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🥾 | Long-established outdoor "ogawa" also participates! An outdoor zone is born in Shibuya Parco


Long-established outdoor "ogawa" also participates! An outdoor zone is born in Shibuya Parco

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In addition to the EC site, it is only available at select shops and this pop-up shop, so it is a valuable opportunity to pick up the real thing.

"PARCO OUTDOOR PAR ..." which proposes "urban outdoor" on the 5th floor of Shibuya PARCO on September 9th. → Continue reading

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select shop

select shop,Select store(BothJapanglish[1]) Handles products from multiple manufacturers and brandsretail storeThat thing.A store that handles products from multiple manufacturers.


Select shops handle products from multiple manufacturers and brandsretail storeA store for selling products of a specific brand or manufacturer (eg)Sony shop,UNIQLOEtc.) is used to distinguish it from.It is often used for stores that mainly handle clothing and miscellaneous goods.In other fields that deal with heavier or more prestigious products, it is common to not call them "select shops" even if retailers sell products from multiple manufacturers. ..

In the latter half of the 20th century, in Japan, only stores specializing in specific brands began to line up in commercial areas in urban areas.For this reason, the term "select shop" has come to be used to distinguish a store that handles products from multiple manufacturers from a store specializing in a specific brand.This is a kind of uniquely made in JapanRetro NimIt has become.

Deepening branding techniques and proliferating specialty stores

As you can see from the history of stores, it is quite common for retail stores to sell items made by various craftsmen, vendors and companies, whether they are grocery stores, general merchandise stores, or clothing stores. That's what it is.

Originally manufactured in the 19th and 20th centuriesdistributionThe general trend in is that manufacturers (almost) manufacture and then upstream major distributors (""Wholesaler(Especially the major ones among those called ", etc." It was standard that products were sold to wholesalers, secondary wholesalers sold to tertiary wholesalers and retailers, and products from multiple manufacturers flowed into secondary wholesalers to tertiary wholesalers and retailers.

However, in Japan, in the latter half of the 20th century, in the field of marketing (marketing research at universities), methods for increasing profits by setting brands and building brand images began to be studied in earnest.MBAIt has been incorporated into the curriculum of, and its knowledge and know-how have been introduced into the practical world such as clothing and high-priced products, but (as before, retail stores sell products from multiple manufacturers. In a store called, the brand image becomes irrelevant depending on how the store handles its own (manufacturer's) products and brands, and even if the manufacturer tries to control it, there is a product package, but that Other than that, training to put leaflets near the product, have a panel for image development placed on the shelf where the product is placed, or spend a lot of money to give the customer an image as the manufacturer intended. There was a problem that there were not many options, such as assigning the sales staff who received the product to the store), and as a result, the relatively large manufacturer had the customer's heart as the company aimed for its own brand image. In order to plant (imprint) in the store, the manufacturer himself creates a store, and the store that fosters the brand image is involved from the design and interior level, and the company's products are placed in the store. , Companies that adopt the method of strongly imprinting a specific (controlled by the manufacturer) image on the buyer are popping up, many of them are successful, and many manufacturers are imitating the success cases one after another. Among the retail stores in the world, the percentage of stores that handle only products of a specific manufacturer (brand) has increased.As a result, a specific brand specialty store (for example,UNIQLO) Has increased significantly, occupying a considerable proportion of the commercial area in urban areas throughout Japan, and the proportion of traditional stores has unknowingly decreased.

In these specific manufacturer specialty stores (specific brand specialty stores), it is generally the marketing department (sales promotion department), product development department, and management team of the manufacturer that decides the product lineup. The marketing department (sales promotion department) of the manufacturer's headquarters also decides the outline of the sales plan of the product group and the development of the product lineup.The person called the "store manager" of each store is responsible for following the instructions of the marketing department and sales promotion department of the manufacturer's headquarters, and the instructions issued by the headquarters for the products to be lined up in the store in charge of him. The main task is to follow the direction and direction, and there is little room for discretion.

Features of select shops

Retail stores that handle products of multiple brands display and sell products selected by the store owners and staff.The owners and buyers of the store play an important role in the operation of the store.From the consumer's point of view, we also sell products devised by up-and-coming designers who do not belong to major manufacturers, and products that are still small makers (manufacturers) and do not have the capital to set up their own stores. That is an advantage that a specific manufacturer (brand) specialty store does not have.It is also attractive to be able to propose coordination that combines multiple brands, and there is also the possibility that they will coordinate products that combine products from multiple manufacturers.

Even if it is a select shop, there are many cases where it plans and produces in-house (own store) and sells products bearing its own brand name.Such products are "Select shop original(Cereoli)"It is called.Since the select shop original product is a kind of SPA method, the profit margin is higher than the select product purchased from the brand, which is important for stabilizing the management of the select shop.In particular, the larger the select shop, the higher the ratio of select shop original products tends to be.In some cases, most of the products are made up of select shop originals, and there is no clear standard as to whether or not such a store is called a select shop. [2]

Market where a specific brand specialty store exists


In the clothing field, if you go to the shopping street in front of the station, you will find "clothing stores," "clothing stores," and "boutiques" that line up products from multiple manufacturers and products from multiple brands.Even today, there are usually multiple such stores in the shopping streets in front of the station in the countryside, and each store has a different owner, a different store name, and a different product lineup.Each store has fixed-phase customers and repeaters.Some stores are prosperous as such.There are many such stores.Also at select shopsShips,BEAMS,United arrowsThere are also chain stores such as.

In 1955, as a famous store in the clothing field of Tokyo for a long timeSanmotoyama YurakuchoIn 1959 after being founded inGinzaMove to[3]It continued to operate until 2019.

Electrical appliances

Also, at stores that handle electrical appliances,Yamada DenkiAnywayYodobashi CameraAnywayBic cameraAnywayEdionHowever, it exhibits and sells products from multiple manufacturers.


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