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👩‍🎤 | Yuko Sugamoto, Noah Sato, <Miss iD2022> Appointed as a selection committee member [Comments]

Photo Yuko Sugamoto, Noah Sato, appointed as a selection committee member for <Miss iD2022> [Comments]

Yuko Sugamoto, Noah Sato appointed as selection committee member for <Miss iD2022> [Comments]

If you write the contents roughly
I will participate as a judge for Miss iD this year as well.

Yuko Sugamoto and Noah Sato have been appointed as members of the <Miss iD2022> selection committee.Sugamoto was at <Miss iD6> 2016 years ago ... → Continue reading


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Miss iD

Miss iD(Miss iD, miss iD)KodanshaAppearance and genre, sponsored byGender roleFind a variety of female role models to survive the new eraaudition·project.


Kodansha1982 For about 30 years (including the rest period),Weekly Shonen Magazine"When"Weekly Young Magazine』Organized byMiss contestでGravure idolof"Miss Magazine", But2012 From New Planning Publishing Department[Note 1]Starts an audition-style contest sponsored by.Miss Magazine will be suspended on July 2012, 7.Kaiun Ongakudo』(TBS TV).Due to such circumstances, it was initially positioned as an audition to replace Miss Magazine.[1], Actually a whole new audition,2018 It has been held since Miss Magazine was revived.[2].

2014 Until Miss iD2015, which was held in Japan, it was written as "Miss iD (idol)", but after Miss iD2016, "iD" is unified by the name "ID", and "identity" and "idol".[3], "I" (me) and "Diversity" (diversity)[2]Is redefined as representing.The editor and producer of the "Delusion Shooting" series, "Delusion Shooting P," also launched Miss iD and chaired the executive committee.Tsukasa KobayashiSo, he also serves as a selection committee member.After the primary and secondary selection by documents and camera test, it will be published on the official website as a "semi-finalist", and after that, from the first year to Miss iD2015Project AmaterasuBulletin board above, CHEERZ and in Miss iD 2016 and laterTwitterAfter observing the individuality of the applicant for a certain period of time based on the appeal above, the finalists will discuss with all the selection committee members for the "Miss iD Grand Prix" and about 10 "Miss iD" awards each year. (After Miss iD2014, the person who won the first place in the general vote will be awarded without consultation), and in addition, multiple unique awards and individual awards by each selection committee will be decided. The "Miss iD Grand Prix" was not initially available at Miss iD 1,Tina TamakiWas selected based on the opinion of the selection committee, who said, "There is an overwhelming difference from other winners and it is suitable for the" Grand Prix "."Multiple Grand Prix (Miss iD2015Rie KanekoとMizuno Shizu Elected or semi-grand prix (Miss iD2016Yuko SugamotoEtc.) are also elected in some years.

What makes Kobayashi different from other contests, beauty pageants, etc., Kobayashi says, "A new and ridiculous positive factor that may open the era even if it is negative or slightly out of compliance, without being bound by genre, looks, old" girlishness ". If there is one point, I will firmly evaluate it. "[4]..Kobayashi's early definition of Miss iD was, "Even if you can't sing and dance, whether you're blonde or withdrawn, if you can cheer up someone's tomorrow, it's someone's idol."

Successive winners / selection committee

Miss iD 2013

Major winners
Miss iD2013 Grand PrixTina Tamaki
Miss iD 2013Haruka Oba,Hiromi Kae(At the time of the award, "Hiromi Kae"),Kinoshita Ayana, Tsukamoto Hasai,Nishida Ai
39 semi-finalists → 20 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
22Tina Tamakiaa022Miss iD2013 Grand Prix
7Haruka Obaab007Miss iD 2013drop→Nanaland(March 2014 -)
9Hiromi Kaeab009Miss iD 2013July 2017, ``Hiromi KaeWas renamed to
12Kinoshita Ayanaab012Miss iD 2013Sunmyu ~ β → Sunmyu ~(March 2012 -)
23Hasai Tsukamotoab023Miss iD 20132015 year 9 month,THE OUTSIDERParticipated in Round 37[5]
25Nishida Aiab025Miss iD 2013
3Haruka AndoF003Finalist
5Mai IriyaF005Finalist
8Iku OtokawaF008Finalist
10Mika KasaharaF010Finalist
13Koike Hana RunaF013FinalistRenamed to "Natsu Matsumiya"
18Shiho SugiyamaF018FinalistAfter receiving the awardShiho TakanashiWas renamed to
21Hatsuho TaniF021Finalist
27Rika HoshinoF027Finalist
29Kazu MatsuoF029Finalist
30Nana MatsuyukiF030Finalist
37Princess YuzukaF037Finalist
39Ai WakiyamaF039Finalist
1Ami AoyamaSF001Semi-finalist
4Aiba IzawaSF004Semi-finalist
6Mikuru UchinoSF006Semi-finalist
11SayakaSF011Semi-finalistclipclip (September 2012-March 9)
14Misae KomoriSF014Semi-finalistA response P(October 2012-March 9)
15Yuri KobayashiSF015Semi-finalist
16Rei SatomiSF016Semi-finalist
17Arisa ShimodaSF017Semi-finalist
20Saori TakedaSF020Semi-finalist
24Chika TeraguchiSF024Semi-finalist
26Ayumi MomoseSF026Semi-finalist
28Akari MatsuoSF028Semi-finalist
31Maruyama NatsuzuSF031Semi-finalist
32Runa MizukiSF032Semi-finalist
33Yurika MiyashitaSF033Semi-finalist
34Ayako MuraseSF034Semi-finalist
35Ai YamamotoSF035Semi-finalist
38Yoshida AiriSF038Semi-finalist

Miss iD 2014

From this year, the No. 1 candidate for the support website vote will be unconditionally selected as Miss iD.Kobayashi is Deputy Editor-in-Chief[6]The magazine "FRIDAYThe winners have been announced in the magazine.

  • catch copy:Let's talk about tomorrow's idols.
  • Qualifications: April 1981, 4-An unmarried woman born April 1, 2001, regardless of whether she is a professional or an amateur.
    • Nakamura IndiaIs an application that hides marriage and is less than qualification, but by all means in the final selection[7]Is asking.
  • Application period: March 2013, 3-May 22, 2013
  • Winners Announcement: Announced at "FRIDAY" released on September 2013, 9.
  • Selection committee:Fumiko Aoyagi,Mifu Ando,Rikiya Imaizumi, Go Osato, Emi Kusano, Tsukasa Kobayashi,Uki Satake[Note 3], Yoichi Shimada, Shonen Aya-chan[Note 4],Takenaka Natsumi, Tina Tamashiro, Andrew Tamon Niwa, Sadahiro Nakamura, Takeshi Natsuno[Note 5], Hyakutarou, Mofuku-chan, Madoka Yamazaki,Asako Yuki,Yoshida Go,Lena
  • 2714 applicants, 51 semi-finalists, 35 finalists (top 10 support websites, 20 selection committee members)
Major winners
Miss iD2014 Grand PrixJun Aonami(At the time of award, "Jun Aonami")
Miss iD 2014Ami Inamura, Sakura Koyama,Yuka Terashima(1st place in the support website vote), Momona ("Matilda" at the time of award), Hatsume Honmiya, Rachel / MC RACHEL (chelmico.."Rachel" at the time of award)
Let's talk about tomorrow's idol awardNakamura India, Hino Ayumi, Hosokawa Yui
51 semi-finalists → 35 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
1Jun Aonamiaa001Miss iD2014 Grand PrixFebruary 2013Jun AonamiWas renamed to
5Ami Inamuraab005Miss iD 2014
21Sakura Koyamaab021Miss iD 2014
29Yuka Terashimaab029Miss iD 2014■
(Amaterasu Special Award)
* 1st place in the support website vote
To(October 2011-March 7)
40Matildaab040Miss iD 2014Renamed to "Momona"
47Honmiya Hatsumeab047Miss iD 2014
51レ イ チ ェ ルab051Miss iD 2014chelmico(2014-, under the name of "MC RACHEL").
31Nakamura Indiaac031Let's talk about tomorrow's idol award
35Ayumi Hinoac035Let's talk about tomorrow's idol awardHimemisuhi (October 2013-)
39Yui Hosokawaac039Let's talk about tomorrow's idol award
(Amaterasu Special Award)
15Hitomi Kimuraba015Mifuyu Ando AwardColorpointe(2016-, under the name of "Chami")
16Kyoukabb016Rikiya Imaizumi AwardDreaming Adolescence(March 2012 -)
34Aina Nittabc034Go Osato Award
12Misato Kawauchibd012Uki Satake Award
30Erika Denyabe030 Shonen Aya-chan AwardBaby Rays JAPAN(October 2012-March 5)
3Ishizaki Niribf003Natsumi Takenaka Award
36Sayaka Fujiibg036Hyakutarou Award"Miko TeradaWas renamed to
45Yuki Mizujiribh045Madoka Yamazaki Award ** Awarded as "Yukisaku" with Saku Mayama
43Saku Mayamabi043Madoka Yamazaki Award ** Awarded as "Yukisaku" with Yuki Mizujiri
37Fumetsu Yumitsubj037Asako Yuzuki Award
11Orie Kanekobk011Go Yoshida Award
49Haruka Yamazakibl049Lena Award
2Kozue ArakakiF002Finalist
(Amaterasu Special Award)
Renamed to "Treetop"
8Sayaka OnoF008Finalist
(Amaterasu Special Award)
10Ichika KatoF010Finalist
(Amaterasu Special Award)
14Hazuki KimuraF014Finalist
18Wilderness MoyuF018Finalist
(Amaterasu Special Award)
Mainly active under the name of "Moyu Koya"
19Mayu KosetaF019Finalist
20Kobayashi RhythmF020Finalist
24Yuiko SuenagaF024Finalist
25SokariF025FinalistRenamed to "Kaori Somoto"Maison book girl(October 2014-March 11)
46Saki MiyazawaF046Finalist
4Rina IshizukaSF004Semi-finalist
6Maho ImotoSF006Semi-finalist"Maho ImotoWas renamed to
9Mao OnoguchiSF009Semi-finalist
13Yoko KitaSF013Semi-finalistSanmini(October 2015-March 7)
17Mai KurosakaSF017Semi-finalist
23Aya ShiraishiSF023Semi-finalist
26Takahashi GeminySF026Semi-finalist
27Tomohiro TanakaSF027Semi-finalist
28Seina TsurumakiSF028Semi-finalist
33Nishiyama HoSF033Semi-finalist
38Petas KateSF038Semi-finalistActive under the name "Kate",Nicholas PetasDaughter of[8]
41Matsushima NanaboshiSF041Semi-finalist
42Princess MatsumotoSF042Semi-finalist
48Morohashi SatsukaSF048Semi-finalistBaby Tiara(April 2014-March 4, under the name of "Hyuga Shinai"),= LOVE(March 2017 -)

Miss iD 2015

2014 8 semi-finalists announced in "FRIDAY" magazine released on August 1, 2015[9]August 8nd, "Tokyo Idol Festival 2014"Miss iD2013-2015Show off on stage[10].

Winners announced initially on September 2014, 9[11]Was planned, but got the most votesRie KanekoThere is strong opposition from some female selection committee members to the selection of the Grand Prix[12], Additional deliberation due to confusion[13]Was done and postponed to the next week.Mizuno ShizuIt became the form of W Grand Prix.

