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👩‍🎤 | Miona Hori, guest appearance on NTV drama "Voice II"! "I did my best not to lose to a strong look."

Photo Miona Hori guest appearance on NTV drama "Voice II"! "I did my best not to lose to a strong look."

Miona Hori makes a guest appearance on the NTV drama "Voice II"! "I did my best not to lose to a strong look."

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Miona Hori will be appearing in the July drama for the second time, including starring W in the popular work "Saletagawa no Blue" currently being broadcast on TBS (MBS) at midnight on Tuesday.

Miona Hori will appear as a guest on episode 7 of "Voice II 110 Emergency Command Room" being broadcast as a Saturday drama on NTV in July ... → Continue reading


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Miona Hori

Miona Hori(Miona Hori,1996〈Heisei8 years>May 10 -) isJapan OfFashion Model,actress,YouTuberAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Former member of[1][2],ar] Is a regular model[3].Gifu(I.e.Background[4].. Height 162 cm[5].. Blood typeO[1].


On March 2013, 25, passed the audition for Nogizaka3's 28nd gen member.[6].. November 5, the same year, "16 principal deuxUnveiled at the daytime performance[7].. March 10th, Nogizaka6's 46th single "VallettaIt was announced that he was selected as the center of "" and was promoted to his first selected member and regular member.[8].

July 2014, 26, "R's law』(NHK E Tele) will appear regularly as a member of the 5th R's[9][10].

July 2016, 28, "Nogizaka46's "no"』(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) became the 10th MC[11], Serve for one year[12].

July 2017, 29, "Recommendation!』(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) will start appearing as a regular Wednesday[13]..On November 11th of the same year, the 24st solo photo book "Kimi Rashisa" was released.[14].

Appointed as Ambassador of Japan Blu-ray Grand Prize in January 2019[15]..same year(ReiwaJune 6st, the movie "Hot Gimmick Girl Meets Boy』First appearance and starring in the movie[16],22nd Shanghai International Film FestivalWas nominated for the Best Actress Award in the Asian Newcomer Category[17][18].

May 2020, 2 (Reiwa 5nd year), 27nd solo photo book "Someday meeting place" (Crocodile books) Is released[19]..September 9th of the same year, the official 24nd solo photobookInstagramStarted operation by taking over the account as an individual account[20]..On November 11, the same year, Nogizaka27UAF YouTubeAnnounced group graduation in the music video of his solo song "In the Cold Water" posted on the official channel[21][22].

The 2021th single "" released on January 3, 1 (Reiwa 27)I like meWill be the last participation[22]..February 2, the same year, "23th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE"[Note 1]Was held and became the last Birthday Live appearance[23]..March 3, the same year, "28th YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE ~ 9nd generation live ~"[Note 1]Became the last stage as Nogizaka46[23][24].. After graduationNogizaka46 LLCLeaving and acting as an actress[25]..On November 4th of the same year, the official blog on the Nogizaka26 official website was closed.[26]..Opened YouTube channel on July 7, the same year[27].."Sale Tagawa Blue』(Every day broadcasting) To star in the terrestrial serial drama for the first time[28]..For two months from September of the same year, "Hillnandez!』(Nippon TV) For a limited time on Wednesday regular appearance[29].


Nicknames are Hori-chan and Miona[30].

My hobbies are watching movies, traveling, and visiting second-hand clothing stores.[30].. What's your favorite movie"Resident Evil"[31].

Special skill is high-speed blinking[32],Gluttony[30]..I'm not good at painting[33]And, because of its unique style of painting, it is rarely called a "painter", and "Amethyoke!Appeared in the popular corner "Owarai Tarento"[34].


A unit in Nogizaka2015 formed in 46,Saint QuetoileMembers of[35]..Also, salt ice cream[36][Note 2], Members of the Purinkai[37][38].

In the first gradeMinami HoshinoHe is on good terms with him and is known as "Minamiona" in the combination.[39]..Hori and Hoshino once introduced their holidays in the planning of the program[40]..Of salt ice creamHinako Kitano,Junna Ito[36], A member of the PurinkaiSuzuki Ayane[41],Ai WatanabeI have a close relationship with[42].. Formerly serving as an exchange student from April 2014 to May 4SKE48 OfRena MatsuiAccording to Hori, Hori is a person who can be relieved, and before Matsui concurrently serves as Nogizaka46, he and HoriTokyo DisneylandI have been taken to[43], "May 2014, 5 (midnight on the 19th) broadcast"Where is Nogizaka?With MatsuiSushiDuring the conversation that he promised to go to eat, Hori's favorite sushi materialWhite fishMatsui said, "salmon roeHori has an intimate relationship, such as saying "I like salmon roe" because of Matsui's small face.[44]..Other than Nogizaka46 membersAKB48Ami Yumoto is a classmate of the same high school, so we visited Disneyland as a graduation trip.[45]..Also, of the former SKE48Jurina Matsuialong withshaved iceHave a date[46],HamburgerI went to eat[47].. ExKeyakizaka46 OfYurina HirateWithGrilled meatGo to eatilluminationI'm on good terms, such as going to see[48]..Other, originalIZ * ONE OfAnne YujinとKang Hye WonHave friendship with[49].. 『Recommendation!』OtenkiKeyakizaka 46 (currently made up of glue)Sakurazaka46)ofYuka SugaiとHinatazaka46 OfKato FumihoThe "disagreement theory" with was widespread, but this is completelyGasenetaAnd he answered that he is on good terms with Sugai and Kato.[50].

Broadcast for June 2014, 2NOGIBINGO! 2In the project "Let's get along with each other"Sera NagashimaI tried to kiss, but I couldn't do it during the mission, but I kissed after the project was over[51].

My favorite song at Nogizaka46 is "Your name is hope","It is a such a fool…","There is someone you want to talk now","When I say goodbye, I like you more'[52].

The ideal center image is a person who has aspirations and has a strong heart to encourage everyone no matter what situation the group falls into.[53].

Broadcasted on June 2018, 12 (midnight on 24th)Nogizaka under construction』And group graduationYumi WakatsukiWas nominated as the successor to Wakatsuki's own art and banquet art, "Chopsticks-kun".[54].




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