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👩‍🎤 | “Idol longs for” Suzuki Airi What is the advice from Tsunku who was shocked?

Photo "MUSIC BLOOD" (NTV) guest appearance Airi Suzuki (C) NTV

"Idol longs for" Airi Suzuki What is the advice from Tsunku who was shocked?

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It also reveals the greatness of Rika Ishikawa and Ai Takahashi, who were greatly influenced by becoming an idol, and the frustration period.

Music talk show "smash. Presents MUSIC BL ..." with actors Kei Tanaka and Yudai Chiba acting as MCs. → Continue reading

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Ishikawa Rika

Rika Ishikawa(Is it?1985〈Showa60 years>May 1[1] -) isJapan Ofsinger,talentso,Morning Musume.Former member of (4th term)[1].BiyudenSource ofleader.KanagawaYokosukaBackground[1].Jaypee RoomAffiliation[2].. My husbandProfessional baseball player(Yomiuri Giants)ofRyoma Nogami.height158.1[3].




  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Country girl.Morning Musume when she made her major debut.It was announced that more helper members would be called, and on March 3th, the member was Ishikawa and the unit name was "Country Musume.It was announced that it would be Rika Ishikawa (Morning Musume).[6].
  • April 4, Country Musume.As Rika Ishikawa (Morning Musume)Happy birthday for the first time!Major debut[6].
  • July 7, Morning Musume.25th single "The☆Peace!Released[7].
  • In August, the first solo photo book "RIKA Ishikawa" was released.[4].



  • January,ROMANSParticipate in (romance).
  • Hello! Project Sports Festival 11 in Tokyo Dome on November 22nd, Hello! Project selection team (later)Gatas Brilhantes HP) The team scored their first goal in a futsal match with VS Jujo Club.




  • In June, Biyuden Live Tour 6 Early Summer Biyu Densetsu V ~ Final Legend ~ was held.The activity as Biyuden ends on the 2008th of the last day.Since then, he has been active as a solo artist.


  • In March, graduated from the Hello! Project.New from the next monthFan club"M-line club』Belongs to.
  • Unidentified unit that has been active since September and October 9HANGRY & ANGRYIt turns out that the identity of "ANGRY" was Ishikawa[10][11].



  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Dream Morning Musume.Formed.Active as a member from the beginning[13].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Amoeba blogOpened a blog at.The opening date and update time of 11:9 is named after his birthday, January 1th.[14].





  • Reported the birth of the first baby boy on April 4[18][19].


  • March 11, first child pregnancy reported[20][21].


  • Reported the birth of the first baby boy on April 1[22][23].


Name / nickname

Nicknamed Harika-chan, Charmy[24].

The name "RikaThe origin of "is loved by everyoneRika-chanI want children like dolls to grow up. "[25].

Personality, body

Ishikawa was absentOngaku GatasAt the eventHalo pro eggFor membersHitomi Yoshizawa"It's okay, I don't have Rika Ishikawa today. Rika is usually noisy.Mai Satoda"It's okay, really. Seriously. (Ishikawa) is away from Tokyo!"[26].

"Morning Musume.NavelIn the questionnaire among the members of "Fan Book", it was selected as the ideal style.

Y-shaped balance is a special skill[1]..Also, when I was in junior high school, I belonged to the tennis club and was the director.[27].

Characterized by high voice[28]..When I became a junior high school student, my friend asked me, "Are you making a voice?"After joining, he began to listen to his own voice on TV and noticed that he had a high voice.[28].


nail artIs a hobby[1]..My favorite shop is "Life Nail" on my blog[29].. He is also the cover of the August issue of the 2009 magazine "Nail MAX".

Hanshin TigersIs a big fan of[24]..I also like watching soccer games[24].

My favorite color is pink[30].

Known as "Rika Usa"RabbitI like the paintings, and I often draw them next to colored paper and autographs. "Rika Usa" has been commercialized as original goods at Ishikawa's own event.[31][32].

Bird's favorite foodfriedAre listed[24].


FUJIWARA OfToshifumi FujimotoAndAKB48 OfKashiwagi YukiThere are many people who profess to be fans of Ishikawa, especially with Kashiwagi.


