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👩‍🎤 | ≠ ME, 3D dress-up RPG "Time Princess" and summer special collaboration event will be held!

Photo ≠ ME, 3D dress-up RPG "Time Princess" and summer special collaboration event will be held!

≠ ME, 3D dress-up RPG "Time Princess" and summer special collaboration event will be held!

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Hana Ogi, Kirari Ochiai, Natsune Kawaguchi, Mirei Suganami, Saya Tanizaki, and Nana Tomita will participate in the first installment.

≠ ME held a summer special collaboration event with "Time Princess" from 8:4 on Wednesday, August 18th. ... → Continue reading


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≠ ME

≠ ME(Not equal me)Rino SashiharaProduced byYoyogi Animation AcademyJapan formed with the backup ofFemale idol group(Voice actor unit).Nickname isNoimy.


Voice actor idol "= LOVEWas formed in 2019 as a sister group of.The group name has the meaning of "I want you to experience yourself differently than before."[1].

April 2021, mini album "Bullet Train ≠ ME"soKing recordMade a major debut[2].

There are 2021 members as of October 10, 12[3].



  • On November 11th, producer Rino SashiharaTwitterAnnounced to hold a sister group audition for = LOVE[4].


  • On February 2th, a press conference was held for the group, and at the same time it was announced that the group name was "≠ ME".One of the 24 members was absent due to academic reasons, so it was announced at a later date.[1].
  • On April 4th, an unannounced member (Kawanakako Natsukishin) was announced.[5].
  • On August 8, the music video for the first original song "≠ ME" was released.
  • On June 8,TOKYO IDOL FESTIVALFirst live in 2019[6], "≠ ME" was shown.
  • On August 8th, a joint concert with = LOVE "= LOVE ≠ ME special concert" 17 girls ""Hibiya AmphitheaterWas held in[7].
  • Appeared at @ JAM EXPO 8 (Yokohama Arena) on August 25th.
  • On September 9, he appeared as an opening act at "= LOVE 12nd Anniversary Concert (Nakano Sunplaza)".


  • On July 7th, an unattended live "What will we talk about next time we meet?"Tennozu Galaxy TheaterWas held in[8].
  • On October 10th, a joint concert with = LOVE "= LOVE ≠ ME special concert" 24girls 24 "" will be held.Pia Arena MMIt was held at.In the middle of the live, in 2021King recordAnnounced to make a major debut[9].



BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.
NameReadingDate of BirthBirth PlaceNicknamePenlightRemarks
Hana OgiOgihana (2003-05-08) 2003 May 5(18 years old)ChibaHanyatan   Blue ×   white
Nozomi OchiaiOchiai Kirari (2001-05-22) 2001 May 5(20 years old)TochigiKirarin   é»„色yuanTochiotome 25
Moeko CrabzawaMoeko Crabsawa (1999-10-25) 1999 May 10(21 years old)KanagawaMoeko   White ×   light blueleader
Kawaguchi NatsuneKawaguchi Natsune (2001-07-29) 2001 May 7(20 years old)HiroshimaNy chan   White or    Orange
Kawanakako NatsukishinKawanago Natsumi (2005-09-26) 2005 May 9(16 years old)TokyoNatsumin   Black x   Mint greenFormer P.IDL, Amorecarina Tokyo
Sakurai MomoSo much peach (2004-04-13) 2004 May 4(17 years old)KanagawaMomo Kyun   Passion pinkFormer non-sweet
Mirei SuganamiMirei Suganami (2000-02-05) 2000 May 2(21 years old)FukushimaMirei   Same light blue (2 colors)
Hitomi SuzukiSuzuki Hitomi (2001-04-13) 2001 May 4(20 years old)TokyoHi-chan   Same light pink (2 colors)yuanfluffy
Saya TanizakiTanizaki Saya (1999-10-07) 1999 May 10(22 years old)KumamotoSayayan   White ×   pinkyuan2nd generation Shojotai
Nanaka TomitaNaka (2000-07-17) 2000 May 7(21 years old)KagoshimaNaka   Yellow ×   ç»¿yuanSeven Colors
Center ("≠ ME")
Shiori NagataNagata bookmark (2004-04-02) 2004 May 4(17 years old)HiroshimaShiori   tag
Honda TamakiHonda Miyuki (2004-02-27) 2004 May 2(17 years old)TochigiMiruten   Light purple ×   light blueDepression Miya Fireworks Festival 2018 Image Girl


  1. Moeko Crabzawa (July 2020, 7-)[8]



PieRelease datetitleHighest rankSales formStandard product numberform
1October 2021th, 7You will fall in love this summer2 bitCD+DVDKIZM-689 / 90First Press Limited Edition Type-A
CD + DVDKIZM-691 / 2First Press Limited Edition Type-B
CDNMAX-1368Noime board
2October 2021th, 11Mahoroba AsteriskTABCD+DVDKIZM-709 / 10First Press Limited Edition Type-A
CD + DVDKIZM-711 / 12First Press Limited Edition Type-B
CDNMAX-1376Noime board


