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📷 | Photo exhibition of insects living in the area such as unique stink bugs Okayama / Niimi City


Photo exhibition of insects living in the area such as unique stink bugs Okayama / Niimi City

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At "Manabi Hiroba Niimi" in Niimi City, about 10 insect photographs taken in the city by Takashi Oomori of Niimi City for about 120 years are on display.

A photo exhibition of local insects is being held in Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture.At "Manabi Square Niimi" in Niimi City, Niimi ... → Continue reading

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Niimi City

Niimi City(Niimi) isOkayamaLocated at the northwestern end ofCityIs.In the northChugoku Mountains, In the southKibi plateauEach part of.NorthTottoriIn the westHiroshimaIn contact with, three prefecturesMikuniyamaIt is in contact with.


Mountains occupy more than 85% of the area of ​​Niimi City.For example, Mt. Hanami (1188 m), Mt. Oyama and Mt. Meyama (1153 m and 1067 m), Mt. Kenmori (1034 m),OsayamaThere are several mountains around 988 m, such as (981 m) and Tenginyama (1000 m).

The center of Niimi City is located on a narrow flat land in the center of the city.Even around Niimi City Hall, you can see Mt. Kurokami (648 m) and Mt. Crystal (582 m).In other words, virtually the entire city is a mountainous area.

On the north side of the cityChugoku MountainsWas a watershedTakahashi RiverThe Kosakabe River, Nishi River, and Kumagai River, which are tributaries of the Takahashi River, are the main rivers in the city.Some of these riversSweetfish,AmagoThere are also places where mountain stream fish such as these live.again,Ikura Gorge, Formed by river erosion, such as Attetsu Gorge and Mido ValleyV-shaped valleyCan be seen in large numbers.In addition, due to the steep terrain, there are some waterfalls.

However, in the upper reaches of the Takahashi RiverChiya Dam, In Osakabegawa, in NishikawaKawamoto DamAs you can see multiple dams and dam lakes in the city, the rivers are under development.Furthermore, there are even dams built since the beginning of the 21st century.In addition to the construction of roads along rivers in the city area, the city areaHakubi Line,Geibi Line,Hime ShinsenWas constructed along the river in most sections.


Most of the city is located on the karst plateau, so-calledKarst terrainIn the mountains in the north and south of the city, there are severalLimestone caveCan be seen[1]..Taking advantage of this geology,LimestoneHas also been mined.

In addition, the Chinese mountains in northern Okayama prefectureSpaIs known as the place where[2]..Niimi Chiya Onsen at the northern end of Niimi City, Kamigo Onsen in the west, Kumagaya Onsen in the east, and hot springs are scattered throughout the city.Kumagaya Onsen is used as a hot spring facility at the Niimi City Elderly Center.In addition, at the southeastern endIntermittent cold spring in KusamaThere is also a cold geyser called.


In winter, the temperature is low and snowfall is seen, and snowfall also occurs.Former Niimi City, FormerKamigo Town, OldOsa TownIs in Okayama prefectureHeavy snowfallKnown as.Due to this relationship, multiple ski resorts have been built in the city area, including the Chiya ski resort.


Long time agoTatara steelmakingSince then, the vegetation has been disturbed by various developments.

Nevertheless, Atetsukyo and Sanmurokyo are known as places where you can see the autumn leaves.The Koigakubo Wet Plant Community is designated as a national natural monument.


At the end of the 20th century, more than half of the population of Okayama Prefecture was concentrated in Okayama City and Kurashiki City, and problems such as depopulation occurred especially in the central and northern parts of the prefecture.[2]..In the case of Niimi City, the population of the city area has already been declining since the beginning of the latter half of the 20th century, when the population of Japan was still increasing.

Population distribution of Niimi, Okayama, Japan.svg
Niimi City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Niimi City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Niimi City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Niimi City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Niimi City is one of the first cities in Japan other than the ordinance-designated cities.passportHas been actively transferring office work and authority from Okayama Prefecture, such as starting the issuance of the system and managing 16 prefectural roads that are completed in the city.[12].

Successive mayors

Unless otherwise specified, according to "Successive Mayors of Japan: XNUMX Years of Municipal System Enforcement"[13].

