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💪 | The effect of diet is improved! 5 lifestyles to improve "quality of sleep"


The effect of diet is improved! 5 lifestyle habits that improve "sleep quality"

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The neurotransmitter "serotonin" is secreted when exposed to the morning sun.

Good morning.I'm Junko Sakuraka, a brain and intestinal therapist."Sleep" is closely related to diet, health, and beauty ... → Continue reading

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Neurotransmitter(Shinkei Denta Tsutsutsu,British: Neurotransmitters) IsSynapseIt is a substance that mediates information transmission. Presynaptic cells have a neurotransmitter synthesis system, and postsynaptic cells have neurotransmitters.ReceptorThere is. Neurotransmitters are inactivated after release. Zinc ions that affect postsynaptic cellsNitric oxideIs a neurotransmitter in a broad sense.hormoneIs also an intercellular transmitterAperture releaseAnd binds to the receptor. Neurotransmitters act locally, and hormones act globally through the circulatory system and the like.AgonistとAntagonistHas the same effect.


Before release

NeurotransmittersSynapsePre-cellCell bodySynthesized in, or carried by cell transport細胞Absorbed from the outside and at the end of presynapseSynaptic vesiclesStored in.At the end of presynapseAction potentialWhen it reaches, the neurotransmitter is released into.

After release

When the neurotransmitter is released into,拡 散Spreads by the postsynaptic cellsCell membraneIt is activated by binding to the receptors on it. ReceptorIon channelIn the case of typeIon channelIf the receptor is metabotropic, then several steps are taken.Ion channelTo open and post-synaptic cellsDepolarizationOr cause. Promptly after release酵素Inactivated by or re-inactivated at presynaptic terminalsabsorptionAnd some are stored again in synaptic vesicles and reused (filled in another synaptic vesicle instead of returning to the original synaptic vesicle).


Neurotransmitters can be broadly classified into the following three types.

  1. amino acid(Glutamic acid,γ-aminobutyric acid,Aspartic acid,glycineSuch)
  2. peptideKind (Vasopressin,Somatostatin,Such)
  3. MonoamineKind (Noradrenaline,Dopamine,Serotonin)Whenacetylcholine

MoreNitric oxide,Carbon monoxideSuch asgasMolecules also exhibit neurotransmitter-like action.

Major neurotransmitters

amino acid



MonoaminesIs synthesized from the following.

Phenylalanine,TyrosineMore synthetic (in the synthetic pathwaycatecholamineVia)
TryptophanMore synthetic
  • Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT)
    • Melatonin (Mel) (derived from serotonin, but not monoamine)
HistidineMore synthetic

Polypeptides (neuropeptides)

Peptide hormoneIncludes what is in common with.

Neuropeptide Y



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  1. ^ Carboxyl groupWithoutDNACoded byproteinNot, but by mistakeamino acidMay be described as a type of.Japan Supplement Council etc.


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