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🤝 | Realization of delay in recovery of elderly households Reporter volunteers in Takeo City in the background of refraining from requesting

Photo A man who lives in a house visited by volunteers.Traces of flooding up to the waist remain on the wall = Tachibana Town, Takeo City

Reporter volunteers in Takeo City for refraining from requesting a feeling of delay in recovery of elderly households

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A male volunteer request was also made by the local welfare officer while watching the situation.

Three weeks have passed since a record heavy rain hit Saga Prefecture in Takeo City.Restoration work is underway in Takeo City and Omachi Town, which have been flooded extensively ... → Continue reading

 Saga Shimbun

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Public welfare officer

Public welfare officer(Minseiin, Welfare commissioner) is a social servicer who always responds to consultations from the standpoint of residents, provides necessary assistance, and strives to promote social welfare (Article 1 of the Civil Welfare Commission Law). ),Japan Of市町村It is located in the area of.Civil Affairs Committee Law(Law No. 23 of 198).Local Civil Service ActHe is a part-time member as stipulated in Article 3, Paragraph 3, Item 2.Government-designated city-Core cityIn that caseCity Of[1], Other市町村(special areaIncluding)Prefectures Of[1]Special occupation OfLocal civil servant.

The local welfare officerChild committeeAlso serves as.


In the smallest area of ​​a municipality (special ward), the welfare officer is involved in social welfare. The local welfare officerChild Welfare ActBased on (Article 16, Paragraph 2)Child committeeIt is said that it also serves as.

Remuneration will not be paid to civil welfare officers as stipulated by the Civil welfare officer law (described later). However, expenses will be paid (described later).

The local welfare officer receives command and supervision from the prefectural governors regarding their duties. The mayor of a municipality may request the civil welfare officer to prepare necessary materials for those in need of assistance, and may provide necessary guidance regarding the duties of other civil welfare officers.

In addition, the welfare officers organize a welfare officers' council for each area determined by the prefectural governor after hearing the opinions of the mayors of the municipalities, and the council organizes liaison and coordination regarding the duties of the welfare officers and other duties.


Duties stipulated in the Civil Affairs Committee Law

The civil welfare officer shall determine the area or matter in charge within the area of ​​the municipality and perform the following duties (Article 14, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Affairs Committee Law).

  • Appropriately grasp the living conditions of residents as necessary
  • To provide advice and other assistance in response to consultations on daily life so that those who need assistance can lead an independent daily life according to their abilities.
  • Providing information and other assistance necessary for those in need of assistance to properly use welfare services
  • To support the business or activity in close cooperation with the person who manages the business for the purpose of social welfare or the person who carries out the activity related to social welfare.

Duties stipulated other than the Civil Affairs Committee Law (example)

  • Welfare officeCooperating with the work of other relevant government agencies
  • Elderly Welfare ActRegarding the enforcement of, the mayor of the municipality, the director of the welfare office, orSocial welfare managerCooperate in the execution of office work (Article 9 of the Elderly Welfare Law)
  • Welfare ActCooperate with the mayor of the municipality, the welfare office manager, or the social welfare officer (Article 22 of the Public Assistance Act)
  • Welfare Act for the DisabledCooperate with the mayor of the municipality, the welfare office manager, the welfare officer for the physically handicapped, or the social welfare officer
  • Intellectual disability welfare lawCooperate with the mayor of the municipality, the director of the welfare office, the welfare officer for the intellectually disabled, or the social welfare officer
  • Prostitution Prevention LawRegarding the enforcement ofWomen's counseling officeAnd cooperating with women's counselors (Article 37 of the Prostitution Prevention Law)

And many more.

History of commission

Commission and dismissal

Local welfare officers are selected from "those who have the right to vote for members of the municipal assembly" and "those who have a high level of personality, are widely familiar with the actual situation of society, and are enthusiastic about promoting social welfare."Prefectural governorOrGovernment-designated cityOrCore cityRecommended by the head ofMinister of Health, Labour and WelfareIs determined by commissioning. According to the law, "a person who has the right to vote for a member of the council of the relevant municipality and has reached the age of majority.[Annotation 1]It is stipulated by law that it is de factoNationality clauseIs stipulated, "Japanese nationalityhaveadultIt is a requirement to be a person.

Concurrent public office is not appropriate because it may not be possible to distinguish between activities as a public office and activities as a civil welfare officer / children's committee member.

Appointment of civil servants is not appropriate in principle due to the obligation to concentrate on duties, but if it is unavoidable to recommend due to local circumstances, it is necessary to confirm whether or not sufficient time for activities as a civil servant / children's committee can be secured. , Submission of consent form of the appointed person is required. (Refer to the Niigata Prefectural Welfare Committee / Children's Committee Selection Guidelines)

The age requirement and the period of residence requirement can be flexibly operated based on the local circumstances.

Prefectural governorRecommendation is市町村It will be held after hearing the opinions of those who have been installed but recommended. When the prefectural governor finds that a person recommended by the welfare committee recommendation committee is not suitable as a welfare committee member, he / she hears the opinion of the local social welfare council and orders the welfare committee recommendation committee to re-recommend the civil welfare committee member. be able to. If the local welfare officer recommendation committee does not re-recommend within 20 days of the re-recommendation order, the prefectural governor will hear the opinions of the mayor of the municipality and the person who is deemed appropriate as a local welfare officer.Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareCan be recommended to.


The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare may dismiss the civil welfare committee members who fall under the following categories, with the consent of the local social welfare council, based on the prefectural governor's request.

