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💪 | Hitomi Kaji, the secret of a healthy body is ants in the "intestines" !? What are "five intestinal activities"?


Hitomi Kaji, the secret of a healthy body is ants in the "intestines" !? What are "five intestinal activities"?

If you write the contents roughly
"Intestinal activity is the best beauty liquid" (Kobunsha) and "Splash! Hitomi Kaji" (Takarajimasha) are on sale.

Get a healthy body with straightened intestines. About 10 years ago, when the word "intestinal activity" did not exist yet, Pilati ... → Continue reading


"Anan" has always created the "era", transmitted the "topics", and created the "trend" of women.
The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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SerumWhat is (Biyo-eki)?Basic cosmeticsIs one of theMoisturising Ingredients,Whitening ingredientIt refers to a product in which ingredients such as Since these components are blended at a higher concentration than other basic cosmetics, they are often more expensive than other basic cosmetics.

Order of use

Normally,LotionAfter preparing the skin with, for example, the beauty essence is often applied to the skin before using other basic cosmetics containing oil.


The components that are often blended in the beauty essence are, for example, the following.

Many of these components are basically not absorbed from healthy skin due to problems of average molecular weight and molecular structure. However, some components penetrate into the surface of the skin such as the stratum corneum. In Japan,Drug machine methodIf it contains the active ingredient specified in, and if you do not use the expression "curing" that violates the law, you can display the efficacy within the range of the expression permitted by the law.[1].


1975ToKoseKose RC Liquid released by is said to be the pioneer of beauty products made in Japan. further1980 eraToEstee LauderとShiseidoHowever, after selling a product called a high-performance beauty essence, it spread rapidly in Japan.


  1. ^ Yasuo Asada, Issei SuzukiCosmetic Q & A Encyclopedia-Understanding all about cosmetics』Chuo Shoin, 2011, fully revised latest version, pages 14-15.ISBN 978-4-88514-043-3.

Hitomi Kaji

Hitomi Kaji (Kaji Hitomi,1987May 8 -) isJapan OfArtists,モデル,talent[1].. Height 163 cm.Avex ManagementBelongs. January 2016,debut. Nickname is "Kaji-chan".


I've loved singing since I was little because of my grandmother's influence.When I was a student, I was exercising in the tennis club.Also, I want to be an artist who wants to keep my existence by creating music based on the diary I wrote every day since I was a student.

At the age of 26, I couldn't give up my dream of becoming an artist debut, and I thought this was my last chance in terms of age, so I applied for TGA (Tokyo Girls Audition) 2014. Winner of Grand Prix in Artist Category[2].

At the age of 1, one year after his debut, he made a late-debut debut than AVEX.

All of the original songs sung by him were written by lyrics, and the lyrics used to be written in a diary or notebook for a long time. JUJUof"Stop this night”Was sung when the audition was judged, and because it is a song with a strong feeling, the cover image isUAF YouTubeIt is published in[3][4].

However, one and a half years after his debut, the released CD did not sell at all and the artist's activities stopped.The office also told me that the contract was about to be canceled.I had no work every day and was worried about it, but my strong feeling that I never wanted to give up did not change.By meeting the current manager, I will challenge new ways other than artist activities.In an interview at that time, he answered "cliff".We talked with the manager every day, accompanied him to the sales office, restarted, and displayed the cover and the beginning of "Weekly Playboy" in three months.The desire to spread the "Kaji Body", which is the weapon of Hitomi Kaji, to the world is conveyed, and the "Kaji Body" is drawing attention. Attention is paid to the unique exercise, diet, and intestinal activity that have continued for eight years.The healthy and healthy image has become popular, and more than 3 requests are received from magazines and media a month.In addition, "Kaji Body" has been featured in numerous magazines and the WEB as a body that women long for.

Recently he has also been active in beauty. Care for the skin and body is attracting attention as a miraculous Arasar because he cannot be seen at the age of 33.

Appeared as a secret of "Kaji body" in "One minute deep story about life changing" on Nippon Television.

"Intestinal activity", which has been carried out for eight years, became a hot topic and became a spark of the "intestinal activity boom" and was taken up by the media as a charisma of intestinal activity.[5]..Also active as an advertising model.

Published the first beauty photo book "Kajbody." On December 12th.

He has a qualification as a beauty bowel planner.[1]

Body size

バスト77cm、ウエスト56cm、ヒップ84cm、腕の長さは68cm、二の腕周りは21cm、脚の長さは87cm、太もも周りは43cm、顔の大きさは縦18.5cm、目の大きさは縦1.5cm、横3.5cm、 ・2020年11月5日時点での体のサイズ[6]


TV drama

Participation live, event


  • Before the CD debut, on August 8, ``a-nation Appeared as an opening act in "island a-nation studium fes 2015"[8]
  • Appeared on "DO ME KNOW" on December 12th
  • Appeared on TGC CAMPUS 12 Xmas Edition on December 19th


  • On March 3, appeared as a special opening act of "Tokyo Girls Music Festival"
  • On March 3th, a live performance of 27 people to eradicate drunk driving promoted by FM OSAKA!!!!! Appearance at "LIVE SDD 10000"
  • July 7, "SHE HER HERS vol.23" live appearance
  • July 7, AnimeTwin Star OnmyojiAppeared in the event "Yin Yang Festival 2016"
  • Appeared in "Campus Summit 8" on August 8th
  • On June 9,Tokyo Girls Collection2016 AUTUMN/WINTER'' appearance


  • Appeared in "Tokyo Girls Collection 4 SPRING / SIMMER" on April 1st
  • June 6 Kiehls Healthy Skin Garden Event Appearance
  • July 7, "Fan Fan Splash 28" appearance
  • August 8th and 18th "a-nation 19 Osaka" appearance
  • August 8th and 25th "a-nation 26 Tokyo" appearance
  • September 9 "Girls Award 16 in Makuhari" main act appearance
  • October 10, "Monster Halloween Carnival sponsored by Yomiuri TV" appearance
  • November 11th "Atsugi Music Festival 4" MC. Singing appearance


  • YOU
  • beautiful
  • today
  • and GIRL
  • With
  • MORE
  • Cancan
  • Steady
  • mother
  • Tokyo calendar
  • Weekly playboy
  • Gina
  • Request QJ2019
  • Zexy Overseas Resort 4th Generation Cover Girl


  • andGIRL WEB
  • Aesthetic com
  • ar WEB
  • LIST
  • MY
  • Rakuten Travel
  • Women's Healths


  • YA-MAN TOKYO JAPAN Body Care Product Ambassador
  • KOSE / Jureme Amino Shampoo Ambassador
  • Face Titude / Color contact lenses
  • TIGORA / BEAMS DESIGN Ambassador
  • Kasikashima 2020-2021 AW Image Model


  • Watabe Wedding Danang Resort
  • Santen Pharmaceutical Sante Beaute
  • Alpine
  • Kagome "Let's Take Vegetables" Vegetable Ambassador


Mini album

PieRelease datetitle
1st2016/1/27Rule Violation

Full album

PieRelease datetitle


PieRelease datetitle
1st2016/8/3In My Hi-Heel

Digital single

Release datetitle
2016/6/8EXILE COVER "Ti Amo"
2018/7/18My perfect sky


Release datetitle
2020/12/10Kaji body.

TV appearance

Work before Avex debut

  • Image Video In Hitomi 2007
  • Digital single KARADA KAJI on the INTELLIGENCE 2012


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