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😀 | "11 Piki no Neko" Noboru Baba unpublished manga discovery 17-18 years old, high degree of perfection

A scene from the photo "Manga Kodan New Edition Miyamoto Musashi". Characterized by a high degree of perfection that does not seem to be 17-18 years old

"11 Piki no Neko" Noboru Baba unpublished manga discovery 17-18 years old, high degree of perfection

If you write the contents roughly
It is said that it will be held in Hachinohe next year.

Noboru Baba (1927-2001), a manga artist and picture book writer from Sannohe Town, Aomori Prefecture, was 17-18 years old before his professional debut ... → Continue reading

 Tooku Nipposha

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Hachinohe City

Hachinohe City(Hachinoheshi) isAomoriLocated in the east,The Pacific OceanFaceCity.Core cityIt is designated as the prefectural capitalAomoriAnd the third largest population in the prefectureHirosakiTogether, it forms part of three major cities in Aomori Prefecture.


This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareContains characters that cannot be displayed(Details.

Hachinohe metropolitan areaOf about 33populationHave.SannoheIt is also a central urban area in cooperation with the Hachinohe area, and the Sanhachi Prefectural Citizens Bureau is established.[1].2002(Heisei14 years) In JanuaryTohoku Shinkansen Hachinohe StationHas been stretched to.

Hachinohe PortIs an industrial port,ferryHarbor,Fishing portAlso serves as[2].Trade area TheAomoriEastern partIwateInclude the north[3].

Hachinohe DomainWas placedcastle townBut also.traditional cultureIsEnburi(朳) andHachinohe Sansha Grand Festival,CavalryAre all nationalImportant intangible folk cultural propertiesIs specified in.Traditional craftsFor goods[4],,etc,local cuisineToSouthern rice cracker,Hachinohe rice cracker soup,Boiled strawberrySuch,EkibenIs "Hachinohe Kouta"Sushi", special products include, etc.The custom of eating "back rest" is rooted in Obon[5].Spa-Public bathThere are many historically.

skate,Ice hockeyIs thriving,Ice City HachinoheHas the nickname of[6][7][8]..The number of registered members is 60, including business groups, junior teams, women's teams, and amateur ice hockey.

B-1 Grand PrixIt is also the birthplace.

The name "Hachinohe" is based on the place name with "to" in the number that has existed for a long time in the northern part of Iwate prefecture and the southwestern part of Aomori prefecture. The origin of the "door" itselfpastureThere are various theories such as the number of the station and the number of the garrison.Detail isNukabe-gunreference.



Ancient times

Jomon Period OfKorekawa RuinsI have a hurt. From the Kazahari site, from the late Jomon periodRicegrain[Annotation 1]Has been excavated. Gassho excavated from KazahariClay figurine TheNational treasureHas become[10]In addition, many crafts have been excavated from Korekawa.

中 世

1191(Takehisa2 years),Kai country OfMr. Nanbu North tohokuThe whole areaYoritomo GengenIt is said that it was given from. Mr. Nanbu actually moved to the northeastNorthern and Northern Dynasties.1334(KenmuFirst year),Nanbu Shibu NejoAnd became the ancestor of Southern Nejo (Southern Tono). Mr. Southern Nejo1627(Kanei4 years), by the order of Nanbu Sannohe (later Morioka Nanbu)TonoMoved the castle to.

The early modern period

The turning point wasEdo PeriodThe previous term1664(Kanbun4 years).NanaeBecause he died without deciding on his succession,Morioka DomainCame to the danger of the family being cut off.Edo Shogunate TheMorioka DomainDivided 10 stones into Hachinohe 2 stones and Morioka 8 stones, and became the founder of Hachinohe NanbuNanbu NaoboByHachinohe CastleWas built. This isHachinohe DomainIs the beginning of. There is a considerable difference between the territory of the Hachinohe clan and the current area of ​​Hachinohe City.IwateKuji CityWas the Hachinohe clan.

Hachinohe Castle is nowSanhachi Castle ParkWas there (hence theHachinohe ParkIs not a castle ruin).castle townIs lined with towns with the names of the days when the city stood, such as Mikkamachi and Jukkamachi.Hachinohe city centerIt has become.


1915(Taisho4 years), construction of the Sameura Port reconstruction work began,1929(ShowaIt was designated as a commercial port in 4 years).


