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📱 | 8 Recommended Smartphone Toys by Age!From Disney popular with babies and children to authentic style


8 Recommended Smartphone Toys by Age!From Disney popular with babies and children to authentic style

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When you press the button, Anpanman on the screen moves, and your child will be curious about it.

A smartphone that babies and children want to play with.However, you can't hand over the real thing.So popular ... → Continue reading

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The main characters are drawn on the Anpanman commemorative photo board installed at Takamatsu Station in Kagawa Prefecture.
Takamatsu StationAnpanman commemorative photo board installed in / The main characters of Anpanman are drawn.

"Anpanman』(Latin lettersNotation: Anpanman[1][2][3]) IsTakashi YanaseA series of drawingsPicture bookSeries[4], And thisOriginalToDerivationGeneric name for works[4]..Also, theseworksInhero"AnpanmanIs the name of[4].

BreadIn the manufacturing process ofAnpan(Bean pasteBy entering the star of life in bread)Birth official正義 OfHeroAnd hold out your head to help those in need[4]..Only Anpan (red bean paste) has bean paste in its headtsubu an) Is clogged.

Television Animation(Nippon Television Network System "Go! Anpanman])Anime movie,Comic,Game software(Nintendo OfWiifor,Nintendo DSFor etc.),toy-GoodsAnd many moreDerivationworks-ProductsExists.inside thatTelevision AnimationHas been aired for a long time and is consistently the sameTheme songIs used, so it is highly recognized.the currentKochi OfKami City Takashi Yanase Memorial MuseumAnd 5 locations nationwideAnpanman Children's MuseumThere are related facilities such as.


Works for children

Anpanman,"Anpanman" as a work of Anpanman isPHP InstituteIssued byyouthFormagazine"PHP"Children's picture book", which corresponds to the 257th volume of "Children's picture book"196910 month number[5](same yearMay 10Takashi Yanase (published), a reading material for young people絵とCulture) "AnpanmanIs in the form ofFirst appearanceIs[6][7][8]..この時期、やなせが『こどものえほん』のために執筆した読物はThe reading that Yanase wrote for "Children's Picture Book" during this periodSerialOf the 12 short stories, "Anpanman" was the sixth of them.These 6 volumesLtd.Yamanashi Silk Center(* 3 years later, Co., Ltd.SanrioCompany name changed to)Book"Twelve pearls』\ In the name1970Published in.

The essence of the story that is familiar to Anpanman later, that he rushes to the person who is hungry and recommends to present and eat bread, which is his important possession, has already been prepared in this work.[9][5].Picture book-Comic-AnimeThe big difference from Anpanman, which will be drawn later, is that the main character, Anpanman, is an ordinary human uncle.[9][5]And the point is that bread was not my body, but still my belongings.

Picture book

1973(Showa 48), developed the above-mentioned ordinary uncle AnpanmanOverheadAnpanman appears as a character of.that is,Flavel BuildingFor children aged 4 or 5MonthlystoryPicture book"Kinder Story Picture Book" Series[10][Note 1]In the October 1 issue of Takashi Yanase, "Anpanman"[11]Was published in the form of[10][12]..同書は、やなせが初めて手掛けたThis book was first written by YanaseAn infantIt was a picture book for[13].

Anpanman here isAnpanInstead of carrying around, his head was made of edible anpan, and he was transformed into an entity that could fly in the sky.当然、デザインも変更されておりNaturally, the design has also changed[14]The tall, round-faced uncle wastallThe head was replaced with anpan, almost as it was.Also, the notation of "Anpanman" ishiraganaWas changed to.

1975(Showa 50), the sequel to the picture book is "Go! AnpanmanWas published again.青年であった初出から幼児へと対象年齢が変わったことから、主人公名の表記を平仮名に変えていたのであるがSince the target age changed from the first appearance as a young man to an infant, the notation of the main character was changed to hiragana.[15]After all, I couldn't get rid of the discomfort, so I returned to katakana.[16].

The picture book Anpanman was initiallypovertyThe content is to help people who suffer fromPreschoolerThe content is esoteric to the editorial department, critics,KindergartenTeacherWas criticized by[17][14][5]..しかし、予想に反してBut contrary to expectations[5]Gradually gaining popularity among children, kindergartens andNurseryOrders from such as[18]..According to the children (2 and 3 years old) who are the center of the reader, Anpanman's body shape is also 8 of the early workHead and bodyChanged from to 3 heads[18][19]..そして絵本がシリーズを重ねていくに伴い、アンパンマンの仲間やAnd as the picture books continue to build up in the series, Anpanman's friends andAntagonistThe number of characters has increased.

Of the charactersBaikinman-Dokin-chan-ShokupanmanIsGone with the wind].ドキンちゃんはDokin-chanScarlett O'HaraBaikinmanRhett ButlerShokupanmanAshleyIt is said that it is an underlay.However, the point that Dokin-chan unilaterally loves Shokupanman isOriginal textIs different from[20].


Imageas,Television Animation"Go! Anpanman』Episode 1" Anpanman birth ",1988May 10Broadcast times (KantoFirst appeared in the area)[21][22]..It is still being broadcast on Nippon Television.


JapanThen, it is one of the national characters that is extremely popular with children, and along with the picture book, "Go! AnpanmanIn the titleTelevision AnimationIn addition to beingtheaterMainlystageEntertainment,Animated movie,Comic,GameIn various fields such asMedia mixMany works have been produced.Also,博物馆(Museum)WhenTheme park(*See below in the same section) Is also being developed.

In 2011, it ranked first in the "Character Ranking 100 (in Japan)" of Charabiz Information (according to Character Data Bank Co., Ltd.), which ranks commercial value.[23]..Pokemon,Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty follows this[23].

As of 2018, the circulation of picture book works (Tohan(Survey) is the 2002 first edition "Find Anpanman! Mini (1)" with 114 million copies[24], 1981 First Edition "Anpanman's Santa Claus" 106 million copies[25], 1999 First edition "Anpanman's Aiue Ozukan Anpanman's Food Aiueo" is 98 copies[26], 2007 First Edition "Anpanman Nice to meet you, Anpanman!" Is 97 copies[26]Is recorded.

Related facilities scattered in 5 locations nationwideAnpanman Children's Museum"Has the ability to attract about 350 million people annually at all facilities, even for paid area visitors alone[27].

Number of characters

One of the features of the animated series "Soreike! Anpanman" is that there are a large number of characters.The number was beyond the reach of even the original author.

The TV anime "Soreike! Anpanman"2009It was scheduled to be broadcast 8 times on August 28th.[28]Therefore, in anticipation of this, in May of the same year,Thoms Entertainment TheGuinness World RecordsTo "aloneア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン・ In the seriescharacterI applied for registration of "the number one in the world".その結果、同年As a result, the same yearMay 6In addition, the animation series "Soreike! Anpanman" with Takashi Yanase as the author is "the number of characters in a single animation series in the world (Original / English:The most characters in an animation series) ", that is,"A single animation series with the most characters in the worldWas certified as[29][30][31]..その数、1,768体That number, XNUMX[29][30]..テレビアニメに関わる数字が認定されるのは初めてとのことであるIt is the first time that numbers related to TV animation are certified.[31]..同年7月22日には東京都内のホテルでテレビアニメ『それいけ!アンパンマン』の放送1000回記念パーティを執り行われOn July XNUMX, the same year, a party was held at a hotel in Tokyo to commemorate the XNUMXth broadcast of the TV anime "Soreike! Anpanman".[28],Guinness World RecordsThe certification award ceremony was held at the same time[28]..The characters subject to certification are those that appeared in episode 1 from the first TV animation broadcast (broadcast on October 1988, 10) to the broadcast on March 3, 2009, and the movies released up to the previous year 3. It was the amount that appeared in the work and the simultaneous screening work[28][31]..実は、申請した数は 2,000体以上であったものの、パン工場やバイキン城などはキャラクターとは認められなかったActually, although the number of applications was more than XNUMX, bread factories and Baikin Castle were not recognized as characters.[31][Note 2]..Also, existing charactersdisguiseNo version was accepted.

2013In June, a large book "Anpanman Encyclopedia-Official Character Book" was released, but the content introduction of the book mentions "more than 6 characters" and the number of characters.[33]..Since then, the number of characters has continued to increase.

Anpanman and justice

HeroAsAnpanmanBehind the birth ofServicehave experience.Second World War中 ThepropagandaSince I was involved in the production, especially in the battle, "正義I was keenly aware of how unreliable it was.しかし、これまでのBut so farHeroIs a flashy dress, strong power, weapons,DeathblowSpeaking of "justice" while holdingmonsterThe main thing is to thoroughly defeatHungerDid not save those who suffered from hunger.Also, cleaning up the nature and buildings that were polluted or destroyed by the battleapologyWas not seen.During the warAfter the warDue to the serious food situation in Japan, Yanase has been saying "The hardest thing in life is not being able to eatI had the idea. Before "Anpanman" became a big hit in his 50s, he was a writer who couldn't sell, and while he was hungry, he said, "I wish the food came from over thereI was thinking.These circumstances led to the idea of ​​"a hero of justice who delivers food to people in need and never reverses even if their position or country changes."Regarding Anpanman and the theme of "justice", Yanase simply said ""hero of justiceIf so, first feed it.Help hunger."It has said[34].

Also, in another interview,The ultimate justice is to feed the stuff".In the criticism that "it is cruel to feed the face" that occurred frequently, "It ’s okay because it ’s anpan.I was jokingly arguing[35].

Even if you know that giving a part of your face to a hungry person will reduce your power by half, you will not abandon the person in front of you.And yet, no matter what the enemy is, he is not afraid.It has many weaknesses, and even if it gets wet in the rain, it quickly weakens.Regarding these points, "True justice is by no means cool, and it always hurt you deeply.'[Note 3]He himself said in the postscript of the picture book.Moreover, evil is not completely excluded.As an example, basically do not suddenly attack Baikinman who does bad things, but first say "Stop"PersuasionIf you can get rid of Baikinman by unpunching etc., you will not pursue further, even if you encounter Baikinman, if Baikinman is not bad, you will not be hostile at all. On the contrary, if Baikinman is in trouble, he is willing to help.

そ し て,AnpanmanCan be eaten, but not.It's simply (Curry bread man,ShokupanmanUnlike), the scene where Anpanman eats is never depicted. 「飲食」が大きなテーマとなった世界で、本来の「食べる」と「食べられる」のIn a world where "food and drink" has become a major theme, the original "eat" and "eat"Food chainTypicalCirculationCut off and offer yourself only as foodSelf-sacrificeThat is what supports Anpanman's heroism.[38].

Yanase is "Asahi ShimbunAs a work that was influenced by the August 2008, 8 edition of the "Important Book" section.Mary Shelleyof"Frankenstein"I created Anpanman under the strong influence of this early 19th century masterpiece on the theme of scientifically creating life." In the work of "Hot Blood Fairytale Anpanman", the newborn Anpanman is likened to Frankenstein (correctly Frankenstein's monster). In "The Monster of Anpanman", in addition to "Frankenstein"Masuji Ibuse,Osamu Dazai,Blue Bird』The influence of bread spirit is mentioned.Also, the influence of "Frankenstein" can be seen in Yanase's "Blood of Curacula".[39].


See also individual articles for the following characters.

