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👩‍🎤 | "Kimetsu" LiSA's husband, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, is full-blown in an affair report!Unlimited shooting of voice actor scandals?


"Kimetsu" LiSA's husband, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, is full-blown in an affair report!Unlimited shooting of voice actor scandals?

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Not to mention the example of Unjash and Ken Watabe, in the case of entertainers, it is now treated as affair = crime, but since voice actors are just characters, even if an affair scandal is discovered, work will be hung up. Is almost nonexistent.

In a sense, it's a proof that the commercial value of voice actors has increased. "Bungei Online ..." delivered on July 7 → Continue reading

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Watanabe Ken

Ken Watanabe(Watabe Ken,1972<Showa 47>May 9 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson.. Comedy combination "Unjash"ofTsukkomiResponsible. My partnerKazuya Kojima.

TokyoHachioji CityI'm fromProduction rickshawBelongs. GrandfatherManchuriaAnd the director of Fushun CementSouth Manchuria RailwayCounselorUmemoto Masanori[2].. Wifeactress OfSasaki Nozomi[3]And the father of one child.Due to the scandal described below, he has refrained from performing arts activities since June 1.


Hachioji City Katakuradai Elementary School,Hachioji City Nakayama Junior High School,Tokyo Metropolitan Hino High SchoolThroughKanagawa UniversityFaculty of Economicsgraduate.

1993, A high school classmate during the second year of collegeKazuya KojimaI was invited by "Why don't you laugh together" and "I have only you", and I thought it would be interesting because it was a time when my college life was calm, so I agreed and laughed.UnjashAre formed. However, Kojima actually invited Watanabe to the fifth person after being refused by the four.

Production rickshawComedy Training CenterSchool jcaAlthough he is a second-year student, he received almost no instruction after entering the school half a year later. It is treated as a first-year student in the official profile[4].. Training school synchronousSatoshi Iizuka(東京 03) Says that Watanabe has a lower art history, but he is treated as a senior because he was a partner of Kojima who was a leader of the first generation.[5].

2007からJ-WAVE OfObi program"PLATOnWas in charge of the navigator of "," and then "CIRCUS CIRCUS""GOLD RUSH"While renewing the program, I was in charge until the suspension of activities in June 2020.

2017May 4,actress·Sasaki NozomiAnnounced a marriage with him via fax under the joint name of two people[3].. Also on the same dayLegal counseling service』(Nippon TV) Made a formal report from Watanabe's own mouth, and Sasaki also appeared on the phone.[6][7].May 4Submit a marriage registration to the ward office in Tokyo, and be a regular on TuesdayHillnandez!』(NTV) live report[8].. Then the same yearMay 8・"Broadcast on 27th"24-hour TVAfter marriage, first performance with a married couple[9].May 10,Meiji Memorial HallAt the wedding reception[10].

2019May 9, Received the title of "Kimono Knight" in the 1st Kimono category.But to WatanabeKimonoThere are few images of, and I have it from the interview teamEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWhen asked the number of ", please mutter the words "Please ask the office through the question."[11].

Refrain from activities due to adultery problems

2020May 6, Own scandal (Roppongi HillsWith multiple women in multipurpose toilets etc.Affair[12]), I asked each TV station to completely refrain from appearing in the program.[13](The scandal was discovered on June 6 by a weekly magazine report).Reported this matter "Weekly BunshunThe June 2020, 6 issue recorded the number one sales of the magazine in the first half of this year with actual sales of 18 copies.[14]..In addition, "Report on Ken Watabe" was reported and announced on the official website from the agency, Production Jinrikisha.[15].

May 12Held a press conference on a series of matters[12].


  • My hobby is eating around[16], Watching high school baseball[16]Watching movies[17], Novel (reading, writing)[16].. My favorite cartoonistHirokane Kenshi[18].
  • He is a gourmet enthusiast who visits famous local restaurants if he can take a day off, and eats more than 1 restaurants a year.Gourmet ReporterAs well,The gourmet king of the entertainment world”Temple Gate Jimon[19]). In addition, he proclaims himself as "Jimon's army"[20].. DMM Online Salon "I will tell you the secret store of Watanabe Ken secretly'[Broken link]Gourmet information is distributed at.
  • PsychologyHas a lot of "romance psychology" that can be used for romance[21]..Has various qualificationsNight view appraisal3 class[22],Ballroom dancing(Latin 1st grade)[16], Japan Fish Certification Level 3[23], Diet Test Level 2[24]Has acquired the high school baseball certification[25].
  • baseballBeing a maniac, and accepting both yourself and othershigh school baseballfan,Hanshin fan.
    • high school baseballI like it, and when I have free time, I go to various stadiums in order to watch not only the local qualifying but also the red and white game of the powerful school, and I am familiar with the participating players. When I go to watch high school baseball, I take a picture with a digital camera, but not only the game but also the members who are supporting at the stand[26].
    • He belonged to the Hachioji Little League for nine years from the first grade of elementary school to the third grade of middle school (Masataka EndoIs a teammate,Taisei TakagiI wore)[27].
    • 2010May 12From 13:15 to 30:XNUMX,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.As a special program of "Manga"Last Inning』We appeared as a guest and served as a commentary on a program that reproduced the game of Saiju Gakuin vs. Seigin Gakuen in the prefectural tournament final as a live baseball broadcast on the radio.[28].
  • So-called"Girl power"Is high, and is absorbed in making rice bran pickles, smoothies, and jar salads.[29].
  • Launched YouTube channel "Unjaw Watanabe Channel" on December 2019, 12. In April 21Speed ​​wagon-Jun IwataWe are delivering a collaboration video with[30].. After the video of the insertion that pleased women on June 2020, 6 was finally discovered, the video posting was stopped.In addition, the comment section is closed.


About the appearance history at the combinationUnjashSee.

tv set

Appearance program just before self-restraint

Single-shot appearance program

Past appearance programs





Online delivery

  • Weekly ♂ Man himself (March 2012, 3-March 1, 2014,BeeTV)
  • How to walk Watanabe (October 2016, 10 -,Hulu)[35]


Anime movie



  • Suntory Suntory Precious (2015, Hokkaido limited edition)-"Girls' Association with Watanabe Hokkaido Edition", "Girls' Association with Watanabe Hokkaido Edition"[37][38]
  • Lotte Corporate Advertising (2018)
    • "The Teeth and 100 Years. Xylitol."-Co-starring with his wife, Nozomi Sasaki[39]
    • Cm championship making carbonic acid
  • Soda stream Sodastream (2019-2020)[40]






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