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👍 | Reseller advocacy "Hobby Japan" will be discontinued due to a big flame ... In the past, "antitrust law violation"

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Reseller advocacy "Hobby Japan" will be discontinued due to a big flame ... In the past, "antitrust law violation"

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"Hobby Japan" announced that the editor has been retired due to this uproar.

The editor of the popular model magazine "Monthly Hobby Japan" posted a tweet on his Twitter account that defended the reseller ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Hobby Japan

Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.(Hobby JAPAN CO., Ltd)Publicationas well as the model-toy-GameA Japanese company that develops, imports, and sells.

1969,Minicar-Game・ Established Post Hobby Co., Ltd., which sells and imports hobby goods. "Monthly Hobby Japan], [Card gamer"("GAME JAPAN』Successor magazine),"Arms Magazine, And other hobby magazines, books related to hobby games, and table games are on sale.Post Hobby has a directly managed store in Kanagawa, Tokyo.


  • 1965November-Opened Post Hobby Yoyogi store
  • March 1969-Established Post Hobby Co., Ltd.
  • September 1969-Hobby Japan Co., Ltd. established
  • November 1969 --Opened Post Hobby Ikebukuro store
  • December 1969-"Monthly Hobby Japan" launched
  • August 1975 --Opened Post Hobby Sapporo store
  • April 1977-Post Hobby Oita opened
  • July 1977 --Opened Post Hobby Shibuya store
  • May 1977-Post Hobby Tsudanuma store opened
  • September 1980-Post Hobby Kichijoji store opened
  • August 1981-First issue of "Tactex"
  • June 1983-Post Hobby Shin-Tokorozawa store opened
  • May 1986-Monthly publication of "Tactex"
  • June 1989-"Arms Magazine" launched
  • June 1983-Post Hobby Nagoya store opened
  • April 1990-"RPG Magazine" launched
  • June 1990-Published "Comic Master"
  • June 1995-Opened P & H Atsugi store (currently Post Hobby Atsugi store)
  • April 1996-Japanese version of "Magic: The Gathering" released
  • October 1999-Post Hobby Matsumoto store opened
  • March 2000-Post Hobby Utsunomiya store opened
  • November 2000-Post Hobby Chiba store opened
  • July 2005 --Opened Post Hobby Ikebukuro 7th Floor Street Store
  • April 2006-"Game Japan" is published.
  • July 2006-"HJ Bunko" launched
  • March 2008-Hobby Japan Co., Ltd. merged with Post Hobby Co., Ltd.
  • February 2011-"Final Fantasy Trading Card Game" released
  • November 2011-"Card Gamer" launched
  • February 2011- Web comic distribution site"Comic DanganEstablished[*1]
  • February 2012-"Gun Professionals" launched
  • September 2012-Figure brand "AMAKUNI" started (origin)Knifeman Of天国)
  • September 2013-Trading card game "Last Chronicle" released
  • February 2016- Web comic distribution site"Comic HJ Bunko" is "Comic fireWas renewed.
  • September 2016-Post Hobby Shinjuku store opened
  • April 2019-First issue of "History Exploration"[2]
  • July 2019-Novel posting site "Novel up +"open

Publishing business

In 1969, "Monthly Hobby Japan", which has the same name as the company name, was launched.at firstMinicarHandles information and laterPlastic model,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euExpand the range to "Model art], Along withAfter the warOn behalf ofModel magazineIt became.

War simulation game→Table talk RPG(Hereafter TRPG[*2]) →Card gamesAs a magazine of the system of1982,America'sボ ー ド ゲ ー ムConcluded a Japanese version of a special contract with the manufacturer Avalon Hill, selling war simulation games, and the information magazine "TactexWas published.When the military boom temporarily disappeared, the focus was shifted to TRPG, and at the same time, "RPG Magazine" was launched as a separate volume of Tactex.but,Home game consoleとcomputerBoard games are rapidly declining due to the spread and higher performance of games. "Tactex" was also short-lived.

