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😀 | "You're crazy and ugly," he calmly responded to his mother's harsh words ...

Photo from Mochigi Mochizuki's Twitter / Via Twitter: @ omoti194

"You're crazy and ugly," he calmly responded to his mother's harsh words ...

If you write the contents roughly
Mochigi has experience working as an employee of gay customs and gay bars in the past.

The manga posted as "the final solution with parents" is a hot topic.Mochigi Mochizuki (@ omoti194) who works as a writer ... → Continue reading

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Gay bar

Gay bar(British: Gay bar)Malehomosexual(Gay)bar.

Shemale,Crossdresserな どWomen's clothingThere are two types of bars: a transvestite bar where males and ex-males who have been dressed mainly serve general heterosexuals, and a bar where male homosexuals (gay) who do not serve as females gather.There is no strict definition, but today's gay bars often refer to the latter,Homo barAlso called.Crossdressers are becoming more and more distinct from gay bars by calling them "shemale shops."Shinjuku 2-chomeMost of them are gay bars, and there are few transvestite bars (Later).

Gay bars exist all over the world, forming a city as one big collective.This section describes the content for Japan.


Yinma Chaya,Shinjuku XNUMX-chome as a gay townSee also

Mid-Edo period (GenrokuAround the year)Yinma Chaya(AboveNow called Wakashū Chaya)Sales onlyThere was a gay bar that was similar to a bar[1][2]..Also, before the war, it is said that gay bars and gay clubs appeared in the first year of Showa.[2].

The first gay bar "Yanagi" after the war
The first gay bar after the war was in 1945 (Showa 20).Shinbashi OfKarasumori Shrine"Mr. Masao Shimada (commonly known as Mr. Oshima) who opened the store on the approach road"WillowIt was a store with a relatively strong color of the transvestite bar.This shop is called "Aoe's mom", "YoshinoThat's momToshio YoshinoIt is also known as a bar that produced famous moms dressed like both of them (Aoe who later opened a gay bar in Ginza)Carousel MakiAt the same storeKen TogoWas also working.Yoshino in 1963RoppongiGay bar "YoshinoTo open)[3]..In the willow,Ranpo Edogawa,Alan Delon,Pierre Cardin,Eve Saint LaurentCelebrities such as were also visiting.

"Blanswick" ... "Night song" ...
After this, in 1948,Mishima YukioNovel "Forbidden colorThe gay coffee shop "Redon" that appears in ""Brunswick"Also,GinzaOpened in Owaricho (currently 5-chome)[4][5]..In the same storeAkihiro MiwaIs working as a boy, and Yoshino is visiting as a guest at that time.The times go down, but Mishima's "Physical school(1963), a gay bar called "Hianshins" from Ikebukuro appears.This work has also been made into a movie, but it is unknown whether there was a model store.OtherKandaHas "Silver Dragon" which opened in 1949 (Showa 24)[6], Shinjuku's first gay bar "Yakyoku" (Tsunohazu) and "Ipsen" opened in Shinjuku 1951-chome in XNUMX.[4].Akihiro Miwa"Purple History" published by Akihiro Miwa under the author's name,Toshio Yoshino"Master of service" and others are familiar with gay bars.

Currently (as of 2012), there are about 2 gay bars in Shinjuku 450-chome alone (Sankei Shimbun, July 2012, 7).[7]..By the way, in the April 1991, 4 issue of "Spa!" During the bubble period, "about 24 bars are crowded around Nakadori," but the basis of the Sankei article is "according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Security Division." However, the source of how the spa counted was not disclosed.A simple comparison shows that the number of gay bars has increased by 300, but the actual increase or decrease in gay bars has not been verified.

With the rapid spread of the Internet since 1995, the number of people going to gay bars, which was also a meeting place, is decreasing.Also in 2008Shinjuku 3-chomeToFukutoshin LineMini with the new stationバ ブ ル, And many gay bars are in trouble due to the rise in real estate rent.The number of stores for heterosexuals and stores that are converting to offices is increasing, and even voices that threaten the survival of 2-chome Gay Town are beginning to rise.[8].

Gay bar classification

Gay bar (homo bar)

HomosexualityPerson (BisexualIncluding bisexualSexual minority-LGBT)Gender identity disorder(Transgender) Are less than 1%, most gay men do not dress as women, and want to remain male in both mental and physical sexuality.The men gather at the "gay bar," which is the largest number and is also called a homo bar.There are various characteristics depending on the store, and there are stores with unique masters / moms, stores with a wide customer base, stores that gather according to their favorite body shape and age, stores that gather for hobbies, and other stores that have a theme. ..

