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🤝 | "I'm glad I had the Olympics" Volunteer who fulfilled his wish for 23 years


"I'm glad I had the Olympics." Volunteers who have fulfilled their wishes for 23 years

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Even so, I met a canoe player named Quebec star who had no dreams.

[Reporter's column] Canoeing is not attracting much attention in Japan, but it is popular in Europe and the United States.Many language-related volunteers are also assigned to that extent ... → Continue reading

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Canoe player


Buddha: Quebec
British: Québec
Quebec flagQuebec Seal of Arizona
(State flag()
motto: "Je me souviens"
Je me souviens (I will never forget)
Location of Quebec
Basic data
State flowerIris Bersicolor
(Blue Flag Iris
State treeYellow birch
(Yellow Birch
State birdSnowy owl
State capitalQuebec City
Largest cityMontreal
StateOfficial terminologyFrench(Quebec French
 - Grand total
 --Water area (ratio)
Highest altitude
(Domestic No.2Rank)
1,542,056 km²
1,183,128 km²
176,928 km² (11.5%)
1,652 m
 - Grand total
 - Population density
(Domestic No.2Rank)
8,164,361[1] People
5.98 people / km²
 --State total
 -Per person
(Domestic No.2Rank)
3809 billion & 7200 million[2]Canadian Dollar
Federal government
 -Date of subscription

1867 May 7
Time zone[West of 63 degrees west] (Most)
Eastern Standard Time(EST,UTC-5
Eastern Daylight Time(EDT,UTC-4

[East 63 degrees west]
Atlantic Standard Time(AST,UTC-4
Daylight saving timeIs not adopted.

Postal code
Zip Code
ISO 3166-2: CA
Official Websitehttps://www.quebec.ca/
Deputy Governor(English edition
State Prime Minister(English edition(CAQ)
Canadian Parliament
 -Number of House of Representatives
 -Number of Senate seats


Quebec(Quebec,Buddha: Quebec [kebɛk] ( Audio file) Kebek,British: Quebec [kwɨˈbɛk] ( Audio file),[kɨˈbɛk] Quebec, Quebec) IsカナダEasternStateIs one of.In our stateOfficial terminology TheFrenchJust and obviousFrench speaking(Many people who grew up in this state cannot speak English at all →#language).Correct spelling is the only official languageFrench(AndEnglishbut)AksanteguWithQuébecIs.略語AbbreviationQC, Que. Or PQ(Province of QuebecAbbreviation).

Total area 1,542,056 square kilometers[3], Population 848 (4965 estimate)[4].スペイン-Portugal-Mainland France-オーストリア-イタリアCorresponds to the total area ofIndiaAbout half ofJapanese archipelago(Hokkaido,Honshu,Shikoku,KyusyuAnd the surrounding islands) is about four times as large.人口はPopulationPortugal,Tokyo 23 WardSlightly lessNew York City,Greater london,オーストリアCorresponds to the total population of.Canada's provinces and territoriesIn, the area isNunavutSecond place after, populationOntarioIt is the second place after.州都はThe state capitalQuebec CityBut the largest city in the stateMontreal..モントリオール市はThe city of MontrealFrench speakingAs a city ofParis-KinshasaIt is the second largest city after, and occupies an important position on the North American continent.また、ケベック州の人口の約半分がAlso, about half of Quebec's populationMontreal metropolitan areaI am concentrating on.Kanji notation is Kibetsuhisa, Kikabe.[5]

Native speaker (Quebec) 2011
Racial composition (Quebec) 2006
First Resident
Latin American
South Asian
OtherColored race


Pre-Columbian period

Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus)ButAmericaUntil you reach this areaAlgonquinTribe (CreeCree,Mick Mac(Including Micmacs), andIrocowaTribe (MohawkHunting indigenous people such as the Mohawks were inhabited.また北部にはAlso in the northInuitThe tribe also lived.

French settlement

1492 Toスペイン OfCatholic MonarchsReceived the life ofGenoaHuman voyagerColumbus HispaniolaReached andAmerica"Discovery", the colonization of the Americas by Europeans progressed, and even in Quebec1534 ToFrench kingFrancois IThe explorer who received his life,Jack CartierHas arrived.カルティエはCartierGulf of St. LawrenceExplore the surrounding area and "New France"(New France) and declared territory by the King of France.

