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⛺ | Camping technique that allows you to make a doy face "How to put a tarp alone" Introducing the three major rope works!


Introducing the three major rope works, "How to put a tarp alone", a camping technique that allows you to make a fool of yourself!

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Would you like to set up a tent with a blue sheet, all of these fierce campers?

The more you can do, the more fun your camp will be.Book "100 Things I Want to Camp" (Saitosha ... → Continue reading

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Blue sheet

Blue sheetIspolyethyleneSuch asSynthetic resinMade ofSheetThat thing.Most general purpose products are blue[Annotation 1]Therefore, this name has been generalized.However, this is so-called Japanese English, and in the United States, "tarp"(Tarp, "tarpaulinIt is called "abbreviation".


Originallybuilding, Civil engineering work It is one of the materials used at general construction sites.Surrounding the construction site to prevent dust from scattering or during dryingconcrete (I.e.WindDuring construction to avoid exposure toRenovationThe roof has not been waterproofed yet, or partlyroofIt is used for various purposes such as replacing the roof of a building that has been peeled off, or to protect the floor from dirt in a building that has already been decorated.

The size isMetric systemOne, not the unit ofwhileMost of them are standardized in units of (about 1.8m) or half (about 0.9m).

polyesterSystematicSynthetic fiberTheSynthetic resinMadethe filmIt has a structure sandwiched between, and is strong against pulling and hard to tear.Some sheets are rolled, but in general-purpose products, each side is reinforced, and depending on the product, metal at the four corners (aluminum) Reinforced hole ()Eyelet) Is drilled, and there are various uses such as tying it through a string through this hole or driving a stake of a metal rod to fix it to the ground.

It is highly versatile because it is impermeable, has high weather resistance, is light when folded and can be stored without taking up space, and is inexpensive and durable.Suitable for covering a large area by using multiple.

Due to these characteristics, other than for constructionOutdoorキャンプForCherry-blossom viewingFor sitting on the groundGozaIt has also become popular as a substitute for household use, or as a substitute for it, or as a substitute for it, to prevent moisture from the ground.Also, because it is easy, inexpensive, and has high weather resistance.Street dwellersIt is commonly used as a material for temporary housing in Japan.It is weak against heat and has no fire resistance except for those specified as "flameproof sheets".

A major manufacturer of blue sheetsHagiwara industryIn the case of, in 1964, it developed a waterproofing process for polyethylene flat yarn, and in 1965, it was released as a "universal sheet".Until then, orange ones were the mainstream and were also called "orange sheets".[1]..However, around 1965, rumors flowed that "orange pigments contain harmful substances".[Annotation 2]For this reason, blue was used.There are various theories that the reason why it was blue was "close to the color of the sky and the sea" and "the blue pigment was the cheapest", but the theory of "refreshing color" is considered to be the most promising.[2].

In the United States, the strength and thickness are standardized by the color code.

    tagLight duty0.13-0.15 mm
    Yellow / orangeMedium duty0.18-0.20 mm
    绿Medium duty0.23-0.25 mm
    silverHeavy duty0.28-0.30 mm
    teaSuper heavy duty0.41 mm

The tarps that are commonly used (for business and personal use) are overwhelmingly light-duty blue.However, not all manufacturers follow this color code, and some manufacturers sell it in green even though it has only a light duty thickness.In particular, many products such as tarps made of waterproof cloth do not conform to this color code.

Disaster countermeasure supplies

Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThen, it was used for setting up evacuation shelters, measures against rain leaks on destroyed roofs, etc., and it was found to have advantages as disaster prevention goods.StockpilingAs a productDisaster prevention warehouseStock inMunicipalitiesHas also increased.

In addition,typhoon-GustIt is also used as a first aid when the roof is damaged due to such reasons, but in normal timesResidents' associationBlue sheets stocked at the level are also used at the events of the residents' association.


Home centerMost of the general-purpose products sold at such stores are thin and lightweight in consideration of portability, but construction sheets are durable so that they can be used for several years.UVThere are also processed ones and thick sheets.Also, for products that are on the border between functional sheets and blue sheets,Flame retardantsA sheet that has a flameproof function by adding, etc., a sheet that has a slit that allows the wind to escape to surround the construction site, etc.Thermal insulation propertiesThere is also a sheet in which a metal film is laminated in order to have the same.

Due to its opacity, it is often used as a so-called "blindfold".It is used as a blindfold between the building and the vehicle when transferring a criminal suspect, when getting on and off the transfer vehicle, and as a blindfold when investigating the scene of an incident.Murder caseOn-site andRailroad accidentHowever, it is sometimes used in consideration of not showing the viewer the scene of a terrible accident with respect to the images projected by passengers and the media.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Some green and orange sheets are also available.
  2. ^ Hexavalent chromiumas well as the leadContainschrome yellowBecause I was using.at firstcadmiumThere was a theory that it contained, but this has been denied.


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