After the discontinuation of "Tactex", the role-playing game information magazine "Tactex" will be used as a follow-on magazine.RPG magazineWill be published,Trading card game"Magic: The GatheringWith the landing in Japan (the Japanese version is sold by the same company), the focus will gradually shift to trading card game information.And with the arrival of the trading card game boom, "RPG Magazine" was suspended, and as a follow-on magazine, the trading card game information magazine ""Game GatherWas launched.

However, like "Tactex" and "RPG Magazine", "Game Gather" has begun to handle a wide range of analog game information such as role-playing games and (simple) digital game information as the boom of trading card games recedes. In 2005, the magazine name was changed to "GAME JAPAN] And was newly published.

In addition, "Magic: The GatheringThe company had the right to the Japanese version of the book, but in 2004Takara(Currentタ カ ラ ト ミ ー) Was transferred to.

In addition, "GAME JAPAN" will be suspended from the September 2011 issue, and "GAME JAPAN" will also be suspended.Card gamerWas taken over by.

In 2019, the "History Exploration", which is called "Historical Entertainment Magazine Feeling with the Five Senses", is launched.[2].

Major publications

Current magazine


  • HJ Bunko(First published on July 2006, 7)
  • HJ Bunko G(First published on July 2007, 9)
  • HJ Novels(First published on July 2014, 11)
  • Cinderella Novels (launched on July 2015, 7)


Magazines that have been published so far

Games that were once on sale

War simulation game

In-house original

  • Tank Battles
  • Tank Battles II
  • Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN)
  • Operation Market Garden
  • Iron Bottom Sound
  • Norway 1940
  • Pacific Fleet
  • Budapest Rescue Operation (Bitter End)
  • Japanese Advance (Malay & Burma)
  • SF3D
  • SF3D II
  • Mediterranean Campaign
  • Chronicle of The Tree Kingdomes.
  • Mech War '90
  • The Last Gamble
  • Xanadu Legendary Nohoken (Xanadu)
  • Metal HeadRelation
    • Heavy Soldier

