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🥾 | <Video available> Mt. Kuraiyama Mt. Kuraiyama Officially held for the first time in XNUMX years Mt. Myokosan mountain climbing from Kasuga Shrine Visit the sunrise

Photo Blows conch shells toward the rising sun from the sea of ​​clouds (provided by participants)

<Video available> Mt. Kuraiyama Southern Mt. Kuraiyama Officially held for the first time in XNUMX years Mt. Myokosan mountain climbing from Kasuga Shrine Visit the sunrise

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This is the 451st event this year, which is derived from the Mt. Myokosan faith of Kenshin Uesugi.

From Kasuga Shrine (Mika Oshima) in Honcho, Joetsu City, climb to Mt. Myokosan and worship the sunrise "Mitsukensai Minamikata Mt. Kuraiyama (Namboi ...) → Continue reading

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We publish the daily newspaper "Joetsu Times" in the areas of Joetsu City and Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, and the daily newspaper "Itoigawa Times" in the area of ​​Itoigawa City.
Based on the concept of "local cheering party", the editorial policy is "to support and stimulate the vitality of the area", and the first aspect to be seen in the morning is the citizens (administration) who are doing their best, moving topics, and soothing hearts. It is composed of photographs, etc., and we try to create a page suitable for the start of a refreshing day.

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Kenshin Uesugi

Kenshin Uesugi(Uesugi Kenshin) / Uesugi Terutaka(Too much tora)Sengoku periodToEchigo country(CurrentNiigata)SuchHokuriku regionDominatedMilitary commander-Daming.Kanto area(1561 - 1578).Yamauchi Uesugi Family16th head of the family.In addition to unifying EchigoKanto,Hokushin region,Hokuriku region(VietnamFrequently dispatched to the west).Even in the Warring States period, he was considered to be a good warrior, and from his battle record, he became a posterity.War godOr,Echigo dragon'[1] Was called.

EchigoGuardian-Uesugi familyEchigo to serveGuardian fee-Nagao Takei(Sanjo Nagao family) Was born as the fourth son, and his first name wasNagao Keitora..Kanto areaNorimasa UesugiBe adoptedUesugi Yamauchi OfFamily(Given the surname "Uesugi" and the letter "Masa" of constitutionalism)Uesugi MasatoraThe name was changed to (Masato Uesugi), and Mr. Uesugi was hereditary.Muromachi ShogunateI took over the Kanto Kanrei, which is a heavy duty job.Later in the Muromachi ShogunateGeneral-Yoshiteru AshikagaThanBiasIn response to (one letter of "Ki"), finallyKagayaki TigerI called myself.KenshinWas later referred toLaw number.

It unified Echigo Province, which had been a series of civil wars, and promoted not only war and politics but also industry and prospered the country.There are many Sengoku daimyo and military commanders who fought,Shingen Takeda,Hojo,Oda Nobunaga,Ecchu Ikko Ikki,Ashina Moriuji,NotoMr. Hatakeyama,Masatsuna Sano,Oda Ujiharu,Jimbo Chief,Shiina KousouWe fought a battle with them.especially,Shingen TakedaOver 5 times withBattle of KawanakajimaIt has been known.MoreoverGeneral AshikagaIn response to a request fromSuperiorityFrom Echigo ProvinceHokuriku routeGo west to Etchu, Noto,KagaHe expanded his power to, but died at the age of 49.pocketIt is,Iizuna MyojinFront iron rusted helmet.Kenshin has no real child, and after Kenshin's death, over the successor to the Uesugi family's reignOdate no RanBroke out.

Kenshin often travels in the form of requests for help from other countries.Edo PeriodFrom to the present age, do not stick to self-interest[2]"RighteousnessI have a strong impression that he is a military commander.On the other hand, in modern times, the excavation and analysis of historical materials have progressed, and many researchers regard it as a warring lord who made efforts to expand the territory while making a cold judgment of interests.[3]("Later)).


From birth to first team

Enjoyment3 years(1530) June 1[4],EchigoGuardian fee-Nagao Takei[5]The fourth son (or second son and third son) of the (Sanjo Nagao family)[5]) AsKasugayama CastleBorn in.My mother is also EchigoSuyoshi Castlemain·Fusakei NagaoDaughter of (Koshi Nagao family)Tiger..lord·Uesugi SadazaneSeen from the perspective of "my wife's nephew,"Son-in-law(Nagao Harukage)ofYounger brother".Childhood nameTora ChiyoWas named for being born in the year of the Yang Metal Tiger[5][6][7].

At that time, the civil war in Echigo was fierce, and in the era of Gekokujo, his father, Tamekage, was fighting repeatedly.My father is a guardian of EchigoFusou UesugiTo commit suicide, thenKanto area-UesugiTheBattle of NagamoriharaI defeated it.In addition, although the next guardian, Uesugi Sadazane, was puppeted and shook his power, he did not settle Echigo.

October, 3rd year of Kyoroku (1530), LordUesugi SadanoriConflicts the former Uesugi clan and rebels against Tamekage.In this warAgano RiverAllocate to the northYanghokushuNot only the head of the Ueda Nagao family, who is a member of the Nagao clan of the same family.Nagao FusanagaEven responded.The Echigo Nagao familyKambara-gunSanjoAnd lived in the prefectureSanjo (prefecture) Nagao family,Koshi-gunBased onKoshi Nagao family,Uonuma DistrictBased on Sho UedaUeda Nagao familyIt was divided into three families and was competing for the position of Shugodai.Eventually, the Sanjo Nagao family monopolized the guardianship.Fusanaga Ueda was dissatisfied with it and sided with the constitutional war.Tamekage wins with, but the conflict with the Ueda Nagao family continues, and the next generation of the Ueda Nagao family headNagao MasakageRebellionOdate no RanDevelops into.

astronomical5 years(1536) In August, TamekageRetirementTooth[8], Tora Chiyo's older brother, HarukageFamilySucceeded[8]..Tora Chiyo is under the castleRinsenji TempleTogetting startedTooth[8],Priest OfAmuro KoikuIs said to have received the teaching of[6][9]..It is said that he was put into the temple in a way that he could avoid Tamekage because he was disliked by his father.

He enjoyed the game of heroism and surprised the people on the left and right.I also liked it and was playing with a castle model on all sides.[10][9].. Later years,Uesugi KagekatsuIs this modelKatsuyori TakedaThe old manNobuyukiGiving to[10].

In December 11, Tamekage died, but as hostile forces approached Kasugayama Castle, Tora ChiyoarmorWearing a sword and escorting his late father's coffin[11][12][13]..After his father's death, his brother, Harukage, did not have the talent to organize Echigo, and the guardian, Sadazane Uesugi, regained his rights. It was momentum.

Inheritance of the family and unification of Echigo

Astronomy 12 years (1543) On August 8th, Tora ChiyoFormer clothesdo it,KeitoraI called myself.

In September, Kagetora left Kasugayama Castle as Koshi Gunji at the behest of Harukage.Sanjo Castle, ThenTochio Castleに 入 る[14][Question]..The purpose was to subdue the anti-defense forces in Naka-gun, rule the Nagao clan, and further control the Yanghoku people in Shimogori.

At that time, in Echigo, the guardian, Uesugi SadazaneDate SectChild, Tokimunemaru (Date Sanemoto)Son-in-lawIn the matter of welcomingCivil strifeIs happening, EchigoChineseThe people were also divided into pros and cons for adoption, but Harukage's older brother was sick and could not control the internal conflict.

In the spring of 13th year of Astronomy (1544), Echigo despised the fine sceneryAustralian rebellionAround Tochio Castle, a powerful family who disrespected 15-year-old Keitora as a young man attacked Tochio Castle.However, Kagetora divided a small number of castle soldiers into two hands and made a corps raid behind the enemy's main camp in Kasamatsu.Succeeded in destroying the confused enemy army by assaulting the main unit from inside the castle.By suppressing the rebellion, he made his first appearance (Battle of Tochio Castle).

Astronomy 14 years (1545) In October, the old vassal of the guardian Uesugi family and the LordHidetada Kuroda Mr. NagaoRebelled against.Hidetada attacked Kasugayama Castle, the residence of Harukage, the guardian, and Kagetora's older brother.Keiyasu NagaoAfter murdering them, he stood in Kurotaki Castle.Keitora was ordered to subdue by Uesugi Sadazane on behalf of his brother, took command of the army as general general, and surrendered Hidetada ().

In February 15, Hidetada raised his soldiers again, and Kagetora attacked and attacked again, never allowing him twice.KurodaWas destroyed.Then, some of the Echigo nationals who had been dissatisfied with Harukage for some time began to support Harukage and urge him to resign, and the relationship between Harukage and Harukage became terrible.

Astronomy 17 years (1548), There is a lot of movement to support Kagetora as a guardian instead of Harukage.It was the Yanghoku people who played a central role.Torisaka Castlemain·Tosuke NakajoAnd northShinanoIs also the uncle of KeitoraNakano Castlemain·Takanashi MasayoriMet.In addition, in Tochio Castle, assist KeitoraMino Honjo, Kagetora's mother, Tora Gozen's parents' home, Suyoshi CastleKeinobu Nagao(Koshi Nagao family),Yoita Castlemain·Naoe Kagetsuna,Sanjo Castlemain·Yukimori YamayoshiThey cooperated to form the Keitora faction.On the other handSakado Castlemain·Nagao Masakage(Ueda Nagao family) and the owner of Okuyamaso, Kanbara-gunKiyomi KurokawaWe got a clear view.

On December 12, the same year, under the mediation of the guardian, Uesugi Sadazane, Harukage adopted Keitora and then retired from the family.Keitora entered Kasugayama Castle, inherited the family reign at the age of 30, and became a guardian.[8].

Astronomy 19 years (1550) In February, Sadazane died without leaving a successor, so KeitoraMuromachi Shogunate13th GeneralYoshiteru AshikagaWas ordered to act as a guardian of Echigo, and was recognized as the lord of Echigo.[15].

In December of the same year, Masakage Nagao (Ueda Nagao family), the lord of the clan Sakado, rebelled with dissatisfaction with the inheritance of Keitora's family.The cause of the dissatisfaction was that Kagetora became the lord of Echigo, which made the position of Masakage, who was pushing for a clear view, difficult. It was that his voice increased because he supported him.

Astronomy 20 years (1551) In January, Kagetora attacked Masakage's (Hocchi Nagayoshi) residence and won.Furthermore, in August of the same year, it was suppressed by surrounding Sakado Castle (Battle of Sakado Castle).The surrendered political scene is Kagetora's older sisterAya-GozenHe was saved because he was the husband of Kagetora, and since then he has been important as a senior vassal of Keitora.By suppressing the rebellion of the political scene, the civil war in Echigo was settled, and Kagetora achieved the unification of Echigo at the age of 22.

On the other hand, the hostile relationship between the Ueda Nagao family and the Koshi Nagao family remains deeply rooted, and laterOdate no RanIn, the Ueda Nagao family is the real child of MasakageUesugi KagekatsuIn addition, the Koshi Nagao familyUesugi KeitoraParticipated in.As a result, the defeated Koshi Nagao family was destroyed.

