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In the first special feature, we thoroughly covered "life-changing, work-useful works" selected by So Takei, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Hyadain, Tenshin Nasukawa, Mamoru Hosoda and others.

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Nasugawa Tenshin

Nasugawa Tenshin(Eggplant Tenshin,1998May 8 -) isJapan OfKickboxer,Mixed fighter,YouTuber.ChibaI'm from. TARGET /CygamesBelongs.Blood type B. "child prodigy], [The greatest genius in kickboxing history] And so on.My favorite straight is "Lightning Left"[3].RISE世界FeatherweightChampion.ISKAOriental rule worldBantamweightKing. ISKA Freestyle Rule WorldFeatherweightKing.Former RISE bantamweight champion. RISE 2nd class champion. ISKA World 2nd Class Champion.


Amateur age

When I was 5Extreme vacuum hand[Annotation 1] To start.His father recommended that Nasukawa, who was a sissy, be well-mannered.I didn't like it at the beginning, and sometimes I ran away from the dojo during the training.[4][5].

When he lost the tournament he participated in for the first time in kindergarten, his father, who hates halfway, got excited and started special training at home.Nasukawa's martial arts life begins[6].

After the results of the special training came out, he won the next prefectural tournament with a single win.Even though karate becomes interesting[6]At the prefectural tournament and above, there are rivals, and only one victory over Nanbara, who is nearly twice the weight and height of Nasukawa, is defeated by all others.For this reason, in order to overcome the disadvantage of the weight difference and win, I started the practice of "hit without hitting" by making full use of the steps, and this became the trigger for Nasukawa's game style.[7]..However, in the final selection tournament, which is the outpost of the national tournament, he lost to Nanbara again and ended up in the best 32, but the participation in the national tournament is decided in consideration of the past achievements.[8].

2008In October, when he participated in the national tournament when he was in the 10th grade of elementary school, he will face Nanbara in the final.Nasukawa, who weighs 4 kg (height 53 cm), was disadvantaged due to the difference in body weight against Nanbara, who weighs 151 kg (height 30 cm). As a result of the weight judgment, Nasukawa won and won the national championship.[9].

2009, Won the Kyokushin Junior World Championship in 5th grade[10]..Around this time, he later said, "When I was wondering if karate was done, I watched kickboxing on TV and longed for it and turned to kicking."[10]..In addition, after deciding to convert, I dared to participate in the game in the upper ranks and played against Nanbara, I thought that it was the last and I had a head-to-head meeting and lost completely[11].

2010Played against WINDY Super Fight Vol.3 on March 14th.At that time, Nasukawa had just turned to kicking and lost to Otawara once, but he succeeded in revenge with a 2-3 decision win.

On June 6th, at WINDY Super Fight Vol.13, he lost 3-0 to Only Isaan Rombu in the first international match.[12].

August 8st, Mueroke Junior 1kg class tournament finalSaya ItoPlay against.He won the championship with a 3-0 decision victory according to the same rules as a professional who can not wear a protector except for the prohibition of elbow strikes.It was his first title win after turning kicks.

On November 11th, he played against Riko Anbo at M-14FAIRTEX SINGHA BEER Muay Thai Challenge NAI KANOMTOM vol.1.Nasukawa became the only Kyokushin World Junior Champion who wanted to play by name when he was a junior, and won the 4-3 decision.

2012June 4, 15stToshio FujiwaraWinner of the 2012kg class at the Cup 50 National Tournament[13].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Big Bang ~ Road to Unification ~ At the opening fight of the eightYuki TakeiDraw with 1-1 decision Yoshiki Takei's record is 3 wins 0 losses 1 draw

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Big Bang ~ Road to Unification ~ At the opening fight of the 50th, 2kg contract 3 minutes XNUMXRHaruma SaikyoAnd won the 3-0 decision.

2013February 2, Big Bang ~ Road to Unification ~ At TwelveHiroki AkimotoAnd held an exhibition match.Nasukawa was surprised that there was such a great player who "cannot hit adults" and said that he began to aim for a player who can beat any technique like Akimoto.[14].

Girls S-cup 2 World Champion at Shoot Boxing Korakuen Hall Tournament on February 22REINDEERWin a lottery for a ticket to take private lessons.I was still in the second year of junior high school before my professional debut, but I talked with RENA in a magazine project.[15].

On March 3, he won the Toshio Fujiwara Cup 31 National Tournament in the 2013kg class and achieved consecutive victories following the 55kg class in the previous year.[16].

On April 4, won the G-29 Grand Prix 24kg or less at the 1th All Japan New Karatedo Championship "G-2013 GRAND PRIX 3"[17].

2014February 2, at No Kick, No Life 11Shin Nihon KickWe had an exhibition match with lightweight champion Tatsuya Ishii.

Amateur kickboxing record is 105 games 99 wins 5 losses 1 minute 37 KO. KAMINARIMON,Big Bang , World Amateur Muay Thai Championship, Muay Thai,M-1 Muay Thai Challenge,MA kick, Toshio Fujiwara Cup and many other amateur national and world championship titles have been won, and "Junior'sPound for poundIt was called "the strongest".

In March, when I graduated from junior high school, I was taken care of by training.Takashi ItoBelongs to the presiding gym, TARGET.I was taught punching and kicking techniques to steal KO instead of points[18].

