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🥾 | [Introduction to trail running] A mountaineering guide will explain the equipment and how to choose it that is safe to have.


[Introduction to trail running] A mountaineering guide will explain the equipment and how to choose it that is safe to have.

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What kind of equipment do you need for trail running?

With the progress of vaccination against the new coronavirus and the growing motivation to go out, the outdoor and camping boom has arrived. ... → Continue reading


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Trail running

Trail running(British: Trail running) IsAthleticsinLong distanceIt is a type of sport performed in various types of terrain (sandy areas, dirt roads, forest roads, forest paths, snowy roads, etc. that only one person can pass through) and environment (mountains, forests, plains, deserts, etc.). Toleran,Trail runIs abbreviated.Mountain raceAlso called.


Running sports on rough terrain have been around for a long time.It was popular in Europe and the United States, but it was not well known in Japan.After that, along with the waves of marathon boom and mountain climbing boom, "trail running" that combines both elements has become known.

In Japan, from various backgrounds, the original EnglishTrail runningIt should be noted that it is often referred to as trail running widely, including those that deviate from the meaning of.

Different types

Trail running
There are no restrictions on the distance or height difference, but the course is a long-distance track and field event that runs where it is set up according to the natural environment.
Trail races fall into the following categories: XXS class ~ 24km, XS class 25-44km, S class 45-74km, M class 75-114km, L class 115-154km, XL class 155-209km, XXL class 210km or more
mountain running
Similar to trail running, but mountain racing is traditionally divided into two categories: Uphill and Up & Down.A long-distance track and field event with an average height difference of about 1 to 50 m per km and a distance of up to 250 km.


Unlike cross-country, which runs with almost no equipment like a marathon, it is a small size dedicated to trail running.rucksackIt is normal to run with the necessary equipment.

In the early days, it is usually called "running mountain climbing".Climbing shoesOr for mountaineeringCaneLike climbing with equipment such as(I.e.On a T-shirtShorts,spats, I entered the mountain in a running style such as running shoes and ran.

However, with the spread of trail running in recent years, special equipment has been developed, and the market for trail running products is expanding.For example, in shoes, it has been recognized to use trail running shoes that are not mountain climbing shoes or running shoes, but are light, easy to run, and have good grip.Also, water can be supplied using a tube instead of a water bottle.Hydration system, Stocks that support running are also being used.

The following equipment is almost essential.

  • Trail running shoes-more grip than road shoes, more resistant to lateral side steps
  • Wear for orchids
  • Windbreaker (minimum waterproofing)-Measures against sudden rain.Since the weather is bad only at the summit, you should bring it with a probability of precipitation of 0%.
  • Gloves-Grab rocks, etc.
  • Backpack --Small items for tray running are on sale
  • Hydration system, or how to store some kind of bottle-The hydration system allows you to supply water without using your hands.It is dangerous to run on a mountain road with a bottle in your hand.
  • Action food-energy gel, etc.
  • Headlights-If you enter the mountains, you should be prepared for distress and sunset, and reserves are essential.UTMFIt is essential to bring two or more at such competitions.LED lamp specifications that are advantageous in terms of blinking, lighting for a long time, and illuminance are indispensable.
  • First aid kit
  • Distress measures
    • Mobile phone --Used to call 110 in the event of a distress.Due to the high battery consumption outside the service areaAirplane modeOr turn off the power to save power.
    • Paper map-Maps with GPS such as dedicated devices and smartphones are convenient and there is no problem in normal times, but paper maps are essential because they will be damaged or broken or the battery will run out.
    • compass
    • Sunglasses-A must-have item as it protects your eyes from poisonous insects and tree branches.
    • Whistle-It is effective in threatening the beast because it calls for rescue.
    • Survival sheet-One side is for heat retention and the other side is for heat stroke, so use it while waiting for rescue.
    • Health insurance card
    • Take out mountain insurance
  • Bear bells-Although it has the aspect of animal countermeasures, it also has the purpose of notifying ordinary hikers that runners are approaching: There are many fatal accidents in Akita prefecture, and "bear bells are bears." It is also called "call".

Although it is not essential, many people bring the following equipment as well.

  • Running tights-to support your knees and protect your feet from tree branches and bugs
  • Trail running stock
  • Trail running socks-some things are okay to get in the water, some are hard to blister, etc.
  • Caps and sun visors
  • Food other than behavioral food
  • Human-eating bears are not afraid of bells and ordinary threats.Bear spray is also needed in some places.

If the snowfall is about 50 cm or less, wear thicker clothes and lighterEisen(Chain crampons) etc. will be added.If there is too much snow, you will have to climb a snowy mountain.


Trail running is also carried out as a competition.Trail running races are primarily unpaved off-road, with some of the course being paved (asphalt, concrete, crushed stone, etc.) but kept to a minimum distance. You need to be.Use existing roads and paths as much as possible.

Easy-to-recognize signs must be placed on the course without the need for special skills for athletes to read maps.There are no particular restrictions on the distance or height difference, but the course must be set up to run according to the natural environment.

