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🥾 | Iriyama alone, slipped down the mountain? The body found in the northern Alps Mt. Gakidake no Sawa turned out to be a 64-year-old man in Gunma prefecture


A corpse found in Mt. Gakidake no Sawa in the Northern Alps, found to be a 64-year-old man in Gunma Prefecture

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It is believed that Mr. Uryu entered Mt. Gakidake alone on the 21st, stayed overnight at a mountain lodge, and slipped down the mountain on the 22nd for some reason.

A man's body was found on the 23rd in a swamp along the mountain trail of Mt. Gakidake in the Northern Alps.According to police investigation, the identity is Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Mountain hut

Mountain hut(Yamagoya,British: mountain hut or alpine hut, mountain shelter, mountain lodge, etc.) IsClimbingFor accommodation, rest, evacuation, etc.(I.e.Built inHut[1].HutteAlso say[1].


It is an accommodation / rest / evacuation facility in the mountains.ClimbingPeople and mountainsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is a building for hikers to stay, rest, or rush to evacuate in an emergency during the journey.

There is a hut guard (administrator)Manned hut"There is no hut numberUnmanned hut[2]"(Or "Shelter hut") Is roughly divided.

The term "mountain lodge" can refer to both unmanned lodges and manned lodges.

This section describes mountain lodges as accommodation facilities, rest areas, and evacuation sites.

How to call

German OfHutte (Hütte) is the origin. In a broad sense, this refers to all huts, such as Takayama.plateauAlso refers to the mountain lodge in.
The word "hutte" that came to be used in Japanese isオーストリアArmyLerch 1910,In JapanSkiOne of the mountaineering terms that was introduced together when I told him. The German language introduced during this period is stillClimbing-SkiMany are used as terms.
EnglishThe word "hut" which means a hut. This is the etymology of the German Hutte. In addition, it should be notedFast foodChain "Pizza hut"Is also Pizza-Hut, which means" pizza hut. "
Western European grazing mountain lodge

Grazing is carried out during the summer in the Alps and Pyrenees, but accommodation for cattle and shepherds andcheeseThere is a mountain lodge that is used as a base for making. These lodges have different language, dialect or customary names in each region.[3]

ア ル プ ス のSavoieThen.Share Called (Chalet).
PyreneesBearnThen.Kyala (Cujala),BasqueThen.Cayoral (Cayolar).
Our CoursesThen.FrenchCabane (Cabane).AuvergneSo it's mostly called Buron, but in the eastern part of Rivradwa (fr) Is called Jasserie.

European mountain lodge

Mountain lodges in North and South America

Asian mountain lodge

Everest(Chomolamma) There are many of the world's leading mountains, and climbers come from all over the world, and of course there are various huts.

African mountain lodge

Africa's highest peakKilimanjaroEuropean-style guided tours are the mainstream. Many mountainous areas are subject to mountain entry restrictions as a nature conservation and tourism resource.

Japanese mountain lodge

Early history in Japan

Japan's oldest surviving mountain lodge architecture was an accommodation facility for worshipersTateyama OfMurodo hutIs[4].. Japan's oldest non-religious business mountain lodge is1907(MeijiOpened in 40 years)Hakuba SansoIs[5].. Following that, Yarisawa Lodge,Changen hut,Enzanso,Hotakadake Sanso,Yarigatake SansoEtc. opened one after another.

Individual name

In the case of an evacuation shed, it is basically called "○○ bothy".

Natsuyama Clinic

In Japan, in the summer in large lodges and major lodgesUniversityFaculty of medicineTemporary run byNatsuyama ClinicMay be added.Natsuyama ClinicMost of the mountain lodges withJapan Northern AlpsConcentrated on, otherwiseJapan Southern Alps OfMt. Kitadake,Mount Fuji,HakusanHowever, the number is small.Tateyama-Mt. TsurugidakeThere is a Natsuyama clinic nearby, but it is not attached to the mountain lodge.

Japanese unmanned huts and shelters

Japanese evacuation shelters include a shelter dedicated to emergency evacuation,self catering-beddingThere is a hut with the accommodation in mind.

Emergency shelter

The hut dedicated to emergency evacuation isThunder,(I.e.,(I.e.(Hail) and(I.e. It is designed with the idea of ​​temporarily evacuating from such places. It can be said that the lives of many climbers are saved every year thanks to the people and organizations that spend time and money to build and manage these unmanned huts. When making a mountain climbing plan, if you find an emergency evacuation shed in the middle of the mountain climbing road, remembering its location well will save your life in case of emergency.