1604 ToSamuel de ChamplainThe first settlement colony was cultivated by1608 Ville de Quebec (nowQuebec City), A fur trading base was built, and colonial development began in earnest.[6]..The creation of the Quebec colony led to the development of French people, and in 1642 the city of Ville-Marie (later Montreal) was built. "New France(North American French colony)Mississippi RiverIt extended to the basin.After that, the battle for North American hegemony between Britain and France continued.

Immigrant societies usually have an overwhelming majority of male settlers compared to females, with a similar trend initially seen in New France.Louis XVIby"King's daughtersWomen who were given travel expenses and provisions by the policy settled, and the ratio of men and women improved and the population increased accordingly.[6]

British rule

18st century OfSeven year war(Especially the war in North AmericaFrench indian warWhen Quebec City and Montreal were occupied by British troops one after another,1763 OfParis TreatyIt became British territory.Initially, Britain aimed to assimilate French settlers, but abandoned the assimilation policy because many French settlers did not leave Quebec and the number of British settlers did not increase, and the British Parliament Enacted byQuebec ActBy the French Civil CodeRoman CatholicWas recognized for its survival, and the French color remained[6].. At the timeFrench descentThe inhabitants were about 6.Because of this, CanadaEnglishFrenchIs the official language of the country, but in Quebec to this dayFrenchOnly is the official language.

Union accession

1776 ToThe United KingdomIndependent fromAmericaCalled for federal participation by leveraging the strength of Quebec's anti-British sentiment, but Quebec residents at the time thought it would be better to stay in Britain than in the United States. Quebec1791 To(English edition By (Constitutional Act)Upper Canada(AfterOntario)WhenLower CanadaDivided into (later Quebec).1867 CanadaSelf-governing territoryWith the establishment of (Dominion of Canada), the Lower Canada colony became Quebec.Originally a very poor state, it was socially delayed, so modernization was slow.In addition, important sectors of the economy were run by a minority of English-Americans, and the state budget had to rely heavily on the federal government from that time.Most of the French descent was engaged in agriculture, and education and social welfare were mainly engaged in the church.As industrialization progresses in Canada, the population will move from rural areas to cities (Montreal) in Quebec, but in Montreal, British merchants were doing business, so the economic disparity widened and the wealthy were British. The structure was such that French residents were responsible for the working class among the residents, and French speakers were in a situation equivalent to calling them "second-class citizens."[7].

By the Canadian Parliament in 1898Rupert's Land-Northwest TerritoriesBelonged toJames bayExpanded territory to northern Quebec alongside. And in 1912,InuitIn the far north whereUngava PeninsulaWas added. Since the 1920s, heavy industry such as electric power and non-ferrous metals has been centered on British and American capital. In 1927, it was a de facto independent country on par with Canada at that time.Newfoundland(CurrentNewfoundland and Labrador) Was established by the British Privy Council Judiciary Commission, but the Quebec side does not officially recognize this boundary.[8][9][10].. To help expand industries like aluminum in 1944Hydro-QuébecWas established.

Quiet Revolution

A series of social reforms (public sector-based economic independence strategy) by the state government in the 1960s began to change the dominance structure of the Quebec economy by English-speaking residents, and the church's involvement in education and social welfare was also the state government's involvement. Replaced with a role.This is the chief ministerJean Lusage(Canadian Liberal Party) Started "Quiet RevolutionIs callednationalism()WhenSocial democracyWas motivated by.As part of the Quiet Revolution, the stateization of power companies and the establishment of the Ministry of Education helped improve the status of French speakers.[11].. In 1965, to deal with state pensions and public insuranceQuebec Investment Trust BankWas founded, but the company has invested in bonds and stocks, contributing to the subsequent economic development of the state. Until 1976, in the workplace, the language of the boss was English, the workers were French, and the company was limited to English.

Quebec in the second half of the 20th century

1967 ToMontreal World's Fair(EXPO'67) is being held. Also,1976 ToMontreal olympicIs also being held.

1977 ToFrench charterWas established, and the use of English was regulated and the use of French was promoted, resulting in an increase in the number of English speakers moving out of Quebec.[12].