In HachinoheMabuchi RiverNiida RiverA relatively large river is flowing. In particular, the Mabechi River was a river with a lot of flood damage because it meandered and had a large flow rate. Especially at the mouth of the river, the Mabechi River bent sharply and poured into the Pacific Ocean so that it merged with the Niida River.1937(Showa 12), the repair work of the Mabechi River (straightening near the mouth of the river) was difficult and was interrupted due to the war.1949Construction got off to a good start in (24)New industrial citySpecified in1961It was completed in (Showa 36). This reduced flood damage and made the coastal area available as an industrial area.

2011(Heisei23 years)3/11 OfTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)(I.e.Although the coastal area was severely damaged by this, the damage was relatively less than in the south of Iwate prefecture.[11].



Pacific climateHowever, in the summerStopIt is cool due to the influence ofCold injuryOccurs. In winterNorth tohokuBecause there is little snowfall and it is dry and there is a lot of fine weatherDaylight hoursIs also long.

Climate of Tatehana, Minatomachi, Hachinohe City (Hachinohe Special Area Meteorological Observatory, altitude 27m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F15.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F2.8
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−0.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−3.9
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−15.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)43.6
Snowfall cm (inch)40
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days25.222.516.
Average monthlyDaylight hours126.1130.9166.2186.9198.5168.2149.7159.5148.2155.7130.3124.11,844.3
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1936-present)[13][14]


1989(HeiseiIn the first year)Hachinohe common gift certificateHas been issued.Morning marketContributes to both shopping and eating and drinking of citizens and attracting tourists[15].


Aomori Prefecture designated traditional crafts

It is also designated in Hachinohe city[18].

Agricultural products

Specialty goods



The landing quantity is2021The degree is 12 tons, which is the 4th place in the whole country.サ バ1 tons,squid7842 tons,イ ワ シ1 tons are the main fish species.It is the first time in 8966 years that the landed quantity has fallen below 5 tons, and the need for revitalization of the fishery industry has been advocated.[22]

Main fishing port

  • Hachinohe fishing port
  • Shirahama fishing port
  • Fukakubo Fishing Port
  • Tanesashi fishing port
  • Okuki Fishing Port
  • Kanehama fishing port


Main commercial facilities

other than this,Animate,Miraiya Bookstore,Kumazawa bookstore,Bunkyodo Bookstore, Kawamura Shoten,Narita main store, Kimura Bookstore, Alice Bookstore, etc. are open independently.The largest bookstoreVidawayOperated byTSUTAYAIt is a Hachinohe New Town store.

Financial institution


Policy financial institution

Cooperative financial institution

Securities company

ATM-based financial institutions
A financial institution that used to be in the city

Consumer cooperative



Mass media

Radio programs produced by the branch office are broadcast on Saturday evening (16: 00-16: 50) and Sunday morning (10: 00-11: 00).[Annotation 11].
It used to have its headquarters in Hachinohe, but20067/1There is a broadcasting center (performance center)AomoriThe station became the Hachinohe branch office.

IBC,TVI,toIs originally a TV station in Iwate prefecture, but the coastal area in the northern part of Iwate prefecture (Kuji City) And inland region (Ninohe City) Has a branch office as an interview base in Hachinohe City, which has good transportation. In most areas of the city, television in Iwate prefecture (TVI,IAT,IBC,to,NHK Morioka Broadcasting Station) Is one of the transmitting stationsNinohe relay stationIt is possible to receive cross-border reception on TV in Iwate prefecture by radio waves emitted from[Annotation 13], Especially does not exist in Aomori prefectureFuji TV seriesBroadcast many programs at the fastest speedtoDemand is quite high in the city.In addition, mit is the southern part of Aomori prefecture (Sanhachi Kamikita) Is clearly stated on the HP as a substantial broadcasting area.[26], The Earthquake Early Warning of the same TV will be broadcast when it is issued in Iwate prefecture or in the Sanpachijokita area.Since the commercial area in the north of Iwate prefecture is located in Hachinohe, there are many cases where the weather information in the Hachinohe region outside Iwate prefecture is introduced in the weather information such as TV and radio in Iwate prefecture.


Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement date
1Yoshie Kondo19299/2219305/19
2 – 4Shigeo KandaApril 1930, 819428/17
5Ryo YamauchiApril 1942, 1019465/17
6 – 7Teijiro NatsuboriApril 1946, 719514/4
8Murai KuramatsuApril 1951, 4195310/23
9 – 11Towabe IwaokaApril 1953, 12196511/16
12Nakamura TakudoApril 1965, 11196911/16
13 – 17Kojiro AkiyamaApril 1969, 11198911/16
18 – 20Nobuo NakasatoApril 1989, 11200111/16
21Toshifumi NakamuraApril 2001, 11200511/16
22 – 25Makoto KobayashiApril 2005, 11202111/16
26Yuichi KumagaiApril 2021, 11Incumbent
  • From the time the city system came into effect on May 1929, 5, Kondo Hiroe was elected mayor in the mayoral election, and until he became the mayor, Taro Nishioka from the Aomori Prefectural Office was in charge of the mayor's duties (equivalent to the current acting agent). Dispatched[27].

