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[A blow of conscience] Unreasonable ... The tragedy that hit my mother while polishing the finish "Child-rearing will continue forever ..."

If you write the contents roughly
Introducing carefully selected episodes that moms and dads who are raising children will definitely laugh without thinking "There is something".

A storm of sympathy for parenting picture diary on Instagram!Popular Instagrammer Hachiya's first comic "Childcare continues ... → Continue reading

 My Navi Woman Parenting

A trouble-solving information site for working moms operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We deliver articles with the concept of "solving mom's worries." We provide reliable information that has been supervised by doctors, focusing on infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often worried. In addition, we also publish seasonal articles such as money, human relations, fashion, recipes, etc. in a wide variety.

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