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👍 | A mysterious object flowing from the river, I remember it for some reason ...


A mysterious object flowing from the river, I remember it for some reason ... A series of echoes to the unexpected "identity"

If you write the contents roughly
It contained five cards, including the monster card "Exodia the Forbidden" that appeared in the "Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game", flowing from the river.

When I suddenly look at it while working in the river ...It was talked about that the flowing stuff was "too shocking". "Rare things flow from the river ... → Continue reading


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"Yu-Gi-Oh!"(Yugio, YU-GI-OH!)Kazuki TakahashibyJapan OfComicAnd it was the originalMedia mixthe work. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha) Was serialized from the 1996nd issue of 42 to the 2004th issue of 15.Cumulative circulation is 4000 million[1].

Work description

TimidBullyingA high school student who was a kid,Muto Yugi.Ancient egyptStarting with the solution of the more familiar darkness item "Millennium Puzzle", another game in the mind is another person (Yami Yugi).[Note 1]) This personality will be the guardian of justice, executing the "dark game" to the bad guys and giving the horrifying "punishment game" to those who lose the game or break the rules.Dark fantasyandDark hero (anti-hero)A story with elements of. According to Kazuki Takahashi, the concept of this work is "a fighting thing that the hero never hits a person"[2].. In the first volume of the original book, there is a description that "the theme is "mystery" around us." By the way, at the beginning I was thinking of writing a strange cartoon.[3].. Originally, Takahashi wanted to write a fighting manga, but since he loved fighting games, he fights face-to-face.Analog gamesIt was an editor in charge of the idea with the motifYoshikoTogether with that, it took a year to complete the plan[4].

At the beginning, the story was completed, and every time the game was played, there were a variety of waysGameIt was the content to unfold.However, due to the sluggish popularity of the Shaadi edition, the fictional card game "Magic & Wizards", which was popular with readers, is re-appearing.[5]By letting them recover their popularity.After that, we will shift to a story centered on "Magic & Wizards".Also,SFIt also comes to incorporate the element of.

As the theme of "Yu-Gi-Oh", the original author Kazuki Takahashi友情It is said that the three pillars are "death" and "love," and that the keyword "autonomy" is also included.[6].

"Makuhari"ofMuduo Kangzhao"If I hadn't quit at that time, "Yu-Gi-Oh" was over," he said. Psychological description is useless, soKaiji』Please refer to, via the person in charge. The card game plan is Kita[Source required].

Also, in "Jump style! Separate volume manga course with DVD (8) May 2016, 5 issue", with the author's atelierWacomWith pen tabletPainterThe digital painting using is recorded, and you can see the illustration process of Seto Kaiba.

Special reading "TRANSCEND GAME Yu-Gi-Oh!"

The movie version released in 2016 "Yu-Gi-Oh THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS”, the original read by Takahashi himself.TRANSCEND・GAME Yu-Gi-Oh』(トランセンド・ゲーム ゆうぎおう)が、『週刊少年ジャンプ』2016年19号(4月11日発売)、20号(4月18日発売)に2号連続で掲載された。原作漫画『遊☆戯☆王』の最終話である第343話の後で、劇場版の前日譚となる物語が描かれた。原作者・高橋が執筆した『遊☆戯☆王』作品が、同誌へ掲載されるのは、連載が終了した04年3月以来、12年ぶりとなる[Note 2].

Although it has not been made into a book, a limited edition Blu-ray of "Yu-Gi-Oh! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS" comes with a booklet containing "TRANSCEND/GAME Yu-Gi-Oh!"[7].

Magic & Wizards

"Magic & Wizards" (M & W) is a fictitious character that appears in this work.Trading card gameIs. America'sWizards of the CoastReal card game released by the companyMagic: The Gathering(MtG) is the motif[Note 3]..In the early story of this work, various original games appeared, and M & W, which is a card game, was one of them, but as a result, M & W received a particularly big response from readers among the games appearing in this work. The work itself of this work has changed from the setting of defeating evil by making full use of various early games to "a battle over the mysterious power of ancient Egypt hidden in card games", and card games from the middle stage onward. A full-time story will unfold.

Due to its outstanding popularity, in 1998 as part of character goodsBandaiThan"Yu-Gi-Oh! Card dassIn 1999KonamiThan"Yu-Gi-Oh Official Card Game Duel Monsters] (Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG) has been commercialized twice. In particular, the Yu-Gi-Oh!TCG released by Konami has become more popular than just character goods, and in 2011, the cumulative number of sales was 251 million. As the world's most sold trading card gameGuinnessCertified[9].. In March 2013, as a "trading card game tournament with the most participants"GuinnessCertified. Many related products such as video games have been released,Trading card gameMany similar works on the subject have been announced both in Japan and overseas.


