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💪 | [Enlarged version of Yururi Udo Club] Loose fitness at home


[Enlarged version of Yururi Udo Club] Loose fitness at home

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Focus on the points that you feel comfortable with, such as the outside and inside of the Achilles tendon.

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Achilles tendon

Achilles tendon(Achilles Ken,English: Achilles' tendon,Latin: tendo Achillis)Calcaneus tendonAlso called (Shokotsukin)legIt is inCalf OfGastrocnemius-Soleus muscleTheHeelsAttach to the calcaneal ridge on the bonetendon.

LaterBecause of its origin, it is often used figuratively to refer to "the key points of the strong man."


The human Achilles tendon is the part where the triceps surae muscle is attached to the calcaneus, and is said to be the largest and strongest tendon in the hard cord-shaped human body with a length of about 15 cm.[1]..It is thicker at the top and thinner toward the bottom.On the calfTriceps suraeOut ofGastrocnemiusIs divided into two heads, the medial and lateral heads, the upper part connecting to the lower end of the femur, while the lower part joins the soleus muscle below the gastrocnemius muscle to form the Achilles tendon in the middle of the calf and into the calcaneus. You are connected.

Long time agoslave,CaptiveIn some cases, the Achilles tendon was cut to prevent the Achilles tendon from escaping.Onceア イ ヌ 民族In societyadultery,殺人The person who committed the crime was sentenced to Achilles tendon amputation.

The Achilles tendon plays an important role in exercises such as walking, sprinting, and jumping, such as lifting the heel when kicking the toe and stepping the toe of the landing foot on the ground.However, if a large load is momentarily applied, such as straddling with force, inflammation may occur.Achilles tendon ruptureMay cause trauma such as.Therefore, stretching that carefully stretches the Achilles tendon is recommended before exercising.In addition, although it is the largest tendon in the human body, there are few blood vessels that run, and once pain occurs, it tends to be intractable.[2].

Achilles tendon reflexIt is,Spinal reflexIt is used to distinguish neurological diseases.EspeciallyGuillain-Barre syndrome,Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),Spinal cord injuryIs useful in.

Origin of the name

The name of the tendon isGreek mythologyHeroes appearing inAchillesTaken from[1].

Achilles is King PetiaPeleusとNereusDaughter ofThetisWas born during.Thetis loves his child and tries to immortalize his body, the river of the NetherworldStyxI soaked the whole body of Achilles, who was still a baby, but only the heel that my mother was holding at that time was not soaked in water, and only the heel part remained raw.[1].

Achilles has long been the greatest hero in the philtrumTrojan WarBut finallyParisThe prince shot through his weak heel with a bow, which killed him.[1]..From this legend, the Achilles tendon has become synonymous with deadly weaknesses.

Achilles tendon and sports

  • Achilles tendon rupture is one of the most typical sports injuries[1].
  • wrestlingFor joint techniques used in martial arts such asAchilles tendon consolidationThere is.
  • Rabbit jumpWas once considered to be effective in strengthening this tendon, but in recent sports medicine, it has been pointed out that it is harmful to repeatedly applying a heavy load in an unreasonable posture.

Achilles tendon of other animals

cowAchilles tendonBeef tendonIt is used for various stewed dishes.

DeerThe dried Achilles tendon has been around since ancient times.Herbal medicineWas used to treat cold and dampness.[3].


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