I went to a four-year high school where classes end only in the morning so that I could concentrate on martial arts.

Professional era

On July 7th, at RISE 12 ~ BLADE 100 ~, it was difficult to decide the opponent from the achievements of the amateur era.[19], RISE the professional debut matchBantamweightPerformed with Arimatsu Asahi, the 7th place active ranker, and won KO in 1R58 seconds.

On November 11th, at RISE 16, he played against Ryo Kushima, who was 102th in the RISE bantamweight division, and won the decision.[20]..Nasukawa recalls that by playing against Kushima, who never gave up no matter what kind of attack he hit, he was taught that the professional world was not sweet and he was able to make a big change.[21].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,BLADEParticipated in BLADE.1 which is a flag-raising battle.Played against Kim Jin Min and overwhelmed to win 1 RKO.

2015On March 3, he played against former shoot boxing Japanese super bantamweight champion Masahiro Fujimoto at RISE 21, unilaterally defeating him and winning 104 RKO.At the microphone performance after the match, he appealed for the RISE bantamweight championship challenge, saying, "How about the title match next? Murakoshi, let's do it."[22].

RISE bantamweight title

RISE bantamweight champion at RISE 5 on May 31stYuu MurakoshiChallenge. If you take down at the end of 1R, you take 2 downs to 3R and win KO.[23].

BLADE tournament victory

Participated in BLADE FC JAPAN CUP -8kg Tournament 1 at BLADE.2 on August 55st. In the first round, he played against DEEP ☆ KICK 2015kg class champion Masahiko Suzuki and won 1 RKO.In the following semi-finalsREBELS NEW RAIDERS Tournament-When you play against the 55kg class champion and win the 3R fainting KO, shoot boxing Japan super bantamweight champion in the finalTaiki NaitoIn the XNUMXst round, he took a down with a left high kick, and then won a KO victory with a series of crescent kicks and punches.

On November 11th, he played against Mike Alamos at RISE 8 and won 108 RKO.After the match, I was watching the game at the ringside, saying, "I want to play another game at the end of the year, but would you please let RIZIN put me out? Mr. Sasahara of RIZIN is coming, so please put it out."Keiichi SasaharaAppealed to participate in RIZIN[24].

2016Played against RISE 1 on January 31st.As soon as the game started, the manga "Grappler blade』Main characterHanma FangHe showed a margin, such as imitating "Triceratops Fist", and won the 3-0 decision.In response to the fact that he couldn't KO after the match, he said, "I played a match that wasn't like me. I'm sorry. I realized again in today's match that I'm still alive."[25].

March 3th, NO KICK NO LIFE 12 for the first time after turning professionalSumo wrestlingWith unlimited rules for kicking knees fromKeisuke MiyamotoPlay against. If you show 1R for sumo wrestling, you can jump to 2R and win KO with a knee kick[26].

ISKA Oriental Rule World Bantamweight Championship

March 3, at RISE 26ISKAOriental Rule World Bantamweight ChampionshipFred CordeiroPlay against. In 2R, he took down with a knee kick on the counter, and although he struggled with batting in his right eye in 4R, he won the world title with a 3-0 decision victory.As a result of a detailed examination after the game, there were no abnormalities in the eyes and left fist.[27].

On May 5, he played against Tarick Tots at RISE 29 with a 111kg contract and won KO in 56R with a crescent kick.[28].

August 8, Chinese kickboxing groupKunlun FightとREBELSCo-sponsored the first Japanese tournament, KUNLUN FIGHT 49 x REBELS.45. At the request of Nasukawa, "I want to fight the strongest player in China's 55kg"[29], Play against the Sanshou champion Lin Bin.If you take down with a crescent kick at the beginning, you win 1 RKO with a knee kick to the body.[30].

Former champion who won the challenger decision tournament in the first defense of the RISE bantamweight title at RISE 9 on September 25Yuu MurakoshiRematched with and succeeded in the first defense with a 2-0 decision victory.I regretted not being able to KO after the match and showed tears[31].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,KNOCK OUTIn the flag-raising battle ofMuay Thai OfLumpini StadiumSuper flyweight55kg contract with the champion, the first professional careerElbow strikeWe played against each other according to the rules.Originally, the opponent was Wancharon, who is an active champion in the second rank, but it was done with a contract weight that matches Nasukawa.From the development of pushing in due to the difference in body size, KO won with a backspin kick at 2R 1 minutes 2 seconds.After the match, Nasukawa cried, "I was able to defeat the active Thai champion. I was able to practice hard because I had an opponent. Let me just say one thing. I am Tenshin Nasukawa of Japan. I appealed with excitement with a microphone.[32].

Participate in RIZIN

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2016 Open Weight Tournament 2nd ROUNDAtRIZINFor the first time in[33],総 合格 闘 技(MMA) In the debut match of the rules, he played against Taekwondo European champion Nikita Sapun under a 56.7kg contract, and although he was injured when he was hit by a blow and was injured by squeezing his arm from below, KO was hit repeatedly. Won[34][35][36]..At the microphone performance immediately after the match, Nasukawa said, "Please make another match," and two days later, he said that he would participate in the New Year's Eve tournament.Nobuhiko TakadaDirectly appeal to[37]After clearing the doctor's check on his injured right arm, he appealed to RIZIN, who insisted that he should wait a day for the progress of his injury, to announce it now, and managed to participate in the New Year's Eve tournament.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2016 Open Weight Tournament FINAL ROUNDAt, he played against Kauika Orillo, wrapped his left arm around Orillo's neck, squeezed it, and took the tap to win one.After the match, there was a dissenting opinion on the mixed martial arts challenge, "I think that those who disagree can understand by watching the match today or yesterday. If my name goes up, the name of the kick will go up. , RIZIN's name will also go up. "[38]..A pioneer who also participated in the same tournament and changed from kickboxing to mixed martial artsMirko Cro Cop"I didn't know him, but I was surprised at his talent. If you take a serious path and take a path, you should be a star carrying MMA."[39].

