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😀 | [Alafor Marriage Report] His mother was reported to the police ... The date was postponed before the problem!


[Alafor Marriage Report] His mother was reported to the police ... The date was postponed before the problem!

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Meanwhile, the next morning when I first went to bed with him, I saw him sleeping and pulled him ...!

――For more than 20 years of joint party history, more than 2,500 times in total, fighting against breast cancer in the middle of 30s, but currently acclaimed marriage activity ... → Continue reading

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Bed in

Bed in(Bed In) Is1969 OctoberとOctoberMade inジ ョ ン · レ ノ ンとYoko Ono"Peace movement" byperformance. "


Vietnam WarIn the middle of1969 May 3The two who got married toHoneymoon MediaIt is said that he thought that he would use this opportunity to "promote peace" if it was taken up in a big way.

When it was announced that they would perform a performance entitled "Bed-ins for Peace," many people said, "John and Yoko are open to the public.セ ッ ク スI expected.But in realityHotelIn one room記者Invited,平和It was about talking about.This performance was performed twice for several days.

John at the time talked about peace operationsperformance,Avant-gardeHe is deeply devoted to his work and was held as a representative event of "Love & Peace".Those who expected more radical content not only seemed to be overwhelmed, but also had a lot of promotional elements.However, John and Yoko released the album "Two Virgins』Jacket to expose the naked body,magazineCovergravureIt can be said that these expectations of the surroundings, such as posting the appearance of having sex in Japan, are by no means overkill.


1969 May 3~31 daysAmsterdam・ Hilton Hotel Room 702

The first time was from March 1th to 1969st, 3. Netherlands OfAmsterdam・ At the Hilton Hotel Room 702, we invited reporters from all over the world every day from 9 am to 9 pm to answer the interview.Seven days laterオーストリア OfViennaThen,BagismWe are holding a press conference called (Bagism).In April, acorns were mailed to countries around the world as a symbol of peace.This series of actions is "John and Yoko's BalladIs the subject of the lyrics.


1969 May 5~May 6Queen Elizabeth Hotel Room 1738/1742

The second time from May 1969th to June 5st, 26カナダ OfMontrealHeld in rooms 1738 and 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel (initially the second time)ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWas planned, but Lennon in EnglandmarijuanaDue to an arrest case due to possessionAmericaI did not get an entry permit to.)May 6In the room, various celebrities were invited to the room, and Lennon's first solo single "Give us peace"(Plastic ono band(Name) was recorded.

In December of this year, we launched a campaign to advertise the message "War Is Over! (If You Want it)" on newspapers and street signs. ing.

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