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⛺ | To accompany the camp ◎ [Workman] Cheap 780 yen canvas paraffin tote is a must-buy!


To accompany the camp ◎ [Workman] Cheap 780 yen canvas paraffin tote is a must-buy!

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It is recommended that you can store small goods such as those used for solo camps neatly.

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Solo camp

Solo camp(British: solo camping[1]) Is done aloneキャンプIs[2].


A solo camp is a camp that you do by yourself.

Solo camps have been around for centuries.ClimbingSince ancient times, mountain climbing (single mountain climbing) has been practiced among people who do so, and solo camps have been held as a matter of course.Allegedly started a modern campThomas Hiram Holding(1844 – 1930) was also done.Furthermore, if it is permissible to include the history before the modern camp, it can be said that it has been done since ancient times. →#history

The way of thinking and positioning of solo camp is different for each person.HobbiesSome people feel that it is a kind of. "Recreation[3]Some people think of it as a kind of.It seems that some people can only think of things in relation to "travel", "in a broad sense, as a whole of travel.宿 泊In a narrow sense, it can be considered as a private trip for the purpose of camping.[4]Some people say.

People who are doing solo camp are called "solo camper"[1]".

At the camp(I.e.One important and urgent point is how to overcome the problem, but regarding that,tent,TarpThere is a style to do with.OtherOvernight in the carThere is also a style to do with.

Large-group camps require a lot of large camping equipment, so you have to load it in a car, while solo camps often use compact and lightweight tools and pack your luggage in a backpack.[5]..Therefore, it does not require labor for preparation and can be moved by public transportation.Bicycle touring,Bike touringIt is also possible to do it with.

One of the reasons why solo camp enthusiasts choose it is that the journey, scope of activity, what to do at the campsite, meals, choice of equipment, etc. are all at their own discretion.Since it is done at the discretion of the individual, it is easy to plan the itinerary and change the schedule during the camp, so it is a purely enjoyable activity without worrying about anyone.


Before modern camp

Including camps that have a different meaning from modern camps and camps before modern camps, camps have been held constantly since the beginning of human history.(I.e.It is said that the history of the city is about 300 million years (depending on how it is perceived), but most of the history was lived only by camping, and there were also independent camps in it. You can think that it was.Ancient ancient timesHunting and gathering societyThen,hunterIf they were to hunt alone, they would naturally become independent camps at night, and some people traveled alone in ancient times (for example, about 5000 years ago).3000 BCIt is said to have lived around, and was discovered in a glacier that has melted in recent years.IcemanI was traveling alone) If the night came on the way, I would camp alone,NomadPeople generally act as a family or a few families, but there were still some who were alone, and such people sometimes had nights on the move.Therefore, if we include the camps that human beings used to live before the modern camp, it can be considered that camps have been carried out alone since ancient times.

After the start of modern camp

Going back to solo camps in modern camps, when camps became widespread (in the 20th century), people who could only see group camps and family camps around them As a result, in the 2020s, it was written that "'traditional camps' were mainly group camps and family camps held by multiple people such as some organization, friends, acquaintances, and families." At the same time, in recent years, more and more people are enjoying solo camping, where they go camping alone.[6]Is now written.

It seems to be in fashion (gradually from the 2000s and 2010s) and doing solo camps.Social MediaPosting to and being featured in various media are increasing[7].

The manga "Yurucamp", which was serialized in 2015, became popular in Japan.[2], Camping became a boom (even among indoor people who were originally not interested in camping and read only manga), but the same work also introduces camping alone.[2]Since there is little luggage to carry and you can enjoy it without worrying about your companion, it will be widely covered in various media from around 2019.[2]After all, it became an opportunity to spread to people who did not know the camp.

Global in 2020CoronaHappened,Achieve infection prevention by keeping a physical distance from other peopleHowever, since you can actively move your body and enjoy yourself in a large space, the trend of solo camps will explode, and in Japan, "solo camps" will be launched in 2020.Buzzword AwardWas chosen in.

Cooking / cooking

Solo camp is alone, so you don't have to worry about other people and you are very free to cook.Even if it is extremely simple, no one will complain, and on the contrary, no one will complain even if it takes an extremely long time.

Heat source selection

Tree branches, firewood system

woodenbranch,firewoodAnd smallfireThe method of making and cooking with it as a heat source is popular.Especially the branches of the treelocal procurementThat is, you only have to pick up and collect dead branches that have fallen on the surrounding ground, you can reduce the amount of luggage carried, and people who camp for a long time do not have to bother to buy fuel.

In the bonfire area (a place that functions as a temporary stove), you may simply arrange stones with a diameter of about 10 to 20 cm (in a semi-circular shape) to make a simple stove.The stone becomes a "windbreak" and a "reflector".Also, for those who are stiff, they cook by making something like a simple underground rocket stove that digs two holes in the ground and penetrates them.

There is also a way to bring a stainless steel bonfire aid, assuming that it will be done in a place where direct fire is prohibited (for example, pico grills and FIREBOX in famous places, and other Amazon made in China cheap but good performance. There are so many kinds of bonfires on sale that the world is full of them).

Small stove system

Another standard method is to use a small stove that uses some kind of fuel.Fuel cans, type or type, are up to you.In addition, a small alcohol stove may be used.People who basically use twigs or firewood as fuel also generally bring a small stove, even in the sense of "insurance", in case the nearby branches get wet due to rain and cannot be used.


Cooking system Meat, seafood, vegetables, etc.FoodstuffPurchase it in advance at a supermarket or grocery store, bring it with you, and cut it firmly with a knife or kitchen knife.Kochel,SkilletEat after cooking like cooking, such as heating with food or grilling meat over an open flame.