Video work

  • Rika & Miki Real Face 17 Years Old-Making of "17 Years Old-Two Departures-"-(October 2003, 10)
  • Rika Ishikawa and Miki Fujimoto (Morning Musume) "17 years old-two people on a journey-" (April 2004, 4)
  • Alohalo! Rika Ishikawa DVD (March 2007, 3)
  • Rika Ishikawa MOST CRISIS! In Hawaii (February 2009, 2)
  • Stage "Tokyo Alice" DVD (August 2009, 8)
  • RIKA (January 2010, 1)


TV drama

Other TV programs

Internet distribution

  • Dogadoga 7 (youtube , Dogadoga 7 channel, June 2008, 6-)




  • Dole"I LOVE ~ I Live on Vegetables ~ Broccoli" (June 2008-March 6)
  • Dole"I LOVE ~ I Live on Vegetables ~ Pearl Sorghum" (August-September 2008)
  • Yanagiya Main Store"Premium Tsubaki-chan" (February 2012-March 2)[35]





  • Daiwa House Special Professional Baseball All-Star Sports Festival(December 2005, 12,Osaka Castle Hall, Broadcast on NTV on January 2006, 1) --Moderator / Mini Concert
  • Daiwa House Special Professional Baseball All-Star Sports Festival (December 2006, 12, Osaka-jo Hall, broadcast on Nippon Television on January 7, 2007) --Moderator / Mini Concert
  • Daiwa House Special Professional Baseball All-Star Sports Festival (December 2007, 12, Osaka-jo Hall, broadcast on Nippon Television on January 6, 2008) --Moderator
  • "Fanta Furu Furu Shaker" New Release Commemorative Event (April 2008, 4- SHIBUYA109)[39][40]
  • Rika Ishikawa Photobook "Lucky ☆" Release Commemorative Event (January 2011, 1,Fukuya bookstore Shinjuku Subnardshop)[41]



Photo album

  1. Rika Ishikawa (August 2001, 8,Take Shobo,photograph:)ISBN-978 4812407912
  2. Ishikawa ♡ Rika (June 2002, 6,Crocodile books,photograph:)ISBN-978 4847027178
  3. I (December 2003, 12, Wanibooks, Photo:Tatsuo Watanabe)ISBN-978 4847027871
  4. Hana-bi (December 2004, 12, Wanibooks, Photo:Yuki Nishida,Masashi Hashimoto)ISBN-978 4847028366
  5. Rika Ishikawa &Sayumi MichishigePhotobook "Angels" (November 2005, 11, Wanibooks, Photographed :)ISBN-978 4847028953
  6. Oui, mon amour (December 2006, 12, Wanibooks, Photo: Tatsuo Watanabe)ISBN-978 4847029813
  7. Abu (August 2007, 8, Wanibooks, Photo: Tatsuo Watanabe)ISBN-978 4847040320
  8. Fuka (February 2008, 2,Kadokawa Group Publishing,photograph:Yoshinobu Nemoto)ISBN-978 4048950145
  9. Karen (January 2009, 1, Wanibooks, Photo:Sawatari Saku)ISBN-978 4847041518
  10. 24 (Twenty Four) (December 2009, 12, Wanibooks, Photo: Koki Nishida,Hidemi Ogata)ISBN-978 4847042232
  11. Lucky ☆ (January 2011, 1, Wanibooks, Photo: Yoshinobu Nemoto)ISBN 978-4-8470-4336-9
  12. Huashin ~ hanagocoro ~ (January 2012, 1, Wanibooks, Photo: Tatsuo Watanabe)ISBN 978-4-8470-4431-1


  • "Youth Bakachin Cooking School" & "17 Years Old-Two Departures-" Visual Book (August 2003, 8,Kodansha) ISBN-978 4063645231
  • Photo & Essay "Rika Ishikawa Happy Footprints Happy!" (July 2005, 7, Kobunsha) ISBN-978 4334901271
  • Photo & Essay "Kokugo, Arithmetic, Rika, History!" (February 2013, 2, Enterbrain) ISBN-978 4047287549

Affiliation unit


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注 釈

  1. ^ Initially, it was planned to double cast with Nozomi Tsuji, but as Tsuji dropped out, Yoshizawa took the place.


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