The author has seven chapters: the school edition, the DEATH-T edition, the RPG edition, the kingdom of the duels, the D/D/D edition, the Battle City edition, and the memory of the King.

School edition

  • Volume 1 (Fighting 1)-Volume 4 (Fighting 25), Volume 5 (Fighting 41)-Volume 6 (Fighting 49)

High school students who like gamesMuto YugiHad been assembling an ancient Egyptian treasure "Millennium puzzle" that no one has solved for eight years, which his grandfather Sugoroku, a game store owner, assembled for eight years,Katsuya JonouchiSteals puzzle pieces and throws them into the pool. At a later date, Jonouchi will have a trouble with Ushio, a member of the discipline committee. However, he was overwhelmed by the play he had been abusing until then, and he reviewed him, collecting the pieces and delivering them to Sugoroku. At the moment when Yugi succeeded in solving the puzzle after regaining the last one piece, another fearless personality that acquired the skill as a genius of the game (Another game, Yami) Awakens. Yami plays a game of "darkness" on Ushio, who was trying to roll up money from Yugi and Jonouchi, and then loses a "punishment game" to Ushio who loses. After that, Yami came out without being noticed by Yugi himself, and he became a keeper of the darkness, who challenged the rogue who invaded the world to the game of darkness and imposed a terrible punishment game. In addition, Yugi and Jonouchi became unique best friends in this case, and they became Yugi's childhood friend.Ayako MasakiAnd Jonouchi's bad friendHiroto HondaIn addition, you will be able to play various games.

One day, Yugi, who was playing the card game "M & W (Magic & Wizards)", was a powerful M & W classmate.Kaiba SetoIn addition, Sugoroku's important card "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is stolen.In order to defeat Kaiba who hurt Yugi's heart and regain Blue Eyes, Yami Yugi challenges Kaiba with M & W.[Note 4].

After that,EgyptMysterious young man who visited fromShardyAfter encountering this, we will step into the mystery hidden in the XNUMX-year puzzle.


  • Volume 4 (Yuttle 26)-Volume 5 (Yuttle 40)

Kaiba, who was defeated by Yami in M ​​& W, said, "From a resentment against Yugi,"DEATH-T (Death theme park)Carry out the revenge plan. Using the financial power of "Kaiba Corporation," which he is the president ofTheme parkKaiba, who was constructing "Kaiba Land", invites the game to the death attraction "DEATH-T" installed there. Kaiba challenged Sugoroku, who had been abducted in advance, with a “Duel Box”, and even destroyed the defeated Sugoroku “Blue-Eye White Dragon”, as well as a simulated experience of the punishment game that he experienced. Is passed on to the old body Sugoroku. After playing DEATH-T to help Sugoroku, Yugi and his friends go through the dangerous attractions that Kaiba sets up and fight various assassins, and head to the top floor where Kaiba waits.


  • Volume 6 (Yuttle 50)-Volume 7 (Yuttle 59)

A beautiful boy with a strange atmosphereAkiraHowever, they are transferred to the classes of Yugi and others. Bora was a lonely boy who repeatedly transferred to another school and never made friends. One of the millennial items owned by Bora, the “Millennial Ring”, possessed another personality, similar to Yugi's Millennial Puzzle. However, his personality was a heinous evil, and he was attacking his friends one after another without knowing it, causing him to transfer from school to school.

Yugi, who don't know anything, worried about Era visit his house. Bira refuses to play because they never become a second dance, but another personality "Bakula"Takes over the body." Bakula deceived the players well and with themTRPGStart "Monster World". However, it gradually becomes clear that it was a game of darkness that could kill lives. The games that are integrated with the game pieces challenge Bakula, who reigns as the absolute ruler/game master in Monster World, to a life-long battle. In this battle, Yugi meets Yami for the first time.

Kingdom of the Duelist

  • Volume 7 (Yuttle 60)-Volume 15 (Yuttle 133)

The creator of M & W under the play of watching the final match of the M & W national tournament on TV.Pegasus J. CrawfordYou will receive one video letter from.In the video letter, Pegasus declares that Yugi will challenge Duel in the video.Although Yugi is confused, he starts the duel, but he realizes that it is a dark game in the first turn, and Yami fights.Yami Yugi pursues one step further while suffering from Pegasus's tactics, but is defeated by the time-out of the videotape.As the punishment game, Sugoroku's soul is sealed on a videotape.Pegasus is a condition to help Sugoroku, the M & W tournament that he presides overKingdom of the Duelists (Duelist Kingdom), And finally tells you that you are the owner of one of the Millennium items, the Millennium Eye. Yugi decided to join the "Kingdom" to save Sugoroku. Meanwhile, Jonouchi learns that she will soon be blind due to a congenital illness when she sees a video letter sent by her younger sister, Shizuka Kawai. Jonouchi, who has decided to cure the eyes of Shizuka by receiving the most advanced medical treatment, also participates in the kingdom to win the prize.