Avalon Hill

  • Tactex II (Tactics II)
  • Battle of Waterloo (Waterloo)
  • Stalingrad Battle of Stalingrad
  • Afrika Korps
  • Blitzkrieg
  • US Civil WarGettysburg) (1977 edition)
  • Gettysburg (1992 edition, supervised by Smithsonian Institution)
  • Battle of Midway (Midway) (1964 edition)
  • Midway (1991 edition, supervised by Smithsonian Institution)
  • D-DAY (1977 edition)
  • D-DAY (1991 edition, supervised by Smithsonian Institution)
  • The Battle of the Bulge (1981 edition)
  • Battle of the Bulge (1991 edition, supervised by Smithsonian Institution)
  • Guadalcanal (1991 edition, supervised by the Smithsonian Institution)
  • Naval Battle Off Jutland (Jutland)
  • Operation Anzio (Anzio)
  • War at Sea
  • Emperor Caesar
  • Submarine
  • Alexander the Great (Alexander the Great)
  • Sailing ship battle (Wooden Ships and Iron Men)
  • Victory In The Pacific
  • Sword and Magic Land (Magic Realm)
  • The Russian Campaign
  • Russian Front 1941 ~ 1944 (Russian Front)
  • Battleship Bismarck
  • The Longest Day
  • Panzer Blitz (Panzer Blitz)
  • Panzer leader (Panzer Leader)
  • Nazi German Air Force (Luftwaffe)
  • World War II diplomatic warfare (Origins of World War II)
  • Richthofen's War
  • Third Reich (Rise and Decline of the Third Reich)
  • War of the Roses (King Maker)
  • Diplomacy (Diplomacy)
  • Space Warrior (Starship Troopers) (1976 edition)
  • Arab Israel match (Arab-Israeli Wars )
  • Squad Leader
  • Crete descent operation (Air Assault on Crete)
  • Battle of the Magic Island (Wizard's Quest)
  • Hero Napoleon (Napoleon)
  • War and Peace
  • Fortress Europe
  • Galactic Wars (Amoeba Wars)
  • Midday Battle (Gunslinger)
  • Western Front No Abnormality (Guns of August)
  • Napoleon's Twilight (Struggle of Nations)
  • Freedom in the Galaxy
  • Rommel in the desert (Panzer Armee Afrika)
  • Arnhem assault (Storm Over Arnhem)
  • Civilization dawn (Civilization) + Additional Trade Card
  • Dragon Hunt
  • Titan's Law (Titan)
  • Clash against Magino (France 1940)
  • Tobruk Tank Battle (Tobruk)
  • Battle over Europe (Air Force)
    • Dauntless
    • Air Force and Dauntless: Expansion Kit
  • Battle of US-Japan Aircraft Carriers (Flattop)
  • Machiavelli (Machiavelli)
  • Ben Har (Circvs Maximvs)
  • Battle of Japanese Warlords (Samurai)
  • Greek-Roman Naval Battle (Trireme)
  • Gladiator Battle
  • Robin Hood
  • Empires in Arms
  • Conqueror
  • Patton's Best
  • Flight Leader
  • Firepower
  • Dragon Pass (Dragon Pass) (AH / Chaosium fantasy game)
  • Elric (Elric) (AH / Chaosium fantasy game)
  • Sand planet (Dune, )
    • Spice Harvest --The Japanese translation of the rule is "Tactex』Published in issue 29
  • Panzergruppe Guderian --Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" No. 25
  • Hundred Days Battles --Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" No. 26
  • The Mystic Wood-Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" No. 27
  • Panzerkrieg --The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" Nos. 30-32.
  • Hitler's War (Hitler's War) --The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" Nos. 35-37.
  • Turning point Stalingrad --The Japanese translation of the rules is published in the first issue of "Tactex" (quarterly).
  • The Republic of Rome-Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" (quarterly) No. 3
  • Acquire
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Medieval chess
  • UFO (UFO: Game of Close Encounters)
  • Intern
  • Exec. Decision
  • Exploring Africa (Source of the Nile)
  • Sun Tzu's Military Art (Hexagony)
  • Moonstar
  • Gold!
  • Dealer bets (Foreign Exchange)
  • Business Strategy
  • Outdoor Survival
  • TV Wars
  • Rail Baron
  • US Presidential Primary
  • Baseball Strategy
  • Superstar Baseball!
  • Major League Baseball
  • Basketball (Basketball Strategy)
  • National Professional Basketball (Statis Pro Basketball)
  • American football (Football Strategy)
  • National College Football (Bowl Bound)
  • PGA Championship (Pay Dart)
  • NFL Pro Football-Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" No. 28
  • Professional Boxing Title Match (Title Bout)
  • Regatta Yacht Race (Regatta)
  • Derby game (Win, Place, & Show)
  • Auto Racing (USAC Auto Racing)
  • Speed ​​Circuit
  • Challenge Golf at Pebble Beach
  • Pro Golf
  • Pro Tennis-Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" No. 34
  • Decathlon- decathlon..The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" No. 36

Victory games

  • The Gulf Strike
  • Hell's Highway
  • Grand Strategy Civil War (1861-1865)
  • NATO (NATO; The Next War In Europe)
  • Ambusch (Ambush!) Series
    • Move Out
    • Purple Heart
  • Pacific War
  • Cold War
  • Battle Hymn
  • Fifth Fleet (5th Fleet) --The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" (quarterly) No. 5.
  • 7th Fleet
  • Carrier --The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" (quarterly) Nos. 4-6.
  • The Peloponnesian War-Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" (quarterly) No. 6
  • 1809 (1809: Napoleon's Danube Campaign) --Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" Nos. 33 and 34

Simulations Publications(SPI)

