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👩‍🎤 | Paravi original story "Cinderella Complex" starring Sayuri Matsumura, behind-the-scenes story of the shooting site ...

Photo © Oreko Tachibana / Shogakukan © Kyodo Television / TBS

Paravi's original story "Cinderella Complex" starring Sayuri Matsumura, the inside story of the shooting site ...

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Directed by: Masanori Murakami ("Kamisama no karute", "Mou Ichido Kimi ni Propose", "Operation Z ~ Japan Ruin, No Waiting ~", "Mirror Twins", movie "Train Man", "One Week Friends.

Paravi's original story "Cinderella Complex" starring Sayuri Matsumura is on August 8rd ... → Continue reading


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One week Friends.

"One week Friends.』(Isshukan Friends) isHazuki MatchabyJapan OfComicthe work. 『Monthly Gangan JOKER』(ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ) Was published in the September 2011 issue, and was serialized from the February 9 issue to the February 2012 issue.[1][2]..Later, the university student edition was serialized at the end of the next work of the same author, "Because I am me.", And the sequel "Monthly Gangan JOKER" from the May 2021 issue.One Week Friends after that.』(Sono no Isshukan Friends) is being serialized[3].

4 comic strip cartoonIt is a mix of story-type manga, and the latter half is mainly a story-type layout. As of February 2017, the cumulative circulation of comics has exceeded 2 million.[4].

As a media mix, a TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2014.A stage performance was also held in November of the same year, and a live-action movie was released in February 4.[5].


High school studentYuki HaseIs a classmate who is always aloneKaori FujimiyaI want to get along with her and try to get closer to her.But she stubbornly refuses it.The reason was that "I lose my memory with my friends in a week" ...

However, Yuki still tries to spin a relationship with Kaori.Yuki's best friend and coolKiryu ShogoOr a natural, forgetful personalitySaki YamagishiThrough interaction with Kaori, Kaori gradually becomes able to remember her friends.

Meanwhile, Kaori's classmates from elementary schoolKujo IchiKaori loses her memory again because she has transferred to another school.When they were in elementary school, the two friends were accused by the girls who were their best friends, and Kaori lost her memory from the shock.By remembering and overcoming the cause of memory loss, Kaori's symptoms show signs of improvement, and her relationship with Yuki changes.


* Voice is a TV anime cast, performance is a stage cast by (Mai), and a movie cast by (Film).