Famous duelists from all over the country gather in the "kingdom" that started on Pegasus Island, and with various thoughts intermingled, Yugi will win the fierce battle to achieve their goals. At that time, Kaiba's younger brother Mokuba appears in front of them and tells him that Pegasus is planning to occupy Kaiba Corporation, but Mokuba is abducted by the person of Pegasus. Around the same time, Kaiba, who had been unconscious since he received the punishment game of Yami at DEATH-T, regained consciousness and visited the island to rescue Mokuba and defend himself.

The Kingdom Duel says, "No sacrifice (currently renamed to release) is required for summoning advanced monster cards, life point 2000, direct attack is not possible[Note 5]It is a rule different from the rules after the Battle City edition.In addition, the solid vision system is a table type, and a duel board to throw, which is a model of the next-generation duel board (duel disc) later in this kingdom edition.[Note 6]Will also appear.


  • Volume 16 (Yuttle 134)-Volume 17 (Yuttle 145)

A few days after the battle in the "Dueler's Kingdom".The latest game store "Black Crown" will open in Domino-cho, where the games live.Yugi, who went to the Black Crown to purchase the store's original new game "DDD (Dragon Dice & Dungeons)", was the owner of the store.Mr. CrownIn the trap, the puzzle was robbed of the millennium puzzle and trapped inside the store. Mr. Crown, who has a strong grudge against Sugoroku, is the son who is the creator of D.D.D.Ryoji fairyAnd play a game. Yugi, who has been deprived of the puzzle for XNUMX years, fights by himself to recover the puzzle and Yami.

Battle City

  • Volume 17 (Yuttle 146)-Volume 31 (Yuttle 277/Yuou 278)

Kaiba at the Domino Museum of EgyptIshiz IshtarMeet. She said to KaibaThree divine cardsThe legend about "and two of the god's cards are rare card forgery / robbery group"GhoulsLet us know that you have been robbed, and entrust one remaining "Obelisk Giant Soldier" with a request to recapture the card of the robbed god. Kaiba accepted the request and applied the anti-rule to regain the card Duel competition ``Battle city] To be held. At the same time, Yami who visited the Domino Museum on a date with Kyoko witnessed five large stone tablets excavated in Egypt. Yami was surprised at the very sculpture that imitated himself, and speculated that the key to recovering his lost memory was in the card of God.

On the other hand, the ghouls side is also moving toward Battle City. On the eve of Battle City, Jounouchi is robbed of his trump card, "Red-Eyes Black Dragon," by a rare hunter from Gouls. On the next day, Shinko Eye is regained by Yami's hand, but Jonouchi who was aware of his immaturity in this case deposited Shinko Eye with Yami and fought in Battle City, becoming himself a true duel. At that time, I receive a crimson eye and swear that I will duel with Yami again. In addition, the commander of Ghouls, the owner of "Osiris Sky Dragon" and "Ra Wing God Dragon", one of the Millennial Items "Millennium Rod".MalikAlso visited Domino, and started activities with his subordinates aiming at the obelisk of Kaiba and other rare cards, as well as the life of Yami. Yugi, Jonouchi, Kaiba, and Malik won the final tournament, but there were strangely millennial items and people with considerable ties to it. However, when the tournament finally came to an end, the situation suddenly changed due to the awakening of the evil personality dwelling in Malik.

Memory of the King (Pharaoh)

  • Volume 32 (Yugei 279)-Volume 38 (Yugito 342/Fighting Final 343 episodes)

Yami, who won the Battle City tournament, gets three god cards. At the moment when he held the divine card in front of the stone plate at the Domino Museum, Yami was sitting on the throne of the royal palace in ancient Egypt. Yami Yugi is called by the entourage and six priests who have worn the item for 3 years.King (Pharaoh)It's called "," but I don't know my true name. Immediately after that, he holds many gold and silver treasuresThief king bakuraInvades the royal palace.The priests and Bakura summon monsters and spirits to each other and engage in a battle called "Diaha", which is exactly the modern M & W itself.The priesthood gradually begins to be overwhelmed by the powerful spirits of the thief king, and Yami leads the god to challenge the thief king.