Vehicles / items that appear

In Anpanman World,Anpanman,ShokupanmanThere will be many unique vehicles such as "Star of Life" and many items that play a very important role in works such as "Flower of Courage".Clean energy that does not harm the environment is used to power the vehicles that appear.

Bikin UFOBeginning withBaikinmanThe invention ofBikin mecha'[40]Called.

Stage list

According to the book "Anpanman University Study", the bread factory andKabao-kunThe country where the town we live in is located地球 OfJapanIs supposed to be[41]..ただし、現実の日本ではなく架空世界のHowever, not in real Japan but in a fictional worldConfiguration..やなせはこれらアンパンマンシリーズのYanase is from these Anpanman seriesView of the worldToAnpanman WorldIs called[42][43].

Main stage

Uncle Jam's Bread Factory(Uncle Jam's bread)

First appearance-TV episode 1 "Birth of Anpanman"
Anpanman,Uncle Jam,Batako-san,CheeseIn the shape of the house where工場(Melon Panna,Cream pandaThere is no depiction of living, and there are some depictions of sleeping occasionally).Kabao-kunIt stands in a meadow a little away from the town where we live.長いlongchimneyIs attached.There are rooms for Anpanman, Uncle Jam, and Batako-san (there are beds for Melonpanna and Creampanda. In the movie "Dolly of the Stars of Life", there is a description of sleeping in Batako-san's room, but in the movie "Dream Cat" In "Nyanii of the Country", there is a description that he slept in a room different from Mr. Batako's room.) There is also a description that has a private room.パン作りの部屋は、パン生地をこねたり、大きなThe bread making room is big, like kneading bread doughFurnaceBaking bread inAnkoIt is used when making or gathering together to talk.Hand pumpOf expressionwellThere is.The workshop is used to think about and study the shape and method of making machines.WarehouseThere are flour and various tools and machines in the Anpanman.GarageIt is also.外にはOutsidePlain breadThe shape of the cheesedoghouseThere is.
Uncle Jam's bread factory has a flaw that the foundation is not struck at all[Source required]..やなせによると、パン工場の中の部屋は自由に移動するので定位置は無くAccording to Yanase, the room inside the bakery can move freely, so there is no fixed position.[44], Any big thing goes into the warehouse that holds the Anpanman[Note 4][44]And that.
It is often attacked by Baikinman to prevent it from burning Anpanman's new face.In the olden days, it was often attacked by the milestone times and TV anime specials from the second episode of TV anime "Anpanman and Baikinman".It was completely destroyed in the movies "When the Flower of Courage Opens" and "Black Nose and Magical Song", but it has been rebuilt by Anpanman and Kotetsu-chan.Meanwhile, Uncle Jam is sleeping in Anpanman and tents.
It was also found that when Baikinman caused the whole bread factory to fly into the air, it had the ability to change direction by putting out sails and oars like those on a yacht.

Baikin Castle(Baikinjo)

First appearance-TV episode 1 "Birth of Anpanman"
Baikinman Baikin IslandBuilt oncity..It has a shape that imitates the head of Baikinman,Dokin-chan,Kabirunrun,HorrormanBut from the time they appeared in eachLivingdoing.Baikinman and Dokin-chan have their own rooms, and the othersLaboratoryThere are many rooms like.There is also something like a main computer, where you can observe distant situations andFighting gamesIt has various functions such as being able to do it.ThatcomputersIs in the early days of animeNES,CurrentlySuper Nintendo OfcontrollerIt is shaped like this.Dokin-chan's room and laboratory are neatly organized, but the warehouse is very dirty and is a residence for Kabirunrun.In addition, there are cliffs around the castle, and you can't go outside without using a UFO, so the characters brought to BaikinmanUFOOften robs and runs away.It has a flight function and has been moved several times in the early story.[45]..In rare cases, the corner may break due to an accident.角は「スーパーThe corner is "SuperantennaIs called.舌はTongueBikin UFO,Dokin UFOIn addition to starting, largeBikin mecha OfcatapultUsed as.Large bikin mechas may sortie with launch ports on the top or back.Magic handIt is equipped with various weapons such as a powerful punch and a nose popping out.HammerHas been transformed into Dokin Castle (a castle in the shape of Dokin-chan's face).クリスマスの時期にはAt Christmas timeSanta ClausHat is put on.movies"Baikinman VS Bikinman !?』Occupied by Baikinman, colorful and numerous defensive weapons (fire colorful balls)CannonAnd hit back the Bikin UFOracket,HugebombIt was remodeled into a fortress equipped with (etc.).UndergroundBikin mechaFactory for development and maintenance[46]And it is a library where all the books are held[47].

Baikin Island(Baikinjima)

First appearance-TV episode 1 "Birth of Anpanman"
An island in the shape of Baikinman.Baikin CastleThere is.ばいきんまんがBaikin MangaEgg-shaped UFOSince arriving at, it has been home to.In the TV anime episode 13 A "Anpanman and Dokin-chan" (December 1988, 12)Dokin-chanEgg-shaped UFO on whichmeteoriteBaikinman misunderstood, moving from Baikin Island to evacuate Baikin Castle, saying goodbye, Baikin Jima, my second hometown ... ".The egg-shaped UFO chased the fleeing Baikin Castle and rammed it, so the island was safe after all.バイキン島はアンパンマン達の住む地域からは遠く離れた海の向こうにあり、その場所はアンパンマン達にも分からないBaikin Island is located on the other side of the sea far from the area where Anpanman live, and the location is unknown to Anpanman.[48]..The sky is covered with black clouds, and there is always the sound of thunder.In the TV anime episode 563 B part "Baikinman and Namida-chan" (April 2000, 4), Baikinman is not good at lightning, but in the TV anime episode 21 A part "Anpanman" In other episodes such as "Baikinman" (October 2, 1988), he frequently uses lightning.
Bikin Log House
First appearance-TV Episode 83 B "Anpanman and Toudaman"
Baikinman's villa-like existence, in the world where Anpanman and others live.

Bikin star(Baikin sei[49])

First appearance-TV episode 1 "Birth of Anpanman"
Baikinman,Dokin-chan,Bakin SenninHometown惑星..ばいきんまん以外のOther than BaikinmanFungusCharacter of (Akakinman, Aokinman,Kokin-chanEtc.) live.


First appearance-TV Episode 4 A "Anpanman Doodle"
Kabao-kunLive inCity area..郊外はIn the suburbsDetached housesBut the center ishousing complex,Shopping districtAre crowded.多くの住民が暮らし、食べ物も豊富にあるため、よくOften because many residents live and have plenty of foodBaikinmanEnemy characters includingQueen Black Rose,Kazekonkon,DoromizumanEtc.) are targeted.町の広場ではIn the town squareUncle JamThey hand out bread and guest characters (Crush,Maki-chan of iron fire,Ramen noodlesEtc.) behave the food.Film and TV anime specials are often severely damaged, but the residents and Anpanman are united in their efforts for reconstruction, and they will soon be restored.

Town school(Machi no Gakko)

First appearance-TV Episode 3 B "Anpanman and Shokupanman"
Mimi SenseiIs a teacherprimary school.Kabao-kun,Chibizo-kunChildren in the town are studying.


Autumn country(Akinokuni)

First appearance-TV episode 107 "Anpanman and Princess Nakayubi"
A small country where Princess Nakayubi, Mayfly, and Igaguri Manga live.Every autumn, the "Autumn Festival" is held.

Knitting country(Amimono no Kuni)

First appearance-2009 TV special "Ganbare Cream Panda! Christmas Adventure"
Trees and housesYarnA country covered in.Knit and Ami live here.住人たちは皆All the inhabitantsknittingIs good at.
Yarn castle(Keito no Shiro)
First appearance-1995 TV special "Christmas of Keito no Shiro"
A castle covered with yarn.Princess Cashmere and Prince Yarn live here.
Hitsuji Village(Hitsujimura)
First appearance-TV Episode 261 A "Anpanman and Keito Daman"
The village where Keito Daman and Hitsuji-kun live.

Arinko country(Arinko no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 320 B "Anpanman and Arinko no Kuni"
Small things like Arinco Kid and Queen Ali Aliant(Yes)The underground country where we live.At the back of the tunnel under the tree.
Arinko Castle(Arinko)
First appearance-TV Episode 320 B "Anpanman and Arinko no Kuni"
Queen Ali Ali's castle in the land of Arinko.

Aurora country(Aurora no Kuni)

First appearance-The 15th movie "Rubi's Wish"
Exists in the sky,AuroraThe country that makes it.Princess Aurora and her daughters live.Under the rule of Princess Aurora, the aurora girls use paints to paint the aurora.There is a rule that you should not paint the aurora without permission, but Ruby broke that rule and was banished from the country of the aurora.

Funny country(Funny)

First appearance-TV Episode 27 A "Anpanman and Funny Kuni"
"Hansel and GretelThe whole island is like a candy houseSweetsA country made of.シュークリーム姫、ケーキちゃん、プリンくんたちが住んでいるPrincess cream puff, cake, and pudding live[50]..In the center is "Sugar Mountain" made of a huge cake.周囲にはIn the surroundingscotton candyClouds are floating.
Okosama Land
First appearance-TV Episode 91 B "Anpanman and Okosama Lunch-kun"
A country where the entire island is made of food.Okosama Ranch and the three Greenpeace brothers live here, and the peace of the country is protected by Okosama Ranch.

Sushi country(Sushi no Kuni)

First appearance-TV episode 283 "Anpanman and Sushi no Kuni"
Maki-chan's home country of iron fire.sushiCraftsmen live there.
Great Toro Castle(Otorojo)
First appearance-TV episode 283 "Anpanman and Sushi no Kuni"
The castle of the sushi country where Daitoro-sama, Ikurahime, and shrimp live.

Fairyland(Fairy no Kuni)

First appearance-The 7th movie "Sky Flying Picture Book and Glass Shoes"
Cinderella OfOurA different world inside.The loss of glass shoes has made it desolate.
Valley of glass(On the glass)
First appearance-The 7th movie "Sky Flying Picture Book and Glass Shoes"
ガ ラ スA valley made of.There is a glass house where Garagon lives.It seems that no one has returned alive from the valley.
Cinderella Castle(Cinderella)
First appearance-The 7th movie "Sky Flying Picture Book and Glass Shoes"
The castle where Cinderella and the prince live.A large part of it was covered with glass, probably because of Garagon.

Haunted country(Ghost no Kuni)

Bakeru-kunAnd Halloween man etc.GhostThe country in which we live.The greeting of this country is that it looks like the person you met.

Toy heaven(Toy Tengoku)

First appearance-TV Episode 81 B "Anpanman and Toy Angel"
A country floating in the air with a toy castle where toy angels live.A toy that has been abandoned and given a life lives.

Country of custard(Custard no Kuni)

Cream pandaHome country.

Mushroom country(Mushroom Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 51 B "Anpanman Tokinoko-chan"
The country where Mushrooms and Mushroom Brothers live[51].
Mushroom valley(Mushrooms)
First appearance-TV Episode 51 B "Anpanman Tokinoko-chan"
おいしいmushroomThe valley where is growing.
Mushroom village(Mushroom village)
First appearance-Simultaneous screening of the 14th movie "Maki-chan of Iron Fire and Kamameshidon of Gold"
A village of mushrooms in the country of mushrooms.The "Mushroom Festival" is held once a year.