Retort pouch, canned food, instant food Purchase and bring retort-packed foods, canned foods, instant foods, etc. in advance, and simply warm or boil them with a kochel, etc., and eat them individually or in combination.

Takeout system A method of purchasing and bringing in so-called "ready-made dishes" such as supermarket delicacies, lunch boxes, sandwiches, and sashimi on the way to the campsite.In most cases, warming is also omitted.The simplest method.It's easy to complain about a large number of people, but at the solo camp, no one complains and you can still enjoy it.

Local procurement system For serious peoplefishing rodBring it near the site, for example in the mountainsMountain streamEtcfishingDoYamame trout,SweetfishYou can get great joy by catching fish such as these on your own and using them as ingredients.Wild vegetablesSome people collect such things on their own in the surrounding area.If around the seaSea fishingThere is also a method of procuring at.Even if you spend hours and hours fishing, no one will complain and you can enjoy it until you are satisfied.

Tool (gear)

The most important thing in the camp is bigNATUREItself (森林 Ofsmell, The smell of the wind, the windsound, The sound of tree branches, of small animals鳴 き 声, AroundVegetation,Mountain streamSight, the sound of mountain streams, magnificentMany mountains of Etc.), and the tools I bring with me are secondary.People who are conscious of tools are not camp lovers, they just like tools.However, camping is comfortable with easy-to-use equipment.There is a fundamental difference in camping style, whether it is ideal to use as few tools as possible / focus on tools, but unlike camps with a large number of people,Solo camp doesn't have to look good to othersSo the style is also extremely free.

List of common tools

Generally, the tools (gears) used in solo camps are as follows.[8].

  • Sierra Cup
  • Mug(Because it's outdoors, drinks can get cold easily, so those with lids and thermos-type mugs are preferred.)
  • lanthanum
  • knife
  • (Cutting board) It is becoming more and more common these days that cutting boards can be eliminated in solo camps.Like the old cowboys in the United States, vegetables etc. are cut in the air with the blade of the knife facing toward you while holding vegetables etc., and meat etc. are also cut by hanging appropriately by hand or rolling around An increasing number of people are picking up branches and stones, washing them lightly, treating them as instant cutting boards, and then cutting them.

Tool-related style

There are a wide variety of tool-related styles and styles.In the first place, a solo camp held by one person is completed as an individual activity that no one knows unless it is published on SNS etc., so it can be said that it is a secret enjoyment, and the style is not known to people.Actually, the solo camps that are published on SNS and TV programs are not statistically majority and general, but rather for public purposes, and they are quite artificial and look good.vanity) Is included, or something is done intentionally to make it a topic.The following is an example of such a public, somewhat deliberate solo camp. Among the items published on SNS etc., those that emphasize only expensive tools are received money from tool makers behind the scenes and are intentionally promoted (sales promotion), so information The recipientMedia literacyIt is necessary to understand the actual situation in a form that is considerably discounted from the information.

Simple/Bushcraft system

A highly unique style that enjoys a sense of unity with nature while making maximum use of natural materials by utilizing the minimum tools.I like this styleUAF YouTubeSome people have uploaded to video sites such asHiroshi"Camping entertainer" who loves solo camp including[9]It was also an opportunity to attract attention.

Oshakan system

Even in a solo camp, the style of decorating the site with various decorations (food is also enjoyed like a cafe menu).In recent years, among Japanese women, "Laid-back Camp] Was a big hit, and some of them started solo camps, and this style was newly born.


A style that composes a heavy duty site while coordinating mainly with military releases and similar designs and tools.People who originally tend to be so-called "military enthusiasts" want to take this style when they start solo camps.

Major manufacturer

A style that composes a site with a set of tools from your favorite manufacturer's products.Especially for SNS and videos where only the manufacturer name is emphasized, the manufacturer often pays money (incentive) behind the scenes, etc.Marketing(Sales promotion) This is an image created by a type of method.There are some people who imitate it by being put on the marketing method.

Garage brand system

A style in which a few enthusiasts seek original products and purchase handmade products from garage brand websites that sell online, and construct sites with highly original functions and design tools.

Famican tool diversion system, mountain climbing camping tool diversion system

Originally I was camping with my family, but from a certain timing, I decided to do a solo camp, and the gear is a style that I do with my family's camping equipment as it is.The early stages of a less artificial, natural solo camp.Also, originallyClimbingEven if a person who used to camp in a group in a club or the like starts to do solo camp in the lowlands after leaving the mountaineering club, the mountaineering camp equipment will be used as it is.A very natural, early-stage style that has been around for decades as a solo camp.

Moving method

There are many different ways to get to the campsite.For those who really love solo camp, don't do small things like "just move for one night, move in a single shot", stay overnight for plenty of fun, make a long-term touring plan, and do that. Enjoy a solo camp every night during a long touring.

  • Walk( + Public transport) -Camping and carrying camping equipment in a rucksack.
  • Bicycle --Add more side bags and pack camping equipment.Long-term alone, from decades ago to todayBicycle touringPeople often do solo camps.Among long-distance bicycle tourists, solo camp is a traditional and common practice.
  • オ ー ト バ イ --Add a side case (pannier case) and pack camping equipment.Long distance alone, from decades ago to todayBike touringPeople often load camping equipment and do solo camps.In particular, for example, riders who are touring long distances over 1000 km or crossing the continent will always have a night in a land where they can not find an inn well, so in any case, they will definitely load camping equipment and run (what is it? No, camping enthusiasts don't load camping equipment for that negative reason).People who like solo camp feel that it is really fun to do it alone and comfortably, so even if you can find an inn, you basically choose to camp solo.
  • Automobile(One box car,Camper van,Camping trailer) --The car can also be a place to sleep.You can also stack a lot of tools.


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