2017February 2, at KNOCK OUT vol.12Amnat RuenroengPlayed against with a 56.5kg contract[40]..Although there was a big difference in body size with Amnat, who fought in Muay Thai and boxing career in the flyweight division three classes lower, there were scenes where he did not attack his career and technique in the early stages, and he was tired of Amnat, who is said to be 3 years old. Won KO in 39R where[41][42].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN 2017 in YOKOHAMA -SAKURA-Play against Francisco Guilriotti in MMA rules. He won the KO in 1R67 seconds.

May 5th, at RISE 20, ISKANomination matchPlayed against ISKA Muaythai European Bantamweight Champion Ryan Shehan.He won 1 RKO with a straight blow on the left body and succeeded in defending the ISKA Oriental Rule World Bantamweight Championship for the first time.On the ring after the matchKizaemon SaigaWhen asked to play "K-1 rule, RISE rule, RIZIN's MMA rule, let's play against me", I accepted the match saying "I'll do it".[43].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day, RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 1st ROUND -Summer Team-With a 57kg contract, Saiga Kizaemon and 1R will play against each other with kickboxing rules, 2R will play with mixed rules of mixed martial arts rules, and from the beginning, match the left straight with Saiga's knee kick at the counter and kill with a single blow, 1R fainting KO I won.

On August 8, at KNOCKOUT vol.20, he played against former Lumpinee Stadium 4nd class champion Wisanlek MEIBUKAI. He jumped to 2R and cut the outer corner of Wisan Wreck with a knee kick, and won TKO with a doctor stop due to 2R bloodshed.[44].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 1st ROUND -Autumn Team-Amateur Boxing 5 CrownsYamato FujitaAnd won a 3-0 decision.[45].

On November 11, I was supposed to face Ignacio Capronchi in the second defense of the RISE bantamweight title at RISE 23 ~ RISE DEAD OR ALIVE -121kg TOURNAMENT 57 ~, but Capronchi weighed 2017g the day before. It was carried out in a non-title match, and won the KO by taking down 2 times in 800R.[46].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 Final ROUNDParticipated in "Cygames presents RIZIN KICK One Night Tournament" in the semi-finalsLawayHe played against the champion Hamamoto "Cat" Majestic, jumped to 2R and won KO with a knee kick.[47][48].

2018On February 2, at KNOCK OUT FIRST IMPACT, he played against Suakim Sitso Toteu, the Super Bantamweight Champion of the Promuay Thai Association, and won a 12R5-3 decision.[49][50][51].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN.10In mixed martial artistYusaku NakamuraHe played against him with the heaviest contract of 58kg in his career, and took a total of 4 downs to win 2RKO.The down-feather rotary kick that robbed the first down shocked the world and was praised and reported in the media all over the world as a divine technique.[52].

RISE World Featherweight Championship Wins XNUMXnd Class Conquest

Returning the RISE bantamweight (-6kg) throne at RISE 17 on June 125thFeatherweightRaised to (-57.15kg) and ranked first in the super-featherweight division at both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums in the first RISE World Featherweight Championship.Rodtang Jitmuang NonIn the 5th round, he couldn't settle, and as a result of the extra time, Nasukawa won the decision and achieved the 2nd class conquest following the bantamweight class.[53].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN.13Former UFC World Flyweight 3rd and RIZIN Bantamweight (-61kg) GP2017 ChampionKoji HoriguchiHe played against him with a kick rule 58kg contract and won a 3-0 decision.Immediately after the match, Nasukawa commented on the ring, "It was thanks to Horiguchi that I was able to grow through the match. It seemed that I was fighting a beast instead of a human. It was a dangerous place if I made a mistake."[54].

On November 11th, at RISE 17, he won the RISE Dead or Alive -129kg tournament a year ago and won the right to challenge Nasukawa. Match. Takes 1 downs to 57R and wins 57 minute 1 seconds TKO[55].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN.14In, the former world 5th class champion of professional boxingFloyd Mayweather Jr.And played in an informal match of boxing rules 3 minutes 3 rounds.On the 29th, just before the game, it turned out that a penalty of 1 million dollars (about 500 million yen at the rate at that time) was set for each kick.Mayweather campAntonio Inoki vs. Muhammad AliでMohammed AliSeems to have taken hard steps to avoid risk, emphasizing the precedent of injuring his thighs[56]..The difference in weight between the two who went up to the ring is 3 kg in the official measurement, and the moment Mayweather, who hangs his arms from the start of the game and approaches with a big smile, the left straight of Nasukawa grazes his face. The weather changed suddenly, and he was blown to the ring end with the left hook on the temporal region and suffered the first down in his life even though it was an informal game, and even though he stood up, he was blown to the ring end again with the right hook from the right body and stood up. He received the left hook from the front on the side of his head and was robbed of three downs, and when he was about to stand up, a towel was thrown and TKO lost, and Nasukawa collapsed and cried on the spot.[57][58][59][60].

