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😀 | [You can also draw] Botanical illustrations drawn with watercolors

Photo Source: Living Osaka Web

[You can also draw] Botanical illustrations drawn with watercolors

If you write the contents roughly
▲ It's okay if the paint sticks out of the draft drawn with colored pencils!

Challenge seasonal botanical illustrations with watercolors! [By Aki Okazaki] Ribin who supports the skill of an excellent housewife (housewife) ... → Continue reading

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色 鉛筆

色 鉛筆(Iro Pencil,Rice: colored pencil) isPigmentA core made of hardened wax and wax was placed on a wooden or paper-wrapped shaft.Art materials-Writing instrument.pencilHowever, the method of making the core is different from that of ordinary black lead pencils, and variousnon-coloredWith the core of.

notes,Drawing,markingUsed for etc. In Europe and the United States, it existed for marking in the early 19th century, and around the 1920s, about 60 colors of products for art were introduced.[1].. in JapanMeijiIn timesNational textbook"New fixed picture bookWas used as an educational material for elementary school based on[2].

Japanese Industrial StandardJIS S 6006 “Pencils, colored pencils and shin used for them” defines the definition of colored pencils, quality standards, and 48 standard colors. JIS standard color is JapaneseFor school childrenOften used with colored pencils[3].



The core material is colored pigmentdye,talcExtender pigments,Color developerAswax,Carboxymethyl celluloseSuch asPasteIs used,OilyIs[4][5][6][7][8].Golden,SilverTocopper,aluminum OfMetal powderIs used[9].. General explanation of the manufacturer[4]Shows a composition example of talc 50%, wax 25%, pigment 20%, and sizing agent 5%.

JIS S 6006 standard,European standardEN 71,(English edition)Approved Product (ACMI-AP) certificationlead,cadmium,ク ロ ムHazardous substances such as are regulated[7][10][11].. Ordinary colored pencils have little oral toxicity[8].


Above 1000°CFiringUnlike graphite cores, colored pencil cores have a temperature of about 50°C.(I.e.Since it is finished with, many pigments can be used and it has a soft drawing feeling. Also, because it contains wax, it has good fixability on paper,eraserHard to erase[9].

There are hard, medium hard, and soft hardness in JIS S 6006, and the hardness is hard.DraftingApplications, medium and hard are for writing and drawing, soft are forpaperSuitable for use in other than[7].. According to the manufacturer's explanation,wearCompared to black core pencils, it is harder than B-2B, medium harder than 5B-6B, and softer than 10B (non-JIS standard).[12].

Hard colored pencils in Japan2000 eraSince then, production has been reduced, and major manufacturersDragonfly pencil-Mitsubishi pencilIn each case, the current product has a lineup of only one red color.


Like the black lead pencil on the wooden shaftCypress OfIncense cedarIs used because of its excellent quality and procurement[13].. A round shaft is often used for the shape of the shaft so that it can be held in various ways as an art material.[14].. It was said that the round shaft also had a reason to protect a thick and soft core with a uniform thickness. Hexagonal axis is used more in overseas products than in Japan[9].

Of soft colored pencilsDermatographA paper winding shaft is used for this, but this is because the core contains a lot of wax componentsCoefficient of thermal expansionThis is because a different elastic paper wrap is suitable.[15].

Alteration resistance

Handwriting of colored pencilsLight resistanceDepends on the pigment. The JIS S 6006 standard defines the light resistance standard,Red-purple,Wisteria purple,Mauve,Light purple,PinkThe standard is low. Some products are light resistant, and some professional colored pencilsASTM: D6901 standard and(English edition), And other light resistance evaluations based on in-house standards are displayed for each color.[17].

The temperature also affects the softness of the core,(I.e.Influences strength[12][18].. Wax is white due to agingブ ル ー ムMay appear on the surface as[19][20].FixtureWhile the use of fixatives such as is effective in preventing bloom,solventMay cause bleeding and discoloration[20][21].

Special colored pencils

Watercolor pencils

Handwriting usingwatercolorCan be blurredWatercolor pencilsThere is also. Ordinary colored pencils are oily and insoluble in water, but watercolor pencilsemulsifierBy addingWater solubleHas[1][22].. Hardness/softness with a watercolor pencil may represent the amount of an emulsifier, that is, the ease of dissolution.

Also, oily pencilsTurpentine oil,(English edition),石 鹸If you use water and a special blurring liquid, you can blur with a brush[23][5][24][25].. However, volatile oils such as turpentine and petrol are addictive and flammable, so adequate ventilation and management are required.[26][27][28][29].

Colorless blender

There is also a colored pencil called a colorless blender that does not contain color pigments. Rough handwriting smoothing, color mixing, and burnishing techniques (British: burnishing)[30]Used for[31][32].

The whole axis is the core

There are also colored pencils whose entire axis is composed of a core. The whole axis is the coreCoupie pencilIs a slightly different manufacturing method from ordinary colored pencils,polyethyleneTo use resinMelting pointIt's high, and it's designed to keep your hands clean even if you touch the core directly.[33][34].

Lead holder type/for mechanical pencil

Only the core can be replacedCore holderFormula colored pencils,mechanical pencilThere is also a color core for. Color cores for mechanical pencils include non-fired cores manufactured by the same method as colored pencils and fired cores with increased strength.[35].. The latter is a raw materialBoron nitrideOr talc,mica,Clay mineralsWhite withPorousTo be baked into thisイ ン クManufactured by soaking in.


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