Dinosaur country(Dinosaur)

First appearance-TV Episode 47 A "Anpanman and Mama Zaurus" (TV version), 5th movie "Dinosaur Nossy's Adventure" (Movie version)
Nossy, Mama Zaurus, etc.(I.e.Lives inPrimitive periodA different world of wind.There is a dinosaur town, a tree of life, a valley of pterosaurs, Lake Blanc and the Golongora Plateau.I was able to get in and out of the mysterious hole that the storm brought, but as soon as the storm passed, the hole was closed.
Dinosaur town(Dinosaur Town)
First appearance-The fifth movie "Dinosaur Nossy's Adventure"
命 の 木(Life)
First appearance-The fifth movie "Dinosaur Nossy's Adventure"
Pterosaur Valley(Often on the pterosaur)
First appearance-The fifth movie "Dinosaur Nossy's Adventure"
Lake Blanc(Blanco)
First appearance-The fifth movie "Dinosaur Nossy's Adventure"
Goron Gora Plateau(Gorongora Kogen)
First appearance-The fifth movie "Dinosaur Nossy's Adventure"

Giants' country(Kyojin no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 373 B "Anpanman and Giants Kuni"
A country where giants live in the clouds.British fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk] Is the original story.

Car country(Car no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 183 B "Anpanman and the Land of Cars"
Sedan-kun, coupe uncle, etc.AutomobileA country in a rocky mountain where the characters of.Urban development is progressing only in the country of automobiles, and many buildings are lined up.The entrance is normally closed, but it opens automatically when the car horn is sounded.Control centertraffic lightsBecause the inhabitants are passing according to the instructionsTraffic jamDoes not occur.

Crayon country(Crayon no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 199 A "Anpanman and Crayon Country"
A different world in the clouds.Crayonman and his friends live here.すべてがAllcrayonThe picture drawn in is made of materialized material.

Ice country(Koori no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 5 B "Anpanman Ramen Tenshi"
Snow mountainとGlacierThere is, at the end of the northIce-snow climates country.There are also skating rinks and ski areas.Yuki Dalman,Kazekonkon, Koori Oni, etc. live.Arctic,AntarcticIs the motif. It is also called "Northern country" or "Ice world".
Aurora Castle(Aurora)
First appearance-TV Episode 417 A "Anpanman and Princess Aurora"
The castle where Princess Aurora lives.
Christmas valley(For Christmas)
First appearance-TV episode 63 "Anpanman and the Valley of Christmas"
Christmas giftFruitChristmas treeA valley with a forest.Santa Claus and Rudolph live here.The entrance is the "Santa Rock" in the shape of the face of Santa Claus in the depths of the Nadare Valley.To get to the Christmas Valley, you have to go through the Nadare Valley, where the snow demons are.It is said that only Santa Claus knows the place (from the song "Christmas Valley").
Ice castle(Ice white)
First appearance-The first movie "Tears of Glittering Stars", TV Episode 1 B "Anpanman and the Queen of Ice" (TV debut)
The Ice Queen and Yuki Okami live inæ°·A castle made of.Also known as the Ice Palace.
Icicle valley(Icicles)
First appearance-TV Episode 168 A "Anpanman and Icicle-chan"
The valley where icicles live.
Reindeer mountain(Reindeer Yama)
First appearance-2010 TV special "Red nose Chappy Courage Christmas"
The inside is a school,reindeerA mountain in the shape of.Reindeer children are studying to become good reindeer.
Nadare Valley(Nadare)
First appearance-TV episode 63 "Anpanman and the Valley of Christmas"
The valley where the snow demon lives.
Penguins village(Penguins unevenness)
First appearance-TV Episode 120 B "Anpanman and the Scary Koori Demon"
An ice village where penguins and penguins live.I have been attacked by Koorio.

Jigsaw puzzle country(Jigsaw puzzle kuni)

First appearance-TV episode 290 "Anpanman and Jigsaw Puzzle Country"
A different world behind the cave.すべてがAllJigsaw puzzleIs made of.Jigsaw lives here.
Sugar land
First appearance-TV Episode 242 B "Anpanman and Sugar Land"
KonpeitoA country of sugar confectionery on an island in the shape of.Candy Night, Princess Candy, and Konpeito Man live here.ケーキやアイスクリームを模した『シュガーランド城』や"Sugarland Castle" that imitates cakes and ice creamSyrupThe river whereSugar cubeBridge made ofcotton candyEverything, such as the Forest, is made of lots of sweets and sugar.

Country of spices(Spice no Kuni)

The country where Prince Spice and Baron Mustard live.

Egg country(Egg no Kuni)

First appearance-TV episode 447 "Anpanman and Pakupaku Dragon"
eggA castle in the shape of a lake and a lakeSoup powderMade of(I.e.) Is a country.Egg Princess and Pakupaku Dragons live here.National flagOn a red backgroundFried eggDesign with.The yellow sky is spreading.It is connected to the world where Anpanman and others live by a tunnel on the seabed.

Underground country, Mogu(Chitekoku Mogu)

First appearance-TV episode 277 "Recommendation! Anpanman"
Protecting "Firestone" and living with the energy of that stoneUndergrounds country.Earth and his family live there.

Chinese country(Chukanokuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 215 A "Ramen Tenshi and the Country of China"
Ramen noodles, Butamanman, Prince Fried Rice, Three Brothers of Sholong Po, and other Chinese food masters live here.Chinatowns country.
Shumai Temple(Shumai dera)
First appearance-TV Episode 177 B "Let's Anpanman and Shumai"
The temple where Shumai Osho and Shumai sisters live.

Block of blocks(Tsumiki no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 10 A "Anpanman and Tsumiki no Shiro"
Building BlocksA country with a "building block" made of wood.Inhabited by Minister Galangala and the Triplet Prince.It is connected to the world where Anpanman and others live by a small building block gate.

Ladybug country(Ladybug)

First appearance-TV Episode 223 B "Anpanman and Ladybug Kuni"
A small country in the flowers.Nana Hoshi and fellow insects live here.

Trump country(Playing cards)

First appearance-TV Episode 73 A "Anpanman and Trumpman"
mirrorIn,Playing cardsA country made of.The peace of the country is protected by the Joker with a magic wand.A carnival will be held to show off magic tricks and entertain everyone.

Dorian Kingdom(Dorian Okoku)

Princess Dorian,Avocado JiyaThe country of fruit where I live.

Shooting star country(Nagareboshi no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 171 B "Anpanman and the Land of the Stars"
A different world in a mass of stardust flying in space.Tingle and its family and friends live here.shooting starThere is a factory to skip.

Nut country(Nuts no Kuni)

The country where Prince Almond and pistachios live.Uncle JamSays it's deliciousnutIt is a very beautiful country where you can get a lot of food, and it is said that the prince of this country has a long tradition of studying.

Rainbow country(Niji no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 43 A "Anpanman and Niji no Kuni"
RainbowA beautiful rainbow-colored country inside.Prince Rainbow and the children of the rainbow are making beautiful rainbows in seven colors.虹はThe rainbowWeavingAll are made by hand by the rainbow children in the same way as.

Cat country(Cat Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 48 A "Anpanman and Neko no Kuni"
The country where the Wildcat Great and Nyancock live.

Haguruma no Kuni(Haguruma no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 318 A "Anpanman and Haguruma no Kuni"
anythinggearA country made of.Haguruman and his friends live here.
Umbrella land
First appearance-Simultaneous screening of the 24th movie "Play with Rhythm Anpanman and Mysterious Umbrellas"
Parasol The country where Paraco lives.湖の真ん中にIn the middle of the lakeUmbrellasA castle that looks like an upside down towers.Clouds in the shape of parasols are floating around.
Flower land
First appearance-TV Episode 226 B "Anpanman and Flower Hime"
Beautiful on a flower-shaped islandFlower gardenAnd a country with a flower-shaped palace.Flower princesses live here.

Hora Hora Kingdom(Hora Hora Okoku)

A kingdom in a hollow undersea where Hora Horaco and Baron Horai live.

Mai Mai Kingdom(My Mai Okoku)

First appearance-TV episode 56 "Anpanman and Maigo no Maimai"
shellMade ofPalace,Coral reefThere is an undersea kingdom.A parent and child of Mai Mai live.

Lake of the lake(Mizuumi no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 145 B "Anpanman and Mizuumi no Kuni"
(I.e.A country in the bottom cavity of.Princess Mizuumi and the child of water live here.The domestic water used in bakeries and towns comes from this country through rivers.
Water tree(Mizu no Ki)
First appearance-TV Episode 145 B "Anpanman and Mizuumi no Kuni"
It is a huge tree in the land of Mizuumi and grows upside down.The upper roots absorb the water from the lake, purify it, and return it to the lake.

Puddle country(Mizutamari no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 258 A "Anpanman and Puddle no Kuni"
puddleAnother world at the bottom of.When it rains and a puddle forms, you can go back and forth to the world where Anpanman and others live, but when the ground dries and the puddle disappears, you cannot return.Princess Mizutama and Aqua-chan live here.Residents can manipulate the surrounding water by dancing a "water dance", which is used to return rainwater to rivers and lakes.

Meiro no Kuni(Meiro no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 132 B "Anpanman and Meiro no Kuni"
A country on Meiro Island where Meironron lives.

Mole country(Mole no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 124 A "Anpanman and Mole Country"
MoleThe underground country where we live.The mole elder is in command of this country.

Maple country(Maple no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 450 B "Anpanman Tomomiji no Kuni"
With the palace where Prince Momiji livesAutumn leaves (maple)The country where the forest is located.

Bean sprouts kingdom(Sprouts)

First appearance-TV Episode 167 A "Anpanman and Prince Moyashi"
Bean sproutsA kingdom in the shape of Mt. Moyashi.Prince Moyashi and King Moyashi live here.The bean sprouts field is a treasure.

Yada country(Yada Koku)

First appearance-The second movie "Baikinman's Counterattack"
Princess Yada and Lesser livecrystal Of都s country.All the inhabitants were lazy, and they were desolate long ago, but they were revived beautifully by the magic of the sloth jar.

Dreamland(Is this a dreamland)

First appearance-TV Episode 413 B "Anpanman and Yume no Kuni"
A country in the world of dreams.Uncle Nemunemu and Yume no Koma will take you there.Compared to the real world, there is less stereoscopic effect and less realistic scenes are spreading.
Hatena Tower(Hatena no Tou)
First appearance-TV Episode 899 A "Baikinman and Hatena no Tou"
A tower in the dream world.Only strong people can enter.There are Princess Hatena and Nazobo.

Apple country(Apple no Kuni)

First appearance-TV Episode 154 A "Apple and Prince Apple"
Apples and King Apple live and it's deliciousAppleThe country that grows.建物からFrom the buildingSluiceEverything up to is decorated with apples.豊富な河川を利用したリンゴの内陸Inland apples using abundant riversWater transportationIs flourishing.青果としてのリンゴはもちろん、リンゴジュースやNot only apples as fruits and vegetables, but also apple juiceApple PieThe technology for immediate processing of freshly picked apples has been developed.
Apple village(Apple village)
First appearance-TV Episode 13 B "Anpanman and Ringo-chan"
Apple-chan's village in the country of apples.


Iroen Pitsu Island(Iroen Pitsujima)

First appearance-TV Episode 241 A "Anpanman and Iroen Pitsu no Shima"
Buildings and flowerspencilAn island in the shape of.いろえんぴつまん達が住んでいるIroen pencils live[52]..Chibi Iroen Pitsu, whose Iroen Pitsuman has become shorter, will be reborn by returning to this island.

