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👍 | Is there such a miracle?When I put my head out on the sea, the waterfowl took a rest

Photo Take a break (Image from Akito @ smoguri2140's tweet)

Is there such a miracle?When I put my head out on the sea, the waterfowl took a rest

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Akito is an eco-tour guide on the Yaeyama Islands and Iriomote Island in the prefecture.

"Eh? Is there such a thing?" One photo posted with such a confusing comment has become a hot topic on Twitter ... → Continue reading

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Yaeyama Islands

世界 > Asia > East Asia > Japan > Nansei Islands > Yaeyama Islands

Yaeyama Islands(Yeah, it ’s rare) orYaeyama Islands(Yaeyama Shotou)Nansei IslandsWesternislandsIn a groupMiyako Islandsと と も にSakishima IslandsForm part of.


CentralIshigakijimaIncluding,Taketomi Island,Kohama Island,Kuroshima,Shinshirojima(Uechijima, Shimojishima),Iriomote Island,Yufu Island,Hatoma Island, The southernmost point in Japan on a manned islandHateruma IslandSuch asSekisei LagoonThe surrounding islands and the westernmost point in Japan, west of themYonaguni Island12 manned islands in total[1], And located in the north尖 閣 諸島And many moreUninhabited islandIt is a group of islands consisting of.In areaOkinawaIt is equivalent to about a quarter of the total, and Iriomote Island is the second largest and Ishigaki Island is the third largest in the prefecture after the main island of Okinawa.[7]..The distance from Ishigaki Island, the main island, to the main island of Okinawa is about 411 kilometers.[1],TaiwanDistance to about 277 kilometers[8].

Administrative divisionThen,OkinawaIshigaki,Yaeyama DistrictTaketomi Townas well as the Yonaguni TownIshigaki Island belongs to Ishigaki City, Yonaguni Island belongs to Yonaguni Town, and the other 1 islands all belong to Taketomi Town.[1]..Country designatedNatural treasure1771Yaeyama earthquakeIt has a harsh history, such as the loss of many lives due to the Meiwa tsunami that accompanies it.[7]..Takes many livesEndemic diseaseMetmalariaWas eradicated in 1962.


"YaeyamaThere are various theories about the origin of the name.1719 ToRyukyuVisitedChinese people-Xu BaoguangIn his book "", there is a description of "Yaeyama, Ichimei Kitakiyama, Tsuchina Akira Kaki, and Mata Grandpa".Of these, "Kaki" is read as "Ishikaki" and "Grandma" is read as "Yama".In this description, the current Yaeyama Islands and Ishigaki Island are not distinguished, and it is understood that "Yaeyama" refers to Ishigaki Island. "Yaeyama" is the same as "Grandma" to "Yama"Japanese alphabetIs believed to be.There are various theories as to why it is written as "Yaeyama" including remote islands in later literature, and there is still no decisive factor.[7].

"Yaeyama" isYaeyama dialectThen "Yaima" (International phonetic symbolsで[jaima]),Okinawan dialectThen "Aema" ([eːma]), "Derma" in Yonaguni Island ([daːma]) Is pronounced.


An island with an area of ​​0.01 square kilometers or more[1][9]
Island nameReadingManned / unmannedarea
(In the prefecture)
MunicipalitiesAlias ​​/ separate notationRemarks
Iriomote IslandIri OmotejimaManned island289.622Taketomi TownDesignated remote island[Note 2]
IshigakijimaIshigakijimaManned island222.243IshigakiDesignated remote island
Yonaguni IslandYonagunijimaManned island28.958Yonaguni TownDesignated remote island
Hateruma IslandHaterumajimaManned island12.7314Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
KuroshimaKuroshimaManned island10.0216Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
Kohama IslandKohama IslandManned island7.8618Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
Taketomi IslandTake and MijimaManned island5.4324Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
Inner islandUchibanari IslandUninhabited island2.1034Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
Shinjojima (Uechi)Aragusukujima
Manned island1.7637Taketomi TownUechijimaDesignated remote island
Shinjojima (groundwork)Aragusukujima
Manned island1.5740Taketomi TownShimojishimaDesignated remote island
Remote islandSotobanari IslandUninhabited island1.3243Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
Hatoma IslandHatomajimaManned island0.9648Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
Kayama IslandKayamajimaManned island0.3961Taketomi TownKayama IslandDesignated remote island
(I.e.(I.e.Uninhabited island0.3762IshigakiKojima IslandDesignated remote island
Island in Kawahira Bay
Nakanougan IslandNakano UganjimaUninhabited island0.2278Taketomi TownNakanoshima
Yufu IslandYubushimaManned island0.1582Taketomi TownDesignated remote island
U remote islandUbanarijimaUninhabited island0.0599Taketomi Town
大地 離島Daichiba NarijimaUninhabited island0.02125Ishigaki
Hirari IslandHiraba NarijimaUninhabited island0.02126Ishigaki
MajipanariSeriouslyUninhabited island0.02128IshigakiTrue apologyIsland in Kawahira Bay
SonaichizakiSonai JizakiUninhabited island0.02129Yonaguni Town
Pigeon islandHatopanarijimaUninhabited island0.01159Taketomi Town
Akari IslandAkapanarijimaUninhabited island0.01160Taketomi Town
Other islands (all uninhabited islands)
Island nameReadingMunicipalitiesAlias ​​/ separate notationRemarks
SeparationMukupanariIshigakiIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
MarriageYumipanariIshigakiIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
Maya separationMayapanariIshigakiIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
Rhino separationSaipanariIshigakiIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
Kuba separationKubapa NariIshigakiIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
Kida releaseKidapanariIshigakiIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
Chabanchiki awayChabanchikipanariIshigakiChabanchiki awayIsland in Kawahira Bay[10]
HamajimaHamajimaTaketomi Town
HiranishijimaPinishijimaTaketomi Town



