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👩‍🎤 | "Refreshing" Former software player Nozomi Nagasaki is talked about as being too beautiful "I thought it was an idol"

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"Refreshing" Former software player Nozomi Nagasaki is talked about as being too beautiful "I thought it was an idol"

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As an aside, Reika Utsugi, the director of softball, praised Mr. Nagasaki during his active career as "a genius who is sure and has a long hitting ability."

Former softball player Nozomi Nagasaki will appear remotely in "Sukiri" (Nippon TV) broadcast on July 7th.Id ... → Continue reading


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Reika Utsugi

Reika Utsugi(Reika Utsugi,1963May 6 -) isChugoku-BeijingFromJapanese nationality Ofsoft ballAthletes / leaders[1]..The name before naturalization isReika Utsugi(Nin Enri).BicCamera girl softball Takasakidirected by.Height 170 cm.Right-handed left-handed.Beijing Mayor Spicy Store Third Junior High School,Gunma Women's Junior CollegeGraduated.Before coming to Japan, he played an active part as a representative of China for softball.After that, he came to Japan at the age of 25, and the year after he achieved the Triple Crown of the Softball Japan League.Naturalization.


Born as the third youngest child.In childhoodCultural RevolutionIt was a period of turmoil, but he received a strict education from his father, a no-nonsense soldier.Due to the influence of my father who had a side of sports lovers, from elementary school to junior high school, athleticsSpear throwingI was absorbed in, but when I was 14 years oldsoft ballStarted[2]..One year after switching to softball, he later became a family-like relationship.Taeko UtsugiI met (hereinafter Taeko)[2].

He continued to interact with Taeko and came to Japan in 25 when he turned 1988, relying on Taeko.In the same year, he joined Hitachi Takasaki, the predecessor of BicCamera Takasaki, where Taeko was the general director, and became the driving force to move from the second division to the first division of the Japan League in one year.[2].. In 1994, achieved the Triple Crown in the Japanese league of softball.

In 32, when he was 1995 years old, he was naturalized in Japan and received the Japanese name Utsugi from Taeko.The father of a former soldier had a lot of anti-Japanese sentiment, and at first he opposed his daughter's decision, but Taeko persuaded him to get his consent.[2].

In 2000, participated as captainSydney OlympicsThen, he led the team to the silver medal by playing home runs in three consecutive games.[2].

2003 years,Renesas Electronics Takasaki OfConcurrent playerAppointed to[2].

2004 yearsAthens OlympicsAlso active as the main gun of "Utsugi Japan" in Japan Women's Softball.22 years old for pitcherYukiko Ueno, 20 years old in the outfieldEri YamadaThe 41-year-old Utsugi made a presence and the team won the bronze medal.Retired from active duty after the Olympics and became the director of Hitachi & Renesas Takasaki[2].

Especially at the Athens OlympicsTaeko UtsugiAlso served as a management role for.After retiring from active duty, as a director, work with Taeko Utsugi to train younger generations[2].

In 2011, he was appointed as the Japan national team coach (the title of "head coach" at the Softball Association).Bringing the first victory in 2012 years at the 42 World Championship[2].

The 2014th meeting held in Incheon, South Korea in 17Asian GamesServes as the softball all-Japan national team coach.

Since 2015BicCamera girl softball TakasakiBelong to[2].

2021 year 7 month,2020 Tokyo OlympicsLeading to a gold medal in the history of women's softball[3].


  • Reika and Taeko's mother got along like a real parent and child, and the heartwarming exchanges continued for a long time, such as making dumplings, which is Reika's specialty, and contacting them regularly.Even when her mother died in 2001, it was Reika, not Taeko, who spoke on the phone just before.[2].
  • In an interview in 2017, Taeko said about Reika, who had just arrived in Japan, "After that, I came up to seniors and communicated with each other every time there was a match between Japan and China, but she really worked hard to learn Japanese. I was about to send a letter. Even though I couldn't talk to Roku, I made an international call and was charged 20 yen a month. My father was very angry. I was able to do it (bitter smile) "[2].

Episode with Yukiko Ueno

Yukiko UenoI've been watching this since I was in Kyushu Girls' High School (currently Wakaba High School attached to Fukuoka University), and Utsugi later said in an interview with a weekly magazine, "Given the reason why I missed the gold medal in Athens, I was still a pitcher. I felt that we could have fought with greater confidence if we had a pitcher who did it. For that reason, we had to raise Utsugi to be the best pitcher in the world and entrust the Beijing Olympics to be held in our home country, China. With that in mind, I took Utsugi to the United States. "After that, when Ueno finally got out of the Olympics in Beijing and suffered injuries and fell into a state like burnout, he regained his feelings for softball while soothing, encouraging and encouraging Ueno. I tried to get it. When Ueno offered to avoid the 2010 World Championship (Venezuela), he said, "That's fine. I'll carry everything on my back. I can't let you go if you want to go. You're the best in the world, so I hate it. Because I'm lying down to carry my back, "he accepted and took the brunt of various criticisms. "I was able to pull it well while respecting my feelings. If I wasn't Director Reika, I wouldn't have been able to continue working so hard," Ueno himself once again realized the size of Utsugi's presence. That[2].


In a later interview, Taeko said, "I also won the 2012 World Championship final against the United States with a squeeze play at the end, but Reika was doing a big bang to make a bunt in a situation of 2 strikes and 3 balls. I'm a game master from the ground up. I always let players do various things such as bunts and hit end runs, and I know well that I can't win with just a home run. I think I'm making full use of my own experience. On the other hand, I also have the precision. That hasn't changed since I was a player. The features of the game are described in detail. I send an order to me like every time before the game, but I positively return "It's okay". I feel relieved when I get a taiko stamp. I think there is one aspect, but I feel that he is a leader who spares no effort in every aspect. "[2].


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