Umigame Island(Umigamijima)

First appearance-TV episode 399 "Anpanman and Pirate Lobster (Part XNUMX)"
ウ ミ ガ メAn island in the shape of.Inhabited by pirate lobsters, they protect the treasures of the island.There is a rock that imitates a keyboard in the center of the island, and if you step on the keyboard according to the score written on the treasure map, the treasure will appear from the bottom of the lake, but if you take it out, the entire island and the surrounding sea will erupt. It ends up.The stealing of the treasure by Baikinman caused a catastrophe, but the treasure was returned by the activities of Anpanman and the pirate lobster, and peace was restored.

Osouji Island(Osojima)

First appearance-TV Episode 180 B "Anpanman and Bucket-kun"
Cleaning masters such as cleaning scrubbing brushes, scrubbing brushes, and buckets live here.BroomAn island in the shape of.花や木がFlowers and treesCleaning toolsIt has become.

Omusubi Island(Omusubijima)

First appearance-TV Episode 84 A "Anpanman and rice ball"
The island where Kikki and his friends live.もともとは名もなき普通の島だったが、ばいきんまんに占拠されていたところをアンパンマンとOriginally it was an ordinary island without a name, but the place that was occupied by Baikinman was called AnpanmanRice ballWith the help of the island villagers, the island villagers apologized and thanked them for naming the island "Omusubi Island" and the cove "Ampan Port".

Origami Island(Origami Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 151 B "Anpanman Origami-chan"
origamiIsland in the shape of[53]..Princess Olga, Origami, and Origami live here.Birds and insects are also made of origami.映画第4作目『つみき城のひみつ』では、つみき島と共に舞台となったIn the fourth movie "The Secret of Tsumiki Castle", it was set with Tsumiki Island.[54].
Origami tree(Origami no Ki)
First appearance-TV Episode 151 B "Anpanman Origami-chan"
A huge island on Origami IslandThu..A lot of origami is growing.

Gaikotsu Island(Gaikotsujima)

First appearance-The 7th movie "Kill the Yurei Ship !!", TV Episode 862 "Baikinman and Dr. Hiyari no Shima" (TV debut)
Doctor HiyariAn island with a castle of Hiyari and a mountain in the shape of a skull.In the TV anime, it was called "Dr. Hiyari no Shima".
Hiyari Castle(Hiyarijo)
First appearance-TV episode 260 "Dr. Hiyari and the ghost castle"
Haunted houseA castle like.There is a laboratory, and Dr. Hiyari is doing suspicious research.

Kabuto Island(Kabutojima)

First appearance-TV Episode 384 A "Anpanman and Kabutan"
Kabuo and Kabutan liveBeetleAn island in the shape of.

Karakuro Island(Karakurojima)

First appearance-TV Episode 21 A "Anpanman and Bikin Robot"
There is a cave that Baikiman uses as a secret baseVolcanoIsland of.At the end, Baikinman made the volcano angry, causing a violent eruption and submerging the island in the sea.Baikinman escaped on the island with a deformed UFO of the Bikin robot.Bread factory friends(Anpanman,Uncle Jam,Batako-san,Cheese) Trying to escape through the cave, and the floor is in trouble at the dead endRaftSince it became like, I succeeded in escaping using it.

Calendar island(Calendar Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 64 A "Anpanman and Calendar Man"
The calendar man lives,カレンダーAn island in the shape of.Arabic numeralsIs written a lot.

Kiriga Island(Kiriga the Shooting Star)

First appearance-TV Episode 191 B "Anpanman and Yacht Sailor-kun"
(I.e.An island closed to.Iriomote WildcatVillagers live in.

Kinkin Koori Island(Kinkin Koorijima)

First appearance-TV Episode 195 A "Fireball Kozo and Youganryu"
VolcanoA northern island surrounded by snow and ice.Youganryu lives in a volcano on this island.When the ball of light disappears, the volcano erupts.

Coconut island(Coconut Jima)

First appearance-TV episode 262 "White Christmas on the South Island"
coconutThe southern island where the fruit grows.Coconut Man and Coco live here.

Sakasama Island(Sakasamajima)

First appearance-TV Episode 51 A "Anpanman and Sakasama Island"
An island shaped like a ring of Saturn floating in the clouds.森の木が逆さまに生えていて、さかさまんや水中を泳ぐ鳥、空を飛ぶ魚、地上を歩くForest trees grow upside down, upside down, birds swimming in the water, fish flying in the sky, walking on the groundA whaleEtc. live.The island in the center of this island is Milk Island.
Milk island(Milk Jima)
First appearance-TV Episode 51 A "Anpanman and Sakasama Island"
Milk BoyaAn island floating in the clouds where I live.The island that surrounds the outer circumference like a ring of Saturn is Sakasama Island.

Sugar cane island(Sugar cane)

First appearance --TV Episode 1047 A "Anpanman and Chura Aunt"
About half of the islandSugar cane fieldSmall southern island.Chura Aunt and Kibitaro live here.気候や文化はClimate and cultureOkinawa main islandIt's similar to.

Sandwich island(Sandwich Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 174 B "Anpanman and Sandwich Island"
Princess Sand and the four gunmen of Sand livesandwichIsland of.There is a sandwich castle.
Sandwich castle(Sandwich)
First appearance-TV Episode 174 B "Anpanman and Sandwich Island"
Princess Sand's Castle on Sandwich Island.The entire castle is made of bread and sandwiches.

Chocolate island(Chocolate Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 218 A "Melonpanna and Chocolate Island"
Everythingチ ョ コ レ ー トAn island made of.Chocolate craftsmen such as Cacao-kun and Uncle Chocolate Bar live and hold a chocolate festival to announce their proud chocolates.

Block island(Tsumikijima)

First appearance-The 4th movie "The Secret of Tsumiki Castle"
The block princes liveBuilding BlocksAn island made of.It may collapse if some blocks are pulled out.Although I was not on good terms with the neighboring island of Origami, a bridge made of origami and building blocks was built between them, and they are cooperating with each other.
Blocks castle(Tsumikijo)
First appearance-The 4th movie "The Secret of Tsumiki Castle"
A castle made of building blocks on Tsumiki Island.

Dragon island(Dragon Jima)

First appearance-Third movie "Tobe! Tobe! Chibigon"
On the island of Dragon, the guardian deity of the rain,HorrormanThere wasactive volcanoThere,ジ ャ ン グ ルIs spreading.

Doremifa Island(Doremifajima)

First appearance-TV Episode 385 B "Anpanman and Doremifa Island"
A lot of musical instrument manga live,Treble clefAn island in the shape of.There is Doremifa Castle where Princess Doremi lives.
Doremifa Castle(Doremifa)
First appearance-Simultaneous screening of the 15th movie "Mysterious Naganegiman and Princess Doremi"
The castle of Princess Doremi on Doremifa Island.

Tropical island(Tropical Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 670 A "Anpanman and Tropical Island"
The southern island where three princesses, Princess Kiwi, Princess Papaya, and Princess Mango, live.TropicalfruitsIs fruiting.

Bird island(Bird)

First appearance-TV Episode 605 A "Meronpanna and Hoshinotori"
(I.e.The island where we live.The birthplace of the star bird Kuu.

Pineapple island(Pineapple Jima)

First appearance-TV episode 144 "Anpanman and Pineapple Man"
pineappleA southern island in the shape of.Pineapple man and Pine are living here.Delicious pineapple is growing.

Hibiscus Island(Hibiscus Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 810 B "Anpanman and Hibis-chan"
Hibis-chan lives inhibiscusA southern island in the shape of.

Puzzle with island(Puzzle Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 36 A "Anpanman and Puzzle Dori"
The puzzle bird lives,Question markAn island in the shape of.A puzzle race is held once a year.
Puzzle castle(Puzzle)
First appearance-TV Episode 36 A "Anpanman and Puzzle Dori"
A castle on a puzzle island.A riddle bird is waiting in front of the gateRiddleCome out.

Bananas Island(Banana Jima)

First appearance-1990 TV special "Scoop Minami no Umi!"
An everlasting summer island where bananamen and banna live.bananaThere are many delicious bananas on the southern island in the shape of.
Banana mountain(Banana Yama)
First appearance-The 24th movie "Revival Banana Island"
A mountain on Bananas Island.The basement is an ice cave.A banana rocket flies and the rock that hits the rocket falls into a nearby hole.At that time, it connects with the ice cave and the cold wind begins to blow out.

Black rock island(Black Rock)

First appearance-The 15th movie "Rubi's Wish"
A southern island with aurora drops.It was a rocky mountain and a volcanic island covered with black clouds, but when the aurora drops disappeared, the black clouds disappeared and it became an island rich in nature.

Pudding island(Purinjima)

First appearance-TV Episode 666 B "Purin-chan and Princess Pudding"
おいしいPuddingAn island in the shape of a pudding that makes.Princess puddings live here.

Fruit island(Fruit Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 55 A "Anpanman and Princess Muscat"
Princess Muscat, Lemon, etc.fruitAn island where the characters of the world live in peace.果物畑やFruit fieldsMuscatThere is a castle in the shape of.

Bumbun island(Bunbunjima)

First appearance-TV episode 229 "Bunbun Island Adventure"
Bumbun and a lotHoney beeThe island where you live. "RainbowhoneyThere is a castle to make.

Paint island(Paint Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 184 A "Penta-kun and Paintman"
The island where Penta lives.Penta-kun repaints the forest on this island in various colors every season.

Pokkari Island(Pokkarijima)

First appearance-TV Episode 90 B "Anpanman and Shinjuhime"
Akoyas liveSnailAn island in the shape of.There is a talisman pearl on the seabed near the island.

Magic island(Maho no Shima)

First appearance-The sixth movie "Lyrical Magical Magical School"
An island floating in the clouds.魔女先生やリリカなどのWitch teacher, Lyrica, etc.witchLive in.
Magic school(Maho no Gakko)
First appearance-The sixth movie "Lyrical Magical Magical School"
magicA school on the island of.Lyrica and Phi are studying magic at this school.

Green island(Midorijima)

First appearance-TV episode 325 "Anpanman and Midori Island"
AllplantIs for森林Island of.Princess Aoba and many Aoba people live here.

Green island(Midori no Shima)

First appearance-TV Episode 123 A "Anpanman and Tree Spirit Midori-chan"
A forest island where manga and saw manga work.Midori-chan will revive the devastated place.

Palm island(Yashijima)

First appearance-TV Episode 214 A "Kazekonkon and Yassy-kun"
The southern island where Yassy and the palms live.

School bag island(School bag Jima)

First appearance-TV Episode 116 A "Anpanman and school bag island"
Enogu Boys, Cutter-kun, Hotchin Crocodile, etc.文 房 具The island where the character of.school bagThere is a rocky mountain in the shape of, and the inside is a stationery factory.

Candle Island

First appearance-TV Episode 431 A "Anpanman and Candle Island"
Honookun and Candle-chan live inろ う そ くThe island that is making.The town and the mountains imitate candles, and the flames of the mountains move the island.


Aluminum castle(Aluminum margin)

First appearance-TV Episode 715 A "Anpanman and Aluminum Crumpled"
Count Aluminum lives,AluminumCastle made of[55]..It's so light that it sways just by the wind.