areaIriomote Island (100 square kilometers) is an island with a size of 289.61 square kilometers or more.[2]) And Ishigaki Island (222.25 sq km)[2]) On the two islands, bothFurumidake,Mt OdodeTakashima, which includes a massif that reaches an altitude of about 500 meters, has relatively well-developed rivers.Other islands are upliftedcoral reefOn a low island, the altitude does not reach 100 meters.

Biological nature

For uplifted coral reefs in the lowlands,熱 帯A plant community with strong elements is established.In the inner bay and estuarymangroveForests develop, but the number of species is higher than in other parts of Japan, for exampleMayapushikiIs found only in this region in Japan and is a more common species in the tropicsNipa palm,Barringtonia asiaticaIs also slightly observed.Even in the more inland lowlandsMallotus paniculaAll of them are widely distributed in the tropics, and are found only in this area in Japan.

Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island have mountain massifs with an altitude of about 500 meters, and the water conditions are good, so most of them areLaurel forestWas covered with.However, especially on Ishigaki Island, the area has been greatly reduced for development.Such a forestOkinawa urajirogashiIt is mainly forLizard hegoSuch asTree fernContains a lot.AlsoEpiphytesNitomi, ya(English edition)To the big stock of (Vittaria zosterifolia) Further settled to form a large dendritic mass, and againFreycinetia forbiddenThe appearance of many crawling up is a feature not seen in other parts of Japan.

This area isCrested sardine,Saxima hubThere are many endemic species such as, and most of them are distributed on Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island.Iriomote WildcatSome of them are distributed only on Iriomote Island, but most of them are distributed on both islands.


At the end of the 15th century, in the Yaeyama IslandsOyacare KahachiAnd subordinate to the Ryukyu KingdomLord NagataCompeted for victory,1500 , Oyake AkahachiRyukyu KingdomBecause I refused the tribute toNaoSubdued to (Oyacare Kahachi no Ran), The Yaeyama Islands came under the control of the Ryukyu Kingdom.1524 ,Taketomi IslandOriginally served the Ryukyu KingdomXitangWas appointed as the head of Taketomi Daishuri Oyako and moved to Taketomi Island.BrewerOpened and ruled Yaeyama[11].

1628 There are three magiris, Miyara, Ohama, and Ishigaki, and the head office is placed in.1632 Was dispatched from the royal government.1641 Yamato Maeda is placed inSatsuma DomainOfficials were stationed[12][13]But seven years later1648 Obsolete[14].1637 ToHead taxWas introduced,1903 Was imposed until it was abolished.

In the Meiji era,1908 ToIsland township systemWas enforced and the magiri was abolished, and the entire Yaeyama Islands became one municipality.Yaeyama VillageWas placed.However, due to the vast range and difficult traffic,1914 Ishigaki VillageOhama Village(Both are currentIshigaki) ・ Taketomi Village (currentTaketomi Town) ・ Yonaguni Village (currentYonaguni Town).

During the Pacific War, Allied forces did not land on the Yaeyama Islands.However, only 178 people were killed in air raids and naval gunfire, and of the 3 population at that time, 1681 were affected by malaria, with a prevalence of 1%.War malariaThe death toll in Japan is 3,647.[15].