Former Niimi City / Mayor
1Tsuchiya GenichiNovemberNovember
2Takeichi HayashiNovemberNovember
3Keiichi AkagiNovemberNovember
4Masahiko FukudaNovemberNovember
5Masao IshigakiNovemberNovember
New Niimi City / Mayor
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationMasao IshigakiNovemberNovemberFormer Mayor of Niimi.Died during his term.
2 feeIkeda IchizoNovemberNovemberResign after losing the election and just before the expiration of the term[14].
3 feeEi QiNovember(Current position)

Number of voters


Government building

Main government buildingNiimi 310-3Summary of each branch / citizen center in the city
Niimi branch office(Same as the main government building)Former Niimi city areaFormer Niimi City Hall
Colonel bureauOsaosakabe 1469-1oldOsa TownareaInside the Taisa Community Center[16]
Kamigo branch officeShingoshimokojidai 3936oldKamigo TownareaFormer Kamigo Town Hall
Tetsuta branch office246-4 Hongo, TettachooldTetta TownareaFormer Tetta Town Hall
Tessai Branch3604 Yada, TesseichooldTessei TownareaFormer Tessei Town Hall (Kirameki Square, Tessei)

In addition, there are Shinto, Ikura, Kamiichi, Karamatsu, Kusama, Kumagaya, Sugo, Senya, Toyonaga, Shingo, and Hurray civic centers.[17].


Prefecture agency

National agency

  • Okayama Prosecutor's Office・ Niimi branch ・Niimi Ward Prosecutor's Office ――However, it is unmanned, and the office work is done at the Okayama Legal Affairs General Government Building in Okayama City.
  • Niimi Labor Standards Inspection Office
  • Takahashi Public Employment Security Office / Niimi Branch Office
  • Niimi Tax Office
  • Kinki Forest Management Bureau of China
    • Forest Technology Center
    • Okayama Forest Management Office Niimi / Penal Department / Kamiyo / Shingo Forest Office



City council

Sister cities/partner cities

sister city
Friendship city


The main industries of Niimi City include mining industry, agriculture, livestock industry, and tourism.

Mining industry

Until the Meiji eraTatara steelmakingWas actively performed.Since thenlimestoneIs being mined.Companies related to limestone are also conspicuous in Niimi City, and 2017 out of 2017 companies listed in the "Niimi City Corporate Guide 34" as major companies in Niimi City as of 9 are in the lime industry. ..


Even as of 2014, Okayama prefecture is relatively relatively in JapanGrapeNiimi City is also one of the main grape producing areas in Okayama Prefecture.[18]..There are various cultivars in Okayama prefecture,[18], In Niimi cityPione,New PioneIs cultivated[Annotation 3].

In addition, although the yield in Okayama prefecture is known in Japan as a whole, it is in Okayama prefecture.ChestnutとAppleThe name of Niimi City can be mentioned as the main production area of[19].

In the city,Chanoki,Momotaro tomatoCultivation such as is also carried out.

Animal husbandry

We breed beef cattle,Senya beefIs known.

We also hunt wild boars,Niimi RamenWild boar meat is used for the ingredients.OtherButton pot, Wild boar bowl, wild boar curry, etc. can be seen at restaurants.

Fishing industry

LoachIs cultivated.AlsoSturgeonCultivatedcaviarIs manufacturing[20].


You can see the tourism industry that makes use of various tourism resources.

Other products

  • Bakudan Candy --Ice confectionery that is said to have originated in Niimi City.


A company headquartered in Niimi City

Other major companies

  • Famous confectionery Soen Satsukiya-Niimi City is known for cultivating pione and manufactures confectionery using it.We also manufacture "sekkai koishi cookies," which are sweets with the motif of local lime ore.[21].
  • Katsumaru Soy Sauce Brewing-Old-fashionedSoy sauceIs brewing.There is a gallery.
  • Masamune Sanko - Tessei TownLiquor manufacturer.We brew sake and mirin, and distill shochu.There is also a tour storehouse "Hana no Kura".
  • Marubishi-A Japanese tea production factory in Osa Town.The head office is in Osaka.
  • Yazaki Parts(Niimi Factory) --As of 2017, according to the "Niimi City Corporate Guide 2017", the number of employees is 523, which is the largest number of listed offices.
  • Yamasa ――Although it used to be headquartered in Niimi City, the head office function has moved to Okayama City.However, the Okaseki Division has three gas stations in Niimi City, and also sells office machines and manufactures agricultural machinery.[22].


