sponsorship of mother school and juniors, etc., and after establishing bylaws and appointing representative officers, the following activities are often carried out.By its very nature, it can have a strong influence as an organization that shows the consensus of graduates to their alma mater.

As an individual group name, "Alumni Association""Alumni association","OB meeting","Supporters' associationIn some cases, a name such as "" is used.Also,University(Junior college(Including)LaboratoryAt the (major, major) level, organize the laboratory学会In many cases, they actually play the role of an alumni association.

Depending on the scaleCorporationEtc.CorporationThere are alumni associations that have acquired the status, but in Japan todaylawMost of them are so-called "" because there are many restrictions on acquiring the above legal personality.Association without rightsI am working as.  

Main activities

Holding a general meeting / secretary meeting
A secretary is elected for each graduation year, and officers are elected and activities are decided at the secretariat meetings and general meetings several times a year.
Publication of journal
It is often published once a year.It informs members of the secretariat meeting report, membership fee income and expenditure report, and the latest status of schools.Published primarily at private schools and sent to graduates.Some associations distribute it to current students, and some associations send it only to those who have paid the alumni association fee.
Even if the graduate himself passes away, the message will continue to be sent unless the bereaved family contacts the school (because the alumni association does not understand the situation).
Management of membership fees
The membership fee paid by the members is managed by the secretariat.It is also funded by donations from graduates and teachers.
As an example, it is used as a scholarship for current students for the development of the alma mater, and it is also used as a subsidy for general meetings and class reunions to promote friendship between graduates.
Recently, in addition to the above journalWebsiteThere are also associations that operate the company, and there are also places that allow you to change your address, name, place of employment, etc., and to stop sending journals.

Management of personal information

Appropriate management of personal information and protection of privacy are issues in the operation of the alumni association.

Revised in May 2017 in JapanPersonal Information Protection LawWas fully enforced and the conventional requirement for the number of people of 5000 or less was abolished, and non-profit organizations such as alumni associations were also covered.[3] ..Therefore, the acquisition and storage of personal information is regulated by the revised Personal Information Protection Law.[3]..In addition to the handling of personal information, if privacy is infringed in the operation of the alumni association, it may be an illegal act under the Civil Code.[4] .

About membership

Membership is stipulated by the bylaws and varies from group to group.
It is customary to make graduates the main members and faculty members with work history as special members, and some organizations treat enrolled students as student members.
Those who have experience of enrollment, such as dropouts who do not have a student membership system, usually do not have membership qualifications,Nippon Institute of Technology Komaba High SchoolDropped outRyuichi KawamuraIs called "OB" at the alumni association of his high school[5]There are cases, and it is presumed that there are some organizations that give some qualifications to dropouts.


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