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👍 | Read the manga "Ganbare Genki" ✨ Gold medal 🥇 Sena Irie's Twitter is flooded with blessings

Photo image: https://twitter.com/seeenaaa09/status/1413333810419097601

Read the manga "Ganbare Genki" ✨ Gold medal 🥇 Sena Irie's Twitter is blessed with likes

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On the 3rd, the boxing and women's featherweight final was held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, and Sena Irie defeated Nesthy Petecio (Philippines) in a decision and won the first gold medal in women's history.

(What is the winner of the boxing final?) "In, Blue! (Blue / Sena Irie)" Jump up in a unique pose ... → Continue reading

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Ryogoku national sport

Sena Irie

Sena Irie(Irie Sena,2000(12)May 10 -) isJapanGirlsamateurboxingA player.TottoriYonagoBackground[1].Nippon Sport Science UniversityStudent.


Giho Elementary School[2]I read it when I was in the second gradeYu KoyamaCartoon ofGood luckIntroduced to the only boxing gym in Yonago city, "Sugar Knuckle Boxing Gym"[1].

Gotogaoka Junior High SchoolBelongs to the track and field club.800cmSpecializes in, at the time of 1 yearNational Junior High School EkidenParticipation[1].

Yonago Nishi High SchoolDedicated to boxing. At the time of one yearNamiki TsukiumiLost to, but for a couple of yearsAll Japan Women's Championship(Junior) Consecutive championship[1].

2018 at international competitionsWorld youth championshipWon a bronze medal at[3].

In 2019, go on to Nippon Sport Science University.Same yearWorld championshipSelected as the representative of Japan and advanced to the quarterfinals in the main race[4]But,(English edition)Lost to and finished in the best 8 (Petecio won the gold medal)[5].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo OlympicsDefeat all-Japan champion Mizuki Akita in the box-off to decide the Asian / Oceania qualifying Japan national team[6].

In the qualifying round in March 2020, he defeated Petesio 3-4 in the quarterfinals and became the first Japanese player to participate in the women's boxing adopted from the 1 London Games.[5]..Proceed to the final, but won the 2018 World Championship(English edition)Lost to runner-up[7].

2021 years,Tokyo Olympic Boxing Women's FeatherweightToRepresentation from JapanParticipated as. July 7thEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Of(English edition)Won the first victory as the first Japanese female boxing player in the Olympics[8]..Also, the quarterfinalsルーマニア Of(English edition)Was won by a close judgment of 3-2, and at this point the first medalist in the history of Japanese boxing female players was confirmed.Also in the semifinalsThe United Kingdom Of(English edition)Won with a 3-2 decision[9].. August 8rd, in the finalフィリピン Of(English edition)Was defeated by a 5-0 decision and won a gold medal.[10]..He was the first gold medalist in history as a Japanese female amateur boxing player, and the first gold medalist in history among players from Tottori prefecture through all events.[10].


frogIn addition to raising frogs and collecting items related to frogs, he goes out to observe frogs on holidays.[11][12][13][14]..I named it "Jaiko" at my parents' houseHorned frogHave a[2]..After winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, when receiving the prefectural honor award and the prefectural sports highest award from Tottori prefecture,Tottori sakyuA medal designed with a frog made of sand was also presented.[15]..After graduating from Nippon Sport Science University, I have a desire to get a job related to frogs.[12].

At Nippon Sport Science UniversityPsychologyBelonging to the seminar of "FlirtStudy the "Boundary Line"[2].

Hobbies other than frogsUAF YouTubeOrnamentalGameIn the indoor school, also in the Olympic Village of the Tokyo OlympicsNintendo SwitchI brought in.Besides, be sure to go on an overseas expeditionCup NoodleBring in, especiallyNissin Yakisoba UFO,Ippei-chanPrefer[16].

For elementary and junior high school classmatesDive competitionAthlete'sSayaka MikamiThere is[1][2][17].

Boxing competition was in my 4th year of collegeAll Japan ChampionshipIt indicates that it intends not to continue the competition after graduation.[18].

The name "Sena"F1Driver'sAyrton SennaDerived from[16].

Battle history

  • 2019-World Championship Best 8
  • 2020-Tokyo Olympics Asia / Oceania Asia / Oceania Qualifying runner-up
  • 2021-Tokyo Olympics Women's Featherweight Gold Medal


  • Tottori Prefectural Honor Award (2021)[15].
  • Tottori Prefecture Sports Highest Crown Award (2021)[15]
  • Yonago City Citizen's Glory Award (2021)[19]


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