  • catch copy:All girls are idols
  • Qualifications: April 1982, 4-An unmarried woman born April 2, 2002, regardless of whether she is a professional or an amateur.
    • Fantasista SakuraIs married and less than eligible to apply, but participates in consultation with Kobayashi[14]are doing.
  • Application period: August 2014, 4-September 22, 6
  • Winners Announcement: Announced at "FRIDAY" released on September 2014, 9.
  • Selection committee:Yuuki Aoyama, Mifuyu Ando,Clam meat, Go Osato,Omori Yasuko,Ichika Kato,Kishida Mel, Kimura Mass[Note 6], Emi Kusano, Tsukasa Kobayashi,Nobuyuki Sakuma, Natsumi Takenaka, tomad[Note 7], Kurumi Nakata, Sadahiro Nakamura,Kanae Higashi, Mofuku-chan,Yuki Yamato, Go Yoshida
  • Selection cooperation: "FRIDAY" editorial department, "ViVi"Editorial department
  • Approximately 4000 applicants, 60 semi-finalists, 41 finalists (including the top 10 on the support site website)
Major winners
Miss iD2015 Grand PrixRie Kaneko,Mizuno Shizu
Miss iD 2015Kuromiya Rei, Nao Kondo,Shinozaki heart,Sayaka Tomaru, Momoko Midorikawa (1st place in the support website vote),Aina Yamada,Taya came dream(At the time of the award, "Kurumu")
All girls are idol awardsFantasista Sakura, Deep sea honor (Flash Planeta Gate)
60 semi-finalists → 41 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
16Rie Kanekoaa016Miss iD2015 Grand PrixLADYBABY → The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY → LADY BABY(March 2015 -)
51Mizuno Shizuaa051Miss iD2015 Grand Prix
20Kuromiya Reiab020Miss iD 2015BRATS(April 2011 -),LADYBABY → The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY(October 2015-March 3)
22Nao Kondoab022Miss iD 2015
25Shinozaki heartab025Miss iD 2015
Ushijima Good Meat Award
Petit pas!-(September 2013-September 9). Also active under the name "DJ Gizmo"
31Sayaka Tomaruab031Miss iD 2015FYT(August 2014-February 8, under the name of "Risa Alexander")
53Momoko Midorikawaab053Miss iD 2015■* 1st place in the support website vote
56Aina Yamadaab056Miss iD 2015
58Come dreamab058Miss iD 2015May 2017 Renamed to "Taya Raimu"
37Fantasista Sakuraac037All girls are idol awards
38Deep sea honorac038All girls are idol awardsFlash Planeta Gate(March 2014 -)
5Nozomi Araiba005Yuuki Aoyama Award
29Mari Suzukibb029Mifuyu Ando Award
33Haruhi Nakajimabc033Go Osato Award, tomad AwardJeunesse Princess(October 2013-March 11)
54Momokabd054Seiko Oomori AwardActive under the name "Momoka Kogoshi".Peach sugar snow(2012-January 2015)
10Inouebe010Kato Ichika Award
3Uchu Imagawabf003Kishida Mel Award2016 "Uchu ImagawaWas renamed to
42Marsh Ayabg042Kimura Mass Award, Takenaka Natsumi AwardFARM → White Lace (September 2013-January 9)
26Mari syukubh026Emi Kusano AwardHimemusuhi (October 2013-)
30Nodoka Tsutsuibi030Tsukasa Kobayashi Award
8Maki Itobj008Nobuyuki Sakuma AwardLinQ(July 2011-August 7), December 2017 professional wrestling debut
45Sachiyo Masubuchibk045Nakata Kurumi Award
4Amanatsu Yuzubl004Kanae Higashi AwardIt's not a band!(March 2014 -)
57Masaka Yamamotobm057Mofuku-chan AwardActivities under the name of "SEIKA"
41Chifumi Horikoshibn041Yuki Yamato AwardRenamed to "Chifumi"
17Kusu Miyubo017Go Yoshida AwardRenamed from "Miyu Sasaki". Sweet ★ Pastel (April 2014-June 4), Foul Executive Committee (January 2015-August), Dolly Kiss (March 6-January 2016)
11Yuiko OharaF011FinalistFebruary 2015Yuiko OharaWas renamed to
14Mayuri OkumuraF014FinalistHimekyun fruit can(August 2010-October 8).Tri-Signal (December 2017-)
19Erina KudoF019FinalistRenamed to "Pataco and Pataco".School garden camera girl(October 2015-March 10)
School garden camera gal(March 2016-) Heisei Tomb Arashi (July 3-July 2019)
21Kazuha KomiyaF021Finalist
23Ryoko SakimuraF023FinalistPhantom Voice(September 2015-March 9). clipclip (April 2016-)
28Suzuki ErikaF028FinalistPPP! PiXiON(October 2012-March 12)
34Tomoko NaganoF034Finalist
36Hinagata HagoromoF036FinalistDeer☆
43Miyuki MaesakaF043Finalist
44Ririko MasuzawaF044Finalist
48MikichuF048FinalistActivities under the name of "Mizuki Miki" from October 2015 to October 10
49Michelle AyamiF049Finalist
55Aoi YagawaF055FinalistMaison book girl(March 2014 -)
59RinanF059FinalistRenamed to "Rinan Maruyama"
60Sasano YogawaF060Finalist (Amaterasu Special Award)"Sasano YogawaWas renamed to
2Yuria AokiSF002Semi-finalist
6Kana IkutaSF006Semi-finalist
7Tsubasa IkutaSF007Semi-finalist
9Ito MomoSF009Semi-finalist
12Omi Xie HazukiSF012Semi-finalist
13Mizuki OkaSF013Semi-finalist
15Kai MikotoSF015Semi-finalist
18Kusunoki RoaSF018Semi-finalistFoul Executive Committee (January-August 2016)
24Sanjo KazukiSF024Semi-finalistCAMOUFLAGE(October 2014-March 4)
27Una ShirakawaSF027Semi-finalist
32Rika NakagawaSF032Semi-finalist
39Tomomi FukikoshiSF039Semi-finalist
40Fredandale RikoSF040Semi-finalist
46Nanaka MatsukawaSF046Semi-finalistFYT (August 2014-February 8, under the name of "Matsuko Higashikunihara DX")
50Arie MizusawaSF050Semi-finalist
  • "Miss iD2015 Go Yoshida Award (Unofficial)" from Go Yoshida's words that "I wanted to give an individual award" was rejected in the selection process.[15]Appeared in related events such as Miss iD Cafe, Miss iD Room, and Miss iD Festival, and applied for Miss iD 2016 to be selected as a finalist.
  • BeautifulWas rejected in the interview after the document screening[16]are doing.

Miss iD 2016

In 2015, Kobayashi moved to the XNUMXst Strategy Department of the XNUMXst Business Bureau and was in charge of Miss iD.[17]To do.

The selection method has been changedTwitterPost content, CHEERZ number of CHEER, photo sales of Ah photo.com,YouTubeThe finalist advancement will be decided based on the total score that takes into account the number of times the video has been played and the impression points of the selection committee members. The top 10 players from CHEERZ and Ahsha.com are unconditionally selected as finalists, and among the finalists, the one with the total points of 3 types of services is unconditionally awarded the Miss iD.

Applications started three months later than the previous year, with semi-finalists on September 3, 2015, finalists on October 9, and Miss iD25 and below awards on November 10.[18]Was announced, and the Grand Prix was announced by nine Miss iD 2016 winners at "Miss iD Festival 9-Welcome to the unveiling show" on January 2016, 1.This year, one grand prix and one semi-grand prix[19].

  • catch copy:To a world without only "I".
  • Qualifications: April 1980, 4-A woman born April 2, 2004, regardless of nationality, professional, amateur, married or unmarried.Gravure, actress, model, song, dance, literature, cartoon, anime, game, cosplay, illustration, poetry, essay, sports, politics, philosophy, photography, fashion, design, cooking, songwriting, DJ, self-portrait, etc. Favorite genre, commitment, expression, features unlike anyone else[20]That there is.
    • "Risako" or "Risako Pai" was born on July 2004, 7 and fell short of the application qualifications, but was undisclosed and was screened as a finalist.[21]Has been elected.
  • Application period: March 2015, 7-May 1, 2015
  • Selection Committee: Yuki Aoyama, Mifuyu Ando,Ichikawa Sasa, Go Osato, Seiko Oomori, Mel Kishida, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma, Jen Hwan[Note 8],Muneko Nemoto, Kanae Higashi, Fantasista Sakura,Ichiichi, Madoka Yamazaki, Yuki Yamato,Mariko Yamauchi, Go Yoshida
  • Approximately 4000 applicants, 114 semi-finalists, 61 finalists.
Major winners
Miss iD2016 Grand PrixMoeka Hoshi(At the time of award, "Moeka Hoshi")
Miss iD2016 Semi-Grand PrixYuko Sugamoto
Miss iD 2016Iris, Mika Ichinose (Shinjuku),ambition,Nagasawa Marina(1st point),Yuri Fujino,Bow Leica, Roca
I ♥ JAPAN AwardAimi Na Dujan, VIENNA,Hayashiya Tsuruko
I'm not the only prizeviolet
Executive Committee Chairman Special AwardMinami Nao (PassCode)
114 semi-finalists → 61 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
86Moeka Hoshia086Miss iD2016 Grand PrixOctober 2018 Renamed to "Moeka Hoshi"
47Yuko Sugamotoab047Miss iD2016 Semi-Grand PrixHKT48(October 2011-March 10)
1Irisb001Miss iD 2016
15Mika Ichinoseb015Miss iD 2016Shinjuku(March 2014 -)
55ambitionb055Miss iD 2016
65Nagasawa Marinab065Miss iD 2016■* 1st place in points.Houpri Youth → After School Princess(October 2015-March 2)
83Yuri Fujinob083Miss iD 2016
107Bow Leicab107Miss iD 2016
112Rocab112Miss iD 2016
9Aimina Dujanca009I ♥ JAPAN Award
20VIENNAca020I ♥ JAPAN Award
79Hayashiya Tsurukoca079I ♥ JAPAN Award
51violetcb051I'm not the only prize
98Minami Naocc098Executive Committee Chairman Special AwardPassCode(March 2013 -)
52Yuki Setoda052Yuuki Aoyama Award
89Ayaka Machidadb089Mifuyu Ando AwardHeisei Tomb Arashi (May 2018-)
18Kirara Inoridc018Saya Ichikawa Award, Kanae Higashi Award
87Horii Ninadd087Go Osato AwardHoupri Youth(October 2016-March 1)
62Yusuke NakaoDe062Seiko Oomori Award
8Amane Honokadf008Kishida Mel Award
76Hazukidg076Nobuyuki Sakuma Award
Shwe Jen Hwan Award
Hazuki NishiokaRenamed to
39Simondh039Shuko Nemoto AwardBlack lily from summer demon(July-October 2016, under the name of "Simon Lee")
Wi-Fi-5(March 2017 -)
61Chusonji Maidi061Fantasista Sakurada Award
Bed in(2012 -)
54Aozora Soranodj054Ichiro Yatsui AwardVienolossi(October 2013-March 7)
28Anna Kawamuradk028Mariko Yamauchi Award
7annie the clumsydl007Madoka Yamazaki Award
95Yuka Maruyamadm095Go Yoshida AwardMaruyama NatsuzuSister of. XYZ (January 2016-February 1) Renamed to "Yuka Maruyama" after dissolution. Also active under the name of "MARMELO"
108Yuzu Mochiko MikoEa108CHEERZ Award
69natsukieb045Ah Photo.com AwardElectric ribbon(October 2015-March 2)
12Ishikawa NatsumiF012FinalistAxib project(April 2013-March 1),Love Cocchi(October 2017-March 12)
13Shioka IshizukaF013FinalistIdol college(March 2012 -)
21Aona OkimotoF021FinalistMaboroshi Pretty GeNE(December 2013-March 12), Phantom.no (April 2018-)
22Momoko OzakiF022Finalist
26Kamijo NazunaF026Finalist
30Kudo-chanF030FinalistPoem Apartment (November 2017-)
37Ayaka NadaF037FinalistAoyama ☆ St. Hachamecha High School → Mechahai ♡(October 2012-March 8)
38Rina SaitoF038FinalistCollective action(2017 -)
46Miyu SuenagaF046FinalistDokiDoki☆Dream Campus(April 2011-March 7),Organic (genuine)(February 2015-), Airobo (2-)
53SIGNF053FinalistActivities under the name of "Lady Van SENA"
60TaraF060FinalistA tribe who wants to go to Bus NY (in the name of "Tarai Lama")
63Masai NagasawaF063FinalistActivities under the name of "Well"
75Akari HanedaF075Finalist
78F078FinalistMiss iD2015 "Unofficial Go Yoshida Award"
80Masano HinoF080Finalist
81Fuuko HimekawaF081Finalist
84Purin-chanF084FinalistActivities under the name of "Rina Shinno"
93Nozomi in the middleF093FinalistPetit pas!-(March-September 2015),Alloy(November 2016-March 11). Renamed to "Kaoruko" in October 2017
101Noriko YanagiF101Finalist
104Yuna YamashitaF104FinalistRenamed to "Yuna Shirasawa"
105Rin YamadaF105FinalistAoyama ☆ St. Hachamecha High School(October 2011-November 10), Strawberry Syndrome (April 2014-July 11), DOPING BERRY (August 2016-July 4)
106Rina YukiF106FinalistFebruary 2017Rina YukiWas renamed to
109Lee Nan NozomiF109Finalist
110RisakoF110FinalistRenamed to "Risako Pai".Kumari Department Store(October 2016-March 4)
2In the blueSF002Semi-finalistMysterious! Tropical Maru → Junjou! Tropical Maru(March 2013-July 3, under the name of "Tachibana Mirai")
PICK UP GIRLS (April 2015-June 4), Pikumaru ☆ asfi (May 2016-June 6)
I fell in love with you. (August 2018-, under the name of "Renjo Nanako")
3Aoba EruSF003Semi-finalist
4Nanami AkibaSF004Semi-finalist
5Chie AsoSF005Semi-finalist
6Tomoyo AsoSF006Semi-finalistUltra girl(October 2012-March 3)
10Heidi AlfordSF010Semi-finalist
11AnzuSF011Semi-finalistAvandoned(July 2014-March 7, under the name of "Minami Apricot")
14Ichijo Rio.SF014Semi-finalist
17Ayanobu InoueSF017Semi-finalist
19Maho ImotoSF019Semi-finalistMiss iD2014 Semifinalist
23Yuu OnoharaSF023Semi-finalistRenamed to "Nako Yuu".Kumari Department Store(March 2016 -)
24Kaede KagayaSF024Semi-finalist
25Misato KatoSF025Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Misato Kato"
27Yusa KawaiSF027Semi-finalist
29Kusakabe SenaSF029Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Senamon"
31Hina KudoSF031Semi-finalistDOPING BERRY (August 2016-July 8, under the name of "Aoi Hina")
33Mui KuriyamaSF033Semi-finalistThrough skills(October 2013-March 1)
34Reiko KuwaharaSF034Semi-finalist
41Saki Sakura EriSF041Semi-finalist
42Yuka SatoSF042Semi-finalistFlap Girls School(October 2013-March 8)
43EriSF043Semi-finalistNECRONOMIDOL(March 2014 -)
44Yuri ShinoharaSF044Semi-finalistFebruary 2016Yuri Hirano”, TAKENOKO ▲ (October 2012-May 10, February 2014-),Emtopi(April 2015 -),Xiaochaipon(March 2016 -)
48Mizuki SugiiSF048Semi-finalist
49Suzuki MakotoSF049Semi-finalistKamen Joshi(Pure Furu→Alice Juban) (July 2012-November 12)
50Izumi TsunodaSF050Semi-finalist
56Akari TakaishiSF056Semi-finalistα‐X's(April 2016-March 4, under the name of "Akari")
57Akane TakiyamaSF057Semi-finalistNMB48Research Student (May 2011-January 5)
58Emily TanakaSF058Semi-finalist
59Moeko TaniguchiSF059Semi-finalistHappy2days (May 2016-, under the name of "Moeiko")
64Yuno NakanoSF064Semi-finalist
67Nagayama peachSF067Semi-finalist
71Sayuri NambaSF071Semi-finalist
72Saya NishinoSF072Semi-finalistShojotai (2nd generation) (April 2015-January 4)
74Airi HasegawaSF074Semi-finalistMaiden New Party(October 2014-March 7)
77Hatsumi AngelSF077Semi-finalist
85Star NayutaSF085Semi-finalistAvandoned(October 2014-March 7)
Asimov became a magician (June 2016-May 6, under the name of "Aku Seto")Yusei Terror ArchitectMembers (July 2017-, in the name of "Nonamera")
90Arisa MachidaSF090Semi-finalist
91Arisa MatsunagaSF091Semi-finalist
92ManaSF092Semi-finalistWas a Miss iD2015 semi-finalist[22]
94mami +SF094Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Yamae Mami"
96Mikayuri-chanSF096Semi-finalistTarte Tatin (September 2014-April 9, under the name "Mikami Yurie")
99Yuka MonmaiSF099Semi-finalistAlso active under the name "DJ Guru Guru."
100Sayoko YatsuhashiSF100Semi-finalist
102Aimi YamaguchiSF102Semi-finalist
103Yoka YamashitaSF103Semi-finalist
113RomiSF113Semi-finalistMy wish.(2014 -)
114Moe WakabayashiSF114Semi-finalistFYT Educational Trainee → Spark Road Show(October 2015-March 6)