  • Battle for Stalingrad
  • Air War
  • Air War Mach Battle II (Super Tomcat)
  • Patton's 3rd Army
  • Operation Grenade
  • Sicily Landing Operation (Sicily)
  • Atlantic Wall
  • Iron Curtain (BERLIN '85)
  • Surprise paratrooper (Paratroop)
  • The China War
  • City Fight
  • King Solomon's Ring (Demons)
  • Eric Goldberg's Kursk
  • Fifth Cops
  • Hof Gap; The Nurnberg Pincer
  • Fulda Gap; The First Battle of the next War
  • NATO Division (NATO; Division Commander)
  • The Next War
  • Operation Typhoon
  • Spies! (Spies)
  • Sniper! (Sniper!)
  • Atlantic Fleet (Task Force; Naval Tactics and Operations in the 1980's)
  • Battle of Tito Partisans (TITO)
  • Star Force
  • World War II (War in Europe)
  • Battle of the Knights (Agincourt)
  • US-Soviet War (Red Star / Whit Star)
  • Basic 3-Across Suez, Leningrad, and Bulge are included in the set.
  • Mech War 2-A set of two games, "US-Soviet War" (Red Star / Whit Star) and "Suez to Golan" (separate from the US-Soviet War sold separately and the basic 2 crossing Suez) system)

Game Designers' Workshop(GDW)

  • Blue Max (Blue Max)
  • Operation White Russia (Red Army)
  • Road to the Rhine
  • Modern Armored Warfare (Assault)
    • Boots & Saddles
  • Europa series
    • Operation Barbarossa (Fire in the East)
    • Narvik assault
    • Polish Blitzkrieg (Case White)
    • Their Finest Hour
    • North Africa Middle Eastern Theater of World War (Western Desert + The Near East)
    • Fall of France
  • Air Superiority + Air Strike
  • The Third World War
    • Persian Gulf: Battle for the Middle East
  • Harpoon
    • Captain's Edition Harpoon-A simplified version of the harpoon.The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" (quarterly) No. 2.
  • 1940 (1940)
  • 1941 (1941)
  • 1942 (1942)
  • Bundeswehr --The Japanese translation of the rules is published in "Tactex" Nos. 38 and 39.
  • The Battle of Lobositz
  • The Battle of the Alma
  • Time Tripper
  • Belter
  • Double Star
  • Triplanetary
  • Imperium
  • Traveler (Traveller) Related
    • Mayday
    • Azhanti High Lightning
    • Fifth Frontier War

West end games

  • R ・ A ・ F (RAF)
  • Magical Army (Kings and Things)
  • Junta (Board )
  • Western Front Tank Leader
  • Web and Starship

Worldwide War Games(3W)

  • Decision at Kasserine
  • Assault on Leningrad
  • Blue Max (combining "Aces High" and "Blue Max")

Iron Crown Enterprises(ICE)

  • Riddle of the Ring

Panther Games

  • Shanghai Trader

Steve jackson games

  • Ogre ~ Program: Destroy! ~ (OGRE)
  • Car Wars series

Tactex appendix game

As a tactics appendix game, in addition to its own original works, products of SPI, 3W, and Metagaming have also been translated into Japanese.

MoreTactexchecking ...

Table talk RPG

In-house original

Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)

Victory games

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1987)
  • James Bond 007 Series (James Bond 007)


  • Call of Cthulhu (Call of Cthulhu)
  • RuneQuest
    • RuneQuest '90s (Japanese original that made the rules of "RuneQuest" easy to understand)

Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)