Japanese manned hut

Bedding is provided in the manned hut.

Most of the mountain lodges are completely closed outside the opening period, but some spaces are opened as winter shelters.avalancheMany of the mountain lodges in the valleys that frequently occur are dismantled in winter and reassembled in early summer of the following year, making it easy to dismantle.Prefab hutThere is also a mountain lodge of its own.

Business period

In the case of a manned hut in TakayamaJapan Northern AlpsIn areas where many climbers visit, the business period is often from mid-June to mid-October (or early November), but in huts off the main route, it is open only in the summer when there are many climbers. There are also places.Nishiho Sanso TheShinhotaka RopewayOperates all year round, with an altitude of 2,360 near the summit station mIt is the only mountain lodge in the Northern Alps that is open all year round in the highlands of[6].. In addition, many mountain lodges on Mt. Fuji, which have high altitude and severe weather conditions, are open only for two months in July and August. However, Sato Goya at the 7th station is the only one on Mt. Fuji that is open all year round.[7].. Even in high mountainsYatsugatakeSome of the huts, such as some huts, that are expected to enter the mountain and accommodate guests over the four seasons may be open all year round.


Many users use "dive" without making a reservation. This is basically even if you make a reservation at many mountain lodgesJapanese inn,HotelUnlike a large roomShared roomThis is because there is no big difference in treatment from the case of staying without a reservation because it is a small fish sleep in. This is because the mountain lodge also plays the role of an emergency evacuation site, unlike accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns. Since many mountain lodges basically do not refuse people who want to stay, it is possible to lay out futons in the corridors and dining rooms and sleep on the same futons as others. However, even if you can stay without reservation, if you arrive too latedinnerWill not be available or will cause trouble for people in the shared room. Also in the mountainsweatherIn the eveningThunderIt often rains, and early arrival is the basis of staying in a mountain lodge.

However, the total amount of climbers is limited by limiting the number of guests.OzeAlso, there is little worry of getting lost even at night because mountain climbing is popular at night.Mount Fuji,Mt. Ibukiyama,TransportationIs in placeKamikochiThe mountain lodge at the trailhead does not accept more than the capacity. In such a mountain lodge, you may not be able to stay without making a reservation, and even if you can stay, you may not be able to receive meals.Mt. OmineIn some cases, such as a mountain lodge in the area, a signboard or the like clearly indicates that accommodation is not possible if there is no reservation at the trailhead. Also,Private roomEven if you wish to use, it may be full without a reservation.GroupBasically, a reservation is required for any hut to use in. The number of people who need to make a reservation depends on the hut, so it is better to inquire in advance. On the contrary, even if you make a reservation, it is forbidden to go to the mountain lodge where you made the reservation by forcing yourself in extremely bad conditions such as storms and thunderstorms. In such cases, almost all lodges will not charge a penalty even if they cancel without contact, but it is natural that you should contact us if you can be contacted by mobile phone or public telephone of the lodge. ..

Mountain lodge cafeteria / stand

Manned hut during daytimeCafeteria,StandOften open, offering lunch to climbersSoft drink,ConfectioneryWe sell kind. Even considering that the price is a little high when using these facilities, there is an advantage that luggage such as meals can be reduced. Also, on mountain trails on ridges where it is difficult to secure water.Drinking waterFor saleWCIt is also possible for climbers to use the huts other than the accommodations on the route, but it is necessary to check the business period, non-business days, lunch and shop opening, and business hours. Is.

Meals at the mountain lodge

Most manned huts can accommodate half board, so if you wishdinnerandbreakfastIs provided. Supper in the former mountain lodge is easy to prepareCurry and riceWas a staple. Today, the number of huts that serve curry rice for dinner has become a minority, but even so, many huts on Mt. Fuji, some huts in the Southern Alps and the Tohoku region, and some small huts in inconvenient locations still remain. Curry rice is served every day. However, many mountain lodges offer a wide variety of dinners due to the fact that helicopters have made it relatively easy to transport fresh food, and that large-scale private power generation has made it possible to refrigerate. I can now do it. Some mountain lodges even serve authentic course meals by making a reservation. However, in many huts in order to accommodate many guests during the peak seasonMiso Soup,SoupExcept for, the main dish is cold side dishes that can be served on a plate for hours in advance.

