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📱 | [Pass-through mobile battery] Super convenient because it can supply power while charging.


[Pass-through mobile battery] Super convenient because it can supply power while charging.

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I bought a "Charmast mobile battery" with a large electric capacity of 23,800mAh.

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Capacitance(Seiden Yoryo,British: electrostatic capacity) IsCapacitorSuch asInsulationWas doneconductorIn, how muchchargeIs a quantity that indicates whether or not is stored.Capacitance(Denkiyoryo,British: electric capacity), orcapacitance (British: capacitance).


Capacitance is a unitVoltageStored aroundchargeGiven as.The quantity symbol is C ,UnitsFarad Use [F].1 on an object boltWhen the voltage of 1 is given CoulombIf you store the charge of, the capacitance of the object is 1 farad.

The capacitance of 1F is very large.Usually used around usElectronic partsIn the capacitor as, one millionth of 1F (100)-6) ofMicro farad [μF] or one trillionth (1).) ofPico Farad [pF] is often used.

Capacitance of isolated conductors

ElectricalIsolatedconductorCapacitance of C , The electric charge stored in the conductor Q ,Point at infinityThe potential based on V Then, the capacitance is expressed by the following equation.

If the conductor is spherical and electrically isolated, it will be as follows.

Capacitance of parallel flat conductor

area S [m2], Interval d Between the two parallel conductors of [m],Permittivity ε OfDielectricThere is an object that is evenly filled.

On one side of the flat plate +Q [C], on the other -Q When the charge of [C] is applied, the plates are equal.electric fieldBecause it becomes E [V / m]Gauss's lawIt becomes as follows.

Also, the voltage between the flat conductors V [V] gives the following, and the capacitance of this object C [F] is required.

Capacitance synthesis

Parallel connection of capacitance

When the capacitance is connected in parallel, the combined capacitance C Is each capacitance Ci Total voltage equal to [F] V Since [V] is applied, the charge at that time is Q If it is [C], it will be as follows.

The combined capacitance is equal to the sum of each capacitance.

Capacitive series connection

When the capacitance is connected in series, the whole V When a voltage of [V] is applied, the charges do not flow between each element at that time, so the charges are equal, so use that. Q Let it be [C].Its combined capacitance C [F] is each capacitance Ci Voltage to [F] Vi If [V] is applied, it will be as follows.

The combined capacitance is equal to the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of each capacitance.

The voltage sharing of each capacitance is as follows.


The reciprocal of capacitanceElastanes(British: elastance).UnitsEvery farad (F−1).

Not in SI units,Daraf (British: daraf) May be used.This is the reverse spelling of farad, the unit of capacitance, of the electrical engineer.Arthur Edwin Kennelly 1936 It is named after. Every 1 farad is equal to 1 daraf.

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