20193月10日、階級をさらに1kg重い58kgに上げてRISE WORLD SERIES 58kg世界トーナメント2019に参戦し、1回戦でWKNムエタイ58kg級世界王者フェデリコ・ローマと対戦し、3Rに左ハイキックでKO勝ち。7月21日の大阪での準決勝に進出した。KO勝ち直後は初代PRIDEライト級王者Takanori GomiI imitated and climbed the corner post and got a big cheer[61]..Representative of the world's largest mixed martial arts organization UFCDana WhiteHas received praise from all over the world, such as sharing a video of the Nasukawa KO scene of this match on his official Instagram.[62].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN.15WBC Muaythai Philippines Featherweight Champion Fritz Biagtan with 59kg contract to win 3RKO[63].

ISKA World Featherweight Championship (Achieved Triple Crown of the World)

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RIZIN.16Challenge the ISKA World Featherweight Championship at.Initially, ISKA Freestyle Rule World Featherweight Champion Amed FerrageNomination matchHowever, less than two weeks before the match, Ferrage refused to play, saying, "I'm not confident that I can beat Nasukawa. I can't play the match." ISKA stripped the title of Ferrage.[64], Instead, played the ISKA Freestyle Rule World Bantamweight Champion Martin Blanco and the vacant World Featherweight Championship, winning the 2R 3 knockdown KO and achieving the World Triple Crown.[65].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Edion Arena OsakaAt RISE WORLD SERIES 58kg World Tournament 2019 Semifinal ActiveLumpinee StadiumHe played against the super-featherweight champion, and Suakim cut his forehead with a rotary kick in the 3rd round and won the TKO with a doctor stop. We advanced to the final on September 9th.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Makuhari Messe・ At the event hall, RISE WORLD SERIES 58kg present in the 2019 final of the World TournamentISKAMuay Thai World Bantamweight ChampionShiroAfter finishing the 3Rs, he won the 3-0 full mark and won the championship.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Saitama Super ArenaMade inRIZIN.20At the main event ofEbataPlay against.He showed himself a rotary kick that he named "Axel Kick" and took down 1 times in 3R to win KO.

Broadcasted on May 2021, 4Flame sports club tvRetired from kickboxing at the RISE tournament in March 2022,boxingAnnounced to convert to.


The name Tenshin was named by his father, Hiroyuki, with the idea that "I have a heart in heaven. I want you to be a person who has a big heart like heaven and never forgets gratitude."[66][67].

He wrote in his own book that he was number one in an elementary school marathon for six consecutive years and was also number one in sprinting.There was also talk of going to an athletics competition on behalf of the school, but he was busy with karate and never went to the competition.[68].

Since the professional practice of the gym "TARGET" that I belonged to when I was in high school started at 1:4 pm, the class is a three-part system and a four-year system to concentrate on martial arts.Chiba Prefectural Matsudo Minami High SchoolTransferred to the morning[69].

Nasukawa was the first to choose Matsudo Minami High School to play professional sports, but he said he would like to give back to his alma mater by playing an active role because he had enough training time.[70].

Regarding defense etc., it is predicted by the movement of the opponent's shoulder that "many people see the opponent's fist, but the shoulder moves a little when attacking"[71]..He also rarely studies his opponents, saying, "Even if you do research, you don't always attack that way in the match. It's often the first time you know it on the ring."[72].

In his junior days before his professional debut, he was called "Super High School Student", "Junior Pound for Pound", etc.[73].

At the beginning of my professional debut, I could lose the weight of the game if it was about 55kg, so I didn't lose weight in earnest.[74].. Until 2016, the knowledge was almost like an amateur, such as getting sick due to weight loss, but from the game in May 2017, it became dramatically easier by incorporating specialized weight loss such as draining water.[75].

In the second professional race, become an opponentCrescent kickWhen he was kicked, he said, "Let's try again." He kicked a crescent kick that he had never practiced before, took down and won KO.[76].

Amnat RuenroengIn the war, the manga "Grappler blade』Main characterHanma FangI showed the pose of "Triceratops Fist", one of the techniques of[25][77]..Original author of BakiKeisuke ItagakiI often watch Nasukawa's games on the ringside, and Nasukawa will be the motion actor for the opening of the second cool of the second TV anime series "Baki" on death row from July 2018. In charge[78].

Keisuke HondaIs listed as a longing person[69]"I have decided to be a better player than Honda. I want to challenge Muay Thai soon. I aim to be a player who can lead the martial arts world with the aim of becoming the strongest."

Haunted houseIs not very good atFujikyu HighlandHaunted house "Severe / Shivering LabyrinthEven though I entered with a friend, I immediately retired and had him go out.He also said, "I have never done fights and I don't like hitting people." He prefers martial arts as a sport.[79]..When I first put on thin gloves, I was worried about getting a punch[80]Even if you win the KO, "If you fall down with this, it will work if you get it."[81] I'm thinking.

Originally I was stiff, but when I started going to physical training after becoming a professional, I became able to jump from push-ups and perform acrobatic movements such as touching both hands alternately on the chest and back.[82][83]..Including RISE which is the main battlefieldSumo wrestlingAs more and more kickboxing groups limit or ban, sumo wrestling can be used as a breaking technique and strengthens the core, so we are incorporating sumo wrestling training.[84].