On the other hand, the games left in the museum enter the world of the memory of Yami Yugi (Pharaoh) in order to reveal the true name and memory of Yami Yugi, and eventually the Valley of the Kings where the true name of the king is sealed. Head to.However, Bakura, who should have been in the Millennium Ring, stands in the back and challenges Yugi to fight in M ​​& W.As the battle between the two intensifies, they are the true name of Pharaoh.AtemTo find out.

This is the climax of the main story based on the original school version and the Monster World version where Bora first appeared. The various mysteries and hints of the story are mostly revealed in this chapter. Originally, the author was thinking of drawing the actual events that happened to the king in the past, but since Yugi did not appear in that, it became a world different from the historical reality that the millennial puzzle reproduces, in an interview in the 19th volume of the library book. ing.

Fighting ceremony

Atem who has regained all memory. A month later, Malik tells Yugi and his friends of the Ishtar family that he was visiting Egypt to return Athem to the underworld. Someone needs to have a duel with Athem to put his soul to rest. The battle will be accepted by Yugi.LuxorThe final duel of Yugi and Atem begins at the royal temple. While being watched by their friends, the two do not take a step toward each other and play a serious battle as a duelist.

The fighting ritual is the shortest duel after the first game vs. Kaiba battle in the duel drawn without expansion. This is because the author suffered from poor physical condition such as vomiting at the end of the serialization, and the serialization was completed earlier than planned. In the animation, a large amount of flesh is added based on the original, and a scene in which Atem manipulates Ra is also drawn.


Monster card

List the monster cards that appear most frequently in M ​​& W duels.

black magician
Muto Yugi (especially Yami Yugi) is the most trustedAcecard. Combos with magic cards often crush powerful cards from opponents.DiscipleThere is a "Black Magician Girl" in.
Blue-eyed white dragon(Blue Eyes White Dragon)
An ace card used by Seto Kaiba. It is said that "only four pieces are produced in the world due to its strength".
Red-eyed black dragon(Red Eyes Black Dragon)
An ace card used by Katsuya Jonouchi. Originally a card owned by Dinosaur Ryusaki, I won from Ryusaki in the kingdom of duels.

Millennial item

An item that holds an important key in this work. Each has a different mysterious power. All millennial items黄金It is made of, and has the Ujato eye emblem on everything except the Millennium Tablet. Owners can play dark games and give losers various punishment games.[Note 7].. But not everyone can use it, and the Millennial Item tests the soul of the person who owns it, and if it is judged that it is not worth owning, the soul is burned from within the body. In ancient times, it was described as a "millennial treasure," and it was used as a force for calling and manipulating demons and spirits in the human mind.

Thousands of years ago, when the army of neighboring countries imminently destroyed the country, the priest of the time, Akunadin, secretly told King Akunam Kanon the villagers of thieves, the village of Kuru Erna, as a sacrifice to the underworld. It is an item made by melting it together with, and later it will be used to utilize individual abilities, judge criminals, and predict the crisis of the country in advance.[Note 8]However, originally it was also a catalyst for materializing the human "darkness" that contained items in the slate of the underworld through a contract with the underworld.

It used to be located in one place, but nowadays it is scattered all over the world through various circumstances. However, each millennial item is like a puzzle part, and it is said that when the time comes, they will meet each other and gather in the "lithograph of the memory of the king."

It is also necessary when using the "God's card" in M ​​& W, and Malik says that only those who are related to the Millennium item can manipulate the God's card, but details have not been revealed to the end. ..

There are seven that appear in the work, but there are exceptions in other media such as card games.