The villa was set up in the Heian periodNiimiso(Shinmisho) ”is an area.Also, in the Genroku era, on the east side across the Kumagai River Choji Seki Niimi DomainThere is a town that was opened by the feudal clan, and in recent years, "Niimi GotenmachiIs being maintained under the name of[1](NiimiSee also).


primary school

  • Niimi Municipal Shisei Elementary School
  • Niimi City Takao Elementary School
  • Niimi Municipal Niimi Minami Elementary School
  • Niimi City Ikura Elementary School
  • Niimi City Kusamadai Elementary School
  • Niimi City Shiojo Elementary School
  • Niimi City Launch Elementary School
  • Niimi City Nishigata Elementary School
  • Niimi City Chiya Elementary School
  • Niimi Municipal Penal Department Elementary School
  • Niimi City Kamigo Kita Elementary School
  • Niimi City Kamidai Elementary School
  • Niimi City Hongo Elementary School
  • Niimi Municipal Mansai Elementary School
  • Niimi City Shinto Elementary School
  • Niimi City Yagami Elementary School
  • Niimi Municipal Noboru Elementary School

Junior high school

  • Niimi City Niimi Daiichi Junior High School
  • Niimi City Niimi Minami Junior High School
  • Niimi City Colonel Junior High School
  • Niimi City Tetsuta Junior High School
  • Niimi Municipal Tetsunishi Junior High School

high school


Other schools

Special school
  • --It is a training facility operated by the International Contribution University School Management Organization.
Vocational school
  • JUAVAC Drone Expert Academy-Opened in July 2018,DroneOperator training school.

Museums and other educational facilities

  • --It is a municipal museum.
  • Niimi Cultural Exchange Center (Nimi in Manabi Square) --The Niimi City Central Library is located next to it.It also has a hall.


Railway line

The central station of Niimi cityNiimi StationIs.All lines that pass through Niimi City pass through this station.

West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Hakubi Line
Geibi Line
Hime Shinsen

Bus route


Osa SA is also accessible from Okayama Prefectural Road 32.The so-called local ramen "Colonel Ramen" is also on sale.
General national road
Prefectural road
Road Station
  • Roadside station Koigakubo ――It is located in the area that was formerly Tessei-cho along National Highway 182 at the southwestern end of Niimi City.It is far from "Koi ga Kuboike".


News (Chinese)


Television broadcasting
FM OkayamaoutputPlane of polarizationRelay station location
(Remote control number)1268457
Niimi Digital 15 ch 13 ch 21 ch 16 ch 20 ch 17 ch 18 ch --3 WLevelTobigasuyama
Niimi 1 ch 4 ch 6 ch 32 ch 28 ch 26 ch 30 ch 86.0 MHz80.4 MHzV-FM 10 W
U 30 W
Karamatsu 57 ch 55 ch -------1 WLevelMountain over there
Niimi Kumagaya 57 ch 55 ch -------1 WLevelShiojoyama
Tessei 1 ch 4 ch -------10 W垂直Ameukeyama
-- 42 ch ----84.1 MHz-U 30 W
FM 1 W
Colonel 2 ch 7 ch 12 ch ------3 WLevelAbeyama
Tetta 54 ch 50 ch -------3 WLevelKurakiyama
Tetsuta Shinto 49 ch 51 ch -------3 WLevelAratoyama
AM radio broadcast
Although both have relay stations in Niimi city,NHKSince the output is weak, there is a lot of interference at night.In addition, RCC in Tessei Town and Kamigo TownChina broadcasting(1458 kHz) can be heard.
FM radio broadcast

Last mile business

Using an optical fiber networkBroadbandTo eliminate the information gap due to the spread ofDigital terrestrial broadcastingFrom 2005, aiming to take measures against difficult-to-view areas and replace disaster prevention radiosLast one mileBusiness,SOFTBANK TELECOMIs implemented as a business operator.with thisSoftbankTo eliminate dead zones for mobile phonesFemtocellIt was decided to conduct a demonstration experiment of the base station from the spring of 2009.[24].



The area code is 0867 (7x-9x).However, part of Shingotakase was under the jurisdiction of the Kamiiwami Telephone Exchange in Tottori Prefecture 08598 (3) during the Showa period.[25]..This was because it was close to the border of Tottori prefecture due to geographical reasons, and it was closer to draw a telephone line from Tottori prefecture.


Zip CodeIs as follows.