Miss iD 2017

  • catch copy:I will survive on this planet.
  • Qualifications: April 1981, 4-A woman born April 2, 2005, regardless of nationality, professional, amateur, unmarried or married.Gravure, actress, model, song, dance, literature, cartoon, anime, game, cosplay, illustration, poetry, essay, sports, politics, philosophy, photography, fashion, design, cooking, songwriting, DJ, self-portrait, etc. Favorite genre, commitment, expression, features unlike anyone else[23]That there is.
    • The finalist's big picture,YukkyunIs a man.
  • Application period: March 2016, 4-May 1, 2016
  • Semi-finalists announced on July 2016, 7, finalists announced on September 15, and winners announced at "Miss iD Festival 9" on October 16.
  • Selection Committee: Yuki Aoyama,Hideo Azuma, Mifuyu Ando,Kazuma Iiri,, Go Osato, Seiko Oomori, Mel Kishida, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma, Shuko Nemoto, Kanae Higashi, Fantasista Sakura, Ichiro Yatsui, Yuki Yamato, Go Yoshida
  • Approximately 3500 applicants, 128 semi-finalists (130), 67 finalists (including one repechage).
Major winners
Miss iD2017 Grand PrixKyoka Takeda
Miss iD 2017Himeka Araya,Umino Kawamura("Umino" at the time of entry), Eri Kurosawa, Momoka Sugimoto, Tomiko Claire (Wi-Fi-5),Ena Fujita(1st place in the general vote), Fumi, Yuyu Makihara,riko / Masajaku Riko(At the time of the award, "I.")
I am the award to survive on this planetShien, Mimori Wakasugi
128 semi-finalists (130 people) → 66 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
64Kyoka Takedaaa064Miss iD2017 Grand PrixE-girls(October 2012-March 10)
12Himeka Arayaab012Miss iD 2017Party Rockets GT(October 2015-March 10)
19Uminoab019Miss iD 2017"Umino KawamuraWas renamed to
43Eri Kurosawaab043Miss iD 2017
Ichiro Yatsui Award
Heisei Tomb Arashi (March 2019-May 3)
60Momoka Sugimotoab060Miss iD 2017
71Tomiko Claireab071Miss iD 2017Wi-Fi-5(October 2017-March 9)
90Ena Fujitaab090Miss iD 2017
Support Award (CHEERZ Award)
Also active as "MC bikini"
92Fumiab092Miss iD 2017
100Yuyu Makiharaab100Miss iD 2017Byte AKB Paruru SelectionAcceptance offer (February 2016),Houpri Youth(July 2016-December 3)
128I.ab128Miss iD 2017ZOCSometimes he is in charge of choreography and stands on the stage as an "accomplice". Renamed to "riko" in February 2019[25].. 2020,Riko YajakuOfficially joined ZOC under the name.
54Shionab054I am the award to survive on this planet
126Mimori Wakasugiab126I am the award to survive on this planet
75Chihiro Nakamuraba075Bungei PrizeForbidden majority decision(October 2014-March 7)
118Yuki-chanba118Bungei PrizeNATURE DANGER GANG(October 2013-March 5)
36Milk agar natsuminbb036Special prizeApril 2018 Renamed to "Natsumi"
48Saeibb048Special prizeWi-Fi-5(October 2017-March 9)
73Nakano Maruba073Special prize
85Hisatsune Ayumibb085Special prize
116yAmybc116Support Award (CHEERZ Award)CY8ER(May 2017-, under the name of "Illness Dream")
24Rio Omoribd024Photogenic Award
(Ah photo.com award)
Pink babes(2013-May 2017), eyes (November 5-May 2017),Last Idol, Love Cocchi(March 2017 -)
5Yui Akagamibe005VoCE AwardActivities under the name of "Ame"
96Anna Hongobf096Beauty Award (Kirei Salone Award)2016/6Hongo AnRenamed to
98Honda Mikuca0980Yuuki Aoyama Award2nd generation HAPPY girl ♪ (April 2016-September 4)
103Matsumoto Sayukicb103Hideo Azuma Award
20Hitomi Etocc020Mifuyu Ando Award
41Crystalcd041Kazuma Ieiri Award / Mel Kishida AwardHeisei Tomb Arashi (May 2018-, in the name of "Arisu no")
120Yufu Natsukice120Shinobu Igari Award
7Hinako Asakuracf007Go Osato Award
27Katycg027Seiko Oomori Awardmeltia (October 2014-January 10, under the name of "Tambocati"),ZOC(October 2018-, "Katy Kashii(Name)
83HALch083Tsukasa Kobayashi AwardThe Mash(2014 -)
47Ami Saitoci047Nobuyuki Sakuma Award
69Handcj069Shuko Nemoto AwardRumored No Musume (August 2018-August 8)
99Yuni Akinock099Kanae Higashi AwardNo Makes (March 2015-December 3)
33Aya Kitaicl033Fantasista Sakurada Award
82Yujun Hayanocm082Yuki Yamato Award
6Saya Akanecn006Go Yoshida Award
10Ayano AnoF010Finalist
14Mao Inoue.F014Finalist
18Yuka UnoF018FinalistFruity(March-September 2014),DAI DAI DAI(October 2016-March 9)
21Emi appleF021Finalist
22OkubokeiF022FinalistUrban garde(2007 -)
26Yuka OzakiF026Finalist
28Airi KanekoF028Finalist
29Kahorin-chanF029FinalistOyayubi Princess(May 2013-December 5, under the name of "Omote Hanaho"),Nishi Kanazawa Girls' Group(January 2017-). As of 1 ``Kaho OmoteActivities under the name
30Hebei AkiF030Finalist
35Yuria KimuraF035Finalist
37Goldfish WakanaF037Finalist
44Geka AoiF044FinalistEntry decline
50Aimi SakuraF050FinalistLinQ(October 2011-March 4)
52Maria SatoF052FinalistOrganic (genuine) (February 2015-),Philosophy Dance(March 2015 -)
58Swan RaimuF058FinalistWi-Fi-5(October 2017-March 9)
62Mon SonoyamaF062FinalistJewelry Box (August 2015-May 8)
63Nagisa TakanoF063FinalistWi-Fi-5(March 2017 -)
66Chigasaki RikoF066FinalistHauptharmonie(October 2014-March 7)
68Is it Tsuzusuki?F068FinalistLovely Doll ☆ DOLL(October 2013-March 12)
76Ruby NakamuraF076FinalistTatsuya Nakamura(OriginalBLANKEY JET CITY)Daughter of. Freaky Style Loca (May 2016-)
88Fukuen MochiF088FinalistGirl's International(April 2015-March 5),Lime berry(July 2016-May 7, under the name of "DJ OMOCHI"). From June 2019 ``Nanase HayasakaActivities under the name[26]..Unofficial Go Yoshida Award[27]
107Minami KotoriF107FinalistAdvance to finalists in the repechage
108Masayo MogiF108Finalist
110Miharu MoriF110Finalist26:XNUMX masquerade(March 2016 -)
113Enna YamashiroF113FinalistActivities under the name of "Enna Yamashiro"
119YukkyunF119FinalistDenkage and Shonen CQ(March 2016 -)
1Aoi 12 years oldSF001Semi-finalistAlso active under the name of "Arakawako"
3Aono ArisuSF003Semi-finalist
4Akai SakuraSF004Semi-finalist
9Asahi AdachiharaSF009Semi-finalistEntry decline
11Amatsuki lilySF011Semi-finalistSunny! Harajuku(July 2016-January 7), Skylarmoon ("Yuri Futaba". July 2018-)
13WijimaSF013Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Poppo"
16Kaminomiya SumireSF016Semi-finalistNo Makes (March 2015-)
23ObumoeSF023Semi-finalistActive under the name of "Moe Obe".Cosmic Girl (March 2014-October 3),Chu☆Oh! Dolly(October 2018-March 6)
Ayaka Obu(Originallyrical school)Sister of
25Ogiwara walnutSF025Semi-finalist
31Kawaguchi KanonSF031Semi-finalist
32Giga ChikachuSF032Semi-finalist
38Natsuha KudoSF034Semi-finalist
39Misaki Kudo & YukimiSF039Semi-finalistMagarikado (May 2013-September 5, March 2015), Pajama Bunko (September 9-)
40Yuyu KaigetsuSF040Semi-finalistPasurabi (July 2015-February 7)
42Sayaka KurokiSF042Semi-finalist
45KosoadSF045Semi-finalistHeisei Tomb Arashi (May 2018-)
46KneadSF046Semi-finalistEntry decline
49Yui SakuraiSF049Semi-finalistPink babes(2013-January 2017)
51Yuki SasakiSF051Semi-finalist
53Azusa ShiinaSF053Semi-finalistCAMOUFLAGE(October 2012-May 10), also active as "DJ give me"
55SHIZUKASF055Semi-finalistChelsy(October 2011-March 12)
57JoiSF057Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Hanagata Joi"
59Shirase HyakusoSF059Semi-finalist
61Natsumi SekineSF061Semi-finalist
65Asaka TaniguchiSF065Semi-finalistEntry decline
67Marin TsuchiyaSF067Semi-finalist
70Akane ToyamaSF070Semi-finalist
72Yui NakazawaSF072Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Yui Nakazawa"
74Ema NakamuraSF074Semi-finalist
77Kana NakamuraSF077Semi-finalist
78Nakamura ReinoSF078Semi-finalistNogizaka46 3rd gen member (September 2016-) Nogizaka9 Passed and declined entry
80Hatano YuSF080Semi-finalist
81Chihiro HanamiyaSF081Semi-finalist
86Mei HirasawaSF086Semi-finalistFure Fure Chime Fes.(April 2015-March 7),There there theres(April 2017-March 2),NILKLY(October 2019-March 5)
87Kanna FukuiSF087Semi-finalistPombashi wktk Mates(October 2012-March 1)
89Fukuyama AyamiSF089Semi-finalist
91Rika FujibayashiSF091Semi-finalist
95Hotaru-chanSF095Semi-finalistEntry decline
97Hina HojoSF097Semi-finalist
101Town lightSF101Semi-finalist
102Arisa MachidaSF1021Semi-finalistMiss iD2016 finalist
106Celica MitoSF106Semi-finalist
109Sayuri MorikawaSF109Semi-finalist
111Nana Morimoto / NeneSF111Semi-finalist
112Meron YamaguchiSF112Semi-finalistMysterious! Tropical Maru → Youth! Tropical Maru("Yamaguchi Mizuki". November 2011-January 11)
114Hibiki YamamuraSF114Semi-finalist
115Yume YamamotoSF115Semi-finalist
122Yumena YuniSF122Semi-finalistLet's Poco Poco(October 2016-March 1)
124RisakiSF124Semi-finalistAlso active under the name of "Lisa"
127Wakana AoiSF127Semi-finalist

Miss iD 2018

This year, pre-entry will be held prior to this entry from April. A total of 4 people, including the top 5 people supported by CHEERZ and 5 people selected by the selection committee (actual passers are 10 people + 5 people = 8 people in total)[28]) Can proceed to the camera test without going through the document review[29]..You can enter this entry even if you are not selected by pre-entry.