In Japanese,Mountain marathon,Mountain endurance raceThat is why it is sometimes introduced.In the United States, there are prize races as well as grass races, as well as official races of the European Athletics Association.

Japan's representative race

Ultra Trail Mount Fuji TheUltra Trail World TourIt is one of the many overseas elite runners.

Long-distance trail (100km or more)
NameManagementPrefectures距離Time limitCapacityFoundingHeld monthRemarks
Joshu Mt. Hotaka Sky View Trail
Kawaba Village Noboru Yamada Memorial Cup (Noboru Yamada Cup)
Minakami Town Sky View Trail 60 (Minakami Happiness Cup)
Katashina Village Sky View Trail 30 (Oze Hotaka Cup)
Executive CommitteeGunma120km
34 hours
16 hours
8 hours
9Its predecessor has been the Joshu Mt. Hotaka Sky View Trail (2011km, 50km, 25km) since 4, and its predecessor has been the Yamada Noboru Memorial Cup Mountaineering Competition (1990km, 14.8km) since 10.
Ultra Trail Mount Fuji
(Ultra-Trail Mt.Fuji, UTMF)
Executive CommitteeYamanashi168km
46 hours
24 hours
2012 4Mount FujiIn the mountainous area aroundYamanashiFujikawaguchiko TownOne lap from Yagizaki Park.
OSJ Ontake 100KExecutive CommitteeNagano100 miles
24 hours
20 hours
2008 7NaganoOtaki VillageStarts at midnight on the stage.
Shinetsu Godake Trail Running RaceExecutive CommitteeNagano110km22 hours6002009 9(NiigataMyoko City,NaganoNagano city-Shinano-Iizuna-Iiyama) Is set.There are differences from other races, such as permission to accompany Pacer.[1]
Trans Japan Alps RaceExecutive CommitteeToyama420km8 days302002 8From Toyama Bay to Suruga Bay through the Northern, Central and Southern Alps.
Sky race
NameManagementPrefectures距離Time limitCapacityFoundingHeld monthRemarks
Three Peaks Yatsugatake TrailExecutive CommitteeYamanashi38km
10 hours
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
2013 6
Fuji mountain climbing raceFujiyoshidaYamanashi21km
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
1948 7FujiyoshidaGovernment office~Mount Fuji.
Vertical (steep slope)
NamePrefecturesAltitude differenceHorizontal distanceMaximum slopeTime limitCapacityFoundingHeld monthRemarks
Oze Iwakura Vertical KilometerGunma1000cm5000cm-DegreeXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes150 people + 50 people2012 5
General large-scale competition (less than 100km)
NameManagementPrefectures距離Time limitCapacityFoundingHeld monthRemarks
Hasetsune (Tsuneo Hasegawa)cup
Japan Mountain Endurance Race
Japan Mountaineering and Sport AssociationTokyo71.5km
24 hours
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
1993 10
Jinma Trail RaceExecutive CommitteeTokyo23.54km4 hours15002001 11
Mt. Takaosan Tengu TrailExecutive CommitteeTokyo16kmNone10002004 2
Ome Mt. Takamizusan Trail RunExecutive CommitteeTokyo30km
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
1999 2
Mt. Mitake trail runExecutive CommitteeTokyo15kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes12002000 12
Mt. Ooyama Mountaineering MarathonExecutive CommitteeKanagawa9.0km2 hours20001986 3
Nishitanzawa Adventure Run 42K & 21KExecutive CommitteeKanagawa42km
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
5 hours
500 people + 50 pairs
500 people + 50 pairs
2012 6
Kita Tanzawa 12 Hours Mountain Endurance RaceExecutive CommitteeKanagawa44.37km12 hours20001998 7Kanagawa1500m class in the northern part of the Tanzawa Mountains.
Boso Hill Trail Run RaceExecutive CommitteeChiba30km
6 hours
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
2009 3
Nokogiri mountain trail run raceExecutive CommitteeChiba28km
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
4 hours
2010 12
Doshi Village Trail RaceExecutive CommitteeYamanashi41.3km
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
2009 5
Izu Trail JourneyExecutive CommitteeShizuoka75km15 hours15002013 3
Skyline trail SugadairaExecutive CommitteeNagano42km
15km relay
10 hours
7 hours
2 hours
5 hours
20 pairs
2008 6
Shinshu Togakushi Trail Run RaceExecutive CommitteeNagano45km
18km relay
10 hours
8 hours
2 hours
5 hours
50 pairs
2009 9
Hakuba International Trail RunExecutive CommitteeNagano50km
10 hours
7 hours
6 hours
XNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
2011 9
Yumekogen Kattobi IbukiExecutive CommitteeShiga10kmXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes12002010 8From the Ibuki Yakuso no Sato Cultural Center at the foot of the mountainMt. IbukiyamaTo the top.
Kunigami trail runningExecutive CommitteeOkinawa19km
6km walk
4 hours
3 hours
1 hours
2014 2
Shikaoi trail runExecutive CommitteeHokkaido30km



NoneNone2009 10

In addition,Japan Northern Alps OfKurobe Dam - Tateyamawhile,Mt. KumotoriyamaVertical run 38km,Mt. Nisekoannupuri30km,HiraodaiCompetitions sponsored by various groups such as 40km and 17km are held.[2][3][4].