2008 OfArimura SangyobyferryBetween the Yaeyama Islands and outside the region since the suspension of operation of the route (de facto abolition)Public transportMove byAir routeLimited to only[Note 3].


There are the following three airports.

Within the Yaeyama Islands, there is a regular route between New Ishigaki Airport and Yonaguni Airport.There have been no regular flights to Hateruma Airport since 2008.


There are the following regular routes.Ishigaki PortThe route network centered on is constructed.


Between each island of the Yaeyama IslandsCrosslinkDoes not exist and travels across islands rely solely on sea routes or air routes.


tv set-radioTomo, on Ishigaki IslandIshigaki Relay StationCovers Ishigaki Island, the eastern part of Iriomote Island, the surrounding islands between the two islands (Taketomi Island, Kohama Island, Kuroshima, etc.), and Hateruma Island, which is about 60 kilometers away from Ishigaki Island (in the case of Ishigaki Island TV). , Ishigaki relay station in the south, in the northKabira TV relay stationCovers).AlsoSano TV Relay StationIs the western part of Iriomote Island and Hatoma Island,Yonaguni relay stationCovers Yonaguni Island respectively.


  • NHKAnd commercial broadcastersRyukyu Broadcasting (RBCi Radio)-Radio Okinawa (ROK) has relay stations on Ishigaki Island, Iriomote Island, and Yonaguni Island.It should be noted thatFM OkinawaThere is no relay station installed.
    • NHK moved to Ishigaki Island in June 1972Radio No. 1と第 2Established a relay station in Ishigaki Island and Yonaguni Island in 1976FM broadcastRelay station was set up.
    • For a long time, AM covered the entire Yaeyama area, FM covered both Ishigaki and Taketomi cities and towns, and Yonaguni station covered Yonaguni Island, but AM (middle wave) covered the neighboring countries.Taiwan Island,Mainland ChinaDue to interference with broadcasting stations such as, it is difficult to receive AM at night, especially in the western part of Iriomote Island and Yonaguni Island, and shortwaveNHK International BroadcastingMany people received.Therefore, in November 1991, Radio 11 was set up in the western part of Iriomote Island (Sono), in October 1, Radio 2003 was set up, and in October 10, Radio 2 and 1 set up FM relay stations on Yonaguni Island. The reception situation has improved considerably (the western part of Iriomote Island does not have a relay station for FM broadcasting, but it can be received by radio waves from the Ishigakijima relay station).
    • RBCi Radio has been on commercial broadcasting for a long timeMiyakojimaRadio Okinawa, a relay station in, received directly from the master station on the main island of Okinawa, but at night like NHK, it was received due to interference from Taiwan, mainland China, etc., and could not be received on western Iriomote Island and Yonaguni Island. (On Ishigaki Island, the central broadcasting company of parent and child radio was retransmitting RBCi radio in some areas).Therefore, following NHK, in April 2004, RBCi Radio and Radio Okinawa also set up FM relay stations on Ishigaki Island, Iriomote Island, and Yonaguni Island.
  • First in the Yaeyama area in July 2007Community FMBecomeFM InscriptionWas opened, and it became possible to listen to most of the south side of Ishigaki Island and the remote island of Taketomi Town near the island.インターネットIt is also possible to listen via.
  • Incidentally,FM OkinawaHas no relay station,radiko(Free course in the prefecture) and smartphone appWIZ RADIO(free),Docomo FM,LISMO WAVEIt is possible to listen to (both are paid membership systems).
Radio relay station frequency list
AddressoutputNHK1NHK2NHK FMRBCiROKFM Inscription
IshigakijimaNHK1 and NHK2 are 1kW, others are 0.1kW540kHz1521kHz87.0MHz89.0MHz87.8MHz76.1MHz
Iriomote IslandAll 0.01kW85.2MHz83.1MHz83.9MHz81.5MHz
Yonaguni IslandAll 0.01kW83.5MHz80.3MHz85.8MHz84.7MHz79.5MHz


