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👩‍🎤 | NogizakaXNUMX, Ayame Tsutsui An active high school girl fascinated the brilliance of "summer" with uniform gravure


NogizakaXNUMX, Ayame Tsutsui An active high school girl fascinated the brilliance of "summer" with uniform gravure

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In addition, = LOVE / Nagisa Saito, NMB48 / Kiyone Shiotsuki, and NGT48 Haruka Kogoshi will appear.

Popular idol group NogizakaXNUMX, Ayame Tsutsui (XNUMX) released "BLT SUMMER C ..." on August XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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Nagisa Saito

Nagisa Saito(Saito Nagisa,2003May 7 -) isJapan OfIdol..Female voice actorIdol group"= LOVE"(Equal love) members.

KanagawaI'm fromYoyogi Animation AcademyBelongs.Nickname is "Natan".

Overview / Biography

I have been interested in performing arts since I was in elementary school, and since I entered junior high schoolIdolStart an audition challenge with the aim of[3].

  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Rino SashiharaAs a producer, passed the second screening of "Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Presents Rino Sashihara Produced Voice Actor Idol Audition" and advanced to the SHOWROOM audition, but did not deliver it.[4].
  • On April 4, the final screening of "Yoyogi Animation Gakuin Presents Rino Sashihara Produced Voice Actor Idol Audition" was held, and 29 people passed (13 person later declined).At the same time, the group name is "= LOVE(Equal love) ”was announced[5].
  • On June 6th, it will be revealed that he has become an official member with the holding of "= LOVE" SHOWROOM individual distribution.[6].
  • On June 8,TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL2017 ”was performed for the first time[7].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SACRED MUSICMore major debut single "= LOVERelease[7].
  • On October 10, "Natsuyozora" from the first movie "Summer Night Sky, Autumn Sunset, Winter Morning and Spring Wind" will be released.[9][10].
  • 10th single released on May 30It's sly, it's slyServed as the center of the single title song for the first time[11].
  • The first solo song "Geneki Idol Chu" will be recorded on the = LOVE 5st album released on May 12th.


Special skills and hobbies are idol appreciation, beauty,French, Whistling[2].

In my childhoodAKB48A fan of, especially the former NMB48Sayaka YamamotoWas supporting.The idol I admireRino Sashihara[3].

Official French qualification DELF Plim,EikenHave a 3rd grade qualification[2].

= Participating songs in LOVE


TV program

Web show

Past regular programs

  • Equalaji "RADIO = LOVE" (October 2017, 10-March 7, 2021,Super! A & G +) --Three members, every Saturday



  • Station Memories!(2017, Luna Shinsaka <first generation>[12])
  • Vital gear
  • Girls beat stage!
  • Monster collect



  • RICAFROSH (2020)
  • evelyn 2021 Summer Collection (2021)


Magazine serialization

  • LARME(January 2020-, Tokuma Shoten) --Regular model[13]


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