PieRelease datetitleHighest rankSales formStandard product numberform
1October 2021th, 4Bullet Train ≠ ME1 bitCD+DVDKICS-93996First edition limited edition
CDKICS-3997Normal Edition
CDNKCD-6947Noime board

Delivery music

October 2019th, 8≠ MELyrics: Rino Sashihara, Composition / Arrangement:Bug bear, Director: Eiki Takahashi, Choreography: CRE8BOY
October 2020th, 7Blank flowerNanaka Tomita-style solo song, lyrics: Rino Sashihara, composition: Shunpei Nagahama, arrangement:Makoto Wakatabe,directed by:Yuki Yamato

Original song

≠ Songs included in works that are not in the name of ME.

releasetitleCollection work
1October 2019th, 10"It was your sound."= LOVE "It's sly, it's sly'
2October 2020th, 7[17][Note 1]"You and my song"= LOVE "CAMEO'
3October 2020th, 11PIC= LOVE "Youth "subliminal"'

Live event

For live performances and eventsBiographyThere is a description about the main ones in.


tv set

  • Aim!Programming Star ~ Prosta ★ Kids Gathering ~ (April 2019, 4-,BS Nippon Television)[19]
  • Noimi's Iconori (September 2020, 9, October 20, 10, 4,TBS channel)
  • ≠ ME senior, please tell me! (January 2021, 1 --March 31, 2021,BS SKY PerfecTV!)
  • ≠ ME senior, please tell me !! (April 2021, 4-,BS SKY PerfecTV!) * Broadcast every other week (twice a month) [20]
  • Ikonoi, how are you? (April 2021, 4-,TBS TV)[21]


  • Noimi Station (March 2021, 3-,ABC Radio) --Three members every month[22]
  • With Noimi (April 2021, 4-June 3, 2021)Radio Japan)-Hitomi Suzuki[23]
  • ≠ ME Suzuki and Tomita's Rinrin 2021! (July 7, 3-, Radio Nippon) -Hitomi Suzuki, Nana Tomita, Shiori Nagata[24]
  • Gene Z (April 2021, 4-,Bayfm)-Moeko Kanisawa[25]

Online delivery

  • Noimi noimi. (October 2019, 10-,SHOWROOM) --4 members, every Thursday
  • ≠ ME Revolution ~ First Challenge !! Variety & Valentine Confession Player (February 2020, 2,AbemaTV)[26]
  • Equal Love Neumy Channel (August 2020, 8-,YouTube)[27]
  • Noimi's Holiday (January 2021, 1-,Nico Nico Channel)[28]


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注 釈

  1. ^ Initially scheduled to be released on April 4, the spread of the new coronavirus became more serious, and it was postponed after the government issued a state of emergency and an order to refrain from going out.[18].


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外部 リンク

Mirei Suganami

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2021/6)

Mirei Suganami(Mirei Suganami,2000 May 2 -) isJapan OfIdol.Rino SashiharaProduced female idol group ・≠ MEIs a member of.FukushimaI'm from.Nickname isMirei[1].Yoyogi Animation AcademyBelongs.



  • Selected as 33 finalists in the "New First Grade Model Contest" sponsored by KIRINZ Co., Ltd.[2].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,= LOVEPassed the final screening of the sister group audition[3].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,≠ MEAnnouncing press conference was held≠ MEOfficially announced as a member of[4].




The charm point is the eyes that disappear if you laugh[1]..Personality isShyAnd a little clumsy[1].


Longing personImada Mio[1]..The artist who wants to co-star somedaySakurazaka46[1].

I like watching anime[8],What is your favorite anime"BLEACH''Magi''Gintama''My hero academia''Sword Art Online''Darwins games''Attack on Titan''Kuroko's Basketball''Duck sky''Haikyu!!''Saki"[9][10].

My favorite variety show is "Talking 007''Amethyoke!''London Hearts''Wednesday downtown''Matsuko Conference"[11].


Electone[12][13],piano[12],tennis[12], Impersonation[12]..As for tennis, I played hard tennis from 3rd grade to 1st grade and have participated in the Tohoku tournament only once.[9]..In junior high school, there was no hard tennis club in club activities, so I joined the soft tennis club and continued until high school.[9].

≠ Participating songs in ME



Delivery music

  • ≠ ME

Original song


Online delivery

  • Momotaro GP Exhibition Match (March 2021, 3)YouTube)[14]


Serialization column

  • ≠ ME Mirei Suganami's anime is recommended! !! (November 2019, 11-March 5, 2021, Pop'n'Roll)[16]
  • ≠ ME Mirei Suganami Anime Holic (April 2021, 4-, Pop'n'Roll)[16]


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外部 リンク


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