Millennial puzzle / Millennial weight
First appearance: School edition
Owner-Modern:Muto Yugi/ King's Memory: Atem (18th dynasty of ancient EgyptPharaoh)
No one has solvedパ ズ ル.. Combine many piecesThree-dimensional puzzleThen, when completedFour-sided pyramid(pyramid) Is inverted. The whole story begins when Yuto Muto, the main character of this work, solved and completed this puzzle. The box containing this XNUMX-year puzzle is engraved with the words, "The one who bound me, give me the wisdom and power of darkness."
Inside, the soul of the ancient Pharaoh (Athem) and the soul of the Dark Priestess (Zok's soul in the anime), which were once offset at the end of the battle in ancient Egypt, are contained. It has the ability as a projector to project the memory of the contained soul. The story of the ancient edition is a thousand-year puzzle projected on the field of the dark RPG (dark role-playing game) of Bakula.[Note 9].
Compared to other items, there is no peculiar ability, and it is said that the completed one has the power of unity, but it is not specifically drawn until the end.
Millennial scale
First appearance: School edition
Owner-Modern: Shardy/King's Memory: Priest Karim
Weigh sins by holding them up in front of the judgeLibra.. The scale of the object can be measured by the presence or absence and the size of the scale. Shardy used this in the early school edition to judge Kanakura, director of the Domino Museum.
In ancient times, it was used not only to judge sinners, but also as a force to fuse two or more demons.
Millennium lock
First appearance: School edition
Owner-Contemporary: Shardy/King's Memory: Priest Shada
Have the power to look into the room of the human heart and enter it againAnkhType key. You can see all of them by looking at the room of mind, and you can also redesign the room of mind to manipulate people. The manipulator is released by touching the millennial lock. It has the ability to have both a millennial tin cane and a millennial eye, but as mentioned above, it must enter the mind of the opponent once. Shardy uses this in the school version in the early days of the original, and enters into the room of the heart of Yugi, Yami Yugi, Kyoko, and Professor Yoshimori.
In ancient times, it was used to determine if a demon dwelled in the human mind.
Millennial Ring
First appearance: School edition
Owner-Hyundai: Ryo Ryo / King's Memory: Priest Mahhard
A pyramid-shaped triangle inside the ring, and five cone-shaped pointers on the outsidependant.. It has the ability to contain the human heart and mind in a shaped object. Also, according to the guidelines It has the ability to detect evil thoughts (it is used as the ability to detect other millennial items in modern times).
Inside, the soul of "Bakura" (the main body of Zoke in the anime), which is a part of the soul of the Great Priest of Darkness during the battle that once took place in ancient Egypt, is sealed, and the host Bakura is often used. Ryo is hijacked by his personality.At that time, you can see the scene where the pointer of the millennium ring bites into the chest.Since the intention to dwell is evil and active, it often falls into the hands of others from the owner Bakura Ryo during the work.
In ancient times, the power of wickedness was used to defend royal tombs.
Millennium Eye (Senengan, Millennium Eye)
First appearance: kingdom of duels
Owner-Contemporary: Pegasus J. Crawford / Memory of the King: Priest Akunadin
Has the ability to read human thoughts and heartsArtificial eye.. The owner Pegasus calls this power the "mind scan" and gains the upper hand in the duel.
To ownEyeballThey have to scoop out the eyes and embed the millennial eye in that place, and even a qualified person will suffer a great deal of pain, but if they succeed in possessing it, they will only fulfill one wish.
In ancient times, it was used to expose the demons of sinners, extract them, and materialize them.
Millennial necklace
First appearance: Battle City
Owner-Modern: Ishiz Ishtar / King's Memory: Priest Isis
A choker type necklace that has the ability to see (view) the near future as an image. The future I saw was absolute, instead of being seen only in pieces, but after the duel with Kaiba in the battleship, the ability to predict the future is lost by overturning the predicted future. However, Yagi who lost his will to fight by seeing Jounouchi who was in a dying state with a duel with Malik showed a future image temporarily for unknown reasons. In the animated version, Ishizu used this ability to show Kaiba the image of ancient Egypt (the past).
Millennial Swan (Senen Rod, Millennium Rod, Sennen Rod)
First appearance: Battle City
Owner-Modern: Malik Ishtar / King's Memory: Priest Seto
A cane that has the ability to plant one's will in the human heart, control memory, and manipulate the mind and body. However, you must touch the subject with a cane to brainwash. When you remove the cover of the cane, it looks like a sharp blade and can be used as the only pure weapon among the Millennial items. In addition, he can communicate fully with others through his heart, and he can communicate with his subordinates in Goulds, including Lysid, through his heart. Although it is a production, a ray of light is emitted from the mark of the eye. This is the same for the Millennium Eye.
In addition, Malik, who is a holder in the present age, has a dark personality like Yuto Muto and Ryo Akira, but unlike the other two, Malik's dark personality was born from the harsh experiences of his childhood.Dual personalityIt is not the thing that dwelled in the millennium tin cane. The Millennial Swan gives the owner a revelation that allows them to decipher ancient priesthood characters, but the true character of Malik did not.
In ancient times, it was used to contain demons that materialized from the human heart in a sealed slate.
Throughout the Battle of Battle City, the dark personality Malik speculates that the memory of Priest Seto is sealed, but that has not been revealed until the end.
Millennium Magic Book
A forbidden magic book that describes the method of refining 7 hidden treasures (99 years item), "Sacrifice XNUMX human beings to turn base metals into golden treasures with mysterious power".
The spell of the content has not been deciphered for more than 100 years, but it was deciphered by the young Akunadin to create the Millennium item.
Millennium Shield
Of the card gameDuel Monsters] Millennial item that appeared in.
Although it was declared as one of the Millennial items in the initial text, the word Millennial Item was deleted from the text and changed to "a legendary shield that is said to be transmitted from the ancient Egyptian royal family."
Millennium Genjin
Possess the Millennial item that appeared in the card game "Duel Monsters"Original person.
However, the Millennial item depicted in the illustration isspear,斧It is an original one that does not appear in the work.