He says he wants to change the martial arts world. "I don't think I can do it alone. I think it can only be achieved by enlivening the tournament with all the players."[85].

Sister'sPearAlso debuted as a professional kickboxer on June 2018, 6[86]..My younger brother also has experience in amateur games and is aiming for a professional debut[87].

I was in the same class during my amateur daysHiramoto lotusAre still in the second and practicing together, recognizing each other as "eternal rivals and best friends."What is a rival in the Kyokushin era? Nasukawa won the RISE title at the youngest in history, and Nanbara was the youngest in history to participate in the Kyokushin World Championship. In the Kyokushin era, Nasukawa weighed 2015 kg, which was more than double the weight difference of 60 kg. I learned. Thanks to Kenta, I have the current style. "[88].WPMFMuay Thai Women's World Pinweight ChampionSaya Ito"Tenshin is still a rival. We have been competing with each other with the intention of taking the world title before Tenshin," he said in a conversation.Most Amateur Boxing High School Women's Titles In HistoryNamiki TsukiumiIs a rival of the Kyokushin era and a childhood friend, and he still has a family relationship.[89].. One year younger, he won the amateur boxing world youth championship for the first time in Japanese history.SuidoHas been interacting with Nasukawa as a whole family since he was a karateka, and was a member of TEAM TEPPEN when he was a kickboxer at Tsutsumi.Tsutsumi commented, "Tenshin has the ability to play an active role as a professional boxer. The level that he always takes for granted is at a high level."[67][90].

Episode with father

In Nasukawa, his father, Hiroyuki, saved his work and was almost straightforward, and if he couldn't move as usual even after winning the tournament, he would be forced to practice repeatedly for hours without eating immediately after returning home. However, I was raised in the days of rigorous practice, which both myself and others admit, "I can't do it unless I'm a parent and child" and "I can't usually do that much".Nasukawa said, "The pressure of my father was really great. Even the pressure of the title match and the big stage feels like no big deal compared to the pressure of my father."[91].

For the admission songEikichi Yazawaof"I can't stop Ha ~ Ha] Is used.Hiroyuki was a big fan of Eikichi Yazawa, and Nasukawa also wanted to use it for the admission song, but he didn't use it until he got permission from Hiroyuki because he was stopped saying "You are not a vessel to use this song yet".[92].

After switching to kickboxing, I did not belong to the gym and went to some gyms to practice, but when I was introduced to amateur boxing player Yuji Okamoto at the training destination, I started to ask Okamoto for a boxing trainer. , I rented a gymnasium in my neighborhood once a week and formed TEAM TEPPEN to practice with my father, Okamoto and Nasukawa.After that, TEAM TEPPEN began to teach ordinary children and produced a number of junior champions.[93]..When I was in junior high school, I practiced with my father at home or at TEAM TEPPEN except for training once or twice a week.

Evaluation and solicitation from the UFC

UFCReceived an offer to participate in the war[94].. The UFC has offered a $ 6 favorable treatment offer to Nasukawa, who has been practicing mixed martial arts for less than half a year.[95], Aside from the mixed martial arts in Japan who have a lot of achievements in mixed martial arts, they are enthusiastically evaluating Nasukawa as "I definitely want it".[96].

World prestigious mixed martial arts and kickboxingAmerican Kickboxing AcademyFormer owner of Thai branchUFCFighter'sMike SwickHowever, when I called Kenichi Hamakawa, the representative of Shinjuku Lefty Gym, which has a business alliance, "I would like you to introduce me if there is a good player in Japan," Nasukawa is not affiliated with Shinjuku Lefty Gym, but he is active in the world. Recommended by Hamakawa's desire to do it, he practiced in front of Swick, who came to Japan for the UFC Japan Tournament in September 2015.Nasukawa was in a state where he couldn't kick because he hurt his back during practice, but Swick said, "The speed of the steps is the champion class of boxing. The combination is good. It will be invincible in two years.Pay Per ViewThe broadcasting rights fee is an order of magnitude higher, so he will be a player who can earn 1 to 5 billion yen in one game. "[97].

Evaluation from boxing and solicitation / self-evaluation

WBCWorld Super Bantamweight Honorary ChampionNishioka ToshiakiIntroduced Nasukawa, who was still in elementary school at the time, as a "future champion" on his blog on January 2011, 1, and turned to boxing.Teiko GymI am soliciting an introduction[98].

WBC World Super Featherweight ChampionTakashi Miura"I'm paying attention to Nasukawa. The punching technique and power are amazing. Even if I do boxing, I can definitely be a world champion. I have that much punch."[99].

Former Teiken Gym master trainer who raised four professional boxing world champions, including Toshiaki Nishioka and Takashi Miura.Yuichi Kasai"Tenshin's qualities are higher than Nishioka. Not so in the boxing world. Even in boxing, he has the talent to win the world title immediately with a short record."[100]"Tenshin has the extraordinary ability to defeat a technique that he practiced only 3-4 times in a normal game. It's fun to teach because you can do anything immediately if you teach it." So I don't give detailed guidance. I can hit the jab because my eyes, sense of distance, and how to use the jab are genius. "[101]"WBC World Light Flyweight ChampionYu KimuraWas sparring with Tenshin, who was still a high school student at the time, when he was about to enter the world war.Although Tenshin is physically a super flyweight, he has a physical difference from Kimura, a light flyweight, so he instructed me to "play with technique, not power."We have to consider Kimura's fatigue ahead of the world war, but since we saw with our own eyes that Tenshin, a high school student, was more than equal in technique with the world champion, expectations for Tenshin are high. " Evaluating[102].

