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👍 | Ai Hashimoto's “raw leg shorts” makes fans excited

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Fans are excited about Ai Hashimoto's "raw leg shorts" "It's great" "Thanks for summer"

If you write the contents roughly
Ai-chan looks good in denim shorts or hot pants!

Young talent known for appearing in the movie "Kirishima, quit club activities" and the serial TV novel "Ama-chan" (NHK) ... → Continue reading


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hot pants

hot pantsIs 0-1 minutelengthShort back and forthpantsThat is. mainlyFemaleOriginally for adult men.


This is the shortest type of shorts in the category.TypicallyFemaleAround the waistMaleHot pants tend to be wider than those ofMaleusepantsthan(I.e.It is designed with a large part of.Like the children's shorts that most boys once wore, as defined above, there is only a small inseam, exposing almost the entire thigh.AlsoSkirtsWhen wornShow breadMany people wear it as.The width of the crotch cloth is so narrow that you can easily see the underwear when sitting in the gym or with spread legs, and it can be said that it takes courage for women to wear it.

Worn by men

"Hot pants" was originally a type of short trousers, which refers to men's shorts, and was also used as sportswear.Initially, it was called "hot pants" because it was worn in the hot summer months.Equivalent to a "miniskirt" for women.

It had long been established as men's trousers, but around 1971, it is said that people were shocked when it was first exhibited as women's "shorts" in fashion in Paris.[1]


1960 eraTo(English edition)Youth cultureThe United KingdomOccurs mainly.Revolutionary movements that are rebellious and overturn the society, or young people symbolize more freedom and are newerモ ダ ニ ズ ムInsisted.Inspired by these violent currentsfashion designerIsMarie QuantAnnounces very short trousers (later hot trousers).This short lengthpantsIs very well accepted by young people in Swinging London1972Until around that time, it was a worldwide pandemic.

The name "hot pants" first appeared in the fashion world1971Spring / summerParis CollectionIs.I heard and told about the novel trousers of a very short length at that time.The United States of AmericaThe fashion industry newspaper "Woman Wear Daily (WWD)" named hot pants as new shorts in the article.It is said that this hot was reported by ridiculing it as "hot, latest", and it is said that this is the etymology of hot pants, although the true meaning is not clear.[2].

Hot pants in Japan

Japanperson'sFemaleHowever, a revolutionary change has occurred in the clothing of the lower body.1967ToTwiggyIt is said that it was an opportunity to come to Japan.Explosive in Japan due to her visit to JapanMini skirtBecame popular, especiallyFemale Avant-gardeIt was also an opportunity to have a good direction.This tendency makes womenfootIt is said that there is no resistance to exposingMini skirtBecause hot pants were introduced to the country before the popularity of the item cooled down, it became a pandemic without the resistance of women as in Europe and the United States, especially.1971から1972Until then, it was a casual style on the beach, and it was very popular among a wide range of women.But,1972 OfFall:Hot pants are not often seen from the mouth, graduallySkirtsIt comes to be pushed by the style such as.

1980 eraWhen you enterMini skirtとDC brandWomen are shorter due to the epidemicpantsI don't see much wearing.1990 eraCasual regained power againGal systemMiniskirts were the mainstream among women who prefer highly exposed fashion.

Re-fashionable as shorts

2006 - 2007From autumn and winterShortsFashion for teens to 10smagazineIn the fall / winter 2006Tokyo Girls CollectionThen it was introduced as "extreme mini denim pants"[3]..Even in the fashion until then1970 eraFashion was often in fashion, but young womensinger,FemaletalentBecause they wore it, it became popular among women of the same age.mainlySummer: Clothes for, but in recent years trueWinter:Buttights,BootsCoordination to match is often seen.


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