Yuki Hase
sound - Yoshio Yamaya, Performance- Tomoki Okayama(dance),Yamazaki Kento(Film)[6]
Height: 169.7cm / Weight: 57kg / Birthday: July 7th / Blood type: O type[7]
Of this workhero..High school junior.I want to get along with Kaori.
She has a pure and straightforward personality and always cares about Kaori.Because of its simplicity, Shogo often reads his thoughts.There is a jealous side, and it has also caused a fight with Kaori.
He is not good at math, and his teachers are amazed at his grades (it is said that he is the first student to be worried as of May).
After the appearance of Kaori's childhood friend Ichi, I began to think that there was nothing I could do for Kaori, and after learning about Kaori's past, I overlapped myself with Ichi and actively worked with Kaori for a while. I avoided getting involved.
In the anime version of the bonus four-frame manga, Kaori's favor is emphasized more, and Shogo is more jealous than the original because he knows Saki and Kaori's past, who are close to Kaori, and enjoys seeing Kaori's sleeping face and gestures. I'm amazed (however, I think it's really bad).
In the live-action movie version, he belongs to the manga study group and is set to be a childhood friend with Saki.
Kaori Fujimiya
Voice- Amemiya Ten, Performance- Maya Okano(dance),Haruna Kawaguchi(Film)[6]
Height: 161.4cm / Weight: 47kg / Birthday: December 12st / Blood type: A type[8]
Of this workheroine..Yuki's classmate.Due to an event in elementary school, I had an obstacle that I lost my memory with my friends in a week.Since then, I haven't wanted to socialize, but since I became friends with Yamagishi, I've gradually become able to get along with my classmates.
My memory with friends was reset over the weekend, and it was in a clean state when I went to school on Monday.I haven't lost my memory with my family and with people who aren't friends.
He usually plays a cold person in the class, but shows a friendly and original face to the person who forgives his heart.I haven't had any friends so far, so I don't like playing karaoke.
My specialty is mathematics, and I am in charge of mathematics in my class.Inoue will give you the rooftop key as a reward for helping you make the quiz.
Although he says he likes Hase, his level is the same as he likes math.However, when Hase sees a friendly conversation with another girl, he feels a strong jealousy, and although he is unaware, he seems to be conscious of the opposite sex.
With the advent of Ichi, a childhood friend, some changes can be seen in memory.As a result, there was a change in my memory with Yuki.
I am worried that I was not invited to play during the winter vacation, probably because of the change in Yuki's involvement with Kaori.
Shogo Kiryu
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya, Performance- Totani official(dance),Matsuo Taiyo(Super Express) (Film)[9]
Height: 175.6 cm / Weight: 64 kg / Birthday: January 1 / Blood type: O type[10]
Yuki's best friend.He is always low in tension and is a type who clearly says what he thinks, but he takes good care of him and always gives advice to his proficient Yuki and Kaori.
I always sleep during class, but I have excellent grades and am familiar with trivia.
Actually, it is popular with girls, but Shogo himself is not good at girls because of his sisters.
Saki Yamagishi
Voice- Rumi Okubo, Performance- Juria Kawakami(dance),Takahashi(Film)[11]
Height: 149.2cm / Weight: 41kg / Birthday: February 2 / Blood type: AB type[12]
Yuki and Kaori's classmatesnaturalCharacter.Shogo was a classmate in elementary school.
Attracted by the cool Kaori, she wanted to be Kaori's friend, and as a result, she gave her class a chance to show Kaori's true face and became Kaori's first homosexual friend.
I rely on other people to forget various things in a different way from Kaori.Therefore, Shogo considers it to be "another power application".
Because of his petite and forgetful personality, he was bullied when he was in elementary school.Therefore, he has a habit of looking at his complexion while being pampered by someone.
In the live-action movie version, he is a class representative and is set to be a childhood friend with Yuki.Parents are beauticians.The setting that it is easy to forget has been cut.
Kujo Ichi (Beginning of Kujo)
Voice- Shintaro Asanuma, Performance- Uesugi Hiiragi(Film)[11]
Height: 170.8cm / Weight: 59kg / Birthday: September 9th / Blood type: B type[13]
Kaori's childhood friend who moved to Yuki and Kaori's class in the second semester.
She has a well-organized appearance and is popular with girls, but she has a cold personality and often dislikes it.However, there are some aspects that he hates to lose, such as trying to hide his weaknesses and continuing until he wins the game.
On the first day of moving in, Kaori was called a "traitor" and was disliked by Yuki, but she was clearly aware of Kaori and sometimes worried about her, who was different from the past.
After having a good relationship with Yuki, he reconciled with Kaori through his mediation and treated him as a friend.
Shiho Fujimiya
Voice- Mai Nakahara, Performance- Sachiko Nakagome(dance),Sayuri Kokusei(Film)[11]
Height: 162.7cm / Weight: 54kg / Birthday: December 7st / Blood type: A type[14]
Kaori's mother.A youthful, cheerful and kind-hearted woman.Call yourself "Kaori Mama"
I feel like I can't do anything for my daughter, but I'm watching positively.
There was a section that misunderstood Yuki as Kaori's boyfriend, but he also recognizes that she is a reliable person and tells the details of her amnesia.
Jun Inoue
Voice- Atsushi Majima, Performance-Ryota Nagauchi (Mai),Toshige Shigeyuki(Film)
Height: 174.2 cm / Weight: 65 kg / Birthday: January 2 / Blood type: O type[15]
Yuki's homeroom teacher. 29-year-old.I am in charge of mathematics.I'm worried about Yuki, who has a red dot.
One of the few people who knows Kaori's symptoms, he uses the rooftop, which is normally prohibited by his scheme, for Kaori.
Maiko Serizawa
Voice- Asuka Kakumoto
Height: 162.8cm / Weight: 48kg / Birthday: September 5th / Blood type: B type[16]
Yuki and Kaori's classmates and Saki's friends.She has a meeher personality and spoils Saki.I am concerned about the relationship between Yuki and Kaori.
Ai Nishimura
Voice- Rie Tanabe
Height: 158.3cm / Weight: 46kg / Birthday: December 11st / Blood type: A type[17]
Yuki and Kaori's classmates and Saki's friends.A solid person and a coordinator for everyone.Like Maiko, I am concerned about the relationship between Yuki and Kaori.
Ota, Yamazato
Voice- Reina Ueda(Ota),Natsukawa Shiina(Yamazato)
One of my friends, Kaori is a classmate in elementary school.I know what caused Kaori to have memory problems.
Naomi Shigehara
Kaori's ex-friend, Ota and Yamasato are classmates in elementary school.Zhang himself who forced Kaori into a memory disorder over one.Appeared only in recollection in the anime version.
For the live-action movie version#Cast (movie)See.