First-Third Battle of Kawanakajima

First Battle of Kawanakajima

Astronomy 21 years (1552)June,Kanto area-Norimasa Uesugi TheSagami country OfHojoOf the territoryUeno countryAttacked, of the castleHirai CastleAbandoned and relied on Keitora to escape to Echigo.Keitora welcomes constitutionalismOdateLet me live in.This led to a hostile relationship with Ujiyasu. In August, KeitoraShigecho HonjoEtc.KantoDispatched to(I.e.Numata CastleRepel the Hojo army that attacksHirai Castle・ Succeed in recapture.Lead the Hojo armyHojo Genan NagatsunaWithdrew from Kozuke,Musashi countryMatsuyama CastleEscaped to.In addition, April 4 of this year,SubordinateOrdained to be ordained[Note 3].

same year,Harunobu TakedaShinano guardian who was chased from the territory by the invasion of Shinano (later Shingen Takeda)Ogasawara NagatokiAsks Keitora for help.

April, 22nd year of Astronomy (1553), Shinano ProvinceHanashina-gunKatsura CastleLord'sYoshimasa MurakamiLost the conflict with Harunobu and escaped from Katsurao Castle, requesting Kagetora for reinforcements.Yoshikiyo was given reinforcements by Keitora and set out to recapture Murakami's territory from the Takeda army.When the Takeda army is defeated in the battle of Yawata in the same month, the Takeda army is expelled from the Murakami territory and Katsurao Castle is also regained.

However, Harunobu's army once pulled soldiers, but when Harunobu himself took command of the large army and invaded Murakami territory again in July, Yoshikiyo fled to Echigo again.Keitora decided to subdue Harunobu, and finally in August, he took command of the army and went to Shinano Province. On the 7th, he overwhelms the forerunner of the Harunobu army in the battle of Fuse and defeats it.

Defeated Takeda's army in Yawata on September 9, and further invaded Takeda's territory.Arato CastleAttack downAoyagi CastleArsoned.On the other hand, Harunobu is the main teamShioda CastleBecause he avoided the decisive battle, Kagetora, who had a plan to go to Joraku, did not chase after him and pulled him up to Echigo in September (first).Battle of Kawanakajima).

In September of the 22nd year of Astronomy (1553), he achieved his first Joraku.Emperor GonaraAnd I have an audience with Shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga.When he visited Emperor Go-Nara in Kyoto, he was given a sword and a sake cup, and was ordered to subdue the enemy.At the time of JorakuSakaiSightseeing,KoyasanReturn to KyoRinzai sectDaitokuji TempleHe attended Zen meditation under the 91st meditation and received the reprimand of "Soushin".CommandmentsWas bestowed.

Second Battle of Kawanakajima

Astronomy 23 years (1554), Of the vassalsKitajō TakahiroRebelled with Takeda, but in the 24th year of Tenbun (1555) Is the residence of TakahiroHojo CastleSiege and crush it ().Takahiro is allowed to return.During this time, Harunobu TakedaZenkoji TempleBeliefTsuruhisa KuritaOn your sideAsahiyama CastleWas under control.

To counter this, Keitora sent troops to Shinano Province again in April of the same year, and Harunobu and KawanakajimaSaikawaWe faced each other (the second battle of Kawanakajima).In addition, it faces Asahiyama Castle across the Susobana River.Kuzuyama CastleWas built to make it a castle, and the Takeda army of Asahiyama Castle was restrained.Keitora made an offensive, such as trying to cross the Sai River, but the skirmish was not settled from beginning to end.Harunobu finally becomes Keitora for 5 monthsSuruga country OfYoshikawa ImagawaPray for peace under the mediation of.Since it was a favorable condition for Kagetora to destroy Takeda's Asahiyama Castle and return the territory of Kawanakajima that Takeda had stolen to the original lord, Kagetora accepted the peace and raised the army.

Koji2 years(1556) In March, Keitora suddenly became exhausted due to territorial disputes between his vassals and mediation of national disputes.Priest・ Declared to retire, and in June of the same year entrusted a suicide note to Amuro Koiku ("Successive Old Plans"), leaving Kasugayama Castle behind.Koyasan[Note 4]Head to[16].

However, during that time, a vassal who was informed by HarunobuOkuma AsahideRebelled.Kagetora, who abandoned his priesthood due to the persuasion of Mitsuiku Amuro and Masakage Nagao, returned to Echigo.Defeat Asahide who once retreated to Etchu and tried to invade Echigo again ().

Third Battle of Kawanakajima

Koji 3rd year (1557) In February, Harunobu broke the pact and captured Katsurayama Castle in Nagao, and marched to the vicinity of the Shinetsu border.Takanashi MasayoriResidence ・Iiyama CastleAttacked.Keitora receives a request for help from Masayori, but the dispatch of troops is delayed because the Joetsu border is closed by snow.

In April of the thaw, Keitora, who was furious at the violation of Harunobu's pact, re-enters Kawanakajima (the third battle of Kawanakajima).Takai-gun,Fukushima CastleAttack down,Naganuma CastleAnd regained Zenkoji.Yokoyama CastleAsahiyama Castle, which had been destroyed, was rebuilt and made the main camp.

In May, Kagetora invaded Takeda's territory deeply.Hanashina-gun-Small prefectureAdvance to Iwabana, Sakai / Sakaki.However, Harunobu, who knows the strength of Keitora,Fukashi CastleI didn't go any further and avoided the decisive battle.

In July, a separate unit of the Takeda army was released by Nagao.Azumi-gunOdani CastleCapture.On the other hand, the Nagao army was threatened behind him, so he pulled troops to Iiyama Castle and went to Takai-gun.Namijo CastleTo attack.

Then in August, both armiesSakurayama CastlenearMizuuchi-gunEngaging in Uenohara was not a decisive battle.

In Koji 4 (1558), Shogun Yoshiteru requested Joraku, and he told him that he would be Raku the following year.Also, according to "Utsunomiya Kouki", the same year,Ueno countryviaShimono countryInvaded theMr. Koyama OfGion CastleMr. Mibu OfMibu CastleCapture, and moreUtsunomiya OfUtsunomiyaTo captureTakō Castle, But the owner of Tako CastleMulti-talented ChochoByToyotsuna SanoKagetora withdrew his army because the army was confused when he was defeated.The Utsunomiya group led by Taiko Chocho is from KozukeShirai CastleI have been chasing Kagetora until, but Musashi ProvinceIwatsuki CastleLord'sMr. OtaWe are reconciled through the mediation of.The following year, March 2, Eiroku 1559Takanashi MasayoriHonjoNakano CastleIs Takeda'sMasanobu KosakaThe castle fell due to the attack of.Harunobu gradually took control of Zenkojidaira in anticipation of the time when Keitora could not send troops to Shinano Province.

Battle of Odawara Castle

Eiroku2 years(1559) In May, go up againEmperor MasachikaAnd Shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga.At this time, from YoshiteruJurisdictionHe was given the same treatment (Uesugi's seven licenses).Record of the Muromachi Shogunate "Postscript" (Edo PeriodAt the endEdo ShogunateIs compiled), "Kanto Kanrei", "Kanto Soldier Ranki (Sagami Soldier Ranki)", and "Kasugayama Diary (Uesugi Gunki)" are listed as sources.also,Inner sideIt is said that he donated the funds for the repair, but it is a record of the imperial court.Oyudenjo Diary』, There is a difference in the year and the content of the description, only the description that Nagao (Kagetora) of Echigo asks for the repair of the internal organs on June 3, 6rd year of Eiroku. "Lord of the WordsOn May 2, 5nd year of Eiroku, Joraku, Echigo Kunimeikawa (Nagao), and the samurai minister, 24 people.It is different from the description of 1,500 soldiers in the Uesugi family genealogy.

Incidentally,Amano TadayukiIs not only Kagetora in this yearOda Nobunaga,Saito YoshiryuAlso pays attention to the fact that he is in a hurry.In the first year of Eiroku, the previous year, with Yoshiteru AshikagaNagayoshi MiyoshiThe battle is in ChangqingEmperor MasachikaIt was reconciled in an advantageous way with the support of Shogun, and the order with Shogun Muromachi, who had survived in a curved manner, was hit hard.For this reason, it is speculated that the daimyo who have maintained their authority by maintaining the relationship with Yoshiteru may have been upset and decided to go to Joraku to confirm the situation.[17].

The relationship between Keitora and Yoshiteru was intimate, but Yoshiteru was a senior vassal of the shogunate.Harumitsu OtateDispatched to mediate the peace of Nagao, Takeda, and Hojo.Nagayoshi MiyoshiWhen I persuaded them to cooperate to get rid of their forces, the difference in thinking between the three did not come to fruition.

Eiroku 3 years (1560)June,Vietnam OfShiina Kousou Jimbo ChiefIs attacked and asks Keitora for help.In response to this, Keitora went to Etchu for the first time, and the long-term residence of the castleToyama CastleTo fall the castle.Further long-term job escapedMasuyama CastleAlso attacked and escaped, and helped Yasushi.

January,Battle between SasakamaByKoso Sunkyo Allianceone ofImagawa familyTaking advantage of the opportunity that collapsed, Kagetora finally set out from Echigo to Kanto to subdue Hojo Ujiyasu.Mikuni PassBeyond.Keitora who entered KozukeNagamasa TadashiWith their supportNagurumi Castle,Numata Castle,Shirai Castle,Yabashi CastleCapture the castles of Hojo.With Maebashi Castle as a base in the Kanto region, this castle has passed the year.During this time, he ordered the Kanto generals to subdue Hojo, skipped the sword, and asked for participation.After seeing Kagetora's offensive, the Kanto generals gathered under Kagetora, and the number of soldiers increased.

At the beginning of the year, Keitora took command of the army himself and came from Kozuke.Musashi countryAdvance to.Fukaya Castle,Shinobi Castle,Hanyu CastleUjiyasu's residence, while controllingOdawara CastleInvaded Sagami Province with the aim ofKamakuraDropped.Ujiyasu judges that the field battle is disadvantageous because the general general is Kagetora who is excellent in martial arts.Sagami's Odawara CastleTamawaro Castle, Musashi'sTakiyama Castle,Kawagoe CastleRetreat to such places and take measures against the castle.

Eiroku 4 years (1561) In March, Keitora had Kanto Kanrei and Uesugi Norimasa,Hirotsuna Utsunomiya,Satake Yoshiaki,Hideyama Koyama,Yoshihiro Satomi,Oda Ujiharu,Nasu Suketane,Ota Sukemasa,Tsunahide Mita,Narita NagayasuWith more than 10 troops led by the former Uesugi clan vassals, they surrounded Odawara Castle and other castles and launched an attack (Battle of Odawara Castle).He attacks Ujiyasu, who is a siege, by rushing into the Renchi-mon Gate of Odawara Castle.

Also, on the way to Odawara, the location of the Kanto Koga was considered to be the center of the Kanto region at that time.Furukawa Imperial PalaceWas suppressed and held by Mr. HojoAshikaga YoshiujiAfter exileMr. Ashikaga FujiujiInsteadFurukawa Imperial PalaceWe welcomed you inside.

