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📚 | The headache and stiff shoulders may be due to "brain fatigue".Loosen with scalp therapy


The headache and stiff shoulders may be due to "brain fatigue".Loosen with scalp therapy

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In this book, we will introduce the "scalp therapy" that the author of the orthopedic surgeon actually performed, arranged for self-care that anyone can do.

Behind common upsets such as headaches, stiff shoulders, and dizziness may be brain fatigue that you don't notice ... → Continue reading

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Orthopedics(Science, science,English: orthopedics) Are limbs andspineFocusing on illness and traumabone-joint-筋肉Mainly deals withSurgeryOne field.The United States of AmericaThen "orthopedic surgeryIt is also said.In some casesRheumatology,Plastic surgeryTreat in cooperation with.

So-called "plastic surgery"CosmetologyIt is a field of art and is not directly related to orthopedics.


1780 It is said that Jean Andre Benell was the first to establish a hospital for skeletal abnormalities in children.Also, Dutch surgeon Andre Matissen石膏でPlaster castIt is carried out.

Orthopedic areas are generally戦 争It has been developing with the treatment of trauma.中 世Then, on the battlefield, the wound area was covered with a band moistened with horse blood and splinted.


Conservative reduction and fixation

Open reduction fixation

  • Debridement
    • Pinning method
    • γ-nail
    • CHS method
    • Hannson pin technique
    • Replacement technique


Metabolic disease

Spine disease

Hand (upper limb)

Feet (lower limbs)

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