  • catch copy:Botchi will change the world.
  • Qualifications: April 1982, 4-A woman born April 2, 2006, regardless of nationality, professional, amateur, unmarried or married.Gravure, actress, model, song, dance, literature, cartoon, anime, game, cosplay, illustration, poetry, essay, sports, politics, philosophy, photography, fashion, design, cooking, songwriting, DJ, self-portrait, etc. Have your favorite genre, commitment, and expression[29].
    • This time, based on the judgment of the judging committee that "fictitious characters are also eligible for selection", the 3DCG modelSkirt,Artificial intelligence OfRinna, Kigurumi doll Lulu Hashimoto entered and was elected as a finalist[30].
  • 応募受付期間:(プレエントリー)2017å¹´3月3日0時 - 3月9日23時59分、(本エントリー)4月1日0時 - 5月14日23時59分
  • July 2017, 7 Semi-finalist, September 21, 9 finalist announcement, November 15, 11 "Miss iD Festival 3" winner announcement.
  • Selection committee members: Yuki Aoyama, Kazuma Ieiri, Shinobu Igari, Go Osato, Seiko Oomori, (Nataliefounder),Yui Kanno, Mel Kishida,Yuka Kuramochi, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma,Mana Sakura,SKY-HI,Haruna Nakagoori(toEditor-in-chief), Shuko Nemoto, Kanae Higashi, Yuki Yamato, Go Yoshida
  • Approximately 4000 applicants, 132 semi-finalists (133 people, 1 person added later by Re-Entry, 1 person declined later), 83 finalists
Major winners
Miss iD2018 Grand PrixUyu(Uyu),Rorurari
Miss iD 2018Ao Ogura, Gomi, Shino, Tani no Rose (After school princess),Makoto Toda,Noa Niikura / Brazil, Nishi Hiyori (Glitter ☆ Unforent..1st place in the general vote),Honoka Rin, Tamaki Yane, Rio
Botchi will change the world.awardSkirt, Lulu Hashimoto, Yuki
Executive Committee Chairman Special AwardTsubasa
133 semi-finalists (134 people) → 83 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
24Uyuaa024Miss iD2018 Grand PrixAfter the performance, product sales (July-December 2017),Youth High School 3rd Grade C Group Idol Club(June 2019-),Try Kyururin(March 2021 -)
131Rorurariaa131Miss iD2018 Grand Prix
30Ogura Aoab030Miss iD 2018
45Gomiab045Miss iD 2018Renamed to "Gomi Michiko"
54Shishinoab054Miss iD 2018
66Valley roseab066Miss iD 2018After school princess(March 2018 -)
71Makoto Todaab071Miss iD 2018
78Noa Niikuraab078Miss iD 2018Active under the name of "Virgin Brazil" → "Brazil".Forbidden majority decision(2011 - ),MIGMA SHELTER(March 2018 -)
80Hiyori Nishiab080Miss iD 2018■
Ah Photo.com Award
* 1st place in the general vote.Glitter ☆ Unforent(October 2015-January 10, May 2018-(Limited time offer))
91Honoka Rinab091Miss iD 2018
117roofab117Miss iD 2018Try Kyururin("Kan Yane", January 2021-)
127リ オab127Miss iD 2018
50Skirtac050Botchi will change the world.award
82Lulu Hashimotoac082Botchi will change the world.award
122snowac122Botchi will change the world.award
70Tsubasaad070Executive Committee Chairman Special Award
31Ruka Okonogiba031CHEERZ AwardAxib project(March 2016 -)
89Purukoba089CHEERZ Award
48Hina Sasakibb048MIP Award
64Is it horrifying?bb064Survival awardNo plan.(March-September 2017),ZOC(April 2018-March 9),fatal woman(March 2018 -)
93Maobb093Survival award
Shuko Nemoto Award
ami ~ gas(April 2012 -),Senosister(October 2012-), MAOMATSU → Best Generation (September 10-)
113Futana Morisakibb113Survival awardAlso active under the name of "nicamoq".BPM15Q(October 2015-March 5)
74Arisa Nakamurabc074"I'm tired of pretending to be dead" AwardMarionette. (November 2018-March 11) and World's End. (April 2020-), active under the name of "Agri Momose".
81Over therebc081"I'm tired of pretending to be dead" AwardUltimate Doll (2016-February 2018, under the name of "Tsukino no A"),Woltanative(May 2018-July, "Tsukino(Name)
111Momokahime.bc111"I'm tired of pretending to be dead" AwardAs of 2018, j activities under the name of "Princess Poetry"
116Yuuka Yanagibc116"I'm tired of pretending to be dead" AwardProduct sales after the performance (July-December 2017). Renamed to "Inukai Haru",avandoned(January 2019-February 1), New ruru (January 2020-)
20Saki Uematsubd020"It's better to be an unsatisfied person than a satisfied girl" awardTokyo Rockets(March 2014 -)
95Leila Masamotobe095Sun Photogenic Award
68Tsukino Yukibf068Moon Photogenic AwardGANG PARADE(April 2018-, in the name of "Tsuki no Rabbit")
107Shiomi Mugishimabg107Bungei Prize
73Miu Nakagawaca073Yuuki Aoyama AwardAs of 2018, active under the name of "Midnight"
38Akari Kudocb038Kazuma Ieiri Award
5Aizen Karencc005Go Osato AwardForbidden majority decision(April 2018 -),ZOC(March 2018 -)
57sleepcd057Seiko Oomori AwardSW! CH(December 2018-, "MnM" in the name of Minami)
26Park Yusurace026Mt. Ooyama Takuya AwardMAPA (October 2021-, in the name of Yusura Shiho)
118Yuge Yamaguchicf118Yui Kanno Award
123Mayu under the snowcg123Kishida Mel Award
69Ai Tsubakiharach069Yuka Kuramochi Award
6Ai Aokawaci006Tsukasa Kobayashi Award
63Let's do itcj063Nobuyuki Sakuma Award963(August 2015-June 8, under the name of "Yapun")
90stardustck090Sakura Mana AwardMarionette. (November 2018-March 11) and World's End. (April 2020-), active under the name of "Yui Hoshishima".
32cl032SKY-HI AwardCANDYIISTRIPE (November 2014-April 11, under the name of "Kana Naganuma")
27Ericacm027Nakagoori Warm Vegetable Award
106Misuzucn106Kanae Higashi Award
15Beautyco015Yuki Yamato AwardActivities under the name of "Amiko"
79Hinata Nishicp079Go Yoshida AwardTea palette (June-December 2015),Blue trip.(February 2016-October 2). Renamed to "Reon"
4Rei AisuF004FinalistLet's Poco Poco(October 2016-March 1)
8Akari KaeF008Finalist
12Sweet dog 44F012Finalist
18Ichijo SaekiF018FinalistThere there theres(March-September 2017),After the performance, product sales(May 2018-, under the name of "Samasa Kurotaki")
25Eina AoiF025Finalist
35Mayuka KawashimaF035FinalistVacuum spectrum (December 2016-September 12, under the name "YUKACHI"), just a girl. (November 2016-November 9)
41Misaki in loveF041Finalist
46Saeko KondoF046FinalistFES ☆ TIVE(March 2018 -)
47Kaori SaekiF047FinalistShy Rescue JPN (December 2016-)
49Maya SatoF049Finalist
51SayakaF051FinalistZOC(September 2018-December 9, ``Sayaka UnagiName) Monoclone (December 2020-,Sayaka UnagiName)
58Rei SueharaF058Finalist
59Ayaka SugitaF059Finalist
60Mitomo SugimotoF060FinalistActivities under the name of "Mitomo"
61Moeka SusakiF061FinalistRYUKYU IDOL(November 2011-June 11, August 2013-December 6), PIP (June 2015-July 8, "Moka Yuzuki"), book and nap. (August 2017-May 12, "Moka Yunoki"),RAYHABER(October 2019-, "Date")
65Kanami TakasakiF065FinalistChokiga JK Girls (March 2015-3), as of 2016, active under the name of "Kanami Takasaki"
76Shino NatsumeF076Finalist
84Miki HayakawaF084Finalist
86Saki HiraiF086Finalist
94Makita Kana ゐF094Finalist
96Rina MatsukiF096Finalist
97Terol MatsubayashiF097Finalist
99MISAKIF099FinalistLime berry(April 2015-March 3),Someday Somewhere(October 2017 -,Kimura MisakiName)
102Mitsui candy leafF102FinalistActive under the name of "AMEBA".HAMIDA SYSTEM(April 2016-March 11),Cross noesis(March 2019 -)
109MunhijuF109FinalistBlack DPG(2015-June 2016, under the name of "Black Moon"),Black lily from summer demon(July 2016-December 7)
119Yamanaka (sa)F119Finalist
125Sazanami YoshidaF125Finalist
133Tsubasa FurunoF133FinalistSelected for semi-final by Re-Entry
2Call, the end of the evening moonSF002Semifina


Active under the name of "End of Yuzuki".Miss iD2019 semi-finalist advance (in the name of "love, unfinished evening")
Heisei Tomb Arashi (May 2018-) Heisei Tomb Arashi Tokitai (Operation March 5-)
3Yu AikawaSF003Semi-finalist
9Rin AsaharaSF009Semi-finalistShibu3 project Pink Class (March 2017-), Pion (March 3-)
10Mari AzumiSF010Semi-finalistMay 2014 Renamed from "Maria Kamizumi"
11AkunSF011Semi-finalistHeisei Tomb Arashi (August 2018-) Men's Idol Heisei Tomb Arashi Tokitai (March 8-)
13Amemiya HaruSF013Semi-finalist
14Amane RinaSF014Semi-finalist
16Arisue Hina MinoruSF016Semi-finalistYuruto Revolutionary Group (October 2015-July 10)
17Cheap sledSF017Semi-finalist
21Kaduki UjyoSF021Semi-finalistKRD8(April 2013-March 12),Futuristic weapon mofu(April 2014-March 3),Theatrical version Gokigen Empire(October 2016-March 9)
29Ayaka OgumaSF029Semi-finalistCAMOUFLAGE(August 2015-May 8), GIRL'S HORIZON (December 2017-May 5)
33Kaneko HaruSF033Semi-finalist
34Maria UemuraSF034Semi-finalist
36Miki KiryuSF036Semi-finalistMiss action2016 Grand Prix
39Black sandSF039Semi-finalist
40Ultramarine KiraraSF040Semi-finalist
43Kotomi EthicsSF042Semi-finalist
44(I.e.SF044Semi-finalist...(April 2016-March 9),NILKLY("Jun Kobayashi". May 2019-)
53Shiina OnshinSF053Semi-finalistYuruto Revolutionary Group (October 2015-)
55Small eyebrowsSF055Semi-finalist
67Tamaki MilliSF067Semi-finalist
72Tomaru AkariSF072Semi-finalistShibu3 project Blue Class (May 2017-).Sayaka TomaruSister of
85Kazune HarunoSF085Semi-finalist
87Fukushi KokoroSF087Semi-finalist
88Furukawa SuiSF088Semi-finalistThat girl, (November 2016-)
92MaimeSF092Semi-finalist...(September 2016-?)
100Sakurako MizuoSF100Semi-finalist
103Midori BlackmoreSF103Semi-finalist
110Moegi NanamiSF110Semi-finalistFebruary 2018 Renamed to "Nanaumi"
112Momomiya walnutSF112Semi-finalistSummer Rocket(October 2016-March 7)
114Yuka MorimotoSF114Semi-finalist
120Kokona YamamotoSF120Semi-finalistFlash Road Show(October 2015-March 12)
121Purple flower YamamotoSF121Semi-finalist
124Nao YumikiSF124Semi-finalistTheatrical company Harvest(April 2013-March 6),Nogizaka46 4st gen Yuuki Nao(March 2020 -)
128Rima +SF128Semi-finalist
130RunSF130Semi-finalistEntry decline
132Wakana NanaSF132Semi-finalist"Wakana" and "Luna" duo

Miss iD 2019

This year, we will carry out "other recommended entries".Miss iD secretariat SNS (Twitter, Twitter, recommended personInstagram), And if there is a positive answer, encourage this entry again.[31].

In addition to Kobayashi, many Twitter DMs were sent from those who did not pass the document screening to Go Yoshida, a selection committee member, and we hurriedly held an interview with Kobayashi on June 2018, 6 and 15, 16.[32].. The "Our (Selection Committee) Failure Award" is given to those who have not been selected once, such as the resurrection group from this interview.

  • catch copy:The scenery where you are is this world
  • Qualifications: April 1980, 4-Women born April 2, 2007.Or a person whose sexuality is female.No matter what nationality, professional / amateur, unmarried / married, whether or not you have a lover, past mistakes, etc.Actress, model, song, dance, gravure, literature, writing, cartoon, anime, game, business, entrepreneurship, cosplay, picture, illustration, poetry, essay, sports, politics, philosophy, photography, fashion, design, styling, makeup, Have cooking, DJing, self-portraits, or anything else you like.Someone who doesn't have to know how to do something, not someone who waits for instructions[31].
  • 応募受付期間:(プレエントリー)2018å¹´3月2日 - 3月9日、(本エントリー)4月2日 - 5月13日(他薦エントリーは5月3日まで)
  • Announced by semi-finalists on July 2018, 7 and finalists on September 27, 9. Winners announced at "Miss iD Festival 21" on November 11th.
  • Selection Committee: Kazuma Ieiri, Go Osato, Seiko Oomori, Yui Kanno, Mel Kishida, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma,Atsushi Kano,Kageki Shimoda,Hot Acid Nameko, SKY-HI,Shintaro Tabata(No participation in the judging, no individual prize), Haruna Nakagoori, Kanae Higashi, Yuki Yamato, Go Yoshida
  • Approximately 3500 applicants, 145 semi-finalists (1 added later due to Re-Entry, 2 declined), 94 finalists (4 added later due to revival)
Major winners
Miss iD2019 Grand PrixTomomi Nakai(At the time of award, "friendship")
Miss iD2019 Semi-Grand PrixTomi(1st place in general voting)
Miss iD 2019Ayuna (Aphrodite), Mako Kinoshita, Moe Utashima,Sakina Tonchi,Tamu Nakano,Chihiro Nakamori,Chiaki Bimura,Mizusawa Yuno
"The scenery with you is this world-daytime-" awardIto lol, Risa Sakata, Rukapi
"The scenery you are in is this world-night-" awardTojo Polyurethane Yuran Yi, Sleeping,Mochizuki
Executive Committee Chairman Special AwardRion(Senior Rion)
145 semi-finalists → 98 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
85FriendshipAA085Miss iD2019 Grand PrixRenamed to "Tomonobu Nakai" on November 2019, 11[33]
83TomiAB083Miss iD2019 Semi-Grand Prix■
CHEERZ Award / Ah Photo Award
* 1st place in the general vote
19AyunaAC019Miss iD 2019Aphrodite(March 2019 -)
46Kinota MakoAC046Miss iD 2019
Our (selection committee) failure award
64Utashima MoeAC064Miss iD 2019
Our (selection committee) failure award / C-Channel award
Cap-type company Hyper Motivation (February 2016-June 2)
88Sakina TonchiAC088Miss iD 2019
C-Channel Award
Is it horrifying?(Miss iD2018 Survival Award) sister.fatal woman(April 2018 -),Youth High School 3rd Grade C(June 2019-),Youth High School 3rd Grade C Group Idol Club(September 2019 -)
90Tamu NakanoAC090Miss iD 2019Katamomi Girls(April 2012-April 4, under the name of "Yuri Ai Tauchi"), info.m@te -Infomate- (June 2015-May 4)
91Chihiro NakamoriAC091Miss iD 2019
114Chiaki BimuraAC114Miss iD 2019
Creative is the most graceful revenge award
Kazuma Ieiri Award
Star-Bright ★ REX (May 2015-July 5)
119Mizusawa YunoAC119Miss iD 2019
26Ito lolAD026"The scenery with you is this world-daytime-" award
55Risa SakataAD055"The scenery with you is this world-daytime-" award
144RukapiAD144"The scenery with you is this world-daytime-" award
82Tojo Polyurethane Yuran YiAE082"The scenery you are in is this world-night-" award
Bunta Shimizu Award
94SleepyAE094"The scenery you are in is this world-night-" awardHeisei Tomb Arashi (May 2018-)
125MochizukiAE125"The scenery you are in is this world-night-" awardMeiaihelp youth! (-July 2018), (March 7-)
139RionAF139Executive Committee Special Award
51Kevin BayashiBA051Metamorphose Award-Creative is the most graceful revenge award
59SakurakoBA059Metamorphose Award
145Reina PoodleBA145Metamorphose Award
16Ameno water surfaceBB016Creative is the most graceful revenge award
72Ayana TakahashiBB072Creative is the most graceful revenge award
Atsushi Shikano Award
140RihoBB140Creative is the most graceful revenge award
SKY-HI Award
1Moe AikasaBC001Survival awardAKB48(October 2011-March 12)
12Anio TenyuBC012Survival award
35Marlin tunaBC035Survival awardHeisei Tomb Arashi (April 2019-May 4)
118MishamusoBD118Inbound Idol Award
24Aoi IchijoBE024Awards that are more important to us than genderShy Rescue JPN (October 2015-April 10)
130YuuBE130Awards that are more important to us than gendersui sui (March 2021-, in the name of Yuki Sharaku)
11Azumi HikiBF011Bungei PrizeRenamed to "Izumo Nikki".avandoned(March 2019-February 3), innes (June 2020-)
25ItoBF025Bungei Prize
2Ayumi AizawaBG002Our (selection committee) failure awardAdvance to finalists in the revival selection committee recommendation frame,Ayumi AyumiRenamed to
31Air-inBG031Our (selection committee) failure award
6AoiBH006Sun and Moon Photogenic Award
30uraBH030Sun and Moon Photogenic Award
66ShiroikoBH066Sun and Moon Photogenic AwardHeisei Tomb Arashi (June 2019-)
89Yurika NakameiBH089Sun and Moon Photogenic Award
93Asami NatsumotoBI093Miss iD Zoo AwardHeart x Springs (Summer 2015-December 2016),Houpri Youth(January-June 2017, so far under the name of "Asami Tanaka")
7Mayu AoyamaBJ007Voicy AwardAdvance to finalists in the revival selection committee recommendation frame
29Imo Nyorai MeiBK029note award
67Shinkai SayaBL067C-Channel AwardOne Stopin Step (October 2016-May 10),Cosmetic robot(March-December 2018), renamed from "Shinkai Sara" in June 3
86TorenoCA086Go Osato Award
53Lake loveCB053Seiko Oomori Award
58Kasumi SakuraiCC058Yui Kanno Award
8AgatsumaCD008Kishida Mel Award
52Rio KotomiCE052Tsukasa Kobayashi AwardLet's Poco Poco(April 2016-March 8),re: miaw(March 2021 -)
101Fukui summerCF101Nobuyuki Sakuma Award
54Garbage onlyCG054Kageki Shimoda Award
108Maximum The FunatanCH107Emi Ikematsu Award
110Mayu MashiroCH110Nakagoori Warm Vegetable AwardAdvance to finalists in the CHEERZ frame of the resurrection battle
YOANI 1st year C group (September 2016-)
56SakiCI056Kanae Higashi Award
87永遠CJ087Yuki Yamato Award
126MonetCK126Go Yoshida Award
3Aisawa AriaF003FinalistAndcrazy(October 2013-March 3)
10Akira SumiF010Finalist
14Rina Amatou.F014FinalistDan te Lion (February 2018-)
17KillF017Finalistmistress (2016-July 2018)
22Ikeda SokiF022Finalist
27Aya ItoF027Finalist
37Shiori KatoF037Finalist
38Marin SogetsuF038FinalistAPOKALIPPPS(March 2017 -)
41Yueno KawaiF041Finalist
44Riho KawadaF044FinalistLast idol second generationProvisional members (April-May 2018)
48Kiyo no MonaF048Finalist
49Crocodile MiyuF049FinalistPecorino(2014-2019)
60Yuka SasakiF060FinalistSKE48(October 2013-March 2)
70Third-class pharmaceutical productsF070Finalist
71Ai TakanashiF071Finalist
75Aiko TanakaF075FinalistEntry decline
77Karin TsukizakiF077FinalistWhiteLaceZOKU (March 2016-)
78Tsukino ChiharuF078FinalistUnderground waiting for the first train (February 2018-)
79Yui TsukimoriF078FinalistEntry decline
81Tsubasa MinminF081FinalistMiss iD2018 finalist with the old name "Tsubasa Furuno".Active as a solo project "Harajuku Minmin".
92Shino NatsumeF092Finalist
98Rook childF098Finalist
99Eye eyeF099FinalistHeisei Tomb Arashi (March 2019-May 3)
100finsF100FinalistZOC(September 2018-October, under the name of "Fin Kitoki")
103Fujiwara AyanaF103FinalistAdvance to finalists in the revival selection committee recommendation frame
106HomareF106FinalistKansyaku no Hina (June 2017-)
112Ayaka MatsubaF112FinalistGunjouno Ulysses (February 2016-October 2)
116Mikazuki alsoF116Finalist
121Michelle AimiF121Finalist
123Miyakoshi Rainbow SeaF123Finalist
127Momokura peachF127Finalist
131Yuki TsumugiF131Finalist
143LushanF143FinalistHealthy Health Club → Healthy Health Club + (Operated by 2016-May 2018)
146Haruna WashinoF146Finalist
4Aiso MomokaSF004Semi-finalist
5Love, the end of the evening moonSF005Semi-finalistActive under the name of "End of Yuzuki".Miss iD2018 Semi-finalist (in the name of "Hajime, End of Yuzuki")
Heisei Tomb Arashi (Operated May 2018-) Heisei Tomb Arashi Tokitai (Operated March 5-)
13That girlSF013Semi-finalist
15Amane NyanSF015Semi-finalist
20Thank youSF020Semi-finalist
23Hitoshi IchikiSF023Semi-finalist
28Nanako ItoSF028Semi-finalist
32emSF032Semi-finalistkaamos from tokyo (Autumn 2016-)
34Natsumi KakinumaSF034Semi-finalist
39Deer eyesSF039Semi-finalistDOLLY ☆ POP (May 2018-)
40Camille CamilleSF040Semi-finalist
42Mai KawakamiSF042Semi-finalistEntry decline
43Tamari KawasakiSF043Semi-finalist
45Kikuchi YuzuSF045Semi-finalist
50Miko KurodaSF050Semi-finalist
57Ayumi SakumaSF057Semi-finalist
61May woman MomokoSF061Semi-finalistOfficial name "Monte Curious, Mayonna, Metamorphose, Mo, Momoko"
65Shaaya / SaayaSF065Semi-finalistCandye ♡ Syrup (June 2017-June 6, "Angel Saaya"),Don't end, night(October 2018-May 10, "Tenmantsuki Saya")
73JustSF073Semi-finalistZOMBIE LOLITA"Crazy Mees" (July 2018-)
74Koyomi TachibanaSF074Semi-finalist
84Aiyu TomiokaSF084Semi-finalist
96Naomi HayashiSF096Semi-finalistMirai skirt(Spring 2014-December 2016)
102Mai FujimotoSF102Semi-finalist
105Sana FurusawaSF105Semi-finalistSolo idol activity under the name of "Busujima Orochi"
109Makita Kana ゐSF109Semi-finalistMiss iD2018 finalist (declined due to poor physical condition)
111Princess McLaughlin AcadiaSF111Semi-finalist
117(private)SF117Semi-finalistEntry decline
120Yuki MizohataSF120Semi-finalist
128Morinaga MaidenSF128Semi-finalistEntry decline
133Miu YokoyamaSF133Semi-finalistInvincible Garu Frendo α (August 2018-)
134Erika NanaseSF134Semi-finalist
142Sakura Oto AiSF142Semi-finalist
147Haruka ShimoyamaSF147Semi-finalistSelected as a semi-finalist by Re-Entry. SOULMATE (October 2017-March 10, under the name of "Paruko")