Government building

  • Aomori Prefecture Joint Government Building
  • Hachinohe City Hall (Main Building/Annex)
  • Hachinohe City Nango Office (formerlyNango VillageGovernment office, former Nangou Ward Office, Hachinohe City)
  • Hachinohe Citizen Service Center (Ichikawa, Odate, Korekawa, Shimonaga, Kan, Toyosaki, Hachinohe Station, Minamihama, Shiragin, Shimamori, the predecessor of Hachinohe Station is the superior)

Environmental initiatives


Hachinohe City Council

  • Number of people: 32 people
  • Term:2019(ReiwaFirst year)5/2 - 2023(5nd year of Reiwa)5/1
  • Chair: Yasohiro Mibu (Liberal Democracy and Citizens Club, 5th term)
  • Vice-chairman: Osamu Natsusaka (Komeito, 4th term)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative, other than representative is in order based on Hachinohe City website)
Freedom and democracy・Citizen club15◎Mihiro Sakamoto, Yu Yamanouchi, Hitoshi Mamori,Momoe Kubo, Hideshi Okada, Masao Niwata, Motonobu Takayama, Yuhei Kudo,
Fujikawa Yuri, Takashi Koyashiki, Shuichi Morizono, Miyoshi Toyota, Tomo Matsuhashi, Yashiro Mibu, Takayuki Tachibana
Kizuna Club7◎Sadahiro Gonohe, Koryu Yoshida, Takayuki Takahashi, Hiromi Tanabe, Hiroshi Miura, Noriyuki Terachi, Cold Water Insurance
Komeito3◎ Osamu Natsusaka, Masato Takahashi, Masunori Nakamura
Japan Communist PartyLegislature3◎ Civilization Tabata, Atsuko Tomabechi, Sho Kubo
Fresh green, technical group3Enko Ito, Fumiyo Yamana, Junichi Yoshida
Independent1Yuya Kamijo

*:2011(Heisei23 years)9/27, In the regular assembly of the city council, a fixed number from 36 people32 peopleThe ordinance to be passed was approved,2015It was applied from the city election.

Aomori Prefectural Assembly

NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Sadao TanabeDemocratic Union7
Etsuo ShimizuLDP6
Tomo YamadaIndependent5
Keiichi HatakeyamaFairness・Kenseikai4
Masaru MatsudaJapan Communist Party2
Mitsuru TanakaDemocratic Union2
Mitsuaki OsakiLDP1

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisJunichi Kanda51LDP126,137 vote
Noriko Takahata58Constitutional Democratic Party65,909 vote
Miyuki Tabata64Japan Communist Party12,966 vote




2015(Heisei27 years)CensusLooking at the change in population, the number of people decreased by 2.68% to 231,257, and the rate of change was the 40th place out of 4 prefectures.

Population distribution of Hachinohe, Aomori.svg
Hachinohe City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Hachinohe City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Hachinohe City
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


University/Junior college

private(Japanese syllabaryorder)

College of technology

National/Independent Administrative Institution

high school

Prefectural (in alphabetical order)

*: The following are closed schools.

Private (in alphabetical order)

*: There are more private high schools than other cities of the same size. This is because the private high school was opened early in response to the increase in the number of students, and it became a saucer. At the same time, public high schools were co-educated and new high schools were established.

Junior high school

Municipal (in alphabetical order)

*: The following are closed schools.

  • (2013・ Integrated into Higashi Junior High School)
Hachinohe City/Shinokami Town School Association

*: The following are closed schools.

  • (2017・ Integrated into Shimamori Junior High School)

primary school

Municipal (in alphabetical order)

*: The following are closed schools.

Hachinohe City/Shinokami Town School Association

*: The following are closed schools.