Ukigumo Castle(Ukigumojo)

The 14th movie "Roll and Laura The Secret of Ukigumo Castle"
The castle where Princess Laura lives above the clouds.空気の汚れを浄化してPurify air pollution[56], There is a huge device that makes it rain beautifully.There are areas where the true grass and the bikin grass bloom.

Uzumaki Castle(Uzumakijo)

First appearance-1990 TV special "Scoop Minami no Umi!" (TV version), 12th movie "Mermaid Princess Namida"
Located on the seabed near Bananas IslandShellfish,CoralA castle made of.Princess Sunny and her servants Uzumakin and Nura live and clean the dirty sea.It is also the setting for the TV anime special "Scoop Minami no Umi!" And the movie "Mermaid Princess Namida".

Castella castle(Castella)

First appearance-TV episode 488 "Anpanman and Castella Castle"
Princess Castella and Barons Castella live inCastellaCastle in the shape of[57]..There is a castella factory that makes delicious castella.

Cloud castle(Kumonoshiro)

First appearance-TV Episode 492 B "Kumono Moku-chan and Mokumoku Queen"
Queen Mokumoku lives in(I.e.A castle made of.It's floating in the air beyond the sky.Those who fly in the sky can take a rest in this castle.

Kuroyuki Castle(Kuroyukijo) / Konayuki Castle(Konayuki no Shiro)

Simultaneous screening of the 17th movie "Princess Kuroyuki and Motemote Baikinman"

Gomira Castle(Shiro of garbage)

First appearance-TV episode 50 "Anpanman and Gomira"
Gomira lives in the suburbs of the townAncient city.Uncle JamHadOld mapAccording to it, it has existed for hundreds of years, but when it first appeared, it was a garbage dump.

Salad castle(Salad)

First appearance-TV Episode 723 A "Anpanman and Salad Princess"
A castle that imitates various vegetables where Princess Salad, Watercress, and Vinegar live.

Shabon Tamaki(Shabondama)

First appearance-TV Episode 611 B "Meronpanna and Shabondamahime" (TV version), 19th movie "Soap Bubble Purun" (Movie version)
Soap bubbleThe castle of Princess Shabodama above the clouds made of.シャボン玉を作るMake soap bubblesfountainThere is.
The soap bubble castle in the movie "Soap Bubble Purun" is on the ground, and Princess Shabontama and the soap bubble girls live there.

Flying pie castle(Sora Tobu pie white)

First appearance --TV Episode 274 B "Anpanman and the land of flying pies"
A castle where princess White Cream and cooks who act as proud pies live.

Tonkatsu castle(Tonkatsu)

The castle where Tonkatsu princess lives.

Spring castle(Haru no Shiro)

First appearance-TV Episode 122 B "Anpanman and Harunoshiro"
The castle where Princess Chem and Popo live.It is covered with ice during the winter.

Margaret Castle(Margaret)

First appearance-TV Episode 587 B "Anpanman and Princess Margaret"
Princess Margaret's castle on an island in the shape of Margaret.

Marron Castle(Marron)

First appearance-TV Episode 309 B "Anpanman and Maron-kun"
The castle where Maron lives.A party will be held to treat delicious sweets made from chestnuts.

Water castle(Mizu no Shiro)

First appearance-TV Episode 411 A "Anpanman and Mizunoshiro"
An old castle where Shizukuboya lives.Located on a small island in the middle of the lake.

Montblanc Castle(Mont Blanc)

First appearance-TV Episode 149 A "Anpanman and Princess Maron"
Princess Maron and King Montblanc live inMont Blanc cakeA castle that imitates chestnuts.

Yurei Castle(Yureijo)

First appearance-TV episode 40 "Anpanman and Donburiman Trio"
An old castle where onibiko elephants and straw bats live.

Yuzu Castle(Yuzujo)

First appearance-TV Episode 503 B "Meronpanna and Yuzuhime"
YuzuA small castle in the woods that bear fruit.Yuzuhime and Yuzujiiya live here.The pigeons on which they ride are also kept here.


Akuma no Mori(Akuma no Mori)

Simultaneous screening of the 4th movie "Akachanman no Daibouken-Anpanman and his happy friends (Part A)"

Anzu no Mori(Apricot forest)

Strawberry forest(Ichigo no Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 137 B "Anpanman and Strawberry Mask"

Ginkgo forest(Ginkgo biloba)

First appearance --TV Episode 1192 A "Chawanmushi Marotogin Nanboya"

Wolf forest(Wolf Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 627 B "Anpanman and the wolf ghost"
The forest where the little wolf lives.

Ghost Forest(Ghost forest)

First appearance-TV Episode 20 A "Anpanman and the Ghost Forest"
The dark forest where Ponta lives.GhostIs rumored to come out.

Karen Forest(Karen no Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 32 B "Anpanman and Karen no Mori"
Butterfly-shaped forest surrounded by rivers[58]..There is a beautiful flower field.Karen and Honey live here.

Mushroom forest(Mushroom forest)

First appearance-TV Episode 352 A "Anpanman and Mushroom Forest"
Various kinds of hugemushroomThe place where is a forest.Protected by Prince Champignon.There is a park made of mushrooms.

Forest in the dark(Kuragari no Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 579 A "Yowamushi Ghost Bikubiku-chan"
A dark forest with an old Western-style building where Bikubiku lives.

Kurayami Forest(Kurayamimori)

First appearance-TV Episode 85 B "Anpanman and the ghost"
A dark forest where ghosts live.All the trees are overgrown, and a rain jar is hidden underground.

Kurumi no Mori(Kurumi no Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 442 B "Curry Panman and Walnut-chan"

Upside-down forest(Upside-down forest)

First appearance-TV Episode 353 B "Anpanman and Upside-down Forest"

Sugar maple forest(Sugar maple forest)

First appearance-TV Episode 371 A "Hotcake Man and Syrup-chan"

Happy tree(Happy)

First appearance-TV Episode 102 B "Anpanman and the Tree of Happiness"
A big old tree in the forest.Li and Li's grandfather live in it.When you draw a dream or make a wish, the color of the leaves changes and there is a mysterious power to make your wish come true.

Tsukushinomori(Horsetail forest)

First appearance-TV Episode 170 A "Anpanman and Suiko Midori"
In the forest where Tsukushi-kun livesWild vegetablesA place where you can get it.巨大なHugeHorsetailIs growing many.

Camellia Forest(Tsubaki no Mori)

First appearance-TV episode 131 "Princess Tsubaki and Children's Festival"
CamelliaA forest with many flowers.Princess Tsubaki and Kashiwamochi Manga live here.Kashiwa mochiYou can use the leaves to enter the forest (you can go in and out without the leaves of Kashiwamochi if you have a flying ability such as a Baikin UFO), but if you are fighting or doing something wrong, you will be at the entrance to the Tsubaki Forest. I get caught in a thorn.


First appearance-TV Episode 263 B "Anpanman and Tenguboya"
A forest with rocky mountains in the shape of a tengu's face.Koten and Daiten live here.Tengu leaffanThe spell of the ability is "Tente Komai de Tenten".

Houttuynia cordata forest(Houttuynia cordata)

First appearance-TV Episode 690 A "Anpanman and Mrs. Houttuynia cordata"
The dark forest where Mrs. Houttuynia cordata lives.体に良いgood for the bodyDokudamiIs being raised.
Dodeca Tree
First appearance-The 17th movie "Happy's Adventure"

Piichiku Forest(Piichi cloudy)

First appearance-TV Episode 11 B "Anpanman and Piichi Kumori"
Pirima and others(I.e.The forest where we live.

Witch Forest(Majo no Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 18 A "Anpanman Majo no Kunihe"
A forest where witches and magomajo live.The source of the inhabitants' magic is a magic hat and the spell is "Marzipan, Dojipan, Frying Pan".

Xylophone forest(Mokkin no Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 921 A "Cream Panda Tomokkinman"

Morisoba Forest(Morisoba Mori)

First appearance-TV Episode 429 A "Omusubiman and Angurila"
Morisoba Village(Morisoba Mura)
First appearance-TV Episode 1022 A "Kamushiman to Kazekonkon"

Forest of temptation(Yuwaku no Mori)

First appearance --TV Episode 986 B "Ammonite-kun and Hoshi no Umi"
A forest visited by Anpanman and his friends heading for the sea of ​​stars.A huge spider web is stretched, and a jewel that emits pink light sits in the center.If you try to steal this jewel, you will be attacked by a huge spider that seems to be the lord of the forest.


Osore Swamp(Osore Numa)

First appearance-First movie "Tears of glittering stars"
A terrifying monster (Dronco Demon King) appearsSwamp.
Forests and towns as a stepping stone for the Demon King Dronco to conquer Anpanman's starsmudEroded and swallowed to maketerritory..The outside is wide like a mountain, and at night the light of the glittering tears that I stole glows red.The interior is surrounded by the useless darkness of the lights of Anpanman and Baikin Robot No. 3 (Dadandan), and the deep part has become an extremely eerie area overgrown with ancient plants.When the Demon King Dronco was purified, Osore Swamp was revived into a beautiful green land.

Silver lake(Giniro no Mizuumi)

First appearance-TV Episode 679 A "Ammonite-kun and Giniro no Lake"

Coffee lake(Coffee)

First appearance-TV Episode 78 A "Anpanman and Kaiju Mocha"
Mocha is protectingcoffeeA lake made of.There is a factory that makes delicious coffee on the shore of the lake.Uncle JamCoffee on the coffee lake is one of the pleasures.

Battery swamp(Denchinuma)

First appearance-TV Episode 247 A "Anpanman and Dench-kun"
At the top of a battery-shaped rocky mountain,電流Is flowingSwamp..Dench and Denki Kurageman live here.

Catfish pond(Catfish go)

First appearance-TV Episode 35 B "Anpanman and Catfishman"
Catfishman and Namakichi liveæ± .

Bee Tamagawa(Bee Damagawa)

First appearance-TV Episode 410 A "Anpanman Tobiidaman"
MarbleIs sunk in large numbersriver..Bidaman and Bitatan are protecting it.

Mysterious fountain(Mysterious Izumi)

First appearance-Simultaneous screening of the 6th movie "Melonpanna and Akachanman-Everyone get together! Anpanman World (B part)'
Two springs found by Baikiman.It is divided into a red spring that grows into an infant and a blue spring that grows.

Mysterious swamp(Mysterious Numa)

First appearance-TV Episode 434 A "Anpanman and Mysterious Swamp"
The swamp where Numatch lives.

Star sea(Hoshinoumi)

First appearance --TV Episode 986 B "Ammonite-kun and Hoshi no Umi"
A mysterious thing that is said to be a phantom入 り 江..When the full moon rises, the water surface shines in rainbow colors, and the entire sky is covered with rainbow colors and stars.Ammonite and Anpanman went out to see it, but they had to overcome various challenges such as a cave with a maze.The surrounding sandy beach shines like a jewel, but when you try to take it home, it returns to just sand.

Firefly pond(Firefly)

First appearance-TV Episode 194 B "Anpanman and Firefly Princess"
The firefly tribe livesæ± .

Green pond(Midoriike)

First appearance-TV Episode 385 A "Anpanman and the Ghost Pond"


Indigo valley(Indigo)

First appearance --TV Episode 1346 B "Akachanman and Aurora no Koma"
A forest-covered valley with an "Aurora streetlight" in the center.The streetlights tell us that an aurora will appear that night.When the aurora appears, the light changes to the color of the aurora, and the light gives power to Spica, the foal of the aurora.