Miss iD 2020

ReiwaFrom this year, which will be the first time since then, an "observer" will be newly established in addition to the selection committee members.It does not participate in camera tests or final interviews, but is supposed to back up Miss iD in every way.[34].

  • catch copy:The world is not one Rules, common sense, girls,Don't laugh at people's lives
  • Qualifications: April 1980, 4-A woman born April 2, 2008, who has a gender identity.Nationality, professional / amateur (whether or not they belong to an office), unmarried / married. SNS, actress, idol, model, song, dance, literature, cartoon, anime, game, entrepreneurship, gravure, cosplay, illustration, poetry, essay, sports, e-sports, politics, philosophy, photography, filmmaking, fashion, design, Creating new services, NPOs, cooking, songwriting, DJs, selfies, and whatever genre you like.[34]
  • 応募受付期間:(プレエントリー)2019å¹´3月6日 - 3月12日、(本エントリー)2019å¹´4月9日 - 5月19日
  • August 2019, 8 semi-finalist, September 1, finalist announced. Winners announced at "Miss iD Festival 9 -Graduation Ceremony-" on November 27.
  • Selection Committee: Seiko Oomori,Kawago Haruna, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma,Tanaka, Haruna Nakagoori, Yumetsuki (hair and makeup artist), Go Yoshida
  • Observers: Kazuma Ieiri, Ishi Girl, Rikiya Imaizumi, Go Osato, Yui Kanno, Mel Kishida, (Fashion Designer), Shue Jen Hwan, Natsumi Takenaka, Kanae Higashi, Madoka Yamazaki, Yuki Yamato,SKY-HI(Decline due to schedule),SPOTTED PRODUCTIONS(Takatoshi Naoi)
  • Approximately 3500 applicants, 158 semi-finalists (1 added later due to Re-Entry, 3 declined), 119 finalists (2 added later due to revival)
    • Mao is selected as a semi-finalist by charging a large amount by himself at Re-entry.Advance to the finalists by charging a large amount again in the resurrection battle.Controversial[35].
Major winners
Miss iD2020 Grand PrixLina Kahafiza
Miss iD2020 Semi-Grand PrixI'm glad I was born to a hamster's son
Miss iD 2020Stomach tongue Mi, Sakura Ishiguro, Nana Ishibashi (1st place in the general vote,KissBeeWEST), Eni, Kei, Nao Tsunezumi, Jona Tojo, Amane Nakasugi, Payachino, Ramunetan
Miss iD Up NextHina Kikuchi, Kurea Kurebayashi, Rio Namiki, yuika
Don't laugh at people's lives.賞awardikill,Date, Muranishi Satoyo,Moenyan
158 semi-finalists → 121 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
14Lina KahafizaAA014Miss iD2020 Grand Prix
ViVi Award
96I'm glad I was born to a hamster's sonAB096Miss iD2020 Semi-Grand Prix
15Substomach tongue myAC015Miss iD 2020
18Sakura IshiguroAC018Miss iD 2020
19Nana IshibashiAC019Miss iD 2020
Miss People's Choice Award (CHEERZ & Ah Photo Award) *
* 1st place in the general vote,KissBeeWEST(Activities under the name of "Mana Ishibashi", 2018-)
28EniAC028Miss iD 2020
Madoka Yamazaki Award
Miss Todai Grand Prix
46KeiAC046Miss iD 2020
77Nao TsunezumiAC077Miss iD 2020
Sakabe mikio award
80Jonah TojoAC080Miss iD 2020
82Amane NakasugiAC082Miss iD 2020
97PayachinoAC097Miss iD 2020
Bungei Prize / Tanaka Prize
153RamunetanAC153Miss iD 2020
39Kikuchi HimanaAD039Miss iD Up Next
45KurebayashiAD045Miss iD Up Next
88Rio NamikiAD088Miss iD Up Next
141yuikaAD141Miss iD Up Next
17ikillAE017"Don't laugh at people's lives." Award
76DateAE076"Don't laugh at people's lives." AwardMiss iD2018 finalist (at that time "Moeka Susaki"),RAYHABER(2019 -)
130Satoyo MuranishiAE130"Don't laugh at people's lives." AwardYouth High School 3rd Grade C(October 2018-March 4)
134MoenyanAE134"Don't laugh at people's lives." AwardDouble Happiness (2020-2021), innes (2021-)
131Kasumi MurayamaBA131Survival award
111Tomoko HoshiBB111Super Nova Award
Yumetsuki Award
120ManaBB120Super Nova Award
ViVi Award / Cabaret Culture Department Award (Natsumi Takenaka Award)
63World HiroshiBC063Art Award
71Sawa TamuraBD071Genius Award
79Δ YuraBD079Genius Award
13Am WayBE013it girl awardTry Kyururin("Nigemizu Amu", January 2021-)
1AiriBF001TOKYO Black Hole AwardMiss iD2017 finalist (at that time "Airi Kaneko")
37CaronalBF037TOKYO Black Hole AwardYouth High School 3rd Grade C("Ayane Konuma, May 2018-March 5)
106Komachi FujimiyaBF106TOKYO Black Hole AwardMIGMA SHELTER("Komachi", 2017-2018),Google gourl(2018-2020). Activities under the name of "piece"
140Momose YasunagaBG140Tsukuru Genius Award
152YonekoBG152Tsukuru Genius AwardBELLRING Shoujo Heart(2015-2016),MIGMA SHELTER(2017-2018)
9AshleyBH009Activist Award
7Chihiro AsakiBI007Fair play award
VoCE Award
58Object of faith (not this person!)BJ058Executive Committee Special Award
145The end of the evening monthBJ145Executive Committee Special AwardMiss iD 2018/2019 Semifinalist
Heisei Tomb Arashi (2018-2019)
61SparrowBK061Photogenic Award
VoCE Award
62RyosoriBK062Photogenic Award
74ChichiBK074Photogenic Award
75ChanmeiBK075Photogenic Award
112ほ のBK112Photogenic AwardRenamed to "Yume Maro"
155凜BK155Photogenic Award
52さ く らBL052Next Level Idol AwardEMOE(2018 -)
108HechiBL108Next Level Idol AwardEMOE(2018 -)
125Cape IlBL125Next Level Idol AwardOpera Torpe (2018-2020)
116LoserBM116sound of voice award
146YubeshiBM146sound of voice award
114Uncle PomeranianBN114Handmade award
42Kusaka NanamiBP042SPOTTED賞
84NatashaBQ084ViVi Award
66Saeka SomeiBR066VoCE Award / Yui Kanno Award
128Miyamoto NatsuhanaBR128VoCE Award / Go Osato Award
23Rinko EmaruBS023FRIDAY award
30Manami KakimoriCA030Rikiya Imaizumi Award
43Nine waves AroCB043Seiko Oomori Award
81Neighboring GyozaCC081Kawago Hina Award
64Folding fanCD064Kishida Mel Award
100Hinome AmiCE100Tsukasa Kobayashi Award
95HanamiCF095Nobuyuki Sakuma Award
129MinminCG129Nakagoori Warm Vegetable Award
126MiyagamiCH126Go Yoshida Award
4Osamu AoyaF004Finalist
12Amamiya coming and comingF012Finalist
20Airi IchisakaF020Finalist
25Rimi UenoF025FinalistTeam Kurerekko! (2017),PiiiiiiiN(2018-202p)
26Ayami UrushimaF024FinalistNanaland("Ayami Makino", 2017-2018), LOVEbite (2019-)
29カ オ スF029Finalist
32Home economicsF032FinalistSelected as a finalist in 2nd place in the resurrection battle
35Beech tree KirikoF035Finalist
38Sugano SerinaF038FinalistAxib project(2018-2019)
48Rei KonishiF048Finalist
49This world is over.F049FinalistStella Sugarette("Sekai", 2019-)
53Firefly SatsukiF053Finalist
55Nana ShiinaF055Finalist
59Mayuko SugiyamaF059Finalist
65Thought ParaF065FinalistHeisei Tomb Arashi (2018-2019), The Grateful a MogAAAz (2019)
73Circle of wisdom KagomeF073Finalistカ フ カAnd the Circle of Wisdom (2019-)
78Tissu'/ Tissu'F078Finalist
83Nagisawa Karin (DUTCH BABY'S)F083Finalist
86Natsuko NatsukoF086Finalist
90Concussion Rabbit Erica KochanF090Finalist
93Ai HashimotoF093FinalistPaprica ("Lululu", 2015-2016), DOPINGBERRY (2016-2017), Elephant Garden (2018-2020)
99Jade bellF099Finalist
102Kaname HirayoshiF102Finalist
105Itsuki FujiiF105Finalist
107Nana FujimuraF107Finalist
110Erika HoshiF110Finalist
117magical ponikaF117Finalist
118Masashi-chanF118FinalistActive under the name of "Aiuemasiko".SAKA-SAMA(2017-2019),APOKALIPPPS(2019 -)
119Izumi MatsumotoF1109Finalist
132Hina UF132Finalist
139F139FinalistIDOLATER (2019-)
147Yumean YumeF147Finalist
149YuriannuF149FinalistKazuko UtsumiDaughter of
Futuristic weapon mofu→Theatrical version Gokigen Empire(2016), Heisei Tomb Arashi (2018-2019),XTEEN(2019)
151Yoshida hereF151FinalistChiba CLEAR'S(2017-2019), YuiCoco (2019)
158Ritsu WatanabeF158Finalist
159Nnesaka ArisaF159Finalist
160CoatF160FinalistRe-Entry.Heisei Tomb Arashi (2019)
5Akayoshi sleetSF005Semi-finalist
10Moe GazumaSF010Semi-finalist
16Japanese grosbeakSF016Semi-finalist
24Ibis Garden TokiSF024Semi-finalist
31Miki KashimaSF031Semi-finalistadot → Awakening adot (2018-)
33Playing soundSF033Semi-finalist
36Kamitan.SF036Semi-finalistBeware of runaway! Melty Princess (2018-2019)
47Kana GotoSF047Semi-finalist
50Mizuki KobayashiSF050Semi-finalistSiAM & POPTUNE(2017-2018)
51Komaba SherrySF049Semi-finalist
56Shinano PoyoSF056Semi-finalist
67Takaki WakoSF067Semi-finalist
69Kotoko TakeuchiSF069Semi-finalist
91Yesper Maho-chanSF091Semi-finalist
92Kiyotaka HaimuraSF092Semi-finalist
94Marina HanadaSF094Semi-finalist
101180 mlSF101Semi-finalist
103Mitsusaki HirotaSF103Semi-finalist
109Bessho YoshikoiSF109Semi-finalistKyawaru TORNADO(2016 -)
121Truth loveSF121Semi-finalist
122(private)SF122Semi-finalistEntry decline
124Mizukoto YunaSF124Semi-finalist
127Nana MiyagawaSF127Semi-finalist
137Morita unemployedSF137Semi-finalist