Although he surrounded Odawara Castle, Shingen Takeda, who has an alliance with Ujiyasu, showed signs of taking military action on Kawanakajima and restrained behind Kagetora.On Kawanakajima while Kagetora was fighting Ujiyasu in the Kanto regionKaizu CastleWas completed and made this a front base, ShinanoZenkojidairaExpanded the sphere of influence in.Under these circumstances, Yoshiaki Satake and others, who could not maintain the dispatch of troops for a long period of time, demanded the withdrawal of troops and withdrew their team without permission.For this reason, Kagetora did not drop the castle while attacking Odawara Castle, the home of Mr. Hojo. After a month of siege, he pulled troops to Kamakura.After this, in April on the way back to Echigo, a key point to hold down Nakahara in Musashi ProvinceMatsuyama CastleAttacked, the castle owner of HojoTomonao UedaEven though he receives the battle of, he makes the castle fall ().As a castle general at Matsuyama CastleNorikatsu UesugiHe left his brother-in-law in Maebashi Castle and returned to Japan.

Inauguration of Kanto Kanrei

During this time, Kagetora was requested by Norimasa Uesugi.Kamakura Prefecture OfTsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineIn Eiroku 4 (1561)LeapXNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yamauchi Uesugi FamilyWith the reign ofKanto areaInherit the job, nameUesugi MasatoraIt was changed to (Masatora).Originally, the Uesugi familyAshikaga clan OfForeignerAs a prestigious position, the Kanto Kanrei was a position that had been appointed for generations.The Nagao family is a vassal of the Uesugi family, and moreover, the Uesugi familyFamily nameIs Mr. Fujiwara, while the Nagao familyTakehira HiranoMet.Permission to take office was obtained directly from Shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga, and at the time of the inauguration ceremony for the Kanto Kanrei position.Kakizaki KageieSaito TomonobuServed as a swordsman.

However, "HankanfuAccording to Masatora himselfUesugi Yorinari OfMaleThere is a description that it is a descendant. Uesugi Yorinari's boys also appear in "" and ""Nagao Fujikei) Has entered the Nagao clan.However, in other genealogy, it was the Uesugi family who adopted the child.ShimosaMost of the genealogy is that it is a branch of Nagao and is not directly related to Mr. Echigo Nagao (SightseeingOr the flow).Even if the actual pedigree is not connected, the Nagao family will be adopted by the Uesugi family as well as the Satake family.

In the Yamanouchi-Uesugi family, the Kanto region was the emperor in the latter half of the Muromachi period.PurposeThe Kanto Kanrei was considered to be the same as the official position of the imperial court because of the circumstances in which he was appointed in.UesugiAfter that, the Kanto Kanrei did not receive an appointment from the imperial court or give the name of the official.PseudonymThose who had been appointed or named before the Kanto Kanrei continued to give their name before taking office without receiving the subsequent official position (because officially, the official title and the name of the official are prioritized). ..It is believed that Kenshin did not receive the official position after taking office in the Kanto region and remained as a "Kanrei Shosuke" according to the custom (as a precedent, he continued to refer to Shosuke Hyobu as a predecessor of the Kanrei Kanrei. rice fieldFusaaki UesugiThere is)[18].

Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima and Hojo's Counterattack

Around this time, TakedaHokushin regionWas invading, but "Koyo ArmyAccording to Eiroku 4 years after returning from Kanto1561) In August, Masatora led 8 soldiersKawanakajima(Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima).Leaving a cargo corps and 5,000 soldiers at Zenkoji, he led 1 soldiers and invaded the territory of Takeda deeply.SaijosanTo set up.At this time, a big decisive battle with the Takeda army was reached.Nobutoshi Takeda,Yamamoto Kansuke,Double-sided tiger,Hatsukano Gengoro,Morinao SaegusaIt is said that he defeated many enemy generals, injured General Shingen, and gave a big blow to the Takeda army.

With the XNUMXth Kawanakajima as an opportunity, the conflict between Takeda and Uesugi over Hokushin was settled, and in the years after Eiroku, including Takeda and Uesugi.Eastern countryThe diplomatic situation in Kinai and Kinai will fluctuate greatly.

In November of the same year, Mr. TakedaInvasion of NishiuenoHojo Ujiyasu also started a counterattack in cooperation with Takeda in the Kanto region, and attacked to recapture Musashi Matsuyama Castle, which Masatora had captured.In response to this, Masatora went to Kanto again in the same month and fought against Ujiyasu in the northern part of Musashi Province (Battle of Namanoyama).However, due to the great damage on Kawanakajima, he was defeated (Cabinet libraryCollection "Obata familydocuments").However, no record has been found that Kenshin himself took direct command in this battle.Although he lost the battle of Namanoyama, he withdrew the Hojo army attacking Matsuyama Castle.

After that, withdraw from the vicinity of Furukawa Imperial Palace temporarily ("Mr. KonoeLetter ").As a result, the family of Musashi Province, including Nagayasu Narita and Masatsuna Sano.Norimori UesugiWill fall in the direction of Hojo.Masatora attacks Shimotsuke Karasawayama Castle to resubmit Masatsuna who has turned over, but he has a hard time capturing this impregnable castle, which is said to be the best mountain castle in the Kanto region.Since then, Masatora will engage in many offensive and defensive battles with Masatsuna in order to gain control of Karasawayama Castle (Battle of Karasawa Castle).

In December, I received a letter from Shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga.TheKagayaki TigerIt was changed to (Terutora).Terutaka does not return to Echigo, but goes through the year at Ueno Maebashi Castle.

Battle with Hojo and Takeda

At first, the Kanto front was dominated by Terutaka, who surrounded Odawara Castle with a large army, but both Takeda and Hojo were attacked one after another and forced to be inferior.

In the 4th year of Eiroku, he had been fighting against Shingen's invasion of Kozuke.Minowa Castlemain·Nagamasa TadashiDied of illness, Shingen attacked Kozuke without missing this opportunity.At the same time, Hojo Ujiyasu turned to a counterattack and extended his power to the north by regaining Matsuyama Castle.On the other hand, the generals of the Kanto region repeatedly surrendered to Uesugi when Terutaka sent troops to Kanto, and turned over to Hojo when Terutaka pulled up to Echigo.Ujiyasu, who is allied with Shingen and is expanding his power in the Kanto region, is opposed to Terutaka.Awakuni OfYoshimi Satomi-YoshihiroOppose by forming an alliance with father and son.

Kanto troop dispatch

Eiroku 5 years (1562),UenoTatebayashi CastleLord'sMr. AkaiWas destroyed, but Masatsuna Sano attacked Karasawayama Castle, which is a siege, but did not cause it to fall.

In July, he went to Etchu Province and went to China.Shiina KousouSqueezeJimbo ChiefSurrendered.However, when Terutaka returned to Echigo, he was recruited again, so in September he returned to Etchu Province and surrendered his position.

However, while leaving the Kanto region, Matsuyama Castle, the base of Uesugi in Musashi Province, is attacked by Hojo again.The Uesugi army, which protects Matsuyama Castle, was a mercenary against the Hojo-Takeda Allied Forces, which had more than 5 people, including reinforcements from Shingen.The Joetsu border that already goes from Echigo to KantoMikuni PassWas closed by snow, but Terutaka forced him to cross the pass to rescue Matsuyama Castle. In December, in KozukeNumata Castleentered in.Although he recruited soldiers and headed for relief, Matsuyama Castle fell in time in February 6.

However, Terutaka fights back and invades Musashi Province.Oda AsakoProtectKisai CastleMusashi, the older brother of ChokoShinobi CastleThe lord, Nagayasu Narita, was surrendered.Next, he changed to Shimotsuke and attacked Karasawayama Castle in April to surrender Sano Masatsuna, and Shimotsuke was protected by Hidetsuna Koyama.Oyama CastleAlso capture.MoreoverShimosaIs the younger brother of HidetsunaYuki CastleCastle ownerHaruki YuukiSurrendered and captured the castles in the Kanto region.In this year, the Ueno and Maebashi castles were robbed by the Takeda and Hojo Allied Forces, but they were immediately retaken.Kitajō TakahiroIs set in the castle era.Leap in December UenoWada CastleAfter attacking, this year also passed the year at Maebashi Castle.

Eiroku 7 years (1564) In January, I turned over to HojoOda UjiharuTo subdueHitachi countryOn the 28thBattle of SannodoDefeated Ujiharu and lived in the castleOda CastleCaptured[19].

In February of the same year, in order to surrender Sano Masatsuna, who had reached the third rebellion, he went to Shimotsuke Province and attacked Karasawayama Castle.However, at this time, it will be the biggest fierce battle among the 2 battles at Karasawayama Castle.Terutora made a total attack, but Masatsuna fought thoroughly.In the end, Masatsuna surrendered according to the opinions of Yoshiaki Satake and Hirotsuna Utsunomiya.Terutaka was petitioned by Yoshiaki and Hirotsuna for the help of Masatsuna and accepted it. In March, he attacked Wada Castle in Kozuke, but the Takeda army made a move in Shinano, so he returned to Echigo (Battle of Karasawa Castle).

Fifth Battle of Kawanakajima

Eiroku 7 years (1564) In April, I joined hands with Shingen Takeda and attacked Echigo.Ashina MoriujiDefeat the army.Meanwhile, Shinano ProvinceMizuuchi-gunWas captured, but regained, and in August, Terutaka confronted Shingen and Kawanakajima again (the fifth battle of Kawanakajima).However, Shingen is the main teamShiozaki CastleIn order to avoid the decisive battle with Terutaka, he pulled the army to Echigo after 60 days of confrontation, and the settlement was not reached.

Since then, Terutaka and Shingen will not be seen on Kawanakajima.In the Battle of Kawanakajima, he succeeded in stopping Shingen's invasion of Echigo by defeating Shingen's unification, which is Shingen's mission to protect Shinano.On the other hand, in terms of territory, it only seized the northern side of Shinano.Murakami-Mr. TakanashiIt was not possible to restore their old territory.

In October, Masatsuna Sano turned over to Hojo again, attacked Karasawayama Castle, surrendered, and took hostages and returned to Japan.

Separation of Uesugikata generals in the Kanto region

Eiroku 8 years (1565)June,EchizenGuardianYoshikura Asakura Ikko IkkoSince he was struggling in the battle with, he is requesting help from Terutaka.

In March, a key point to hold down Nakahara in the Kanto regionSekiyado CastleIs exposed to the attack of Hojo Ujiyasu (first Sekiyado battle).UjiyasuIwatsuki Castle,Edo CastleBased inTone RiverIn Kanto such as water systemWater transportationHe was devoting himself to the capture of this castle, which is the cornerstone of the castle.Kagayaki is the owner of Sekijuku CastleHarusuke HiedaInvaded Shimousa to rescue, HitachiYoshitake Satake(Satake Yoshiaki's son) also sends reinforcements to Sekiyado Castle.For this reason, Ujiyasu interrupted the siege and withdrew without fighting Terutaka.