  • Features / Customer base
    • By body type ... Most of the bars are regardless of body type, but there are bars dedicated to athletics where gays who like sportsmen and machos gather, bars dedicated to gays who like gays, and bars dedicated to fat.
    • By age ... Young bar for young people, bar mainly for people in their 30s and 40s, bar for old people ("dandruff / dandruff bar" where elderly people like dandruff gather, and dandruff bar for young people There is a "dandruff / young bar" where elderly people gather),RankBars (a type of dandruff-only bar. The mortuary tablet of the lover who died with the bottle is kept, and when you order, the mortuary tablet comes out and you swallow it with nostalgia).
    • By hobby (sports) ...TennisCircle system,volleyballsystem,Winter sportsSystem etc.
    • By hobby (music) ...Seiko Matsuda,Akina Nakamori,Miyuki NakajimaThere is a store where enthusiasts such asEspecially, "Miyuki Bar" is "West Coast" and "Blue Coral".[9], "36 ℃" and "Poisonous Nana", but the west coast closed in the late 5's.[10], 36 ℃ also closed around 5. "Miyuki Night", which was first held at the 2010-chome club "ARTY FARTY" (old store) in the late 1990s, is still held at the 2-chome club.[11].
    • Gaijin bar ... "SpartacusThere is a worldwide gay guidebook called "(English version), and many foreign gay customers gather at the stores listed there. "SHIRE", "Regent" in the 1970s and 80s[12](Currently Tokyo Sankyo Shinkin Bank), gay disco black box, MAKO were famous. Since the 90's, there has also been an open cafe-style bar for foreigners along Nakadori.
    • Others ... SM bars for gays, most stores have "normal water business"PoliticsとReligiousThe story is "legal", but there are "rib bars" where gay rib people gather, and shops where people who like Okinawa gather.

ク ラ ブ-Cafe Style bar

A normal gay guy who gets to know moms and masters and talks over the counterbarThe taste is different, and customers can talk freely in the store and stay longer.The customer base is relatively young because the price is reasonable, starting at 1 yen per cup.The inside of the store is relatively large, and the space between tables and seats is wide, so you can move seats even after ordering.Club (≒Disco) And gay bar (snack) Intermediate existence.Popular with gay men who dislike restraint, it has increased since the 90s, but stores with a long history such as "ANNEX" (formerly CLUB / ZIP) are famous.3A (attack appeal appointment) cards and pens are placed in various places such as tables, and you can write the address etc. to a type of man and hand it over[13]..Many gay customers are looking for a partner.Some stores hold gay nights on weekends.

By the way, "It became popular as a full-fledged gay drama.Alumni AssociationThere is a gay bar called "Splash", but the set was modeled on ZIP (currently ANNEX).Also, the name Splash is taken from NY's famous gay shot bar.[14].

Sales onlybar

A store that appoints a male host.There are many one-order stores.In the past, many boys in the store were straight men, so it came to be said that.However, many stores are now a mix of gay, straight and bisexual.

Shemale bar

In recent years, transsexuals who want to dress up as women and become completely female.Shemale[15]However, the store where they are located is called a "shemale store" and is being distinguished from the "gay bar" (homo bar) where male homosexuals who do not dress as women gather.Both are still often referred to as gay bars, but they are different genres.

The customer baseHeteroMost of them are men and women, and most gay men do not go, except for gay men who love transvestites (gays who specialize in transsexuals).Also, it is not always the transsexual (transsexual) who works at the transsexual store, but a transvestite (= a homosexual man who wants to remain a man)TG) Also.In addition to the transsexual bar, there is also a transvestite gay bar whose mom is the transvestite.There is a regular bar where you can drink over the counter and a "shemale show pub" that offers shows.

Shemale and transvestite stores in TokyoKabukicho,RoppongiAnd so on, OsakaDoyamaBesidesShinsaibashiAnd so on. Both 2-chome and Doyama are mostly non-transvestite gay bars, and there are very few transsexual and transvestite shops.The reason is that the number of transvestites is only less than 1% of all gay men with gender identity disorder, and many non-transvestite male homosexuals (gay) do not go to transsexual bars. This is because even if you set up a store in 2-chome, you cannot expect much demand.[16]..The transvestite community exists separately from Shinjuku XNUMX-chome, Kabukicho,Shinjuku Golden Gai,Shinjuku 3-chomeLocated in the block of the main town (around Suehirotei)[17].

Mix bar

A bar where gays, transvestites and transsexuals are mixed as clerk.A bar with a mixture of gay and heterosexual customers is called a tourist bar.