  • When there is an obstacle to the performance of duties
  • If you can't stand the performance of your duties
  • If you neglect your duties
  • If you violate your duties
  • When there is a delinquency that is not suitable for a civil welfare officer
  • When you use your job status for political parties or political purposes

The local social welfare council must notify the local welfare committee member of the dismissal before consent, and the local welfare committee member who received the notification shall notify the local social welfare council within two weeks from the date of receiving the notification. If the local welfare officer expresses his / her opinion, the local social welfare council can only make an examination after hearing the opinion.


給与は支給されない(第10条)。奉仕者となるため無報酬ではあるが、民生委員個人に対し交通費や通信費等相当分として自治体から活動費が交付される。各自治体が交付する民生委員・児童委員の1人あたり活動費用弁償費(2012年度)は「4万円以上6万円未満」が23.0%、「6万円以上8万円未満」が19.3%、「8万円以上10万円未満」が17.3%と上位3ランクで全体の6割程度を占めており、全体の平均は78,234円となり[2]The validity of the activities, such as the small amount of grants for the required activities, has become an issue. In addition, the local government has provided training activity fees to the council established in each district where the local welfare officers are elected, but the amount is not large.


Local welfare officer recommendation meeting
The members are "people who are familiar with the actual situation of the area of ​​the municipality", "members of the municipal assembly", "committee members", "persons involved in the implementation of social welfare projects", "representatives of social welfare organizations in each municipality area", and "persons involved in education". Up to two people are commissioned by the mayor of the municipality to be organized by "related administrative agency staff" and "persons with academic experience".
The nomination committee can recommend candidates for civil welfare committee to the prefectural governor.
Public welfare committee council
After hearing the opinions of the mayor of the municipality, it is organized by local welfare officers for each area designated by the prefectural governor.
The mission of the council is as follows.
  • To determine the area or matter that the local welfare officer is in charge of.
  • To contact and coordinate the duties of local welfare officers.
  • To contact the welfare office and other related administrative agencies regarding the duties of the local welfare officer.
  • Collect necessary materials and information.
  • Have a civil welfare officer acquire the necessary knowledge and skills regarding his / her duties.
  • To handle other matters necessary for the civil welfare officer to carry out his duties.
  • To submit opinions that you deem necessary regarding the duties of the local welfare officer to the relevant agencies.
  • Join the organization of social welfare-related organizations in the area of ​​the municipality.
Government officials can also attend the council and express their opinions.

Issues that have stagnated the activities of local welfare officers, etc.

Impact of Personal Information Protection Law

Personal Information Protection LawHas a great influence on the activities of local welfare officers[3].. For example, the safety of the elderly cannot be confirmed satisfactorily, which is harmful to their duties.[4].. In addition, due to the nature of work, local welfare officers need information on individuals and households. However, due to the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection LawMunicipalitiesBecame cautious about providing personal information to local welfare officers, and there were cases where individuals refused to provide information for creating a list under the Personal Information Protection Law, or managers of condominiums refused to provide resident information. It is said that it has increased[3][5].

In addition, the civil welfare officer is in Article 15 of the Civil Affairs Committee Law.confidentialityIs imposed, and personal information is to be handled within the scope stipulated in Article 14 of the Civil Affairs Committee Law. However, unlike ordinary local government employees, there are no criminal penalties. Therefore, there is a concern that information will be leaked to various distributors who have a relationship with local welfare officers. However, if the confidentiality obligation is not observed, the civil welfare officer and the former civil welfare officer will not be the civil welfare officer law, but will be infringed on basic human rights under the Constitution (infringement of privacy), tort under the civil law, and criminal defamation charges. It is judged by individual laws such as, but at that time, it is considered that the confidentiality obligation of the Civil Code Law is imposed. In addition, they will be subject to social sanctions within the community, such as neighbors.

Shortage of local welfare officers

The fixed number of civil welfare officers is set according to the number of households in each prefecture, ordinance-designated city, and core city. However, due to the shortage of workers and the diversification of duties, the shortage of civil welfare officers has become normal.[6].

Child abuseThe range of duties expected from local governments has expanded from to confirmation of the safety of the elderly, but the wider the scope of duties, the higher the required abilities, raising the hurdle for recommendation by local welfare officers.[6].. In addition, there is a shortage of hands in the first place. Participation in local activities has become reluctant due to changes in residents' consciousness, and as a result, local welfare officers are recommended.Residents' associationIt is also decreasing[6].

In order to deal with this situation, the participation requirements have been relaxed and the guidelines for handling personal information have been examined.[6].. For those who carry out activities necessary for society, including Civil Rights Commissioners and volunteer probation officers who are active as unpaid ministers as well as civil servants, the minimum status guarantee as a part-time special civil servant is Although it is being done, there are many opinions calling for a reexamination of the system itself.

Problems of concern caused by a shortage of civil welfare officers

Elderly location unknown problem

August 2010, 7,TokyoAdachiToResident registrationThe oldest man in Tokyo (111 years old)SkeletonizationCorpseWas discovered,刑事 事件(Approximately 32 years have passed since death,pensionSuspected of illegal receipt of benefits). After that, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government started a survey targeting people over 100 years old. As a result, the location of the oldest 113-year-old woman in Tokyo was unknown. As a result of starting a survey of people over 100 years old all over the country, many elderly people of unknown location were discovered. This is also one of the causes of the labor shortage of civil welfare officers.


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注 釈

  1. ^ From 2015 due to the revision of the Public Offices Election Law in 201618 years oldHas been stipulated, but the supplementary provisions apply for the time being as “having a person who has reached adulthood”.


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