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😀 | "Mother of Shojo Manga" Hideko Mizuno Looking back on 7 months at Tokiwa-so surrounded by "Legend"


"Mother of Shojo Manga" Hideko Mizuno Looking back on 7 months at Tokiwa-so surrounded by "Legend"

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Mizuno, who was the only female manga artist at Tokiwa-so, lived in the same room as the two for seven months in order to smoothly carry out the joint work with Mr. Ishinomori and Mr. Akatsuka.

Hideko Mizuno (XNUMX), a manga artist called "Mother of Shojo Manga," will be featured at the Tokiwaso Manga Museum in Tokyo on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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Woman cartoon

Woman cartoon(Jose Manga) isManga in JapanIt is one of the genres of, and was originally intended for adult women in their twenties and above.Ladies comics,Ladies comicsSometimes called.Of the female manga, those for young people that depict the romance and life of students and working women around the age of 18 to 40 areGirls comics,Young ladiesSee.

The reader age of ladies comics is increasing year by year. For example, as of 2020, the readership is "BE ・ LOVE』In 41 years old and over 70%[1], "Office you』In 40 years old and over 80%[2]Occupy.Manga magazines such as "" that focus on the reader generation have also appeared.


Since it was born from shojo manga, it follows the expression technique and context of shojo manga, but in recent yearsYouth cartoonDue to the increase in the number of writers who have come from Japan and who make their debut through douujinshi activities, many works have adopted expression methods that are more like seinen manga.The standard themes are family / childcare / nursing care, friendship between women, occupation, history, medical care, mystery, and romance (including affairs).

A manga artist who once drew works for girls is playing an active role while making the most of his name as a girl manga artist.Many writers make their debut in women's manga magazines without having experience as a shojo manga artist, and work on both seinen manga and women's manga.In recent women's manga magazinesStory cartoonOthersEssay cartoonIs also posted a lot.

In addition, some women's manga magazines outsource editing to editorial production.


The first women's manga magazine1972 ToFutabashaIt is "Papillon" issued by.Perhaps it was premature, it failed commercially.

Then1975 ToKodanshaFrommimiIs first published.In modern termsYoung ladiesAlthough it is a magazine, it laid the groundwork for manga to be accepted by readers older than the shojo manga generation. 1980 ToShueishaThan"YOU", But from Kodansha,"BE ・ LOVE(The original name of the magazine was "BE in LOVE"), which was first published in a form derived from a comprehensive information magazine for women.These two magazines are still well-established representatives of the genre.

1981 ToBig comicFrom Shogakukan as a special edition of "Big Comic for LadyWas issued.

It became established as a genre in the latter half of the 1980s.There is also the aspect of changes in demand due to the growth of girls who grew up reading shojo manga, but rather the aging of shojo manga artists who made their debut before the 1970s, and the saucer of veteran writers who were released from shojo manga magazines. There was also a situation on the supply side that I wanted to make it.For young people from major publishers,OLSeveral magazines have been published, such as those specialized for manga, and not only girls' manga but also publishers who have not published manga magazines themselves have entered the market, and around this time.Magazine focusing on sexual depictionWas also launched in large numbers.The unprecedented lady comic boomBubble economyIt was over due to the collapse of, and many were weeded out.

Currently, there are major magazines dealing with various subjects such as romance and work, and magazines published by small and medium-sized publishers that specialize in each genre and bear niche demand.

ComicIt was once published in the same B6 version as seinen manga, but since the 2000sNew book versionIt is often issued in.In addition, small and medium-sized publishers sometimes make paperbacks without going through comics, but most of them are only published in magazines and are sometimes despised as "discarded".

Confusion over the name

In the early days of the genre, women's manga magazines were not illustrations of cartoonists but portraits (White(Women are often models) are used, and the cover page says "Lady's comic" or "for Ladies".catch copyWas written[3]However, since the same appearance was used for adult manga magazines for women, there was no particular distinction and they were called the same ladies comics.After that, the tendency of women's manga magazines was divided into the cover of manga artist illustrations, and the tendency of adult manga magazines for women to be the cover of portraits. It attracted the attention of the media, and it came to be called "Women's comics are sexual depictions" by the media.Both are currently established as completely different genres, but there is no distinction between those who collectively refer to women's comics and adult comics for women as lady comics, those who refer only to adult comics for women and call them lady comics, and of course. People are still confused.

Major women's manga magazines

Suspended publication

Main cartoonist

Main editing production


Hisae Odashima "Evolution of Female Manga and Survival of the Fittest" (Nobunaga Shinbo, ed., "Disappearing Manga Magazine" Enterbrain, 2000)


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