Miss iD 2021

Impact of 2019 coronavirus infectionAs a result, it has become a policy to enter and select online only until August 2020.Therefore, at the time of application, in addition to the photo, a self-promotion video within 8 seconds is required, and all applicants will be posted on the Miss iD official website.[36]..Of these, the top 100 CHEERZ events and those selected by the selection committee will proceed to the camera test.[37].

In addition, one person with excellent results in the CHEERZ ranking, which is counted from the date of advancement to the finalists, will be unconditionally confirmed to receive the Miss iD1 (the usual "general voting frame").

  • catch copy:Even after the time of dreaming,My own story
  • Qualifications: April 1980, 4-Women born April 2, 2009, those with a gender identity.Nationality, professional / amateur (whether or not they belong to an office), unmarried / married.Actress, model, gravure, singer, idol, dancer, YouTuber, variety, influencer, activist (social activist), sports, laughter, talent, photo, subject, movie, video production, sound creator, singer-songwriter, Japanese rock , Western music, HIPHOP, K-POP, DJ, radio, literature, manga, anime, games, illustrations, clothing design, business, science, politics, philosophy, cooking, volunteers, commentators, beauty, Japanese culture, travel, Any other genre you like.[36]
  • Application acceptance period: (this entry) April 2020, 4-May 18
  • October 2020, 10 Semi-finalist announcement[38].. November 11th Finalist announcement. Winners announced at the "Miss iD 20 Graduation Ceremony" on April 2021, 4.
  • Selection Committee: (LEBECCA boutique General Director), Rikiya Imaizumi, Go Osato, Seiko Oomori, Hina Kawago, Yui Kanno, Mel Kishida, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma,Noah Sato, She is (,),Garden, SPOTTED PRODUCTIONS (Takatoshi Naoi),Asako Tsuji(Representative of arca),Makoto Toda, Muneko Nemoto,Pierre Nakano, Yumetsuki, Go Yoshida
  • 2676 applicants, 660 camera test advancers (including 100 advancers from "Start Dash Event Road to Camera Test", 2021 advancers from "Miss iD13 Resurrection Battle"), 405 semi-finalists (Re-Entry) 4 additional due to), 194 finalists (4 added due to resurrection)
Major winners
Miss iD2021 Grand PrixMaho(OtomeSyndream)
Amazing Miss iD2021Jorōgumo Popi, White Group, Marui, Taro Monogatari, Yuu, Kotori Ichigaya (Electric ribbon), Muraka Minagisa, Tsuzuri Yura,Poetry feather(Wednesday Campanella), Yuriko Tanaka,Saeko Kondo(# Bubba Bambi, People's Choice)
Miss iD2021 UP NEXTRomu, Hanna
Award even after the time of dreamingMatsutani
Executive Committee Chairman Special AwardAi Uehara
409 semi-finalists → 198 finalists
#Name at the time of entryAwardRemarks
2605MahoMahoAA2605Miss iD2021 Grand PrixMaiden Shin Dream (2018-)
934JiyorokumohohiJorōgumo PopiAC0934Amazing Miss iD2021
16Hiya-kunWhite groupAC0016Amazing Miss iD2021
Survival Award / Seiko Oomori Award
960MaruiMaruiAC0960Amazing Miss iD2021Tamayura Academy(2019-),Yoshimotozaka 46(2019 -)
1682TaroTaro storyAC1682Amazing Miss iD2021
Shuko Nemoto Award
A duo of "Apricot Yu" and "Kane"
1688frame湧F1688Amazing Miss iD2021Marie Louise (2016-)
1368Strawberry KotoriKotori IchigayaAC1368Amazing Miss iD2021
Yumetsuki Award
Electric ribbon(2020-2021)
2538Murakami SakisaMuraka MinagisaF2538Amazing Miss iD2021
Pierre Nakano Award
1072Tsutsuri YuraYura TsuzukuAC1072Amazing Miss iD2021
330UtahaPoetry featherAC0330Amazing Miss iD2021
Akazawa El Award
Wednesday Campanella(2021 -)
1783Yuriko TanakaYuriko TanakaAC1783Amazing Miss iD2021
2673Konto SaekoSaeko KondoA2673Amazing Miss iD2021
People's Choice (1st place in the general vote).FES ☆ TIVE(2018-2020),# Bubba Bambi(2021-).Miss iD2018 finalist
981RomuRomuAD0981Miss iD2021 UP NEXT
VoCE Award
577HannaHannaAD0577Miss iD2021 UP NEXT
968To MatsutaniMattaniAE0968Award even after the time of dreaming
124Ai UeharaAi UeharaAF0124Executive Committee Special Award
1240YukaYukaBA1240CHEERZ AwardColorful scream(2018 -)
2607Efuchi Yuramu MarieEbuturamu MarieiBB2607Body Positive & Empowerment Award
1210EasyOjasuBC1210Happy award
1307NukohanchiNukopanchiBC1307Happy award
1825OshinosaraOshino SaraBD1825Brand new life award
1917Yu TatsuyaYu TatsuyaBE1917Broadway award
1492Yuki HashimotoYuki HashimotoBF1492World Award for ordinary girls to talk about politics normallyUnder the name of "Sakurayuki"Steam girls(2012-2014),Alice JubanActive as (2014-2019).Shibuya WardAssembly member (2019-)
1404Manako KomoriManako KomoriBG1404Amulet prizeTo("Manaco Chi Manaco", 2019), killmilky (2020-)
524AokiranRan AokiBH0524Dual Career Award
1110KokuyukiKuni KojiBI1110Spirit award
1168MehachikoStyeBI1168Spirit award
1591To HinoshimoBeauty slaveBI1591Spirit award
1022FushirinkoFuji appleBJ1022Sister Hood Award
323TsuyukiRoasted woodBJ0323Sister Hood Award
481HeianSafeBJ0481Sister Hood Award
2072Don't followDon't miss the moonBJ2072Sister Hood Award
1100We areYuno TachibanaBK1100Your universe won't break
928MihoMihoBK0928Your universe won't break
2154NekishinatsukiNatsuki NegishiBK2154Your universe won't break
1136UtsukiRain monthBL1117An award that conveys words in any way
636Asami SenseiAsami SenseiBM0636"To me a year ago" award
2312Nana no NeruSeven lyrics sleepBN2312All right, all the talents other than living every day are awards
2509SusutanekoSuzuda catBN2509All right, all the talents other than living every day are awards
1766Ayako OkawaFumiko OgawaBO1766Daily, vessel and world award
456Ah, I'm a MinchikatsuAh, minced meat cutletBP0456Smells Like Teen Spirit AwardActivities under the names of "Chisato Tensui" and "Chisatio" (at the time of award, "Chisatio")
2297Ayaka KaitaAyaka KaidaBP2297Smells Like Teen Spirit AwardHigh school girl Miscon 2020 Okinawa representative
1768Teiki YuWeepingBP1768Smells Like Teen Spirit Award
1632Okumi YuMiyu OkunoBQ1632Namaiki Zakari AwardCRAYONS(2016 -)
2151YushiyaYujaBR2151NEW ERA Award
1142Takano YunikoUnico TakanoBS1142Next Break Musician AwardNECO ASOBI
712Kawasaki LeonKawasaki LeonBS0712Next Break Musician Awardmasunoism (2020-)
859Nakamichi HikiHibiki Nakamichi (Bibi Genius)BT0859Lucky Music Heroine AwardTsukihaju (2019-)
479Ashiuri NakoRinako AsiuBU0479Angel Award
1176Mochitsuki EmiAimi MochizukiBV1176The singing voice is the Hope AwardDESURABBITS(2013 -)
977KanonKanami SatoBV0977The singing voice is the Hope Award
1037IkechiyanIke-chanBW1037VoCE Award / Bungei Prize
50TotsuhokiTteokbokkiBW0050VoCE Award, ViVi Award, Rikiya Imaizumi Award
1380YafuYabushita shore hempBX1380ViVi Award / Next Generation Model Award
591MessashieiMelissa JBY0591Next Generation Model Award
82Narumi KanonNarumi HananeBZ0082Next Actless Award
1498KihoeriErika KiboBZ1498Next Actless AwardYanchan Gakuen Music Club(2017-2020)
1621Heartheart.BZ1621Next Actless Award
623AmanosakiKiki AmanoBZ0623Next Actless AwardShibu3 project(July 2021, 4 -)
1563Hata MihoMiho HatanoBZ1563Next Actless Award
312あ や ねAyaneCA0312Fighting heroine award, Asako Tsuji award
1642Oni HentaiOni @ Hentai Literature University StudentCB1642FRIDAY Award / Bungei Heroine Award from Kodansha Literary Strategy Team
1248AsukaAsukaCC1248Photogenic Award
2038Oh YuinaOh YuinaCC2038Photogenic AwardCMYK (2017-2018), Merry Bad End (2018-)
107EasyRei KandaCC0107Photogenic Award
2064KohatoKobatoCC2064Photogenic Award
1983I will not forgive youUnforgivable sisterCD1983Interesting de award
ZOZO Award
2355Kanon UraraUrara KanonCE2355New Generation Porn Star Award
1308Ishihara no SomiNozomi IshiharaCE1308New Generation Porn Star Award
1504Shizuka ItoShizuna ItoCF1504Next Gravure Queen Award
1942Aoyama MikotoMikoto AoyamaCF1942Next Gravure Queen AwardSkiss Gilkiss (2019)
1972KometsufuCrushedCF1972Next Gravure Queen Award
142MurasenoMuranoCF0142Next Gravure Queen Award
700EssCG0700Soul gravure award
2675Komori fireflyKomori ほたるCH2675Gravure award for girls
554MeiMeiCH0554Gravure award for girls
436GhostYuukiCI0436Gravure Potential Award
1915Konima AmeitoKonima MaidCI1915Gravure Potential Award
499TsuanTsangCI0499Gravure Potential AwardAt the time of award, "Hoho Tsang"
1676Tsuho ChikisekiTsubouchi KisekiCI1676Gravure Potential AwardActive under the name of "Tsubouchi Nozomi Century". NDP Girls (2014), BELLY BUTTON (2014-2016),Virgin button(2016-2017)
2437Good morningKoharuCJ2437Book and Actress Award
1895ChiyachiyaChacha.CK1895Expressor Award
1033Hero catPeronekoCK1033Expressor Award
2544TsunakanTuna canCL2544Photographer Award
1201UmichikeUM! ChiyaCM1201Art Award
1672Mirei YuheruMireille / BellCM1672Art Award
2517Yu NamuraMinamimuraCN2517Edge! Award
2557ShiyunkouSpring GongCN2557Outsider AwardActivities under the name of "Kira Harukou"
535ImetasoImetasoof CO0535SUZURI Award / ZOZO Award
1495FleetingFleeting flowersof CO1495SUZURI AwardPublished in the magazine "RollingStoneJapan vol.11" (August 2020 issue), planning and scriptwriting for the short film "Let's blame Kanagi Sato" (8)
565MahiroMankoCP0565World-changing clothing award
2501Era IchiyanGreat ChanCQ2501Tsukuru Genius AwardHeisei Tomb Arashi wEST
1543IrinLee LinDA1543Go Osato Award
1126I can do itSeven Holy RuaDB1126Kawago Hina AwardWhite Campus III (-2020), Challenge Girls !! (2020-)
338Katakura no UaKatakura NovaDC0338Yui Kanno Award
877YukesaraYuge Saki AiDD0877Tsukasa Kobayashi Award
616RollKOROMODE0616Nobuyuki Sakuma Awardmeme tokyo.(2019-2021)
265Serona007DF0265Noah Sato Award
1695ToriitoriiDG1695she is award
879Take itSuetsugu drillDI0879Makoto Toda AwardSelected as a semi-finalist by Re-Entry.Saotome Yumi's (Phantom.no) Is a twin sister
1111NoiaNOIADJ1111Go Yoshida Award
42SeaSeaF0042* Zutaboro's Counterattack Award
96NakochiNakochiF0096* Creative Heroine Award
133QuietSoundless ash soundF0133* Unreal Kingdom Award
139NamahamukoProsciutto (ex. Aoringo-chan)F0139* Creative Heroine Award
158Yuko Yurufuwa MihoshinYurufuwa Widow YukoF0158* Hope Widow Award
262KanousaikoKano Chain Iko aka45 Sai-chanF0262* Awards that are not too late to dream
268SakukawaionSakugawa Great SoundF0268* Best Idol AwardRYUKYU IDOL(2013-2015),Ragunburu(2016 years),FES ☆ TIVE(2021-Renamed to "Onodera Great Sound")
335NahanaumiRape blossom UkaiF0335* Mode's child award
373Yaki MinamiMinami YagiF0373* Individuality faction awardIDOLATER (2019-2020)
430Walnut walnutKaneda walnutF0430* Dancing Queen AwardKissBeeYouth(2020 -)
476EggplantNazuna NonoharaF0476* Soul cartoonist award
477Yoshisawa ChikaChika YoshizawaF0477* Revolver Award2o Love to Sweet Bullet(2019-2020)
Changed the name to "death anniversary" when the finalist was selected
487ChiyamameChamameF0487* Potential awardActivities under the name of "Sakura Meina"
491Hitomi ShinHitomi SuzuneF0491* Effort is a prize that does not lie
492Kiseki AmuPyroxene AmuF0492* I'm supporting you who started to act for your dreams Award
495Mahiro InoueMayu InoueF0495* Potential award
504Kuri-sanMr. KuriiF0504* Mental Journey AwardActivities under the name of "Fumika Kurii"
530KurioriRiku KurioF0530* Best Nuance Actress Award
553Asuka WatanaheAsuka WatanabeF0553* Naked heart award
582Matsu KirariMatsui KirariF0582* Creative Heroine Award
628With a sneak peekMizuki OzoraF0582* Fight Song-Only the heart that never gives up will grab a dream-Prize2o Love to Sweet Bullet(2018 -)
744Minami KayaKayo MinamiF0744* Neo Actress Awardoxymor ≠ n (2020-)
793KiraraKirara (Kimchi Pirates)F0793* Anti-hero awardMiss iD2018 Semifinalist ("Ultramarine Kirara")
820ShirakawamariMari ShirakawaF0820* Award to the outside of the world
863さ く らSakuranF0863* Beauty genius awardNue (2019-2020)
872Yuwill get F0872* Global Beauty AwardActivities under the name of "Yu Taniuchi"
882MikaMikaF0882FinalistEntry decline
909KarinKarinF0909* Your next prize
1015ChieruCheerF1015* Drummer Songwriter Award
1039KanniyanKang NyanF1039* You can be anythingPlanck Stars (2018-)
1043Bear UnakoNanako KumaouF1043* Evolving Internet Songwriter AwardOolonghihat (2017-)
1047MinaserinLin MinaseF1047* Special existence award
1129YokarenBessho YoshikoiF1129FinalistMiss iD2020 Semifinalist.Kyawaru TORNADO(2017-) Decline entry
1135NaokaNaokaF1135* Goodbye award for boring days
1219Inoue ArisuInoue AliceF1219* Every Day Princess Award
1229There is a certain hiyonshiyuuAN: RB40F1229* A INNOCENCE Award
1244BaboonRico HibiyaF1244* OZAKI Award
1246ChikuwaChikuwaF1246* Naniwa's Great Star Awardhusky (2018-)
1323KunshiMonjiF1323* Best Emo Award
1329Aosora RinkoBlue sky appleF1329* Innocence Award
1356Takata peachTakada peachF1356* Ordinary heroine awardKamiyado(2019 -)
1359HansaimanBanzai ManF1359* Crazy BABY Award
1386Muraki AmikaMuraki AmikaF1386* Delusion Beautiful Girl AwardOyayubi Princess(2016 years),Nishi Kanazawa Girls' Group(2018-), Ansophie (2019-2020)
1425Imoto MikuniMikuni ImotoF1425* Actor Junky Award
1464Hinako KakuraKagura HinakoF1464* Pretty Inn Pink Award
1473YomechiyanDaughter-in-lawF1473* Strongest Cosplayer Award
1509AwfulTadashi AwaiF1509* Photograph and reading award
1555Gill gillWeiko WeiF1555* World Maiden Award
1593FurutaterinaRina FurudateF1593* Completely colorless and transparent actress award
1601OkotayuniNada UniF1601* Creative Idol AwardTurn it!Groove Development Department (2019-2020)