Games that appear in the work

"Yu-Gi-Oh" is a card game that tends to attract attention to something, but other originals during the production.GameAppears in large numbers.

Magic & Wizards (Duel Monsters)
The first appearance is Volume 2. Players compete for life points of their opponents with their cards in a setting called WizardTrading card game.. The name has been changed to "Duel Monsters" in the anime.
詳 し く は 「#Magic & Wizards","Yu-Gi-Oh Official Card GameSee.
Capsule monster chess
First appearance 3 volumes. Known as Capmon. A game similar to chess. The piece has a cover so that you can't understand the monsters inside until you fight. LaterPlayStation,Gameboy color,PlayStation 2でComputer gamesThe version was also released.
Bandai released a product with the same name at Gashapon in 1999, but unlike the original, the recorded frames were diverted from the "Magic & Wizards" monster.
US original anime series "Yugioh ALEX], a game with this Capmon motif appeared,MattelThe coma was also released by the company.
Digital pet
Appeared in Volume 3.TamagotchiWith a keychain game like this, you can raise pets on the LCD and connect the game machines to exchange data.
Virtual VS
Appeared in Volume 4.Installed in the game centerCompetitive fighting game.. In this game, Yu-Gi loves the character "Blues Ryu".
Shooting stardust
Appeared in Volume 4. The attraction used in "DEATH T-1" of Kaiba Land. Players wear cyber vests and use ray guns to hit the best aim and compete for victoryQ-ZARWind game.
Monster fighter
Appeared in Volume 6. A game in which a monster doll with a handle is connected to the opponent's doll to fight.
Dragon Card
Appeared in Volume 6. Draw out "dragon bills" with five attributed dragons from ancient ChinaCard games.. In the anime version, it has been changed to a similar game called "Dragon Block".
Monster world
The first appearance is Volume 6. Perform an adventure using the pieces on the boardTable talk RPG(TRPG). The player is divided into one darkness ruler (dark master) side and several adventurer sides, and the adventurer side advances the pieces on the field for the purpose of defeating the darkness ruler. The feature is that the fields such as mountains, villages and castles can be connected to expand the field.
DDD (Dragon Dice & Dungeons)
The first appearance is Volume 16. Use a special dice that opens and closes with monsters inside to advance,ボ ー ド ゲ ー ムとTRPGA game like crossing. In the anime version, it has been renamed to "Dungeon Dice Monsters" (DDM). Dragon pattern dice and TRPG called "Dragon Dice"Dungeons & Dragons"(D & D) in mind.
Konami"Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters" was released as a commercial product (set kit of game board, frame, and dice) with an arrangement added to the ones that appeared in the play, and laterGameboy AdvanceでComputer gamesThe version was also released. Most of the product version monsters are diverted card game monsters. On the contrary, the "Black Dwarf Ninja" appearing in this DDD has been converted into an OCG, and "God August" has also appeared as a card in the anime version, which has later become an OCG.

Related books


Paperback edition

Compared to books

  • title Logo typeNotblack OfMincho typeIt has become.
  • By Kazuki TakahashiCoverIllustrations are drawn and commonly whiteback groundIt has become.
  • Door paintingDrawn asTarotThe wind illustration is inserted. The explanation is also given at the end of the book.
  • The expression of Yami Yugi in the early years has been modified to be closer to the latter half, and some dialogue has also been modified.
  • There are additional scenes on some pages (Vol. 17, Duel 249, Volume 21, Duel 312, etc.).
  • A postcard by Kazuki Takahashi is added to the end of the book.

There are differences.


Jump jay books(Shueisha) Released novel version.

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" September 1999, 9,ISBN 4-08-703086-5
Author:Katsuhiko Chiba
The first episode of the original story, and the first match of Yugi Tai Kaiba, the novelization of DEATH-T. In addition, the story is written later in the story of DEATH-T.
"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Light Pyramid" December 2004, 12,ISBN 4-08-703145-4
Author:Junki Takegami, Duel composition: Masahiro Hikokubo
Movie version animationYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Pyramid of Light』Novelize.


  • "Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters Guidebook -The Gospel of Truth-" published on November 2002, 11,ISBN 4-08-873363-0
  • "Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters Guidebook Millennium Book" published on July 2015, 7,ISBN 978-4-08-779722-0

Art book

  • "DUEL ART Kazuki Takahashi Yu ☆ Gi ☆ Ou Illustration Collection" published on December 2011, 12,ISBN 978-4-08-782398-1

Derived cartoon work

"Weekly Shonen JumpAfter the series, the following derivative works have been announced.