WBC World Bantamweight Champion who was defending 2 consecutive world titles, the 12nd place in Japanese historyShinsuke Yamanaka"As Kasai trainer said, I have a sense of becoming a world champion in boxing, so I definitely want to see it in boxing. Hand speed, punching power, guesswork, strength of feeling, youth, momentum, everything I'm 18 years old and I'm crazy. "" Tenshin-kun has a great left straight, but he's also good at the upper.IBFWorld flyweight championAmnat RuenroengI see that I often hit the upper hook to the body that KOed, but I can't hit that either.Even in the boxing rules, that punch is absolutely effective when a southpaw player hits it, so please give me that punch (laughs). "[103].

Former WBC / WBA World Minimum Class Champion and Chairman of Ohashi Boxing GymHideyuki OhashiAlso one of the people who recognizes Nasukawa's boxing talent, "Nasukawa is strong. You can be the world champion even if you do boxing. So far, the world champion in the third professional race is the fastest record. However, if I could break it, it would be when Nasukawa did boxing. "[104].

In fact, Nasukawa is from Teiken Gym, who has been training in boxing since the second and third professional races.[105], I was presented with a contract money and was offered a boxing conversion saying "If you keep it at home, I will make you a world champion",Japan Boxing CommissionDoes not allow other professional martial arts players to issue licenses on their own, so it may not be possible to participate in professional boxing games in Japan in parallel with kickboxing. I started kicking. I was told that I wouldn't do boxing, but I thought I would run away if I went there, so I didn't want to do anything other than kicking. "[67]..However, even after becoming a professional kickboxer, in addition to soliciting professional boxing conversion, there are also offers to aim for the Tokyo Olympics in amateur boxing.[106].

In "VS Nasukawa Tenshin 2018nd Season", where he regularly appeared on Abema TV on September 9, 8, "It is best to be able to do both kickboxing and boxing in Japan. Before that. I wish I could get to the point where the boxing world told me to come out. I want to do my best to do that. It's amazing to be strong no matter what I do. Be a champion in both. If you do, you have a lot of dreams. "[107] He is enthusiastic about participating in boxing in parallel with kicks, and considering the current situation where he is not allowed to play with kicks in Japan mentioned above, "I want to do kicks in Japan and boxing overseas." Commenting[102].

Despite offers from various organizations, he consistently puts his attachment to kickboxing first.RIZINRegarding the fact that I tried the mixed martial arts rule for the first time, "People who saw my game at RIZIN on TV think that they are MMA fighters, so" Kick is better after all " I want to remind you. "[108] Says.

On top of that, regarding future conversion to other sports, "I want to concentrate on kicking and conquer the kick by the age of 22-23. I also want to think about going to boxing and UFC after that."[25][109]"Now, what I want to do most is to make kickboxing a major, but I'm getting calls from various places, so I'm young and there are various ways, but I'm thinking about MMA, kicking and boxing. I'm thinking, and I don't know what the martial arts world will be like in the future, so I'd like to go that route. "[110] While putting the kick first, it has implications.


Pro kick boxing

Kickboxing record
39 match(T) KOJudgmentMoredrawInvalid match
39 Win2811000
0 Defeat000
VictoryOpponentMatch resultTournament nameDate held

○Shiro3 minutes 3R end judgment 3-0RISE ELDORADO 20212021/2/28
○Kuman Doi Pet Jarun Wit3 minutes 3R end judgment 3-0RIZIN.262020/12/31
○Hiroki2R 2 minutes 56 seconds TKO jumping knee kickRISE DEAD OR ALIVE OSAKA2020/11/1
○Emperor3 minutes 3R end judgment 3-0RIZIN.242020/9/27
○Yuki Kasahara1R 1 minute 30 seconds KO (3 down: right hook)RISE on ABEMA2020/7/12
○Ebata1R 2 minutes 46 seconds KO (3 down)RIZIN.202019/12/31
○Shiro3 minutes 3R end judgment 3-0RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 Final Round
[RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 -58kg Tournament Final]
○Suakim PK Saenchime Etai Jim3R 1 minute 13 seconds TKO (doctor stop)RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 Semi Final Round
[RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 -58kg Tournament Semifinal]
○Martin Blanco2R 2 minutes 19 seconds KO (3 down)RIZIN.16
【ISKAWorld Featherweight Title Match]
○Fritz Biagtan3R 1 minute 24 seconds TKO (referee stop)RIZIN.152019/4/21
○Federico Rome3R 1 minute 35 seconds KO (left high kick)RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 1st Round
[RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 -58kg Tournament Round 1]
○Taiki Naito1R 1 minute 59 seconds TKO (3 down)RISE 1292018/11/17
○Koji Horiguchi3 minutes 3R end judgment 3-0RIZIN.132018/9/30
○Rodtang Jitmuang Non5R + extension 1R end judgment 3-0RISE 125
[RISE World Featherweight Championship]
○Yusaku Nakamura2R 1 minute 42 seconds TKO (3 down)RIZIN.102018/5/6
○Suakim Sitso Toteu5R end judgment 3-0KNOCK OUT FIRST IMPACT2018/2/12
○Yamato Fujita1R 1 minute 27 seconds TKO (3 down: left straight → left knee kick)RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 Final ROUND
[RIZIN KICK One Night Tournament Final]
○Hamamoto "Cat" Majestic2R 1 minute 58 seconds KO (jumping knee kick)RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 Final ROUND
[RIZIN KICK One Night Tournament Semifinal]
○Ignacio Capronchi3R 1 minute 15 seconds KO (knee kick)RISE 1212017/11/23
○Wisanlek MEIBUKAI3R 2 minute 45 seconds TKO (doctor stop)KNOCK OUT vol.42017/8/20
○Ryan Shahan1R 1 minute 12 seconds KO (left body straight)RISE 117
【ISKAOriental Rule World Bantamweight Title Match]