  • (2017, Integrated into Shimamori Elementary School)
  • (2002, Integrated with Matsudate Elementary School)

Special school

Prefectural (in alphabetical order)

Facilities other than school education

Vocational training facility






Directly operated post office

  • Hachinohe Post Office[Collection/delivery station] (84006)
  • Hachinohe West Post Office[Collection/delivery station] (84060)
  • Nango Post Office[Collection/delivery station] (84087)
  • Hachinohe Same Post Office (84053)
  • Hachinohe Konakano Post Office (84074)
  • Hachinohe Tsunezumishita Post Office (84110)
  • Shimamori Post Office(84129)
  • Toyosaki Post Office (84144)
  • Hachinohe Chuodori Post Office (84158)
  • Hachinohe Niida Post Office (84160)
  • Building post office (84163)
  • Hachinohe Minato Post Office (84165)
  • Hachinohe Aramachi Post Office (84185)
  • Ichikawa Post Office (84197)
  • Honhachinohe Station Post Office (84198)
  • Hachinohe Shiragin Post Office (84200)
  • Tanesashi Post Office (84209)
  • Korekawa Post Office (84218)
  • Kikyono Post Office (84210)
  • Hachinohe Fukiage Post Office (84224)
  • Hachinohe Koyo Post Office (84237)
  • Hachitone Castle Post Office (84244)
  • Hachinohe Omachi Post Office (84246)
  • Daily Post Office (84251)
  • Hachinohe Asahigaoka Post Office (84255)
  • Hachinohe Osugidaira Post Office (24259)
  • Tagadai Post Office (84262)
  • Hachinohe Shiragindai Post Office (84263)
  • Hachinohe Family Post Office (84267)
  • Hachinohe Nakaibayashi Post Office (84269)
  • Hachinohe Kawaragi Post Office (84272)
  • Hachinohe Minatodai Post Office (84278)
  • Hachitoda Imagi Post Office (84282)
  • Hachinohe Minatotakadai Post Office (84284)
  • Hachinohe New Town Post Office (84287)
  • Hachinohe Station Post Office(84288)

Simple post office

  • Takaiwa Post Office (84707)
  • Hachinohe Shimocho Simple Post Office (84733)
  • Sanjo Simple Post Office (84782)
  • Higashimaeda Simple Post Office (84784)
  • Hachinohe Oroshi Center Post Office (84795)

Cultural facility





  • Toh cemetery
  • Sai Cemetery
  • Nango Central Cemetery



*:Hachinohe City HallAlthough the nearest station is Hon-Hachinohe Station, Hachinohe Station is listed as the central station in the "JTB Timetable", and both areHachinohe city centerThere is a distance to.Hachinohe Station and the city centerTransit BusAre tied at intervals of about 10 minutes[28].

The railway that once existed

  • Southern Railway: Shiriuchi Station (currently Hachinohe Station)-Harita Station-Shohoji Station-Nanasaki Station-Toyosaki Station-(End point isGonohe Station


Transit Bus

*:2009Operates the city according to the "Hachinohe City Regional Public Transport Comprehensive Cooperation Plan" formulated by the city in March.Hachinohe City Transportation Department(Hachinohe City Bus),Southern Bus(at that time),Towada Kanko Electric Railway(Jutetsu Bus) CommonSystem numberThe display was made. Details were decided in 2009, and the map "Bus Map Hachinohe" was published. further,20104/1Since the timetable was revised, the display on the curtain of the bus has started.2022From February 2, 26 SuicaAnd mutual useRegional cooperation IC card"Hachika[29]Is introduced.Municipal bus-Southern BusNow you can use it.Just JRHachinohe LinePlease note that it cannot be used in such cases.

Express Bus

Related facilities



Highway national road
High-standard highways (general highways dedicated to automobiles)
General national highway dedicated to highways
  • E4A General highway 45 Hyakuseki Road(Branch from the three loop line)
    • (7) Hachinohe Kita IC-(Oirase-cho, Kamikita-gun)

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

City road

  • Hachinohe City Road Shirogane Numadate Ring Road (City Road Ring Road)
  • Hachinohe Michikamigumicho Minato Line
  • Hachinohe City Doumakan Mikkamachi Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Okuki Port Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Itsukushima Line
  • Hachinohe City South Coast Route XNUMX
  • Hachinohe City Dozawa Kanahama Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Nishi-Kanahama Line XNUMX
  • Hachinohe City Road Okuki Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Shinjo Kamido Line
  • Hachinohe City Road No.XNUMX Shirahama Road Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Shiragin Kanabukizawa Road Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Shiragin Same Line
  • Hachinohe City Dojima Moroneko Kubo Line
  • Hachinohe City Route Jumonji Sawashiro Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Sawashiro Nishiyama Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Sakai Nozawa Karimata Line
  • Hachinohe City Aiohatagori Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Untrained Nagadai Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Trampless Momosawa Line
  • Hachinohe City Dosakino Kizawa Mizuyoshi Line
  • Hachinohe City Road Non-regular Yamada Line
  • Hachinohe City Dojima Moroneko Kubo Line
    • Other




Japan Coast Guard


1965から1975Until then, the sharing of civilian aircraft at Misawa Airport had been suspended due to security reasons of the U.S. military.JMSDFHachinohe Air BaseWas substituting.