"Yu-Gi-Oh R(2004-2007)
Publication:V jump(June 2004 issue-February 6 issue)
Draft/Supervision:Kazuki Takahashi,Manga:Akira Ito,Cooperation:Brain navigation[Note 10]
Another story that was drawn immediately after the original Battle City edition. The author, Ito, calls this work "Tenma Uprising".[32].
"Yu-Gi-Oh GX(2005-2011, 2014)
Magazine: V Jump (February 2006 issue-May 2 issue, August 2011 issue)
Draft/Supervision:Kazuki Takahashi,Manga:Naoyuki Kageyama,Cooperation:Brain navigation[Note 10]
Anime"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX"ofCartoonizationthe work. Another work in which detailed settings such as character personality and background are different from the anime version.
There is no direct description, but there is a production that hints at the relationship with the original work.
Special readout was published in the August 2014 issue of "V Jump".
"Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's(2009-2015)
Magazine: V Jump (February 2009 issue-May 10 issue, August 2015 issue)
Story: Masahiro Hikokubo, Manga:, Cooperation:Studio dice
Anime"Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's] Is a comic version. Similar to "GX", the character and world setting of the character are very different from the anime version, and it is a completely different work.
There is no direct description, but there is a production that hints at the relationship with the original work.
"Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL(2010-2015)
Magazine: V Jump (February 2011 issue-August 2 issue)
Draft/Supervision: Kazuki Takahashi/Studio Dice, Story:Shin Yoshida,Manga:Naoto Miyoshi
Anime"Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL』Manga version of. Since the series started slightly earlier than the animation, the story was the same as the anime version until the middle, but as the story progresses, the differences in characters and world settings are gradually increasing.
The relationship in the story with the original and other works is not clearly stated.
"Yu-Gi-Oh D Team Zeal(2012-2014)
Publication:Strongest jump(June 2012 issue-February 5 issue)
Draft/Supervision: Kazuki Takahashi, Manga:, Cooperation:Wedge holdings
Although it is a cartoon version of the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL", it is not related to the above-mentioned "V Jump" serialized version "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL". Characterized by the deformed character design. It has not been made into a book.
"Yu-Gi-Oh!ARC-V(2014, 2015-2019)
Magazine: V Jump (July 2014 issue, October 7 issue --June 2015 issue)
Original: Kazuki Takahashi Studio Dice, Story: Shin Yoshida, Manga: Naoto Miyoshi, Duel Composition: Masahiro Hikokubo[Note 11]
A comicalized version of the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V". After the special read-through was published in the July 2014 issue of "V-Jump", it will be serialized from the October 7 issue of "V-Jump".
Like the comicized works of "GX", "5D's", and "ZEXAL", the story settings are not connected to the anime version and are unique to the manga version.
The relationship in the story with the original and other works is not clearly stated.
"Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Strongest Duelist Yuya!!(2015-2017)
Magazine: Saikyo Jump (May 2015 issue-September 5 issue)
Manga: Akihiro Tomonaga, Cooperation: Studio Dice
A cartoon version of the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V". It is not related to the "Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V" featured in "V Jump" above. Like "Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team Zeal", it features a deformed character.
“” (2017-2020)
Magazine: Saikyo Jump (May 2018 issue-September 1 issue)
Manga: Akihiro Tomonaga
"Gokiburu Kawashima"Yu-Gi-Oh Official Card Game』The manga featuring the charisma of.
『』 (2019-serialized)
Magazine: V Jump (August 2019 issue-)
Manga: Masashi Sato, Duel Composition: Wedge Holdings
"" (2020)
Magazine: Saikyo Jump (May 2020 issue-September 7 issue)
Manga: Akihiro Tomonaga
"Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS My Invention School(2020-serialized)
Magazine: Saikyo Jump (September 2020 issue-)
"Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Luke! Explosion Hadoden !!(2020-serialized)
Magazine: V Jump (August 2020 issue-)
Story: Masahiro Hikokubo, Manga:Tasuku Sugie
『』 (2021-serialized)
Magazine: Saikyo Jump (September 2021 issue-)
Manga: Akihiro Tomonaga, Duel Composition: Wedge Holdings
One-shot was published in the May 2021 issue of Saikyo Jump[33], The serialization started from the September 2021 issue.


Television Animation

The original manga "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Has been animated twice. The first work was on TV Asahi in 2Toei video"Yu-Gi-Oh!" Produced by TV Tokyo in 2ASATSU-DKOf seriesNASIt is "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" produced.