In many waysThe United States of AmericaA close, separatist tendency from the central government has smoldered for many years,1970 ToMilitants"Quebec Liberation Front(FLQ) terrorism kidnaps and kills the then Minister of Labor and Deputy Prime Minister of the State (FLQ)October Crisis) Also happened. Opposition to the federal government at the political level is deep-rooted, but over independence1980 1995 Made inReferendumThen, it was rejected both times. In the 2 referendum, about 1980% opposed independence. In 60 voting, Montreal citizens, indigenous peoples andMetisAlthough the negative votes of (mixed races with indigenous people) decided the victory or defeat, the ratio of negative votes is about 50.6%, and the difference between approval and disapproval is narrowing. The Canadian Supreme Court said that mere majority approval was not a condition. Behind this is the insistence that French residents should take full control of the socio-economic initiative, and dissatisfaction with changes in ethnic composition due to the decline in the birth rate and the increase in immigrants of French residents. Simply put, the independence movement is deeply popular with trade unions and locals, gaining momentum in a recession and slowing down when the economy recovers.

Also oldBritish North American LawFollowed (British North America Act)1982 ConstitutionIs not ratified only by Quebec, which is also one of the fires.

Spread of COVID-XNUMX infection

2021 year 1 month,New coronavirusWith the spread of infectionCurfewAn order was issued.this isSpanish coldThis was the first measure in 100 years since the epidemic.By April, Canada had recorded about 4 deaths, many of which came from Ontario and Quebec.On May 2, the same year, a protest demonstration against the restrictions on going out was held in Montreal with about 4200 people.The Quebec government has announced that it will delay the curfew in Montreal by an hour and a half from May 5 to 1:3 pm because of the slowdown in the spread of the infection.[13].


Quebec is in control of Canada's politics and has produced many of Canada's past prime ministers.The Prime Minister of Canada is required to be bilingual in English and French, so it can be said that he has worked in favor of politicians from Quebec. 1968年以降、非ケベック州出身の首相はSince XNUMX, the prime minister from non-QuebecJoe Clark(1979-1980),John Turner(1984 years),Kim campbell(1993 years),Stephen Harper(2004-2015) only.

Independent in Congressional electionsBloc Quebecova(Left) and FederalistCanadian Liberal Party(Center-left) is predominant, while right-wing in the south and east, centered on Quebec CityCanadian Conservative PartyThere are many supporters ofConservatismAlthough it is a region, it is a minority when viewed from the state as a whole, and was born in Quebec in past elections.Brian MulroneyPrime ministerCanadian Progressive Conservative PartyExcept for the times, most were Bloc Québécois, Liberal Party of Canada,New Democratic PartyEither leftist party has won.

Quebec's independence has not been endorsed by any other federal party, including the Greens.However, the New Democratic Party recognizes Quebec's right to self-determination. In a referendum in 1995, parliamentary political leaders said that the Inuit settlements were "NunavikThe independence movement was restrained by using the "separation card"[14]..The Quebec Capitol does not have the Canadian flag, only the Quebec flag.

In the state legislature, until the early 1970sQuebec Liberal PartyAnd independentUnion NationaleIt was a two-party system (right wing), but after that, it became an independent party.Quebec party(Left) and Quebec Liberal Party (center-right), who oppose independenceTwo-party systemHas been established.しかし、2018年の州選挙ではケベックナショナリズムを掲げる新興の右翼政党であるHowever, in the XNUMX state elections, it is an emerging right-wing party with Quebec nationalism.(English editionGoes into power[15], The two-party system has collapsed[16].

The Quebec Liberal Party is a party independent of the federal-level Liberal Party in 1955, and is classified as a centre-right, unlike the center-left federal party.In this way, the relationship between the left and right sides may be reversed due to the peculiarity of Quebec, which has strong Quebec nationalism, in the federal parliament and the state parliament. Is.For these reasons, Quebec is traditionally a multicultural society that has been influenced by left-wing nationalism in terms of policy, although it has a strong left-wing party in the federal parliament, and has accepted immigrants from all over the world in Quebec. From the Conservative Party of Canada, even though it has a monocultural conservative climate of overwhelming white society, French monolingual society, and traditional Catholic norms, except in the free-spirited and liberal Montreal metropolitan area. Right-wing party(English editionFounder's(English editionAnd the Prime Minister(English editionHas produced conservative politicians like.