Golden valley(For Ogon)

First appearance-TV episode 470 "Ammonite-kun and the Golden Valley"
On the southern continent黄金A valley made of.A golden butterfly protects it.

Fossil valley(Fossil)

First appearance-TV Episode 401 A "Anpanman and the Fossil Demon King"
A valley with a cave where the jar that sealed the fossil demon king was hidden.

Kirikiri Valley(Kiri Kiri Dani)

First appearance-TV Episode 103 A "Anpanman and spray bottle"
Kirifuki hermit lives,(I.e.A valley where you can enter.

Cook valley(Cook)

shoesThe valley where the craftsmen live.

Kurayami Valley(Kurayami Dani)

First appearance-TV episode 335 "Anpanman and Kurayami Valley"
RollpannaThe pitch-black valley where I live.In the movie "Tehira to the Sun", the jar that sealed the Black Great Demon King is hidden deep inside.
Valley of light(Hikari no Tani)
First appearance-The 10th movie "The palm of the sun"
After Anpanman sealed the Black Great Demon King, the appearance of Kurayami Valley transformed.

Kororin Valley(Kororin)

First appearance-TV Episode 52 B "Anpanman and Kororin Valley"
A valley where autumn insects live.Kororin is holding a concert to show off her proud singing voice.

Crystal Valley(To the soul)

First appearance-TV Episode 201 A "Akachanman and Melonpanna-chan"

Skull valley(It's a skull)

First appearance-TV Episode 306 A "Rollpanna in the Skull Valley"

Rainbow valley(Rainbow)

First appearance-First movie "Tears of glittering stars"
When Anpanman comes to the place where there is a cave where the tears of light are hiddenMonochrome colorIt was the scenery of.Thanks to the seal of the tears of light, it turned into a beautiful rainbow-colored valley.

Puzzle valley(Puzzle)

First appearance-TV Episode 182 A "Anpanman and Sunanoshiro"
Jigsaw puzzle valley where Prince Jigsaw and Princess Puzzle live.The water of the river is the treasure of the valley.

Umbrella valley(It's a parasol)

First appearance-TV Episode 71 B "Anpanman and Parasolman"
A valley with a village where parasols live.The village mayor is a parasol grandfather.

Valley of darkness(Darkness)

First appearance-TV Episode 194 A "Pikarin and the Queen of Darkness"
A valley filled with darkness like a black cloud, where the Queen of Darkness lives.

Rinrin Valley(Rinrin)

First appearance-TV Episode 209 B "Arinko Kid and Rinrin Valley"
smallSusumushiThe valley in which we live.


Stone mill(Ishiusudera)

First appearance-TV Episode 519 A "Anpanman and Ishiusu Osho"
Stone millstone OshoA temple made entirely of stone, where I live.

Kanpyo Temple(Kanpyo Dera)

First appearance-TV Episode 756 A "Anpanman and Kanpyo Osho"
Kanpyo OshoThe temple where I live.

Kusa Mochi Temple(Kusa mochi dera)

First appearance-TV Episode 315 A "Let's have Anpanman and Kusa Mochi"
Kusa Mochi OshoThe temple where I live.There is a huge rice cake on the roof.

Kenchinji Temple(Kenchidera)

First appearance-TV Episode 526 A "Anpanman and Kenchin Kazuhisa"
Kenchin OshoThe temple where I live.

Konnyaku Temple(Konjac dera)

First appearance-TV Episode 64 B "Let's Anpanman and Konjac"
Konjac Osho,Konjac Kobozu,Taranome Tara-chanThe temple where I live.

Somen temple(Somen noodles)

First appearance-TV episode 343 B "Anpanman and somen noodles"
Somen OshoThe temple where I live.

Daifuku Temple(Daifuku Dera)

First appearance-TV Episode 606 B "Baikinman and Daifuku Osho"
Daifuku OshoThe temple where I live.There is a huge Daifuku mochi on the roof.

Tempura Temple(Tempura)

First appearance-TV Episode 404 B "Tendonman and Tempura Let's Go"
Tempura OshoThe temple where I live.There is a huge shrimp heaven on the roof.

Garlic temple(Garlic dera)

First appearance-TV Episode 117 A "Let's Anpanman and Garlic"
Garlic Osho,Garlic elephantThe temple where I live.There is a huge garlic on the roof.


Twinkle star(Glittering)

First appearance-The first movie "Tears of Glittering Stars", the eleventh movie "When the Flower of Courage Opens"
A conical star where Princess Nanda Nanda and Princess Kirara live[59]..The inhabitants of the stars live on the plane.There is a palace with a spire on the outer edge of the plane.
In the movie "Tears of the Glittering Star", it was a very peaceful and beautiful star, but even if you see it with the invasion of the Demon King Dronco, it becomes a devastated star that has been miserably transformed.In addition, in the end roll after the end of the main story, the state of reconstruction by regaining the glittering tears is drawn, but in reality it is a reverse reproduction of the invasion of Dronco Demon King.

Croissant star(Croissant)

First appearance-TV Episode 38 B "Anpanman and Mikazukin"
CroissantA star in the shape of.Everything is made of food, and croissants are a specialty.Prince Croissant and Mikazuki are living here.

Iron star(Tetsu no Hoshi)

First appearance-TV episode 367 "Anpanman and the Stars"
鉄And the stars that make iron products.星全体が鉄でできているThe whole star is made of iron[60]..Kotetsu-chan and Kotetsuji-san live here.
Devil star
First appearance-The 21st movie "Daily and Futago no Hoshi"
A devil's star that appears when the brilliance of the stars created by Kirara and Kirari disappears.外見は顔の様な姿をしたIt looked like a face小 惑星Unlike the enemy characters so far, it has no vitality at all, but it seems that it has an ego, and it shoots an electric shock from the eyes aiming at the approaching Anpanman, and launches a lightning counter attack against Shokupanman who has attacked. There is a depiction of it.It is always accompanied by black clouds and black thunder, and when it hits a black thunder, it hardens like a stone.It is said that it has the power to destroy all the world, and it has approached Anpanman World while annihilating the stars of Croissant, Yada, and Iron.It's very hard and won't jump even if it's unpunched.At the end, the giant was gradually pushed back and shattered by Anpanman's "Starlight Unpunch", which received the brilliance of the stars.


The star where Princess Dobinmushi lives.

Rainbow star(Rainbow no Hoshi)

First appearance-The 9th movie "Rainbow Pyramid"
The star where Prince Rainbow and the children of the rainbow live.The inhabitants here are different from those in the rainbow country.

Pearl star(Pearl)

First appearance-TV Episode 77 A "Anpanman and Prince Pearl"
The star where Prince Pearl and Queen Pearl live.Residents carry magic wands and pearl sticks and travel by flying ship.

Fruit star(Fruit)

First appearance-TV episode 596 "Anpanman and Star Fruit"
The star where Sterna lives.There is a big tree that bears star fruit, which is said to create a shooting star that fulfills your wishes.

Hente star(Hente)

First appearance-The 23rd movie "Scoop! Cocorin and the Miracle Star"
The star where Kokorin and his friends live.

Yada star(Because of Yada)

First appearance-The 13th movie "Gomira no Hoshi"
A star governed by Princess Yada.Space debrisIt was a shooting star that processed the dust, but as the power of the dust hole weakened, the dust accumulated too much, so the entire star was filled with garbage, and the residents other than Princess Yada escaped from the star. It was closed.
Dust hole,Dust Mountain
First appearance-The 13th movie "Gomira no Hoshi"
At the place where space debris is disposed of, the dust hole in a huge hole sucked in the garbage and burned it in the volcanic dust mountain.However, because the suction power of the dust hole was weakened, the entire Yada star was filled with untreated garbage.

Rap star(Rap)

The star where Rappy lives.

Comet Dream(Dream Suisei)

First appearance-The 16th movie "Nyanii in the Land of Dream Cats"
Approaching Anpanman World once every 100 yearscomet..As the comet approaches, the residents of Anpanman World have the same dream.With the disappearance of Nyanii, the original blue color changed to red, and I began to have nightmares.
Dream cat country(Yumeneko no Kuni)
First appearance-The 16th movie "Nyanii in the Land of Dream Cats"
A country with a mysterious cat called a dream cat in Comet Dream.It was desolate because the guardian, Nyanii, was gone.
Nem Nem Tree(Nemnemu no Ki)
First appearance-The 16th movie "Nyanii in the Land of Dream Cats"
A tree growing in the land of dream cats.The "Nemnemu fruit" that grows on this tree is a nutrient source for Nyanii, and if many are defeated, Muma will be revived.

Town / village / village

Strawberry village(Ichigomura)

The village where Strawberry lives.

Orangutan village(Orangutan unevenness)

First appearance-TV Episode 9 A "Anpanman and Just like Pan"
The village where Utan lives.
Cat Town
First appearance-TV Episode 267 A "Anpanman and the Catman of the Sunset"
A cat town where Joe and Jody live."Nyan is Nyan Nyander KamenIt is also the stage of.

Cooking village(Cooking unevenness)

First appearance-TV Episode 45 B "Anpanman and Mogradon"
A village where peppers and peppers live and make seasonings with ingredients.コルクぼうやが働くCork boy worksGrape gardenThere is.

Kendama village(Kendama Mura)

The village where Kendaman lives.

Ginger village(Ginger)

Sukiyaki no Sato(Sukiyaki no Sato)

First appearance-TV Episode 583 A "Shiratakihime and Sukiyaki no Sato"
A village with "Sukiyaki Castle" where Princess Shirataki and his servants live.すきやき城の台所では住人たちが競い合いながらも協力しておいしいIn the kitchen of Sukiyaki Castle, the residents compete and cooperate to make it delicious.SukiyakiIs making.

Western part(Seibu)

First appearance-TV Episode 30 B "Anpanman and Hamburger Kid"
Western pioneer eraThe townscape and terrain are reminiscent of.Like the seabed, place names rarely appear, but they are often called "western"."Western" is also displayed in official introductions such as the movie version (such as the movie "Yakisoba Panman and Black Cactus Man").Also, until the hamburger kid and Yakisoba Panman co-starred, we didn't know each other until now, so we can see that the area is quite large.
Dodgeball City
First appearance-TV Episode 576 A "Hamburger Kid and Cup Ramenman"
The western town where Mayor Kuma and his family live.
Happy ranch(Happy me)
First appearance-TV Episode 30 B "Anpanman and Hamburger Kid"
It is run by a parent and child of a pikapasture.

Tanuki Village(Tanukimura)

Raccoon dogThe village where Nokurobe lives.The raccoon dogs in the village are all good at transforming.

Chanchanko Village(Chan-chan Komura)

First appearance-TV Episode 1249 B "Akachan Manto Ninja no Nyanja"
ChanchankoThe village where is made.All the villagers are wearing chanko.

Tsukushi Village(Horsetail)

First appearance-TV Episode 1241 A "Chawanmushi and Garlic Kozo"
HorsetailA village lined with buildings in the shape of.

Ninja Village(Ninja no Sato)

First appearance-TV Episode 487 B "Baikinman and Ninja Village"
NinjaThe village where Nekojarashi, the master of Nyanja, lives.