The first animated work, "Yu-Gi-Oh," ended broadcasting in half a year, but in 1999.KonamiReleased byYu-Gi-Oh Official Card Game Duel Monsters], the anime was re-animated as "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" within a year and a half from the end of the first broadcast. These two works are treated as different works that are completely unrelated because the production company, broadcasting station, voice actor in charge, etc. are different.[Note 12].

TV Asahi version (Toei version)

From January 1998th to March 4th, 4TV Asahisystem(Full netBroadcast on. All 27 episodes. Production/animation productionToei video(Trade name changed to Toei Animation during the broadcast period).
Animated works from the original volume 1 Gakuen edition Yusen 1 to Volume 7 TRPG edition Yuyu 59. It has nothing to do with the works that were later broadcast on TV Tokyo.

TV Tokyo version

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"
From October 2000, 4 to March 18, 2004TV TokyoBroadcast on. All 224 episodes.NASProduction and animation productionGallop.
The 7th volume The animated work from the kingdom edition of the duelers, starting from Yu 60, to the final 38 volumes, Yu 342 and the last episode of Yu. Episodes prior to the Kingdom edition have been omitted, but only those important in the story have been inserted and supplemented at key points.
Successor work

After the completion of the original part (after the completion of the second "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"), anime original works with completely different characters and settings have been produced and broadcast. From "GX" to "VRAINS", NAS production and animation production are the same as "Duel Monsters"Gallop.. Regarding "GX" and "5D's", the world of "Duel Monsters" is succeeded.

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX"
Broadcast on TV TOKYO from October 2004, 10 to March 6, 2008.All 3 episodes.
A work that inherits the world of "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters". From this work onwards, all anime original development works.
"Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's"
Broadcast on TV TOKYO from October 2008, 4 to March 2, 2011.All 3 episodes.
A work set in the decades after "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters".
From this workHi-vision production(Digital terrestrial broadcastingonly,Analog broadcasting TheLetterbox broadcast) Is carried out.
"Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL"
Broadcast on TV Tokyo from April 2011, 4 to September 11, 2012.All 9 episodes + 24 extra episode.
Unlike "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX" and "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's", the relationship between the past works and the story is not clearly stated.
Broadcast on TV TOKYO from October 2012, 10 to March 7, 2014.All 3 episodes.
Sequel to "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL". The number of episodes continues from "ZEXAL".
Broadcast on TV TOKYO from October 2014, 4 to March 6, 2017.All 3 episodes.
The relationship with the past works in the story is not clearly stated. Characters such as Asuka and Ed from past works, Jack and Crow from 5D's, kites from ZEXAL and ZEXAL II, but not the same person as each work,Parallel worldIt is set.
Broadcast on TV TOKYO from October 2017, 5 to March 10, 2019.All 9 episodes.
The relationship with the past works in the story is not clearly stated. The broadcasting period was as short as two and a half years compared to the successive series.
Broadcasting on TV Tokyo from April 2020, 4.
20th anniversary work of TV Tokyo series[34].Production Committee MethodNearby Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS production committee production, animation productionbridge.

Works outside Japan

"Yu-Gi-Oh ALEX』(Yu-Gi-Oh! Monsters Capsules)
American in 20064 kids entertainmentMini series produced by. Not aired in Japan. Also called "Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters". All 12 episodes. Extra edition of "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters".

Theater animation

In 1999, the first movie version of "Yu-Gi-Oh" was released. In 2004USThe original feature film "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie" (Japanese title: "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Pyramid of Light") is released. further,2010 Is the 10th anniversary of the TV Tokyo anime series[Note 13]To commemorate the arrival of theMuto Yugi(Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters),Teenage castle(Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX),Immobile planet"Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's" co-starring "3th Anniversary Theatrical Version Yu-Gi-Oh-Super Fusion! A Bond That Crosses Time and Space-" from January 10, 2010Warner Mycal Cinemas,TOHO Cinemas,Ti joy,United cinemaIt was released in the 3D theater.

1999, "'99 SpringToei Anime FairPublished as one of.
"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Pyramid of Light"
Published nationwide in 2004.Although it was not released to theaters in Japan, a screening event was held.
"10th Anniversary Theatrical Version Yu-Gi-Oh! Super Fusion! A Bond That Crosses Space-Time"
A 2010D movie released on January 1, 23.In addition, it was screened in Angkor from February 3, 2011.
From April 2016, 4, it will be released as a completely new original feature-length animated movie as "Yu-Gi-Oh 23th Anniversary Work".This time, it is assumed that it will be released in Japan from the beginning, and the original author Takahashi will be in charge of executive production, character design and screenplay.Starring "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters] In the subsequent seriesMuto YugiPlayedShunsuke KazamaAnd alsoKaiba SetoPlayedKenjiro Tsuda.



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