In May, Shogun Yoshiteru AshikagaYoshiyoshi Miyoshi-Miyoshi three people-Matsu Eternal DoriDue to their rebellionNijo Imperial PalaceWas killed in (Eiroku strange).Terutaka was indignant when he heard this news, and even swore to the gods and Buddha that he should mourn the neck of Miyoshi and Matsunaga.[20].

In June, Shingen attacked Nishiueno, and Uesugi'sNaoyuki KuraganoProtectKuragano CastleWas captured.

In September, Terutaka commanded a large army to attack Wada Castle, the base of the Takeda army in Ueno, in an attempt to stop Shingen's offensive, but was unsuccessful.

Eiroku 9 years (1566), Teru Tora makes an offensive, such as surrendering Oda Ujiharu, who sent troops to Hitachi Province and entered Oda Castle again.Also in Awa Province, which has an alliance with TerutakaMr. SatomiWas cornered by Mr. Hojo, so he invaded Shimousa to rescue it. Follow Mr. Hojo on March 3ChibaBase ofUsui CastleAttacked[21]..Uesugi had an advantage and approached the actual castle, but was defeated on March 3th.It is said that the cause of the repulsion was the good fight of the siege.[22],AlsoYoshiaki AshikagaThe messenger of Yoshiaki brought the letter attached to March 3 to the Uesugi army of Usui and requested that he reconcile with Mr. Hojo and move up for the reconstruction of the shogunate. It is also pointed out that it may have been connected[21](Battle of Usui Castle).

Due to the failure to attack Usui Castle, the Kanto clan who had surrendered to Teru Tora fell to Mr. Hojo one after another. Ueno in SeptemberJinshan Citymain·Yura ShigeshiDisobeys Terutaka.In the same month, Minowa Castle, the last base of Nishiueno, was attacked by Shingen and fell.Castle ownerNagano NarimoriSuicide, and Takeda's power grew throughout Nishiueno.In the Kanto region, both Hojo Ujiyasu and Takeda Shingen will be fighting at the same time and will be on the defensive.In addition, Teru Tora is from Hitachi, which aims to expand its power in the Kanto region.Mr. SatakeWill also be in conflict.

In the 10th year of Eiroku (1567), Terutaka attacked Karasawayama Castle to surrender Sano Masatsuna who turned away again. ..However, even Takahiro Hojo, a direct vassal of Uesugi who serves as Maebashi Castle, leads to Hojo and causes a rebellion.

In April, Terutaka defeats Takahiro and regains Maebashi Castle.We will try to recover the inferiority by regaining the base of Uesugikata in Ueno.Although Terutaka fought in Ueno, Musashi, Hitachi, Shimotsuke, Shimosa, etc., the territory in the Kanto region remained mainly in Higashiueno (however, at the time of Kenshin's death, some of the Uesugi, Shimotsuke, and Hitachi tribes were Uesugi. rice field).

Advance into Etchu

Eiroku 11 years (1568),Oda NobunagaBecame a new shogunYoshiaki AshikagaWas also appointed to the Kanto region.From around this time, the number of troops dispatched to Etchu Province gradually increased.On the other hand, the conflict with Mr. Takeda over Hokushin had ended.Oda NobunagaYoshikawa ImagawaTheBattle between SasakamaBecame a successor after being defeated inImagawaTakeda Shingen attacked (Suruga invasion).However, he was joining hands to pinch Mr. Ujizane.MikawaDaimyoTokugawa IeyasuThe relationship with Mr. Uesugi will change with Mr. Sagami Hojo, who was also cut off with Mr. Takeda, and Shogun Yoshiaki and Nobunaga Oda, who have a friendly relationship with Mr. Takeda.

Eiroku 11 years (1568) In March, with the Ikko-ikki of Etchu ProvinceShiina KousouHowever, because he communicated with Shingen Takeda, he fought against Ikko-ikki in order to conquer Etchu Province, but was not settled (). In July, the Takeda army was in the northernmost part of Shinano.Iiyama CastleHe threatened Echigo Province by attacking him and causing the branch castle to fall, but Uesugi's garrison repelled it.In addition, he entered Etchu Province to avenge Yasutane, who had separated from Kagayaki Tiger.Matsukura CastleIncluding,Moriyama CastleAttacked.

However, at the same time, the Uesugi family Shigeomi, who communicated with Shingen in May,Yanghokushu OfShigecho HonjoHas rebelled and is forced to return to Echigo.To calm the rebellion, Teru Tora first teams up with Shigeru.DewaOura Castlemain·Daihoji YoshimasuSurrendered and isolated the prosperity.On top of that, in November, a prosperous castleHonjo CastleAttack and suppress the rebellion (Honjo Shigenaga no Ran).

Around this time, as mentioned above, the relationship between Mr. Kai Takeda and Mr. Suruga Imagawa deteriorated, and on November 11, the same year.ImagawaHas approached Mr. Uesugi, who is the enemy of Mr. Takeda, for peace and requested that Shinano be restrained, but Kenshin rejected this[23].

Eiroku 12 years (1569),Ashina Moriuji-Teremune DateHonjo Shigenaga gave him a scholarshipAkinaga HonjoWas allowed to return to prosperity by presenting him as a hostage.In addition, due to the surrender of Yoshimasu Daihoji, who had tied up with Shigenaga, DewaShonai regionTo get.

Overcast Alliance

Eiroku 11 years (1568) In December, UjiyasuKoso Sunkyo AllianceHe broke up with Shingen, who had defeated and invaded Suruga, and began to search for peace with Terutaka, who had been hostile for many years.Shingen further defeats UjizaneSunpu CastleWas captured.As a result, the balance of power was lost and Ujiyasu's castle, Odawara Castle, was in danger, and Ujiyasu was fiercely hostile to his former ally, Shingen.Mr. Hojo was in a difficult situation with enemies in three directions, Mr. Satomi in the east, Mr. Uesugi in the north, and Mr. Takeda in the west.

Eiroku 12 years (1569) In January, Ujiyasu asks Terutaka for harmony.On the other hand, Terutaka was not active in this peace at first.However, domestic dissatisfaction is increasing due to repeated dispatches to the Kanto region, and Sekiyado Castle in Uesugi isHojo HoshoIs exposed to the attack of (the second Sekiyado battle), and in order to save this, he begins to seek a consensus with Mr. Hojo. In March, he accepted the peace with Mr. Hojo with the intention of restraining Shingen, and allied with Mr. Ujiyasu, who can be said to be his nemesis (Overcast Alliance).

Based on this allianceHojo HoshoReleases the siege of Sekiyado Castle, and the Hojo clan of Kozuke falls on Kagayaki.Kitajō Takahiro was also allowed to return.Terutora allowed Mr. Hojo to be in charge of the Kanto region and secured the country of Ueno, so he will aim to settle the Hokuriku countries in earnest.However, on the other hand, Mr. Ashikaga Yoshiuji, who is owned by Mr. Hojo, was also recognized as Koga Koga, and the Kanto generals of Uesugi were distrustful of Terutaka due to the alliance with the Minister of Vietnam.Has been hostile to Mr. Hojo for many yearsYoshihiro SatomiAbandoned the alliance with Terutaka and formed an alliance with Shingen, and remained hostile to Mr. Hojo.In May of this year, Joraku celebrated the arrival of Yoshiaki Ashikaga and presented Nobunaga Oda with a hawk.

In August 12, he sent troops to Etchu following the previous year, and led a large army to siege Matsukura Castle for 1569 days to avenge Yasutane Shiina.Battle of Matsukura Castle).Although he attacked the branch castle, Shingen invaded Ueno, so he returned to Japan during the siege of Matsukura Castle and entered Numata Castle in Ueno.Former turtleNew Year (1570) In January, again in ShimonoMasatsuna SanoBecause I turned awayKarasawa CastleI attacked, but I couldn't take it down. In October, after receiving a request for support from Ujiyasu, he went to Kozuke and engaged with the Takeda army before returning to Japan within the year.

In April of the first year of the former turtle (1570), Saburo Hojo, the seventh son of Ujiyasu (with different opinions)[Note 5]Terutaka, who was adopted by Saburo, loved Saburo very much.KeitoraHe gave his first name and treated him as a clan. In decemberLaw number"Kenshin ShiranWas called.

In February of the 2nd year of Genki (1571), he led 2 soldiers and returned to Etchu Province.Shiina Yasutane stands in a basketToyama CastleHas suffered Kenshin for several years, includingShinjo Castle-Moriyama CastleAnd so on.Despite the fierce battle of Yasutane Shiina, these are dropped.However, Shiina Yasutane has fallen.Ecchu Ikko IkkiAnd continue to cooperate and resist Kenshin.After that, he would compete for Toyama Castle many times, and the battle between Kenshin Uesugi and Etchu Ichimoku Ichigo, who ruled Etchu, would be fierce ().Echichu turbulence). In NovemberHojo UjimasaDispatched to Kanto due to a request for support from.As Yoshishige Satake attacked Ujiharu Oda through Shingen, Kenshin went to Ueno to assist him.In February of this year, Ieyasu Tokugawa, who is hostile to Shingen along with Kenshin, is giving Kenshin a sword to celebrate the new year.

Battle with Echinaka Ichimoku Ikki and Hojo

In October 2, Hojo Ujiyasu, who fought for supremacy in the Kanto region for many years, passed away.Genki 1571 years (10 years1572) In January, succeeded Mr. HojoHojo UjimasaHas abandoned the alliance with Uesugi and reconciled with Shingen Takeda, so Kenshin is hostile to Mr. Hojo again.In addition, Shingen, who is on the way to Joraku, incites Echinaka's rebellion by arranging because Kenshin does not poke his back.As a result, Kenshin will move the main battlefield from Kanto to Etchu.

Battle of Toyama Castle

Former turtle 3 years (1572) In January, capture Takeda's castle, which is located on the opposite bank of Maebashi Castle across the Tone River.They faced each other across the Tone River with the Takeda and Hojo forces that had been rushing in before and after (the first).

In May of the 3rd year of Genki (1572), through ShingenKaga Ikko IkkoEchinaka Ichimoku Ikki who joined withHimiya Castle,Swan castle, Toyama Castle and other Uesugi-kata castles are captured, and the offensive of Ikko-ikki reaches its peak. In August, Kenshin went to Etchu and set up in Shinjo Castle.After that, the rebellion of Toyama Castle folded a small flag and retreated toward Himiya Castle before dawn on September 8 ("Uesugi Document"). (Battle of Shiritaruzakareference)

Uesugi armyJinzu RiverGo west beyond, and on the next 18thTakiyama CastleAlso launched an attack and suppressed it at the end of the year.In November, the alliance was signed in response to an offer from Nobunaga Oda, who entered a state of war with Shingen, who was mobilized on a large scale.

Former turtle 4 years (1573) On New Year's Day, Matsukura Castle of Yasutane Shiina opens.