Local administration division

In the southwestern part of the stateAcwesasneIndigenous peopleMohawk OfSettlementAndThe United States of AmericaNew York StateAnd Quebec,OntarioStraddles.Quebec on the Canadian side is blocked by the St. Lawrence River, so it is an excursion that can not be entered unless you enter the United States once, and although the border line is drawn on the map in the area, border management There is no such thing and you can come and go freely.地図上に国境があっても国境管理がなされていない北米では希有な地域となっているIt is a rare area in North America where borders are not controlled even if there are borders on the map.[17][18].


From south to westOntarioIn the northwestHudson bayFacing.北部はIn the northArctic OceanFacing theLabrador PeninsulaNortheastern part ofNewfoundland and Labrador OfLabrador regionIt has become.東部はThe eastern part大西洋Connected toGulf of St. LawrenceFacing theNew Brunswick,The United States of AmericaIt borders the northeastern part.The highest peak isTorngat Mountains(1,622m).In the southern part of the stateLaurentian MountainsThere is a plain along Lawrence Bay to the south, forming a border with the United States.Lake OntarioからSt. Lawrence RiverWater flows through the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean.Most of the state's population lives in the St. Lawrence River basin in the southern part of the state.The northern part belongs to the Labrador Peninsula,Taiga,Tundra, Lakes and rivers spread out.The population is very small, and small settlements can be seen.

Also in the Gulf of St. LawrenceAnticosti IslandAndMagdalen IslandsOwns.

Major cities


Quebec's economy is the second largest in Canada after Ontario[19]GDP per capita is $ 4, lower than the Canadian average and as low as the Atlantic states (10) Is located. It used to be the economic center of Canada alongside Ontario, but since 1976, the state government's measures to promote French culture have led to hundreds of thousands of English-speaking companies and investment funds, mainly in the financial insurance industry, such as Toronto. Moved to another area[20], The status of Quebec's economy in Canada declined rapidly. Currently, Quebec's economy is recovering to some extent, and high-tech industries are thriving, especially in Montreal. Of the aerospace industryBombardier, CarrierBell CanadaIs its representative. In recent years, it has become a major center of the software information industry in North America due to the active human resource development and business attraction by the government. Other of Canada's largest airlines and railroad companiesAir canadaCanadian National RailwayIs also a large company headquartered in Quebec.

St. Lawrence RiverThe area is fertile farmland, with a thriving production of dairy, fruits, vegetables, foie gras and maple syrup. In particularMaple syrupIs a major industry that accounts for 75% of the world's production. Forestry, paper industry, and hydroelectric power are thriving on the north side of the St. Lawrence River.Hydro-QuébecThe company (Hydro-Québec) is the world's largest hydropower company, with 99% of Quebec's electricity coming from hydropower.

It is economically very strongly linked to the United States, accounting for 7% of export destinations and 3% of import sources. About one-third of Quebec's GDP comes from exports[21].. For exampleBridgestoneThe state government provided a $ 2009 million grant in 480 to modernize its factories, but most of its products are exported to the U.S. market.[22].. The manufacturing industry, which used to be a non-durable product,North American Free Trade AgreementSince the entry into force of, it has been forced to change its structure and is trying to diversify. Textile and shoe factories have shrunk and much of the pulp and paper industry has been closed.World financial crisisAfter that, the aircraft industry became sluggish,Bell helicopterCivil aircraft are produced at the Mirabel factory. Also, due to Canada's cheap drug price system,Pharmaceutical-BiotechnologyThe department is doing well[21].. MontrealVancouverと と も にGame softwareIt is a hub of companies, and is attracting the game industry, including video-related businesses, through tax credits and human resource development.[23].

In 1995, economists warned that if Quebec became independent, it would suffer from huge debt from the devaluation and a large number of unemployed people. Being part of Canada, a larger economic area, is a great advantage for Quebec citizens.[24].