In the peak season, in order to accommodate guests who are several times as many as the number of guests in the dining room, we may have dinner in the order of arrival at the mountain lodge by taking turns, and at the dining room after meals.beerThere are times when you can't take your time after drinking. At such times, breakfast preparations for the next morning often begin immediately after the final dinner, and the use of the dining room as a lounge may be limited. Of course, in the off-season or in a small mountain lodge with few guests, you may be able to eat slowly while talking with the owner or manager of the lodge.

It is possible to stay without meals or use only one meal at the mountain lodge. For those usersself cateringSome huts have space, but in the case of huts that do not have a self-catering space, there are places where self-catering is allowed in one corner of the dining room, and in fine weather, self-catering is only allowed on outdoor benches.


WC TheExcrementThere are many mountain lodges that are having a hard time processing, and the usage fee is often collected from non-guests. In the past, most of them were dripping type[8].. There was no toilet tank, and there was a method of discharging directly to the slope of the mountain or Tanigawa, or storing it in the toilet tank once, storing water in the toilet tank when the hut was closed in autumn, and then discharging it all at once. .. Some of the toilets that are always discharged are very clean in appearance, as the river water is constantly flushed into the toilet bowl. In the case of the conventional toilet tank type, the wall and bottom of the toilet tankconcreteNot likeIshigakiIn many cases, the liquid is allowed to permeate the surrounding soil to some extent. In any case, there were problems with the surrounding environment and aesthetics and odors, but if winter begins without emptying the stool, the contents of the stool will freeze completely and will not be usable the following year. Because of this, there was an unavoidable aspect of the release. However, it is also a fact that the toilets, which have few users, are naturally decomposed to some extent in the case of constant small amount discharge.

After that, the heightened environmental awareness and Mt. Fujiworld HeritageDue to registration problems, environment-friendly toilets are gradually appearing.[8].1999From (11)Ministry of the EnvironmentIn the "Urgent Project for Purification and Safety Measures for Mountain Environment, etc.", the government subsidizes half of the cost for environmental measures.[8].. The main ones are incineration typeBio type・ There are simple septic tank type and content transportation type. The incineration typeoil,propane gasIt is a method of incinerating the contents with, but in addition to increasing the fuel cost,Fossil fuelThe large amount of use of the product has the drawback that it cannot be said to be "environmentally friendly" for the entire global environment. The bio type and the simple septic tank type can be used as they are in low temperature alpine areas.microorganismThere is a drawback that the activity of is not fully expected, and it cannot be used for toilets with too many users. For this reason, some toilets have measures such as constantly operating a private power generator to keep them warm, but fuel costs and fossil fuel mass use problems occur as in the incineration type. The contents transportation type is a method of transporting the entire toilet tank by helicopter or the like, but the maintenance cost is very high and the helicopter consumes a large amount of fossil fuel, which is the same as the incineration type. Some mountain lodges have introduced a tip system as a cost measure for toilet maintenance in mountain lodges.[9].

Many of the newly made toilets overturn the image of traditional mountain lodge toilets and are simple.Flush toiletAnd Western style toilets, of courseShower toilet(WashletEtc.), and the image that the toilet in the mountain lodge is odorous, dirty, and dark is gradually improving. In mountain lodges and mountain areas where there is no toilet携 帯 ト イ レThere is also an example where a place to use is set up and its use is recommended.[9].

In any case, depending on the toilet, it is important for climbers to cooperate, such as throwing toilet paper in the trash can provided according to the instructions and paying the usage fee for non-guests. In addition, in order to minimize the adverse effects on the natural environment, stools other than toilets should be avoided except in an emergency.

Conventional toilets have weak microorganisms due to low temperatures, so they are used in toilets.ammoniaIt smells bad and is usually built away from the lodge's accommodation and dining room, which can be very annoying if you go late at night or in the rain. Some of the mountain lodges in steep places can only be reached by going down a rocky area to get to the toilet, so it is installed in the lodgeSandalsThere are some places that are a little dangerous to wear.


Not surprisingly, with a few exceptions, the lodge is for guestsbath,ShowerThere is no. Not only huts on the precious ridge of water, but also mountain huts with abundant water along the Tanigawa RiverfuelMost of the guests do not have a bath due to transportation problems (#Securing waterSee also).