  • Niimi Post Office:718-00xx、718-85xx、718-86xx、718-87xx、718-03xx、719-36xx[Annotation 4]
  • Senya Post Office: 718-01xx, 718-02xx[Annotation 5]
  • Ikura Post Office: 719-25xx, 719-26xx, 719-27xx[Annotation 6]
  • Shingo Post Office: 719-28xx
  • Osakabe Post Office: 719-35xx
  • Yagami Post Office: 719-37xx
  • Nochi Post Office: 719-38xx


Tokichi Saiga 1911 Received a business license in August and established Niimi Electric in September of the same year.[26]..Constructed a hydroelectric power plant (output 33 kW) on the Kumagai River1914 Power generation started in March.The power supply area was in Niimi Town[27]..After that, a new power plant was constructed, and the supply area was expanded to 19 towns and villages in Atetsu-gun, 1 village in Maniwa-gun, and 2 villages in Kibi-gun.[28].

Niimi Electric1927 April Merged with China Joint Electric[29][30].

Famous places, historic sites, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites

  • Mt.Mio-ji Temple – WoodenSenju KannonSitting statue and standing statue of both sides (both nationalImportant cultural property), Main hall (prefectural designated important cultural property). ..Koyasan Shingon sect(Old).
  • Woman Takano Miozakiyama(, Saito Zenji)(Saidoji) – 661.Soto sect.[31]
  • Black hair mountainSeiryuji Temple – Kannon-do (a cultural property designated by Niimi City).Niimi.Shingon sect OfDaigo school(Old Shingon Buddhism).
  • Traditional medicine mountainShioji – Niomon, Nio statue, Yakushi Nyorai statue, Mandala of the Two Worlds (all designated cultural properties by Niimi City).Tessei Town..Shingon BuddhismOmuro school(Old Shingon Buddhism)
  • Mt.Honjoji Temple - Osatajibe.Rinzai sect OfEigenji school.
  • Shiroyama Park
  • Niimi Gotenmachi --The townscape around the Jinya of Niimi's feudal lord "Seki" is preserved and maintained.
  • Yumesuki Park with parent and descendant water wheel
  • Chinese Peony Garden
  • , Narutaki
  • Ikura Gorge, Kinugake Falls
  • Uyama-dong
  • Ryutokyo – Atetsumansakufamous for.
  • Rashomon(National natural monument)
  • Koigabobo wet plant community(National natural monument)
  • Suzuran Garden (Otsubo Marsh)
  • Atsushidai(Makido,Secret slope bell milk hole, Uyama-dong, Striped-take, Ikura-dong) (Okayama Prefecture designated natural monument)
  • Osayama – Mountain trails are in place.There are also planetariums, rest houses, campsites and accommodation facilities.Paragliding can also take off.
  • - KamikumagayaA mountain of about 600 meters in the district.Currently, a shrine is built on the mountaintop, but in the past there was Niimi Castle, a mountain castle.When an aggressive enemy asks the old woman in the area for wisdom, she proposes a way to burn the mountains, and there is a tradition that the castle has burned down.
  • Iwayama Shrine – A shrine located in the Kami-Kumagaya area. A grand festival is held on Culture Day on November 11rd.On the day of the event, old-fashioned food stalls will open, and children's portable shrines and adult portable shrines will parade through a part of the Kami-Kumagaya area.
  • Bessho Outdoor Center
  • Intermittent cold spring in Kusama – A geyser designated as a nationally designated natural monument.
  • Gold firefly origin-What is gold firefly?Hotaria parvulaPoint to.Tetsuta is the place of origin.
  • Emperor Go-Daigo's resting stone, rice stone – Emperor GodaigoThe legend related to remains.
  • Tamagaki monument- 中 世A monument to a woman living in Japan.Legends about her letter remain.
  • Osa Town B & G Marine Center

Festivals and events

  • Niimi Furusato Festival (Summer)
  • Funakawa Hachimangu Autumn Festival (May 10) --As one of the festival eventsMikamiyuki Weapon Procession(Dogeza Festival) will be held[32].
  • Kaigomori Festival (Chinese New Year's Day) --When Emperor Go-Daigo took a rest in the Karamatsu area while being swept away to the Oki Islands in Genko 2 (1332), a local man guarded him. It is said that the women gathered at the shrine and stayed at home to stop the fire and refrain from doing so.Early in the morning, the priest and his servant pick up the dirt and climb Mt. Misen to fortune-telling the good and bad of the Karamatsu area.During the festival, the locals close the shutters, put out the fire and stay home.


Works set in Niimi City


Famous people

Politician / military personnel







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