Peanut village(Peanut unevenness)

First appearance-TV Episode 97 A "Anpanman and Peanut Brothers"
The village where the Peanut Brothers live.

Hitokuchi Village(Hitokuchimura)

First appearance-Simultaneous screening of the second movie "Omusubiman", TV episode 2 A "Komusubiman and Odango-chan" (TV debut)
Komusubiman's home village.We are proud of making dumplings and rice balls.

Hinata Village(Hinatamura)

First appearance-TV Episode 431 B "Anpanman and Cabbage Man"
Cabbage man, potato, etc.VegetablesThe village where the character of.There are many vegetable fields.

Hinano Sato(Hinano Sato)

First appearance-TV Episode 221 A "Anpanman and Fun Hinamatsuri"
Hina dollThe village where the characters of.

Morokoshi Village(Sorghum unevenness)

First appearance-TV Episode 89 A "Anpanman Tomoroko Village Corn-kun"
The village where Korn lives.cornThere is a field.


Amefuri Mountain(Amefuriyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 102 A "Anpanman and Amefurioni"
The mountain where Amefurioni and Ame-chan live.

Igaguri Mountain(Igaguriyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 208 A "Anpanman and Kuri Kin Ton"
A mountain in the shape of a chestnut, where triplets Kuri-chan, Kin-chan, and Ton-chan live.この山で取れたおいしいDelicious from this mountainChestnutAre divided by Kuri-chan and others into the townspeople.

Obisushi mountain(Osabishiyama)

The mountain where Sabi Taro lives.


First appearance-Simultaneous screening of the second movie "Omusubiman", TV episode 2 A "Anpanman and Tanuki Oni" (TV debut)
A rocky mountain in the shape of a raccoon dog's face.Raccoon dogs and Batto live.

Ochazuke mountain(Ochazukeyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 139 B "Anpanman and Ochazuke Crispy"
Ochazuke crispy livesPrivate houseThere is a mountain.


First appearance-TV episode 729 B "Curry bread man and grandfather"
Shibugaki grandfather livesPrivate houseAnd the mountain where the persimmon field is.

Whale mountain(Whale Yama)

First appearance-TV Episode 901 A "Everyone loves it! Maki-chan of iron fire"

Chestnut tree mountain(Kuri no Kiyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 155 B "Anpanman and Kriske-san"
A chestnut-shaped mountain where Mr. Chriske lives.As with Mt. Ikaguri, you can get delicious chestnuts.

Cake pile(Cake Yama)

First appearance-TV episode 213 "Deliver! Everyone's Christmas cake"
A cake-shaped mountain where Cake-kun lives.Inside is a cake factory.


First appearance-TV Episode 214 B "Anpanman and Sankakuman"
Sankaku Manga livestriangleMountain.


First appearance-TV Episode 162 B "Anpanman and Kakuoni"
Shikaku Oni ​​livesFour cornersMountain.

Shinigami Mountain(Shinigamiyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 39 B "Anpanman and Yuuki no Hana"
A mountain in a distant northern country."Flowers of courage" are in bloom on the mountaintop.It is rich in clean air and water, but the road to the summit is very steep.

Jingle mountain(Jingle Yama)

First appearance-TV episode 163 "Mysterious mysterious jingle bell"
At the end of the north,bellA mountain in the shape of.Rinrin lives.
Suzu Valley(To the tin)
First appearance-TV episode 163 "Mysterious mysterious jingle bell"
A valley in Mt. Jingle.森林にはIn the forestbellEvery Christmas, two bells, gold and silver, are produced to deliver to Santa Claus.

Bamboo shoot mountain(Takenokoyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 231 A "Kamameshi Don and Bamboo Shoot"
Bamboo shoots liveBamboo shootMountain in the shape of.

Tsukemono mountain(Tsukimonoyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 442 A "Anpanman and Takuan Osho"
Takuan Temple(Takuan)
First appearance-TV Episode 442 A "Anpanman and Takuan Osho"

Pointed mountain(Tongariyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 105 B "Anpanman and Kakikukeko-chan"

Mountains of Nandez(Nandez no Yama)

First appearance-TV Episode 609 B "Anpanman and Quena-chan"
The mountain where Quena and Condor live.Condor protects the glowing blue treasure (the lake that glows at night) here.

Yam mountain(Yamaimoyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 225 A "Anpanman and Tororo-kun"

Sunset mountain(Yuyakeyama)

First appearance-TV Episode 382 B "Anpanman and Hozuki-chan"

Toaster mountain(Toaster Yama)

The mountain where Shokupanman was born.


Aiueo Land
First appearance-TV Episode 211 A "Anpanman and Aiueo Land"

Ice factory(Ice cream)

First appearance-TV Episode 295 A "Meronpanna and Iceman Trio"

Sunrise plateau(Asaya Kekougen)

First appearance-TV episode 453 "Uncle Jam and Golden Komugi"
A plateau on the other side of the mountain.There is a windmill hut for Mr. Yagiji.The "golden wheat" that grows all over the area is grown by Mr. Yagiji alone.The "light path (light of the sunrise that shines through the gaps in the cliffs)" that can only be seen once a year is reflected by the "spring of the sunrise", causing the river water to shine golden and golden wheat is produced.

Rabbit library(Rabbit and library)

First appearance-The 7th movie "Sky Flying Picture Book and Glass Shoes"[56]
Karakuri Land
First appearance-TV Episode 539 A "Baikinman and Karakuri Land"
Karakuri Gunnai livesSengoku periodOf windamusement park..Various karakuri are stretched around the castle,spinning wheelThere are also attractions such as lifts and roller coasters for water wheels.

Curry hill(Curry is good)

First appearance-TV Episode 44 B "Anpanman and Curry Festival"

Kokekokko Farm(Kokekokko no Ujo)

First appearance-TV Episode 74 B "Anpanman and Egg-chan"


First appearance-TV Episode 271 A "Anpanman and Oden Ichiza"
A small theater where the Denden troupe is performing a play.おでん鍋を模しており、おでん串のオブジェとIt imitates an oden pot, with an oden skewer objectRegular curtainIs decorated.A large clay pot is set up outdoors, and a troupe is serving oden to the visitors who come to see the play.

Suzuran Garden(Suzuran's)

First appearance-TV Episode 515 B "Chibizo-kun and Princess Suzuran"

City of the moon(Tsukinomiyako)

First appearance-TV Episode 183 A "Anpanman and Water Spirit Luna"
Water spirit Luna and Silva liveUndersea ruins..It is located on the seabed near Tongari Island.
Donut house
First appearance-TV Episode 126 B "Baby Man and Baby Donuts"
Donut man is workingdonutImitated店.

Clock house(Clock noie)

First appearance-TV Episode 672 B "Anpanman and Furudokei-san"
Furudokei livesPendulum clockA house that imitates. 『時間の階段』と言う長いA long "staircase of time"StairsIn the back room where there is, various past worlds are carefully preserved.You can enter your favorite past world from the entrance that imitates a pendulum clock,The danger of changing historyTherefore, it is necessary to be careful not to let people in the past notice their existence.Since a huge amount of past is stored, Mr. Furudokei cannot fully grasp where and when the past is.

Rainbow pyramid(Rainbow pyramid)

First appearance-TV episode 314 "Sand Demon King and Rainbow Pyramid" (TV version), 9th movie "Rainbow Pyramid" (movie version)
A rainbow-colored burial buried in the desertpyramid..砂の魔王を封じたSealed the Demon King of SandCasketIs hidden deep inside.In the movie "Rainbow Pyramid", Prince Rainbow and the children of the rainbow are sealed with this curse.
Sunflower land
First appearance-TV Episode 384 B "Anpanman and Himawari-chan"
An amusement park held by Himawari-chan.
Pilaf house
First appearance-TV Episode 587 A "Curry Panman and Pilaf-chan"
The store where Pilaf works.Pilaf treats pilaf here.The menu includes mushroom pilaf and shrimp pilaf.As a new menu, there is a curry pilaf based on the face of curry bread man (curry bread man is too delicious and the habit of pilaf has changed).

Windmill hut(Fushagoya)

First appearance-TV episode 1 "Birth of Anpanman"
The hut where the old man lives.パン工場で使うUsed in a bread factoryWheat flourIs ground here.

Mekois Tower(Mekoisu no Tou)

First appearance-The second movie "Baikinman's Counterattack"
The jar of Mekois is hidden塔..西のWestDesertIt sank in the ground and appeared from the ground in response to Princess Yada's word "Mekoisu".

Amphitheater(Yagai Gekijo)

First appearance-TV episode 427 "Meronpanna's Sleeping Princess"
A large open-air theater set up by the sea.It is used by Shiratama-san and elementary school students to perform plays, and by Princess Doremi and musical instrument buns to hold concerts.

Mountain branch school(Yamanobunkyojo)

First appearance-TV Episode 66 A "Anpanman and Pencil Boya"
In the mountainsdetached classroom..Pencil boys are studying.Uncle JamTatsuyaShokupanmanI'm in the bread delivery course.

Dark world(Darkness)

First appearance --TV Episode 166 B "Anpanman and Kurayaman"
KurayamanIn the body ofDifferent world..When it first appeared, it was large enough to accommodate one person, but after its re-appearance, it has formed a large space that seems to have devastated the real world.


  • Hot-blooded fairy tale Anpanman
    • "Poetry and fairy tale』January 1975 issue-serialized in the May 1 issue (although it was not realized as a result, the concept of Part 1976" Adventure "was also planned).manga artist"Jarse Nakasu"Ladies記者of"Mite Milka"ButKyogen spinningAppear as[61]..A novel work for adults.In the final episode, Anpanman was arrested and imprisoned.Uncle JamIt was an insidious ending that evaporates. Reprinted as a privilege in "Takashi Yanase Taizen" published in 2013.


  • Anpanman
    • Serialized in the September 1976 issue of "Monthly" magazine --- July 9 issue (suspended issue). (1982å¹´7月号以後は『アンパンマン』に改題)裸のアンパンマンが登場する、珍しい作品(Renamed to "Anpanman" after the January 1981 issue) A rare work featuring naked Anpanman[62].. In 2016, it was published as a book "Anpanman Yanase Takashi Early Works that Nobody Knows".
  • Anpanman → Anpanman[Note 5]
    • Serialized in "" magazine from 1982 to 1994.連載初期は上述のいちごえほん版の再録が中心だったが、アニメ放送開始前後の1988年から描き下ろしのストーリーとなり、アニメの原作に採用されたものに絵本やアニメに先んじてAt the beginning of the series, the reprint of the above-mentioned Ichigo picture book version was the main focus, but it became a story drawn from XNUMX before and after the start of the animation broadcast, and it was adopted in the original animation, ahead of the picture books and animation.Dokin-chan,Melon Panna,RollpannaThe birth of was also drawn.From 1995 to 1996 after the serialization, it was published as a book from Froebel-kan as the "Yukaina Anpanman" series (15 volumes in total).However, it was recorded for 1989 episodes from 60 after the start of the animation to the end of the serialization, and some of them have been revised by hand.
  • Tobe! Anpanman
    • "Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday Edition1990May 1Attached- 1994May 5Serialized in.Overseas newspaper serialized manga (Comic strip) Was conscious of it, and it was characterized by its polite construction with English translation and coloring.Due to the opening of Anpanman's related facilities, Yanase was so busy that the weekly serialization could not be maintained, so the serialization ended. Most of the three volumes of books released in 1991 have been redrawn, and the ones in the series are used for cover illustrations.


