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💪 | Shinwa Kataoka, a handsome weather caster whose popularity is rising rapidly and entertainment activities are likely to increase

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Shinwa Kataoka, a handsome weather caster whose popularity is rising rapidly and entertainment activities are likely to increase

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Bishonen was watching "Go-onger" at that time, and Kataoka said, "(Member) Issei Kanasashi performed the theme song of" Go-onger "on the spot, but of course, than I did. There was a flower, "he said.

One point strike to be shown at the end of the weather corner on TV Asahi's morning information program "Hatori Shinichi Morning Show" ... → Continue reading


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Golden finger

Golden finger(Kanasashi Issei,2004 (16)May 2[1] -) is JapaneseIdol,An actor.Johnny's Jr.6-member unit,Beautiful boyMembers.

TokyoBackground[1].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


When I was in elementary schoolBoys Over Flowers"ofMatsumoto JunI learned about the existence of Johnny's office, sent a resume after taking the junior high school exam, and entered the office.[3].. May 2017,"Johnny's Ginza 2017A few days before the performance of Johnny's Jr.Tokyo B BoyJoin[4].


Special skills are roller skating and acrobatics[1]..I'm also learning kickboxing[3].


Only individual appearances are listed.Appearance as a groupJohnny's Jr. #Beautiful BoySee.

TV drama



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外部 リンク

Beautiful boy

Beautiful boy(Bishonen) is generallyappearanceIs neat or beautifuljuvenilePoint to. In its original usage, it was sometimes referred to as a child with a masculine appearance, but in general, it is often understood to refer to a child with a feminine beauty with a well-defined face.[Source required].

Word definition

BishōnenChinese languageOrJapaneseIs the word. In a broad senseBeautiful girlIs also a "Bishonen"KojienThe boy is listed, but the beautiful girl is not listed[1], The XNUMXth edition contains the words of a beautiful girl. Also,"Beautiful womanMay also refer to men.

OriginallyliteratureIn the rhetorical above, in the old daysChugoku唐Poet of the generation杜甫 OfPoetry"Eight Immortals of DrinkingIn the passage "Muneyuki Bishōnen, Muneyuki is a Bishōnen". The term "Bishonen with a red face" is sometimes used to emphasize the glossy appearance of the skin.

Japanese boy (young man)

中 世


In modern times, the word "bishonen" refers to a beautiful man outside of Japan, especially in the United States.In addition, it is not always necessary to be young, and even older men are called "bishonen" if they are beautiful men.Many American historians and sociologists consider this concept to apply to all men, regardless of age or context, as evidence of an obedient feminine ideal for Japanese men.However, many Japanese historians argue against this, claiming that American historians misinterpret this concept.They also accuse them of being racists or trying to rationalize their support for homosexuality by taking advantage of foreign cultures misunderstood in foreign countries.

Creative work dealing with young boys

  • Sculpture "Herma Frodite』- Louvre MuseumCollection in. A statue of a beautiful boy (later androgynous).
  • Sculpture "David statue (Yi: David of Michelangelo) ”- Michelangelo 1504 The sculpture work published in.Florence OfAccademia GalleryStored in.
  • Manga anime "Pataro!(Original:Mayo Mineo) --Although it is a gag manga, during the workMaraichAt the beginning, many young boys (Bjorn, Zakari, etc.) and young people (Christians, etc.) will appear. They grow their hair as long as a woman (Bjorn,RougeMakeup is also applied),hot pants(Occasionally a miniskirt[3]) And slim pants that fit your body, and shiny heelsKnee-high boots(Women'sBoots[4]And high heels,MuleI also wear)[5], Often looks like a woman. In Mayu's work, "La Chane!And "" set in JapanTo fly Saitama], Etc., many young boys are drawn. There is also a work called "", which is the title of Zubari itself.
  • Manga "" (Original :)[6]
  • Novel "" (Original:Kaoru Kurimoto) --A story about a young boy, Ryo Imanishi, aiming to become the top in the entertainment world with his beauty as a weapon.[7].. The series continues with "Things with wings" and "House in the morning sun". Kurimoto has a critique and essay work that discusses young boys like "" (Nakajima AzusaThere is also a name).
  • Novel "Pretty Boy Detectives(Original:Nishio Restoration)-Youth starting with "Bishonen Detectives, a dark star that shines only for you"TwilightSeries. Each member has different elements of "beautiful legs", "beautiful voice", "aesthetics", "art", "gourmet", and one of the group rules, "being beautiful".[8].. 『AIRFrom the June 2016 issue, a manga version has been serialized under the title of "Pretty Boy Detective Club". The drawing is.
  • Movie / novel "Die in venice(Original:Thomas mann/directed byLucino Visconti) 1971- Bjorn AndresenOf the beautiful boy Tagio who playsSailor suitFrom sleeveless swimwear to one-piece swimwear, this work has an impressive neutral fashion.
  • movies"Funeral procession of roses(Screenplay / Director Toshio Matsumoto1969-Matsumoto's first feature film for theaters,ピ ー タ ーIt is also the debut work of (Shinnosuke Ikehata). (DVD: Eureka, 2006)
  • Pierre et Gilles Beautiful boys, etc.DangmeiA couple of French photographers who work on various photographic works.


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