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👩‍🎤 | Yuki Chloe "Young Champion" cover & top gravure


Yuki Chloe "Young Champion" cover & top page fascinating gravure

If you write the contents roughly
Under the theme of "Beautiful girl in the sleeping sea," she is showing off her innocent gravure.

Yuki Chloe, a member of the idol group Junjou Afilia, will be on sale at Akita Shoten "Champion" on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Beautiful girl

Beautiful girl(Bishojo) is generally prettyappearanceIs beautifulGirlRefers to. Widely "beautifuladultFemaleMeansBeautiful woman,beautyOut ofMinorRefers toBeautiful boyIt is also a girl as a concept against.

Note that here is a similar conceptBeautiful young girl(Bijojo) will also be explained.


Cultural and social tendencies that celebrate beautiful girlsfictionSeen in many regions and times, including.

What kind of appearance and appearance a girl is considered to be "beautiful" depends on the culture and the individual subjectivity of the viewer. 2017,Entertainment production OfRepro entertainmentAnd dazzy, a fashion mail order site operator,Artificial intelligenceA beautiful girl whose (AI) takes the place of a judgeauditionWas carried out.Tokyo UniversityとE guardianUsing the image recognition system "Roca Solution" developed by[1].

fictionIn the world ofLight novelincludingNovel,movies,TV drama,Comic,Anime,Computer gamesAtjuvenileIsHeroRelative toheroineThere are many works where beautiful girls are set as. In particular, it is a keyword that is favorably used in these genres, and it is assumed that it is also a symbol. 『Sailor Moon], there is also a work in which a beautiful girl is part of the title.

In the narrow sense, "for adults" means "Beautiful girlThe word "" is sometimes used. However, it is not necessarily the same as the adult game.

In some media, the term may be withheld as it discriminates against the appearance of a girl.

Beautiful girl and beautiful young girl as words

In most cases, the former refers to the terms beautiful girl and beautiful young girl.MinorWomen (especially after secondary sex characteristics) (Girl), the latter is a younger woman (Young girlPoint), but in a broad sense may include a young girl, sometimes confused. Under these circumstances, the word “beautiful young girl” itself is less recognized than that of beautiful girls, which have become widely used.



Especially the literary works treated as the subjectliteratureIt is often seen in the field of and there is no end to it. Among them, the most famous one issnow WhiteCan be mentioned. In this storyheroineIs Snow White, and it is said that she became "the most beautiful woman in the world" beyond her mother (queen) when she was 7 years old.


JapanThe representative image of a beautiful girl represented in the classical literature ofHeian periodof"The Tale of Genji"ofYoung purpleIs. It is said to be a beautiful manLight sourceFell in love with Wakamura, who was about 10 years old in the first few years, and decided to make him live in a mansion, and make him an ideal woman. Of this storyplotHas been converted into various stories of posterity and has been taken over.

Also, the story of Izayoi can be mentioned. she isGenkeiIn 4 years (880)KyusyuHe enjoyed his life in, and was named 8th evening after his birthday (August 16th). It is the land of this storyFukuokaFukuoka CityHigashi Ward"Mirror well" is a historic site that remains at Okinabejinja Shrine. This is a beautifully grown up 5 year old girl,hairIs said to have combedwellIs. In addition, its beautiful appearanceEmperor Uta OfMessengerInto her earsInner sideIt is said that he was welcomed to when he was 13 years old.


Osamu Dazai OfShort storyHas "Bishojo" in its title. on the other hand,"Kojien”Beautiful boy", but the item "Beautiful girl" did not exist until the fifth edition. this is"juvenileThe wordBoysnot onlywomanIt also means "also refers to".Women's and children's school,AlsoSportsThere is a "boy and girl" category.2008 From the XNUMXth edition of the issue, "Beauty Girl" is newly added.

Words that represent a beautiful girl


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