Sights/historic sites/tourism

Historic site


  • NagachitanachiShell mound[Ichikawacho Nagachitanachiji Fukiage] Early historic site in the Jomon period[1].
  • Korekawa Ruins[Korekawa] National Historic Site[2].
Jomon remains, excavated itemsHachinohe City Buried Cultural Property Center Koregawa JomonkanDisplayed atNational treasureOr nationalImportant cultural propertySpecified to[3].
  • Nagachitanachi Shell Midden [Ichikawacho Nagachitanachi Fukiage] National historical site, shell midden and village ruins in the early Jomon period[4].
  • Tangodaira Burial Mounds [Tangodaira Tangodaira]Old tombEstimated to be around 100 units, national historic site[5].

中 世

Main hall and others: NationalImportant cultural property[7]
Craft:National treasure(Akaito Wei Helmet,Takeshi Shiraito Armor),Important cultural property(Purple thread shoulder white light yellow armor helmet,Karato White Shiraito Shoulder Red Body Round Helmet,Helmet Asahi Wei shoulder with two large sleeves
  • Nejo(Ningyo) National Historic Site[8]
Adjacent to the aforementioned Hachinohe City Museum,Historic site It is open to the public as "Neguro Square"

The early modern period

  • Hachinohe Castle Corner Goten Front Gate [Uchimaru] Prefecture[9],Hachinohe CastleThe only remains that retain the remnants below
  • Starved stone memorial tower and Kaidan stone [Teranoue, Niida] Prefectural historical site[10],SeiseninIt is inGreat Famine of TenmeiMemorial service for the starving dead
  • milestone(Prefectural historical site)
[Toka City Tenma][11], [Mangozawa Nagakubo around Nango Daiji][12], [Nangou City Nozawa character Nitta, Nakano character Okubo][13], [Nango Oaza Omori Sunakozaki, Hayashizaki][14],KeichoYear



Sightseeing base

Park, open space, exercise facility

Festivals / special events


Morning market/food



100 sound scenes in Japan-Black-tailed gullBreeding ground. National natural monument[22]
Offshore flowI can not swim because ofSinging sandThe coast known for.
country'sScenic spot
  • Chojayama
  • KayaTree [Nango, Oshima Island Moroji Gate, Komatsuji] Prefectural Natural Monument[23] -Estimated tree age about 500 years
  • Semasu Dam(Lake Aoba)

On the road

CedarIs decorated with Christmas illuminations.

Sports team

サ ッ カ ー

Ice skating

The history of "Hyoto Hachinohe"1947(Showa22 years) firstWinter national polityIt is said that it started from. Since then, the winter national polity2009It was held 11 times in Hachinohe up to the Michinoku National Athletic Meet. Also,Ice hockey The19327th (Showa 3)All Japan Ice Hockey ChampionshipHeld in Hachinohe four times since the beginning. Hachinohe was held for the first time in 4 years200719rd (74)All Japan Ice Hockey ChampionshipWas held in various places.1948Hachinohe White Bear won the 23th All Japan Ice Hockey Championship (Morioka) in 16.Asian League Ice Hockey OfHC TOCHIGI Nikko Ice BucksAbandonedSEIBU Prince RabbitsThere are many players who are related to this.

  • Main junior hockey team
    • Hachinohe White Bear Jr, Hachinohe Kita Jr, Hachinohe Minami Jr, Hachinohe Higashi Jr, Hachinohe Pirates Jr
  • Major hockey business
    • Hachinohe Blue Stars (former Hachinohe City Hall), Hachinohe Shinkin Bank, YS Ice Hockey (Yoshida Sangyo), Konakano Phoenix
  • Main skating rink
  • Main skating rink site

Native celebrity


Or row

Sa line


Na row

Is line


Ya line

Ra row

Yuru Chara Mascot


注 釈

[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Carbon 14'sAbout 3000 years ago,Pit dwelling7 carbonized rice grains were excavated from the soil floor (floor surface). Hachinohe City Board of Education excavated and revealed by Shoichi Yoshizaki's group at Hokkaido University. If it is certain that it belongs to the late Jomon period, it is the oldest rice in Japan.[9]
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