  • NHK and commercial broadcasters have relay stations on Ishigaki and Kawahira on Ishigaki Island, Sonai in the western part of Iriomote Island, and Yonaguni Island for both terrestrial analog TV broadcasting and terrestrial digital TV broadcasting.However,Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting (QAB) is digital only.
  • Since all terrestrial analog broadcasting is broadcast on UHF, RBC TV has 10 channels and OTV has 8 channels, which are often matched to the same channel as the parent station. Even in the latte column, RBC shows 10 channels and OTV shows 8 channels (NHK shows Ishigaki station channels, and in the West Front station area, NHK total has 8 channels, so OTV adjusts the remote control to other empty channels. ).
    • NHK is the predecessorOkinawa Broadcasting Association On December 1967, 12, the Ishigaki station, which became the parent station of the Yaeyama area, opened at the same time as Miyakojima.The next day, the Kawahira station, Iriomote (Sono) station, and Yonaguni station opened.At that time, submarine cables were not laid between Okinawa main island and Miyako island, and from the same island to Ishigaki island, so the program was organized separately from Okinawa main island (opened in December 22) and Miyako island. NHK's return to the mainland in May 1968General TVHowever, the Ishigaki station (Yaeyama station), which was the parent station, was integrated into the Miyako station and became a relay station for Miyako General Television.However, since the submarine cable was not laid on the main island and Miyako island, the program was organized differently from the main island.For this reasonMorning TV novel,Taiga dramaEtc. are delayed by 1 day to 1 week, which is the customary New Year's EveRed and White Singing ContestWas broadcast the next night on New Year's Day.
    • Submarine cables were finally laid on the main island and Miyako island in December 1976, and finally it was broadcast all day on the main island and mainland Japan.Education tvBroadcast has also started.
    • On Ishigaki Island in the early 1980sCable TV OfIshigaki Cable TVOpened and distributed commercial TV programs at different times.
    • Finally on December 1993, 12 with the commercial broadcaster Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)Okinawa TV (OTV) started broadcasting, and it was a long-awaited commercial broadcasting station for many Yaeyama residents who had only NHK until now.
    • At NHK's Ishigaki station in December 2008Terrestrial digital TV broadcastingWas started, relay stations other than NHK's Ishigaki station (Kawahira, Sono, Yonaguni, Uchimichi) started in April 2009, and commercial broadcasting started on all stations in October, and it was not broadcast in analog.Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting (QAB) has also started broadcasting.
  • NHK's analog broadcasting used to emit radio waves with high output because it transmits radio waves, but the transmission method from Saito to Yonaguni improved, and in 1998 the Nishito station reduced its power from 100W to 30W, and the Yonaguni station changed from VHF to UHF. I switched.The Kawahira station outputs at 500W to transmit to the Iriomote station.Commercial broadcasters are also transmitted from Ishigaki to Yonaguni.
  • Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting (QAB) has not installed an analog relay station for a long time since its opening, and it has not been re-distributed by cable, so it could not be received, but it was finally 2009 years after the opening of the station in 14 with the start of digital broadcasting. Being able to seeTV AsahiSeries programs have also been seen for the first time in 14 years.
  • On July 2011, 7, at around 24:23, NHK stopped at the same time as the main island, but in Naha, the last private broadcast that stopped at 59:23 was in a sandstorm in Okinawa on Yonakunijima. Yes (NHK staff has switched off locally, but it is unknown whether it was switched off to private broadcasting, it takes about 54 minutes if the carrier is automatically stopped), and with this, analog TV broadcasting in Okinawa Prefecture has been in less than 5 years. The curtain is closed on the history of.
  • On Yonaguni IslandTaiwanIt is said that it can also receive Taiwanese TV broadcasts because it is only about 100 km away from the country, and it is said that he used to watch Taiwan's president better than the Japanese prime minister and the governor of Okinawa prefecture.
List of TV relay stations
AddressRelay station name(Type)outputSynthesisEducationRBCOTVQAB
(Digital)100W26 (1)24 (2)33 (3)35 (8)36 (5)
Kawahira(analog)V500W, U300W1164446
(Digital)30W22 (1)18 (2)19 (3)20 (8)21 (5)
Iriomote IslandSono(analog)V30W, U100W812325
(Digital)1W17 (1)13 (2)32 (3)42 (8)48 (5)
Yonaguni IslandYonaguni(analog)10W37394143
(Digital)1W36 (1)45 (2)29 (3)35 (8)47 (5)
Inner road(analog)0.1W49515355
(Digital)0.01W19 (1)18 (2)20 (3)21 (8)22 (5)
  • Analog broadcasting is broadcast on VHF for NHK and UHF for commercial broadcasting (RBC, OTV) except for the Uchido station.
  • The numbers in parentheses for digital broadcasting areRemote control key IDNumber


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注 釈

  1. ^ Area 0.01km2Number of islands above.The Senkaku Islands are not included in the Yaeyama Islands.[1].
  2. ^ Okinawa Promotion Special Measures ActA remote island designated based on Article 3 No. 3 and Article 1 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Act.
  3. ^ In JapanMiyako IslandsSimilarly, the only means of access is air routes
  4. ^ There are also some via flights


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