1604Akahei HiiAka babyF1604* HIPHOP Junky AwardCatty cat (2020-)
1626Miyashi SaikaMiyaji SaikaF1626* Your name is the Hope Award
1644PhosphorusPhosphorusF1644* Dancing Poemer Award
1675Misumi MinuWater Water Water MinuF1675* Slapstick Girl Award
1710KarinNatsuRinF1710* Music and model award
1751Kansaki NaoNao KanzakiF1751* Dream award I've been watching for a long time
1795IoriIoriF1795* Cinematic Award
1801Isumi YuriYuri IzumiF1801* Creative Junky Award
1838PeelMugiF1838* Whisper Voice Award
1846Kohina TarikoRiko KohinataF1846* Sunday morning heroine awardBuzzly (2019-)
1876Ruka TamakeeLucatama curryF1876* Curry and Music AwardActive under the name of "Lukatama".Melon field a go go(2018-2020)
1892Ohata YuiOhata YuiF1892* Too bright future award
1947Ami AmuaiAmi amuayF1947* Award for someone who can live tomorrow with your song
1953TerashiTerajiF1953* Best Illustrator Award
1959Sato Sukuname EchiyanLess sugar ~ chanF1873* Clumsy Director Award
2111FlowerPanaF2111* Creative Idol Award
2141It's crazyRyona MakaiF2141* Your shining pretending prize before your lifeLe Siana(2012-2016),Glitter ☆ Unforent(2016-2020)
2189Mitsuhashi AnniyuMitsuhashi AnnyuF2189* Girl culture freestyle awardO'CHAWANZ("Joshu Annu", 2018-2019), acting as "MC Annyu"
2190KokoromeiHeart bloomF2190* Beauty award that is a reason for someone to liveMouai Gravity("Koume Koro", 2019-2020),iLiFE!(2020 -)
2215RinoRenoF2215FinalistActivities under the name of "Rino Nakajima" Entry declined
2267Amemiya MiyuMiyu AmemiyaF2267* Infinite ∞ Possibility Award
2344Isumi FuyuIsumi MafuyuF2344* Eternal Girl Award
2350Kanna HantaPlane PandaF2350* The world is a prize that you cannot take your eyes offGod's lie. ("Kamimu Kumaneko". 2018-2019). Renamed to "Nyamu Empire" and acted as "Okusuri no Mue Education Telebi"
2353FukaFukaF2353* My own story awardAppeared in the movie "He Won't Kill and She Won't Kill" Appeared in the magazine "JELLY" Appeared in the Skapar morning Twitter drama "Zurukyu"
2375YuteroUTEROF2375* All awards leading to musicyumegiwa last girl (in the name of "Yumegiwa Rin")
2380Yuki MatsumuraYuki MatsumuraF2380* Soccer and actress award
2411MitsuMitsuwoF2411* The Serious World's Kojirase Heroine AwardMIGMA SHELTER("Misony". 2019-2020)
2423Sekaiichi is so cuteThe cutest Xiaolongbao in the worldF2423* Absolute Idol AwardSAKA-SAMA("Seto Mana". 2018-2019),avandoned("Nap". 2019-2020),re: miaw("Nene Hirune". 2021-)
2435IjimaWijimaF2435* Good woman awardMiss iD2017 Semifinalist.Advance to finalists in the resurrection battle
2460RisaRisaF2460* Clumsy love prizePEReSTOLOICA (2020-).Advance to finalists in the resurrection battle
2468Sakamoto NorikoNoriko SakamotoF2468* Genius Award for walking straight in the dark
2477ParaisoPARAISOF2442* Music award that does not change the worldA duo music unit by "Lyn" and "Gaki"
2494FluffyFluffyF2494* Metamorphose Award
2507CombNine o'clockF2507* Hey, is it the prize to save the universe?
2536Kaori HoshinoKaori HoshinoF2536* Seiyu Award
2561Sakura SanaSakura SanaF2561* Award for making the world happyTHE Beers (2010-). Selected as a semi-finalist by Re-Entry
2599Kurota KisakuKurotaki SakuF2599* Universal Nori Award
2608Komakata MayuTop eyebrowsF2608* Look inside the cuteness on the top
2622WhitenoobF2622* Imagination Queen AwardMaiden Shin Dream ("Shiro", 2017-)
2627Yuuki KimotoYuki KimotoF2627* Ageless Icon AwardSDN48(2010-2012)
2643RinkasaiRinka SaiF2625* Dancing Queen AwardMaiden Shin Dream ("Rinka", 2018-)
2646Matsuoka KanaseNanase MatsuokaF2646* Magic Voice AwardAIKATSU ☆ STARS!(2015-2018)
2658LilylilyF2658* Bitter Sweet Beauty AwardTHE 118's (2017-)
2663Miyakawa NanaNana MiyagawaF2663* Sense Genius Award
2676OtamitsukiMizuki OtaF2645* Henkai Superstar AwardBakufu Monsu-n (2020-)
4To the peachTo the peachSF0004Semi-finalist
24InsteadMaple.SF0024Semi-finalistSCREAM (2020-)
48Satsuki IkeIkeda SokiSF0048Semi-finalistMiss iD2019 finalist
75Shinsei Muritane HirunechyanLife is impossible, Hirune-chanSF0075Semi-finalist
86Kuromiya guyKuromiya TsubasaSF0086Semi-finalist
90NorimariMari NojiriSF0090Semi-finalist
94Kan no ManaMana KaminoSF0094Semi-finalist
159Let's MiuraRyo MiuraSF0159Semi-finalist
160Come onSaAyaSF0160Semi-finalist
177RokichiiRokitiSF0177Semi-finalistAt Seventeen(- 2018)
181Yuri RiriYuriririrISF0181Semi-finalist
195Kikan SaechiyanReturn Sae-chanSF0195Semi-finalist
286Shinosaki no SomiShinozaki hopeSF0286Semi-finalistTick ​​☆ tik (2016-2017),Kamikaze sensation(2018-2019)
298Mitsuki tooMoe MitsukiSF0296Semi-finalistA Little Bit (2020)
316Good time UyuUyuSF0316Semi-finalist
328AtsukunAkunSF0328Semi-finalistMiss iD2018, 2020 ("Morita unemployed") semi-finalist
Heisei Tomb Arashi, Heisei Tomb Arashi Phantom Corps
394Kurone KokoyomiBlack cat calendarSF0394Semi-finalist
412Is thereAlisaSF0412Semi-finalist
415Shine4neneSF0336Semi-finalistActing under the name of "Die"
441Finding HimetsukiHimetsuki MikkeSF0441Semi-finalist
442Is it fluffy?Airi FukasawaSF0442Semi-finalist
449ThatThat child.SF0449Semi-finalist
508Turning overCircumferenceSF0476Semi-finalistSanctuary (2019-2020)
589DarknessMr. darknessSF0589Semi-finalistGirl model (2018-), phantom girl
590LunaLunaSF0590Semi-finalistActivities under the name "Don't Chitose"
629More KawamiyuYorikawa not connectedSF0629Semi-finalist
656Name KihoNozomi IkuseSF0656Semi-finalist
665Watana HemaoMao WatanabeSF0665Semi-finalist
667sootTinSF0667Semi-finalistSugar & Solt (2016-)
675Nori seaweedRie UenoSF0675Semi-finalist
708NakoNakoSF0708Semi-finalistLuna Bip Snap (2020-)
713RokurokurokuRokurokuSF0713Semi-finalistLAST IN MY CULT (2019-)
718Yukari ItoYukari ItoSF0718Semi-finalist
732Shirakami here tooShirakami's desireSF0732Semi-finalist
734Namohei HiiNamo BabySF0734Semi-finalist
752Hisanaka SaraSaraku KuninagaSF0752Semi-finalistMiss Magazine2020 finalist
765MitsukiMitsu seasonSF0765Semi-finalist
770Amane ManaMana AmemiyaSF0770Semi-finalist
779AkahaRed flower peelingSF0779Semi-finalist
789CoughSeiki SaiSF0789Semi-finalist
805Yuki IshiharaYuki IshiharaSF0805Semi-finalistIDO ☆ HOLIC (2018-2019)
817I'm hereAfternoonSF0817Semi-finalist
832YumisashiyaRaw fruit SasaSF0832Semi-finalist
843Yutori Tsuko's fluffYutotawa's shitSF0719Semi-finalist"Karin" and "Honoka" duo
848Hinata HakaseHakase HinataSF0848Semi-finalist
849There is a touchArisa SawashiroSF0849Semi-finalist
856Rinko SatoRinko SatoSF0856Semi-finalistRingwanderung(2019 -)
885Let's goAi ShinjoSF0885Semi-finalistMaby ME(2019 -)
903otherotherSF0903Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "hatano"
904Well AkaoMarakaoSF0904Semi-finalist
922AsahirenaChaoyang RenaSF0922Semi-finalistAnemOne (2020-)
942Amami and SarasaSarasa AmamiyaSF0942Semi-finalist
955Sakura MokoSakura MokoSF0955Semi-finalistHONEY POPCORN(2018 - ),Ebisu Muscats(2018 -)
956Is there anySuenaga ArcaSF0956Semi-finalist
974Aoki AkaneAoki AokiSF0974Semi-finalist
979Depression IchiyanUshi-chan!SF0979Semi-finalistActive under the name of "Yuka Ushida".Chita daughter.("Taketoyo Otohime" (2nd generation), 2014-)
1017AsahiAsahi nightSF1017Semi-finalistSelected as a semi-finalist by Re-Entry
1030Pillow KeishiyashitoPillow geishaSF1030Semi-finalist
1035Hoshinaka KokomiKokomi HoshinakaSF1035Semi-finalist
1053SushiZushiSF1053Semi-finalistLife is a dream (2017-)
1057RotsutonruiRotten RuiSF1057Semi-finalist
1059Asaiko HaruShinharu AsaiSF1059Semi-finalist
1073Kanaki YuKanai ballSF1073Semi-finalist
1103Kakehashi HinaHinaSF1103Semi-finalist
1123Amaka IkuronaKurona AmeyaSF1123Semi-finalist
1163Harahe KoraraHarape KoraraSF1163Semi-finalist
1172Let's kunGunjiSF1172Semi-finalist
1192Light and gentlePoose gentleSF1192Semi-finalist
1259What isRabbit horse figSF1259Semi-finalist
1263Hinata HasekawaHinata HasegawaSF1263Semi-finalist
1267Katamine HonokaHonoka KatamineSF1267Semi-finalist
1283MonikamutsuMoenika MutsuSF1283Semi-finalist
1320Yua YataYui YamashitaSF1320Semi-finalistWhite Campus III (-2020), Challenge Girls !! (2020-)
1333Rinka SakataRin SakataniSF1333Semi-finalistMy Best Friend (2021-)
1371FinallyKotone SaitoSF1371Semi-finalist
1364No muchSF1377Semi-finalist
1378Shinano HoyoShinano PoyoSF1378Semi-finalist
1388Matsuoka HanaMatsuoka HanaSF1388Semi-finalist
1396Sere NamikaSerena MikaSF1396Semi-finalist
1403Kuroi TsumiIzumi KuroiSF1403Semi-finalist
1429Yuka KashiwakiYuka KashiwagiSF1429Semi-finalist
1440Lily lidYuri FutabaSF1403Semi-finalistSunny! Harajuku("Amatsuki Yuri", 2016-2018), Skylarmoon (2019-).Miss iD2017 Semifinalist
1451That hekotokoThat bekotokoSF1451Semi-finalistActivities under the name of "Kotoko Sonobe"
1454Ishihashi AiriAiri IshibashiSF1429Semi-finalist
1510Yuna AsayaAsayake YunaSF1510Semi-finalist
1517Yoko NatsumeKyoko NatsumeSF1517Semi-finalist
1519Miho YutsukiMiho YukiSF1510Semi-finalistPLUMAGE (2020)
1528Yu HirateYu HirateSF1528Semi-finalist
1540Sakuma AyanaSakumaSF1540Semi-finalist
1597HanaHana HosshiSF1597Semi-finalist
1651Noroichiyan yeah yeah yeahNoroi-chan aka tisSF1651Semi-finalist
1658ChimafukaChima KaedeSF1658Semi-finalistDouble Happiness ("Fuka", 2020-)
1737Komachi MisuFurumachi MinjuSF1737Semi-finalist
1754Moriya HanakaHanaka MoriyaSF1754Semi-finalist
1757Tachibana SariSari TachibanaSF1757Semi-finalistSanspo Idol Reporter(2014-2017)
1760Moo えMoo えSF1760Semi-finalist
1789HannaHannaSF1789Semi-finalistLuna Bip Snap (2020-)
1803CuteCute YuiSF1803Semi-finalist
1829Kaoru ShirihoKamobayashi RihoSF1829Semi-finalist
1848Hiiraki ChinatsuHiiragihime ChinatsuSF1848Semi-finalist
1852Tomoka SatoTomoka KamazawaSF1852Semi-finalist
1855Tsukuyomi KeikoTsukuyomi KeikoSF1855Semi-finalistSOMOSOMO(2019 -)
1877Kaho MatsumotoKaho MatsumotoSF1877Semi-finalistTransfer Girls Song Team(2014-2018)
1879Yumi HitsoriSecretly YuumiSF1879Semi-finalistSchrödinger's dog ("Secretly Yumi", 2020-)
1963Fushimi YoshinoYoshino FujimiSF1963Semi-finalist
1989HiyotoinByodo-in TempleSF1989Semi-finalist
1997Hiyori UtakaFoam HiyoriSF1997Semi-finalist
2010Akane ChiyanAkane-chanSF1953Semi-finalistActive under the name of "Akane Mochizuki".LiT(2018-2019)
2012Chinchilla no ToreiChinchilla slaveSF2012Semi-finalist
2014Akiyama MiharuKaiharu Akiyama (Happiness Designer Miha)SF2014Semi-finalist
2015Asuki ChiyanAzuki-chan.SF1997Semi-finalistActive under the name of "Ayumi Hoshino". Anchor Lady (2017-2018),LiT(2018-2020)
2020Hinako MoriHinako MoriSF2020Semi-finalist
2053Sakura Torusakura doleSF2053Semi-finalist
2067HiseharuHaru KuseSF2067Semi-finalist
2079Matsuri RionMatsudori OnSF2020Semi-finalist
2105Arisato MarinaMarina YuriSF2105Semi-finalist
2107Sokisari hereSariko SokiSF2107Semi-finalist
2125YagisakiSaki YagiSF2125Semi-finalistBud(2010-2014),KRD8(2013-2016),Lovelys(2014 - ). Selected as a semi-finalist by Re-Entry
2171Nanako OsakiNanako OsakiSF2171Semi-finalist
2261Shifu AikoPoetry AikoSF2261Semi-finalist
2306SorachiyanUchu-chanSF2306Semi-finalistTsukihaju (2019-)
2316Hoshino thinSena HoshimiyaSF2316Semi-finalist
2326Kiyosaki YaoKagamizaki YaoSF2326Semi-finalist
2338Shirakawaran ShiyuRanju ShirakawaSF2338Semi-finalistDreaming Adolescence(2019 -)
2343Tanuki Yamami HotanMihotan TanukiyamaSF2343Semi-finalistOTAFUKU Girls (2013-2016), Otafuku Girls (2017-)
2395Shiki FuchiyanShikibe ChanSF2395Semi-finalist
2396TsuhakiruiRui TsubakiSF2396Semi-finalist
2397Erika TsunashimaErika TsunashimaSF2397Semi-finalistscoop!?(2011-2013)
2462Sayuri ShiosakiSayuri ShiozakiSF2462Semi-finalist
2466Amei AkariHikari AmeiSF2466Semi-finalist
2484Inoue FuaKaede InoueSF2484Semi-finalist
2490Kirihara YuriYuri KiriharaSF2490Semi-finalistsmile @ sisters (2015-2016)
2512NanamiIt's NaminoSF2512Semi-finalist
2515Akiyoshi AyaAya AkiyoshiSF2515Semi-finalist
2533KenaminCoatSF2533Semi-finalistMiss iD2020 finalist
2539AhekasusaHisa AbeSF2539Semi-finalist
2542Mamiya NakiMamiya NagiSF2542Semi-finalistRenamed from "Indigo Nagi"
2567NanayuSeven gamesSF2567Semi-finalist
2580AiseriaRia AiseSF2580Semi-finalist
2582ArakihimeRanhimeSF2582Semi-finalistX holic (2020-)
2596KanchiyanKanSF2596Semi-finalistKonekuri (2017-)
2606Mao lieDemon King SotenSF2606Semi-finalist
2617Taina Kon AyanaDainagon AyanaSF2617Semi-finalistLAST IN MY CULT (2019-)
2625ChiruharuSan RuharuSF2625Semi-finalist
2650Yumikawa IchikaIchika YumagawaSF2650Semi-finalistREADY TO KISS(2019 -)
2656ShiroikoShiroikoSF2656Semi-finalistMiss iD2019 Sun and Moon Photogenic Award
2657Michiru ArimotoMichiru ArimotoSF2657Semi-finalist
2665Ozawa KasakiKazaki OsawaSF2665Semi-finalist
2668TerunumasaraSara TerunumaSF2668Semi-finalist
2674Yu IrisawaYuu IrizawaSF2674Semi-finalist
  • This year, the usual "Miss iD" has been changed to "Amazing Miss iD".In addition to the official winners, Kobayashi has created awards for finalists.[39](* Is attached to the award item).Also, after the award ceremony, the name was changed to the award → spirit award, outsider art award → outsider award.The description of the New Generation Porn Star Award has been changed.Roman Yuko"I somehow understand that (Tsukasa Kobayashi) is trying hard to snuggle up to the award," but "I feel like I'm doing something wrong."Everyone also criticizes the concept of Miss iD as "it's cruel to make it look like there are limits, but there are limits" for those who still miss it.[40]