○Amnat Ruenroeng4R 2 minutes 39 seconds KO (left body hook)KNOCK OUT vol.12017/2/12
○One Charon, PK, Saenchai Etai Jim1R 2 minutes 23 seconds TKO (left backspin kick)KNOCK OUT vol.02016/12/5
○Yuu Murakoshi5R end judgment 2-0RISE 113
[RISE bantamweight title match]
○Lynn Bin1R 1 minute 10 seconds KO (knee kick)KUNLUN FIGHT 49 × REBELS.452016/8/7
○Tarick Tots2R 1 minute 49 seconds KO (crescent kick)RISE 1112016/5/29
○Fred Cordeiro5R Judgment 3-0RISE 110
【ISKAOriental Rule World Bantamweight Championship]
○Keisuke Miyamoto2R 0 minutes 26 seconds KO (left jump knee kick)NO KICK NO LIFE 20162016/3/12
○Manoris Calisis3R end judgment 3-0RISE 1092016/1/31
○Mike Alamos1R 1 minute 31 seconds KO (knee kick)RISE 1082015/11/8
○Taiki Naito1R 1 minute 41 seconds KO (left straight)BLADE.2
[BLADE FC JAPAN CUP -55kg Tournament 2015 Final]
○Hironori Ogasawara3R 0 minutes 44 seconds KO (left hook)BLADE.2
[BLADE FC JAPAN CUP -55kg Tournament 2015 Semifinal]
○Masahiko Suzuki1R 1 minutes 46 seconds KO (left hook)BLADE.2
[BLADE FC JAPAN CUP -55kg Tournament 2015 Round 1]
○Yuu Murakoshi2R 1 minute 31 seconds TKO (punch repeated hits)RISE 105
[RISE bantamweight title match]
○Masahiro Fujimoto1R 2 minutes 06 seconds KO (left hook) RISE 1042015/3/21
○Kim Jin Min1R 1 minute 40 seconds KO (left knee kick)BLADE 1-BLADE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP-BLADE FC JAPAN -61kg2014/12/29
○Ryo Kushima3R end judgment 3-0RISE 1022014/11/16
○Alexandro Hideo1R 2 minute 42 seconds KO (left knee kick)RISE 1012014/9/28
○Arimatsu morning1R 0 minute 58 seconds KO (left high kick)RISE 100 ~ BLADE 0 ~2014/7/12

Professional mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts
4 match(T) KOOneJudgmentMoredrawInvalid match
4 Win211000
0 Defeat0000
VictoryOpponentMatch resultTournament nameDate held
○Yamato Fujita5 minutes 3R end judgment 3-0RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 1st ROUND -Autumn Team-2017/10/15
○Francisco Guilriotti1R 1:07 TKO (Left straight → Pound)RIZIN 2017 in YOKOHAMA -SAKURA-2017/4/16
○Kauika Orillo2R 0:37 Ninja ChalkRIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2016 Open Weight Tournament FINAL ROUND2016/12/31
○Nikita Sapun1R 2:47 KO (Pound)RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2016 Open Weight Tournament 2nd ROUND2016/12/29

Mix rules

Mixed martial arts
1 match(T) KOOneJudgmentMoredrawInvalid match
1 Win100000
0 Defeat0000
VictoryOpponentMatch resultTournament nameDate held
○Kizaemon Saiga1R 1:36 KO (left straight)RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2017 1st ROUND -Summer Team-2017/7/30


  • Kyokushin Hand (Matsui School)
    • 2009 International Youth Karatedo Championships 10-year-old boy-40kg championship
    • Kyokushin Junior World Championship 2009 Winner
  • Amateur kickboxing
    • KAMINARIMON-35kg class champion
    • Big Bang 50kg class champion
    • Bigbang 60kg class champion
    • Worldwide Amateur Muay Thai Gold Medal
    • Muerok Junior Tournament 2010 Winner
    • M-1 Muay Thai Challenge40kg class champion
    • M-1 Muaythai Challenge 45kg Champion
    • M-1 Muaythai Challenge 50kg Champion
    • First generationMA kick Jr. 42kg class champion
    • Toshio Fujiwara Cup 2012 National Tournament 50kg Class Winner
    • Toshio Fujiwara Cup 2013 National Tournament 55kg Class Winner
    • Many more
  • Pro kick boxing
    • 6nd generationRISEBantamweight throne
    • BLADE FC JAPAN CUP -55kg Tournament 2015 Winner
    • ISKAOriental Rule World Bantamweight Championship (2016)
    • RIZIN KICK One Night Tournament 2017 Winner
    • The first RISE worldFeatherweightthrone
    • ISKAFreestyle Rule World Featherweight Championship (2019)
    • RISE WORLD SERIES 2019 -58kg Tournament victory (2019)