The exception isOzeMost mountain lodges inKamikochiYarisawa Lodge in the areaYokoo Sanso-ToyamaA small part of the mountain lodge facing Tanigawa, such as Mt. Tsurugisan-so,Mt. OntakeAkadake Kosen, a hut where you can use the water of the alpine lake like the hut around NinoikeMotozawa Onsen-Hakuba Hot Spring-Hokkein Onsenな どSpa,SpaThere is a mountain lodge with a mountain hut, but in an extremely rare case, Akadake Tenboso in Yatsugatake andToyamaSenninike hut,Mt. OmineA place like the shukubo group of Mt. Sanjogatake, which has a bath for guests despite the hut on the ridgeline,Tokushima OfHutte on Mt. TsurugisanSome places have a bath for guests despite the summit. Some mountain lodges offer baths only while there is still snow near the lodge. The number of huts with showers, such as the Kenzawa hut, is on the rise. However, in order to reduce the impact of drainage on the natural environment and to minimize the amount of hot water used, guests石 鹸,shampooThe use of is prohibited. Some of the mountain lodges in Kamikochi and some of the mountain lodges at the trailhead are exceptional, although some soaps can be used.

Employee baths are available in almost all mountain lodges except mountain areas where water is extremely scarce, such as Mt. Fuji, but in mountain lodges where water is precious and where it is difficult to transport fuel, the number of baths for employees Is also restricted.

hotel fee

Manned hut

Although the accommodation fee for a manned hut varies depending on the mountain area, it is about 3000 to 6000 yen per night for a shared room without meals (meals and bedding self-sufficient accommodation), and about 2 to 5000 yen for a shared room with half board (generally the transportation cost). Larger high mountains and Okuyama are more expensive, but there are many places where the accommodation fee is unified depending on the mountain area, in which case the accommodation fee will be the same regardless of whether it is on the ridgeline or at the trailhead).Private roomThere is also a mountain lodge equipped with, but a fairly high private room usage fee is required.

Some mountain lodges divide the rooms into groups during the off-season to make them virtually private rooms. In this case, no private room charge is required, but many lodges have some rooms due to cleaning problems even during the off-season. Tends to stuff only.

For climbers who just take a breakteaThere are some places that offer tea and tea contracts free of charge, but it is desirable to pay for tea if possible.

The reason why the accommodation fee of the mountain lodge is expensive for the facilities and services is that many lodges cannot be opened in winter, and even though there are only about two months in summer, it also serves as an emergency evacuation site. For this reason, many huts are open even during the off-season during the snowless season, and their maintenance costs are added. We have to think of it as an unavoidable price setting for a safe mountain trip.

Shelter hut

Bothy is generally available free of charge. However, there are places where usage fees are charged or where "donations" are accepted. In the case of an evacuation shed that costs a usage fee, it may be necessary to pay the price in advance at the owner or manager's house at the foot of the mountain to receive the key. In this case, you will need to return the key after descending the mountain. Of the evacuation sheds, depending on the time of year, in the case of a shelter with a caretaker, there is often a charge only during that period.

Season words

Season wordsAsMountain hut(Yamagoya)Summer: Is the season word of (the season word of late summer)[10].. Classification isEvent/human resources[11][*1].. As a similar season word,Mountaineering hut(Tozangoya. For climbersHut)WhenMountaineering inn(Tozanyado. For climbersInn)[10], "Mountain lodge" "Mountain climbing hut" "Mountain inn" is a child season word of the season word "mountain climbing"[*2]Is[10].. For details, see the parent season word "Climbing"checking.

  • Example phrase: near the window hollyhockTachiafuhibloom Mountaineering inn ─ Iida scepter "Yamakyoshu" (published in 1940 <Showa 15>)
  • Example:Mountain hut Of StoveTo the heat ofTohruTohoRu ─ Sachiko Yamaguchi
  • Example:Large dewOtsuyu Of Mountain hutTheOutTooth ChildHow are youYes ─ Ryuta Iida
  • Example phrase: From behind (I.e.Squirt Mountaineering hut ─ Kenji Fukami
  • Example:TreeCan OfRiverAlso sectionFushiAlsoDecorationHoldRini Mountaineering inn ─ Shugyō Takaha


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注 釈

  1. ^ Both “event” and “personnel” refer to “what humans do” as a seasonal word.
  2. ^ A season word, which is positioned as a different expression for a certain main season word, is called a "child season word" for the parent season word in comparison with the parent-child relationship. It's also called "introductory title", but the original title is "seasonal title".AntonymIs. The seasons and classifications of child season words are based on the parent season words. "Mountain lodge" is classified as an event / personnel because it conforms to the pro-seasonal language.


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