In April, his nemesis, Takeda Shingen, died and Takeda's influence diminished. In August, Kenshin went to Etchu Province to capture various castles such as Masuyama Castle and Moriyama Castle.Furthermore, in order to pave the way for Joraku, we went to Kaga and near the Kaga-Etchu border where Ikko-ikki stands.Asahiyama CastleAttacked, which controlled the majority of Etchu.Ikko-ikki rises every time Kenshin withdraws his army from Etchu, so Kenshin, who has boiled his business, finally decides to make Etchu his own territory.MoreoverMr. EmaIn the affiliation ofHida countryI also extended my strength.

Battle with Hojo Ujima

TenshoIn August of the first year (1573), when Kenshin was attacking Etchu Asahiyama Castle, Hojo Ujimasa was invading Kozuke.

Kenshin's main battlefield aiming for Joraku was already in Etchu, not Kanto, but in order to eliminate the anxiety of his patronage, Tensho 2 (Tensho XNUMX)1574), Ueno in the Kanto regionJinshan CityLord'sYura ShigeshiAttacked, in MarchZen Castle,Fukasawa Castle,, was attacked in quick succession and the result of the battle was achieved.However, it did not lead to the fall of the fortified Kanayama Castle, which is the residence of Narishige ().Furthermore, it is the last base of Uesugikata in Musashi.Hanyu CastleIn April, he faces Ujimasa again across the Tone River (second Tone River confrontation).However, he was unable to cross the flooded Tone River and returned to Echigo in May.Hanyu Castle dropped itself in the leap November.

In the 2nd year of Tensho (1574), Hojo Ujimasa of Shimousa Sekiyado CastleMochisuke HiedaIn October, Kenshin went to the Kanto region and attacked Musashi Province, aiming for backward disturbance.Kenshin was concentrating on Etchu Heisei, but when a request for help arrived, he turned his army and went to the Kanto region.The Uesugi army is Kisai Castle, Oshi Castle,Hachigata castle,Iris CastleThey set fire to the territory of Zhucheng and restrained the Hojo army, but because the Kanto generals such as Satake did not send out relief forces, they could not launch an attack on the Hojo army.For this reason, Sekiyado Castle eventually surrendered (third).Leap In November, Kenshin named Mr. Furukawa Koga and Ashikaga Yoshiuji of Hojo.Furukawa CastleHowever, the power of the Uesugi faction had already declined significantly in the Kanto region. December 12th, shavedLaw sealOsho YamatoIs entrusted to.In March of this year, from Nobunaga OdaEritoku KanoThe brush "Rakuchu Rakugai folding screen] Is given.

Tensho 3 (1575) On January 1th, the name of the adopted child, KiheijiScenicAnd gave up the government of the ammunition.

Peace with Honganji Temple, Battle with Nobunaga Oda

Tensho 4 (1576) After FebruaryTerumoto MoriYoshiaki Ashikaga, who had been under the patronage of Yoshiaki, confronted the anti-Nobunaga forces, and from around May of the same year, an attempt was made with Mr. Takeda Kai and Mr. Hojo Sagami through the mediation of Yoshiaki.

In April of the same year, Kenshin was in trouble in the battle with Nobunaga Oda.Ishiyama Honganji OfObviousStarted peace talks with, and accepted the peace in mid-May and concluded it.[26][27][28]..It was the Uesugi side who negotiated with Honganji.Hidesen YamazakiMet[26].

In the background of Kenshin's peace with Honganji, Yoshiaki Ashikaga was under the patronage of Mr. Mouri.Tomo CastleIt is said that this is because Yoshiaki himself asked Kenshin for assistance in the reconstruction of the Shogunate.[26][28]..In addition, Nobunaga attacked Honganji Temple in the previous year and invaded Echizen Province, so Kosa and Ikko-shu in Echizen sought help from Kenshin.Kosa was the leader of Ikko-ikki, who continued to plague Kenshin, which paved the way for Joraku.Although Kazukazu Kosoetsu was not established, due to the peace between Kenshin and Honganji,Nobunaga Siege NetworkWas built up.However, when Kenshin decided to form an alliance with Honganji Temple and Terumoto Mori, the alliance with Nobunaga collapsed, and Mr. Uesugi and Mr. Oda continued to be hostile.[29].

In May, Terumoto Mori called on Kenshin to go to Joraku, and in June Kenshin became Terumoto's uncle.Kozagawa RiverI'm telling you to go up next spring[29]..Also, in October, Yoshiaki Ashikaga requested that Nobunaga be subdued, and Kenshin would hurry up to Joraku.At this time, Nobunaga Oda was from the imperial court.MinisterAnd thenRight ministerHas been appointed toMorning enemyIt is not a dispute between the samurai families between the Oda administration and the Muromachi Shogunate (Ashikaga Shogunate).

Echichu / Noto Heisei

September 4, nominal jurisdictionMr. HatakeyamaInvades Etchu Province, which is the guardian of Toyama Castle, under the control of Ikko-ikki.Masuyama Castle,Moriyama Castle,Yuyama CastleWas attacked one after another.Next is Shiina Yasutane (Mamoru Ecchu)Hasunuma CastleHe fell and defeated Yasutane, and finally settled the mayhem of Etchu.

Kenshin's next aim in rushing to Joraku isNoto countryIt was flat.Especially the base of Noto ProvinceNanao CastleIt was very important to secure the logistics line when advancing the troops from Echigo to Kyo.The owner of Nanao Castle at that time was the young owner of Sengoku daimyo Hatakeyama.Hatakeyama HaruomaruHowever, the real power is that of a senior vassalLong-lasting ream-TsunatatsuThe father and son were holding it.In the castle, he tries to rely on Kenshin and his father and son who are trying to follow Nobunaga.Yusa TsugumitsuWas fighting for initiative, and there was a fierce internal conflict.Kenshin tried to requisition Nanao Castle peacefully, but Hatakeyama decided a thorough fight as a result of the deliberation.As a result, the hegemony of Noto Province was struck.Battle of Nanao CastleBreaks out.

Battle of Nanao Castle

In November 4, Kenshin proceeded to Noto, and ...Anami Castle, (Kabutoyamajo), (Shoinkawashirijo), (Togijo), etc. After capturing the castles of Noto Province one after anotherNanao CastleSurrounded (the first battle of Nanao Castle).But Nanao CastleIshitoyamaIt was an impregnable giant castle built on Mt. Matsuo, the northern end of the system, and it was difficult to attack by force.As a castleSekidosan CastleAlthough it builds a building, it will continue to attack and pass the year.

Tensho 5 (1577), With the advance of Hojo Ujimasa in the Kanto region, he temporarily withdrew to Kasugayama.Meanwhile, the castles of Noto, which the Uesugi army had stolen the previous year, were dropped one after another by the enemy army.Under Kenshin, who had received a request for help from the Kanto generals, in addition to the deterioration of the war situation in Noto, a letter was sent from Yoshiaki Ashikaga and Terumoto Mori to encourage early improvement.

At this point, Kenshin decided to turn around, and in July of the same year, he invaded Noto again, attacked various castles, and surrounded Nanao Castle again (the second battle of Nanao Castle).At this time, in the castleDiseaseHowever, the puppet state owner, Hatakeyama Haruomaru, died, and the feeling of war was widespread.However, the guardian's Chosetsuren refused to surrender with hope for Oda Nobunaga's reinforcements.For this reason, Kenshin thinks that it is difficult to attack with force and tries to make a strategy.

Then, on September 9, Yusa Zokumitsu and others rebelled through Kenshin.The long-runners who were connected to Nobunaga were killed, and Nanao Castle finally fell.Two days later, on the 15th, Noto near the border with KagaSuemori CastleCapture.

Battle of Tedorigawa

In the 5th year of Tensho (1577), when Kenshin was attacking Nanao Castle, Nobunaga, who had received a request for reinforcements from the Chosetsuren, decided to dispatch troops to rescue Nanao Castle and embarked on a battle with Kenshin.General generalKatsuie ShibataUnderHideyoshi Hashiba,Kazuyasu Takigawa,Niwa Nagahide,Maeda Toshiie,Narimasa SasaA large army of more than 3 will be in Echizen in August.Kitanojo CastleRally to.On the 8th of the same month, he left Echizen for Nanao Castle, entered Kaga, and marched while engaging with Ikko-ikki.However, on the way, Hideyoshi disagreed with the general general, Katsuya, and withdrew his army. On September 9, the Oda army led by KatsuieTedori RiverI crossed the river and set up a camp on Mizushima, but I didn't even realize that Nanao Castle had already fallen.

Upon learning that the Oda army had crossed the Tedori River and invaded northern Kaga, Kenshin led a large army of tens of thousands to the south at once to meet this.Enter Kaga ProvinceHebei-gun-IshikawaImmediately overwhelmMatsuto CastleHas advanced to. On September 9, the Oda army finally learns of the fall of Nanao Castle.In addition, there was an urgent news that the Uesugi army led by Kenshin had settled in Matsutojo, just a stone's throw away, and Katsuie realized that he was at a disadvantage and started withdrawing.On the other hand, 23 Uesugi army main corps led by Kenshin pursued and defeated the Oda army, which takes time to cross the Tedori River, on the night of the 8rd (Battle of Tedorigawa).



However, on March 6, six days before that, in Kasugayama Castle while preparing for the expedition.He fell into a coma and died on March 3th (13:2 pm) without regaining consciousness.[30]..Year 49.The cause of death was due to the coma after the fall.Cerebral hemorrhage[30]There is a strong view that.On the corpseAnd put on a swordJarPut it in,lacquerSealed with[30]..This jar remains even after the Uesugi family moved to YonezawaYonezawa CastleEnshrined in one corner of the main circle[30],Meiji RestorationLater, it was moved to the mausoleum where successive feudal lords sleep.

Since he had not decided whether to succeed Kagekatsu or Kagetora, who was single and adopted throughout his life, he was over the successor to the Uesugi family's reign.Odate no RanBreaks out[31]..WonUesugi KagekatsuHowever, he became the head of the Uesugi family as the successor to Kenshin.Yonezawa DomainAlthough he became the first feudal lord of the Uesugi clan, the power of the Uesugi clan was greatly weakened by the civil war that washed blood with blood.

It is speculated that in the attempted expedition, he was trying to overthrow Oda Nobunaga and invading Kanto again, but the details are unknown.[Note 6].

after death

After Kenshin's death, Kagekatsu Uesugi controlled the siege of Otate, but was attacked by Nobunaga Oda, who was in a state of war in his later years.The Honnoji TempleNobunaga died sideways, so he escaped the destruction.People of the worldIn collaboration with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who took over the position of.Toyotomi AdministrationThen.AizuIt was added and transferred to.sameFive old peopleBy Ieyasu TokugawaAizu condemnationBeing targeted byBattle of SekigaharaBecause the anti-Ieyasu forces were defeated, Ieyasu surrendered.Reduced and moved to YonezawaEdo PeriodWelcomed.

The Uesugi family, who became the lord of the Yonezawa domain, in the early Edo periodEnpo2 years(1674) The feudal lord in AprilUesugi Tsunaken Of傅 roleHowever, he advised the Uesugi family to compile the family history, and it was 5 years since Enpo1688) Officially started,Genroku9 years(1696) In May, "Kenshin's Yearbook" was completed.[32].