Card games

In-house original

  • High school athletic festival
  • Aim for the top!・ Card game
  • Kouryuu Densetsu Virgast Card Game
  • Dynamite nurse
  • Dynamite Nurse II
  • Dynamite Toners I + II set (the above two sets)
  • Gal Master
  • Gal Master II
  • Evil officer
  • Ring master card game
  • Horror night
  • Dragoon in the Dungeons
  • Capricious Angels
  • Flash fighter
  • Tokyo Crisis
  • World uniform
  • Tower quest
  • Naval battle
  • Strategic Air Command
  • Tank Hunter
    • Tank Buster
  • Enthusiastic fight 12 team pennant raceSeries
    • Enthusiastic Battle 12 Team Pennant Race-Basic set. The 84 release includes the 84 player card, and thereafter the card for the year corresponding to the release year.
    • 85 player card set-player data card for replacement
    • 86 player card set
    • 87 player card set
    • 88 player card set
    • 89 player card set
    • 90 player card set
    • Classic Card Set-A set of 6 teams from different year teams
    • Campaign module
  • THE BIG Baseball-An improved system of the 12-team pennant race.Player data is the 91 version.
    • THE BIG Baseball 92 Edition

Avalon Hill

  • Up front (Up Front)
  • Naval War-Rule Japanese translation published in "Tactex" No. 32
  • Slapshot-Golf

Trading card game

Wizards of the Coast


Collectable throwing game

Hidden City Games

  • Clout fantasy

Pc games

In-house original

  • Ringmaster-Dark clouds of Philias calipers-(PC 98,X68000)
  • Ringmaster II -Eternal Thoughts- (PC-98, X68000)
  • Rommel (PC-98)

Games on sale (planned)

Card games

The company's original trading card game

Looney Lab

  • Fluxx

ボ ー ド ゲ ー ム

Fantasy Flight Games (en: Fantasy Flight Games)

Lookout Games (en: Lookout Games)

Rio Grande Games (en: Rio Grande Games)

Days of Wonder (en: Days of Wonder)

Zeeman Games (en: Z-Man Games)

Table talk RPG

Wizards of the Coast

online game




Violation of Antimonopoly Act on Magic The Gathering Sales
Hobby Japan had signed a purchase contract for the English version of Magic: The Gathering with Wizards of the Ghost in the United States and provided it to wholesalers, but it imported the English version in parallel from overseas through its own route. , There were also retailers that sold at a lower price than the suggested retail price set by Hobby Japan.Hobby Japan was scheduled to sell the Japanese version after 1996, so in order to maintain the retail price set by the company, wholesale the Japanese version so as not to wholesale it to retailers who are importing the English version in parallel. In addition to putting pressure on wholesalers, it also forced retailers to sell at suggested retail prices without discounting.
The Fair Trade Commission has determined that these acts violate Article 19 of the Antimonopoly Act, and in October 1998 recommended and ordered that the above acts be cancelled.[4][5].
Defending Unfair Resale of Magazine Editors
On July 2021, 7, the editors of "Monthly Hobby Japan" and "Hobby Japan EX" became their own.TwitterAt, buy up popular models immediately after reservation and release, raise the price and resellReseller"I couldn't buy it because I didn't have enough effort (such as lining up at the store before opening or taking a break from work to make an online reservation). It's natural to pay, "" There is no problem because the sales of manufacturers and wholesalers stand up, "" People who hate resellers just don't find it interesting because they couldn't buy the plastic model they wanted. " In addition to tweeting that can be taken to provoke users, similar opinionsnotesAlso posted[6][7]..Many model fans and many Twitter users who hate resellers responded to protests and retweets to this tweet and note post.Burning, "Hobby Japan" emerged in the Twitter trend word on the same day[6][7].
In response to this problem, the Hobby Japan editorial department posted a tweet entitled [Regarding the remarks made by our editors on SNS etc.] on the company's official account, and the opinion of the tweet is different from the company's opinion. The editorial department and Hobby Japan announced a statement that they would not allow any resale or hoarding, and announced that the editor who tweeted would be disposed of in accordance with internal regulations.[6][7].
On July 7, the disposition was announced on the official website, and the editor-in-chief was retired. After that, they were demoted to director, deputy editor, and desk, respectively.[8].

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