Major companies

Companies based in Quebec include:


Per capita Quebec citizens as of 2007Purchasing powerIs 18% lower than Ontario and 57th overall in North America[20]..However, about 4% of the working population belongs to the labor union, the lowest wage is the second highest in North America, the working hours are short, and the employee retires early.In other Canadian states, wages are given preferential treatment due to the difference in career and ability, but in Quebec, the company history and rank are emphasized because the labor union is strong.

In Quebec, parents have children under 4nurseryI used to pay C $ 1-25 per day to deposit with[25]Currently only pays $ 7 CAD[26]..これは低収入の家族のために1997年に州政府が助成金を大幅に引き上げたためでありThis is because the state government raised subsidies significantly in XNUMX for low-income families.[25], Spending about $ 2009 billion in 20 alone[27]..その保育プログラムのせいもあって、2009年までの10年間で40%貧困率を減らすことに成功したPartly because of its childcare program, it succeeded in reducing the poverty rate by XNUMX% in the XNUMX years to XNUMX.[28]..ちなみにオンタリオ州では、子供を託児所に預ける費用は1日につき40-60カナダドルかかるBy the way, in Ontario, the cost of leaving a child in a daycare costs $ XNUMX-XNUMX per day.[29].

AdjacentOntario,New BrunswickHas a good relationship with, but has no relationship with Newfoundland and Labrador.In the backgroundLabrador regionIt is in the super-cheap (about 1 Canadian cents per kilowatt hour) electricity sale from a hydropower company in Hydro-Québec to Hydro-Québec.これは電力料金が安かった0.25年に結ばれた契約に基づくもので、1969年以降は2016キロワット時あたり1カナダセントまで下がり、0.20年まで効力があるIt is based on a contract signed in 2041, when electricity prices were low, dropping to XNUMX Canadian cents per kilowatt hour after XNUMX and valid until XNUMX.[30]..この取引によりケベック側は2008年度だけで17億カナダドルの利益を得ているThe deal earned C $ XNUMX billion on the Quebec side in XNUMX alone.[31]..Consumers pay only the cheapest electricity bill in North America (1-5.45 Canadian cents per kilowatt hour), thanks to the fact that most of the electricity generated is covered by hydropower.

State budget

Performed by the Quebec Governmentpublic serviceIs the most generous in Canada and is the closest to the welfare state of the European continent and Scandinavia in Canada.その費用はオンタリオ州より150億-170億カナダドル多いIts cost is $ XNUMX-XNUMX billion more than Ontario[32]..ケベック州では公共部門の比率が高く、2009年時点で508,663人の公務員、教員、看護士やその他の労働者を抱えているQuebec has a high proportion of the public sector, with XNUMX civil servants, teachers, nurses and other workers as of XNUMX.[33]..As a result, Quebec has the highest ratio of state government debt to state GDP in Canada.その総負債は2010年時点でおよそ1601億カナダドル、州GDP比の53%であるIts total debt is approximately C $ XNUMX billion in XNUMX, XNUMX% of state GDP.[34]..ケベックにおける州税もカナダで最も高いQuebec also has the highest state tax in Canada[35].

State social welfare service budget from federal governmentEquilibrium grantIs being helped by.カナダでは、地方の財政能力を等しくするため、あまり裕福でない州政府に毎年現金の支払いをするが、このプログラムで最大の受益者は常にケベック州民だったIn Canada, we pay less wealthy state governments annually in cash to equalize local financial capacity, but the biggest beneficiaries of the program have always been Quebec citizens.[36].. 2009–2010の会計年度における平衡交付金プログラムの総量はおよそ142億カナダドルで、その約6割の83億5500万カナダドルがケベックに支払われているThe total amount of equilibrium grant programs for the XNUMX–XNUMX fiscal year was approximately C $ XNUMX billion, of which approximately XNUMX%, C $ XNUMX million, was paid to Quebec.[37]..それでもケベック州蔵相は不十分だと主張し、さらに10億カナダドルの増額を要求したStill, Quebec's Finance Minister claimed it was inadequate and demanded an additional $ XNUMX billion increase.[38].