NHK comprehensive version

Before the Japanese TV version of the TV anime was broadcast1979May 3ToNHK general TVThe second edition of "Spring Break Children's Plaza-Ohanashi Ehon"AnpanmanWas broadcast as.脚本をやなせ自らが担当し、劇伴は後のシリーズ同様にThe script is written by himself, and the play accompaniment is the same as in the later series.Izumi TaikuHowever, the appearance of the voice isMeiko NakamuraIs Anpanman,Uncle Jam, Baikinman, and narration[63]. afterwards,1979January,1980January,1981January,1982It was rebroadcast in July.Later, a TV series project was raised, and although Nakamura's continuation was being considered, "Anime three MusketeersIt is said that he lost to[64].

16mm version

Two works, "Anpanman and Baikinman" and "Anpanman Majo no Kunihe", have become 2mm anime works.やなせによるとこの16ミリ版はフレーベル館の自主制作でやなせはほとんど関与出来ず、当時のテーマソングだった『怪傑アンパンマン』が使用されているもののパン工場が街中にあるなどの設定改変や、絵本では明確に描かれなかったばいきんまんやまじょの最後を死亡したことにするなどのアレンジにかなりの不快感を示していたAccording to Yanase, this 16mm version was produced independently by Froebel-Kan, and Yanase could hardly be involved in it. Then, he showed considerable discomfort with the arrangement such as deciding that he died at the end of Baikinman and Majo, which was not clearly drawn.[65]Therefore, it was not commercialized, but it can be viewed at some libraries.このほかにも『アンパンマンとごりらまん』も制作されたがお蔵入りし後述の日本テレビ版の関係者がアニメ化を打診しに来た際に資料映像としてプレゼンされたというIn addition to this, "Anpanman and Goriraman" was also produced, but it was said that it was presented as a documentary video when a person related to the NTV version described later came to consult about animation.[66].

NTV version

"Go! AnpanmanWith the title1988May 10ToNippon TVBroadcast started at.Initially, it was broadcast only in the Kanto local area, and it was planned to end in 2 cools, but due to its popularity, the broadcast period was extended.NTV seriesTimeshift nets have been started in sequence at stations and others.2009May 8Achieved 1000 regular broadcasts for the first time in NTV animation,2018Longevity in Japanese TV anime1971It started broadcasting in and continues with a special programLupin III(Excluding the series) celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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For the songs used in the NTV version of the anime,Soreike! Anpanman #Theme SongSee.

Mysterious Anpanman
Lyrics: Takashi Yanase, Composition: Taku Izumi, Arrangement: Takashi Ogaki, Song:Yasuyuki Miyawaki
The theme song for the musical "Mysterious Anpanman". LP "Children's songs from 1977 to 0 years old [Vol. 99]" released in 2 (Toshiba EMI It was recorded on TC-50070) and also on the CD "Takashi Yanase / Taku Izumi's Song Gift" Children's Song from 2014 to 0 years old "released in 99.
After that, arrangement with the same title: Yoshishu Inomata, song:Bonnie Jacks[67]The cover version was announced by.
"fastArranged by the song title of "Jie Anpanman": Yoshi Matsuyama, Song:Shinpei SakamotoThere is also a sound source (recorded by "Hirata Masao Supervised Presentation Record Kaiju Anpanman" (Victor SKE-2024)).
instrumentalThe version is also used in the NTV version of the anime[Note 7].

The following two songs1977Released LP "Musical Fairytale Anpanman / Ringing Bell" (Polydor Recorded in MQ1030), it was also single-cut as "Anpanman no Uta / I am Anpanman" (Polydor DQ1007).

Anpanman no Uta
Lyrics:Takashi Yanase, Composition:Izumi Taiku, Arrangement:Masanobu Oyado,song:Kusunoki Toshie, Taku Izumi and his family
Another version of "Mysterious Anpanman".
I'm Anpanman
Lyrics: Takashi Yanase, Composition: Taku Izumi, Arrangement: Masanobu Otomari, Song: Toshie Kusunoki, Taku Izumi and his family


"Musical Fairytale Mysterious Anpanman"
Written by Takashi Yanase
Director: Kino Thor
Performance: From July 1976, 7
Production: All Staff Pro
Anpanman:Unno cutlet(voice:Kusunoki Toshie)
Uncle Jam:Toshiyuki Ichimura
Dr. Kirigiri:Koji Sakoda
Taku Izumi and its family
Anpanman's first media work.The story is "Poetry and fairy taleIs based on the work of the same name, "Mysterious Anpanman," which was serialized in. "Let's make Anpanman a musical", Izumi wanted to be hung up by Takashi Yanase, and this musical started."Izumi Taku's company manages"Atelier FontaineWas a small theater that would fill up with 100 people, but Izumi was forced to deal with the deficit due to poor customer traffic.[68]..Yanase observed the reaction of the customers who came to see this musical and noticed that the reaction was bad, and thought that "the reason why the customer's reaction is bad is because the villain is a human being", "The enemy of food isMold fungusAt this moment, he created "Baikinman," which became Anpanman's nemesis in his later works.Yanase recalls that Anpanman became much more interesting as a result of this.[69].


Theme park

Other related products

Game software

  • NESSoftware for "Anpanman and Oekaki Let's" released on October 1990, 10
  • Family computer software "Anpanman Hiragana Daisuki" released on March 1991, 3
  • Family computer software "" released on March 1992, 3
  • PlaydiaSoftware for "Soreike! Anpanman-Picnic de Benkyo-" released on December 1995, 12
  • Game boy-Gameboy colorSoftware for "Soreike! Anpanman Mysterious Nico Nico Album" released on December 1999, 12
  • PlayStationSoftware for "Kids Station Soreike! Anpanman" released on September 2000, 9
  • Game Boy Color software "Soreike! Anpanman, King of the Five Towers" released on November 5, 2000
  • PlayStation software "Kids Station Anpanman and Daiboken" released on July 2001, 7
  • PlayStation software "Kids Station Sugoroku Anpanman" released on March 2002, 3
  • PlayStation software "Kids Station Talking Oekaki Soreike! Anpanman" released on December 2002, 12
  • Nintendo DSSoftware for "Soreike! Anpanman Baikinman no Daisakusen" released on December 2005, 12
  • Nintendo DS software "Anpanman to Asobo Aiueo Class" released on December 2006, 12
  • Nintendo DS software "Anpanman and Asobo ABC Class" released on May 2008, 5
  • Nintendo DS software "Anpanman and Touch Exciting Training" released on September 2009, 9
  • Nintendo DS software "Anpanman to Asobo Aiueo Class DX" released on December 2009, 12
  • WiiSoftware for "Anpanman smiling partyReleased on November 2010, 11
  • Nintendo 3DSSoftware for "Anpanman to Asobo NEW Aiueo Class" released on March 2014, 3
  • Nintendo 3DS software "Anpanman and Touch Exciting Training" released on November 2014, 11
  • Pippin at markSoftware for "Play with Anpanman! 1"
  • Software for Pippin at Mark "Play with Anpanman! 2"
  • Software for Pippin at Mark "Anpanman no Aiueo-n"

Digital content business

2008May 6,Flavel Building, TMS Entertainment and NTV jointly funded "Limited liability partnershipAnpanman Digital LLP "was established. The purpose is to develop in the digital field such as websites, video distribution, e-books, e-commerce, and game software.

Character business

In order to connect the characters that have been loved for a long time to the future, the management of character copyrights has been devised.

  • Currently all about AnpanmanCopyrightThe license window isNippon TV musicIt is unified in.Infomation,Anime production companyMore than big capitalTV stationThe side controls the copyright and prevents the character value from falling.
  • mainLicenseeIs,Bandai,Agatsuma("Pinothio" brand),SEGA TOYS,Joy Palette(OldToho) Consists of a collegial body called "Anpanman Conference".参加4社が個々の利害関係を超え、アンパンマンのAnpanman's four participating companies transcend their individual interestsView of the worldWe give top priority to children, who are our biggest customers, and control the quality of all character toys.この会議は「日本商品化権大賞2014」で特別栄誉賞を受賞したThis conference received a special honor award at the "Japan Commercial Rights Award XNUMX"[70].

Fake Anpanman T-shirt uproar

As mentioned above, Anpanman-related products have been sold under the control of copyright by the original author Takashi Yanase and each manufacturer.2010January,OsakaNihonbashiAnpanman's illustrations are duplicated and processed without permission at a clothing store in Japan.T-shirtArrested 6 store managers and clerk (18-28 years old) for printing on and possessing for sale[71][72].

Anpanman,Baikinman,Uncle JamIt is said that they were made with a rugged look and sold for 1 yen each.

Encue case

さ ら に2012In May, "With AnpanmanKewpieIt is an original character "Encue" that combines the two. "HabikinoClothing owners living in Tokyo were arrested[73].

Various records

  • As of August 2004, there were 8 licensed products and 6500 million total sales of video and DVD (750 titles in total).[74].
  • As of 2005, annual sales of character products are about 900 billion yen.[75].
  • Cumulative circulation of Anpanman picture books is 2018 million as of December 12[76].
  • BandaiAccording to the April 2007 survey, the character popularity survey for 4-0 year olds ranked first for 12 consecutive years. 6-Support rating for 1-year-olds 0%[77].
  • According to Bandai's January 2007 survey, "Soreike! Anpanman" ranked first in the song popularity survey for 1-0 year olds.[78].
  • As of February 2009, there are more than 2 Anpanman picture books in circulation, and more than 300 new works are published every year.[79].
  • 2009May 6, Anime series "Go! AnpanmanIs "the number of characters in a single animation series in the world", that is, "the number of characters in a single animation series in the world"Guinness World RecordsWas certified as.For more information"Number of charactersSee section.The number of characters is still being updated.
  • Total sales of character products as of 2010 was 1 trillion yen[80].

Related event

Related company

Takashi Yanase KochiJR Shikoku is from the relationship of being fromDosan LineA vehicle with Anpanman characters drawn aroundAnpanman trainIs operating.
Takashi Yanase is in Kochi PrefectureKami-gunKahoku Town(CurrentKami CityFrom the connection of being from Kahoku Town)Tosa Yamada StationJR bus connecting Anpanman Museum andOtochi LineIt operates an Anpanman bus with characters drawn on it.
CopyrightThe same trader who manages is Froebel-kan, but Yanase is the president'sShintaro TsujiBecause it is an old knowledge, Anpanman was also serialized.
Many Anpanman-related tie-up products are sold over the counter.He had refrained from doing so until April 2007 due to a scandal, but resumed in May.
  • Tokyo movie --The creator of the anime version.
  • Ikeda Model Hall -Anpanman characters are drawn on packages such as cold medicine for children.
  • Skylark --Anpanman has been adopted as a character tie-up sales promotion business.[1].
  • sharpBactericidal Ion --Baikinman was appointed as a CM character.

Related works, etc.

Japanese mythA book comparing the similarities between Anpanman and Anpanman.AmaterasuAnd Anpanman,TakamimusubiとUncle Jam,SusanooBaikinman,TianjinHe argues that these are interrelated, such as the gods who assist him and the semi-regular team.


小 惑星"Anpanman"2003Was named.The name of the original author Takashi Yanase in the same tamming is also specified as the name of another asteroid (asteroid)Yanase).


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