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📱 | How to buy DoCoMo iPhone will change !? – DoCoMo will be "always Kaedoki Program" "U30…


How to buy the docomo version iPhone will change !? – DoCoMo is "always Kaedoki program" "U30 ...

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Also, when asked about their enthusiasm for accepting reservations for the "iPhone 13" series, "IPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini 128GB models etc. are strategically priced, and I think that you can choose a lot. "In both programs this time, we are not thinking about each of them independently, and there are times when the younger generation has a lot of movement from autumn to winter to spring, triggered by the new iPhone, high school students and university students. For several years as a member of society, there is a tendency to use a lot of data but save money.

On September 9, NTT DoCoMo will be able to use the "Anytime Kaedoki Program" to purchase new iPhones. → Continue reading

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