  • Awakening (Kraken Publishing, December 2017)[111][1]


[Past appearance program]

  • August 2021, 8 OA Fuji TV "VS Soul"
  • March 2021, 3 OA CX "Battle"
  • January 2021, 1 OA CX "Run for Money"
  • January 2020, 1 OA NTV "Dowtown's kid's errand! 』\
  • January 2020, 1 OA NTV "Law Consultation Center where you can line up"
  • January 2020, 1 OA NTV "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende!Youth High School 4 o'clock full version SP that you should never laugh
  • December 2019, 12 OA NTV "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende!New Year's Eve Special!Never laugh at youth high school 31:24 ”
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "FUJIYAMA FIGHTCLUB # 31"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "FUJIYAMA FIGHTCLUB # 31"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "FUJIYAMA FIGHTCLUB # 30"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "Our Age"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "FUJIYAMA FIGHTCLUB # 28"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "Still Great Myojin"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "Moshimo Tours"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "Super Honma Big !? TV"
  • December 2019, 12 OA EX "A quiz I've never thought of! What kind of meat is Trinik?"
  • December 2019, 12 OA CX "Moshimo Tours"
  • December 2019, 12 OA YTV "Big Play"
  • December 2019, 12 OA YTV "Tokumori! Yoshimoto Imada Yakko's Talking Jungle"
  • November 2019, 11 OA CX "MATSU Bocchi"
  • November 2019, 11 OA CX `` Nep League''
  • January 2019, 11 OA CX "Run for Money"
  • November 2019, 11 OA KTV "Kanjani13 no Jani Tsutomu"
  • November 2019, 11 OA NTV "Dancing!pacific saury Goten ”
  • October 2019, 10 OA NTV "Downtown DX"
  • October 2019, 10 OA MBS "Gobu Gobu"
  • October 2019, 10 OA MBS "Gobu Gobu"
  • October 2019, 10 OA TBS "Birth Day"
  • September 2019, 9 OA TBS `` King of Conte 21''
  • August 2019, 8 OA NTV "Ariyoshi Seminar"
  • August 2019, 8 OA TBS "Wednesday's Downtown"
  • August 2019, 7 OA TBS "Wednesday's Downtown"
  • August 2019, 7 OA NTV "Ariyoshi Seminar"
  • December 2019, 7 OA EX "A quiz I've never thought of! What kind of meat is Trinik?"
  • July 2019, 7 OA TX "FOOT x BRAIN"
  • July 2019, 7 OA TBS "Honoo no Taiikukai TV"
  • June 2019, 6 OA EX "Masahiro Nakai's News Meeting"
  • June 2019, 6 OA EX "Don't be like me !!"
  • June 2019, 6 OA EX "I brought Geki Rare-san. 』\
  • June 2019, 6 OA EX "Please!Ranking ”
  • June 2019, 6 OA EX "Please!Ranking ”
  • June 2019, 6 OA KTV "Kaiju Emi-channeru"
  • June 2019, 5 OA EX "Please!Ranking ”
  • August 2019, 5 OA NTV "Ariyoshi Seminar"
  • July 2019, 5 OA TBS "Honoo no Taiikukai TV"
  • May 2019, 5 OA TBS "Lincoln"
  • November 2019, 4 OA NTV "Dancing!pacific saury Goten ”
  • December 2019, 3 OA YTV "Big Play"
  • October 2019, 3 OA TBS "Birth Day"
  • February 2019, 2 OA YTV "Downtown DX"
  • February 2019, 2 OA NTV "Manten ☆ Aozora Restaurant"
  • December 2018, 12 OA NTV "I'm sorry for my Gaya! 』\
  • November 2018, 12 OA NTV "Dancing!pacific saury Goten ”
  • July 2018, 7 OA Sky A "TENSHIN with # 10"
  • June 2018, 6 OA NTV "another sky"
  • May 2018, 5 OA Fuji TV "Junk SPORTS"
  • August 2018, 4 OA TBS "Wednesday's Downtown"
  • April 2018, 4 OA Sky A "Cygames presents Prodigy-SHINDO-Tenshin Nasukawa RISE All Trajectories Part24"
  • April 2018, 3 OA Sky A "Cygames presents Prodigy-SHINDO-Tenshin Nasukawa RISE All Trajectories Part25"
  • December 2017, 12 OA Fuji TV "Moshimo Tours"
  • December 2017, 12 OA Fuji TV "Premier's Nest"
  • October 2017, 10 OA TOKYO MX "Barairo Dandy"
  • July 2017, 7 OA Fuji TV "Love music"
  • March 2017, 3 OA MBS (Kansai Local) "Fight!Minister of Sports # 15 ”

Web tv

  • VS Tenshin Nasukawa [2](May 2018th-July 3th, 3,AbemaTVFighting channel, Saturday 21: 00-21: 30)
  • VS Tenshin Nasukawa 2nd season [3](July 2018, 9-,AbemaTVFighting channel, Saturday 21: 30-22: 00)



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