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Television Animation

From January to March 2014TOKYO MX,MBS,TV Aichi,BS11,AT-XIt was broadcast on.The development of the final stage is different from the original.

Staff (animation)

  • Original- Hazuki Matcha
  • Director-Taro Iwasaki
  • Series composition- Shotaro Kan
  • Character design and animation director --Eri Yamazaki
  • Art-Sei Ito
  • Art Setting-Headworks
  • Color design-Ritsuko Utagawa
  • Shooting --Tomoyuki Shiokawa
  • Edit-Daisuke Imai
  • Sound Director- Satoshi Motoyama
  • musics - Nobuko Toda
  • Music production- Toho
  • Music Producer-Masataka Mikami
  • Music Director-Kenki Kobayashi
  • Chief Producer-Masanori Fujita
  • Producers-Takashi Yoshizawa, Mika Shimizu, Kazuhiro Aso, Masaki Ishikawa, Tomohito Nagase,Masakatsu Omuro
  • Animation Producer-Yumi Sato
  • Animation production - Brains base
  • Production- "One Week Friends." Production Committee

Theme song

"Fragment of the rainbow'
KunatsumiThe opening theme by. Lyrics and compositionAi Kawashima, The arrangementMiyazaki Makoto.
Kaori Fujimiya (Amemiya Ten) Ending theme.Lyrics and compositionTakuya Ohashi,Shintaro Tsuneda, The arrangementKawada Ruka[Annotation 1].
Space switchIt is a cover of the same name song by AmemiyaFuji Television Network, Inc"Music fair』(Broadcast on July 2014, 7), Sukima Switch, covered the same song at the same timeChris HartCo-starred with[18].

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
#1Beginning of a friend.Shotaro KanTaro IwasakiEri Yamazaki
#2How to spend time with friends.Seiko SayamaAya Takano, Kanako Yoshida
Eri Yamazaki
#3A friend of a friend.Yuichi TanakaYuki ArieMegumi Koike, Takashi Tsuda
Ryuichi Baba, Keika Sasaki
#4Fighting with friends.Mariko KunizawaTokumoto YoshinobuMiyuki Oshiro, Masakazu Kawazoe
#5New friends.Megumi ShimizuJunya KoshibaAya Takano, Kanako Yoshida
Rika Kato, Masakazu Kawazoe
#6Mother of a friend.Mariko KunizawaSeiko SayamaNatsuko Kondo
#7"Hot" friend.
"Fu" friends.
Shotaro Kan[Annotation 2]Toshiki FukushimaYoshiko MikamiRyosuke Tanikawa, Kumi Ishii
#8The sea with friends.Megumi ShimizuTokumoto YoshinobuNatsuko Kondo,Kyoko Kametani
Miyuki Oshiro
Kazuya Saito (effect)
#9Last day with friends.Satoshi NakagawaYuki ArieShinsuke Ishikawa, Masakazu Kawazoe
Miyuki Oshiro, Aya Takano
#10Friends and Friends.Mariko KunizawaIsamu ImagakeTakashi KawabataKanako Yoshida, Keiko Ichihara
#11Important Friends.Shotaro KanSeiko SayamaJunya KoshibaKyoko Kotani, Shinsuke Ishikawa
Rika Kato, Keiko Fukumoto
Eri Yamazaki
#12Please become a Friend.Taro IwasakiEri Yamazaki, Miyuki Oshiro
Masakazu Kawazoe


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [19] Remarks
May 2014-June 4, 7 Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
May 2014-June 4, 8 Tuesday 2:35-3:05 (Monday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area
May 2014-June 4, 9 Wednesday 3:05-3:35 (Tuesday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi
Wednesday 21:00-21:30 AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
May 2014-June 4, 14 Monday 0:30-1:00 (Sunday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2014/4/11 Friday 22:00-22:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
2014/4/12 Updated Saturday 0:00 (Friday midnight)
2014/4/14 Monday 12:00 update Bandai channel
2014/4/18 Updated Friday 12:00 d anime store


rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
12014/6/18Episode 1-Episode 2TBR-24281DTDV-24287D
22014/7/16Episode 3-Episode 4TBR-24282DTDV-24288D
32014/8/20Episode 5-Episode 6TBR-24283DTDV-24289D
42014/9/17Episode 7-Episode 8TBR-24284DTDV-24290D
52014/10/15Episode 9-Episode 10TBR-24285DTDV-24291D
62014/11/19Episode 11-Episode 12TBR-24286DTDV-24292D


titleRelease dateStandard product number
One week Friends.original sound track2014/9/17THCA-60039
Drama CD One Week Friends.A friend from that.2014/10/29TBCD-0316

