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🥾 | [100 average review] Comparison of Daiso's "ice pack"!I want to use it properly for outdoor activities and lunch boxes


[100 average review] Comparison of Daiso "ice pack"!I want to use it properly for outdoor activities and lunch boxes

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The product, which is palm-sized and uses vinyl chloride resin for the exterior, has a soft feel.

A convenient "ice pack" when carrying ingredients and lunch boxes.It's especially useful on hot days, isn't it?So now ... → Continue reading

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PVC(Polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride,PVC ) OrVinyl chloride resinAndSynthetic resinOne of (plastic), vinyl chloride (Chloroethylene)ofpolymerizationObtained by reactionPolymer compound.vinyl chloride,PVC,vinylIt is abbreviated as. Soft polyvinyl chlorideSoft vinyl(Soft Vinyl),Soft vinylAlso called. However, the abbreviation for "poly" or "resin" is the raw material.MonomerMonomer vinyl chloride is especially confused with vinyl chloride monomer, VCM) To distinguish them.Concerns have been raised that incineration produces dioxins.

Manufacturing method

Polyvinyl chloride is a vinyl chloride monomer (CH)2= CHCl)Addition polymerizationIs synthesized by. How to make vinyl chloride monomerChloroethylenechecking ...

Chemical reaction formula for polyvinyl chloride synthesis


A resin obtained by simply polymerizing a vinyl chloride monomer is hard, brittle, and crystalline.UVBy polymer分子ComposechlorineatomDeparteddeteriorationEasy to yellow. Therefore, soften itPlasticizerAnd prevent deteriorationStabilizerIs added.heatBecause it is softened byThermoplastic resinToSortIs done.

It can be hard or soft depending on the amount of plasticizer added, and has excellent resistance toWedSex / resistanceacidSex / resistancealkaliSex / resistancesolventHave sex.However, it was dissolved in some solvents and its properties were utilized.Vinyl chloride resin solvent-based adhesiveGood adhesiveness due to such factors.Since it is a thermoplastic resin, it can be welded, but especially in the case of hard PVC, care must be taken to prevent deterioration and deterioration due to chlorine detached from the molecule.AlsoFlame retardantIs sexElectrical insulationIs. While having such excellent physical propertiesSoda industryThe price is very low because the low-priced chlorine gas produced by the saline electrolysis in Japan is the main raw material that accounts for more than half of the weight.[1].. Therefore, it has a wide variety of uses.clothing,wallpaper,Bags, Chairs and sofas upholstery (Vinyl leather),Interior(,Insulation,, as a protective material),Skipping ropeFor etc.rope,Electrical wireCoating (insulating material), insect repellent net (Screen doorSuch),包装material,Waterパ イ プ,Building material,Agriculture:Materials (agricultural bi),recordBoard,eraserAnd so on, oncetoyIt was also often used. Recently, some have been used for the purpose of weight reduction.AutomobileForUndercoatAlso used as a material[2].

"Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride" with an increased proportion of chlorine has higher temperature structural strength than plain polyvinyl chloride, and is standardized as JIS K 6776 as a heat-resistant rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe used for hot water piping. Has been converted.

Concerns about the generation of dioxins during incineration

1990 Polychlorinated biphenyl,Polyvinylidene chlorideChlorine-based plastics such asDioxinIt came to be considered as a major source of the kind, and it emerged as a social problem and led to a boycott. Today, dioxins are not only chlorine-based plastics, but also chlorine.Aromatic compoundsWhen incinerating waste containingIncomplete combustionIt is thought that it will occur when As a workaroundIncinerator OfPerformanceReduction of incomplete combustion rate by improvement,Separate collectionContains chlorineGarbageIncineration avoidance,RecyclingIt has been proposed to expand the system and reduce the amount of chlorine-based plastic used. In addition, industry groups have researched that the main source of dioxins from incinerators is salt rather than polyvinyl chloride.[3]Has also been issued.

Concerns about endocrine disrupting problems

20st centuryAround the end, so-calledEnvironmental hormonesIncluded in polyvinyl chloride amid growing interest inPlasticizer FoodBy melting into the inside etc.human bodyThere is a concern about the impact on. Until now, it was widely used as a plasticizerPhthalic esterIsBis phthalate (2-ethylhexyl) ThegreaseMay dissolve into foods containing food and come into direct contact with foodcontainer,包装For use inRestrictionIt came to be done. Also,toyOut ofSoft vinyl"" Such as dolls乳 幼 児 mouthThe use of polyvinyl chloride containing phthalates is also restricted for "toys whose essence is to come into contact with"[4], Thermoplastic as an alternative materialElastomerHas come to be used.

Food製造Poly used sometimesglovesWas also regarded as a problem for the same reason.2000 January,Ministry of Health and Welfare(CurrentMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare) Has issued a notice to discontinue the use of polyvinyl chloride gloves during food production. It should be noted that2003 OfMinistry of the EnvironmentAt the study meetingPhthalic esterIt was reported that no endocrine disrupter-like action was confirmed.

Relationship with energy problems

weightCompared to other petroleum-based plastics, polyvinyl chloride is per weight because chlorine accounts for about half of the total and consumes less petroleum.carbon dioxideEmissions are smallEnvironmental impactCan be seen as a small plastic[5].. The resin chemistry industry group said, "Vinyl chloride requires less energy input in the manufacturing process than other hydrocarbon resins." "Oil consumption is less than other hydrocarbon resins." Contributes to energy saving with high heat insulation. "[6].

On the other hand, since the chemical properties are considerably different from those of general hydrocarbon-based resins, if polyvinyl chloride is mixed when the resin is recycled, it is likely to cause troubles.[7].. Since incineration of vinyl chloride requires a device to suppress the production of dioxins,blast furnaceInReducing agentExamples that hinder when used asPET bottlesThere are some examples that hinder the reproduction of.RecyclingWhat are PVC and other resins in the facility?X-rayThere is also a case of sorting by utilizing the fact that the transmission characteristics of are different.


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