Quebec is believed to be of French descent, as the colonial period began with French settlement before Britain, but the 2006 census (multiple answers) found that 66.2% were Canadian. , 30.8%FrenchIs answered. 3番目に多いのがThe third most commonIrish(5.5%), this is IrishCatholicBecause it was easy to adapt to Quebec. 4番目以降はAfter the XNUMXthItalian(4.0%),English(3.3%),イ ン デ ィ ア ンTribes (3.0%),ScottishFollowed by (2.7%).他には、白人と先住民(インディアン)のOthers are white and indigenous (Indian)MixedPerson ofMetisAnd in the Arctic CircleInuitAlso resides.


QuebecFrenchAfter the start of settlement byEnglish,Scottish,German,IrishWas the center of immigration.その後はAfter thatItalian,Jew,Polish,Portuguese,Greek,Chinese people,Vietnam people,LebaneseIt has come to accept more immigrants from all over the world, and in recent years it is also French-speaking.ハイチ(Haitian Canadian),Maglib Ofアルジェリア,モロッコAndコロンビアSuch asLatin AmericaImmigrants from other countries are also increasing.

However, due to the language policy of the state government (immigration from non-English speaking countries requires learning French instead of English, non-English speaking people must enroll in a school that teaches in French, etc.) In the case of immigrants, there are many people who return to their home countries after obtaining the right to immigrate, or relocate to other states of Canada or the United States, which are English-speaking countries.たとえば、2001年から2010年にケベック州が受け入れた移民数のうち2012年時点でケベック州内に留まっている割合は、全体では75.9%、フランス語圏が大半のFor example, as of XNUMX, XNUMX% of the number of immigrants accepted by Quebec from XNUMX to XNUMX remained in Quebec, mostly in French-speaking countries.North africaWhile 82.9% are of ethnic origin, only 57.3% are of non-Francophone East Asian origin and 59.8% are of South Asian origin, and there are variations depending on the region of origin.

Quebec is relatively easy to migrate to compared to other Canadian states, so Chinese and Indians will be able to move after obtaining immigration rights in Quebec.Ontario,British columbiaなど同胞コミュニティが大きい地域へ再移住するケースが多く、中国人は58.4%、インド人は50.6%、パキスタン人は55.4%、イラン人は56.8%しか州内にはとどまっていない。対照的に、モロッコ81.7%、アルジェリア87.2%、コロンビア82.8%、ハイチ91.9%、フィリピン87.6%、ペルー85.0%、モルドバ87.3%からの移民は高い定着率となっている[40]..Such policies aim to maintain the proportion of French speakers by establishing non-English speaking immigrants in French rather than in English as in other North American regions.On the other hand, immigrants from English-speaking countries are not like that, and assimilation into French society is not so required.This is due to the protection of the rights of English-speaking residents who originally lived in Quebec.

According to the 2016 census, the Nikkei population is 6,495, British Columbia, Ontario,AlbertaIt is the fourth largest after.Most of them are people who migrated from western Canada after the war and their descendants, and many of them are mixed races in the age of the third and fourth generations.


Official terminology TheFrench(Quebec French) Only, mandatory,Only French is spoken in many parts of the state.

According to the 2006 census, there were 5,877,660 French-speaking citizens, of whom3,770,910 people in FrenchOnlydo not talk..Only the remaining 2,105,815 respondents are bilingual who also speak English[41].

Quebec has the largest French speakers in Canada and the Americas.


However, about 8% of the people of the stateMother tongue TheCanadian English(Quebec English).Bilingual English and French are spoken in and around Montreal, especially in western Montreal, which is mostly English-speaking and is home to many inhabitants.bilingualOrTrilingual..It also borders the US borderEastern Townships Region,Monterégie regionIs an exception, and English is also spoken.Relatively few, but immigrants from Italy, Spain and the Middle EastItalian,Spanish,Arabic(But many of them soon start learning the official language, French).

Quebec Independence MovementIn the 1970s, when the number of people began to flourish, the conflict between English and French residents was deep-rooted.Language is generally perceived as a part of one's body (a part of one's physical function), inseparable from oneself, and a deep-rooted issue of life and fundamental identity. ,loi101Regarding the law that protects French, there is a deep-seated problem between English and French languages, which is a major cause of the problem of independence.