For Mr. Nagao and Uesugi, who already owned many castles in Kukujo, Shinkawa, and Hokushin, there are few castles newly built by Kenshin, but they were built in earnest in preparation for the Battle of Kawanakajima and the Battle of Nanao Castle. The following is an example of this.

  • Iiyama Castle(Shinano Province)[33] --Later, the castle general, Nobuyoshi Iwai, improved the castle town and laid the foundation for the continued development of Iiyama City.
  • Sekidosan Castle(Noto Province) --The castle was built using the fort of Omiyabo, which is the base of Mt. Sekidō at Tenpeiji Temple.Naoe Kagetsuna was placed as a castle general[34].


Physical characteristics

Yoshikawa Motoharu(Terumoto MoriWhen the messenger of (Uncle) met Kenshin, he said, "I can hear the sound.Omine OfGoki,KatsuragiHigh heavenGreat tengu(Kenshin) Niya "[35] "Six," such as treating Kenshin as a daitengu.Shaku"Nearly strong" has been regarded as the predominant theory, but there are some documents that describe it as "small", and there are various theories about Kenshin's height, and the reality is that it is uncertain.

Judged from the blood of the oathBlood Type TheAB typeIs[36].

Religious and cultural aspects

Kenshin is a god of warBishamontenHe is an avid believer and used the word "Bi" for the flag of the main team.alsoThree treasuresWas used in frontKawari helmetAllegedly owned[37].

Until adolescenceSoto sectIs an old templeRinsenji TempleOf the teacherAmuro KoikuからZenAt the time of JorakuRinzai sectDaitokuji TempleGo to Zen meditation and call it "Soshin"Legal nameReceived.In later yearsShingon sectDevoted toKoyasan Kongobuji TempleInfinite Koin with the lawPriestMetQing dynastyからTransmission irrigationReceivedAcharyaGondai monk capitalHas received the rank of.

Not just as a strategist / tacticianWakaIt is also a masterpieceKonoe-san familyHe was also a cultural figure who had a deep exchange with public houses, such as being taught the mystery of waka poems.In particular"The Tale of GenjiHe likes to read love affairs such as ”, and he said that he surprised all the participants by reading the wonderful song of songs (love song) at the poetry held when he was in Joraku.luteI also had a hobby of playing.

Battle of Nanao CastleAt that time, Kenshin was famous for "Thirteen nights』Poem (Seven words OfChinese poetry) Was made.This poemYori Sanyoof"Foreign history of JapanIt became widely known as it was published in ""Kidan Tsuneyama] And "" are a little different from this, so it is believed that Rai Sanyo corrected it.[Reliability required verification]In addition, XNUMX nights are two days before Nanao Ochijo, and Kenshin has not climbed the main enclosure, and Kenshin, who is familiar with waka poetry, has never made any other Chinese poetry, making this unnatural. There is also a theory that this poem itself is regarded as a provisional commission for posterity.[Note 7].

Domestic affairs / intelligence

In terms of domestic affairs, it is a raw material for clothingGreenTheCultivationThen,Sea of ​​JapanIt spread it all over the country by route and used it as a financial resource, and made a huge profit by precisely controlling and managing the distribution of products in the territory.When Kenshin died, Kasugayama Castle had 2BothIt is said that there was a reserve of.

Female relationship

All children (forbidden to wear a wife) because they have not committed any crimes throughout their livesUesugi Kagekatsu,Uesugi Keitora,Yoshiharu Hatakeyama,Kokusei) I was adopted.

Kenshin has multiple love stories.One is the daughter of the enemy general, Ueno and Hirai Castle, when he was still in his twenties.Princess IseHowever, he fell in love with him, but was torn apart by the fierce opposition of his senior vassal (Kakizaki Kageie and others), and soon after his daughter had shaved his hair, he committed suicide and lay down on the bed without going through food. There is something that hurt my heart ("Matsunei Yowa").

There are various theories about the fact that Kenshin negotiated with women, but none of them are based on solid grounds.


Kenshin's subordinates are said to have learned from Kenshin's meal whether or not he was in the field.This is because Kenshin, who usually strives to be frugal and spends his time spartanly, cooks rice like a mountain before the war, arranges abundant delicacies of the mountains and seas, and behaves greatly to his subordinate generals.The subordinates, who knew about their daily frugality, were delighted with the splendid meal and tightened their unity.This is still used as "standing rice" and "standing" to entertain customers.Niigata,YamagataRemains as a custom in some parts of[38].

Health / cause of death

History of injury and illness related to the left leg
At the age of 7, he fell into the river and hit his left knee violently, later (12th year of Astronomy (Tenbun XNUMX).1543) Around) When fighting with Toshikage Nagao in the Kariyata River, he received an arrow wound on his left inner thigh and left a large scar.[39]..Also, in the 4th to 5th years of Eiroku (probably), the left leg was emphysema.[Note 8]It turned out to be dragging when walking.On the battlefieldCaneInstead, he carried a three-shaku green bamboo and commanded the army soldiers ("Kidan Tsuneyama])[Reliability required verification].
Other injury and illness history
  • In June 2, he suffered from swelling during the second Joraku.According to the diagnosis of the oncologistSevereBoilSo, the stagnation was diagnosed as the cause[Note 9][40]..It is said that the vassals sucked out the swelling on the back with their mouths and treated it, and soon healed.[41][42].
  • In the 4th year of Eiroku (1561), he suffered from abdominal pain while advancing into the Kanto region.[Note 10].
  • Eiroku 8 (1565) at the age of 36,MalariaGet (fever) (Moriaki Hanagasaki chronology).The rumor that he had graduated was confused.In addition, the left leg became inconvenient because of the acute complications at this time.arthritisThere is also a theory that it is due to[38][44].
  • Light at the age of 1570 in October of the first year of the original turtle (10)StrokeDeveloped[44].
cause of death
Kenshin was known to have been a big drinker during his lifetime, due to excessive drinking and eating habits (such as excessive salt intake).Diabetes mellitussexHigh blood pressureDue toCerebrovascular diseaseIt seems to be an established theory[Note 11]..Many doctors who looked at Kenshin's historical materials also said that they had "hypertension, diabetes, alcoholism, and manic-depressive temperament."or,Gastric cancerOrEsophageal cancerThere is also a theory that stroke occurred at the same time.[45][Note 12].Jun ItoCo-authored by Masahiko Naishi, "History of the Kanto Warring States and the Ran of the Imperial Palace" (YosenshaHistory New Book y) Pages 163-165 informs everyone that Kagekatsu was nominated as a successor in his will, and it is assumed that the recipient of the letter interprets that Kenshin was conscious of leaving his will. The "insect" in the letter is interpreted as "mush", that is, severe abdominal pain, instead of "chuki", and it is inferred that acute pancreatitis and abdominal aortic aneurysm (rupture) may be the cause of death.

deathbed poem

  • "There are no clouds in the heart of the moon in Ariake, beyond paradise and hell.'
  • "Forty-nine years, a dream of a sleep'


Personality / behavior

He frequently sends letters to his nephew Kiheiji (Kagekatsu, who will be adopted later), and is showing an annoyance to his child.In particular, on February 5, 1562, during his tenure in the Kanto region, Kihei, who was eight years old at the time, wrote and sent his own "Iroha Zansho" (Iroha character) as a model for writing. ..The text of the letter was also compassionate like an uncle[43][Reliability required verification].

A vassal who has rebelled twice against his master, KenshinKitajō TakahiroI forgive him twice and let him go home.He also rebelled against Kenshin many times.Masatsuna SanoHowever, he did not take his life as long as he surrendered.Similarly, a vassalShigecho HonjoEven when he raised his troops, he allowed the prosperity to return after suppressing the rebellion.

On the other hand, there was a tradition that strict measures were taken to keep discipline.Kenshin's chief vassalKakizaki KageieIn "", it is assumed that Kenshin, who believed in rumors that Keiya and Nobunaga Oda were in secret, was guilty of death.However, in recent years, this theory has been questioned, and it is said that there are five theories at the end of the Kage family: "disease, death, sickness, hand-striking, assault, and escape."[46]..In addition, it was Kageya's son who was killed after communicating with Nobunaga.HaruyaThere is also a theory that it was[47]..ShigeomiNagao MasakageAbout the death ofUsami SadamitsuThere is a report that he was murdered by ordering (""), but it is said that it is highly likely that it was created in recent years because it is a material with poor credibility.In addition, "Kenshin Kogyoenki" states that he drowned because he was drunk when he went swimming to overcome the heat while boating with Usami Sadamitsu and Nojiri Pond.The murder theory conveys a strict aspect of Kenshin, but its credibility has been questioned along with criticism of historical materials.[Note 13]..In addition, Kento Nagao, the castle lord of Maebashi Castle, who neglected to spearhead the Hojo army, is killed on suspicion of rebellion.[Note 14].

In the 4th year of Eiroku (1561), at the inauguration ceremony of the Kanto regionShinobi CastleFurious at the rudeness of the castle owner, Nagayasu Narita,FanThere is a book that says that it was hit with.It is said that Nagayasu Narita, who was humiliated in front of the generals, immediately led a soldier and returned to the castle.The cause was that only Nagayasu Narita gave a nod from horseback while the generals were kneeling down, but Mr. Narita saidMr. FujiwaraA well-known family that follows the flow ofMaster of the samuraiIsOriginatorIt is also said that he was a family member who was allowed to give a bow from horseback.It seems that Kenshin did not know this story, but there is a theory that this incident rapidly increased the antipathy toward Kenshin of the Kanto generals and became a major obstacle to the subsequent expansion into the Kanto region.[49][Reliability required verification]).However, Mr. Narita's position is not high enough to take such a magnificent attitude, and the precedent for welcoming Yoshiya on horseback is not recognized in the original historical materials, and researchers do not recognize this theory as a fact.[50]..The same is true as the reason for the dislike and separation of the Kanto generals from Kenshin.

Consideration for subordinates

When he attacked Asahiyama Castle on the border between Etchu and Kaga in August of the first year of the Tensho era (1573), Kenshin ordered a temporary withdrawal due to the shooting of guns by Ikko-ikki.Keisuke YoshieKenshin detained Yoji in the camp because only his child, Yoji, struggled to withdraw while the bullets were flying.The surprised surroundings offered to forgive Yoji, but Kenshin refused, saying, "If Yoji is killed in action here, Echigo's parents (Keisuke Yoshie and his wife) will not be noticed." I'm telling the Yoshie family.Yoji was soon forgiven and died suddenlyNakajo KeisukeBecame a son-in-lawNakajo KageyasuIt was renamed.

Buddhist priesthood

Internal conflict of vassals,ChineseKenshin (at that time, Keitora Nagao), who was disgusted by the situation where the battle with Shingen was getting stuck due to the separation of the layers, became more and more likely to stay in Bishamontendo and gradually entered the world of worship. ..Koji 2 (1556)May 3, Tell the vassals the intention of priesthood[51],May 6Departed from Kasugayama Castle and headed for Mt. Koya[52].. HoweverMay 8,Yamato OfMt. KatsuragisanAt the foot of the mountainKuzugami-gunHandago VillageAs a result of his vassals catching up and begging desperately, Kenshin stopped leaving the priesthood.It is said to be an anecdote that well expresses Kenshin's strange personality, but the turmoil has subsided because the vassals offered Kenshin a vow that he would be humble and obedient after that. It is also said that it was a planned action aimed at grasping the human mind.