Major overseas races

On ultra trails over 100kmUltra Trail World Tour(UTWT)[5]Is the main competition for elite runners.Among theUltra Trail du Mont BlancIs noticed.

Ultra Trail World Tour
NameCountry距離Cumulative elevation differenceFoundingHeld month
Vibram Hong Kong 100Hong Kong100km4500cm2011 1
The North Face Transgrancanariaスペイン125km8500cm2003 3
Vibram Tarawera 100 km UltramarathonNew Zealand100km2776cm2009 3
Sahara Marathonモロッコ240km1985 4
Ultra Trail Mount FujiJapan161km9000cm2012 4
The North Face 100 AustraliaAustralia100km2008 5
The North Face Lavaredo Ultra-Trailイタリア119km5850cm2007 6
Western States Endurance Run米 国161km5486m (climbing)
7000m (down)
1973 6
The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont BlancFrance-イタリア-スイス168km9600cm2002 8
La Diagonale des FousFrance164km9900cm1989 10

Skyrunning World Series is organized for skyrunning above 2000m above sea level[6].

Skyrunning World Series
ClassificationNameCountry距離Held month
SKYMaratòn Alpina Zegama-Aizkorriスペイン42km5
Dolomites Sky Raceイタリア22km7
Course de Sierre-Zinalスイス31km8
Matterhorn Ultraksスイス46km8
Limone Extreme Sky Raceイタリア23km10
ULTRATransvulcania Ultramarathonスペイン83km5
Ice Trail Tarentaise Mizuno-Val d'Isère-France65km6
Hoka One One SpeedgoatAmerica50km7
Kima Trophyイタリア50km8
The Rut 50KAmerica50km9
VERTICALTransvulcania Vertical Kilometerスペイン5
VK Face de BellevardeFrance6
Dolomites Vertical Kilometerイタリア7
Lone Peak Vertical KilometerAmerica9
Vertical Grèste de la Mughéraイタリア10

Professional player / leading player


Trails require different technology than roads.

The following methods have been proposed for descent.

  • Arms used to weaken and balance[8].
  • Do not tilt the center of gravity backwards.Placing the center of gravity behind makes it easier to fall[9][10].
  • How to run with a short stride[9][10].
  • The trail is wide and uses the edges as well as the middle[8].
  • A method of decelerating by tilting the foot in the direction of travel or using side steps.If the shoe slips in the vertical direction, it is easy to fall, but in the horizontal method, it is difficult to fall and energy is released in the horizontal direction.Trail running shoes make it easier to take side steps.You can decelerate by a principle similar to a parallel turn of a small turn of skis by using a method that uses a wide range of mountain trails.[8][10].
  • Galop running method.Used for deceleration or when the place where you put your feet is uneven[10].

Be careful when descending, if you catch your foot on the root of a tree, you will fall, or if you step on a floating stone with a strong force, you will be sprained.

Safety measure

Due to the harsh course, the ultimate safety will be at the competitor's own risk.heart attackOf course, it fell from the mountain trail[11]Died after being attacked by a bear[12]There is also an example of doing.There are also examples of requesting a written consent from the participants of the tournament to the effect that they will not be held responsible by others in the unlikely event.

Dissemination status and issues in Japan

At the competition, the competitors are narrow, even temporarilyTrailBecause it will be occupied by a large number of peopleClimbingPerson ortrekkingIt is not uncommon to receive rejection from enthusiasts.For example, in response to the opinion that the OSJ Hakone 50K race, which was expected to grow into a leading race in Japan, had no complaints from climbers and the course was hardly rough, the Ministry of the Environment Hakone Natural Environment Office said, Since we requested refraining from holding the tournament based on the "Guidelines for using the sidewalk (mountain trail) in Hakone", we only held the first event in 2007 and it became impossible to hold it after that.[13]..Some local officials believe that the trails will be damaged through the competition and that the surrounding vegetation will be adversely affected.Competition organizers and enthusiasts continue to work to eliminate these concerns.

While there are competition organizers and enthusiasts who are making efforts to popularize trail running, the Rokko All-Mountain Longitudinal Tournament hosted by Kobe City is held every November.[14]In, despite the fact that the tournament rules clearly prohibit running, some heartless trail runners participated in the tournament and broke the rules, which made the trail runner's impression worse. There is.

Participants are responsible for any injuries, illnesses, fall accidents, etc., but some sponsoring organizations and sponsors consider the occurrence of tournament-related injuries and accidents as a negative factor and suspend support from the next fiscal year onward. Sometimes[15].

TV program

  • "GREAT RACE" (NHK BS1, 2015 broadcast start)


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