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📚 | Once you use it, you can't let go! "Escape shame" Tadashi Hira's favorite electric pressure cooker recipe


Once you use it, you can't let go! "Escape shame" Tadashi Hira's favorite electric pressure cooker recipe

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It is attracting attention because it is easier and easier to use than the direct fire type.

An electric pressure cooker used by Tadashi Hira, who plays the role of Gen Hoshino in the drama "Escape Shame."It's easier and easier to use than the direct fire type ... → Continue reading

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Grilled on an open fire

Grilled on an open fire(Jikabiyaki) is accompanied by dry heatingCooking formIs a kind ofHeat medium(pot-Kettle,oil) Without usingTueDirectly atFoodHeated the surface ofCuisine.CookingAs a technique of(I.e.Seems to be the oldest[1]..A significant amount for open flamesRadiant heatIt tends to be used when cooking meat quickly.An iron grill between the heat source and the ingredientsgrill) AndWire meshIf you place it and heat it,GrilledIt is called (Amiyaki).

To ingredients in direct fire grillingHeat transferIs mainlyThermal radiationIt is due to.In direct fire grilling, the temperature at which the ingredients are exposed often exceeds 250 ° C.When the meat is roasted,Maillard reactionIt becomes a unique fragrant flavor in the chemical reaction process called[2]..The Maillard reaction occurs only when the foodstuff reaches a temperature above 155 ° C.Although direct-fired grilling contributes to the loss of fat and juiciness and makes the ingredients dry and hard, it is often introduced as a healthier cooking method than using oil.[3].

beef,豚 肉,Bird meat,fish meatWhen cooking etc. at high temperatureHeterocyclic amine(HCA),Benzopyrene,Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonIt leads to the generation of (PAHs), but theseCarcinogenicStudies have shown that[4][5].SauceToPickledBy roasting from, the synthesis of these carcinogens can be reduced.[6].


Direct fire grilling is mainlyFishesAnd meatstring,networkHeat it by bringing it directly to a fire or a hot object so that it can be held by[7]..Before or during heatingseasoning(saltSuch as solid objectsSauce) May be seasoned.The main dishes using open fireYakitori,kebab,grilled fishetc.


IngredientsstringIt is also called skewered when it is stabbed in and grilled over an open flame.


Wire meshGrilling on an open fire is called grilling, but in some cases, the ingredients on the skewers are grilled on the net.SkewersCalled.steakIf you grill such as, you will get a striped pattern or a stitch-like grill.At homeGas stoveOften has a "grill", which puts the ingredients on the grill, but the heat source is only above the grill and some do not have the grill.[8].

Fuel as a heat source

Depending on the difference in fuel that is the heat sourceCharcoal grill(Sumibiyaki)[9],Gas fire grill(Gas Biyaki)[9],Electric grillIt may be called (denkiyaki).

Burner grill (burner yaki)
A type of direct fire grilling, in which a gas burner, which is a heat source, is held by hand and roasted over the ingredients to heat it.The technique is different in that it is mainly used when heating only the surface, and the baked surface can be charred.Cooking that uses this methodBaked tofu,Creme brulee, RoastedsushiAnd so on.[10]

Health risk

When meat is grilled at a high temperature, not limited to open flames, it is during the cooking process.CarcinogenMay occur[11]..There are two possible processes that lead to the outbreak.Heterocyclic amine(HCA) isamino acid,Sugar,CreatineIs formed when reacts at high temperatures.Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) is formed when the fat and gravy of meat that is grilled directly drips into the fire and causes a flame, and the PAH contained in this flame adheres to the surface of the meat.[5]

However, it is possible to significantly reduce carcinogens or reduce their carcinogenicity when roasting meat.garlic,ロ ー ズ マ リ ー,Olive oil,CherryAndVitamin EHas been shown to have the effect of reducing the formation of both HCA and PAH.[11]..When the heat source is above (the type found in many electric and gas ovens) or sideways, the burning of fat dripping from the meat and the contact between the meat and the flame are completely avoided.Another method is to pre-cook the meat in a microwave oven to shorten the cooking time for finishing in contact with high-temperature heat and reduce HCA production.[5]

Gas burner

A hand-held, cylinder-type gas burner may be used to burn or brown food and sweets.


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