At this time,Mino Honjo-Ueno IenariWith the factionOkuma Asahide-Yoshinaga ShimodairaThere was a conflict that divided the whole family into two groups, and Echigo was in a state of turmoil involving Mr. Ashina and Mr. Takeda.After this priesthood turmoil, most of the vassals continued to obey Kenshin, but Tomohide Okuma left Echigo on this occasion, and since he escaped to Shingen Takeda, he has been heavily used by Mr. Takeda.

Nemesis Takeda Shingen

It is still speculated that there was a friendship between the two, perhaps because of their lifelong relationship with Shingen.

Shingen was an ally of Suruga in 10.ImagawaAlthough the relationship with him has deteriorated and he has been stopped from salting ("Hagiwara Ashizawa Document"), the Kai and Shinano provinces of Takeda's territory are inland, so salt cannot be obtained.Although it was Ujizane's actions in anticipation of this, Kenshin criticized Ujizane's actions as "cowardly acts" and said, "I will settle with you in the battle. "Let's send it," he said, and sent salt to Shingen.There is no credible historical evidence for this anecdote, and it is thought that it was a creation of posterity, but at least there is no record that Kenshin tuned in with Imagawa to stop salting.

At this time, it is said that Shingen sent it to Kenshin as a sign of gratitude.Fukuoka IchimonjiThe inscription sword "Hiroguchi" sword (salt-clamped sword)Important cultural propertySpecified toTokyo National MuseumIt is in the possession of. In "Nihon Gaishi," Kenshin, who had heard about Shingen's death, dropped his chopsticks and cried, saying, "I lost my rival and returned to the world." A similar story is told in "Kanpachishu Kosenroku".Also, in "Matsunei Yowa", music in the castle was banned for three days after Shingen's death.The reason is "to give thanks to the martial arts god rather than to honor Shingen." The opinion of the vassal who recommends the attack, "Now is the time to attack Takeda after Shingen's death," is dismissed as "even if you do such a thing in the style of Katsuyori, you will not grow up."On the other hand, the above anecdote may have been created by posterity, and it is said that Kenshin hated Shingen quite a bit.It is against Kenshin's moral sense that Shingen expels his father and uses plots to despise his enemies, and Kenshin is said to have been furious at Shingen's actions.There is also a theory that Kenshin's pure dislike of Shingen was the cause of the numerous struggles that disregarded the interests of Shingen.

Anecdote of Karasawayama Castle

Hojo UjimasaBy Tochigi Castle (Karasawa Castle) Was besieged, Kenshin led 8 soldiers to rescue him.SightseeingAnd the castellanMasatsuna SanoI sensed the urgency of.Kenshin said, "If you come this far and let Masatsuna die, it's a stalemate. Let's leave luck to heaven and let yourself run through the enemy's camp and enter the castle to help." Black without armorcottonRoad clothes and white twillheadbandHe wore only a chisel, had his favorite cross-shaped spear, and had him wear a white cloth headband.Horse ridingWith only dozens of master-slave horses (there are various theories), he rushed into the enemy of 3 Hojo forces.The enemy just stared stunned and thought that if he attacked, he would be rewarded with some strange measure, and no one attacked, so Kenshin entered the castle as it was in the operation ("Sekihachishu Battle Record』).After seeing and hearing this, the Hojo soldiers made a humble statement and said, "YashaRakshasaHe said he was very afraid ("Tsuneyama Kidan" and "Tsuneyama Kidan"Famous shogun's record"[Note 15]).Then, the next morning, Kenshin attacked the siege of Hojo with Sano Masatsuna and Karasawayama Kagojo, took a spear himself and fought hard, and in response Kenshin led the Echigo (siege Hojo). The Hojo group also attacked the Hojo group, and the Hojo group withdrew from the siege of Karasawayama with about 1 casualties.[Reliability required verification].


In February, a month before his death, Kenshin summoned a painter from Kyoto to paint his portrait and rear view.The portrait is still a well-known statue of Kenshin, but the rear view is said to have drawn a sake cup.It is said that Kenshin said at this time, "This cup, that is, my shadow."[53]

Kenshin does not have an existing portrait of the same era.What is currently in circulation is based on the iconography of Kenshin's later years, which was once owned by Koyasan Muryokoin.1888(Meiji21) It was burnt down by a big fire on Mt. Koya.In the Edo period, like Shingen and other Sengoku daimyoMilitary memoirsUnder the influence of, various images of Kenshin such as the image of a military commander, the image of a military commander, and the image of a Buddhist monk are established.[53]

Currently, 28 Kenshin statues have been confirmed, including reproductions.[53].

Other anecdotes

  • Immediately before the 4th Battle of Kawanakajima, he led the Great Allied Forces of the East with more than 10 people and attacked Odawara Castle and hunted down Mr. Hojo, but Shingen Takeda took a military action in Shinano.However, Shingen did not intend to fight seriously, only taking action to arouse the anxiety of the Uesugi generals (in fact, he withdrew immediately after the Uesugi army stopped moving).Kenshin perceived Shingen's intentions and insisted on continuing the operation, but in the end he had no choice but to withdraw because the essential Kanto generals could not maintain long-term troop dispatch and some withdrew without permission.
  • At the time of dispatch to KantoHuman traffickingThere is a record of doing.It is said that when the Uesugi army captured Oda Castle, the prisoners of war were bought and sold under the direction of Kenshin ("".[Reliability required verification]).
  • On May 41, 1908 (Meiji 9)EmperorIs evaluated,Second place OfGiftIn addition to receivingUesugi Shrine TheSpecial government companyAre listed in[54].

Recent research

I couldn't confirm "salt to the enemy"

According to "Kenshin Uesugi approaching the real image of the series" (Emitsusho Publishing, 2017), the episode of one-on-one combat with Shingen Takeda in the battle of Kawanakajima is fictional, and the episode of sending salt to the enemy is historical material of the same period. Pointed out that it could not be confirmed.Historian Hisashi Fujiki explained in "Battlefield of the Soldiers" (1995) that Kenshin was in a war of righteousness while drawing the theory that he was out to eat for the purpose of solving the food shortage in Echigo. I questioned the conventional theory of.

Background of recent analysis

The background to the recent progress of Kenshin's analysis is that related historical materials have been introduced relatively early in the form of "Dainippon Komonjo" (Uesugi family document), "Niigata prefecture history", and "Joetsu city history". There was a side that was easy to remove.

Kuniaki Yamada, who published the Yoshikawa Kobunkan's character series "Kenshin Uesugi" edited by the Japan Historical Society, described the real image of Kenshin from the examination of the letter, saying, "Never overdo it, keep an eye on the situation and keep calm so that you and your vassals do not lose. Judge and act. "The image of Kenshin as a military commander of righteousness was beautified and emphasized by military scholars who advocated Echigo style military science and the Uesugi family of the Yonezawa domain, in opposition to the Koshu style military science that was popular in the Edo period.

In the October 2020, 10 issue of the Asahi Shimbun, it is stated that research on a human-like person who tried to fulfill the role of the owner while suffering, and a life-sized Kenshin who is not a hero is desired in the future.


Person / Comprehensive evaluation

From the aspect of sticking to the Kanto Kanrei position, stick to the formatFormalismPerson, value authority over substanceAuthoritarianismWishing for the reconstruction of the Muromachi Shogunate systemRevivalismIn the Kanto and Echigo eras of Kenshin, the authority of the Kanto Kanrei was valid to some extent, unlike the authorities of the Shogunate and Kanrei in Kinai. It is said that the appointment of the Kanto Kanrei was absolutely necessary in order to unite the national lords who would stand on top of the clan and expand their power and strengthen their independence in various parts of Echigo.[55][56]..It can also be said that respect for authority and jurisdiction shows Kenshin's in-law.Kenshin has been in the Kanto region 17 times, and the area of ​​control that he once expanded has shrunk one after another due to the offensive of Mr. Hojo and Takeda and the separation of the generals who received it, but there are also some who see it as a sign of Kenshin's in-law. ..

On the other hand, the territorial expansion was due to avoiding a head-on collision with Shingen Takeda despite the strong request of the Hojo clan in the Vietnam-Vietnam alliance, and focusing on the invasion of Hokuriku when the southward policy in Shinano and Kanto was difficult. There are also modern studies that analyze that they have carefully judged their interests.The beautification of Kenshin was in the Edo periodKishu Tokugawa familySponsored byUesugi styletacticsIs pointed out[3]In addition, the Yonezawa Domain after Uesugi Kagekatsu also deified Kenshin to unify and authorize the whole family.[57].

Yamanouchi was obsessed with self-justification with the cause as a shield (although Hideyoshi and Ieyasu naturally justify themselves for the reason of the battle), and because of the envy of authority. There is also a theory that he succeeded the Uesugi family.However, originally the Echigo Uesugi family acted as a guardian, and the Echigo Uesugi familyOfficerIt has been pointed out that the reign of the Yamanouchi-Uesugi family, the Uesugi family, was indispensable for unifying Echigo, which had many vassals.

In addition, although often criticized on the military side, Kenshin has made many achievements on the domestic side as well.The profit as a key point of maritime trade on the Sea of ​​Japan side was also great.Utilizing its abundant financial power, it has also achieved results in terms of civil affairs.

Especially, it was a raw material for clothing at that time.GreenIt controls the distribution and taxation of the company and makes a profit.

Incidentally,Hisashi Fujiki"Kenshin Uesugi is a savior for the people of Echigo who planned and executed a venture business called war in another country, but the villages on the battlefield such as the Kanto region that were attackedLootingI saw the hell after receiving it, "said the Uesugi army, which is different from the usual statue of the righteous man, Kenshin Uesugi.[58] But,Takao Ichimura"How could the regular army, which is the main body of the battle, secure military funds, etc." "Is there any supplies that could be plundered in the enemy territory?" Despite the presentation, there are many questions such as "How was the direct opportunity leading to the battle, as well as the social situation and the way the power side started the battle related?"[59]..On the other hand, researchers and scholars who support this "migrant" theory have also appeared, citing Fujiki's theory and suggesting that looting may have been carried out.[60].. Besides,Motoki KurodaAlso follows a part of the migrant theory in multiple works[61]..However, looting and arson on the battlefield were common acts not only in Kenshin but also in battles at that time.

Military evaluation

According to a letter sent by Kai monk Kyoga to the sky of Chofukuji in the 4th year of the Tensho era, Shingen Takeda, his nemesis, always made a wise statement and described it as "General of Japan Musou."

Guns between Kenshin and other daimyo,bow, The ratio of military formations such as horses is not so different, and there is no big difference in tactics.However, even after Kenshin's death, the strength of the Uesugi army was rumored to be "the strength of the Takeda army and the Uesugi army is the best in the world" in the area controlled by Oda Nobunaga (Yamato Province).Kofuku-ji TempleRenseiin record, see the section of March, Tensho 70).From this, it is probable that the Uesugi army's military power was highly evaluated around the city from the time Kenshin was alive until his death.In his lifetime, he fought about XNUMX battles, and the only defeat in a big battle was the XNUMXth Kawanakajima Battle.