Kaori's diary

A voice message delivered on the official website after the second episode was broadcast. Updated after TOKYO MX (every Sunday 2:24) broadcast and delivered for one week only.Read Kaori's diary written in the play in full voice with the content linked to the main story.

Each Blu-ray & DVD volume contains a newly edited special edition with video and music added.There was no date when it was distributed on the official website, but it is listed in a special edition.

Number of storiessubtitleRecording volume
#25 Mon 22 Sun ThursdayVol.1
#3Monday, march 6Vol.2
#46 Mon 25 Sun Wednesday
#5Friday, august 6Vol.3
#67 Mon 3 Sun Thursday
#7Friday, august 7Vol.4
#8Monday, march 8
#98 Month 31 SundayVol.5
#10Monday, march 9
#11Friday, august 11Vol.6
#121 Mon 8 Sun Thursday

Collaboration products

"Bakery & Cafe RupaFrom April 2014, 4, the Sakuragaoka store (Keio Seiseki Sakuragaoka Shopping CenterThe bread "Tamakoppe" that appears in the work was sold on the 1st floor)[20]..Also, advertising cooperationKeio Electric RailwayIs doing, and the ED staff roll also cooperates with advertising "Keio GroupIs credited as.


From January 2014th to March 11th, 14CBGK Shivureki !!It was performed at.

Staff (stage)

Cast (stage)

  • Rina Tamaki
  • Tomizawa collar
  • Tomoko Nakagawa
  • Rina Kadô


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayShochikuPublished in distribution[23].. The directorMasanori Murakami[6].. StarringHaruna KawaguchiとYamazaki KentoDouble starring[24]..Although it is a work produced by Shochiku,TOHO animationBoth Yoshitaka Yamaya and Sora Amamiya, who played Yuki and Kaori in the TV anime version produced in, are also supposed to make voice appearances in some way.[25]In addition, the theme song uses the same "play" as the anime version ED song.[21]Etc., we are taking loose cooperation with the anime version.In addition, the soundtrack CD was released on February 2017, 2, and the Blu-ray / DVD was released on August 15, 2017.

Cast (movie)

Movie original character
Mayu Kondo
Performance- Furuhata star summer[11]
Kaori's middle school friend.Corresponds to the original Naomi Shigehara.
Takayuki Fujimiya
Performance- Masahiro Komoto[11]
Kaori's father.
Performance- Sato Ito
library Commission.
Ancient writing teacher
Performance- Kei right Okada(Masuda)
Dr. Kanzaki
Performance- Ryo Iwase
Kaori's doctor.
Graduation Announcement
sound - Yoshio Yamaya
School announcement
Voice- Amemiya Ten

Staff (movie)

注 釈

[How to use footnotes]
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  2. ^ Due to a credit mistake, Megumi Shimizu was mentioned in the ending of the TV broadcast.


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外部 リンク

Masanori Murakami

Masanori Murakami(Murakami Shosuke[1],1963May 9[1] -) isJoint televisionBelongingTV dramaDirector,Film director.Hosei Universitygraduate[1].


1986Joined Kyodo Television at the age of 23[1]..Since then, he has been involved in drama production almost consistently. "My sister soars''A strange story''Junior/love relationshipIn addition to being in charge of directing assistants such as "LOVE", he will direct for the first time in # 19 "I will never forget you" of the Fuji TV drama "LOVE".

1993,This is Reiko Shiratori!』First production of a serial drama in the second episode, 2"Sweet marriage』In charge of the first main director.Or later,"WATER BOYS''White tower''Last Christmas], And many other works produced by Kyodo Television.

2005,train manMakes his debut as a movie director[1].


"One week Friends. Producer Keio Ishizuka, who appointed Murakami as the director in 』, says that the viewpoint of seeing human beings is gentle, the natural production is characteristic, and there is nothing to the right if you shoot a crying work[2].


TV drama





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