Recently, bilingual education has become popular in our state, and residents whose mother tongue is English areImmersion ProgramLearn French at. (On the other hand, even residents whose mother tongue is French may study English (as a different language) by studying abroad in other Canadian states such as Vancouver when they are about the age of employment.)Even with the introduction of bilingual education, the official language of the state is French, so it is considered that the state must be able to speak French. (note thatRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceEven the police car in Quebec is active in Quebec, so it is displayed in English and French.)


French Canadians and French, who make up the majority of Quebec citizens, are the spiritual pillars of protecting their identities.Roman CatholicQuebec is Canada's most Catholic state because of its belief in.州民の約83%はカトリック信者で、州のAbout XNUMX% of the state's people are CatholicsPatron saint TheJohn the BaptistIs.However, secularization is progressing now, and a minority of people attend church on a daily basis.

Other than thatProtestantVarious factions,Eastern Orthodox Christianity,Islam,Judaism,Hinduism,Sikhism,VoodooIs worshipedNo religionThere are also people.



Quebec City

  • (Université du Québec)
  • (École nationale d'administration publique)
  • (Institut national de la recherche scientifique)
  • Laval University (Université Laval)



  • (Université du Québec en Outaouais)


  • (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)


Trois Rivieres

  • (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)


  • (Université du Qué bec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue)
  • (Université du Québec à Rimouski)


Americas,as well asFrench speakingBut Montreal, one of the largest French cities, is the center of culture and flourishes.Cirque du SoleilQuebec has become the center of culture and art in Canada.

Food culture:

Due to the influence of French immigrants, it inherits the French food culture but is the main body, and it is the state with the most developed food culture in Canada.

Maple syrupQuebec accounts for about 9% of Canada's total production. Also,PoutineBorn in Quebecfast foodIs now a typical Canadian food. Other than thatMontreal-style bagelYa is a typical Quebec food culture created by Jewish immigrants.



Every year in Montreal(English edition(WFF) is opened.


Classical musicIn the field ofMontreal Symphony OrchestraIs famous.

jazzIn the field of world-class jazz pianistsOscar PetersonIs from Quebec and is held every year in early JulyMontreal International Jazz Festival(MIJF) will attract an audience of 2 million in about two weeks.

In addition,Popular musicSince it is a French-speaking country in the field of, it forms a unique music scene that is different from other English-speaking states.世界的に有名なWorld famousCeline Dion,Leonard CohenIs from Quebec,LockThen.Simple plan,Heavy metalInVoivod,CryptopsyHas produced world-famous excellent bands such as.

world Heritage

In Quebec,UNESCO Ofworld HeritageRegistered in the listcultural heritage1 cases,Natural heritageThere is one case.See for details.

Public holidays

DateJapanese notationLocal language notation (English / French)Remarks
May 1New YearNew Year's Day / Nouvel an
May 6Quebec day (St. John's Day)Quebec National Day / Fête nationale du Québec
May 7Canada dayCanada Day / Fête du Canada
May 11Autonomy anniversaryFête de l'Autonomie
May 5Queen's dayVictoria Day / Fête de la Reine
First Monday of SeptemberInternational Worker's DayLabor Day / Fête du travail
Second Monday of OctoberThanksgivingThanksgiving Day / Action de grâces
May 12ChristmasChristmas / Noël
May 12ChristmasThe day afterBoxing Day / Lendemain de Noël


  • Ice hockey (NHL) --The rules of modern ice hockey were born in Quebec and have become an overwhelmingly popular sport among the people of the state.

* Quebec Nordiques (1972-1995) →Colorado Avalanche (Currently, the establishment of a new Quebec Nordiques is under consideration[43]. )

Sports events

State symbols, etc.

  • There is no official state song, but "" (composed by 1975)Buddha: Gens du pays) Is an informal but state song.
  • The state motto is"Je me souviens"(Je me souviens: I will never forget).

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  • Noritaka Yagasaki, Toshio Kikuchi, Hiroaki Maruyama (2018). Localization-Commitment to the community-Asakura Shoten. ISBN 978-4-254-16882-2 


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