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🐈 | "Disaster prevention special feature" Important family ... Pet evacuation in the event of a disaster Miyazaki Prefecture 


"Disaster prevention special feature" Important family ... Pet evacuation in the event of a disaster Miyazaki Prefecture 

If you write the contents roughly
(Miyazaki Animal Protection Center Director Miho Nagata)
"It is also important to put the scented towels and rugs that you usually use in the carry bag, or to create a calm environment with towels and blankets so that you can not see the surrounding environment. I think.

This week is Disaster Prevention Week.The special feature on disaster prevention considers "evacuation of pets," which is an important family member. … → Continue reading

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Trolley bag

Trolley bag (English: trolley bag) Is at the bottomWheelMarkedbag.

in JapanOnomatopoeiaからCorocoro,Rumbling,CaracallaAlso commonly referred to as.


English-speaking countriesThen, the soft case with wheels is called as follows.

  • Wheeled bag (wheeled bag),Whiley bag (wheelie bag)
  • Roller bag (roller bag)
  • Luggage trolley bag (luggage trolley bag)

Luggage is a rather formal term, more officially like "travel trolley luggage".Depending on the time and the case, it can be understood by simply "luggage" or simply "travel bag".

単 にsuitcase When we say (suitcase), it can include those without wheels.

The bag partsuitcaseTypeTrolley case (trolley case) Also called.

JapanThen,carry case (carry case),Carry Bag (carrier bag),Caster bag Also called (caster bag),JapanglishIn the English-speaking world, it ’s just a bag (a bag you carry around)Shopping bagMeans

how to use

The wheels are on the bottom four corners or only on one side.

For two-wheeled vehicles, tilt the wheels downward.Stand on the tilted side and push from behind towards the bag or face the other side and pull forward. For four-wheeled ones, tilt and attach only two wheels to the ground and use them in the same way, or erect the bag and attach all four wheels to the ground and push the bag to the side or front of the body.

Many have handles and handles to make it easier to push and pull.In particular, recent products often have telescopic handles (especially for travel bags that are handled as baggage), but the weight and internal volume are definitely sacrificed.引っ張るためのTo pullstringSome can be attached.

Some handbags are equipped with a "carry supporter" for fixing to the handle of the carry bag.


  • station,空港Such,concretePavementtileSuitable for use in smooth places such as floors,asphalt,gravelIt is difficult to proceed on paved roads such as solidifying, and the sound is noisy.
  • There is no advantage in going up and down stairs compared to a normal bag.Rather, it is heavy and bulky due to the size of the car and handle, and it is rather difficult to go up and down.
  • Especially when pulling backwards, it is easy to get into trouble in a crowded place[1], At the main stationPoster·announcement·Electronic bulletin boardCalling attention.
  • escalatorFall accidents from[1].


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