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📷 | The venue is full of smiles A photo exhibition that captures the outstanding facial expressions in Kumano


The venue is full of smiles A photo exhibition that captures the outstanding facial expressions in Kumano

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The "Smile Full Bloom Photo Exhibition" was held at the Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center until the 29th.

The "Smile Full Bloom Photo Exhibition" was held at the Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center in Mie Prefecture. … → Continue reading

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Kumano City Library

Kumano City Library(Kuma no Shiritsu Library)MieKumano CityIn IdochoPublic library.JRKumanoshi StationLocated in the former Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center[4].

Locally producedwoodIt is a library with a sense of openness using, and is characterized by the children's books corner and the Matsuoka paperback including rare books.[5].


Public hall / cultural hall era (1958-2009)

In 1958 (Showa 33), it was established as "Kumano City Central Public Hall Library Department" in a corner of Kimoto Public Hall.[1]. On August 12, the same yearMie Prefectural LibraryKumano annex was added[6]..The collection of books at this time is the books commissioned by the prefectural library and the books from the citizens.DonationThere were only 1,304 books in total[1].. The Kumano Branch Library of the Prefectural Library closed in March 1964.[6], Returned to Kumano City Central Public Hall Library Department alone[1].

The Kumano Citizens' Cultural Center was newly built and opened in January 1972, and one room was used as a library and renamed the Kumano City Library.[1]..One full-time staff member is assigned to the library, and in cooperation with the Kumano City Cultural Association, we call on the citizens to donate books, and at the same time, with the help of the Kinan Elementary and Junior High School Library Education Study Group, organize the collection of books as a library. Appeared[1]..The following year, 1973 (Showa 48), the lending business started.[1]..In the same year, it was a member of the Mie Prefectural Library Association.[1].. As of 1980 (Showa 55), the number of books in the collection has increased to 10,766, and the number of users is about 6,000 a year, mainly students.[1]..Many of the books in the collection owed to the donated books, and they were named "Kajo Haiku Bunko" and placed on a shelf separate from other books.[1].

On August 2009, 21, we stopped lending books in preparation for relocation to the new building, and from August 8th to August 4th, we will be able to return books.News (Chinese)We continued to provide library services focusing on browsing such as, and closed once on August 8th.[7].

Cultural Exchange Center Era (2009-)

On October 2009, 21, the Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center, whose core facility is the Kumano City Library, opened in front of Kumano City Station.[4]..As an opening commemorative event on the dayHexagon matrixSuch astraditional cultureAnd Kumano CityfluteDepends on the playerconcert,Urasenke OfNodotWas made[4]..The Cultural Exchange Center is a complex facility that has a small hall and a training room in addition to the library, and the number of users per month has tripled from the time of the old building.[8]..The collection of books at this time is about 4, which was inherited from the old library, and 18 in the future (of which)Open booksHas set a goal of 9 books)[4].

On October 2011, 23 (Heisei 10), Kumano CityHadasuchoBased insynthesizerThe player, Shiho YabukiTyphoon No. 12 of the same yearHeld a free concert to encourage the victims of the disaster[9]..In October of the same year, he served as the first mayor of the former Kumano City.Kiyoei KobayashiTaken by Kobayashi et al.Yoshino Kumano National ParkFrom 1931 (Showa 6) to 1935 (Showa 10) submitted at the time of application for designation ofKii Peninsula87 photos were donated to the library[10]..These photographs were opened to the public in the form of a photo exhibition in the museum from May 2012th to May 24th, 5.[10].. Born in Kumano City in February 2013Toshizo HijikataAnd the pioneering eraHokkaidoPhotographedPhotographers OfTamoto KenzoSpecial exhibition aboutMie Prefectural Kumano Kodo CenterHeld with the cooperation of[11], Collected by citizens from October 10th to 15th of the same yearYanokawa PassA panel exhibition of materials related to[12].

In October 2016Library volunteerAs an activity report exhibition, an exhibition was held at the Kumano City Library about the activities of about 30 people in charge of reading aloud, organizing bookshelves, repairing books, etc.[13]..A "poor books" corner was opened as a highlight exhibition, and some heartless usersgraffitiA call was made to cherish library materials through the exhibition of about 20 books with cuts and cuts.[13].

Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center

Opened in October 2009[5].. It is a two-story facility, the first floor is a complex facility such as a library and an exchange hall, and the second floor has only a library function.[14]..From KumanoCypressA high-ceiling facility with plenty of wood, designed to take in sunlight[5]..The design of the bench in the center isNagoya Gakugei UniversityDesigned by a student of the Department of Design, Faculty of Media and Design[15].

On the 1st floor, there is the Kumano Municipal Library, the "Exchange Hall" where concerts and rakugo events are held, and the "Kumano Michi" and "Kumano Michi" simple exhibition spaces where exhibitions and videos can be screened.FoyerIn addition, there is a multipurpose room and two training rooms.[4].

Library structure

The library is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center. The general zone and children's zone are located on the 1st floor, and the Matsuoka Bunko and other valuable book storage rooms are located on the 2nd floor.[5]..There are 140 reading seats in the hall, and you can choose a place to read according to the taste of the visitors, such as counter seats by the window and outdoor table seats.[5].

Children's zone is for children onlyPersonal computerIt is easy for children from infants to children to use, such as installing toilets and nursing rooms and improving nursing rooms.[5]..In addition, bookshelves are arranged in a maze to make it easier for children to be interested, and books are arranged so that the cover of the book can be seen.[5].

Matsuoka Bunko is a group of books collected by Kiyoshi Matsuoka (deceased) who lived in Kumano City.Japanese historyIt is a collection of more than 6,000 books centered on[5]..It is important as research material, including books that are currently difficult to obtain.[5].

Usage guidance

  • Location: 643-2 Idocho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture Inside the Kumano City Cultural Exchange Center
  • Opening hours: 10:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX
  • closing day:Monday, Special arrangement period,New Year's Holiday
  • Lending restrictions: No address requirements[17]..However, there is a difference in the number of books lent between residents of Kumano City and residents outside the city.[17].
  • Lending points:Books-magazine: 10 books (however, 5 books for residents living outside the city)
  • Lending period: 2 weeks
  • Reserve,requestmay.
  • There is an automatic lending machine.


Since it is adjacent to Kumanoshi Station, users come from outside Kumano City, especially on holidays.Kumano KodoYou can see many tourists carrying backpacks visiting[5]..In the bookIC tagIs attached, and the latest equipment such as installing an automatic lending machine is installed.[4].

When collecting books, Kumano City's local materials,イタリア,myth,Disaster preventionEmphasis on materials related to[17]..It is the country that collects materials about ItalySorrento cityAnd Kumano Citysister cityBecause it is affiliated, it also holds books donated by the city of Sorrento.[18].


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