Gay club

Detail is"Japanese gay culture #club culture"reference

Although not a gay bar, gay discos already existed in the 1970s, and black boxes and MAKO were famous. The club "NEW SAZAE" was opened in 1966, but it is unknown if there was a dance space from that time. Many of the gay discos in 80-chome disappeared as the disco boom of the 2s once converged due to the revision of the Fuei Law.After that, the number of clubs began to increase after the 90's, and a relatively large number of young gay men and Lehman gay men in their 20s and 30s gathered. DJs make sounds and dance on themStandThere is no difference from a club for straights.Events such as gay nights and boy hunts are held on weekends.There used to be a permanent gay club "Delight" in 2-chome.

Tourist bar

Not gay straight (HeterosexualityA bar where both men and women can enter.However, many gay bars in 2-chome have membership-based tags, and most bars are still open only to gay men.

List of areas and number of stores

It operates mainly in metropolitan areas.


(1) Number of gay bar stores (according to gay yellow page "Gclick" << 2013 >>)

  • Shinjuku 2-chome --274
  • Kita (Doyama) -150
  • Ueno --95
  • Asakusa --67
  • Shimbashi --66
  • Nagoya (Sakae 4-chome, Fushimi Station) -63
  • Hakata --62
  • Minami (mainly Namba 4-chome) -42
  • Yokohama (commonly known as Noge << or Sakuragicho >>)-37
  • Sapporo --32
  • Hiroshima -30
  • Naha -25
  • New World Naha -25
  • Ikebukuro / Kokura-21 each
  • Kyoto -17
  • Sendai -14
  • Okayama --13
  • Shizuoka / Kagoshima ―― 10
  • Kanazawa / Matsuyama ―― 9 each
  • Shibuya, Hamamatsu, Kochi-8 each
  • Aomori, Takamatsu, Kumamoto-7 each
  • Nakano / Himeji ―― 6
  • Yamagata / Oimachi -5

(2) Number of gay bar / sales host stores (according to Badi-March 1998 issue "Otoko no Yellow Page")

  • Shinjuku 2-chome area --263
  • Kita (Doyama) -115
  • Minami --51
  • Nagoya -50
  • Ueno --46
  • Hakata --38
  • Sapporo --30
  • Yokohama / New World-29 each
  • Asakusa --27
  • Kyoto -21
  • Ikebukuro -20
  • Naha -17
  • Kokura -16
  • Shimbashi / Hiroshima ――15 each
  • Okayama --13
  • Sendai -12
  • Shizuoka --11
  • Sannomiya / Kumamoto-10 each
  • Aomori -8
  • Kanazawa ―― 7
  • Akita, Koenji, Himeji-6 each
  • Shibuya, Chiba, Niigata, Gifu, Kochi, Matsuyama, Miyazaki, Kagoshima ―― 5 each
  • Kamata, Oimachi, Hachioji ―― 4 each
  • Hakodate, Hachinohe, Aomori, Koriyama, Takasaki, Nishikawaguchi, Mito, Nagano, Hamamatsu, Oita, Nagasaki-each 3
  • Nakano, Akabane, Urawa, Kawagoe, Kawasaki, Utsunomiya, Oyama, Fukushima, Iwaki, Matsumoto, Numazu, Yokkaichi, Fukui, Shin-Osaka, Akashi, Tokushima, Matsue--2 each

Business hours

Many stores are open from 18:20 to 20:15.Some stores open after noon, offer lunch at a low price, open as a bar from around 20:XNUMX, open as a coffee shop (cafe) from around XNUMX:XNUMX, and open as a bar from around XNUMX:XNUMX. There are stores that do.

Two-part store

After the bar is closed at night, some stores are open during the day under a different name.The price is basically the same as when the bar is open.It will be handed over to the night shop during business hours until the evening.

Services, etc.

The market price is 1 to 1,200 yen for a set of side dishes and snacks, which are generally called izakaya, and a drink.If you do, the set fee is around 1,500 to 1,500 yen.The price of the bottle varies depending on the store, but the market price is around 2,000 yen.Up to one pitcher glass is included in the set price, but it may be free depending on the store.Dried food (knobs) was included as a set as mentioned above, but there are stores where you can take it freely.Also,karaokeThere are a wide variety of stores, such as stores that have introduced and stores that do not have.


  • Anniversary party
  • Staff birthday
  • Travel (actual cost of participants)
  • Year-end and New Year countdown
  • Cherry-blossom viewing

Behind the bar survival

Young staff (employees) are said to be in flux.In another storePart-time jobIt takes a few days to a few months because of the harshness of the shop owner and the fact that it doesn't fit in well with the environment.The laborThe reality is that some people are disgusted and retire early.

Some stores are in danger of closing due to poor relationships with tenant building owners or decreased sales.

We are trying to get people to know the existence of the stores by setting up event leaflets (flyers) between the stores.Some stores issue stamp cards to those who wish to add value as a privilege.In addition, we will provide services to deepen exchanges between customers, such as sponsorship events.


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