The shock of losing Shingen and his vassals in the 4th Battle of Kawanakajima, the deputy general, Nobushige, was great, and Shingen witnessed the strength of Kenshin in the next 5th Battle of Kawanakajima. The main teamShiozaki CastleI avoided the field battle with Kenshin who tried to challenge the decisive battle by putting his team in the field.As a result, Shingen was prevented from controlling the northern part of Shinano by Kenshin, so he could not achieve complete domination of Shinano Province.Ujiyasu, who was a good warrior, rarely challenged the field battle because he was wary of Kenshin even if Kenshin made an expedition to the Kanto region and invaded the Hojo territory many times.

Castle attackHas defeated a number of strong castles (Nanao Castle,Toyama Castle,MusashiMatsuyama Castle,Oda Castle,Matsukura Castleetc).However, there were times when he withdrew without success compared to the divine command of lightning stone fire in the field battle (Odawara Castle,Usui Castle,Karasawa Castle,Nitta Kanayama Castle,UenoWada Castleetc).The capture of branch castles such as Tamanojo Castle, which was carried out at the same time as the siege of Odawara, was not successful, resulting in a subsequent counterattack of Hojo.Large-scale long-term development with both Takeda and Hojo daimyoEndurance battleIn the Kanto region, the sphere of influence was not wide, although there were some struggles and there were few direct defeats by attacking many castles.

The reason why he was not always good at endurance wars is the heavy snowfall of Mikuni Pass and the two-front strategy.Kenshin has passed the winter seven times in the Kanto region, but due to political instability in Japan and his departure to Kita Shinano and Etchu, he could not move his headquarters to the Kanto region.As a result, every time he returned to Echigo, he allowed the Kanto people to leave, and eventually the Kanto and Shinano tactics could not stand together.However, it can be said that Echigo's national defense was successful, such as blocking Takeda's northward advance and stagnating Hojo's breakthrough.

Evaluation from Shingen Takeda

Immediately before his death, Shingen told Katsuyori, "Let's take Katsuyori's bow and arrow. On top of that, if you ask from the other party, it's a terrible thing to do. Shingen doesn't say that he's going to ask for Kagayaki, so he won't be safe in the end. It is said that he said, "Tell me to the left.[62].

In addition, on October 4, 1576, after the death of Shingen, a priest named Kai no Kyoma sent a letter to the danrin of the Echigo Jojo danrin (Chofukuji). In the case of Kenshin Taishou and Okata Tachi, he was a famous general of Japan's Musou, so he entered Shingen, and every moment he entered the sword, he told a story to be foolish. "(" ").

It can be seen that Shingen and the people on the Takeda side highly valued Kenshin in this way, and it is possible that Shingen deeply trusted Kenshin, who had been hostile for a long time, through the battle and felt that he was similar.[63].

Evaluation of the Warring States period

Kenshin's death seems to have had a considerable impact since that time.Kenshin's funeral was held on March 3th.Hokuetsu military talk』Writes as follows.

The family gate, the old man, the samurai corps general, the magistrate, the headman, the mourning, the outsider, the appearance of the procession surrounding the front and back of the coffin If you squeeze the mourning clothes, both men and women of all ages in the city can serve as a teardrop.heWuzhangyuanDuring the operation of, Akaboshi (Zhuge Liang) FallLizardAs if to overthrow the army, the inside of Kasugayama is far, the generals who come to the castle, lose their swords on the route to the destination, and drift in the waves of the huge sea. — "Hokuetsu Army Talk"

In addition, the reason why Kenshin, who demonstrated his strength in battle, could not take the world is that EtchuIkko IkkoIt can also be said that it took time[Note 16]..Also a Hokuriku daimyoMr. AsakuraHowever, he was troubled by Ikko-shu of Kaga and could not take a strategy beyond the ground.


UesugiUnderEchigo country OfGuardian feeServed asMr. Nagao..lord·Uesugi SadazaneSeen from the perspective, he is a "nephew of his wife" and a "younger brother of his son-in-law."Uesugi ShigefusaIt is also said to be the 16th generation with the first generation. 5 generations agoKageboHas a daughter of Daisuke Uesugi in the main room, and that childYorikeiSince then, it has become a guardian.


Echigo people

Alphabetical order

Other countries

Uesugi Ichimonshu

Derived from the Echigo guardian
Nagao Ichimon etc.

Uesugi Twenty-Five Generals

Among the warlords who served Kenshin Uesugi, 25 people who were particularly highly evaluated were selected.Kanbun9 years(1669),Edo ShogunateIt is written in the "Uesugi Shoji Shojo" submitted to.

Year of birthFromcause of deathRemarks
Nagao Masakage1526-1564Ueda Nagao familyDrowning
Birth and death unknownunknownunknown
Katsushi Niitsu(Gimon)Year of birth unknown-1600Mr. YamayoshiIllnessYanghokushu
Kitajō Kagehiro(Chogoku)1548-1579Mr. MouriKilled in actionOdate no Ran
Color section(Chosada)1553-1592Mr. IrobeIllnessYanghokushu
Mino Honjo(Keishu)1511? --1575?Mr. HonjoIllnessYanghokushu
Shigecho Honjo1540-1614Mr. HonjoIllnessYanghokushu
Amakasu Kagetsugu(Kiyocho)1550-1611IllnessEchigo Ueda Shu
Suibara Chikanori(Sugihara Chikinori)1546-1616Mr. OzekiIllnessYanghokushu
Saito Tomonobu1527? --1592?SaitoIllness
Nomoto Yasuda(I Ching)1557-1622Mr. MouriIllness
Birth and death unknownMr. TakanashiunknownShinano people
Kakizaki Kageie1513? ―― 1574Illness
Chisaka Kagechika(Qing dynasty)1536-1606Mr. ChisakaIllness
Naoe Kagetsuna(Actual rope)1509? ―― 1577NaoeIllness
Keitsuna Takemata(Ryotsuna)1524-1582Mr. TakemataKilled in actionBattle of Uozu CastleYanghokushu
Nobuyoshi Iwai(Keitoshi)1553-1620IllnessShinano people
Tosuke NakajoYear of birth unknown-1568Mr. NakajoIllnessYanghokushu
Yamamotoji KeichoYear of birth unknown-1582Mr. YamamotojiKilled in actionBattle of Uozu Castle
Birth and death unknownunknownunknown
Yoshihide Shida(Yoshimin Shida)1560-1632Mr. ShidaIllness
Yorihisa Oguni(Yorihisa Oguni)Birth and death unknownMr. Oguniunknown
Kaji HarutsunaBirth and death unknownMr. Kachiunknown
Yoshiko KanazuBirth and death unknownMr. Kanazuunknown

Uesugi Four Tenno

"Uesugi Shoji Shojo"[Reliability required verification]Source.Also, in "Koetsu Shinsenroku" (author unknown, military memoir at the end of the Edo period), Kagetsuna is written in place of Kanetsugu Naoe.


Cemetery, mausoleum, relics

Cemetery / Mausoleum

It is said that Kenshin's corpse was buried in an armor and placed in a jar.This corpse was initially buried in the Kasugayama Castle's ignorance institute,Rinsenji TempleA memorial tower was erected in.By conventionNagao Uesugi familyWith the transfer ofWakamatsu CastleBy the wayYonezawa CastleIt is said that he was reinterred inside.Meiji RestorationAfter that, successive lords of the Yonezawa domain sleepUesugi Family Mausoleum(Yamagata PrefectureYonezawa) Was reinterred again.Kasugayama Rinsenji Temple (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture) and Mt. IwadonoMyojoin(Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture), Mt. Koya and the front yard of the Tochio Museum of Art (Niigata Prefecture)Nagaoka) Also has a memorial tower.

In the Yonezawa domain during the Edo period, Kenshin was revered as the ancestor of the domain.Meiji 5(1872) Was built at the site of Yonezawa Castle HonmaruUesugi Shrine(Special government company)Uesugi TakayamaIt was enshrined together with, and was promoted to a special shrine in 35, and the shrine became a pillar of Kenshin (Uesugi Takayama,Matsugasaki ShrineAtUesugi Kagekatsu,Naoe KanetsuguIt came to be enshrined with them).41st year of Meiji (Meiji XNUMX)1908) On September 9th, the second rank was awarded.[54].

Incidentally,Naoe Kanetsugu TheUesugi Remnants IkkiIt is said that he used the phrase "Protect the grave of Kenshin Uesugi" when inciting the former vassals in Echigo.

Tachi "Yamatorige"

Uesugi Kenshin's favorite sword has a sword "Unsigned Ichimonji"YamatorigeCalled by the issue of (Sanchomo),National treasureIs specified in[64]..Yamatorige is privately ownedOkayama Prefectural MuseumDeposited in[64].

There was a purchase consultation in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, and although we raised funds including hometown tax payment, we could not agree on the amount (the difference between the appraiser's evaluation value and the owner's offer amount was large) and abandoned the purchase. In April 2018, the owner asked for a transfer to Setouchi City,OkayamaSetouchi City[Note 17]Revealed a policy of purchasing from the owner[65].

Related works

Uesugi Shrine・ In the rehearsal hall,Chiura ObataContains the portrait of Kenshin drawn by. , The appearance of Kenshin depicted in movies and dramasJin HaoriThe design of Chiura is greatly influenced by Chiura's work.
Modern fiction work
As a famous creative work dealing with Kenshin Uesugi, he drew the story of Kawanakajima in the XNUMXth year of Eiroku.Eiji Yoshikawa"Kenshin Uesugi" (1942, "Weekly Asahi』Series), from the birth of Kenshin to the decisive battle of KawanakajimaKaionji Shiogoro"Heaven and earth(1962, Asahi Shimbun).Kaionji's "Ten to Chi to" is the NHK Taiga drama "Heaven and earth(1969, performance:Koji Ishizaka[66] And Kadokawa movie "Heaven and earth(1990, performance:Takaaki Enoki) And others have been visualized several times.
HeiseiFrom the period, it was drawn using military records and historical materialsYo TsumotoIt was made into a story based on "The Floor of Takegami" (1991, Kadokawa Shoten) and the latest research results.Iku Shikizawa"Kenshin Uesugi" (2006, Gakken Publishing) was published.
Also, although it is not the leading role,Yasushi InoueThe novel "Fulin Volcano(1953-1954 "Novel Shincho』Serialized, published by Shinchosha in 1955) NHK Taiga drama"Fulin Volcano』(2007), the original depiction that plays a more important role than the original,GACKTA photo book "Gackt Ryu no Kasei" (NHK Publishing) has been published with the role of Keitora Nagao (= Kenshin Uesugi) played by.It was the first time to release an individual photo book of an actor in a taiga drama.[67]..Furthermore, GACKT will continue to say "Kenshin FestivalInMore than onceInvited and participated as Kenshin[68][69].


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