Miss iD 2022

From this year, it is necessary to register as a member of "Miss iD Club" and "Exam" to apply.

As with Miss iD2021, all applicants will be posted on the Miss iD official website for online screening until the final interview.

As with Miss iD2021, one person with excellent results in the CHEERZ ranking, which is counted from the date of advancement to the finalists, will be unconditionally confirmed to receive the Miss iD1.

  • catch copy:My magic won't lose
  • Qualifications: April 1981, 4-Women born on April 2, 2010, nationality, office affiliation / independent, unmarried / married, etc. are not required.If you have a mind, you can enter other than women.Actress, model, gravure, singer, idol, literature, manga, anime, game, illustration, sports, laughter, talent, dancer, YouTuber, influencer, photo, movie, video production, sound creator, singer songwriter, DJ, radio , Clothing, business, philosophy, politics, religion, cooking, beauty, Japanese culture ... No matter what genre you are aiming for, even if you don't know what you are aiming for[41].
  • Application acceptance period: (this entry) April 2021, 7-May 15
  • December 2021 Announced semi-finalist. Announced by finalists in January 12. Each award will be announced at the "Miss iD Graduation Ceremony" in March 2022.
  • Selection Committee: Eru Akazawa, Go Osato, Seiko Oomori, Tsukasa Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Sakuma, Noah Sato, Yuko Sugamoto, SPOTTED PRODUCTIONS (Takatoshi Naoi), Makoto Toda ,,Nagahisa, Muneko Nemoto,Tsubasa Masuwaka, Yumetsuki, Go Yoshida


Performance dateevent nameVenueRemarks
NovemberMiss iD2013 unveiling eventTSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI
NovemberMiss iD2014 Eve Festival-Meeting to talk about tomorrow's idols-Shibuya O-EAST
NovemberMiss iD2014 unveiling eventTokyo Joypolis
NovemberMiss iD's Room ~ Super Rookie Retsuden ~Asagaya Loft A
NovemberMiss iD Cafe Pre-Open EventSign Kasumi Seki
NovemberMiss iD Cafe Vol.1Sign Kasumi Seki
NovemberTOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014"Miss iD 2013 --2015"Odaiba / Aomi area
NovemberMiss iD2015 unveiling eventTokyo Joypolis
NovemberShibukar Festival. "Miss iD High School"Shibuya Parco Part 1 Museum stage in the Parco Museum
NovemberShibukar Festival.Park streetSquare special stage
NovemberShibukar Festival. "Miss iD High School is back"Shibuya Parco Part 1 Museum Stage in Parco Museum
NovemberMiss iD Cafe Vol.2Sign Kasumi Seki
NovemberMiss iD's Room ~ 2015 Summer with You ~Shinjuku Loft Plus One
NovemberMiss iD Festival '14 ~ I hope all the girls are idols. ~Shinjuku ReNY
NovemberMiss iD Cafe Vol.3Sign Kasumi Seki
NovemberMiss iD Cafe Vol.4Sign Kasumi Seki
NovemberTOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015"Miss iD Special Stage"Odaiba / Aomi area
NovemberMiss iD High School ☆ Halloween Cultural FestivalShibuya Parco Part 1 6F Shibupop 2.5D Studio
November2016 first release! Miss iD room first nightTokyo culture culture
November2016 first release! Miss iD room second nightShinjuku Loft Plus One
NovemberMiss iD Festival 2016-Welcome to the unveiling showNihonbashi Auditorium
NovemberAvandonedOne-man launch and annoying Miss iD semi-finalist's unforgettable gentle nightAsagaya Loft A
NovemberMiss iD Cafe 2016 SPRINGTokyo culture culture
NovemberMiss iD☓CHEERZ Official Photobook "Seeing the Dream of Black Fish" Release Commemorative Handover PartyVillage VanguardOchanomizu store
NovemberMiss iD bar "black cat"Shinjuku Loft Plus One
NovemberThe Drama by Miss iD beginsShinjukuIsetan2F TOKYO Liberation Area
NovemberYatsui Festival x Miss iD Miss iD Acoustic night "Night Hit Studio"VUENOS
November2017 first release!Miss iD Semifinalist's Room ~ Tani ~Asagaya Loft A
November2017 first release!Miss iD Semifinalist's Room ~ Sea ~Tokyo culture culture
November@JAM x Natalie EXPO 2016Makuhari Messe
NovemberMiss iD festival 2017Shinagawa Intercity Hall

Miss iD festival

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMiss iD Festival '14 ~ I hope all the girls are idols. ~We planned and held an event entitled "[44].

On the dayNakata KurumiWill act as a DJ, and Mel Kishida and Natsumi Takenaka will be involved.Rainbow ConquistadorAppeared in a live performance, and a fashion show of Yume Rabbit was held under the supervision of Kanae Higashi.[45]..Group idol members such as Rei Kuromiya's BRATS, Senko Planetagate of Homare Fukaumi, and Kokoro Shinozaki's Petipa performed live performances in their own groups, and special units were also seen only on the day.

Miss iD Festival 2020-Graduation Ceremony-

On November 2019, 11, Miss iD Festival 23 will be held at the Kodansha Main Building 6th Floor Auditorium.It will be a music live that doubles as the Miss iD2020 award ceremony[46]..The general moderatorTetsuya Ishibashi, Ayaka Machida.Past Grand Prix winners Jun Aonami and Tomomi Nakai will appear as special guests.In addition, Miss iD2018 Grand Prix Uyu, Miss iD2019 Sakina Tonchi belongs.Youth High School Idol ClubIn addition to (opening act), guest live performances by successive Miss iD graduates were held.


Internet tv

  • Miss iD Gold (LoGiRL, July 2015, 1-August 23, 10)


  • CheerUp Miss iD 1st Cool (September-November 2016,Soratoniwa Harajuku) MC: SHO-NO, natsuki, Yuka Kadome
  • CheerUp Miss iD 2nd Cool (January 2017, 1-March 8, Soratoniwa Harajuku) MC: Hinako Asakura, Masano Hino, yAmmy[47]
  • CheerUp Miss iD 3rd Cool (April 2017, 4-June 9, Soratoniwa Harajuku) MC: SHO-NO, Masano Hino, yAmmy
  • CHEERZ Special! Cheer Up! Nexus & Miss iD Joint Final (June 2017, 6, Soratoniwa Radio) MC: SHO-NO, Masano Hino, Mayu Nekogami, Hina Ishikawa , Terachin
  • Cheer Up! Miss iD Nexus! (July 2017, 7-September 9, Soratoniwa Harajuku) MC: Minami Kotori, Maruyama Rina, Sato Rina, Emamoyu[48]
  • Cheer Up! Miss iD (God) (October 2017, 10-December 1, Soratoniwa Harajuku) MC: SHO-NO, Hinako Asakura, Crystal's


Photo album

  • "Goodbye, Youthful Days Miss iD2015 Official Photobook" (released June 2015, 6)ISBN-978 4990834609
    photograph Yuuki Aoyama
    Models Nozomi Arai, Rie Kaneko, Rei Kuromiya, Nodoka Tsutsui, Haruhi Nakajima, Chifumi Horikoshi, Aya Marsh, Momoka, Aina Yamada, Kurume
  • "A world without me. (Miss iD official photo book)" (released July 2016, 7) ISBN-978 4905239499
    Shooting Yuuki Aoyama
    Models Moeka Hoshi, Mika Ichinose, Leica Yumi, Sumire, Roca, Marina Nagasawa, Yuri Fujino, Aimina Dujan, Nao Minami, Ambition, Yuki Seto, Tsuruko Hayashiya, VIENNA, Yuko Sugamoto


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